2PM: Reaction of Mark Murphy interview

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, January 12th
Packers CEO/President Mark Murphy went LIVE on The BIG SHOW. And it was straight up. Tough questions. You decide on the answers. 

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Probably an awful lot of ways team's marquee fight for the former packer and badger running back Gary sellers and Mike Clemens on the other side of the glass in the royal Butler. Bully into the action momentarily. Big show for you this afternoon including a visit from Packers president. And CEO Mark Murphy coming up in just a few minutes big game for the box or is it. We'll get to that at 3 o'clock. And also see just how hot seat is. Under Mike McCarthy at 4 o'clock you can get in on the show throughout the afternoon 414799. Pulpit between us. At 1057 FM the fan and I you have the talkback feature. On the fan and a it is hit the button tells talk who you are where you're called from leave us at 32 clip. We'll play back throughout the afternoon right here on the Wendy's big show before we talk with Mark Murphy in the out of work youth not the words. 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Right now for your chance to win message and data rates may have clock rules or to enter online visit Entercom contest dot com one randomly selected nationwide entry. We'll win a trip to Minneapolis for the night he. Or joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline he is the president and CEO of your Green Bay Packers it's a pleasure to welcome in. Mr. Mark Murphy mark how are this afternoon there. America. Were were good a few things have changed since we last saw you at the the hall of fame golf outing mark which is a. Expect that I would think especially. The last couple weeks to get pretty eventual league. When it well action has happened in the last couple weeks when was it decided. Whether by you were between you and Ted Thompson that he would be moved into a differ Roland you would start a search for new GM. Sure and I'll lose you know immediately following this season he and I. Sat down and yeah I had a good talk can you know you know I often would do that following. The season as a season. Portland last year that's been much slicker. A little longer after plastered cheating game but I you know I think that we talked thanks early enough. The boat that was kind of came to the conclusion that he would be tested trip that he would transition to a cedar monitoring at all. And course and that you know opened up and try to way to do an opportunity right related to a do a search for DJ am and not moving on nitro quickly and obviously. They're very excited about Brian I think different Albright entrances. Done a lot of great things for arsonists and almost forty years and especially in more recent years so. And didn't know there with his work him. If he. I think she brings great background. And certainly this scouting experience while ponson. Derek has grown up around this little father was approached him. So I'm not I'm excited but look for any online yeah the other thing I would say Bryant. Was an NFL circles particularly the last couple years and somebody that people really probably view as a rising star attraction. You know mark I think the biggest portion of the packer friends Hanover and we have to agree usually calling and talk to us a lot. Is there structure in the structure of their work you kind of you know rebuke a little bit different from what Bob Harlan had him placed. Background and we had Tom Robson forest creek and assured those duties embarked came along and box or a different vision of how she ago when the Packers have been pretty successful with that structures Indian. You know all of a sudden last week or so you decide to change how does that structure. Change come about. Yeah secretary. The words you know at continental. You know I'd I'd been thinking about. They get more involved central on the last couple years. Thought that it would be helpful. For the organization. And you know if you've been around I've much more president practices. And I'm around us then until change in the economic now. But certainly an informal and Kabul but I would say through to search process. To me it really opened on allies that to you know we needed to improve communication. Within our football operation. Not mentioned you know I felt like or didn't. Built up over years and not just learned you know Ted stand here I think post that confirmed that those that were silos built in different areas wouldn't. Football and and the need to break down. Well I think. He obviously the biggest change I think is that Mike is reported to me. Well I endure another piece to this was I think really recognizing. What. Law has been doing for the organization. The duties that he's been performing you know especially the salary cap. The contract negotiations there crucial for us and so in recognizing what he's been doing so really kind of splitting the GM position narrowing the GM position down so and in addition to. Improving communication. The other benefit that I see that is. Really. One of my main goal in this whole process was too that it. Make sure that Bryant can be successful and and allowing. Only in the really focused on what I've felt the most important duties for urgent and and turned. Yeah that. Determine a roster that draft player acquisition. And so really allow him to focus on known those areas. I think it gives us our best chance to be successful that. If you look they're really. You know we need to get better we need fires. And you know while trying to focus on merit no serious I think one really helped terror organization. I felt like a period of the change. Although a lot probably not as dramatic as people might think I'm certainly I'm not gonna make football in. But. My goal I see it is to improve communications. And make sure that. Brian and Mike ross'. I have great communication. Great interaction with the curator work well together and you know what I thought about it if I hadn't announced that Michael is reportedly I don't know if anybody would doubt it. You know I mean it's really it's an internal and yeah about I'm optimistic ethnic Derek you know and and the like at a couple of notes. Organization to vault I think it. In order remain successful you have to you have to continue to to push. And strive for excellence and continued to to look you know what can we do that'll help us. And yet structured fine. Entitled are fine but their candidates people and getting the right people in the right spot. In. You know putting them at a position where they can be successful in that the organization wall. Functions. Function well and partners that it's an open communication crucial. A long way to say that you know I'm excited about it by the I think. Yeah it's like everything else in life you know Gary time they'll love walled city but. I think we have an opportunity to to do some special master. Absolutely so you're not making full Barmes she's an understanding that maybe is Brian is doing that in what would be McCarthy's role and in. What is Russ ball rolled in how to how does that all separate. Elena amendment clearly laid out very clearly. There responsibility. Obviously my community he's in charge of all of our coaches are strength coaches. You know encroaching our players. And you know Bryant responsibilities are really focused on. The draft player luck acquisition he will determine the 53 man roster. And I give him roster. And Robson. But not a lot of the administrative duties that you know GMs do and big that a big part of first ever for all losses since our capital expertise which is Serb does very well. And then contract negotiations. Doesn't a lot of really for rust it's a lot of what he's been doing already for us. In the past though he would do he would he would delegated it by it and now it's it's official that that is building. I have a lot of questions. I'm like Gary talk in the beginning and you may only here for me the rest of the U. I'm glad I apologize for that and about a I guess the first thing is it is we have Bob Harlan on the other day and in he was talking back in the day when he attacked Thompson and Mike Sherman and how he could see when Ted was talking to Mike Sherman how much a must Kyle liked looking off into the sky and kind of not really paying attention to ten and that when Ted then came tumor Kennedy here and sent. Now he wanted to make a move Harlan sol is going Johnson obviously I can see that there's there's an issue. Did you not notice or pick up odd that there was communication breakdown possibly between McCarthy and Thompson through. You know who were standing with who practice who was talking who went. And that type of stuff throughout the last couple years. Yeah I'd again I've been involved in football I'd I'd noticed two sometimes. But. Yelled and and I take. We've been pretty successful. You know we've made the playoffs eight straight years in a row. You know two out of three after years in the NFC championship games so. I didn't think things are broken. But what I did and I think when weeks. Through the discussions with Ted and you know and also obviously. Wins would surge processes. That certain things became more clear. You know I would say. Out of respect at all Adam instead it was a very successfully. As has been wasn't very successful general manager. You know making changes. And dramatic changes while he's. Are. Our general manager wouldn't wouldn't discount and I wouldn't want to cut discussions we've talked about things but it. You know I Dudley and you know the other night obviously. What what's taken place. In the past one of the most important now is moving forward. To ensure that. We have a system and that there were position we can be successful. The other thing magnet goes along with the season your press conference. That there were numerous teams around the league that had. A power structures set up similarly to those do you know offhand how many would now wouldn't our power structure. Okay structure structure that's set up as similarly to you aware. The head coach reports to the owner whoever may be president. Then the GM does and then the person who plays the role of Russ ball the organization he does as well so essentially. You have those four people like you do do they all do similar things to you. You know I and I don't know the exact role for an allergy to structure. You know I actually thought I was thirteen. Out of the 32 that have the head coach reporting. To the and to present or the donor. I saw one report there was assisting in now whether some of the changes that we've had recently changed that change that I think it's seven out of the twelve playoff teams. Including some organizations go to the you know are kind of like got a consistent success in the the Steelers. And and I and the patriot not Patrick county because. Belichick a little bit of everything I think he's technically GM and and head coach. Obviously I'm not I am not an owner. But you know I do represent the owners of the Packers and you know there's no one right way to set a structure. And and I know I would say the structure is important that. People. Are more important picture very good working relationship. I would Mark Murphy Packers president here on the Wendy's big show on the fan okay my next thing is that you mentioned your press conference about weekly meetings. I guess I I'm I'm looking for a little bit further explanation as far as. Is that all four of you guys in a room for your weekly meeting at and then as a talking about you know the game plan that was the previous week looking ahead to possible changes during the week and and the game plan for the next week or how do you see that playing. I yellow regarding our first meeting. And you know really just. You know what are the things that four of us all need to know. And make sure on the same page. You know I can't speculate now as we go light I think I'd imagine that we will be on a regular basis. You know a lot of it depends on people's schedules. Particularly an offseason would travel but my experience has been. There's nothing more valuable than getting. People in a room together and looking at each other out. And then I don't think we'll get into some of the detail that that that that you just mentioned but. Lots what the let's make sure that. I know what Audrey you're doing and he twenty knows what the registered. Or on the same page. And I think that will be in valuable. So work this I don't know how are not gonna meet me know right into our donors to. And a lot of most packer for instance the communication. Habit. Well you look at those little. And so yeah me. A football. Open communication is good and and is good at family could have to go partner organizations would be. I can cure the word. All the same page isn't very good thank. And you know I've. I've learned in my career that year. There are over community he addressed over communicate and under community. Because and start to disintegrate when people on percentage. This is my fear. My fear is that my that this isn't this and other odds are my fears in these in these meetings that you were talking about my fear is is that. You guys getting a relief before view and peoples are tiger mug game plan to Mike in Whiting we do this more why didn't we do this the last hour. I wouldn't the word operatives granular detail now it's that's an island and you know. Maybe on a broad sense you know you know what things. But I think for instance you know making sure that. Bryant and the scout. Know exactly what kind of players for instance. We want and are now are especially now we've got. Yeah new. Newt Newt defensive coaches sit. What kind of player it into the system that you wanna you wanna play. And I think that opened communication will be helpful. Thought with Mark Murphy Packers president here on the Wendy's big show. Mark I don't know that most Packers fans have a problem with open communication. Within an organization I I think what what some people and and my buddy Sparky here. Our little wary of is is changing the the chain of command line of communication if you will. Throughout the organization that Bob Harlan set up in 1991 where the coach reports to the GM GM repress. Brit reports that to your position. As the president and it worked from 1991 until finally this year that the Packers and make the playoffs for the second time. And 25 years did did did you fear it all that that may be your fixing what isn't broken by changing the line of communication within the organization because of one bad year. Now I mean I've I've felt that this was the right thing to do meantime Alltel. But you know obviously. Packer really enjoy great run of success and now open and in recent years to do and so I'm aware that. You know I just don't tell them don't you know it's not as dramatic changes you might panic. And and I have great confidence in all three of these people and I think the most important thing is. The other understand the responsibilities what areas. They're responsible for in and and those two times that we need to come together to make decision. Were altogether on a and we're making the decision informed as we have. All that is the decision makers at the tables. Mark thanks for coming on the show and and being girl like this I do appreciate because you didn't have to do it. And I'm sure you guys that are now and I noted your view are. Speaking for grants right OK you know what yeah thing and I'm confused on. Have been for quite some time is the McCarthy one year extension who all was that why it was only one year. You know I'm not gonna get and a contract. Decisions over negotiations. Major. Was it tense call or was that. Somebody else is gone or is that you that was technically general manager at that point I believe right. Jerk now. And I'm not demand that. Thank you want to write like Wal-Mart question I can answer. It's just. SharePoint audit is this and this is what I've been saying I think McCarthy is bold enough of a reputation. Going along the way in of the the promotion was from somebody with in the building that was from from outside the building a McCarthy does have a good reputation within lights. That yeah and you might and one year liked and didn't start high and record itself the marquee feature I think why doesn't get more than one year. I'd like I was you know Carter it's okay. It's. He's an excellent head coach and you know we need him we practiced. We have great confidence in him and we want one have nothing but success our focus on the future. That is Packers president mark murder yet our guest here for the last few minutes we greatly appreciate it Marc thank you very much. And Mark Murphy joins us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank. It's committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced discover the benefits of simply local banking is a great midwest bank. Dot com it quicker trigger finger than Bob McGinn hanging up that phone. Laughter the McCarthy question you want an honest I was in that and he didn't answer who made the call so you're not gonna answer made a common assume what's intent and made the call. So that that's left and again I'm just snuck into an answer questions another sort Jolie herself left so I guess that but he says he's my guy saved but you get a one year he's your guy. And he'd want talk about him is that they have devices are out by. See like I said. These it would everyone above me get thing with the ball McCarthy and everything else dude there is I am I am 100%. After listening in him. And listening to the week before prior press coverage that marked his press coverage get reaching to the power structure in all of us and is a vault and did you notice. He couldn't come up with anybody else that had a guy doing contract that was also evolved as the years like we're power structure. But in balled in the structure all he could come up with was the coach reports to the owner or the GM he couldn't come up with. The fourth member of this lovely square that he's built himself into with the washed all member becoming a part of that too good. Mean it's a big that's not I think that's very I get the coach think plucked Thomas got a track record. Pick and you can Democrat he's got a track record maybe that's what you have been from the game and McCarthy B may get to much calorie should have but. I'm act after the interview the best thing is any interviewer was. That you know it would it be game by game. Game plan but he did say may get a more broad sense we may talk about it throughout the year as far as what's going on but not game by game so. That mania. You're in a race in the NFL you guys Senior Bowl coming out. You get guys get a free when this playoff seasons are worth. And so he's trying to get to worry once to the quickest he can I got good boost in in the house for GM. Russ ball does a good job of the contract how can I get this done as quickly as possible rather than have a monthlong search for. The next Ted Thompson and I think that's part of the thing that drives those decisions as well. Let's hope we get this over with as quickly as possible art so here's are we gonna do right now because you're the year it would it would. It would. Taken me all day to get this done but. Alone with a good bit. Where you don't wanna hear from Uga in your wanna hear from the guys wanna hear from you guys I mean that people. There are all honesty Sparky 5% who have the same she got to give her more Mercury. Like twenty minutes and this is a bought at an event Michael joked yeah I think as you know about like forty minutes when our markets the ball real Wednesday's market right I can't do. By him now alien yes you know what I mean helping us better if they don't be OK okay. And and it's go to war so it. If you study. Most certainly one fortunate and I'm not welcome at the that I do onto. If you lift that can never be ones. If you lift beat calling in 014799. Corporate viewpoint even more important. If I just want you guys were listing. I think the great move. I think communication. Bureau and I think they're gonna be some stuff for. Because when Bob Harlan it will Bob Harlan do you immediately opera that particular. What barber is door right now no. To happen right now but right now. Does it need to go off 1520 years program I don't know but it means that. 4014 and and it will actually doormat if wedged against the just kind of problem that can do for. You're tired. Of this before well. We've with the tournaments cause it grew. So goal while you were about which. Bruno. Warren model we get the three but if what would read a book and it's go got to go with it. We don't lady here. So she you can have these five right now. Martinez treats at 1057 up that the Fed is a damn big show that's three people that among up and yell abruptly 48 he got off to a happy start LO were the other two I don't know welcome to the big show. And welcome back to the big show you right after this give us your thoughts and we'll hear from Mark Murphy. Four what four is seven died died 1253 the show at 1057 FM the fan or use the talkback in now. Afternoon for the masters sees WS history sports updates studio I'm like Clemens masters tees walking shot the largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin. Bring in the new year with some great deals check out over one million dollars of inventory masters he's walking shop online master's he's dot com. First on the fan a lot of changes in Green Bay in the last two weeks and this afternoon Packers CEO and president Mark Murphy joined the big shows ass. Why only one year deal for Mike McCarthy isn't on the hot seat. Football I have a lot of problems they might. I think you know he's proven himself. He's. Excellent head coach in the league and yeah I am I don't think he's stale. They're these complete interviews with fan on demand here at WS SP NBA tonight it's the bucks in the Golden State Warriors staff heard a lot of tonight's game. What's going on there Steve Kerr you have to be consistent. Every single variety and so he had to say about the bucks when robots that it's really up to the training staff you know they're gonna tell me. What makes sense that Korea out with an ankle injury and meantime it's us going to be Kevin Durant talking about how young this is a tough vote getter for the all star game. The video is bad news about juvenile justice states. And you're fresh so so there. If the proper words. And after the game it's the post game show your Sparky on the fan college hoops tonight Mark Kennedy Butler UWM on the road against UIC. How lucky tonight admirals are in San Antonio and we'll have a four alive pregame coverage at 7 o'clock the face off at 730 there and Sims. Right here on the fan yup they brought you by Kimmel all right if you've been arrested for drunk driving or any other criminal offense call can avoid to six and 79614100. My Clemens and sports Radio One 05. Mark thanks for coming on the show and being girl like this I do appreciate it you'd have to do it and I'm sure you guys here now and noted here you are. Speaking program right OK you know what I don't think that I'm confused on. And have been for quite some time is the McCarthy one year extension whose call was that why shows that only one year. Yeah I'm not gonna. It and contract. Decisions or negotiations things of that nature. Was it tense call or was it somebody else is gone or is it is that was technically general manager at that point believer. Jerk. No I'm not it and thank you want to write like a Wal-Mart question I can't. It's just the artist mark my SharePoint audit is this and this is what I've been saying I think McCarthy's bold enough of a reputation. Going along the way any of the the promotion was from somebody with in the building that was coming from outside the building a McCarthy does have a good reputation with the lights. That yeah and you might and one year. Yeah I mean he's our guy he's he's an outstanding. Head coach and his record proves itself the market he's your guy why doesn't get more than one year. I load yeah yeah. It is he's an excellent coach and you know we have we practiced. We have great confidence in him and we want one thing but success our focus on the future. That's Packers president mark burns on moments ago here on the Wendy's big show I'm running Mac off that Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Along with the former packer and badger running back Gary dollars and are you with Sparky woods thumb. Skepticism. Shall we say. In the new structure of the Green Bay Packers. And the way it all went down are you with Gary and think that this was needed 414. 7991250. Tweet us at 1057 FM the fan can use the talkback feature. I'm a fan that tells where recalled from you know are who you are the only to some message will play back on the air. Four got hear from. A letter from Michael Imus to all right he lives yes he knows more about his the workings of the agreement that are probably. Most wanna hear from the people first. Starting with Mike and Kosier on the Wendy's big show it's up Mikey. They both went to pick Michael political preferred computer. Are I don't wanna get your war gentlemen. Because whether Geary again and a commitment to market they stole about. I think they gave in the deal where you can deal because in all and it's one. But my question to use this. Since this is the rise of social media. Scrutiny that you and so range and and personnel that run them are under in the midnight. The Green Bay Packers are spinning model and then they come there. You're that we serve more simple at the and I am very grateful about oil. I'm only 33 year I know nothing pretty much of so my question is. Is this like Mark Murphy in the structured agreement is under like the NC double layer politician with a don't wanna make him stay. Because there aren't good run. And it is artists are more nervous who would make him a call when its owner most time its detriment. But they've got their own money online order Schneider missed a degree. And what are its. Bob Robert Kraft in New England some that they're polls in this article this way. Whereas we have a committee of 45 people which nobody really understands. You have the executive committee that would. That more appropriate that part of what it later in the and so I kept aren't as worried as the media scrutiny continue to tighten their screens on this and they haven't had to answer that many questions. What happened moving forward I mean nobody really players be and I thought they did all of this because relief it is dole. At something in it and sent an open you know what changed at the office. Decode and now Brooke ought to call shop. They don't even really harder look for anybody outside. New because cracker. People were well I'm they interviewed her seat they dated and you Doug Whaley and valued at two dollars and remote rare interview from the bill what are. If they're moving forward at the Packers the organization structure. There isn't gonna eventually hurt us when we finally lose their rockers. There is nobody's gonna know we have to make that decision or when it is clean towels and all that works Knoll. Well wouldn't Wear the face or phone call wrong wolf were accused players are together wrong wolf was the Indo below the meat. All decisions. Chair. In here one on will's job in me. Officers. Now do they have to run those seasoned by the executive community. I believe big deal but I think it was yours because they see you can have a ball. They never be told anything that they did because he stood by their word. You gotta you Hamlet you do that we are rated B in the year. With executive board was meeting with the top Bob LaMont with Bart Starr and honest blow up new article about every week right. So even cared made all the call. And didn't make calls. And you heard. Mark talked about it she essentially to it may call that. Mark any known it was going well. And and another thing I thought it hurts habits do you kind of have some portions of bow. Was like how long did you know. Didn't just happened yesterday and Marxist. I'm surprised that the girl. Doubles cup and similar to what Bob is that a ball was Sherman and note the differences. They're always going to be different views to write that pay attention it did and what idol lessen the development and also the freedom are we attention but I don't. The two perhaps operatives of Murphy were two different thing when he said Ted was stepping down he said as Clements yes and the question he said. Nothing was gonna change the general manager stood him in charge the football side mark was gonna stay where he was nothing's gonna change a process. Then and that week indeed and most importantly. The role was not gonna change for the new general manager yes that in the week in between. Murphy said well I've learned some things I didn't know and now we start getting off and a title tolerable but I'll tell you but all college Russia on a. It's I've known about this. In the united. Gary because. And did he get in and once in years I've known as well. I don't think now he's one of the practices for a couple of years and trying to get there will be known. As a couple years. So here's what you missed army can do well from and that's an area and these guys what it was just me QB do. Every word on were sold. Sees particular word. I'm a matching every were not doing he's at 11 week in and actually pull changes too and he caught up some stuff he'd punishments or hold on to the right. I don't hold too steep price if you. Cop holding Tulowitzki right. That's correct full force and and just like any other public figure how accountable enforcer and mr. holder won they don't full force Irvin and twelve there on the court. You're down was the. Let's go to Todd in race senior on the Wendy's facial what's up that. Good afternoon gentlemen. I'm more risky areas look at it this way. That the company and where I've been ITN the commitment I've got to director above me and got an owner there's a director of finance. And for our. 2018 season if you will we've got let's say sixteen projects were gonna do. We ought to get together we sit down and have occasional meetings like okay where we are where the resources we need what are the players that we need what is the hardware. That we need. But when it boils down to do in the projects are having our game. The director finances and their tell me how to. To install server and I'm not in their telling him how to run spreadsheets and and balance the budget would just communication. And I think it's a good thing and I'm I'm happy for the Packers and I think the move. Signal McCarthy is going to be fired that's gonna make me extremely happy. Governments like Bob Bennett at 4 o'clock you'll hardly out needing this is where this is headed and. Absolutely a one year. I mean. I haven't done the research stated that name up names but I think we go back it's so hard to see we knew GMs are brought in coaches are extended for years so that. They're trying to get rid of them. But the GR Emery wasn't hired when they didn't. Right now I didn't I think I think Murphy he's not sure all of his cards. He knew well before the end of the season has talked with content that's just. You know political speech to say oh yeah we've we've made it at the end he knew that that whole thing has been it's orchestrated he just. Gotta love a little out at a time and not that's fine I don't need to know me and in hopes they keep win and. Our thanks Lugo. They keep winning why would they fire McCarthy. They wouldn't. I would that. All the that but the bars that I adore guided he said if they don't totally the FD Jimmy chip McCarthy should be fired you were in this radio station on the opposite who. I'll work for CDs your radio now. But I'm I'm tell you that there is going to be we'll talk more about this at 4 o'clock in this all comes up from Michael Cohen. Audio piece wrote this morning with talking wrinkling if you missed that say 2 to 4 o'clock you'll Michael corn has sent. And I think it's ridiculous that he should be on a proxy but we'll talk more about it yes we will. Meanwhile the food always hot and fresh over at Wendy's Steve Sparky effort. Yep sure is always over at Wendy's are hot and fresh and I don't forget when the bucks mean you win. 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Then get on the stream and give us call and it's all you guys. Tonight after again are you is sparking a little bit skeptical about what's going on up in Green Bay are you with Gary and think that all this change was necessary for 14. 7991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan is the wanted to make sure more from you right after this. Football I've I've noticed two some things but. Yeah I'm Tim take. With the pre tax. You know we made the play up to eight straight years in a row. You know to street after years earned me NFC championship games though. I didn't think things are broken. Best what can I think when we got. Through the discussions with Ted and you know and also obviously. Week would surge process. The the sort of thing became more certain. Again I would say. I don't respect at Ted and Ted it was a very successfully as has been there was a very successful general manager. You know making changes. And dramatic changes while he's. Are. Additional manager room wouldn't wouldn't count and I would want to do well I can't discussions and we talked about things but. You know Dudley and obviously. What what's taken place. In the past you know one of the most important now is moving forward and how coinsurance. We have our system and at their word position or we can be successful. That's Packers president Mark Murphy joining us earlier this hour here on the Wendy's big shelf if you missed it it's coming your way again at 535. Right now we're asking you after hearing manicured it are you way sparking a little bit skeptical. Maybe a little afraid. But what's he took the Green Bay are you with Gary I think this was all necessary for 14799. Cult figure you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan out I don't think he necessarily even gave us a timeline I'm in that sound bite we just play there on when he noticed the communication breakdown between Murphy and Thompson. So you have gone back and forth about that before the break he decided he didn't activity can give us our real timeline at all on when that happened let's go to us Steve. In port Washington and we'll see what's in the mentions that 1057 FM what's up Steve. That you gentlemen I ain't big old Sparky. And Gary are right on certain issues. I agree with Kyrie. About the fact that you know not become a Mercury not to micromanage. He's gonna get out of it. He'll come in there and you'll. Get into it would situations arise. You know for a lurking in server. I've heard not I can registry I've heard of three times now on other networks. Which you look at it now you guys. He's been constant. About the fact that he's already had the meetings. Were all really guy. And basically what he sat on one the other networks it was the fact that he spoke to McCarthy as their liquor. You're responsible. For the strictly treatment on the squad. Pull him up so they went on Sunday. You went to the general manager look at your new guy. You know you're job is confined to the players that McCarthy and his coordinators want. So that the key thing works. An old soul yet looked awkward fall. Solely to him look at. You don't giddy in the football side you do that structural side. And debt PNC said. I think he laid down the wrong rules of what is dot. He volleyed as the bickering going. You want to could be done to win championships. The idea is for all three of bomb patrol. I like it yet finally had is when he added the only thing different was he wouldn't answer. Steve's remark about one year. And that tells me that I think he was against Mike in the beginning. Or must all made the call because that's who was going to be the general matter and any change all mind right EG these guys because quite. We're stronger now in its personality. The total hole was going. It is different little creep probably talk to other people. If followed out that there were so patient last year where he wouldn't sign peppers she will decide right. Any required wait a minute this guy actually be doing this he's and micromanage. We do we. That the financial Rigby spreadsheets. Not the football side and I think that deterred them off arm ball. And Mike won the battle. I don't need to win the battle unless he he survives as a communion they caught me that's. But the play actually what I'm trying to say is woody said the money OK I give you all this thing. Who better produce. If the Democrats are about to argue what you're saying that this is my thing based lookup. When you said Cink has laid out there could all of been none of the last structure that's. All responsibilities he just said all we're still within the last structure you didn't have to have that coat report to. The president slash owner who was a different team. In order to have him just manage a 53 guys in coach not the best he can and that's what he should have been doing anyhow. The general manager should have been listening to the coaches and coordinators trying to port fit personnel on the roster that they want it now what's happening. Had been happening ever probably but that's what it should have been a give depth change structure for that passes the general manager name getting together on that whole deal. Then ball that actually makes no sense. Why you would be a bald in reporting just the owner vs the general manager I don't see what the issue was there either other than. Him saying pretty much that. No I look man's first guys' time you'd be general manager we want make it is easiest possible for take all the stress and all the other stuff we just want him scalp. And give freeagent you do that so easily he's personnel guy. Remarked whether duel and they're at Macon Russ ball the GM what all the paperwork and all the other stuff whatever that's self as. And then McCarthy. Again today is still had coached or syllable more pop and sizzle. I too had to report to Murphy so the GM couldn't couldn't fire from which the Jim's not going to fire him please not Brian's going to. So that I I think it's kind of like us I think it's just everybody gets power in this whole deal and all of its strip from the new general manager does now and the data try to make ball. However there's like ever alone as far as getting given cake mark you're richer on this whole source of destruction ever were to think about I think today after the lines game. Ted Thompson was relieved because of health reasons that he been thinking about how he's gonna do this and he let him know after. Taking him along for the last year Ted you know what do you think about when he won due next he's got one electing moves of the side and is. On now I can official I had talks off to the side. But I can throw this out there. Can't we get Schneider to come back from the Seahawks what are my options and I can publicly say I got this consulting guy who sniff and Iran is our number two guy. Again David Stern's going to the brewers. That can come into Green Bay and take this thing over. At the end of the day I go to Mike McCarthy say OK look. A gauge of good kids and he'll get two more free agents but you have to report to me. Hi Bob and honest I'm gonna go to Brian and say I'm gonna give you the job instead of Eliot. But you're not gonna have you're knocking Nancy over the coach Alvin Ailey was the only consideration but do you see I'm saying. Right and rod and all enemy an old now the other thing is he's hitter Russ ball. You don't want to lose Russ ball as a capped by an operations guy that you don't have to reinvent the wheel right now. But you just put him over to the signs say. You report to me leave McCarthy alone. Keep doing what to do on an and and Murphy though Murphy in this whole thing he now puts himself on the hot seat is if you were Bob Harlan you just say. I'm judged by how much revenue like it and if it's a bad loosing team I just go to the general maj say you're fired. Or you are you know this is unacceptable. And you make it now Murphy is in the hot seat so a single set and time again you start raising questions about the president and CEO. I don't my dealings with their useful for sentenced to do list you wanna room are so mired in your dealings with all this. In your due baucus of information that you gathered. How do you feel about the change with murder for him what he did it in the dapper and. Are not need to know in the changes needed to beat me mark you. Because you could see Elliott knife and Ted in the back. On Bucky Brooks was you could see head and and Mike McCarthy not in the same edge of the field. And exchanging publicly like they used to in the past it gets you could start feeling it and you knew that Ted. His health was challenged. Couldn't possibly do this job the way he used to tag used to travel and go all the colleges now that is a mean if you're general manager you have to make two trips you can delegate that. But Ted loved doing it he sound to an end a year or two ago why. Because that's a measure worry is that in his health. So at the end of the day there's some good things there you by local people on notice like a one year contract from McCarthy so I don't want to blow this thing up. I don't have to make Aaron Rodgers wait two or three years. With the entire new regime what is my best chance to get to the Super Bowl next you what's the shortest distance. And he had to compromise but change the structure in order to get there. Thanks mark Richard. Thanks very much we do appreciate. How do you feel out there for 14. 799 full figure you can tweet us. At 1057 or your better imminent because this you know I was listening wanna make sure you got everything out you wanna cellular baby over. No problem not and I talked. Yeah thanks so this is the deal's backers don't do so we now. And it's and so they do that the problem is is that Clement said that after lions game. Now that contradicts the people that cover the team we say six months ago they let Russ also making oops. And he was the one that did peppers think he's going to the high I think which means they decide and as long before the end of the season any of you gave Russ ball the transaction guy. All this part of do this. And I you're gonna tell me all well know he. He really wasn't going to be the general manager it was going to be somebody else who's going to be a fair process and editor gonna tell me old against crazy about the McCarthy think that's not true at all. OK so you're telling me. That in that week in which he said one thing I'm not Apple's read into it in any changes might have something else again don't read into that I either don't take them literally just assume everything's a lie. Then everything that happened between their. Which each old. May get article talking about everything like mentally everything begin reported is true OK if so if you believe that to be true. Then the only thing that change in that week was he found out the McCarthy Ding a long ball. And then will they reported robbed Tuesday while ball either I wish boy he then said. All in all it can't be Ross. So let me get a make amends and make us happy gave him a pair race let him report to me so he still has power he doesn't report to the GM who he thinks he deserves a job over. And that critical piece McCarthy to let him know he's got much tolerance rust so McCarthy you're gonna report to me to you don't have to worry about the general manager. And then you go to prodigal Matt first GM job hearing Green Bay this your dream job take it these are the things that go with it are you good or not. He says yes sure that's GM job NFL to backers I'll do whatever god they want to get my first job and that's how the whole thing plays out. I think that's. I mean again it's a girl if there I don't know and and and but. Just so you know don't necessarily agree refute those last two if you were to achieve your fair. And that's why. You needed to have over communication could you had so many issues so many people I don't disagree with. Kind of fired Russ ball and eliminating all of it where which went from worst ball. Is it for us and if Ted Thompson was one of the problems you eliminate him you have Russ ball power player whatever happened and we don't know. Whatever happened was originally he could be general manager McCarthy him getting along. At that point Murphy gets to decide who my role with going forward my ruling with the head coach has proven track record or one with a contract negotiator. I'm sorry meet offline of the country negotiator Downey Russ ball find the girl over Italy can find another Irish aren't Brent Mike McCarthy wants a guy like. Schneider there goes the nose football Ted knows players they can get me resources. And Russ is a guy I see walking around the locker room after the loss to the lions a meaningless game. He's leaning can seamlessly with the media saint at the players men where the players don't mean yeah. He's he's creations manager. Who years. Who cares that would be like the owner of our great restaurant walked around. Didn't you of the customers you should be back in the kitchen making damn sure the food's coming out the right way and at the food comes out okay. Then everything else takes care of itself not what the players are saying him. Years. 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Analysts and take armed unmanned renews each season failing recur in two or anyone got four cents per season most Catholics are sort of season slick international games excluding a remote access monument tide detergent. Why call for Pete you've taken your thoughts on this via 4147991250. Treat the show at 1057 FM the fan or use the talkback feature. On the fan sampler snow who you are where your call from me this 32 message will play back on the airy with Sparky little skeptical of the moves and all the changeup in Green Bay. Are you with Gary and think that this was all necessary for 147991250. In the Wendy's big shall be right back.