2PM: Was Sunday about Seahawks or Packers?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, September 12th

The Packers beat the Seahawks Sunday 17 - 9. Was Sunday's game more about the Packers improvement on defense, or the decline of the Seahawks offense? BIG SHOW fans weigh in. 


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In Milwaukee sports talk radio they are the issues that big old talk about and who have the final say this resource. A bully. Judgment to me if you've been arrested for drunk driving or any other. Oh boy 026279614100. That's 26279614. Under. Little boy dot com your little boy barrier best event. Oh cool windy. As the right these big show. Sunny Kim and avoid judgment day I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer the former packer and badger running back Gary Allison might comments other side of the blast unknown and turned I think we met. I'm not sure I don't remember your name. If we did. And I we got a lot to get you between now 6 o'clock is the right Boller sleeping in today to announce we don't know we have heard from more than he might be here Bob again. A Bob McGinn football dot com the legendary Packers gravity joins us at 348 David Brock TRE make his weekly visit at 435. And coming up at 3 o'clock. The birds gained ground or lose ground in the NL central race over the weekend right now we want to know was Sunday more about the Seahawks. And their offense or the packers'. And their defense 799 folk figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Also email us live at 1057 FM the fan back on this the Wendy's and box. Is he that bad defense. Impressive on Sunday 248 total yards for a Seattle only ninety on the ground. 158 through the air but. We saw an impressive packers' defense for the first four weeks of last season. And then we turned around realized all they hadn't played anybody yet you reduce the numbers and yes. Was too early for numbers. Too early for numbers too early in the shopper numbers 23 defense and we'll all the yards yeah. Yeah it is very low road to she is well war 240 yards. On the ground approval in the stock in the style while. And I love you. But it. Where you were sort of chart week their films they weren't. Wiren. It's a tough world titles. We're gonna play equipment that you for a when you have meant to you don't want to business yeah this is the hardest I've laughed at each week Asia are. I heard arm. Monday canals coming back from Green Bay Monday and I got the out you know. So I think an epidemic are. Peppered him that you do. To say let's do it. I'll teach history through share upstream rumored. It here's as is now. I upstream there mark. I saw. Was his own art yet Bart. What you're not as studio. Oman only. But did the candidate know. All Monday as he walked out of Austin on Monday in a row well. He FaceBook blog. Or. Walked out stereo Monday. Because shortly wanted to rowers. About it. That'd yeah but at the outward wood. To probe walked out college well for. Corporate. One studio. And always. It is all our show on 3 o'clock. O'clock start this order has been doing this though that baby Deere break people. Aren't aptly about this may be near break don't go. Out. It all and chuck. You're moderate. I. Competed with Israel radio joked yeah. I have two beautiful. The popular radio go to FaceBook and listen to me. Nevertheless let's look at the they could hit it it it is yeah. But back cook. The Clinton there's two good through gonna play at 248 and our idiot like get into the discussion of that aid Bartley and rod but there. Dude that is I was just say good sprite he's office cut that stuff up that is the hardest the hardest I've ever laughed at the check completely. The world realm. Opened up at. The camera. Crews were far away usual army was not that way our show this is that today was that squad now he was mad at the world I'm into you. I've been in those situations for the development on it to. Be home all that the doors and remember out of it and right. This going on around the top of is determined to armistice that problem is due. To an idea. Billy rooted. And know that. Ready regardless. I just don't in his original business. This stuff happens though when you tackles like that. Of other little food and government or Marco Island instrument out and Barton. What's SM maggert got into with almost got killed by his policies producing I had heard that yeah it's same guy yeah. I do remember that now the man who knows the day Baghdad. We're gonna agree Rivera in the desert. Darn good Google was Sunday or more about the Packers deep reds or the Seattle Seahawks offense 799 book and indeed to readers at 1057 FM the fan. You know I. And wanna look at his defense and register and she's become one of you guys do I mean I I used in Nazi. Is defense plan that well. Another thing if they can play. That nitro pack two was short on Angola and I don't know what they called it is not nitro. Because they bring an excellent so as not nice run and what they did something else. Morgan Burnett remained at linebacker in there it's what are treaties. And I was in danger that would hold about army were in a Washington. He knew where each new day I mean there's a lot changed in an effort right now right for referees and we go abuse draft pick reported. And lock position look at provision is right fullbacks and gore right. And their normal four backs in an old days here no thumping middle linebackers really does not now about a I don't know no more brand nobles of the world that both guys. Buck is great news you know those guys on. Those done and you've got a Little Rock right now view Clinton backer. In the unifil. You can see it changing and so what's gonna start to happen guys like Morgan Burnett Josh Jones. Those guys now with a kind of build 62215. To two and maybe one of 441 of wolf. Those guys going to be now more than Boe day you respond. Mean there that's where the game. This hawks go to mean. They lost a lot of them to do they really don't have. Who is addicted. Honestly. Who's who strips of film there. Honestly while its policy Richardson Paul Richards right spokesman. We're locket. Right market yet locket and. I don't. Outside a Jimmy Graham I don't I'm not very familiar to most of Seattle's receivers Butler had always searching normal right. I think that says something more about the Seahawks and their receivers it is about me in my football knowledge. Then they lose then they lose more Charlize. Really have replaced them. You got no offered to mind. Though that team to where the team was 34 years ago on the day. They got nothing offensively and deliver to stop argue Richard. Deaver to stop but offensively and they got nothing but I don't want this to take away from practice readers you got a lot you got the thing you got to play well. My day of the beast in that game but I'm just a little maybe a little tempered. About. This defense and can be. You know top five top tier defense this year are I'm not. I need to see more. So you're not convinced that it was necessarily the Packers defense. Having fixed everything in our gotten contracts Leo Blair offered. The purple they are yeah we got them four and before the season started before the game in week one. I was looking at and going look I I know that everybody has Seattle as a Super Bowl contender in the NFC I understand that. And with so many people thought there ago with so many people saying it's hard not to buy it it's hard for me to say they're not I'm not here to tell you they're not our bars what's termed out of the bunker but I was wondering. The whole time leading up to that game how do they score points. They have one of the worst offensive lines in the leak. And okay you brought it Eddie lacy but even big physical Eddie lacy is gonna have trouble getting some gold when four guys are on him. Before he takes to Stetson. And Russell Wilson is running for his life on half the plays and doesn't have a whole lot of guys to throw to. So again I'm not I'm not gonna discount the at the Seahawks and their their status as a contender. I just there's a part of me that has a hard time seeing it Sparky when when you really take a good look at that offense would you agree. I I think review and look at the CX off as obviously it's not Atlanta Falcons office strike mean it's not it's back pedal was now not at all what was his strong suit goes to running the football controlling out and they were without their number one back Tom's roles in this game who was out her. On the offensive line for Seattle's been issue since Jimmy Graham trade on the medical years ago getting rid of all one of the better offensive lineman. And it's been not however since an immense struggle and figure out how to improve that offensive line. Which guys. Mean there and everyone about the C out softens and linings and everyone above they don't have star wide receivers. And everything else but. Your defense played with the attitude and a ferocity that we NC march last year in May be gay marches near the curb on. From do you go again we talked about in the past right right so sure what the blunt sometimes you watch and a defense and they play angry. Sometimes you watch defense am their plight now and urged do their asides and all that they're kind of playing. Defense hasn't played angering a whole bunch over the course of the last ten years they would all your Matt so. That is what I saw Izod team play with an attitude playing with some fliers and energy all of that now we said this last year to. Now what happened kind of tailed off. But that is what the key is going to be for this team on port had a brain that same type of injury play saint have a physical nature can they bring it. Every single week or when they play a crappy team art alliance is it gonna disappear and are gonna lose a football game because they're not into it like they work. Against the Seahawks or like they are against Atlanta this week. We doubled the brewer's financial level of competition you can have a packer defense do the same thing. When they're put in that situation. So it's on the back defense you're ready to by the spektr's defense provide neighboring and every week I think. They showed you that they are a much better defense if they play angry play that physical nature than they were last year at the same for sure. You think that was more about the Packers defense of the Seattle offense what went down Sunday. In Green Bay 7991253. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan if you miss James Jones with that Darian bill on the horse and plow huddle last night show. Great great stuff. From the former Packers wide receiver that's coming up at 230 problem here from your right after this on the when he speaks on the old Chevrolet studios. He goes I'm Robin there's Sparky the for a packer and badger running back Gary dollars and resting your right now 254 yards for that Seattle defense on Sunday Seattle offense on Sunday against the Packers defense. Was that more about the Packers gear this Seattle offense 7991250. Or Egan tweet us at 1057 FM the fan Gary and I. Not quite ready to by the defense yet Sparky said if they can bring that passion that fire that nastiness every week this defense could be. Just as good how about you 7991250. Trial northwest side you're on the Wendy's big show it's a trap. Tuchman. I think. I would say this about the development right now LB or its citizens the topic can be. I think in the next Puerto probably maybe maybe yeah about quarter probably busted game and it ought be able to note that can be a top five feet. Because they waited they play good but that it targeted date they've put on display on appeal. I think Mike Daniels who deftly believers because. Which can be a good thing but I haven't seen apartment where would this type of nastiness in years. I can't remember the last time mocking them play like. Even last year when indeed it was pretty good you can just tale that the level of power they've played in a widget Gordon almost and then that it was going to be. No time before long when they play somebody who was driving overmatched that they were gonna get expo. I don't think. That we're gonna come to a level where maybe very exposed part physically. Now as far as being wired we get to see I think we'll learn a lot this week coming up on that on a target down there dilemma. We learn more state room really about it. Light better pick would be adoptive top spot but I think just from that is split it's Seattle that big a beer pop top I have beat that this year. I'm concerned about that turbines and inland has the culture our numbers are monitored and a lag is all I've heard is skating rink and players are going not frau bam and force him play the first itself. I don't know what they can do to turf to Megan not that way orbits as the pride of being new turf. I'm Manassas gonna have to be the deal for the first year don't know but I'm I'm scared of injuries. For sure and now want. They don't the falcons twice once or under I'll start believing a little bit more and Arab plowed back it said yes the bears held them in check but it was in Chicago. It wasn't in Atlanta so does that mean anything to either the bears' defense was able to hold the line and check in every chance when again. No it doesn't because. There's a couple of things occur or be going on here in that. Chicago and Chicago and Lannan knows who's coming out. Played and Elena wash on Euro. They think they can be you know I'm by the and they know there opener dome. And for the first game two was the guy got to have some of that kind of stuff. An image so they just kind of played it. Green Bay. Tuesday reason why blog it implies. They played it left as human week. We're going to. That monument. And we'll see so. To me yours you just don't know I think Atlanta home and Tuesday in Mexico when Oprah though. Bill Hall full. Of beer holder. The Packers. If you will Steve they're gonna place. Two of the better teams and their C opted to go. Are you what what means your top three teams in the NFC. Well we don't know about the east the east is going to be tough cowboys and giants in the NFC filling out some sang the NFC east right. So you're happy cowboys. Giants or Redskins Eagles hadn't heels can begin the giants could be good cowboys could be good. They're going to be up on each other throughout the course the year but again you're D'Amato post season who yet to be concerned about playing in the playoffs right I agree with you I think it's Atlanta Green Day. He thinks Arnold Seattle you thicket Seattle auto it was Seattle I've actually I'm out of it and I'm not him. I don't see how I score out. No points to be yes a Super Bowl contender right I just don't see it yes. They're going to be in the playoffs I think I think all three running backs that they have is going to get them in the playoffs and now I mean anything and probably. All three of those running basset they ever attempted but I don't care how good you are when four guys are surrounding new second after you grab the ball there's nothing you can do about it. And Russell Wilson not only is running for his life. Has nobody to throw the ball to normal body I don't know how to construct the game with that outside of Jimmy Graham who's not the Jimmy Graham that he wasn't New Orleans. Hasn't been since he got to Seattle I have yet he had a couple of games last year a couple of games but in Seattle he was. Money we can't do we doubt our crescent Seattle habit yet New Orleans news there's money. Every week you can put up huge numbers. I just don't I don't see and I know it's only week two Ramon result preaching let's not overreact in the when it comes to the NFL. But I just don't see how they put together enough offense to be a threat I think after four or five weeks and you have a good idea of who is who. We want them mean there are certain teams you know suck right called sought just sock. Mean rounds rob probably our can be very got in the be better than people think but many others a budget teams just aren't going to be very good that you know from the Joseph here. Let's go to Mike in Greenfield on the Wendy's big show what's up Mike. It is didn't accommodation or we have seen in all honesty and seeing all these teams fork. I mean that the auto world when writers are all running lights pretty much at play it's all. Offense is still suspects for me. To get built and walked up and in defense and at that point. It's two groups who the hell I think when you get to the buyer need we have which could see him. There's so many other intangibles and get. Yet that at every position you know injury can just plug and play. Into caught. So. Who what I. This is looking at all everything three teams right now but I have pac ten problems and that they would then be. Naturally Atlanta because they want to the super wal shellac in and out west yours. So all that being said I would say Dallas and Pittsburgh all. Now we'll compare for the vision years. What. And still concerned what do you offensive line. In our team can barring injuries gel with chemistry and experienced by halftime. Or apple isn't that pretty much is it pretty don't tell us how they're gonna do what you have seen. Thanks for the call you know I I think when you talk about this backers team and you frog say for every National Football League team. It does come on injuries a lot. And how many can sustain through yacht the year and how deep. You truly are and we got a tweet deck they came in early tiger much does that rate in three double Fannie says backers is a result of how these players. Don't forget dog it was number one in the playoffs twentieth and 27 develop. And watch how. Yeah that mean that that's part of it and no word remember when we are talking about you noses suitable counselor caliber defense giving their top ten defense I told you broadly flat out I'm I'm banking on. Mary is Randall and Rollins playing closer to the rookie year than they played last year when they were her with a groin injuries that's why I'm making that. If I'm wrong. Then they're gonna have some problems up front seven can't get home. Go back to what I said earlier about playing anger that emotion and so often it's. Look at that locker room now. Before you didn't have any real rock rock guys right now like Daniel strides but that's it. I think Ricky Jean Francoise can be that guy. I think Aman Brooks can be that guy. I don't know about dial lol what his personality I think the other two basket death would be got a raw rock let's go true guys besides just Mike Daniels in that locker room. Argued downward to releasing into in effect that. You short term credit card unity and sometimes. It does switch it mu. The identity. Of his defense. Could now move to market. In a way from Cleveland. USA go on Sunday and they play that physical and that anchoring this team indiscernible he's been trying to trickle where he had me trying to take over but. He's been. A little bit more outspoken last year my hat's. And you know him back Jerry had a thing going on this year and you know what about the article. Column again it is an off season most of his bill payment is built jails. I think you're singing may be insular view so look at that the young guys could this team has always Jung. Defense is relatively you're on the big gun zone where remind so so just maybe. His defense is now. Shifting towards Mike Daniels and rallied around him living Kara taken on. His personality. And people believing in him in her own way and it works is my continue to do what he's doing right now well I don't grow. Making those kind of plays and then they will follow me know while that's that's how teams are normally create. They win the symbol is if they play. That's their goal every week that live like that every week there stagnant or both they're gonna when suitable for that Robbins will be more than good enough to score points that that defense. Errol also denounce and it was Kenny Clarke said only a year to job they don't there was an article on him today not a lot of stuff that's gonna jump out on the stat sheet. But he's like well that's that's a kiss of a lot of interior defensive and offensive lineman but Kenny Clarke had a big M best a night game most common question probably lost two or three weeks I get from people who. Where the hell is BJ raji. My answer is as he's done walk and not convicting candidates and when it whatever you think care of the family whatever. Yeah I mean imagine if he was in the superdome on rotation. Playing at a high level and yet you're talking about something there you know Marc coma since Phillip in Philadelphia here in the Wendy's show it's up felt. So there you. Yes it is a mix between a ticket but it was so. Then they went in. A little bit different than let it. That in my book. Yet there Fernando how. And Abu. This is over because. They're aggressive they're that they show whether. And that everything work. You know it's a little while it yeah. But they've problematic debt there that it on Sunday and I don't think it's well. But whoa what books for sure. Next week defending that come in the current. That's probably the most dynamic offense we're gonna say this year against Atlanta so we'll know for sure then but I certainly think that this influences throughout. No yeah but I well. The merit winners and the well. But my normal though and I think he's in better bet he can cart and I get better so. I'm living trust is informed I would think that they can win is that that this year and we don't need them of being. We don't because I really don't them to be outside that need them to be somewhere about. 891011. I think after we were never at number five and at least. So we didn't and to be similar 8910. Top ten right though the thanks for the call filtration I agree top ten is where you wannabe school for what they mean. Mean what's going on in Philly and threw it he lives in Philadelphia. So what's an understanding we have a tire calls and from Philadelphia Gary trying to figure out how we got a big fan base and yeah I'll see you guys next. What are your score would wanna get in diet and dire other Wendy's big show what's going on in Philly. Oh no metal so immediately and so there. However you don't want this week must lead relatively donated to an agreement over a certain you'll have you been. Have you been spreading the word out there and Philly about the big jump. Ahmed thought we spread offense that was going on we got pied piper in Philadelphia tied that was caught on May. Eight. Lip that I got a couple big fear about impeachment. They're definitely good aggressiveness in the physical result of the reasons might might be days where the wind would. And think that we always been talking about that the last couple years some sort of migrate to mow your own trouble but. You know you can not take his physical growth in the game away from home. An epic in that game we took on electric. And I agree with between nick came and what we yeah that's what you sort of settled. And you know what we are able a little bit dumb. Where it would be kick twelve people inside. And put slowly outside and brings when he summoned into the box which forty so. Iger guy grew between you better look out with that being put. I I guarantee or a third no government of this Sunday night we are able to the matchup with dual quarterback settle wherever. And eight team and twirled. Lou of course was already used will be one of 31 double eleven budget. You are Derrick he would do once we're able actually some of its audience would be sort of a mid com. Packet where it ought to be able to America where any great author of sore arm wrapped around this week. So our group which we better look golf was where he will be there. Thanks appreciate the call is just the really the first time capers has had all the tools in toolbox in his defense. No. No way they would in group that they were all her. Yet here even the fifteen and one year was all right they killed. They're they're he's an awful yeah but he. But they were so great it turned turtle you you're you're James Jones talk about this term into. There was so good that importantly could do was turn turn to give the ball bachelor offer this option squirrel mean that they want gonna stand toe to toe and markers are out. Record regularly you've thrown yours and what they were can turn over higher rate right. Are mourned and now. As far as what you can program in Lagos ours which you could your mobile us perspective. He's got weighed more variety as far as would he can throw bullets lies and and particularly blitz much anybody on the field days gum and the five yeah. And a more trees and Gary Maria reiterate for you and me you're not saying that the Packers defense is not for real now but just were not ready to Seymour not ready to go to area. They're so creator right now they do about how they were when they had brand in chula. In that group of guys you know. His children they mr. Ridley room were made to another missile mommy here's a Lambert came in a third with regard to tide and anybody. From where about eventually. That's where they are in Munich and they allowed out their backs that they're linebackers where we're at Morgan Burnett would Josh Jones. Than covering about image can go to Chinese now I think gronkowski. In court Jimmy Graham and use them but. Those two guys really anybody fear. Who me no matter who you put on but for the most part those guys and our entire Internet and read about doubt about it. I do know that Wendy's is the real deal I don't need anymore commits and that's market there's nobody in his hands now know Barton. Ready for some big news about why any sport perform well I am not achieved between junior bacon cheeseburger or crispy chicken. The LT and polka dot with apple would smoked bacon and you're losing earlier in the week your need a lesson on what that means. And both come at fort target small Fries and a drink for just four dollars and Purdue is a better ones for limited time and how about that jar in news from Wendy's. When is now as a giant junior bacon cheeseburger. Double. All the big bad. Bacon and cheese the wind these giant. Junior bacon cheeseburger comes as a five dollar meal now and he hit four log into this small Fries and a small drink for just. Five dollars out participating Wendy's it is. I. Should call the daddy bacon cheeseburger still trying to yeah cover and man it's to how they junior when it's big it's big it's huge it's not junior you were huge as a junior I guess I'm not storage I was never junior. All you gotta be kidding me I was an average year. Euro and I was a junior I wasn't named after my dad Mora senior now but I wasn't named after my dad if it's a junior bacon cheeseburger that means that small. But the gets bigger it's it's a daddy bacon cheaper iMac and it's a senior bacon cheeseburger. Redone sometimes are good and sometimes you just I mean countries that swearing. For you doesn't always none of that a Catholic could go to sports legend Michael Evans and I the other side your gear reference there's Ramesh McCaffery James Jones who enjoyed Gary and bill on the horse and plow huddle last night. Really insightful stuff from the for a Packers riders he will bring you some of it next album Wendy's big show vaults Chevrolet student. Yeah slash. Now. From the masters these WS as these sports updates studio on Mike Clemens masters he's the premier supplier in the patio furniture rec room products and sports memorabilia. Check them out and want a sharp debate short Townshend are online and masters he's dot com. First on the fan the brewers and pirates tonight at Miller Park pyrrhic hole against Milwaukee's gruesome murder. The crew held just three hits last night against Pittsburgh Stephen brawl and four relievers. And Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle says he thinks Andrew McCutcheon is going to be coming out of the slump you're in Milwaukee. Audio obviously the numbers here historically in the sport of figure was gonna happen split it was sort of really good swing pretty far apart for him to go on through. He's working he's focused he's not given anything up he's not back away from any thing he's just one day closer funeral hot. First fish tonight at 640 are on deck game three coverage begins at 6 o'clock tonight on the fan NFL. Max McCaffrey was cut by the Packers after leaving the team in receptions in the pre season McCaffrey sign today by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Alan Robinson suffered torn ACL. Placed on IR. Packers getting ready for their road trip to Atlanta Mike McCarthy said yeah the defense and a great job but after looking at the tape. Offense is got a clean up a lot of things. We were not as clean as we would like to be. It was the first thing you're wrong on a mobile phones our mechanics of temple would be better. Wisconsin Badgers are now on the practice you to getting ready for their game against BYU. But they got a little problem they still got some visitors left over the players from. Florida Atlantic still a medicine can't get a flight back to Boca Raton Florida because of her can read more online at 1057 FM the fan died down. I'm Mike Clemens it's sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Listen live on the WS this Piaf and AM 1250 or online at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Sorties big show a lot in the old Chevrolet studios I'm running an awful lot with Steve Sparky five of my former partner and as a running back Gary Ellison when your kidneys and rates. It's good news number it was mama. Aerials it's mama says no you guys do is near is that advertisement members announced mama here is deception we're going to demand in every day I'll get to the others coming up. We also got to hear Bartz epic tirade this morning have you find the FaceBook posts and no I haven't found that it's going to be a little fun it was a apparently plan. Also there was play Bart said on Friday that in base wacky was doing and I am on doing what the FaceBook. It's that I'm just has to get up and Bart said Friday the brewers in the cubs he would do a brewers show in the hallway on FaceBook live. So it was point. I'm here. Gears defused by the U Clements is chairman sultan over the. Alia. Oh so I don't know if so I thought. That. Chart did not want to do crews will witness it was a bit because when I had radio on to our says you're gonna do brewers. Told the plan was I thought was this you Valerie taught him. An excitement that they got was listening told the players sound alike to me was they're gonna do FaceBook live anyway. Right FaceBook allows players and anyways they're gonna do FaceBook thought I would do allow more social networks yet though not more than what we do. Archer. FaceBook lied anyway on that show. So they turn it on a dual FaceBook live. And I was in geragos now. When I do. We're talking Packers apparently just a big big rumor door and they they struggle a bankable first obstacle. Well wild. West. World the same page yet. And we're gonna hear that he walks out and a hallway and doesn't in the home which you hear a child covered up. Mark this morning with just announced what I thought is is that they backed it up again analysts hilarious I don't know Bart did the colors while it was happening but that was the letters the last night there Ellison and build. Shine your addictions. Hostage and they Cuban news or religion yeah. This and you artists. I'm not real I'm Kerry Ellis and yeah. Hillary Clinton I Robert backlog that Steve sparking ion. And you. And oh away. He ever. They'll be welcome Gloria audit Tuesday after you play it's not so I don't are. Aren't that Dave Jones join the guys. Out of the horse and plow in Kohler and and apparently great interview was it was James Jones. Touched on this many many topics including. When he knew that that 2011 team. Was going to the Super Bowl. You know according to Philly I'll tell them. Jessica voluntarily Christian sharks had a big game and I'll hear you guys are demeanor of the team after we beat the giants when we came back in the locker room it was just to Finland and demeanor right and we earth and whimsical things like we. Every stadium we went into her life. The mindset with how can we do you nor I mean like how can they be it is like that we thought here's who we're both do. They care about beaters and we walked in every stadium like there man. We knew we welcome to. I'm not surprised to hear that because of Mike McCarthy's demeanor and some of the answers that he was giving at the podium here throughout that post season run. Yeah that team new. That they had something slash you remember. We were gonna show our bowl as of Friday of my car I'll never forget this alarms violent. Friday we play that McCarthy McCarthy there had to play Philly next Nana and when I have a botched an implant right after that. My card is that what we beat Philly you know we got to focus on lion and out as I talk about the falcons. Yet unlike. Just do the public disrespectful thing but clearly and mail room. And then after they won that NFC championship game against the bears and of course Brock Obama. Chicago native. He was looking forward to going in watching. His hometown team in the Super Bowl and was quite open and honest about that so Charles Woodson afterwards he gives a legendary. If the president won't come see us right will go see him speech and James Jones talked about that with bill and yeah. This it was crazy America's. To be that you made a week so would that whole run he spoke to the team you know before the games after the games were like out of you motivation speaker. You you gotta go home and you hit everything all point you know we have the team Joost every single game and especially. You hear it from you know god it's going to be in the pro football hall of fame and has never won one. You know enemies though when he's talking and we receive a passion of how bad he wants to win in line you know you know Betty wants to get back here. So when he got up there Mahinmi sit best each man you know rock don't want Pepsi just all come to see him there. You know as Kai -- we are all talking about that once rocket process that in the locker room and we care about their common man you went crazy. The enormity of the whole bus ride to care for airplane arrived back all of those it was the whole talk and everybody loses Joost. Would he's a motivational speaker Newt did to him food and always coaches and everybody in there that everybody is everybody was there man you know. Mike McCarthy no we'll break it down. Now that man. You know he had everybody who cores. Embarrassment and that's about pissed off as I've ever been as the bears Fenton. I can't deny that's right one of if not the best locker room speeches ever that I've ever heard of all time. Of all time for a that closing lottery like that's right I wish and a wanna currency I wish as a standup comedian were ghosts that I could come up with a if you walk in the area for myself you slide out that was outstanding I was off the cuff to their current employees and no that was just on the card. That was improper that is straight there was nothing planned about that no. But then his time in green bay of course did end and a couple years ago and he talked about that and the fact that a Ted Thompson and can really. Come to the negotiating table for James do my eight. All of you like you know Green Bay. And off normal. And economies. It is obliges of the time I did qualities are like you know it's like if you are you know still few calls quantities. Mean. Is straight just brutal process towards wrong here it's called what's going home. Life listen Packers don't want. All they've you know when we. It's the American forgo with the so Greg was again I did so I mean my feelings toward her and I understand this is so it's not like online comment on eight some now. Now popular cardinals is they it was right but it team players was right there call but it it was more all online money talked. Our enemies so we'll see what happens. You know Ted Johnson and about basically this super super low ball. Like me and you know we just need to go that route where else can these girls play so. Oakland was never even in. The question is an autopsy now all of California. Time. You know YA it's no way and this is the you know. You know New York on these days line art you know so either way the sort of wistful model matter. So. It's about 930. At night count points that third year. Reggie calls McCain because like to know. I admit I was going home and free. Infuriated that I write here about all the California this yankees you right here that's I'm fifty minutes you know lets us. And their right to fire and we need to get some in DC and he called my agent Frankie and many you know cause of the year you know we've got to deal so. But I never wanted to leave but it's a business and you know that's. You know a caught aired you know like Kevin Durant a couple of are there you know for a silent. You know but it's the raiders. I like cared. In the head. That's great too because we didn't know I mean. You know we we always we talk about Cullen Jenkins who had him on a couple of years ago I got after him and we always hear these stories about when he's very particular point in one at. All Wednesday. They don't wanna goal. In little balls omen there in it. What you were better bodies to review of the game of this and about how he came back agreement. Yes which is even worse I mean so you'll you you you you can you can really Green Bay they low balling you. You wanna come back your fairly want to be here you may take a deal even if he comes up he even got. It. Can offer legitimate enough for the got to study. Well we just wanna come back while he talked about them. For it is that some local more. Comes up man you see what happens jewelry. But I'd just talked to Jordan the night before. Jordan was the moment I feel that he liked enough so also he tell me about coach Mike schedule. I got out there okay that's there's a right out economies like nothing. This and that's enough like. In office so that quick. George. Towards. Right sock it to buffalo got a hundred tenths. And about him elements from mayor. Don't it's no more balls in New York would put at an event I got a family to believe twenty. Cats still or quality of life and you gotta come back to greet greatest you know. I'm in a trading capsules now like I'm gonna go out here Girard all economies try to work well it back to treat day and all that so. I thought there do my job you know what I mean and in the coaches call me appeared they released me and and then next day. There was like do you know the line and come years Green Bay played the crazy thing about it. Is I am in coach McCarthy's office. But to sign a contract to my agent calls me. And he says don't sign it. I'm my which means of science. Is like Pittsburgh is called me off to a two year deal. The Packers are offered you one year deal for me now. Like what you wanna do music I don't want you to sign on should go to its like. And I frankly am here nor I mean that's not know the playbook economic go to Pittsburg you nor I mean learn a whole new playbook commodities. A us my quarterback has stuck his neck out forms and we won't be back in this man some signs how much it will be coached. A that's. As a two year deal. They were offer they were offered me two years experience and I turned it down for one year basically a hundred it's. But I've never been the money type guy chasing money and all that stuff like that's I mean. It wasn't easy decision but I don't know I mean plant with these guys and relationships when mere majority of those I mean it was over. And you go back and tell your wife he turned out to that six from 1800. It's. Imagine you go you imagine what are you don't all like. I mean. You just keep that quiet good for him and we know because they probably here is our program are you talk he would have been to the Steelers. He talked about it about a wanna learn the playbook that they understand had a similar problem burn out and a legit quarterback to here is what problem are you talk. And they knew that's what they want to be. And so he get a chance to do that with his friends got to get back we're we're Darren and probably part one bears quarterbacks in the league to work. Still at at some point inspiration in his career and we always talk about guys always wanna make more money you know rob talks about it nausea and sometimes but. Here's a one instance where Gaza and in his career. As said the money was just really don't matter to me. I wanna be agreement that in this as well as to a lot of these guys that have taken less deals are being green but it may just just. I don't take that. Deal mean. I million dollars or five million dollars you're never did that most guys wouldn't. Five million dollars that tells you the body else that Jordy. And the other thing is this. When these kinds of transactions that happened Oleg marked cultures. John who owns back. You say to these guys you know and well you know that's all decisions upstairs but yet we welcome them back they talked about key moments when those guys the player. Andy this is normal we think this storm but the wind with those players. And everything. But when you hear Aaron Rodgers texted me ten times he's begging me to come back. On Ali's optional training camp yeah Erica I can actually say yeah please come back you've weekend. And that's an answer and silent iron doesn't. Order calling the player to say what you're using what's going on because they don't go upstairs. But it's interesting to hear that in fact. You've got core players calling out to former teammates say c'mon. So obviously. You find out though that Rodgers must have gone to. Or mark somebody that's your week we need to eyeball rejects tomorrow or column we remember this. All the way back to win they were both the arm and he sort out in California together when Rodgers wasn't playing at and Brent was in all the rest. Those two guys would work out a worked together in the offseason it was him. James Jones who was the other guy Clements. I worked out Rogers Nazis or an area yet that you liked. As a rebel Martin he work out harder now yes yes I was and again Sunday wasn't guarding Joseph the Rogers worked out together. Back when Rodgers wasn't playing too old really wasn't planned their bold young guys tried and make a name for themselves in Green Bay so relationship was built a long long time ago not just when Jones got it. You can hear the full interview with James Jones in the full episode of the horse and I'll. Huddle at 1057 FM the fan dot com cannot demand presented by John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 in Greenfield to catch the guys every Monday -- six out at the horse and plow. In Kohler who had a quick break on the other side to get wanna get to the brewers talk you ought to play the star chuck in wake their tape art and get into that are are right that's next and you don't want to miss this trust me on the Wendy's Mitchell Holtz Chevrolet studio.