2PM- Woelfel "My favorite quote was Horst calling himself a basketball expert"

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, June 19th

06/19/17: 2pm. The guys interview basketball insider, Gary Woelfel to talk about the Buck's new GM. 


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This guy's on the inside. Hear from Milwaukee basketball insider I guess we won't fool on T go by the law offices of the car was full. We all sports Radio One 057. I Johnny's out. Gary wolf blog great midwest bank hotlines Gary your thoughts on the very first press conference by bucks in general manager John Morse. Well as sort of pretty interest that you. Let my career record of the day one's job or in court about bail out people at work. And a little video games that make what does directory web like certified genius or what. Yeah I don't now. But it didn't mean to you for my for my take though clearly look like this was definitely his first press conference at he had done. And really his first time dealing with the media press conference I heard a couple of one on ones that he did after. People that were there that I've gotten from any sounded a lot more relaxed a lot more polished in the one on ones and he did in the actual press conference. While doing so the bottom order some you know these jobs syllable about 34 soul ever media. I would bet that we'll have you ever met with the media in the interest of any which way that's allows. So you know it he was understandably nervous in. What you you know you'll it. The more important what. Here are a lot of beer made goal of the process and we're sure the process is Armenia have looked kind of bad but. There are a lot of people upset with the process what what we're sure thoughts in the process. How they would have argued the wars. Do you hold geo aware of the word we're would Jon leaving. Jon Hamm leaving what was your thought on the whole process and that obviously played out xanax now gone we're sure we're sure columnists. Well it would not even good at noon today during the broke out completely sloppy at times. You know it it's dark before our week. We're community. Yeah they just of course. It does from the remains that up so we don't want brought up and then sit down student three fireworks. He's one of three final. And then one of the finalists and we didn't get fired up all things. And you don't just look what the problem he public perception. Okay so pay we talk about. The process or whatever else needs you know he takes a shot even does at Philadelphia about. The process and that's that's that's all over Twitter as well and he says he's sure is more focused on the results at hand but. What's the general manager was needed for this job currently where this team is at this far is going forward. Well they need somebody would have. It immensely. Experience in the important job of course so you have that. They're lucky to have blob. What sort of around that we've brought towards them at all different situations. And so it important belly by the owners let. Yeah on the ideal world where they would either somebody. They have some experience and I mean there's but which of course would see what you meant it and check it out. It he is gonna have a politics do you know over the next three months. Yeah Garrett I want thing about me. Are more of these people Dow's Lou Lou didn't rule. Impatient and sent out try to be patient and this is. This is real life when it comes to would you oppose his brother and they give these guys its chances of first time. Being owners and are trying to get your rival you have so many moving parts. Sometimes you know make a few mistakes and they admitted Yugoslavs are actually give them for that so moving forward I'm just concerned about the draft. Trainees. A horse seemed to be. Our cap colleges. As maybe you talked about. So what do you think did draft falls in this so you think they can recover. Actually could recover I mean let let's face. Template field chasing it. Oh goodness we lost them. Hello every guy out there Erica. Aka America bets spider but no violence and immediately. No one thought that Jason cute and make this decision you know 95 and he. You don't want push comes show is usually get you ought. In sort of engine. And he wants Zanuck and needing Dick Zanuck. Yeah. Not so sure that day you know. Just Danica. Situation but. We got talked enough people in the organization tell me that you know last year and a couple of years ago did the drought. In captured what he probably can't work John him they actually change Q some. The menu on the other day that was actually brought forward. Who pushed for odd maker that a lot of people in the organization had serious reservations about taking them. What the you know lots recommendation. Brought Loren Woods is in with the books. Front office. He worked out and Brooklyn or New Jersey. You know I think you gentlemen injury time. And adjacent to it would on the scene in the land through their so use part of the group. So there you go Gary wolf full steam. Just the more you're more dysfunctional cells Gary thanks so much for coming on appreciate it. There is Gary willfully and it was Bangkok I when you're ready to get into a back into housing market look no further than great mid West Bank this the great midwest bank dot com and take the next step. Towards your new home are coming up August more slash my Clemens and then so it scares the US open at Erin hills. It's not received positive reviews. I'm from wanting to hear what Gary raw I have to say is only deal effort deposit really about it have been gel and chuck Freeman and that was about it so we'll see our goes from here.