3PM: Bucks vs. Golden State Q&A

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, January 12th
The Golden State Warriors, perhaps the NBA's best in the biz are in town tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks. How does the home team measure up to the best?

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Bob along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Former packer in badger running back Gary Allison and leaping into the studios during the break the packer Oliphant follow favor inventor of the Lambeau leap LeRoy Butler. Roy you are at that snazzy start the announced that it and in a problem I don't do is Garcia as these arsenic can. Yeah I got to plot my example office are. You got dead meat pack on the back. The lack of packet love dogs our daughter you need just don't go oh yeah here. I don't have a hot dog pack on the back that loan nice hair and did so you don't need is going to be right on these. My neck is grown just had a good make sure she can show around at the rural areas Don not a problem is Dave mall sounds good demand out there you're good tissue around innate. Did you catch our conversation with Mark Murphy in the first hour. -- the ensuing conversation between Sparky Gary and the collars there's some of the first time I've ever listen I'm not here we don't need to recap you we can just go right to the phones you're playing with more -- to have that people are you with us artists is finding a little skeptical worried about the change in our ultimate understatement Ukraine's a lingering near you if there and next bag fees that you do have right before one. Dollar and 12151000. Yeah it does show at 1057. At Belle Isle -- Man and use the talkback feature on the Annapolis WR we're -- from the 32 message we'll play it back like that on the -- let's go to gears and -- elected to. The trend among former Packers as go to mark in Germantown your other Wendy's big chill it's a mark. Yeah hi guys. Longtime listener first time caller. Sparky Ronnie Lee were elegy guy is slow listen in Korea. I've Sparky I wanted to ask you about Bo one year contract extension a ball McCarty. Are you remember an assault started on Mark Murphy came out and says that the new GM was gonna head out patrol on all of that with the colts might. Be the first press conference. Yeah that's what he relieved touted his duties and then the following press governments introduced new structure. Right. Not what the new structure and everything placed do you think because glued of course and Murphy get along. Do you see that maybe in the near future. They might expand. McCarthy's contract I did that I did I did until that interview ball OK almost you OK I don't anymore per hour and a lot. A look soon as the deal happened talking Gary LeRoy one analyzer well they'll just extend him out as long as as the new general managers to match Mobley did they were my content. After hearing what he just said are not said. I I'm not so I'm not so sure now I think it might be more level entire about a 4 o'clock which scares the Jesus sodomy. All talk about a 4 o'clock that to stay tuned for that thanks to our great thanks. John Mark you know Africa. What thing about our giving. Russ ball the job. Are insane he can beat GM. I think this is me speculating. Rose ball would've fire line. And as well although overall poll would you do what. Now now we wanna keep the current. Well if you're acumen apparently and you can't take a different route. Route goes towards. Bright indeed it is job. It is. And out there we'll boggle again. Did you talk about that. Guatemala bombing hands aren't on points and which one it did in two dollars and. Now all right Jamal and I know that now one that's about it we're out of time. A job. I think knowledge update goes true I think that's what made me they. Probably rose ball would have parting ways with a McCarty him if it was not having that OK listen obvious judges might. Brian you do football operation is this this and is and I have guys communicate a world on the same page. Is now flowing a lot quicker so I don't I don't think it's out of control by people made big advocate and backs I think there's a lot better Siegler. Are you it's in the mentions that 1057 FM defendant and under those. Got a bunch of them obviously in the mentioned it's in amendment. Let's see here and go back a little while. Go OK let's ask him about the bucks warriors it's and I told him we'll get to that eventually. Yeah I agree not to ask for his grin that's our guy asked his question to you tweet them I ask is I guess I drew back as a resource we die motto right now but we'll get to a little alone always want us all talked about the Bucs wore off idea question ought to all we ultimately you know we'll get let's see here. And try diesel than the that are here today. I tweets at the fan I'm definitely a leaning towards sparking an all this. I also don't really care for Mark Murphy comes across in the as a slicks here. Politicians I've just a feeling I get from him always sounds like is it giving you a straight honest answer he's not. He's eighties. He's giving the answer that he can give you. But of all the of all the president types all the front office studs that we talked to. Doug Melvin was a pretty down home dear regular guy you know what I mean but in our afoul morally Beck Mark Murphy comes off as a a pretty good same guy pretty normal guy doesn't come off that corporate to Mir how out of that out of that trader described in a slicks are like Apollo I never came up at this extra to meet you there David Stern he can't see he can't you can't tell us everything. Non analytical and a Stearns a little bit different the other team that is there it is an honor and a Stearns really isn't gonna step out and saying anything he's gonna keep it all in the fairway but not you love Melvin wondered where he doesn't have that. Stern doesn't have the greasy feel to know now open I don't know the answer question yeah dub it ramble and wander get himself in trouble sometimes when he answered questions. Stearns is like broader which she's only gonna say what he asks is saying keep it in the fairway. And Murphy I. Murphy as a matter to a degree but not as measured as Stearns I guess that's how it because you could tell Murphy sometimes I think maybe I'm wrong. When he kind of like hesitates. A little bit and stops talking and he's trying to gather his thoughts and trying to figure out. Then I'd and you know OK while I'm not sure what I'm about to hear is exactly what's going obligated to give an answer riot. That that's what I can tell them TJ we've got the fat 1% with Sparky marquis guys of law that agreement Tuesday Kabul and finally wanted you can read a. You've gone dude that floodwater relay and read it I million dollars in retreats in the we did you read it is getting married then we may not I don't architects and fundamental to agree that you know you say stop and and people are and I'm listening they know what we're joking I'm. Did you turn to. I'm not really Sparky marquis and higher and all but after he heard McCarthy would leave he panicked and I Biggio rise who didn't fully trust. That's the real reason for the power structure changed either that or it's and everyone gets a gold star approach. That's TJ tweeting at. An I don't I don't mind him leaving it would get three dots and that you know go whatever way you wanna go and think Howard is. Note what do however you want. Could you couldn't close allowed these opinions I'd just say in this it would happen put if you don't it is over. I think he likes to dialogue as slot they Keyes says have to defect gave me and we know you have represented as we don't know because his legacy is okay. Let's get another you believe this and one more call for a break let's go to. Ron on the northwest side you're in the Wendy's big show it's a brownie. Hey what's up guys you. They may come out outweighed I'm with Sparky and I am very concerned about this good it seems to me. The rust while factored problem man I don't know Pete got Beckett all the all the work or don't let. It looks like he's trying to he's brought Bob cookbook by being you'd be Beijing is cool with Mike Mike is too would be G and big vocal would mark. Boy it. I was like that expect there to make its opening. You know would put up for the white male I don't understand why. They gotta keep this guy but I don't know a lot about Russ ball and make he's I'll bet in the bowl will split. I don't understand what he had to do all these changes just try to look like it's that would. Because it's gonna try to keep your money and that's what happened in Turkey to band together you can add delete Centerville. How many groups stay together releasing yet but. But it to welcome make coal. Wish we rush like I know Mike McCartney not cool wouldn't. It look like Iraq NICU widow and soul. I don't understand why you would keep the guys that you could replace. India and make everybody else you know vocal which you have active I'd made your ego got. Iraq you know don't judge Michael. Don't touch my not. That the market. And don't judge Janet either but that's the thing that's read all of those ball is too you know he's very you more than two agent man. Well with one of them hit those awkward they really cholera and it was pretty nice allegedly do that's and I management and they all kind of value to each other and anyone who's Arnold and political help us get rid of Randy zooming down reiterated Tuesday burger. The Jackson 5 was Michael obviously Jermaine Randy saying to Tito and Jackie Jackie and there's a sixth. And every single let him know Marlon Marlon Marlon so edgy yeah Michael Jermaine Randy Tito Jackie Marlon. Tomorrow and definitely for the wolverines it was there. Guerrillas saying at best then that Andy played a tambourine in there and for the Jackson 5 eight and a half years on the fiery car crash there the basketball where the ever dream player that's. The triangle is ready camera player is expendable and heavy band I'll tell you that right now we need to try and Royce is all. Also my true. That if feels like that Murphy. These kind of what he is the leader. And he counts. You know we're gonna make it work open a new band together and our Latin. Icy weather six now marlin was the tambourine player until 1964. In the and he was replaced by Jackie illustrating the fact that the tambourine player yet is always replaceable Jackson heavy Vince. Is that would have been judgment you and her going okay. Was he in that they too I think that's a reason why you gotta have these meetings. Yet they had these means to make your best on the same page if you don't like a guy well he has pledged to go to work together how many people out there. Excuse me. How many people out there drab and round red now there's eight kids then my balls but on the in my car by myself. Boy I can't stand that guy in the next few local bookie way to go home. We got to walk on this project. So when you in the building lead your feelings home. We got to work. You got a fan art out of them so we're not polite to each other but. We got to work we have a good working relationship would not to go out and give Beers. And things of that nature that's what a meeting to be out there was brilliant. You don't like me I need to know. So we fixed is. And that's just keep his movements of our youth Diana's secrets and the Packers front offices yet Russ ball will open up his package didn't touch your British recruitment and don't play any instruments and guys who don't like trying to draw away for a while I was bad. I put drones drones in. They're pleased and in a threat we talked about to vote about any and Utley he's the market the bandit have to try as far apart a little triangle symbols. He's to wake ME ST what do you want me to due to eighteen mean being right these are erupting being hours ago. Another. Who managed the human beings. Are more Henri music it is wink Edmonds and speaking of hard feelings between coworkers can people stop bashing via Twitter area spark here all right defiant all right are we get the debate that's what we hear from you delivered a solid all the time they're buying high and the like that would while the listen the heavens like Fox News CNN for. No doubt about it though I don't. Know the soldiers and the reason why Stephen answer to relationship because. We meet with our boss once who I issued a week ago. We dialogue before I don't know about tries to the November they'll buys the it would be easier to every day at your local partners who content hub that our little bit. Marketers. All our love tiger fort they don't talk bunkers they do every day goes on the roller. And the other road somewhere. That we know how well our yeah our priority has to tolerate in good yeah it with these kids. We need to happen all the that's operatives this didn't happen in any DNA would need to partner. Wrote. We mean fire about it. Just clean house completely and Mike McCarthy got ball again and everybody's stuck at stake a look at ball in my part would ago. Mike at the least. Opportunity to survive. Or foreign at a four. You guys wanna keep what is keeping calls on this. And I would think I need to get to the books and your bucks at 330 Korea take a break and when we don't on I think now we got to now we got a break up routed to the other day aka. And then you're on top box after that without full phone and I IR. Eleven we have production means on the air or break. Wonder if he's like a final time and it. Production meeting between the picture and not only does deal. Well figured out either way and not in Casey's death it's really like radio and everybody's finally spread silos on the show that you're talking yeah silo that's out there you're not trying we're trying to open up the lines of communication here Michael in my assembled each of us will report each of us or are you that's others alert put a quick break and had to do it. Now I'm sure you guys that are now and noted here you are. Speaking for grants right okay so what do everything and I'm confused on. Have been for quite some time is the McCarthy one year extension whose Paul was that why it was that only one year. Yeah I'm not a. Gonna get and contract. Decisions or negotiations things of that nature. Was it tense call or was it somebody else is gone or is that if that was technically general manager at that point I believe right. Jerk. No I'm not demand that. Thank you want to write like a robot question actually at. A it's interesting I mark my SharePoint audit is this and this is what I've been saying I think McCarthy's bold enough of reputation. Going along the way and have the the promotion was from somebody with in the building that was coming from outside the building a McCarthy does have a good reputation with the lights. That yeah and you might and one year I. I mean he's our guy he's he's an outstanding. Head coach and his record proves itself marquis he's your guy why doesn't get more than one year. I load. If they had. It is he's an excellent coach and you know we have we practiced. We have great confidence in him and we want one. But success our focus is on the future. How's Mark Murphy Packers president and CEO joining the Wendy's big showed a kick off the afternoon I'm running Mac cloth along with Steve Sparky five for an. Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler resting your are you more on the side of Steve Sparky Pfeiffer a little skeptical and worried about the change in Green Bay and how when downer with scary. And LeRoy. And thinking that all this was necessary. And they trust Mark Murphy to get a ride 4147991250. You know he's the talkback GAAP. On the earth seemed to talkback feature on the fan Matt in Vista tells who you are we're called for only the 32 voicemail. And we'll play it back on the air and he knows tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go to Bruce Bruce here on the Wendy's big show it's up but it. Yes I'm open I'm with sparked teach in a Tehran. Because I believe my credit sentient than. Earlier and ensure that there are certain data name restaurant in the locker room. Rust are independent man he's not a power mad and that like that you know he has little spot at third bragging that constant. It doesn't but he couldn't accepting that he kept an alms with. He's important. That's wrong and an election but the general manager won't ask and why should you are a guy like him or not. I cannot speak at their predict that this I can report back back to I'm accounts and or not this gentleman. We're re Marjorie is not a talks are I don't know how did you know popular. I got reporters and said don't just don't even I don't question me I got martial arts continues right. Leverage got more work. And solitude. And I am right now I'm an. That didn't go to guy on Saturday and ask one question is. And be allowed to depend on Rocco and I would not want that guy in the locker room the president I don't blame the talk to a reporter. Man and a fighter unit could make enough stuff. Yeah. So I don't play that all of our tell your girls Bruce. Bruce. Drew a buddy man rumba Bruce is of course. Q do you love to be won by insiders yes. I've only talked about things that people in up. Markets without asking questions largely known he would have you know a couple really answered a question no Trojan a lot. Marked as some some people are right into extinction because Bollywood. Next year. Did you monetary. Giants go to you why did you and senator are you that. Now now I just listen to what to get all of what it says that it was bad. I somebody that's not right now in charge. So Ali he could have editors circulate but I don't go to welcomed. That means he's hiding something and operate while attending. A large he's got a trillion original groves. These aren't army can tell you guys all over it won't do all the work. I certainly true. It would yeah I know that's you know he is Jeremy had to tell that we do we read between the lines. We think why would you want answered and then read between the lines. That doesn't ridiculous these guys are not gonna throw. This whole bay beat on it. But a quartz. I don't know. We'll take one Maria thanks is safe or that we will talks after writers calling him a ready now you know break. We cover your. And Nikko in the falls here on the Wendy's big show is suddenly go. Resource how resources do you have do you guys we have established that before you give us your opinion. I don't know it was speeches that. So at some other stuff mrs. Olson well it's just we're young yes I know insider went out events it. But. Okay why their ideas so spectacle. What is I don't understand about us and let me just. Under and understand which has got Joseph Philbin that the guy who helped us be successful too you know those other years. We've got rid of the doubt gate bridge that was late. You ever attacked yeah it was late. But whatever you know standard and asking for it. And then now that things change and change happening you know now it's oh well. Packages you know people keep congress spoiled what we are making it look like we're spoiled because we see. Well now we're not be satisfied with a certain people that mark is you know decide you know crap and that. You know the team is a great street for forestry guys. I'm excited for going to be excellent record there it's going to be a great job for next year. I don't know that Bruce got out of its. Yeah and it and music yeah yeah eyes. Spent every extra college year that we hear my name is directly right I remember you out by an account at all yeah yeah but. And I am dramatic follows and disorder. Thanks and that's not out domestic guys. On the I think you think about it the report he put their people warning god they did a national. Consensus was. Dom Capers. A mere about a warning you are not out people would be static. And in the next they wanted to head doc. And I think here a lot of our McCarthy the now aren't you a lot of I'm just confused. You got what you wish for you think you'd be happy that I had to be certain structure for you don't I. I don't know I'm just now by him. As far as Mike McCarthy and his job security we'll get to that in the 4 o'clock hour but. Another sad a short break there is a big bucks game tonight or is it it is it is yeah I'll write. More of the you know what I staff will find out why it but first we're gonna find out why Hyundai west else is the place to go fear in search of a vehicle aerials. A different program Monday with the dollars that he has won the banner for number one in -- observers in the it is determined by car buyers are rating their experience now. That we are number one customer service. We have our our sights set on being number one in sales volume as well no store. Has ever been number one and both. In his. And it is our New Year's resolution to be the first ever old old time you're gonna do that match. Beat in the offer for any undies to war. That way their costumes Laura give the award winning spears in the gearing to lower priced and banner is hanging up initial room right now as coach of your friends are over. Condi west Alice. By daughter wick this weekend. Bought brand new Hyundai. Sonata traded. Her Monday. Senator Rick. Bought these two in the eighteen and he says nada. Ought to bill's was was she was in an out of there. Well. With a new car with new and take our unity at some kind of mistake if you know what you want. And if you know which human and I'll. You've done for all the paperwork everything wanna be you know of the drug for people five cars it's an objective is to. He knew she won. Intrigued editor dream cars she's run new undies and our guys don't work or don't take were you know would there. Two Hyundai west. I'm robbing their Sparky or two former backers Gary LeRoy if you know the cast of characters. Coming up we'll get to Mike McCarthy's job security in the 4 o'clock hour right now we wanna know what is bucks warriors means tonight. 4147991250. Between an ivy. And and if I don't know 57 Democrats say that again said the dollar might get there may be playing them in the files. Those those doubting. Big game. It is a big dip you know why is it a big game I think is a measuring stick them. If you know I think the books or numbers six. So I think that managed a of uncommon opponent that played out west and people rarely. Look at domestic goals standard sister won his championship. Down 31. Ever says Kevin Durant you know and passed out or play. But I think their coaches staff ownership and things of that nature so I get excited when teens like there's with. No rich history as of late not history back in the same music now. History has to millennial would know nationally as. People buy yes. So yes I think is a big deal and I think for the most part was if stepped there it just a best time to be there and if they beat down. On the day if they loosen them is don't be big. But I. I just see it as a measuring state. Where you wanna be you got Utley do you like. Well that's when you play the best player in the MBA very mongering you have to measure. That you don't you know. Her all right Larry can I say that and it's not very everytime he says that you just don't like going yet he lived a life and just tried. As does not think using best player in the league out there he's probably not top ten. I don't know that the thing I didn't. Colvin. What does bucks and warriors in game 41479912. That he can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan LeRoy says it's a measuring stick spark a decent. On my say it's just another game. On tonight the box like that this team. Does have problems playing nickel state warriors this team whatever the reason seems to have the number of for the warriors and half like Chicago years. By Toronto the Toronto does for the books and they kind of for the wars leathers the length that bothers the warriors this bucks team seemly always gets up to play the warriors whether it's gold stayed or at Milwaukee. So I did you should expect a really good basketball game tonight that that's what I'm expecting I love and respect and no wind but I'm expected to at least be competitive. And be in this game going into the fourth court that's run expectancy now. And this turns into a rout early but I'd be surprised maybe a little bit because that's not been the bucks MO insist on state warriors in this isn't a bad basketball team. Or an average basketball team with a box. May I ask overconfident and think they can you walk out there and beat them because they have more talent they know they don't have mortality gold say they know we'll take. Almost a perfect game and everybody's got together. Know that they're best in in order to Beagle state plus you would expect to be wires route senator pretty much full the night right sue on Friday night warriors in town. My thoughts after it was Hitler and bought the tickets at a as an amateur. His deceased are tried to Randy Howe and his prima. You get a chance to seize the the top vote getter if you wanna to a doesn't matter. In anti. MBA yeah honest all those fans are going either make a trip war. I know is called for these guys but people want to into the game they've gone picked a follow up renewable Williams. And I think that's what that's why I think that measures that you get another fan base to see who it is I'm excited about he felt a second. The fan vote but yeah after a first sector. We need to do our our house and if so let's see we got the lap part of vote. On everybody's in the part of social media you know I see is no mystery tweets good lot of blogs originally listed. If you're finished top three I'd be excited I'd like this put something else I was born out to me absolutely it's gonna sidetracked a topic a little bit but if I forget there's two big shows just when you want. Think the bucks social media's really good. I gave them quite a Twitter thanks so yes I do enjoy just won a bunch of digital lords a good spot program social media work OK that's a big goal I don't know how to work Simonyi were solid but I don't wanna watch a social media spoke. So I think they're number one in the market. And in a box are strong number two as far as videos and everything else at a time on the proceeds sober bought back said the results aren't there borrowers bunkers are number one burst into Burres who really good job they do I engaged in the well. Packers stink. And this is what I mean by that. You offer yeah honest they got videos not the when he out constantly re tweet to vote on the Obama body get him in right. David obvious for all time how much of that have they done for Jerry Kramer for golf and how much of that they done for you for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Not really what I want and will his duties. Today really an honest nabbed yet there Hugh I don't have snapped I know and there and I've you know done aren't faced yet he had that they don't really. Do a lot of that beard did do a lot of it is a program okay time off snapshot an inch or Graham Victor okay odds. How much of that lies get well Roy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame won't get Jerry Kramer and pro football thing probably very little bored there are some tensions right Eileen yeah. I think that if if this was the buck social media team and the box they would be full force don't videos and everything else we install file costly like they do for you guys are pushing to try him as many votes as possible there in your face everywhere you look at my yacht John John John its hottest. That in my opinion and a gecko does have such as. It may is in my opinion is that how this packer SATA should be for you and Jerry Kramer to get to a novice is I think Jerry's. I guess I might if any area liberal voting kept writing about this Jerry's last chance. He was a senior committee does he have another chance after this this is that he got 80% chance to get a feeling out once shot deposits in a committee or not naive and on that before but at the 25 years did you just and he is going to see his committee. Network he's on my head that's where he's so that made it's as it did not would you. No they got time that's all I say I just think that lucky. Mean they're the number one team in the world in my opinion the Patterson their fan base is are you right there is no reason if they put their weight with social media behind it. The day they could not. Get the support the family around the world. Actually crush it and pretty much will you win it all fame with all the writers and everything that they would have going up. Without doubt they ever have boarding website if they put a link there and said please go vote let's get well Roy and everything else would video isn't everything else. Crush you would crushed everybody in the voting I have lots of macabre turn out like. A good they really need to think social media wise. I don't do it and are they need you know you look at we sort of we talked possible. Vote the Milwaukee Brewers were they good. Odds are good at it throughout the course of the year doing different stuff with promotions. High Ly if you go off like that and did you grow parties they do big blocks well yeah it looks good. The Bucs are really good at the social media aspect making funny videos promoting stuff. They do a lot of really good videos and video high let me you know yeah I went through because what if it's good for it's it's just the other day all of it would attract. On news stories. News out west hawk which stories and stuff like that. Mean that's that's really all it is there is no I don't think there's any fun element with the Packers Twitter account slower FaceBook the boxer trying to cap on which you via the brewers I. I tell you what the fallen is for the Packers is almost to a you guys if you don't have that (%expletive) you've got your your mix of and as you don't have mr. Graham so they're gone for an eagle for the younger fan base is now yeah well it is all bought did you stuck inside the locker room they give you guys doing certain you've served your. Right there give me did you view birthdays of Yahoo! ever played the Green Bay Packers. Did you view the birth data puts a moment for that. So big they're not. FaceBook not so much twist here not so much. But they are donated red McCoy they scream eskom to slalom that it broke for four players you're right in Hong. On snap Chad in to put an earlier constant yeah and I know you runs that jet. I'm on OK the people how to channel your weekends you know people aren't we friends got to do congress I just received government computer. Is that always. Dell says that I don't want any logically that would not go do we thing which he does it provide count and I can accidents and high schools but would love girls iams. No I had no I don't know god is like a lot of people he's never thought that I see how does that make fun and I know that Packers yet but the pact. Hasbro board you. With snap share in instant in this degree and he did use the Euro. Just are fairly well just last that you you do what value. It consumes he doesn't he doesn't provide content does that Teddy discuss news content exit received they are a little talk Packers. I'm surprised he's married to a person like that got this video they just did the other day they lobby network yeah right where you guys do or die Iran really mean it's fun yeah I mean it happened video into anything with it here but just told him and they all went and got the rash of sterling brown initially and all that's. Is funny self speaking of firearm can we see you and LB yet Barr art gallery really far art gallery art car god he ate our art gallery code as these are these really it's an art gallery yes. Let's cut is comedy are obviously were doing it and an art gallery tonight we do far art Keller ago. You opening the U goals and when you know words and my right in the middle I think it's a Walker's point well. I don't know if you Google actually act and I mean it's kind of eclectic and Nolan says he clicked. I think it's a depleted us. If eclectic it means not inclusive of many things I guess is that the hell is our art gallery and hang on Wednesday when you gotta go a media I just put it he has we just and ends putters and I might let Antalya says there is in. Your memory. As this one of this ambience that chance to do so might. My performance. Yeah. It has not just your public eye care I don't dream alive I'm mostly a mostly odds that jet to consume time and did not provide China and out of the art gallery to see that show yes if you wanna see and it won't be out snatches it would do a lot of needs to it was in aren't you amazed I use it for likes a one on one communication like Elson the girlfriend acute snapped or I don't. And her money in Scotland Yard star yet not a to a lot of Czech public to make it is it's cool about it I didn't realize it was at all. Like that the technical stuff on the news here they know what you're doing and prayers offer Alex Van Pelt. He could sign on at the quarterbacks coach for any dolphin. All in all. We know we go to church on Sunday he is going to be sentinel siege here he was serving call Todd Taylor built this guy he can turn dog and value do you get an idea coaching and don't enjoy any Dalton to get this bad boy back on track. What do you think this bars are right this box game means tonight far art gallery art for one hour for confirmed seven died died 1250 you know bridges Cincinnati. At 1057. FM the fan died after the game tune into the S second street at 1057 FM the fan or Twitter page or FaceBook page Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. We'll have via Milwaukee Bucks Pickens say post gave up a link as soon as the game is going to be on FaceBook and I believe will be on our site to hopefully tonight. A solicitors is that we are going to be on the actual radio itself. Ought to start with because the arrows evil beyond but we will be on the alternates for him or the extra stream and if they're not going to the game plenty of TVs over at castle lanes at it let's Newsom bowling on Friday and it actually flat screens on every lame plus got plastered all over the bar area to castle lane highway 31 in Racine and it's a five dollar Friday tonight and every Friday night. I Cassel into racing tonight after league play is done so you wanna head down there. Tonight and defied all going to do that also. I do not forget it's a great place have a birthday party or. To bring the kids are on the weekend go do some opened bowling for the dialogue cabin on the inside like here in northern Wisconsin ranked number one my share ranks. Is number one bowling Alley in the country not just in the state of Wisconsin. But in the entire country people come from all over the midwest. To check out to a castle lanes in Racine. I'm telling you were you will be super impressed and you go and customer service. Among semester and a fund that's also uncle believes in his is providing good customer service and making sure. Nobody is happy and have a good time at castle lanes in Racine highway 31 protect. 643 south second street. Is where you'll find you go are art gallery just off a national. Aren't you in the middle yes I'll be right right my heart and updating on the line. I think it I don't know much about this dude I'm just a performer and bigamy and Mike in this stage and tell me to tell jokes and I do it the other way and that's the you know what you're better as it depends that now he doesn't know that said that if the event coming people shuttle that turns out yeah this downturn counseling to people show up it's very. More than two people show up in Maine hit demography and I don't agree with the. I should the president I think although it was a very odd you know I'm not gonna get and guessing. And yeah. I don't have that debate for the sake. When you get there are obvious I'm not gonna get and a then you know. Yeah I had the net and what is Hezbollah gave me tonight forward fours that I die from this you don't want bush asked Barkley says just another game LeRoy says measuring stick how about you were the Wendy's big shall we backer after the.