3PM: Cubs vs. Brewers - what's the factor?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, September 12th

The Brewers swept the Cubs at Wrigley Field - but lost one of their best starting pitchers Jimmy Nelson to injury last Friday night. BIG SHOW listeners ponder what will be more of a factor as the season's end draws closer. 


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When these big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios with the former packer and badger running back Gary Ehlers in the one and only Steve Sparky why from running Mac Lofton coming up this hour. We'll talk with a bomb again. Bob McGinn football dot com legendary Packers scribe joins us at 348 we have our weekly visit the Packers left tackle. David Bach TRE got a shiner under his left not a show for Sunday's efforts. At 435. Right now we want and I'll Bart's right to crown the packers' division champs again. Are you 79912. Figure you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan and it got heated. I'd check in weekly this morning got heated got a little heated I was listening in my car on at all happened as Bart said he's not worried about the vikings or anyone else in the NFC north and everybody started trying to get him to clarify what exactly. What that means how far is he willing to go. With his guarantees a Bart started to do just that they can kind of with the same record. As the vikings got the tiebreaker I don't care how you slice it the Packers have already won the NFC north. And when I say stuff like that 88 stayed feels to me. This I grew up I grew up in final act. I'm a packer fan my whole life this is a great job I owned shares in the packers'. I Wear packer close icy pack your people all the time and then I. Comments day. Guys Tennessee north RD over the Packers of want and its other packer fans ago you can't say that what's wrong with the I mean I feel like I'm doing radio. In the torn cities the thing that the Packers are gonna win anyway that people come after me for this. It's I it's I don't wicca because of him. The Packers are gonna win the NFC north someone that your public enemy why don't isn't isn't this sports journalist yeah you're coming here to be a professional acumen as a fan I'm coming at you as a guy who watches football just like all of you do and I'm seeing and I can tell you that the Packers have already on the NFC north just like the -- why is why does this happen when I was that would happen why can't I say that. Why is that such a big deal I said way worse things on these airwaves and I get off Scot free but in the moment I say that our favorite team has already won the NFC north and we do I do I'm villain number one this happened last year in annoys the hell out of me I'm not gonna let it happen again this year you know they're gonna win the NFC north you all do so why do you have to be insecure about it and saying fine to bend over and find all these Reagan win reasons by the vikings are so great panel at the Packers they're not they're not. I don't wanna hear it. 79912 that DA do wanna hear. And. Larry's house on the fan column away now he wants to reply let me just say when you say a team. My arena when he's when you say a team. Other division has already won that means it's going to be like other Dodgers or Washington baseball running away well your read on it is incorrect on what I'm trying to convey which I just your two years and just clarify obviously since the Packers and which. I agree with ya I just think it's going to be you selling its gonna they're gonna Waltz away with it and I I thought I never said that when he's an. And and you saw that that's how it we server to about and I think you're wrong keenly as dreary let's go to break. We're not gonna do the same conversation we literally just can't say that you go honestly on a big ramp like yeah you think America respond to that we've got to get a break under the program it's number I don't tees they're gonna respond to make some callers are gonna tell you though it is I'd figure something in the wording there but we're gonna get. Then after the break with some Dina does exiting hats on ice and Roberts especially meats and walked. A I'll tell you it's like we'll abacus oh sometime before this and that bar herb jug does he tell you about all the glory is this that is Roberts back out to be as. And they are they go to a break it that they come back and I don't know that is does emails from Mike. Allied on a 57 have been a fan notre John near Augusta State's laws yet as well. March listening is Bart I'm as tweeting while this is going yes. I never would have read that email on here just spurt to clarify how good it really got back there said David is dude all. Because now this dues like com reported on energy here that. And then he gets all his boys what happened what bar did well anyway I'd tell that you that nothing is gonna change ago had a not listen that's not what happened right. There's emails from Mike. Allied on a 57 have been a fan no question here just a statement. Us guys that Orkut decided we can no longer listen to chuck and Bart chuck is great Bart is a baby. Chuck should quit for being forced to sit through for hours and immature so called nodal. We were listening and watching sports before bar was born. We feel sorry for Bart's wife. On to another station to get rid of Bart there are ten of this year we took a vote it was unanimous so we lost him westerners. I waited all that. Little softer during the commercial why why does my wife need to be brought into this. I don't know. Where's Cody and Cody come on you're gonna take gonna but the schedule ups and do. You didn't. I'm not okay what's what's wrong because once again the vikings. Win a game there's so yeah because I don't can you around the board I music. Is this a place call. A White House or out yet we'll Texaco ideas you take a break OK okay but he pitched forever I know I don't know that I'm lose it if he's given barks there. I Rosenblatt lost his mind today or what's the line. Rosie. Him today. Little upset about the email I think one I don't go through a commercial break he's scribe and how remember that the bulls don't want to. Ari. That was Bart week they're red it's Friday it's it's red text quality that quality Bart week there. I texted Bart. Before the commercial break yeah. And you respond now I know why she is losing his mind and commercial bring us an email how he responded after my dad was away after the fact when he was still man on the tax. I Obama should mashup so why go on the big show. Where does that could make the race is over there's not a threat with in this division and barked what was and he is right it is rude. It's one game and it's the saints'. Defense as a make good sense who. Mayor bill and the vinegar Gregg Williams right yeah that's not dark yet so. Respective bar was right on the money I lost school which I'm guilty of doing myself over the course of time now. In that case he's right your dual threat from anybody in this division you know I don't know that now don't get you were overly cocky can a packer fan or. Our what you know you can put it this way it is a Packers division to move. Justice and I don't know who say that it is. Is the Packers are reason you don't care who's in the. Think we all I think we'd all say that but for some reason it's controversial when Bart says it on the morning show is there anybody he was a lot happier on the show. Well. Again. Yes a lot happier with the usual working with people he'll likely keep the history. Really. Just. Because we're gonna do to relax a little bit Bart says the division is already one. Do you 7991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan and really no limit to our receivable. Here's how does winning the division when division can you guys tell me if you're okay with this. I really just wanna hear from the people who for some reason are upset that our would say that or that disagree. With mark 79912. The idea why they're upset while a player to replied you have an idea. Our makes cents. Where government since mean it is solid on the Wednesday the drugs the reasons why did not okay for Bart to say that to end the second season in a row that we've done this very topic of bargain camera every time because Bart got hammered for the very same thing last year next year mark to predict and finish last two laps all that billion hammered from the other side. It would talk. Where and with Carrey's raisers as I've high you can win. 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Division is over I hold all these ball fault lines are on and slammed by our Smart if or I'll tax election now Christiane I just turn off the radio Matt I don't want you to lighten your mind coming here screaming and yelling at you attack now seven died died for Oprah and wanted to get attack and the way these big shall be right back in the old sir why why does my wife need to be brought into this. I don't know what is Cody and Cody come on you're gonna take gonna but the schedule apps as you're. You hit it. I'm not okay what's what's wrong because once again the vikings. Win a game there's something because I don't can you run the board I mean it's a good. Just take these calls chuck yeah outlook takes the goal ideas they take over OK okay but he. I don't know. I'm blues it. At times you as part we clear the thwarted. That was brought out. By barred say the NFC north is already over it's done the Packers want it. And catching a lot of blowback for it for the second straight season. Seven died died 1250 graders at 1057 FM the fan and any mailer wrote in and said he and nine friends nine of his coworkers. All unanimously voted and decided not to listen to the morning show any mark in part it's. Anoint retreat to the fan purse Ellis and the fan in the morning any chance I get because I enjoy the deny dynamic between wigs things and chuck Freeman. Another one here from. Bigger duke child through that the fan barging appease everyone and just say the Packers are a football team. No more or less there's just they're just a football team that's right. Org offer phone while we do have real quick some breaking news and surprising news and show after VS PA and saying that the the Packers. Released Ricky Jean Francoise and this is likely the corresponding move to activate Geronimo Allison. But it's surprising nonetheless we we have a lot of thoughts and what they might do to open up their roster spot G but not this. No no we knew we weren't marked argued into it you know we could've symbolize endorse them there with him yet this has moved future possibly dorm or else from back on the roster I think that's what they're looking at. Because you know he was out for this for scheme and it's so this suspension of that cleared some space. And after nearly last hour I said. While they got a couple guys again held the rally guys write us and Ahmad Brooks a rate Ricky Jean-Francois well he's now you're now no one guy Bob Brooks I can help. Was much of it is tough for. First she got to come in and try to have that role in the first or free agent. Yeah just to purchase or just a guy just you only real locker room for rights of the first year freeagent again that's not a rookie by a guy and it's just coming to that yet he's gonna get and we feared in discovering and trying. A this year review right. Eight at. You'll meet him. While you do the Republicans play it can Clark yesterday enablement jobs cuts really complain must be solemn tributes Adams the idea that through hours of things more to a chemical. Use. And we have talk about a very much today boarder and he he played Wilmington we talked about it about it what him but he shoulda. After hearing your interview with them at training and in training camp Jeanne Virginia for us we've got to be heartbroken about is getting fitter are you seem happy as could be going to be in Green Bay was due to three houses there right. Too bad for him. It's tough business news go to Georgia west out here on the Wendy's big show what's up George. Who warned them I hadn't won this family talk about via. About the division. I do believe that is the Packers divisions in the good little but I look at it like this after I wanna feed those teams play each other at least twice within the division. And that we can kind of see how the smoke clears and they also are they do in other games. Because the way I'm looking that it is Minnesota gonna be tough this year. The lead Detroit gonna be tough this year because he's got to the will and not so much Chicago Chicago beaten that will be there you press that against Atlanta. But I believe in the in the Packers probably work it out but I won't have been beaten nick nick nick would Minnesota this year anybody going to give them a whopper that money. Economy minister over and that's because there are war and their secondary and linebackers. United they keep playing like that often as well. Going to be something to watch live may be interesting to see but I do believe in in the Packers will win but they are really beat up on each other this year so hopefully. Everybody can stay healthy because I think it will be a lot of physical football the Tony Minnesota Detroit. And the bears can be a real physical football. So anxious so you'll have problems or you don't no problem with Barton in announcing that. Don't say they're not I'm with him and that is that he did you oddly would you say is that Packers division to. The possibility. I'm not sleeping on an assault. I'm glad he did it was such a problem with them pop the light and then slowly in the wind I'm worried about. There are things for art and they're gonna win this division to go let's go to Mike it'll come Milwaukee on the Wendy's big show itself might. Alex thanks for taking my call. And let or anybody they've been waiting and I mean they're so many games to be an injury apart and it. And we get to get one week at a time and hope for the best. And laughed caller was right I bet it'd divisions not going to be decided until Saturday night December 23 when Minnesota comes to play. President Christmas week. So thanks for letting me voice my opinion my have a great day. Ago. It. Go to Joseph in Racine Joseph you're on the Wendy's big shows this division race all the formality. Okay. For starters I'm a vikings fans. Soul so I hadn't no problem. Wit sparked comments in my in my opinion it's just an opinion and it's competence. If anything just be happy. He'd been confident and number three. I'm excited you are all sleep then on top five decrypt. I'll hang up and listen. Oh actually Green Zone throw Friday among the vikings. And Joe's honest it's gonna hang up and listen I don't know how we sleep. As the Packers division to the vikings do have a very good deal I mean they do I mean if you if you look at what they've done I mean. The Zimmer. Morning about elsewhere he's what you Albright to look at what he did us at Cincinnati when he was there to give Aaron Rodgers fits. And that that will happen again but but the problem is they're just too many other teams that they have to play that they males to. Is not just about the practice even if they split. With the Packers. Go wanna want I don't know that used gives them the division. And they're good enough to be a lot of it's in Europe. And Bart said he's not necessarily saying that the Packers are going to run away with the division though. It could be close they might be tied but the fact is gonna tiebreaker he's saying some way somehow one way or another yeah. Packers are going to win this division he doesn't have a doubt in his mind that that's the case. Now think anybody here in the old Chevrolet studios does either help I don't know and host or at least I get on December ever look delegates saints congratulations. But that's not going to be the rest of the season and right now that is not averaging 385. Yards on the football all year you're Sam Bradford don't go go black. Like them now for the life for me I just don't understand how guys how. In the missile accused me where these people that. How do you not know they don't cook is first and I for the life of me I don't view it colleague I feel. A zone and a lot of wrecks. We'll delve into. You'll understand. Why don't understand. First oil picked all I'm pretty but he hit a bunch of off field issues that Sally yeah. Yeah a lot of that around here are few users via apple look it up but I remember Tom McElroy on the your body coming and there's about bunched up around him. Coming in of people I questions about. I'd root do you from a talent perspective and the way it was all from last year out of there he is which is a moment ago but yeah there encouraging and withdrew the sort of steeled. Here's an RF. Go to your room which is more jerk Jim Walker shot on the when he's patient what's up Jim. And wall well. Art is an idiot person and the cotton dry too much football playing. Tomb of the unknowns to just say that the Packers have division. Cotton gardens there we dot. Particularly things extremely terrible I mean I'm a die hard Pakistan I grew up watching and Gary. It and Lynn Dickey and all Kaufman James Lofton. I have an amazing amazing market and the defense couldn't stop him. All figured it too much of won't be played the same act. The secretary. Thanks for the gulf and what. What does he have to beat idiot though. Prepare people for say something that you disagree list as well as he pours the source from their worst. First of all but think it's an outlandish thing to say. With with the weight the Packers have dominated this division. Think that's an outlandish thing to say that you pretty much haven't in the books at the Packers will be the NFC north champs but secondly. Understand. That we get paid to come on here and give our opinions and predictions right correct. That's what we do sometimes it's dot org to jive it's going to match with what you think. People disagree all the talk about a date in their data big lie that makes a buddy you idiot idiot yeah. I know mark I know Bart very well. Kind of an idiot button on this on this particular matter. I'm getting a lot bark let's go to Joseph would mosquito you're on the Wendy's big show it's a joke. Hey guys up big time and I'm don't really agree with Alaska has so much are you have a little young boy I'm only nineteen but it. Something that I think is really getting to everyone is that I think it might be as simple as they feel like part seeing seeing the team. I remember couples you know that no let up. The Packers are thirteen and wanhatten into the playoffs and everyone looks like there was or number it'll bite which were destroyed an opera star player written on go to. And edit the Packers late night. Art said this last year they won the division I mean him even if you believe in jinx as he's already proved that he's not the jinx. I know I'd I'd remembered I had just think people get to superstition about things and don't wanna. Because his people wanna just did and that's thanks for not I won't be accretion on Twitter now marshals in the lot of a lot of love gallon here from Aaron bison and I don't listen only signature freemen are still some of them every morning even after moving to Arizona. Screw those ten guys. At the fan. Are Christian and uptown. The trolls who hate on par paired out of predictions of a thoughtful beta male. There are Mal adjusted and relax. Mela Justin why Mallon droids. Mela droids. Go to that I've heard that one before. To find out that beat Bob Bryan a lady tweets at the fans allowed white bride in the lady. OK I think that ways things is probably the best talent the station right now one of the most entertaining host. CA Jack Johnson that the fan I everywhere things people got only get angry at the 2007 title game when the morning show said it was role helmets out. And we all loss I have a text from Bart regular himself the legend self. Do viewers allege he says why can people be all cool with say the patriots have already won the AFC east but we can do that with the Packers. If you want the Packers to be the patriots it starts at the division. Packers fans are weaker than I thought. And that's now it's you know it's well in the bear true it probably led you're listening colony know the numbers come all the hot and who actually you know out any rule will take no matter where fraud like. A Mike what they do to Bart. On the mid Asia via a built like chip. And did a pretty got banned. Well I heard Bart got banned from the bill Michaels Joan and me. And you heard of are supposed to be talking about this on the air I don't know I look at. But I just in larger brought over. All the gossip I I don't know about it. And security got banned I don't know that I don't know that there is that you're running behind it well if you get a call he's calling right now so lit a quick break. And we'll talk with Bartlett machines and Mubarak. Well he's. When your alleged June. You know drug lord is on the outline OK get your part hang right there because you know all about having to go to a break no matter what is going on in a particular show. And we'll talk to Bart will talk to your next he's got the division in the books packers' NFC north champs. Are you that confident 79 natural fifty but the Wendy's big shall be right back and colts Chevrolet studio. Slash. Good afternoon for the masters these WS as he sports updates studio Mike Clemens masters sees as the premier supplier in patio furniture. Rec room products and sports memorabilia. Check them out and want to show our that they short towns and our online investors these dot com. First on the fan and I fell. The Green Bay Packers are released thirty year old offensive and Ricky Jean Francoise. Picked up from the Washington Redskins. He thought things were just cooled and during training camp and said hey you got a really good young group here on the defensive line. You have to death. It is now does look met them just as grownups wouldn't make any make him a victim to the mix here is if it's nice to look at them grow up real quick. Friends while only had six snaps against Seattle the mobile allows wide receiver Geronimo Allison to return to the roster after serving as week one NFL suspension. Receiver Max McCaffrey was cut by the Packers after leading the team in receptions in the pre season McCaffrey today signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Alan Robinson talented wide receiver suffering a torn ACL this season's over. Packers will meet the falcons on Sunday night in a land as new stadium. The Wisconsin Badgers traveling to BYU this Saturday the coaches and players from Florida Atlantic. Last weekend's games still stranded in Madison can't get a flight back to Fort Lauderdale because of hurricane Obama. Brewers and pirates tonight at Miller Park your call against Milwaukee's Bruce Souter and Clint Hurdle me. Manager for the pirates says he expects Andrew McCutcheon break out of his slump any time. All you have is what is numbers here historically in this organ failure was gonna happens when you play sports do really good she went pretty far apart for him to hit one through. He's working he's focused he's not given anything up he's not back away from anything. And he's just wandered closer in Omaha and update brought to vitality seven eatery in Waukesha Tuesday night tacos tonight just one dollar plus three dollar pricing on corona is. I'm like Clemens at the fact. Could do the same conversation we literally just now you say that you wanna stay out of big rant like the idea that a market respond to what we've got to hit a break our after the break it's number I don't tees they're gonna respond to make some callers are gonna tell you though that is I think it's something in the wording there but we're gonna get. If an edit the report some Dina does exiting hats on ice and Robert special meets the walking shell. That's what transpired this morning the checked in weekly show when Bart declared the NFC north race. Not a race he says the Packers are already division champs were asking are you there. You agree has Bart took a beating for it. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057 Athens in the thick and part treated just as we went to the break he says Robbie is reading barking call video get out right away bark calls live Robbie street will be right back. Yet to do that it's on out I did that to Arco I apologize. Ledge who joins us now on the grid midwest bank allied whats up or an hour you did you come down this morning. Yeah you put up their part they know Iowa responded and then they use have you have you read read gathered yourself for you okay. Popular golf but in light on the big show in. I about it on the big shot ruin one guy called me is that on whatever little steel whatever but on the morning show at like. Not a morning show it to be a light environments but everybody's like just. Bad and hate the world like let me hear you up in the morning at bat the job I don't know like Arabic so angry on the. I don't know barb it I was listening and how was I was really concerned about you mean you you really. You really let those guys get seed you can really let them get home. Yeah I I was at the white thing though was that the wife they've got you mad. Yeah I mean I don't know why he do it. I don't know I get to bring that up and that's that the probably an off limits topic I would think. But I guess not though. This guy not you know the guys back again that he never gonna let and I that I know you're gonna surf around and you're gonna realize that most of what else on the radio especially in sports talk in this town is pure trash so he'll come back eventually and at some point you won't admit yourself but when you admitted to me finally that you come back to listen outcome here place of employment. I'll hang out what you hear it and grows and how I gate he. Well I definitely would never done that a good OK yes odds week at the fans as you know damn right well that was only one guy making up that story. Those other nine don't even exist with the housing and a listen to Jeff Wagner. I couldn't. Ask Amanda there's there's a lot on the radio dial I'm I. Hey if a guy that I want to hear his favorite island movie can overlay that I. That's fine but if you want that about sports and local sports in the morning. Economy now I know you guys have Bob McGee comes. Us us yesterday that the fans. Are I know that on the game coming up I would and I don't have the group in yet though. I would read it that somebody. On the picket still saddened that again I think the vikings will win in north and the Packers or make the play out well. You might that some thought that I mean or you could by the group as well what did you think every Jeep brand slog getting cut. I kind of surprised we were speculating this morning that may be Alice in the guys. Did why even bring them back immune I don't know they even. However. It looks like he's a long term plan error if they duties on the road and in the Nazis election. Mice that your I want this give you one other brig piece of breaking news from chuck Freeman who's out of the ballpark for a council says you're starting pitcher tomorrow on three days' rest will be chasing Anderson. One and we agreed and should be Amare Malia. Bart then you're not gonna have chasing Anderson in the cubs' series unless you wanna therm on short rest again let's hope we I was on the. Now an account here any got bird though it went he's opposed to not a but it never happened. Bark. Yet here. And my. I wise but then you know in emergencies but it I think the panel and I I did go on with my predicted flatly a little bit. And Joseph and I disagreed about the brewers helping to rebuild over you'd think it's gonna be over when it mural man. That's why did you. I did I don't on the other reason that it bought about the brewers because you see on real Israel it would it was a and that agreement and here's the brewers that amount. Barton and so we're just yes good or not want that no question to the good and let me just ask 1 morning. So could you explain to me on Monday now was that shadow for you guys on Monday for you to do is show. In the hallway on Monday morning. With their. On Monday on Friday you know I said that if the brewers sweep the cubs. I wanna talk about the brewer that wall on account of what the Packers though if its socket there's been a patient forever degree angle Monday. If that's the way it's gotta be out on all day and do for our reverse shot now I know all. Realistic idea that the group Mexico moderately sweet but I try to talk Miley out of it by chuck. Wasn't adding that I went there to do much on all that we ended up on making up and. Outsold chuck insisted that you should do Packers bird do you wanna do. And that's what you said is that if you that you have to be taken literally an all time. So golf ball into the shelling and I also through the care that we could call the chuck Freeman show that a Powell. What they did not think the group would sweep accounts though once he heard the chuck Freeman joked yeah I haven't done that all in Reynolds. Our Sparky said this earlier in his 100% right. You weren't you weren't this this angry when when you're working out the big show was just that you didn't get enough air time so we didn't we didn't get the angry side of Bart or. As has chuck done this to you or is it a lack of sleep. I didn't have enough time. Kind of injury in okay copier and that would make your. I. I you know this is. That I. Really do miss you bark we do accurate picture AW ought to come back you're welcome here are the big show. They'll let these guys get to you are right it's okay everything's going to be listen to rock song here you go is that the dedicate for Barbara weekly. It's such an airline all. And you guys. Homeowners who. How hard way he. Those are what Jerry is saying there G-8 once you signal he senate and the. He. And that's why I always won't you. Loran and it. And old fart on. To me and they can bark I appreciate it. You don't think that that the that the almost got bit. Booked up we'll exceeded by Fred. There's Broadway there he joins us the great midwest bank outline when you're ready to get into or back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank of the great midwest bank dot com. The take the next step towards your new home. What are friends over northern overlook your heart and argue that a parent yeah yeah security. Our price should give us from our view few. They haven't golden. Just take your couples you know sweet because as I got a new brawler ready to go sit in different. Do you play server in northern brewer a lot of people given mistaken as we're kind of cleared up hopefuls. Is not a place where you going by you here's the place Rico and try to make your own Beers a place where you go and did a new hobby is the place where you go and make a beer there conforms with your palate conforms with your taste in its. Great great way to save a lot of money is a great way they're. Probably you're gonna get more friends as she got more Beers on if you need more phrase that I rely. To have more friends when I make a mob in glad to have my beer for myself but if you work or my house for use it to make friends are that you have. My bitterness when you make new friends. But I just on I just inviting people to get new friends and religiously but we'll check what your friends are over in northern group. We are doing hard and let you take those invitations and the audited for the fight. Here Ellis differently and gentlemen I want to fight and I did see what Bart said about Bob McGinn that he's at the vikings and win the division. And attackers were to make the playoffs find out why nine bombing in Kabul but come on and that's next right now it now when they shop. When the sun shining paralyzes. Chevrolet studios I'm running Mac cloth along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer from the former packer and badger running back Gary Eller since we'll get into that decision spy Craig Counsell to go with chase Sanderson tomorrow. In place of the injured Jimmy Nelson that's coming up at 4 o'clock going to be joined by Bob McGinn of Bob McGinn football legendary. Packers writer he'll join us here in just a few minutes. Bar really does seem to need some cheering up for them to read. Can we arrange an outing a gathering where we just taking Bart out make him feel better. He doesn't align because up to that doesn't go off. And he doesn't go out you if you are asked and invited him to do stuff I that in multi brokers like Marshal of the worst of me he doesn't. He's like how you were when you were fat rob me. Oh I'm still pretty much in the house unless there is standup comedy to be done I'm so I'm pretty much staying home most every night. Is he that bad words that yeah I mean he goes well with the other people. Maybe he doesn't like me am quite sure but yet you did there could be a spot again. A big deal to say that's the issue it re attempt I'm again a gathering with our week there to cheer about. Just let him know there are people who love him. Hire chuck should by the for a drink. Dirty is now other great midwest bank allied legendary Packers Ryder. Now as the web site Bob McGinn football dot com the aptly named Bob McGinn joins us now Bob or this afternoon there. It. I don't know if this is true or not somebody somebody told us that this is this is through secondhand information. That you pick the vikings to win the division and said the Packers wouldn't make the Super Bowl is that correct robber where your words misinterpreted. That's correct I think they're Green Bay Packers to reach the Super Bowl each of the last two years. And that didn't work so I try to different justice isn't that different plan this year and that the bike to win the division. Is that just your way of sort of changing the modes horror horror horror do you see something in the vikings on the Packers that makes you think this is the year that there is a a shift in the in the balance of power in the NFC north. Well you know just one game separated these teams including Detroit sure what the last three years taught me in their clothes and I think these things are common and you know prior to Seattle game. I didn't really like much about green Bay's defense. You know we talk about this Packers defense a Nazi out it works out much earlier today had more to do with the Seattle offensive line. A more to do with an improved packers' defense when you watch the tape what did you see. Tremendous hustle intensity. Dominance like you say then against their offensive line. Just control enormous scrimmage playing well keepers had that group fired up and it was very very impressive. About offense why play in his league are sub teams that are struggling right off the bat right Indianapolis. Wasn't all bag or their offensive line play Seattle obviously struggled. Is it just lack of talent goes starting offensive line Tara that that seems to be an issue with some of the teams in the NFL this year. It is the hardest position to find them scotus said that not just did this year every year cut down data as a scholar too we will mention that to me that you know this is the hardest one to find more linemen get claim and any other position. Why politics size to play the position. It takes time you know all good coaching. You can't it's hard just to fit into a system right away more coaching I think goes on in the whole line. In that at any position on the QB. So out of north. It's just a hard position need big people can move their feet you know. So Bob adjustment recusing France one goal where I was pretty surprised about them will probably go somewhere else other than defense line. Yeah you were taken any stepped into would go you're. It. Which it'll for a 314. Six. You know I. It's a type called but you know that goes to the six foot corner who runs under 45 Gary. Mean. Let's or goes or you can always use one of those. Yeah Chris watt got some agent. Sort of dialed got some age so. You know I can see it. Alibaba get a Bob McGinn football dot com and and rob rush good very job writing stuff on the Packers doing all your luggage checked out website. Make sure to do so Bob if the thing for me is. Montrae is Adams I think could be a wild card in this whole thing public did you like him coming out of college and and how do you see him fitting in once he is able to play. I did you know based just on what those separates college told me about him you know he had not played well early in his career Robert until last year. And then a light went any played a lot harder. In Asia goal. The ability to play hard is so crucial in the defensive line is forgiven after getting hit every down and you get to expending so much energy and every snap. So Adams had a pass rushing nearly got some quickness. You know he was compared by more than one guy to Roger roll worthy. And the second round pick from Michigan State who also beat people off the ball wouldn't get away and initial quickness. And that just didn't work against NFL guards so I'm really eager to see Adams but we just don't know. As you're watching game on Sunday the Packers. Seahawks game won't surprise you the most out of a game. Would C. My guess a case for the defense it's for and stuff did not surprise me. Knowing that we. They did it they didn't last year's game gearing really quite the other two games at Lambeau they dominated that front. So. And surprises the area. Offensively was earning surprise here half. I mean I thought the blog thing might really damages the Packers say injury. But you know they've practiced Murphy all week. Apparently did and paste job on Kyle Murphy did a nice job so I guess that would be surprised. What about Randall Cobb this that's a guy that there is is under a pretty big contract and I'm not sure if he's quite performed in the contract the last couple of years or not and there's a lot of ads at look at route got to know maybe this will be his last year agreement may be though. Get out of that contract after this year do you view Randall Cobb the same way that maybe he's got a plan for his giggled in the next year. I never really thought of it like that. He's a good player he's been damaged by injuries get up there he looked quick the other day is I mean you got to pay somebody. For her awfully small or under the cap and then Kolb certainly did enough to deserve that deal when he got it. You've got to pay somebody in this league they're making a lot of money you know somebody's got to get it and I I don't begrudge him or anybody else in either cash. So Bart if you when you look at this Seattle team there and really a lot of people have them some people had only in the you know CO RP rhythm and no talked with preteens but as wells watching the game is just looked like. All of their players. Defensively they have a large chunk defensively but they shouldn't be a little bored of talent on the opposite side of full fall. The tunnel walls didn't play Gary that talk tough guy was twelve for 67 last year here in December but I'd like that guy he's a cable and tapped rule those are good coaches I mean I think he'll get. You know you get Seattle snapped code on your side. And they're going to be a tough team they're gonna win eleven games I think. I think Seattle will be there they got a lot of pride Richardson will play better. And I think what's wrong they'll be able to run the ball. That's Bob McGinn of Bob McGinn football dot com he'll join us. Every Tuesday at 348 right here. On the Wendy's big showed check out his work along with rob Bryson once again at Bob McGinn football dot com appreciate a bubble talk next week. Are there are truck bombing in joins us on the great midwest bank hotline when your ready to get into or back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank visit great midwest bank that comes to take the next step towards your new home. You're running a shipping department and your stress and out you're adding gray haired your head don't need necessarily at this point you know Linda Fisher. Full agreement action. Because you're afraid provider is getting stuff either two assassination blade or. But Leonard it's cheating Chim Chan well no need to do that you can get better and faster results right now with young expressed I dug a movie or frayed. You much happier JUNG. 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Expressed icon Casey didn't hear it'll be chase Sanderson on three days' rest tomorrow in place of the injured Jimmy Nelson we'll talk about that the impact that Nelson's injury. Could have on this matter race in the Wendy's big show returns and holds Chevrolet studios.