3PM- Did you get what your expected out of the U.S. Open?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, June 19th

06/19/17: 3pm. Sparky, Gary, and Leroy dicuss the U.S. Open at Erin Hills, plus, is it time for a new Bucks slogan?


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Should not ultimately studios spark Gary Allison. What Butler. Robinson day off. Picked today to go to each other room at Miller Park might have been about today's town in the park so he doesn't try to. She just he's more asking my cart that we could use. You know one now go away card table to you put models of folding tables at a visit them apart. He said he was gonna tailgate today it's anywhere is who is your absence of that dude I don't know Russert on with. But yeah now if they might get a bigger monitor that the American way you they should join them want to get Roscoe slam. I'm his arms and did you get now that was a joke Miley did you get what you expected. Out of the US open 4147991254147991215. Lots of negative chatter about this on social media from people around the country when you look at the golf channel's Twitter account and so forth. And how the skulls and then obviously locally and borrowing alert sent a partly this morning he's like now look this and I now. I know Joe's and those going to be super positive about it is he had a great time out there covering it and I am guessing chuck was based on how far was talking. On and he said all the local guys to try and and supported and defended dividend today nationally it's Jim Hammer. OK so the two biggest golf gods and Michelle are not mean Ronnie clearly it is scary and LeRoy they watching followed far more than we do says Gary. Did you get what you expected by the US open at Erin hills. Yes and no. No lol I thought the winners well. These guys are about on Sunday you you you thought you saw Dustin Johnson you know you don't use solves more outrage tawdry guys there. And they cut. That's on them so that was might know our those. Yes I felt great beautiful I mean if you if you auto my boys from Georgia and Atlanta. Call me in and talk about realty. How beautiful state it was gone through laws. Just how beautiful golf course was me I got a lot of great response. From a lot of my people in the state of Georgia regarding Wisconsin that's what they. Wanna to portray that's what they do the great problem doing that remind you soared Thursday if you talk about the golf course though. Guys Steve word is talking about his earlier. Remote retirement US open golf courses are normally a little tougher. And the the the numbers or little lower I mean that the world of target. Two enough five month. 00 I don't know but on top spot on top going to be sixteen you know you're not scoring drive that at a US soldiers. But Steve. Burton before Agile complain about a third Q yeah. And equipment maker down from the askew it's. Just be. The big thing. Anything bad about the open if you complain about the scores go I mean like it when guys scored in. Since the big deal about opening well I thought it was great I thought the airing was great her luck you're talking module below details like him nailed you on. Law. Blog I just thought holding it would mean this it was so now commuted to new. Routes to helping me you. The state of Wisconsin that Brazil is so well I just don't know how you come in be negative but forward for seven and 1250. On sugar so that. I think the biggest story though was aghast remiss in a car and figured alluded to if and everybody knows on big Dustin Johnson at the year's most outrageous had a buried in. Thanks so thanks so I think couple. I mean Uga. Wife does support your career bring to accuse. To these nice see he's won a major is in these Grayson you may not have gotten but it. They get it to the kids go to the Dell's us on this last much has asked are you start it is because I've watched a lot of majors on television. Never judge decision about what they shall male TV. Well I. I'm more into the US open the first thing to do on the mama I want American to win it. I'm a little buys locate it well most guys you don't even know. You know if there America will counter for you really don't know that both put US open that's one thing you look at I'd never judged. The whole city of the whole state based opt faster greens were what the score was and things of that nature. I look at it was stick my chest out say this is a major. Anyway it's got an other than up in Kohler was industries. Could destroy is going probably always get them to the PGA QPGA champ ship as some point. I was there when Vijay Singh won. Enact crowd was rowdy you're me when Vijay Singh on. On eighteenth in the in his grandstand people allowed. Dissing like to me if you go all the way back from a throwback to golf. Well golf started Hewlett get on TV they're black and white television. And then you start to get color and it would just look tough they play a wooded slopes. That's exactly V hit the ball this. This to me look at more tradition. Yeah I think I got a lot out of it could you root Garrett right couldn't get a ticket. Mugger fretted over Dick won't Scott Brooks he would go there and volunteers. So as a lot of volunteers over there so I don't know what has people wanna out of it unless your favorite. Golfer did not with more people want Rory win. Most people would Jason Day who win and when you say Brooks who won his first career major bodily gradually. Him I don't wanna butcher his last name but it. You'll take a stab Steve good out to Steve Brooks. When a guy was his first major. It went two million dollars. To me I think you're not only did everything had to turn meant. But it. It puts Erin hills to meet. On the map that you will see another major at Erin hills here is a caller from earlier today on the fact. And they are they looked like a bunch of what is I mean these guys came in and dusk are the court. The competition wasn't good and I don't see the US GA. Ever coming back to a and again I mean it's just. And it that it is we bought her chance now. Our chance now cannot disagree and chairman of the whole whole whole lot lawsuit before we. For years and apple there OK here's another here's here's another life. Does that hurt militant embarrassments and you know under for the winner's stage at about about even par for the winners that there was an embarrassment and they should never play that course again itself. First of all want those people call cool you want you to play. And here's why it was so good. Why didn't just Dustin Johnson RD with sixteen. Why do Rory McIlroy Jason Bay they've mr. The top guy he's. So Brooks comes in and shows a good score. What a Smart guy Patrick reed went to Asia as Dave shot 65 you know one day's shot 75. So to me opt out of course it was a good heart as a medical pot is. The pro golfer's car they put together a great score to me it is ludicrous I adds to. Well Mike Tyson I just don't give it. I want these guys to sport tobacco wants you home runs bone abroad went two to one I'm OK woody. I'm OK I would you know always at the base to score on how to up that course if you get to output is easy go play it. Go play it is tough but you don't pros. Either approach to score out I had no problem wasn't saying Hartnell. It is hard because you got all the top guy admits that influences too. You're at Augusta and forward to get records do you battle that does what it's all about you get in the which got to ask you nasty you know you get an act of if you don't get and keep in a fairway you can score especially yoga partner so I don't wanna. Jet moto pastors Bob Brooks is first ever major because people thought it was a good and why do. Blame the city put them to advocate not coming bag. Because the scorers at. On a few normal people don't I'm dying there is a time unaudited and I don't Ronnie was turbulent the vocal minority. But either you go and you look at the thin air national golf place it on social media and other stuff. It is around the country saying this might be a tour stop but still wait she ever being US open again going to be I think you will be four women. Who doing amateurs. This is a hard course but it it rewards you if you're in certain spots I wonder about this news. A pleasure you know didn't just all Uga did you get what you expect the US open 41479. And I still out attract sixty. I think you're there for the most part was throwing knives you know. The one thing is. Midcap I was paying what you did today I was just watching a TV show diversity Nate in Jeremiah it's called no ordinary Nate Berkus was a guy doesn't Oprah Winfrey for a number of years doing interior design all this other stuff. And would they did over this their season was they went and if you add a whole mess started getting remodeled or redone. And and you spent all this money into it and I you're left you don't have as much money left. And it's bare walls are blue travels I get up yet don't just left it. So then they come in and try and save your money if from being a money in all I think about is man. They were just hard changing contractors remember they wanted to and that situation it would have got done he would make got screwed over you wouldn't be in this that you. And right that's why I've heard from number Gaza there right now. The hitting either moved on side or windows look guys this up. Do yourself a favor and check out JNJ contrary to fairly owned. Local business that does great work these guys all live here in our community take the take great pride in the work that they do so whether it's your roof. Windows or siding or a combination of ball the recall old Jason and JJ contractors. They're 4144239204144239200. Or check them out at JJ contractors LLC. Dot com. Lot of hail damage. It shows everybody fresh air on the fancy Sparky fiber Gary Ellis and back Earl of Famer LeRoy Butler. Did you do it would you expect it out of the US open 4147991250. 4147991250. Tweet sent 1057 FM the fan. Thrown out to solve a different mix in law what hole should make you our necks from Arafat's governor from affair in which ago aboard. That I got Phillips. Hey I agree with little growing area I think the only thing that was disappointing was saying nobody could control who made the cot. And it wasn't. Been except yen. But I thought the court looked phenomenal on TV and I'd much rather watch internment at 1213 fourteen under. That somebody winning it you've been in a all eat out on all of it is hoping it would finally make. About it at the. They are of course with the US ovitz would have Leo it is. Woods when tiger blew everybody out. Manny is day one that I called putting stroke are now is the masters I remember in Canada and Howell masters. What news I do want to some under par EA border at a masters yeah I don't at all by announcements nobody has all all when did you did you. The opens normally have low score yeah. So I think if you have the governor another term I don't to a three people it was a New York. On Tuesday people who the heart and the numbers. Aren't up for viewership. Because people wanna see. I destined does it is 316 out of metal hit away did you people like that you'd love golf clap. They went Erin did I just encouraged people to gold plea. Indeed it you don't. Wedge jokers here and I think they had Joseph was hit me like. Six woo me a six iron 325. Prison. Did that doubt he hill six iron three when I roar in a six iron. I in my six. I say about why and. Said the fattest and change your him are about 162216. O'clock for those aren't alone yeah. Let's go to Charlie and were registered. I don't again if these are you are wrong. Me fifty yards in each set you if you are polar. A big time. You know diehard golfer you golf 35 times a week or whatever it is then that statement applies what Laura said local place like it. We started Nomar is completed court if you're now you're here you're a casual fan. That turn on the US open because you wanna see the train wreck. That's and you don't get the trade rack is off. Then I'm glad I guess that's what return ten in its like he and I can take that into frost he was here you're. I guess they don't go to NASCAR and say look I got to Daytona 500 I'm expectancy quote the big wind was up fifteen cars involved in the crash. Or Talladega same thing super speedway stuff would you expect street and if you don't get that. Of the council fails products are Irish wasn't any good dining exuded big wreck that I wanted to see that's kind of what he does open golf is means you dream. That now you saw play catch fire and crashed. You signed E. Coli virus apparently toppled. An old man passed away on the course there are a lot of bad things that happen at this thing when but that's not. From a perspective you can see some guy take ten shots got a fast yet top name golfer and struggle there's no tin cup moments or anything like that. Still because of that and the score was really really good for my got a lot of people don't know that whatever I think I heard that there's been like six or 71 time winners in the tour this year. That's what you gonna get this out that's but that's not good for the sport and I think because people don't know who they are we're all they know there aren't winning is winning dean yeah. The first time winners normally aren't good thing was what do you have to say five or six guys doing here then you build rivalries guys become a banned by the different guys. And you start getting it seemed people tuning in and bull when their guys are on the leaderboard or don't make the cut for that matter how you are Rory McIlroy fans data turn it on and they were eliminate it. And just a mess offered Simon what percent in 1994. It's you have tiger field in an in route to and that's why you got wide ice ball and right now we can't do you never know. As for Charlie and degree Charlie and their four or five service that generally was her job. Our way to get that two point. One has the lowest GA that the the course. Yes exactly and two months three months at a time. If they sell those fairways were too wide. It would have brought to Russia that this has Cuba the first cut it and in the right areas and nobody bringing up the point that he'd get a 156. That the best players. In the world I am full armor get a lighter out. Whether PGA here in and day or Brookes cup got he got the best player probably gonna get out more laid it out. And that's not air until all that the personal setup that way. We had rain that softened agreeing okay that's what you mean dark atom. They win you know there are a lot of when I still the last Ryder Evelyn and I think yeah. A couple guys still littered upon the last statement and the way to do that when you get the best bit about how you're right just accept ever. We said let's go to our Super Bowl. Horse and it. You order a man that. You had to make economic could never give it to him I thought he. Thank you very much you may in my day appreciate. Thanks card. In Atlanta with a horse collar rule in the NFL's all that sun was out and I you know his peers in this irregular I asked about a bows on the leap. No I didn't would you please does not night at the line move. Hot over tweet out I had. It's just has. The read what you're thinking about the 2000 US open at Pebble Beach tiger finish minus 122 place finish plus three. Oh I teach you different lost all. Fifteen stroke cool. That's really good store or Jared. Several years excited at tiger dominated the right because the rest of the field play top of course was supposed to be put America. So that made at US open some good what I was dominating the though of course and nobody else could even take an analyst dominate. He error not to saint. You had numerous guys double figures ever a double digits under don't blame Pebble Beach would blame no organized and I don't there. Yeah it was really go to Maine okay if this due to what my jeans minus 6060 owner. And the rest of Phillip Bennett my needs to you blog at two over nobody to be complaining if you want to do now is unbelievable he killed that more nobody else could. That's different now I got another one here I just don't take on what Brooks dia resolve the US of the golfers. He didn't attacks and I mean were you concerned. And Ian said look at the final strokes vs par record he was at U 72 the last three winners the US open 276075. To 71. So as far as scores themselves and strokes taken and it's very comparable on the US opens because the part number is at a different. We set differently and that's why the number was so good Kuroda said. Our except par seventy fellows tempted to yet makes us this cuts bronco. Who again my dad Dave starts going to the movement Dallas that day would government. Days. Days days Disco on fiscal David Jennings for a day. They wouldn't open. Style wise yeah agencies announced. I hear that they're all policy against Arnold Palmer commemorative pins but they don't want to get a new of that matter here and. No we didn't but we can find out they're native then no the kids and we get our Paul Martin's ferret who Oreo. I don't know and I look into a Florio. I'd appreciate it be great. How long did you enjoy the yard golf voting day Renault. Very I enjoyed all day as why arrested and I go to grave most. The little downside is I'm not beyond. Venue would be enough. Kind of a waste course. But. Do you need to US suit should have US court about what day. These are good. And didn't win but that's okay. You. And right now I'm trying to get over some pneumonia OK oh yeah yeah yeah. This is since it's their career record book and here and have thrown. I've had nothing but trouble what might really except. Don't nonsmoker and yeah how long he'll outside and get out there and whack a ball around. Are there are you do your. Notes on on days here. Chris more than a year and has triggered. Yeah he did credible poised team loses for a lot of people. Links style was this is Erin is not really. In that category but I'm OpenId GAAP people think you oh. Aaron hill's people want to set up voted. He's as are all colors indicating US GA committed to only thing you want. A lot of people wanted to see of a more. As he indicated not so much to ask you first. Federal earlier went with a bit more tighten. It. Is so I've learned is worth his or some peace to these reports fuel probe offer some by his golf figure out. To get high viewer so my affairs thing that's why give five guys what they. To win these term is whether or not I don't care where it is but it. Again I I just enjoy it could go solidly rooted helps on my other. Friends to go and Al came out positive reviews to a slow audio and volunteered to enjoyed it. And I think some people are not proud of the city. I'm OK with that took some open my kneecap by just fortunate not look at the score. But look at. Being excited about the US open being here. Yeah won't want to Georgia and West Coast Georgia next. Will file so different than George which goblet. A fail while they outlawed I'll about the golf was very deep I'm glad that they had in state. A lot thought that I'm I'm I'm got to present a local I loved watching golf. But also like the competitiveness Munich I don't know to what your body at the top player up plant I'm always I'm formally may have whoever's playing the best one win at. It didn't want planet will make also good situation good. Ewing got no guarantee of winning is what makes tiger so great. Look at all the players they cut him pitted next tiger. Called tiger is meant. Any no body you who have got electricity cooperatives and make it tighter and he did on a whole another atmosphere and it is amazing and. How good he play in operation and is now able to see him play. But nobody touched them and spark off when he was in his speak before the incident. It's just that simple he made it look easy but at the. Arguing that's what people thought. Dick cute Charles warts or whatever is actually won the masters. He was going to be a guy. Jordan's beef he still can. I thought people were Rory came along he's in knicks got this call went 30% of these some yards and Dustin Johnson is there's not a guy that's would who. Right there's not a got a Condo here right now I guys that does make you appreciate what tiger did and I watched tribute to those unbelievable. I don't believe it's ever happen or the top three players the world must cut the same time. And again and again you could tell me all you want about all he does a narrow these first time there and yelled I'm here to die that's not a good thing. It's just not a good thing because you are not. Right now about Tiger Woods and looks like he's done he feels about done so you need a new group of young guys are consistently got top every Sunday for people to tune in OK my five guys are going to be there. I like this guy my buddy rice has got a play like this guy we get together every Sunday. I watch as he was gonna win it. That's what they need and they need to consistently. In they do not get that. This weekend let's get to a sports last look at the numbers to weaker measures and a number of Lewis objective as far as your viewership. Ratings opinion and I'll see if I can find it yeah they're great I thought about that ten to come back and double what Butler. As questions about the Bucs slogan that's straight ahead. But about what he's big show served up how fresh. From the old Chevrolet studios. C Sparky fiber. Along with Gary Ellison packer hall of Famer Lou Roy Butler. Dire about the US open for one more segment here did you get what you expected. Out of this US open 4147991250. And tell you right now of you go on line and you start looking at comments from the US GA but Erin hills and so forth no they're fine. Amid all the time out from that went on and the fans know the US GA from back themselves to determine where they go yeah it is asking Scott Johnson like mid 2000 prize for something. But if you go based on just what they are saying initially done. It's in there I mean Diaz they all are saying glowing things coming from the US GA will listen Steve. That made a lot of money. Thanks so that's. What it where you guys that school is the number one. Made a lot of money. They sold a lot of merchandise edit OK it's from most of the soda so much to speak but was gonna be you couldn't you couldn't get a ticket. That was so. What's yours and it sounded like yeah but. Folks turned out that it was probably. That should be proud and it's a bit in bit you wanna lower scoring. But their courses and setup to be that there are a lot of people and beginning. Before we start playing its course about a week ago. You were a lot of golfers were complain about the course. So. If Steve is right I think Steve thrown towards Cuba they brought this course though. If you're Wendy how can be nasty course designers and media day jailed until Osama bill Michael's you know hold them right. This course designed by with a win in my and that's what Dana did you do and write what you will close this public the audience what all we did they say yeah outlaw what it does go Steve Bowen and employ DJ you know found out though to. Even if it is now windy you got to be accurate yeah you gotta we're just the pro we've done a fair word here and raw human affairs your new job. Where the wind does come into more of a play. Is that he will bloat your your ball in the past union the judge which way the winds are going in now you did you win until Sunday. Those guys. Played the course exceptionally well in that their ball was always in the fairway if you are very you're gonna score in his trip you will go to school. So you have Berezovsky the Internet you've got to know close of the selection. Changes regarding union routers don't want to. Gotten a look look I like this good you don't like to unlock. Certain courses take clubs I union. My certain certain chords you can coward and a drop off the tee right at the at a three wood my MO ER yes. But this course and that's where it is with plate you have to be a little bit more creative in your thought process a unique image. Polish soccer noted the caddie when I've played out there and me use tasks into Wednesday. Everything. And that's and that's what they do begin early you play practice rounds to. I just that I just thought that watch enough television. You made thank you look easy but he's got to look at Brooks is score of amass so pleased to play. Out it's interesting to see some a comments coming out. Rory McIlroy. Not your typical US open seven but a setup I am a big fan Samantha right in and cut Jason Day well the golf course is actually really beautiful. And fortunately I just didn't execute. There's another guy that just didn't make in their cut at the end of the day. At Akron golf digest had just reached we needed for those of you that wineries are as a lot to laws go to marking the Borough market Maxwell for a survey from fair mark which meant. You actually expect. Wisconsin to get this right. Can the public MBA all star game. All come much tax you. All right I mean we can't get everything right at it. And I'm. But what about bill law and order out recap here. He's trying to Camilla Parker don't come there. Internet and welcome there another fiasco but a minor. Six king. I don't know watch. And. So are you know don't bark was so what are volatility read US GA talk about it there are coming back and that they thought of the event. And it can comment back in the pit and let you can tote and ruled that. And a dot. And all they could coach Dickerson the course wasn't set out in designing women want to be able they've done that report. I'm I'm all sick because I wanted to ask you about the course and cut back on the city about Aaron Carter Caldwell. Poultry. That kept the popular go to do that you like American Apparel and battle about. All right mark the October what nobody should we can't. The net cord and learn. You. Ever. Want to play better so it will. On. Its own. All right thanks to come as Gary's and might did did you go to the US GA executive director he roll out of the post at each of the valuation against from golf digest. I he says quote we like a firm fast golf course are you really have to think about what happens when that ball alliance but we're likely not gonna get that this week. We'll take player feedback as part of it will use our own observations outside the ropes. How did the community the state in the country embrace the event. Now again. The country that's not gonna be good feedback that's not clinical offer Erin hills because it's getting ripped nationally because again the scores were so low and he says firm and fast Rickie Fowler. Talked about that as well. Where oh where is that Corning and an accordion. Ricky followed tarred by the fact of it being firm and fast ordered us it would be a lot of fun to see this place firm and fast and Rickie Fowler who died for fifth. It might be just a little more a mental headache. If we do get to see. And that. The firm and fast I mean that's got to be really got prolonged time without brain. And he doubted your saying but you can't control is monitoring its ever come back here in the Al 1015 years is to immediately give the exact same other. It is amazing let's go to feel walkers are filled your marriage world class of reform of the faith that we're got work. They're guys yeah I want I was out there yesterday. And and it was bad at the dialogue and not. I think most of these people who work on the planet are just haters they like people playing it don't know anything about ball. But like the last guy never played golf before. That's her that was really close. So about the fourteenth all it got me like four brought in general I. It was it was going to be good for me it was a great tournament without on it ain't the whole day. And you know that was at 637 yard par five guys were driving it to complete reform. I mean because the wind and when it was just. I mean it was. Below like crazy. And the trouble you know that the divers say it's doing it without the data bad it was a fantastic turnout gear here that. The US open summoned back the good deal loves this course. They love the venue and not you know the you have to depend on you know a lot of the outcome of what happens to these tournaments but what are. We're you know he had ranking up and saying that the executives need yet rain and union avenue went and these guys. Especially the people who don't know anything about all these guys. Just like LeRoy and Gary you professional. People don't realize all we're in good you guys are. And that's the main dam. I haven't. Seventeen under sixteen under whatever. They're pregnant they're not. And you know look at the guys who didn't make the cut. I think they're like fifteen out of the top flight players in the world and not make the cut. Alcohol. So what do you what do you say about that it was. So he beat up on these guys didn't make the cut. Sent I think it was fantastic. And without them and they are here it has nothing to be ashamed out. And and a lot of testy. It on television to see if they do some elevated greens you hit Tel Aviv grain. It lands on a grain to must as there's always doubt the bottom of the hill. But now you see you next app plant with a gal how many step up another club he puts it under three feet. It's about aches and close execute and Jason Day. Marriage yes you read is a gig you buy as the I'd just say just an excuse just didn't execute it got me destined to get him not a guys. If you listened to Brooks somebody's doesn't play well. You know to most so must say they'd had a great game plan executed. You should be awarded for their butt or not. Bring you back here it isn't based aid that and seventeen and would use whenever. I don't know of little look at I wanna TV ratings yeah yeah. Louder early numbers fox drew three point six overnight rating for the US open yesterday second lowest ever for a final round of the event. 2014 remains the law would still at 3.3. Yes they're gonna look at that intellectually but did you know are putting game. It Ruth. Official and an offense of Al bared Els the number of all that McIlroy in Dayton area Hugo north side hill got the drive the numbers thank you. Don't I first time winners are sucked because you don't give people watching for a first time what are they what are synagogue they oh that's right people are tuning in ST this dude play. Everything Boller was there with a chance Daschle did or whatever I mean deleting them. You've got. Timid little orange pants and hold get a video and. Does he left of what two rounds if people start to talk about it then that's what I've brought up that you re one Chavis said about his 65. The numbers prize stabilize but when Brooks people that is gap now watch that special Father's Day is a log on our a lot of fathers were out and about. I happen to be out of cooking demonstration I differ eighty people. My famous American cheese would Gilbert open gales field Eugene Robinson was there is a lot of dead you know oil watched days. Burris who. Will it it's Barack lead they would not fills a big tab guy. Everybody knew. Maybe you would have been watching the US open. I got one here from a couple twos are Christian uptown. Bob Barker called an early he guys and all you'll play golf we move got you know Denmark's opinion should matter even as a non golfer how this course what Don TD was part of the problem it isn't photo Janet. If they continued the moronic yelling at most he's it was embarrassing to Wisconsin looked. Foolish women know no limit seat. I don't mind it because apparently somebody's there Howard Stern about Abu we did have the same time your mom. Mine that. Lot of the day hit the ball to have balls gone anywhere I mean but the Bob the border referenced the love it that means. If you're into Howard Stern is going to be is just funny. Well depends and he hit it well hi you love that. That I. I don't like arts are so horrible bullion what category are in our and I hells there's only eleven years old. You know he got to grow trees you gotta have those kind of things it. Just like your yard your properties has got to matured takes a long time for those things happen and that would make them. That would make it look prettier on TV really would make it look prettier. I know you do you you demand Greg you know it's who is in the chair is brutal. And brewer might set off a whirlwind of calls last night on the post game show did you miss is called state soon because brewer might make his debut. The boast and show last night onto the big show coming up next and we T hear what he had to say he had Gary all ready to go he came in I missed it. Envisaged to play that coal listed as we got talking on a big shelf says we're gonna do coming up next. Kudrow of friends of Renault and add shall locate our entering whoever is where you can become your own brew master where you can make Curome the year. Yes you can make your own beer Q would you commit your own mine you can make your own so. Northern rule located are arguing for the avenue where every Saturday there are brewing classes inside of fall. Go check Kamal right now is not a place where you go and buy the beer pursues a place where you go by your degrees. In your freezer Norton groceries in the mix all that stuff together where you can become home that's no liberal or look at Howard hunter green for the.