3PM-Disappointed in Brewers Lack Of Moves In The Off Season?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, December 14th
Wendys Big Show-Ramie, Tim Allen, and Baby Tosh talk the lack of moves by the Brewers 

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The Wendy's big show along with the franchise Tim Allen and bill beta tau Schmidt on Rami Mac cloth coming up this hour we'll talk with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf wolf. Bad news when it comes to one of the injured bucks we'll find out about that at 330 probably hear from Aaron Rodgers. At 348 rob reichel bomb against football dot com he joins the show. At 435. Hot stove is hot right now because everywhere everywhere but the law Q are you disappointed yeah in the brewers in activity. So far this off season 41479912. That. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Based on you request not twice to have a baby couch read off the list of offseason transactions by the birds their quirk in the first hour of the show yet and the list is nothing. I'm guessing that you're growing a little bit frustrated him out. Well you gotta measure whether the team is getting better or worse and you could you can make the argument that they're getting better because it's or you know. Organically that younger players are getting a little bit older and a little more mature in Branson is he would you know take a step and even make that argue mag I get that. But in terms of personnel that was the way it sits at this very second I think big they're getting a little bit worse I'm not saying we shouldn't. Begged George used to come backer Carlos and Carlos Torres or anything like happened. Seems to me that there's some affordable deals out there and activist who spit numbers out there. Regarding relievers because we all know that. Ferris wheel of relievers and we'll do he had I mean they can they can go from a bad situation bad numbers into. While a new team and all Sonny finds it for a year to Jeremy Jefferson became baton. He'd pitched rather well for the brewers were what was. Was not good in Texas. By a guy like branding Kinsler who sides assigned resigning with the nationals for a couple years at ten million. I think we can afford five million for reliever right Fernando Rodney I can go on and now these relievers it's this is surprising to me. That they've done. Nothing. Through all those conversations. Threw everything they talked about and then I guess. You technically the winner meetings are still going on today. Is that right I think that drought what's today yet rapist that is that conclusion on. So I mean that maybe some that don't go down and and certainly there Arthur and things on the horizon that there's gonna going to be a mover too but. Ash you know they came out now a month ago and the weeks ago and said dad we're looking for out getters and we're gonna get a you know we got to focus on starting pitching and Jimmy Nelson to be loss for. Two or three months of the season next year and it's just. Sorted disappointing to me that you know you've done nothing. Last year worked out pretty well right Tim Lester reduce there was that it. That's a step in the right direction for the Milwaukee birds AMIS two there and a good a positive season for them Tom I know what your ultimate goal is but I. Yeah terms of making progress as a franchise and getting the point where your consistently competitive. Last year was a step in the right direction they accomplish the goal of competing while rebuilding yes yes. Now I'll admit I was I was where you are with the Milwaukee very sitting back watching all this activity happening in. Waiting for the brewers to be involved in something be in a trade a freeagent transaction. Whatever the case may be. So then I found myself being frustrated went OK well let's let's take a step back here. And let's let's look back at last off season to get an idea for how David Stern's work its. If you still relatively new. Two brewers fans right yeah last year he did make the trade at the big trade on December 6. Where he sent Tyler Thornburg to Boston and you got to bond Pennington of course but Travis John them later on that trade you ace on Coca as the player to be named later. After that though their work really. Any major moves remembers until later in the offseason they signed on December 8 they signed Tim Dillard Ryan Webb it. Miguel Diaz was drafted in the rule five draft Caleb Smith drafted in the rule five draft. They signed Ivan DeJesus on December 12. December 13 they traded drew gagging on a martini Maldonado. For jet bandy of December 14 which was exactly one year ago today they had signed Tommy Malone so up until this point last year. They haven't really done anything to him now and I think that David Stern's. Is just he's he's a guy who's going to be patient he's and he's not going to make a move just for the sake of making a move just to say are we added an arm. He's got to make sure that it's if if it's a free agent that it's a guy who's going to be worth the deal. Going to play up to his contract and if it's a trade I think there he's even more careful. I wonder what he should have. What do you mean what it's no wonder what he says to himself looking in the manner self. One game. One. Game. Kept you out of the playoffs. On key. Wonder what he says internally he'll never admitted Dustin for the most part I think he's doing a nice job. Because again he he was very impressive in competing. While rebuilding and I like that a lot. But one game. Was the difference. And now. And again maybe he's got the confidence in those players that he had the foundational players that did win in 86 games you know ma barring that the swore exact situation. Com maybe sit back and saying yeah I already have that arm and wait until the bright deal comes along to not only pick up that game of pick up three more. You lost Jimmy Nelson as I said that's going to be tough to replace Scott yesterday especially what he did early in the season this year. This this facets SE yeah yeah for sure I mean he put to save Gerri save Jimmy Nelson season day. I remember that and he went on an absolute terror and without and you mentioned that a couple times Tim without the game in Pittsburgh where he starred in when. Perfect for the first three innings and it was a rain out rained out he may have been an all star affect game finishes out you don't know exactly what that does was numbers. No and and the overall perception of it nationally. Which is as close to an all star starter as it seems had a couple you know you're so we're gonna hear Rami I know what we're gonna here and and I'm fine to debate it and and have in the past. You may you made that the. And I I think that say I think that's. Think that's a good trait for GM I don't want a guy who's a reactionary and who who who Exxon impulses. That's not a good way to operate like experiment like Brian Cashman you when you lose in the seventh game of the ALCS and going to the MVP of the National League ball that's when you're that close that's when you go out may are those types of moves. That's that's not as impulse that was in the same team are are over that season by the Yankee team they weren't expected to be where they were not at all not at all close but they are but now now he sees that OK this is where we are. And we might be one or two pieces away from bringing the trophy back home to New York well I write to us from the edit within this organization and a little bit lower scale. Is one piece or two pieces away from taking a huge step into the playoffs. So without without jolting the the rebuild at the same time. A Fernando Rodney was gonna spin us out of control on the rebuild. Resigning Anthony swore Zack and seven year I'm sorry seven million per year for two years that was gonna send a sideways it's was gonna kick that. The grandmaster rebuild there all out of whack I don't think so. I think you assume these players are gonna do what they did last year and here's of the years I've hear and read about a lot about brewers baseball right now. We need to see if these other players are gonna repeat what they did last year. Are you doing your Joe's and so I didn't do a Joe's you OR I'm just telling you what happened but acute hearing and reading. Sol YOK based on that logic. What if they do repeat what they did last year. And then all of a sudden you let the elected though the bus leave without you want it. And you come up another gamer too short because you're pretending or you're gonna assume that that what they can't repeat that. They should they should. Continue the rebuild and I'm for that songs to sustain success because you talk about sustaining since the success. Let's take a look at the Kansas City Royals look what they did not report all downed US. Got a couple of World Series appearances one victory another carrying all and a terror all down again yes it's not about the rebuilt. This is not about rebuilding this is about sustaining the success. Once is a rebuilds it only happened one time. Right because that's when David Sterns is talking about sustaining such success right. I see Richard says you have that continues the cycle if you're gonna sustain success. And that being said they had to their degree to some measure I think if you're looking at it realistically. There's that word yes that our words I'm sorry I forgot side really realistic view of the hour or out I think if you're looking at a realistically in in a market like Milwaukee or market like Kansas City. Since the success is only going to be sustained for so long and then your best course of action is to rebuild again now what I. Which is why we see canvassing door it and why don't do this and another seven year hopefully you have a World Series trophy like Kansas City does before all is said and done and too little Kansas City is done we don't know guarantees are Armon aghast that most brewers fans I don't speak form but most brewer fans are gonna be okay with no moves at the winner meetings. I guess are okay. Our guests are okay when are you okay with a Ari are you disappointed and amber is an activity. So far I can go exported our that's brewers GM David Stern's. Over the theme song for the rock. On a throwback Thursday presented by masters he's with wrestling teams bring his side of the break grasping your right now. Are you disappointed in the brewers and activities so far this off season I'm gonna say that most her fans are okay with a 41 forests. Not taken votes it's going to be karaoke Christmas well what Christmas song specifically. Would you like to hear Gary saying send that at. 1057 FM the man. With the hash tag big throw backing you'll be entered to win. A 25 dollar gift certificate to masters season this week and for the next four weeks will be giving away a pair of tickets. To northern invasion 2018 may twelfth and the thirteenth. Out of Somerset ample theater with bands such as tool avenged seven fold the perfect circle Alice in Chains Breaking Benjamin. Stone Temple Pilots and much much more to get your request in at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback. And you'll be entered to win that prize pack you think most Bruce fans are okay with the attempt. Yeah I do. An and again I'm not but I still know that there are some time and maybe there's some irons in the fire as you just heard GM David Stern's talk about that you know maybe some will. Transpire here in the next day or two bit. This seems amazing to me that you know they couldn't get a room reliever at least. Mean I see him getting a reliever there they're the ones that. You know talked the last couple 23 weeks about getting starting pitcher to get some outs we getting you know. It's a mild or get out getters gas and you know Jimmy Nelson being lost so then that leaves an opening thirty goalie Brent Souter Laramie was earlier is that gone off the market that Mormon berm is a mean over the sports are growing our nation's wars act which yours that you would say thank you sort that you have apparently didn't Macon offered to keep it did this or that and he ended up getting two years. Fourteen million from the Mets he seemed genuine that he wanted to stay here as too rich for my blood. For 31 year old reliever who just found it. For one season what about branding can cause that's in him the best ten to regress back to demean Kinsler bringing him back. Okay he's still relatively young. I can I could see him still do you know be all stars desolate and sorry yeah absolutely I can see him being guy who just figured it out as is. Is coming into his own sorry years that was two years ten mil five a year I mean there's a guy that I would have taken out David Stern's did say that they they need they had offers out there specifically specifically for relievers in there guys chose to go elsewhere Fernando Rodney there's Jake McGee either show August there was so much there's. Adam may gather went to got here today your team. The other into the cup sun and there's another really brought in our brand we are tomorrow and tomorrow I mean I Tyler chat what do I'm not to throw about and and that's that's a guy that you know the brewers were in that neck of the woods and loaded up on arms down their Mara. They are not Santa that the best arms in the world but I think what that the cubs decided to do was just get out early and they're swing. There's nothing riskier in terms of acquiring free agents there's nothing riskier in Major League Baseball and signing relievers and the margin for error for the cubs. In terms of signing earlier is is much greater than it is for the Milwaukee Brewers if you if you designate resource is. Or money to to a bullpen this offseason. And those guys as and you know this Tim as we often see with relievers not just here in Milwaukee but around Major League Baseball they tend to come and go. They tended to Odeo. They have peaks and valleys they do and a lot of teams rebuild a bowl than on a year year and a half basis writing exactly so I don't I don't there's nobody. I I understand your frustration and I'm sort of there with you I'm torn when we asked this question are you disappointed and amber is an activity so far this offseason I'm torn. On my answer to this question because I'm right there with you I think this team is ready to take a step and you need to add pieces for it to take a step but at the same time. I I already having great trust in David Stern's and the way that he operates and like I said before I think patience. Is a virtue that is very valuable GMs and valuable for GM. Well it is and and you know league the knee jerks I think he gets in trouble little bad but nonetheless you have this team. That came up just a little bit short. And the game itself has changed guys it's changed to a bullpen game it's it really hats off you can get. Especially in the playoffs. Big time big time now you're okay way in the back and the bullpen. And that's Corey can enable you think he's gonna repeat. I think you'll come close okay might be nice he had not seen any year I mean an amazing year. It would be nice to get an insurance plan on that swore Zach would have been one of branding Kinsler would have been another. That both could have closed in case all hell breaks loose with with can naval Jefferson still back there let's not forget about hater. So there are okay wait in the back there but they still need guys. Like a Jacob Lawrence like some of these free agents we're just talking about to make sure just to solidify back there because. You know com. I always hard that the last few years and rob you you may remember this too that. I'm always say and look at the one run games. With a two run games of the brewers or lose right. Had took somebody to kind of that tap me on the shoulder and say dude. A lot of baseball games are two run games. You don't mean a lot of them just look across every night look at the scoreboard is 64 it's 31 there's a there's a 42 right there is another four to. I get that. But that in large part is why the bullpen is so hold valuable and hitting late in games against these great bullpen arms because it's shifting tube opening game. In in a manner of speaking. That's why you should get out there and get a couple of guys get some insurance policies here it goes to it's got on this outsider on the Wendy's big show it's a static. I wanted to know what happened. And that's not their brewers player for a long time a monopoly forty. And if you look back on history nor terribly ever ever made a serious book. He made the playoffs is what they went out and got number one pitchers. You know and in a car to look at these routines if I'm trying to quote millions who have. All of our pitchers in the one and two spot in July and ask like do what you build it and you're not gonna get it done like. He wondered if it actually didn't spend their money and bring them and then we can build a franchise. That would be someone like a lot of known Chris archer and that's still out there it is all sky nice as. That's what I'm saying is that I think we need we need to practice a little patience. The same way that they've concerns I know another stature ammo and but I think and one game just screams for patients on a reliever market look what that got you last year that got you going in trying to find that tally police. Two weeks before spring training and that's the reason why Corey can able to get Ross than the closer role yet but I could try as you brought in a Neftali Feliz because he didn't go and get somebody to go go into the back into the ball nobody I'd like that attempt doll that attempt I have I want fault David Stern's for signing of college police and I don't isn't there some to be said for striking while the iron is hot but up big names are out there are still the bill I'm sure I could find you a laundry list of teams that struck while the iron was hot went out early and spent a big money relatively speaking it crash were reliever and and he know -- took a nosedive forum you know what I mean like I said relievers are so risky man. So Ridley guys that are going now and you're gonna see myself found it lately yeah the guys are gonna find two or three months down the road. Are the guys that are starting with. Regrets on a mass Colorado about. You know a map but Lyle of Fernando Rodney those types of names in all those guys that they cycle they'd they'd do they'd. Maybe they have a down year with one organization Iraq said he wants to pitch again picked back up with another net success. Here's a tweet from our guys Santa why would anyone question stern he's been about as perfect and as a GM can be. And Stearns we trust and then go play out so close close its runs on a nice job but you're right they came up a game short. This one's from David he says I'm a little disappointed about the birds lack of activity losing Anthony's wars that to the Mets hurts the bullpen. When he signed for was an outrageous have to wait and see what happens offseason has barely started hopefully. Optimistic. Under sixty million dollar payroll. You came up the game sure. How in the world you don't invest 120 million. Because you don't the next out because you don't invest 120 million for the sake of investing 220 million invest 120 million. To get the right guy you know yes well wit there was confidence with confidence that you spent it in the right place he can't tell me that there wasn't a reliever out there are better than Oliver Drake. A eaten. They're probably was but that doesn't if it got better than Oliver drape that doesn't make him worth the contract had. Shia difference in a one gamer. One game made the difference here. Are we gonna pretend we're gonna regressed is that lower Dylan there's always that possibility where are we gonna pretend that all living and we're gonna regressed. It's more just living in fear. We need a way to find out of this is for real okay got to see it sounds cigarettes or is it can hit thirty home runs for three straight UT yet know what it sounds good to say well let's be patient let's find out if these guys are gonna repeat in 86 win team. Sounds great sounds like good sports talk radio when you dig into that statement right there. What are saint rule. What do they what do they do regressed. Okay that they know but you know what you gotta look at the other side if they don't. And now all you sat back and you wanted to wait to see if this was real and it cost you another play off season that's a possibility. Don't wait that is a pass on not same break the bank don't get me wrong brewers fans I'm not saying break the banking go out and just just. You don't turn things are on their on their here. And end make a trade for Stanton. That's not what I'm saying what I am saying as some nominal moves to get you three to five games better. I think with the money they have to play with. Is definitely doable whip out and here's the catch. Without affecting your beloved rebuild and here's a tweet from bodega he says one good season equated to 214. We have minor leaguers who should get the look first. No need to overpay and I'm afraid that might be you don't overpay MIT were day concerns think it. That the guys that they need our our in house and there are going to be called up from the minor -- and I said we started this breath through through organics date date could be taken that that all we can pick up one game just organically by these guys having further development being that much more mature we'll get back it up a game we'll get back to some packers' talk coming up at 4 o'clock read here from Aaron Rodgers at 348. But some bucks talked. But our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary willful. Coming up after a short break in the single. Very fit on it throw back there today you can have given that a five million dollars. I couldn't tell gals never WCW. Especially delightful very do atmosphere over the top I thought it was cactus Jack. Now you think every what is Jack detectives wrestling teams now you know when I go through for six months of the year I can tell that I like there's any Timmy. Money in the bank this weekend big WWE paper being near Lebanon watch it can lose doesn't whose wrestling cactus Jack I guess John's arena notes. Let's go electable not who you'd like to hear next week for more what you like Deere next think it's going to be karaoke Christmas because that's a big show tradition I said frosty the snowman marcher requests in terms of what Christmas songs you'd like to hear Gary sing his his musical styling his version of your favorite Christmas sunk. Gets older ones coming in at 1057 FM the fan we'll go through a little bit later and with the hash tag big throwback in your entered to win. A 25 dollar gift certificate to master z.'s and a pair passes to northern invasion 2018 coming may twelfth. And thirteen to Somerset amphitheater that's here Christmas request at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throwback and speaking of Christmas right now masters he's great stocking stuff for many panoramic spur prepare for cubicles dorm rooms etc. They have Packers they have badgers they are brewers and for those of you who are like me and Algeria they have cubs and bears panoramic what what's also a tournament it's like that's like a wide angle shot of Miller Park horror. Lambeau Field that are camp Randall centrists such Schneider stadium out of Carroll university just they don't have any of those I was 4199. Each out ahead investors c.s will know feel now of their own wild child yeah in Glendale locate. Got to put out of those eight. This guy isn't low. Inside. Basketball insider game we won't fool people by the law offices Oklahoma school. Only on sports Radio One 057. And find his work inside the Racine journal times racing's. Or zone dot com at wal falls press box dot com and it's our Milwaukee basketball insider right here on the Fanny is Gary Wolfowitz called white Gary on this show the how are you this afternoon white haired. Parliament doing well like I understand we have an update on me or is it to let a bitch and his injured. Well I units a month to briefly put an hour to go out you know there's a report on Bosnia that you know what ought. That the Obama resurfaced greens you gonna boom. There's still. A little and their own some people claim that they they could be serious others corporation that talks. But but I can tell you this they were serious about. Two years ago three years ago we play for a Brooke one. In yet equipped basically in the middle of the reasons because he had blood clot. In I think they were one to call. It and you can't bat. That's not too serious condition I mean you got shot down more all that bad. Chris martians as yet. Those conditions. You know Miami Heat made it crystal clear they want can take any chances complained. Indians so hopefully you know we'll have this under control and dedication in a system which or most of the last couple years ago. Falsely little continued she would be pitches. Gary up until now what are we being told the Mears have to let a bitch injury was because I've heard anything about blood clots until today. Yeah Atlantic in one of all places bond right. If right and what that would put out and media information at all yet. What yeah do you. Allegedly hit just. Kyra which surgery. It was left the but three weeks ago and I talked to them probably hook or by Israel. It is that you was adamant that it wasn't being hacked into what kind of book. Q about breaking news as well documented. And so. Yeah I expect you've been pretty soon so immersed slippery out one guy he doesn't via via. That's nothing to fool around with no I mean this is obviously far more than. Then basketball when it comes to blood clot. Yeah that I mean it can be fatal if you don't cheerful and you don't get the proper. Attentions so. But again you know you know until bucks racial social. I hate to leave speculated that. As you Gary the box on our little bit overall last night was standing. You get into a track meet with nor was last night but I got to ask you this program. It seems like it's popping up again here they'd they have the defense of issues. And they address those out west is as it is well documented but. Last two and a half years now. How the hell does this team stop the three how to how're they gonna contend the three little bit better because that seems to be an Achilles heel here Gary. Yeah that's the essence put out don't question last two in QQ did go from three very well. You know post reporter at that the game you have to commit the Krewell. You could hear a girl. You know even think at some point they were. You know they have it figured out it means that they were previously quite constant drip stepped currently at three guys that worry if you know. It was pretty pelicans. In two really just another portrait I mean I talked to you know you know Bebo week or so ago. And I sit tomb in I knew the answer is that you know what we're deeply you bucks or more susceptible. On the defense and he goes corner story. And which. Books you know to me so the league obviously aware of applause well. But Gary even though on her talk with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf clear. On the Wendy's patient even though they can't defend the three very well and and haven't been able to fur for a long time. The defense has improved since Eric Bledsoe got here and and I was reading your piece that waffles press box dot com yesterday. That trio be honest Bledsoe and Middleton are are scoring. And at a rate as as well as anybody in this league is right now can't can't they just playing mediocre defense probably out score most of the teams that they a whopping a stunning given night. What what are you reps piece of one. And the Internet I'm not let you know. I was surprised he diplomatic that you research of the thirty teams that productive with what now border to. They might be around ten or eleven deal cooked up to score when in reality that number three. You know. And number one of course is gold stay with their victory. But number two of Norway and so last night but the box but basically get in what is or whatever you know what it's bad points a game. From three guys. And and that's really haven't given it without Jabbar. And that's allowed to bar its equity so. You know they can maintain this. You know you bet but so what it is and what the article us. Debt of those top nine teams. It would be in the playoffs today there is little correlation between having a victory. In been equipped Albert King. Speaking of Jabari did the the company line up until now has been February is is what they're targeting but by all indications and and everything that I hear out of practice. He is way ahead of schedule is full speed got explosiveness is playing three on threes for the fourth five and fives you name it he's participating in it. And it is there any indication there that they're gonna speed up the timetable and bring him back before February. There you know what really not to bring him back in January. Actually try to be you know there's been a lot of speculation they want a great. And I thought perhaps maybe they would like to show you some. At least for a couple weeks now put the put the you have to worry trade deadline. But I have talked to several people in your situation. And rate base where the Internet can bring them back also have good you know being sure you'll hit one she elder year. Of not playing you know gun belts while so aren't so and I'm pursuing these code that good or. There Gary final thing I guess. Heading in the last night's game in the fifteen intend there are a little bit of parole. What was it fourth in the east seventh best record and all of the NBA adding in the last nine argun fifteen and eleven so pretty good. Ready in your heart of hearts. Do you see him continuing nest. Well it taken to fuel continues stream them beautiful 500 now they've they've played the poll Friday night okay. And you think of punitive you know the last couple they just win for her all bulls. They know how and that's that you beat me to apply to golf ball to become a forty respectable you know. And they got some captains and they on the bus trip to Turkey after that. Including one against Cleveland. So almost you know app and I. Confident that their neck of the woods global network now but will continue Cleveland's a real possibility so. Yeah it's going to be interest and you have to know a couple weeks because. In late December CU muted cheer any word they can be brutal schedule so we got to get to win. Can't if you look at a fifteen and ten Rami heading in the last again the 1511 now but right just double that go thirty and wanting. It's pretty good yeah. It's really get through that don't get it done yeah Gary mentioned the rumor mills concerning Jabari Parker any any thing churning in the rumor mill but from your resources lately. There are there there's a couple of teams out of that are intrusive. You know I tried to you. I just met overall not necessarily specifically about Jabari but Jabbar or anybody else because we entered the the Andre Jordan rumors a couple of weeks go on those of sort of died down. Yeah and they'll they'll price would be you know act. Torrential trick or so it sure looks good with and what about possible and what. Spoke of an NBA official today. And he told me there keep up yachts were pretty you know that between Exxon took a bite out chambers contract and he did it into accepting happens. I think there's a real high school and watch it because. Ian achieve some Q according influence. That is our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf again find his work. Inside the Racine journal times Racine sports zone dot com wolf fools press box and on Twitter at Garry with an. Woeful white Gary I'll appreciate a talking and next week front. Why Gary joins us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced. It's a great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local banking and since we're talking about some tell you Bucs fans they are York. Bucks basketball pizza party headquarters he get 50% off all. Regular menu price pizzas online the day after the Bucs scored ninety points or more. This clicked Papa Johns dot com and to the promo code box nanny that's box 90. For 50% off all pizzas at Papa Johns that come the day after each and every time. The Bucs scored ninety points. Or more did you guys have any little bit of an article on a college student or something. I don't know much talk about when and if you don't. All of that you think I'll create value and and we're gonna play Aaron Rodgers next door to door to talk about that next and I just didn't know if that was gonna I have no idea will Biden will find a place for Eileen I only know very minor details on the story it's this is a bit this is baby couches. Maybe that as a Oca will get to it before we like about him that on me Robert thanks water. I wanna get suspended for Google gets that before we get out here at 6 o'clock but after this we'll hear from the franchise Aaron Rodgers who listening to the Wendy's big show on a throwback Thursday presented by masters the. So I win a deeply watch at any temperature at the app that's CW bill corners Brookfield and Wallace Souza West Bend graphic. Check this guy and. Besides sorry boys 26 party always know the hardy boys definitely that we already know it's a karaoke Christmas for thorough back Thursday and that's a Wendy's big showed tradition. The not taking your votes so much as are taking your requests that is now true. Art let us know what Christmas songs you'd like to hear Gary's rendition of tweet those at 1057 FM the fan. But the hash tag big throw back you'll be entered for a chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate. Two masters he's and a pair passes to northern invasion 2018 going on May twelfth and. Thirteenth out at the Somerset ample theater. That's here artist doughnut here artist here Christmas request at 1057 FM the fan who with the hash tag big throwback do you remember street and Gary singing do you remember when we are in Arizona last year when his theme song for the troops was sieges. Wake up in the morning involved dollar us out I'll ask an Iraq yeah I know you. I can't remember what it was the coach Gary on my way I'll. Any area. Which he knew none of the words there. Know what he knew the rhythm no it is close enough Gerri we'll get the morality down in the rhythm he knew that line we media yes but after that is custom Mets yes but but that's what makes karaoke karaoke is that most of the time he's not in other words sure thing Aaron Rodgers he's back this week from the broken collarbone he talked to the media for the first time since making that announcement via instead Graham yesterday here is the Packers QB right here on the Wendy's eviction. Apparently yeah. Yeah. Well news. There was no we've targeted. When and the injury. That's. In the check back in the flexibility back and I'm open I'm here because we. Mr. to muscular atrophy parent or muscular actor that it can work through isn't present right now and do it. You know Cyprus right now on Libya there. No I mean we work through all that and the strengthen the flexibility came back the quickest. I was just waiting on the phone to be very report. The lady with the players when it's on it's similar to Chicago here we're. Quick early it's. Unbelievable. Pressure. We'll. And tomorrow. I don't know how many yet to play and backing Torre thirteen on what I can do. Absorbed. You know it's it's not worth it unless you're out there and play confidently. A good thing to do yesterday and it. When I was it was a group decision. You know I was I was out of town for part of yesterday. We were you know talking with. Some people have been looped into our time and who's like you thank goodness this opportunity to play this week obviously. My doctor. Doctors' notes Russian and immoral. If California doing the surgeon great job out there with the rehab the first ten days in LA it was really important I think to the overall healing and and obviously to. The to guys in here and attorney Stephanie we're brining home. Doctor McKenzie working those guys every Day-Lewis was really important you know the support from the guys in the locker room was well. Through this period and and then Brett you know Brett played really well supposed to last two weeks it gives the opportunity to be here. And have a conversation and I'm thankful to bill report aired over the duck when you. Respect. Well we're talking and everything. Now I'm confident. Knowing all the information is why I'm in Chicago. Not gonna get an event I'm cleared. Up. And usually every. Fairly sensible voice and deepens the way that is it different this week old timeline and putting him. No but that's summer programs that are operating fielder for you that same group. We're talking about about the plan all week actually got a jump on on the film last week in the hopes that I would get a chance declared this week. So I I've seen them a lot already and Carolina. But you know we tried to conversations Monday and Tuesday and in. You guys news shortly after we made its decision. That was it would be cleared. Well it's a long process in those tough. That's ultimately you have to just kind of attack to reenter every day that's why I think these guys and they allowed me to push the limits every single day on what we should be doing them. And always allowed media to do as much as possible without senate. Put any risk on at a certain time time to as we had. Thrown at you know for weeks and and a move around and doing the lifting on on schedule like we did those guys are great Mark Levine is definitely room. Fantastic you know it worked out so more on that time often I do generators season work out three times and writers season. Now you're working out every day with those guys into my treatment. The slow process but so I'd stayed pretty close the team. Around comedians and obviously decently on the on the field on game days that's. If there. Yeah. I mean I don't know. I feel confident bin Laden played the way I've always played good today. Yeah I've been off for seven games and now for awhile so. It's been taken out there in the first pass and at first didn't I don't pay the settlement here we're absolutely. What's. But it's it's gonna take when and all threes against. Two big wins in overtime to get us in this position. You know we obviously. Need love and help along the way groups and got a ticker business when these extreme care. Yeah so. And I mr. woods folks in Carolina right now. Here you were you when you lose you were there it was your vote. I was there. I was just talking with the reduction. I'll life you know then talked to to my economics and it's it's it's exciting. Mike wanna me to put a creative. Social media message. I try to appease him for itself. But no I mean has a good feeling that this is a lot of misinformation out there is daylight to hit me up. You can rest and come back say sorry can't come back. Thompson there was less stuff out there and it says. That I heard about some was accurate seamless it was actually very inaccurate fake news but. But it's nice to be noted that to be back into the Bakken. In this morning and then the back of the pursuit. Of work. That well. It's fun to watch Brett. You know close. He's definitely improved. Throughout the seven games. And he's getting more comfortable out there and coming off a really nice performance is against Cleveland. I'm used to make some plays down the stretch in these games where we have to ask him over the drive in the fourth quarter. To tie the game the last couple weeks and who knows her and big drives trend Nancy because her team and and came up big in overtime. Can't. Here. And look at Xavier has made some plays in the fourth quarter when it mattered most. I'm who's done nice to have been mostly games and tinker with the ball that's importance in this. In this day and age quarterback play at all I think it's a long nights and not turn over. Young and he's made some not some big throws and some big time Texas won't. So it's just another experience you know more. More experience you get a quarterback to more than for your name and you can just go out relax and what. You do do we is this football team. When you have testing guys. I'm just. Gonna bring in the energy and enthusiasm. That I always do practice. I've said there's an expectation of the way I've played on Sunday an element of play. I enjoy those expectations I enjoy your meeting those are exceeding those. That's what it means to be a leader in this locker room an and a quarterback and his team is it's going out performing and doing your job. Hopefully gives a lift some of the guys. That. And I'm not come on back to to save his team and come back to. To play quarterback who has not played in and hopefully we always love overplay it collectively and find a way to win these three games. There's Aaron Rodgers speaking to me why yesterday upon returning from his collar broken he has on view are coming back to save this team yes she ER. That's the reality and a sense yes but I know he's saying and he's saying what Mike McCarthy has been saying. And that's that Aaron Rodgers isn't Superman thought it was interest everybody's gonna have to be better thought it was interesting I wondered that too what kind of impact he had on the team. Some on the sidelines and Cleveland game yet and just if you could see that. Competitive nature it is driven off that guy and you know he said you're gonna have to ask those got ace. What kind of impact have they said whenever something bad happened against the browns Aaron Rodgers will MS absolutely ejected yeah does he knew that it whether or not he would return. Relied largely on whether or not the Packers won that can do is the man he has yeah probably the best we've ever seen. In greenback now the best you've ever seen play that position. That would be Brady not Rodgers the jury still out yet he's got time he's probably the best democracy in my pit. Well at a quick break on the other side what is there in Rogers junior Super Bowl hopes Packers fans or 1407991250. We'll discuss next. You're listening to the Wendy's big show Tim Allen. In for Gary Sparky and the Roy he's that good baby touches here as well he has a sports flash and the Wendy's big shows right back.