3PM: Do the Packers need to make a QB change?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, November 21st
11/21/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3PM Hour - Gary, Ramie, Sparky and CBS58's Christina Tuso discuss and ask you if it is time for the Packers to make a change at quarterback?

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The Wendy's big show I'm running back off a long ways Steve Sparky Pfeiffer the former packer and badger running back scary Allison and Christina himself from CBS 58 kind of dissident. On the first couple hours of the show also jumping in on the show coming up at about 348 lever our weekly visit. With legendary Packers writer Bob McGinn a Bob McGinn football dot com again he joins us at 348 and of course our weekly visit with Packers left tackle David Bach TRE. Coming up at 435 as it does every Tuesday. Here on the big show speaking of those Packers who Arnaud you wanna change at quarterback 7991250. Between the show at 1057 FM the fan email Wendy's and box allows open live. At 1057 FM the fan dot com Gary and bill. And and Jordy Nelson on the horse and plow how to last night near that show every Monday night at six from the horse and plopped. In Kohler Wisconsin and you guys asked him about possibly changing quarterbacks and switching from Brett on the. We're going Utley I mean everyone loves the back at quarterback and apparently doesn't matter that Aaron back Deborah Brett back up you know every I think you know aggressive always be honest side I don't wanna. Sites bill Callahan either mean you'd done a lot like he was here by. Rest until. Red. You know until you need to do and I appropriate leader Kurt so. Currently used to me the answers happened in court record and their reproductive and you can see. Agreed not to talk about another team that you look Villa upload builder this. Great event start brother and a rookie. And the duke but excelling in the first test so I just be patient. And yeah it does carpet that struck the process. We're gonna put the work in order it you're better hopefully the result six. Obviously Jordy Nelson's new sage doesn't want a change at quarterback but I believe him do you want 1799 cuddled up. Ari could Prius at 105 FM the fan if you Abbie if it feed if people that they should jade you're gonna come on that show lie yesterday there was the Dow. So. He was what is different here what you alive via okay. But I believe that and I believe I've heard that a replay it was line maybe now more tells than the other than that await him. Thought that was. Don't have much husband in line. Month. You wanna Jada quarterback. Seven that I guess that is used to come real to me about Osama tells us that part of as a vital lines and nobler would go author line away. Now are you implied that Marcos insinuating in doing thank you she. Iran don't but don't you think a lot of these guys based on every player what they say about that and by doctor McKenzie doesn't seem to javelin Martellus that's have a doctor what you are you take that away from Barbara you wanna look at your own that. In but what don't you get a lot of players ago. Half through her even coaches don't ambulance. The whole thing to me I don't know you're the one yet position to say I wish you'd done. While you're at a much of what got us in their cell and got the majority of your team clear. You can't causing friction because you you're sorry. You know you're you're without your number one quarterback and joy does not get the ball as much as he sure it aren't paying for sure I don't mean there's some of that. Going round but. Feels like to me there's a lot of thinks the most packer fans right now that want. Callahan to be the starting quarterback. Against Pittsburgh Steelers. That a lot of pressure France thought committed a provision to bitch McKellen. Is our bridge I'm partly and brought Callahan for the second half. I just think Callahan is just a pure garbage time decision I mean a lot packer fans I think are probably thirty think we're at that point in the season. I think a loss against Cleveland is one allergist that's what that is in a loss where yet you heard me. A lot previously that you heard me real Lugar wants sane hypothetically how that happened is that not realistic is for that half a realist and I think that's when he just say you know let. We gave it it we gave it get Iran and let's levels are now now we now put in Callahan. But I think he got it I mean. Maybe we is closed the playbook a little bit on Hundley against the Steelers you know we opened it up and you know it's a mark war. And they did do that and owls happy that it did at sixty was on the boat rather all of us while I used before it's. I was glad to see McCarthy go to an offense that was similar to where error rods will run and it kind of went no huddle they kind of where hurry all the calendar model model. He mean he. He can't go. And I like that and a nightly. What has to happen is I think hotly have to make these mistakes that other guy that's always in his trying obedience is going to be that Bob bouncy. Here's what do know Bob Hartley right now is as I see it. You have to ask yourself is is he in a category opens over the got over. And number. Oss Wyler in column see me on any sentiment is honest that's right it is better known them constructive. Is better than the cat over in Houston right now. You know I mean we've got a lot of quarterbacks. In this league right now. They're probably shouldn't be starting quarterback where there's not that many of no good quarterbacks in your quarterback also that account in the middle. Of office. It. Can do just enough to keep yet about 500. They'll Lagos quarterback. So right now what does he fit. But now he's down there where the tigers and autumn does the walk off collars and that's where he's at right now. I don't see him he's not the least he's not Rodgers he's not Brett Favre he's not reuse. Nodded okay. I do know that right now. But I think at his maximum peak. I think he can be an average quarterback in his league average quarterback average right now is what I see efforts. This thing is it feels like he has the ability Rami. And we have to see how this stuff works but. A lot of stuff these dual right now he didn't copped. The mistakes you mean yeah he's got to learn how to read these answers to go learn how to take what they give them discolored analyst Jerry yours sometimes and that's hard to do. Now. What you ought to do they need you to. Okay there could we've done this a lot of the times that we sit a year ago. Wide open. That is why you rock so most quarterback in the league almost every sedan but. Aaron Rodgers gonna do that and then throw it sixty yards on the line to Jordy Nelson won't know an immense stride though some Americans and I know but I'm the same reason here Rogers is doing that 'cause he has that ability right to come through in Brett probably doesn't have been an auto. He dug bullets and take what's given to roasted users because that is the nature of some of these guys until you can. Beautiful what you need to be this kind of probably are. So you want him not to be here and run as you want him to be a little bit more mechanical. You want him to yet stay in his laying against the U one widgets come. Users view view you know we're to check downs in which it feels like. He is trying to do more. Then what he's capable. And McCartney gave him the whole playbook to do that and you saw. Pretty much an epic for. You wanna see it change at quarterback and no I did not wanna see it change at quarterback armament of my view for him stick with them on. 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. FM defend their need to change anything they're doing over at the Q club was not the spark if they got fun and food down the Senate's got to do and it's going to be even more fun coming up tomorrow night's Wednesday night and you'll have the road troupe playing at Q club all of Wisconsin logger can afford Mon night to go along with. On your favorite sports action on the TVs including your favorite basketball team was pool tables shuffle board tornado food small tables riddles like tried darts ping pong and more to come. Plus tomorrow is Wednesday which means and wedges and Fries if for different cells fish filed how would all the actor was plus live music every Saturday night again also loud music coming up with a road crew tomorrow night day before Thanksgiving. Late night Friday happy hour from 10 PM to 1 AM and now you probably Scotts of is or is they started serving Sunday breakfast starting at 9 AM breakfast pizzas from China French toast and higher traditional breakfast items also. A place does try to parties including all personal VIP suite I'm sure pool table as well. You got what was got a Y 454 north brand view boulevard and walk shop is that masa the mining fortune MR IQ club of W I dot com or on FaceBook. Are you ready for a change at quarterback Packers fans 4147991250. Were the Wendy's big show casino to so CBS fifty eights and then we'll be right back. Jealous of Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday Kim in the voice judgment day rest any argument avoid judgment of the day right now do you wanna change at quarterback. 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. Yeah Christina too so CBS 58 sitting in on the shelf it's also great tribute Tuesday. As we pay tribute homage to Malcolm young guitarist and co-founder of AC DC. Estimate the age of 64 Gary found the cause of death complications from dementia. Is apparently been suffering from dementia for about three hours is 64 years old. And once relatively. May he rest and let's go to Johnny Kenosha here on the Wendy's big show hello John. And Garrett. In the call two quick points. First you know fight the overall north not think we should twitch quarterbacks I think Gary was. Was dead an analysis I have not heard the talk about which is look at probably would all the Quebec's started or are starting playing in some capacity. Even our own division. And hope is part of exceptions of some terrible quarterback that albeit with as good a coach Callahan now like. Now we're in reality but happily enough dollars in and we need to accept it. On the other part is. This should talk about the rest of our team we could sing it for years Ted Thompson Mike McCarthy got caper the draft picks all of that. Roger as a whole lot good receiver but great great receivers looked like the world beaters. And CNET news that is an all black and at all that's a lot of. The issue there's there's a phone call Stevie. Do you think Dovonte atoms. Or Jordy Nelson can go to another tune in Beers group is. Help quarterback right. Only history on these teams has now. And history Justine says why receivers in this organization gulf on girls that's what this organization exists and it showed how one year. And yeah I mean I OK I don't think I know I did Greg Jennings with sock. But where they are humans and their quarterback is Mike Jennings in his prime. Jennings are here we were eight years in me and I'm thirty. Honey just so you're saying in the Green Bay Packers are as good. As Aaron Rodgers and art well I think I'd be the receivers now. You know this slippery slope that is I think the receivers they have right now oddly Jordy Nelson. It's a bonafide top flight receivers. Davone and there's two. And it can go anywhere and you wouldn't want to put that number partner with what we're gonna see waiting where. Yet they went and had they keep them long term pol that whole thing as complete a jury knows he gave them a discount say sure and we will see what happens with Dovonte Adams I do think that. This offense is based kind of on the since the McCarthy is built over the course of time in and there are certain benefits of that for the wide receivers whose benefits enough for the quarterback in. Everybody else involved anybody that it did have a chance read Tom's a percent article tonight about hunley and and his backers coaching staff that you should read it. A heat he went on the attack and only he went on the attack on the McCarthy a coaching staff view on the attack. Well Ted Thompson. He went after everybody. In that column it was a great. It was a nice column. And no I don't blame by the time I was done reading it now a serious Giricek did attack everybody talks and Robby and Texan rise subdued in have you seen this read this. And I told Gary about it this morning we talked to Kaiser's Pete pretty much what a card instead maybe just this coaching staffs reputations are deserved. Maybe that's the problem right now because he pointed out like ABC indeed things I'll should have been told on late. From what we've the other doesn't look like anything was told and it's the same all same all. Any Eagles at the point of everything that was said about holing prior to coming out into the draft pick clearly Ted must have ignored. At that point when drafting him in didn't really care about it. He legitimately won after everybody involved in this situation but he's part of this problem is this and Gary. I tweeted this at the Pratt a cart is totally to blame for this key hyped up Hundley wait too much and that is what happened. Because that happening question that he got when he snapped and went nationals and are got two quarterbacks are or Bagram I believe in and out of doubted that I. OK fine coach if you say so you you we got the next good quarterback pilots who we got and now that he hasn't worked out all that pressures are McCarthy. And if this team. It legacy is that if they lose to Cleveland Tampa. Pittsburg and all the Sinai Europe for game skid after losing Dick to Cleveland in Tampa after Pittsburgh and Baltimore. What's going to happen is. Mike McCarthy is not going to lose his job Ted Thompson is going to lose his job. Aaron Rodgers a comeback Napster went over thirteen games go back to the playoffs losing FC championship game. Angle back home road goal right back to the way we don't think you're in and year out in greenback that's how this is going to go. And packer fans will be mad and I'll get out Kennedy had been no changes are being made to be mad going into the season about the end of next year everybody get over it. And move on and be happy with Aaron Rodgers again that's all those old things go play now if you say well we lose four games in a row we're gonna pull Huntley we're gonna play Callahan. Like area set if you do that then you're saying we have no trade sock in Huntley anyhow we're moving out. The problem it is very have to believe Callahan. Is. Somewhat worthy of being in assist. A somewhat worthy of playing at a higher level again he's not a big quarterback he's. Russell Wilson. Asked right Drew Brees time and undersized quarterback casts a mobility. Can throw the football bowl once you bella only timely it's over it's all done you're not trading on that's done you're probably not problem after the season. I don't think Callahan is the answer either I think if in today. Don't win the rest of this year I think what will happen and win another game. My outlets they went one to work okay but it doesn't go okay Roger doesn't comebacks there because there's a bat. I think what's gonna happen is McCarthy will never ever vote on this path again. I think what's gonna happen is McCartney's can demand a veteran quarterback like a lawyer to gear back up and he's never gonna put in a situation like this ever again -- proven quarterback to start in this league for a number of years retread type guy. Can comment and at least had a very minimal play average. That's what's gonna Japanese can be done screw around. With inexperienced quarterbacks get kind of star telling you this will be the last time this happens. If they can't figure out how to win games we have some breaking box music just announced at a music to let him pitch is expected to miss four weeks after having knee surgery alleged. It's on the was up. They weren't saying what was going nine and now all of a sudden it was more serious than we thought now there are a lot more trouble than they were before let's go to fill in cedar. See it change at quarterback. Ordered being. Hundley did you. Zero chance to win here. I don't I don't you what we have salute by going. Tell me what Callahan did not know we know Huntley is at zero chance he's not gonna get better it yet what do you. He's not an NFL quarterback effect what I would deal and I'm not joking here I would consequently. They tell and like starter and a pick somebody else but as ugly as. Ed Callahan. Back and so we pick up that led you probably you know on the street it was US. That would be one unit apartment Erica White and you look. I went to why why are we ever monarchy what is the point about. New UC and government to know that this. That that's it. Cut. I mean what did the whatever I'm looking just. Just we might get a six round draft choice that the end of the year but it. Not a watcher does seem to see if we can develop. I bet seemed like a pipe dream that is when I've had it been a guy who had no clue what he's doing back there. I mean just completely. I need your beautiful pocket he doesn't step up and. I mean these guys know he doesn't total you know did you read the quote after the game. We're. How is still resides article and that's another what we're tops over scented that's all you need to know where his head's at right now. I mean I don't adequate time is up along the lines of you know he was you was asked Al how about you know. Find a receiver whatever else and he said pretty much it's just a blur of colors. When your back. Did you ever predict where. Yeah yeah I don't know and I don't I don't know and an amendment is all about bill and I and I don't remember him singing in the I don't know it was pertaining to passing. And it didn't buy it it is it is about collars. You UC collars as a player but it's been two from a player usually colors and you do read that. Whatever comes across your face you do see collars. And you react indecency bodies and you re that bad bad news from a player or a true statement you can laugh all you want. But that is most certainly trust me you'll see a blower a caller. Well you don't get. Have an idealist and I got an idea it would. Well yes you have a basis of Colorado where everything's supposed to go but you do you react call it more color that is the true statement. Last bet if you walk. Are you ever play the game that is a true statement. Thank you. Ari I'm I'm gonna jump in here since we've got this sell the farm mentality you know late let's just if it follows a loss like let's just really shake things up. You know be in the NFL seems the only only your quarterback to be too mobile because you fear this you know this insurmountable fear of of having him get injured rate. But Amy Hundley came out of UCLA weary bunch it broke a bunch your records furry you know rushing touchdowns to guide the dual threat like that's what he's known for that's a shtick rightly that's. That's what he knows how to do Lisa mobile. Guy and he's not comfortable in the pocket he doesn't have a lot of confidence they're knowing elicited huge shake up. In in what the Packers are known for in this pass happy offense split he only talked about let them loose a little bit do we just do we let this guy right. Do we let it happen I mean not everybody can be a Michael Vick and Cam Newton in the NFL but if all is truly a loss at this point this season. In and that's what he's good at the debt do we dare we let him show off his wheels a little bit we're. He Mr. Bush he's got to get culpable in indoor and I mean. You know players are weird I mean yes and but do they got a cult at. I went back once their perimeter and I thought about that today. He just got to get comfortable where he gays and be more all of that. And wrote his right somewhere just take what's there. I think he's trying to do too much. Do you guys remember the comment. When Rogers said he was spooked yes saying no sir our rules and he was seen ghost via you know and we ripped right. He was spooked by something in Iraq hello blah we in order were right with a guy came across as Phillies third disarmed his got a weird. That that happens to your week your report. Because it's funny because they're playing what he wasn't doing very well and that there is capped the year we won and guys do we do it like dead ages don't. I think he threw an interception I believe on that didn't get was any Carolina. I know Carolina college that I against Carolina and he was not. Have a good stretch at that particular point he was that he was I just spoke busts and guys get. We your and that is what happened that was our rousing Conley is just perpetually spooked blow well right now we just don't know his place he can yet. And that is when Rogers was taking a lot of sad river are two weeks in a row is look at all over the planet I think that was his way of saying amen I'm a runner from life. For light to try to find somebody throw a football too and gets scary sometimes to get. He gets there. Carries regardless that's what you take what they can't get your and they and you can take with they're trying to give you over its and south solutions he's got a listens to recognize me yeah. It's a nineties and you're good friends who are they. Talk about. You know and and that's got it up for five days and Hillary yeah she's yeah. In sight and sound solutions and this is where you're going to get rid of that old ancient cable if you probably still having her out he shouldn't and his point so many people have made the switch. Deciding sound solutions over the last several years. Because of this radio show in his radio station and you should be next now let me tell which get in his deal. 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OK till 20 okay that means if he wants to him in Waukesha you wanna play against the Wendy's big show an addiction those fancy football. Shirk our event hang out and will continue to take your calls on whether or not you want a change at quarterback Packers fans 7991250. Tweet the show at 1057. FM the fan we'll talk with Bob McGinn at 348 more from new. Right after that someone is great show it is indeed time for the big show and I was fancy and we'll get back to your calls and other you want change at quarterback in just a moment 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan Ross in a talk with Bob McGinn. At 348 from bombing in football dot com and David Bach Eric. Well make his weekly visit coming up at 435 but there's other big show knows fantasy football works we to make our picks to click that week. In fantasy football the points are awarded to those players on a standard PP ER bassist. And first place finisher for the week it's ten points this season standing second place say third place six I want. And so forth down the line what are you left that over there now are they by the Steelers on Sunday ninety yards all of at all yes on. Speaking of no Monday niners please so that no exact citizenry and a Texan I. No ravens we get to big Thanksgiving games yes we do we can't pick Thanksgiving. The basket that is it. So let's go ahead and go around the horn with our take season standings real quake. Gary's in last place with 58 points LeRoy in fourth place with 62 Sparky was 66 in third place our listeners in second place with 78. And I said first place as they have all year with 74 points on the season. Our listeners who will get the I'm sorry Gary will get the first pick this week TE who do. You know I feel like. The Packers are playing with a Aaron Rodgers is that's one dorms orbit this year and who would you like. Where that later. It's Pittsburgh yes zero number Ben Roethlisberger or later bill which was that they are Antonio Brown eyes assists and it and wanna. We don't want to Jimmy Jimmy lady on bail. All right lay beyond bill goes to area listening to us and on our right in the second pick is the other former packer. On the show packer hall of Famer. Inventor of the Lambeau leap LeRoy Butler LeRoy how you do an affront. Don't pretty good out girly girly goes to LeRoy Butler all right thank you very much and happy Thanksgiving or. Are you two aren't position. Steve Sparky fire for what it was awesome today he came and spoke and Logan school today all night Elton elementary you know or crew that's awesome and I was very at least that heavy Thanksgiving humorous not working tomorrow with us. Who meet a no Roy no I know I won't be here yet Ronnie is here you guys are gone tomorrow lets you view him and you. Oca and LeRoy LeRoy are cracked and Friday its standing jelly or allow Steve and I don't know Verizon and writer so. But Tim and Jeff for sure silly aren't very good to and a programming notes of programming note on the air so hard. He duty ticker early yes he ticked under including Gary tech Gary tick Levy on belt. I'll think Antonio Brown Antonio Brown this is Steve Sparky Pfeiffer I get the next day coming go away is if can we Matty ice he seems to have had a bounce back yesterday Buccaneers giving up a bunch of points in the passing game will take many as innocent human Waukesha. Would play against as Tim would elect a front. And war and I'll look pertinent. Arson Wentz all of the safe pick from a gun owners and put general David touch and get your phone number should you beat everybody on the show. We'll dig deep in the prize closet for let's get an a couple more calls before Bob McGinn joins us fill in Philly wanna see change at quarterback. Filled. Independent independent or truck off. It's been a pillar. A announced it it could yeah. I was buried there entry really brief Christine callable global life that alleged plot. I'm hardly slowed down here and. A target because I don't cresting it is a pleasure as we knew it here you hear from you I mean. When you copy everybody in the sense that the list I mean this. We need to get get get get your Blackberry and put his head on the lot and I tell. I don't think it really is this really the only change in August and all over the emotional bank calling all Philip Philly though he's anymore. It is that there are a variety of Satan was. To are so now. You have something else to talk about. It is independent oil and I certainly I think. You should think currently. However don't know what joke and that you don't know you know I mean you can go back priest he and everything like that the changes. You don't know what big action can get milk and Mahan. And as a potentially he could better. Well we don't know that we just assuming debt until you know get my car in column know what you're doing and eight. You know think of these veterinary staff that I wouldn't mind in changed. We can get better. Boy you just don't know you don't know what it was Callahan is there anybody. Is going in and I'd. I think they should. You know trucks you know you know I think I think McCarthy in. Somehow. Too little bit more. To hopefully elect more being passed options more like what they're right we're like we're cartilage they get right now college there. They did do something with him and it shouldn't you want him I think. They can do some more I'm not I'm not trying to downgrade crack it at all a La carte. That you've done an outstanding dot even. We right now but I think he could tweak some things that make things better okay spot. I know I'm gonna get him on a simulator I mean Ronnie are going to hear tomorrow. The raiders just to explain that now every day we were sabathia happy Thanksgiving us most of the afternoon raiders just fired defense according to Ken Norton or former linebacker in the NFL. So now I'm waiting for the packer fans are calling in while they fared Ken nor liking me fired Dom Capers now become a nexus stay tuned for that. What more can McCarthy do for Brad telling Gary he said he wants and a to make it easier Carson Wentz what can McCarthy due to make it to gain easier for Brent on. So you go about you look at his film from the last. In. You try to build on those mistakes he made in his last. So we wanted to. Him to have is a radio. Things and to be controlled the dolphins are at least I do it in and we saw that. So no Steve what you have to do is try to go back and maybe dollar bad imminent you're room. Too much of a big piece of the pot. And so you wanna trod down better where you still want him to have opportunities to be through NATO and make some plays when we have to make so I would say. You need to be somewhere between. Border first inkling. In the very last game playing and he be somewhere and look at the very first game plan we. He didn't do when he very insular very cancer this last game plan. Booted underwear and almost all okay he culinary thing so you need to be somewhere in the middle. With that. The book the promise of Hugo and everything is. The running back situation. Because you can run up and run Jamaal Williams 32 of the. In nowadays you can mean they just did what Lady Gaga probably only got a can do it in league today but. There's not a lot of guys that you can do that I don't think tomorrow and do what you do you run them out. You don't have anymore running backs though so the game play have to be somewhere in the middle. They're gonna have gambled on earnings. They are scared to get the ball and on him injured as well I have I was amazed I'd be terrified McCarthy he just straight upset I've lost confidence in him I mean what does that do to guys. Confidence and in any any ball game. No doesn't but he has taken brought home. So yeah that's not seriously. If it's somebody was eight summit it was a bad Dresser and he said that the followed should've been and so is it my god is right he fumbled a couple times in his first game. Your quarterback just threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball via. You Los they'd connect Abbott not to quarterbacking explain that to me please was going to run do you really think that his confidence isn't wavering and bread on the at all I don't care and so put him on the spot you're the one incident but to running acknowledged he would you say about your cornerback but it's always been with -- -- -- an and you can its annual ASEAN cannot perspective -- I wonder what McCarthy would have set a response and Aqua Leo that's all I'm saying I mean you're gonna throw you when you're under the bus he would have tried to convince you that he still has confidence in Bret hunley because that has carrot and a Ronnie is held voice quickly tell me another player that he threw under the bus after one game like that. After one game I can't name one minute I get the budget cuts about to name one. He's never thought I got out of the bus like that and after one game. No I. No he has says some things about death from the ball well. Because he's just he filed yes he does he he had shared things about. Running backs fumbling the football that's always been the costs for him always. And he's bridge players from fumbling the football. And it was after one game but he didn't call Eddie lacy on the carpet for his weight problems at the end of the season a cup how is viewers later. That would but imagine that's not come terrible this pushes to its first. First and I lost faith he'll also ball twice in his first game don't be don't be ate a late round pick who's already fourth stringer and fumbled the football he people will lose faith in you very quickly Bret Holley can play like crap and it's okay because he's your second string quarterback you have no choice you drafted an innocent Robin Wright three years to mold and still looks oral bright and who I'm shirt Mike McCarthy's confidence in is wavering but you don't go out to the podium and say that means a guy gonna put under Saturn next week. Right so okay that's the media exercise more than it is a coaching exercised absolutely right right so that's. Why wanna ask the question goes through all that will bother respect he's not you. So I would like to hear what he has to say that pin. Fair enough wonders why the difference is the difference that this guy's been active all this all year and you just only care bottom. Vs this guy that you preach did you dedicated three years to when you coach up and you have all the faith and is that really the only difference and in these two scenarios go to the end of the day could really. That's all it can be. They're tending no other difference between these two scenarios you can put three years into Dovonte maze at running back. And went up to the podium in palm on the podium thing he's going to be a star running back in his league York. I have all the faith and Avandia may get into any of that but you want out of your way when you do have to do to do staffer Brian Conley and now you got egg on your face. And you don't like let's ask Bob McGinn about this a legendary Packers writer Bob -- probably not count on the dance and they can win a lot of football games abroad only I think that train has left the station pilots who he says now McGinn drizzle and is fiction net. So what is big show. The court judge today at Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday it's also a tribute Tuesday paying tribute to guitars and co-founder of AC DC Malcolm young. That's the way at the age of 64. Change with David Bach TRE he'll be joining us at about 515. Gary Ellison met mark that down to program. As though the Packers throws profits by fifteen now art is they they practice today rather than on Thanksgiving. Policy and a we'll have the day off let's begin Thanksgiving yes Gary Ellison just said he's making a fifteen ounce porterhouse after the import routes and make a Turkey and the rotisserie that guy and that put a fifty odds Porter houses that are Guerrero are all theories Robert Spencer did well the answer a the only way to go joining us now on the great mid West Bank hotline. He has a legendary Packers writing enough on his work and Bob McGinn football dot counts pleasure to welcome men. Bob McGinn Bob how are this afternoon's there. Good I got it done. Well it's me Gary Ellis and you know end Cristina tussaud's CBS 58. Sitting in Iranian on the show this afternoon about. Are you surprised that we still haven't seen. A game planned for four quarters that really suits spread public. Well I don't know if our game plan that suits spread and. Not really I mean they're doing what they can't predict I just I mean had a horrible game and he's been making progress in the news just awful and but I you know I don't. I don't know what you can do with a game playing out Asia run the ball a little bit more but. I don't know. Including you know what he's got. Shoulder a lot of responsibility himself and I'm sure he does. So everybody looked for answers your minister were born here so. Isn't really a lack of talent around. Hotly and it was really all Rogers is is that we're gonna find out is that it doesn't lay at the feet of Ted Thompson. Both teams. Came to women need under these circumstances scary. Yell I know you talked about that. They do win lenders policy examples over the years. Coaching staffs pulling. Tremendous effort out of what you what you and I might think are. Not not great talent on on two on a roster. So. They listed their what are the other one in force and this injury occurred and that's now Poland together that's this kind of fallen apart. It's not just to Alan I mean. Gary you played in his late 53 guys 46 active you put it together and unified force you can do amazing things. Could answer that it's hard for me I'm not part of that environment you know and I don't know what the but the dynamics are inside that locker room. EO Bob we have kind of a situation. Brewing Waltz isn't professional situation in the in the Packers back field we saw. Jamal Williams Julie come through this weekend. Ironically enough come up with this second most receptions behind him on tea Dovonte Adams there but you know we look at a guy like Dovonte Mays who. Who look coughed up the ball a couple of times McCarthy says that lust complete confidence in this guy is he done our air we are we ever gonna see him in the mix again. I mean he's just one injury away from playing. I'd like maize this summer and I was thinking he'd be the best of the three. And none. We're. Are terrific debut here. But he's gonna play he's got to play. And he has some burst of some pizazz to him and his 238 and fifteen pounds heavier and Jamal Williams. He's got to play and they've got it sort so he's got to start coming through. You know you can't Bannister went all these other injuries. There they know of will power forced to go work with Jason's Briggs who or what what do you think how how is Jason's freaks look to you coming out of college. Compared to where he is now where I thought he was really good Indiana he is struggling mightily here and there pharaoh. You know that there were some scallops I spoke to that I agreed acute here. And there are others who. I'll never forget this one guy who just went off on ramps like about a three minute rant when we are discussing spray tech couldn't change the conversation. About lack of toughness and he gets and I don't wanna talk about sprayed with any would just keep going back to this guy and that's kind of what you're seeing now what I see. Point two snaps. Suddenly Geary gave up five and half pressures. I mean all right John played 32 snaps against the better front Minnesota and he gave up for pressures. Spray it just doesn't. He doesn't shall competitive mr. mayor toughness or her ballot. I know he looks great at the com mine gonna work out. But you know he's not very. Just that's stronger than that office sublime and profile that that grip that you just are associated with the offensive linemen you know. Talk a little bit about the other side of the box we differ is I get it. You know got Clay Matthews potentially out out for a little while Kenny Clarke had to I had an injury. Even looking at look at the defense idol idol what I think about guys like oblique Martinez all of the way that that works. I mean he he's one of my fear most exciting players is to wash the Packers this year we talk bubbly Martinez. Fact not a pretty good game against the ravens into Beagle is that it is bad guys like that enough to kind of fill the void there that they can be looking at on defense. We'll just kind of find out you know along Matthews note and Clark injuries going to be prolonged that's a huge problem. You know the defense has been pretty intact for here America cornerback but there are many season ending injuries on defense. And and now with this matches in this Clark thing mean those are two of their five best players on defense and that's a problem in these young guys like. Eagle and the we've got to searching in my previous atoms and he's got to come through as an interior pass structure. I agree. Bob do you mean you're. Giving your scouting on. Callahan do you get any notes on telling you know what their verses Huntley. Well not coming out Gary I'd never heard of the players. That I pretty deep pockets Wesley College I. You know he's only 61. And he ran around for nine sole right off the bat you know you don't like debt because. Short any school boy. We saw that those exhibition games make plays make things not enough and you know. Playing Lleyton exhibition games. Against guys who are no longer in the league. So what we have he has Mike McCarthy who believes in them and I assume Alex and tell those two that's where it kept him around. You know lose a good sign that the world historical look at a blaster right away so. I don't know I mean I just don't I don't see it. But McCarthy doesn't. He's the quarterback expert and a so he's he's got him on his corner and you'll get a shot sort of and also the later but I don't play this year some. Would you have a total logo Huntley to go Italian. No they come Conley just so much more challenging Caroline period. Are easily really it. Yeah that is Bob McGinn Odessa over Robert idea because we have mr. dreamed of him as a great audio on our show. Because there were friends doesn't who lost her mind so you would never pulled the plug on Huntley to go to tell him because. I don't see you have any chance with calendar. Like nine. I'm not saying you got a great chance of hard labor to speak easy ES feed the speed and and a good brain needs dedicated and he's tough. He's got some quality you know he's just not the area obviously but he has some qualities or is Keller and doesn't have. Almost done now hardly any of that. That is Bob McGinn of Bob McGinn football dot com is where you find is working every Tuesday. At about 348 right here on the Wendy's big show were laid already doesn't matter OK hey how this. It's our last day to day running higher offer us straight oceaneering is just relaxed. How to get your your quick thoughts on this. Bob. You say Ted is done besides Aaron Rodgers how do you say Ted's done evaluating quarterbacks in the draft through his tenure as general manager. I mean brawn that Allen comes to mind right now. But one OPEC yeah. I didn't really sit back and look at it he hasn't done that position he really hasn't I mean yet though in most important obviously. After that unlike Walsh who was able to you know drab quarterbacks and trade quarterbacks for picks and gets on the for these guys that is not been a strong suit of this Ted Thompson Rosie. It is great to put Mets play in the year you missed on ground yeah browser and a draft. Yep seven routed to great pick and stated flamed out of the playoffs one year and you he's a really good back up and are really good player. For a seventh rounder. And he hasn't taken many quarterbacks BJ Coleman. And now finally. The jury's out on Huntley guys you know. Mean. You're just all of a guy. I know we have one terrible game but. He was darn good Chicago when he was OK before that so let's just see Gordon to a hornet's nest Sunday night that's going to be brutal. And then there's a couple games after that ticket wins so we'll say. Just don't lose to Cleveland bumped is don't lose to Cleveland home Chris I don't lose to Cleveland you Soledad what you saw they did it divides mailbox I'm just telling you don't lose to Cleveland. Oh man yeah that would be. There would on discuss separate all. It's not even know let's I didn't talk about the volatile millionaire won't know. Again Bob McGinn football got jobs where you find is working every Tuesday here on the big show Bob ball's appreciate it we'll talk next week's there aren't aware about engines on the grade mid West Bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed. To personalized common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance there's a great midwest bank that come to discover the benefits. I'm simply local banking in that new home might be fixer upper GE but he. It is and if you're gonna fix or your home run barbecue grills prices which you entered. And it user wants Obama are no you know. Cheese. Burger offerings on average into the conference. Windows doors we talked about that siding roofing no. Pure remark at how funny it's just speechless sometimes volatile element of friends and it sounds like I don't. Because I've seen the job they have been able to do if you're looking for outdoor oasis. Main case. New bathroom where you you can do probably a new bathroom would build a days Iran and to go into debt Utley did. Did it to the day. You can put two business in your bathroom if you want to. Wit then wit these seat heaters or I want sees US theater. And the way it heated seated that. Day the day and orbit. Yeah I dated and racing around yeah or rubbed what do. Like. Tool should lower. Char spot a huge army adds yet aftershocks that wasn't where there is our heads. Medium and low debt lol yeah if you put. I'm Josh Howard works. Shower you've ever seen all the bears are ever being in India is logical as a fair and mine was the don't feel hotel big they've got that when we're wrong we talk about words. I'm sure you got that they imported up in new from every level when you're but Stevie. And I'm sure they could McGovern's contractors and you can't doll. You can doubt in your temperature. Ideally by the great I want them to. Dobbs her hit it sixty what are we want to make noises out. Above that the -- that'd just like then. There boy it's made us sound effect by different Allred JJ conference can do just about anything that you want don't got no job is too small as they can do it all comic friends Allred Jerry Jakarta Christina thank you for sitting in on the show this afternoon if there's you don't think you have me it's going. While making airport and nobody else can folks volley one Twitter if they want to act Christina tease him if I'll show you know undercover cop capita coming in agreement for work that they are showing more time I'll. And that is Kristi did two there's anger out at DBS 58 at that trader at Christina too so thank you very much Christina. And will hit a quick break and on the other side you really wanna talk batters I mean really dear dear really wanna talk vendors that doesn't seem like you wanna talk batters as the Wendy's big show and be right.