3PM: Was Monday Night Football the type of football you like to watch?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3PM Hour - Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy look back at the most physical game we have seen in the NFL all year between the Steelers and Bengals and ask YOU if that is the style of football you like to watch?  

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3 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big shelf along with the watered only Steve's marquee fight fair not to former Packers scary Ehlers and AM LeRoy Butler I'm running Mac lost. What was she honest and happy birthday coming up. Later this hour also still to come agreement football insider Ryan wood joins us at 348 followed by Brendan Haywood former NBA are now. With NB ATV and serious exempt NBA radio he'll join us at 448 we had some breaking news there during the break concerning your green bay Packers and it's not good again it's Kevin King going to the I. For the shoulder injury that kept him out last week in his Dmitry Goodson activated for the Green Bay Packers from the IR. Mrs. not good this. This is not good to say the least it out without the guy who quickly became your best quarterback. I don't know I think Marius Randall's vibrant and he was like a log IE. It gators 'cause you yelled out that that big physical guys necessarily mean divine how strides but. GE's. Is what he is at this point on housing in comparable player anytime soon I don't think so he is what his arrest the air I you really need young to Mary's Reynolds and manslaughter and and play well. Dmitry Goodson. I mean. Universally good job distrusts two years ago when are marked as an out I had no idea why it meaning and honesty forever it's got to be. Obviously they see much of a bloody ability to Duane Ford all work in the worst he could be specials so hopefully it works or clicks at some point to justify keeping on keeping them this long. Hawkins now. He would numbers he's. Right it's just yeah. So does it affect the defense probably affects the defense I don't. I don't know how unbelievable season. I think is huge loss even old German cues we want our men and think years should there. Now are you gonna put Britain because Randall to mean was. Flourishing in that slot role milieu price got to pull Randall only outside. And that's not a good spot world he has not played well on the outside he's been playing very well in the and so a write in slot ninety taken away from and you put him back on the counselor where he wasn't planned but don't you have to leave them in the slot. Lie in there I would think that you would but I don't know I mean you know agencies ought to pins on beer charge serve our where you want ours ago. You know held appears on how often. Because you got to have home field. And so I don't know what Cleveland's offensive sets or lie to me they don't use an a hole I 34 hours she was said in the macro gonna feel. He's probably better today and who's gonna start corner. How's your house and moves the other one. On probably Hawkins Sony's bribery and Hawkins. Ended and obviously. Who by the way bombing in just waited out is put on the is put on the IR because of a back injury. Not shall the alleged meaner and there is yours and yours ago. And by his proper. Tuesday. It's a brutal game. That much you know owners and it was it was an earlier when it anchors isn't especially brutal game on Monday night between the Steelers and the mangled they don't. Couple of suspensions came out of that Georgia Loko for the the saints their DB and who was it for the Steelers aria juju Smith Shuster for his hit. I'm Vontae is perfect nobody noticed this point now note at least for now though it's only now and that's due to live by the sword and a bus or so to speak but was what Monday night the type of football. That you like to watch 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan out of I think I'm a hypocrite with the one I'm about to say I'd I'd that that is the type of football. That I like to watch and at every look. Every safety measure that the NFL takes when it comes to changing the rules change in equipment I'm 100% behind it. These are human beings under those pads I don't wanna see anybody get hurt or dire or be affected by this. For the rest of their lives but at the saved and LeRoy and when those when those pads were pop it on Monday night Clinton. I was jumping out of my chair and and I was I was excited thousand retained I was I was I was glued to my TV by what I was watching. I think there and there are two sides to me I think there are two sides to most meant. And one side is thoughtful reasonable caring human being that I try to beat the other side is the is is the cave man who I'm 90% probably wants to cave men balky each other over the head with him with bones and gathered around your aggregate you know whatever and I think I enjoyed what I saw it might midnight I'm sorry I feel bad for Zeta I don't think you should I enjoy and guys on on Monday night I really do it doesn't have a football like to watch. As Jack I at all I mean Aaron a dog I don't like to hit. Antonio Brown took me is only caught the pass guys and rented. So players you can still be a good hitter but it is I think is safer to get tackler. Oh but good on that defense has. Is if you see a guy faking me out. Did you say what you had him. So has got a gray area there of I don't know I don't likes the American west of not think you can do your job. 'cause juju committed block O back. And didn't have to stand over amend all day Loney to. Yeah you don't need stand over him and try to even as it coach say he's in liked to waste a little. I mean that's the dose to team got a history. So the history of it they don't care about flags may have a cast in the before but that's a violent ways you have the almost put out. So come on notice when these two teams play each other. And then Ben Roethlisberger who's very condescending way you that's what about always just AFC north football. You can answer questions like you just can't. Yet to see somebody's his or rob you also because he's protected when he came out today. Yeah read. To browse through your. Are there woes to 'cause it it quarterback to protect you gain a low gain and high Nikkei and Nikkei ended but players. Our Nat. So they put an ad detest his own player rule. Let them Cassie shattered taken out and you're so you to take a shot tonight in a guy's career or for gotta be down there you know. Unconscious I do not like to sit. But part of it is and I've said this for along time ago as know this better than I do. When you talk about the the Judy Smith Shuster block when you talk about the Georgia located in the end zone where Antonio Brown held onto the football season. I don't know how but causes it to you protesters here. These these guys are moving very very fast and so are the guys that they're chasing and trying to being bring to the ground can you really think in that split second. I'm gonna hit him with my helmet I'm gonna get him in his helmet yeah I don't know how arduous acting and reacting in sometimes. Helmets collide and that part of this and that the part of the risk you run yes it'll all play. At some diet sedan concept but to see which you hit. If you can't clear that there had done right that would happen ranch is that I have been saying that out like thirty dollars right Q did a good Arab prevent you from Britain and Mac. One and two of your head is you probably won't if I see what you hit see witches don't close guy that for a Romer and don't do it and don't doubt it is. On Kuester 100 here yeah I held. On many occasions. Pull my hair down Italy would he would to give an order or to hit another Joker or running that respect or your. On purpose right. Arafat and ran backs now do over yeah Bryant exploded and you may change that like three cars cars normal Ramon try to. A more try to inflict that pain on you so when you come to date in next and you going cranes a little bit. Think twice before you try to take the blame our bread and Jamal Williams runs liked to. Done if you watch him run and you watch him come into the hole between tackles he's like African torpedo. Currency that we can do torpedoes. OK okay and it is an act in a short his career rivaling that probably cooler it's. I don't think that's just find out that it's he had not stupid I can emphasize or I can happen right here they are doing on yeah. There are divided but that's his thing go and then that's how. That's will make Eric Jones b.s so much more special and he REDs. 'cause he's going his body bold body blow bottles body blows. An air drones is on the onkyo. But from the defense a side of the football. When you lead with your had India that you're doing as much damage to yourself LeRoy Wright as your other player yes I've. He got east and feel I'll see guys get knocked themselves out if you are you hit your. Yeah as Earl Thomas I think is shoulders all messed. Her get offered to. Throwing your body around like you have you can you play 1213 years which is played within the rules in which he would. And the rest is for buzz of violence or not or taken out. I don't want these fans Coke. Does its act to preclude. But I'm not love this guy I'm not at all OK I know I know you're not your far from that. You just want guys. Known. Plea within the rules and so. Our monetary there's still. From 41 term and long term. Refugees who was doing they gain who was announced in a game because there was there was. It was a is that a Sunday net gain of national and and who are announcing there were there was a player for you wore heels. And folks this is where the air Ferraro used to look. Troy Aikman was sickened battle. Was its road did it I don't drug and into Troy average Troy Troy out of our outside this year's Sydney got no problem Berger was that things I want to resign when he's certainly sit folk do and this is were in their forgo. Jews to look are we. Monica became believers do that can lead any Wallace that's Howard and that steered me connected via religion. As well Ben Roethlisberger is said to 937 the fan after that brutal game Monday night against the vandals. Or we talked at the end of the offseason about you know early. In evaluating and making sure. He's the reason you know and and having spears and you know I still. Portland output but almost a play golf for a good hour or what we're hopeful that that aren't duke but. You know it that the file or stop or reward. You want to do little old encourages you don't I have a final vote well. Games like Monday night alive Ben Roethlisberger preferred his kids not play football is that the terribly slow. Yeah I hit a Lotto was these are allowed to it is if he knows football he gonna say that. That's right at the but it but I try to. Give players a break sometimes when you're coming off because you all hi my dog guys you've caught up in a desolate yet their immediate training to edges. Get out is set it as quick as possible. And just try to be have a hard sometimes. It is especially a quarterback who's being protected. Because if Mossad is 65300. Pounds. He's playing football he wants to play mean. Most apple lack of these a day you play you know mark out and so. You know that's not tell mothers about protecting your kids. Playing football or or no concussions and I listen besides good let him live he's not then duty won't do form one force. Evan 991251. Note that's temple football you like to watch Gary Ellison got lots of media training. That's licensed and knows about his good friends over at the jewelry center. Yeah you know what. Do you merry he's the only over the years. Mr. gaga or Agassi in his commercial yeah I swear those bills Gardner they're just unbelievable guys if you. Looking forward if you surgery for your significant arms to Narnia. This is the time into a deem Murray's received a lot of money that's way to go and I know a lot of guys like to go to their negative Ernst and all of us need to do and ghost you're gorgeous guy but is stopped biologists government got to worry. I guarantee that he can beat the price that you are getting somewhere routes and then dean Murray and his staff will become. Your guys well guys you know what I do. Nicholas radio and I talk about these people that I you know and I actually sharp there of China had to use a money. That's where is all about. I'm doing is have you say mono soil myself save money gas ghosts or these guys out there juries are located on services late late two bouts of new location in Brookfield blue Monroe and try RC Nestor bring. So Wendy's big show I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the two former Packers Gary Allison and LeRoy Butler re asking year was Monday night that brutal matchup between the Steelers. And the Bengals that type of football you love to watch. 4147991253. To show at 1057. FM the fan owl like the results I don't wanna see anybody get hurt or have their brain injured. But the actual play itself the big hits everything that goes whether it I was bows thoroughly entertained for 147991250. Treat the show. At 1057 FM the fan let's go to Kendrick. On the north side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up Kendrick. I would rather I was. I didn't like it I like say here I got say he's educated not believe. Somehow they need through they don't practice tackling you feel a lot of Iran what it takes its big shot that like BA LYE. Now I should have made range jumper and is a bad guy I feel I can't say that right now it he'd want to put it you don't friendly. Meet somebody you guys have bad it's it's been 22 you don't perfect wa you know put it. You know exactly who it was Eddie oh you know we look. Arctic like god. They do practiced. I mean gold mine. Expert plays well we're blue chip and a Mulder for. Which retreated to a training camp and I fear pride. They go off on them and I mean it's almost. Well McCarthy for the Packers for sure but it didn't lab where you live in almost like it's what read to you I mean my school. Is like literally they do. Hold on progress but it also probably got. What are. Talk about this in the past as have others from your generation. And there's a lot of people that believe in them. I'm Michael Wilson fine practice but. Changing practice over the years trying to keep players healthy and so forth going Florio has affected tackling in the National Football League because it's not. Practiced and widespread all right ordinarily that don't live here you agree that that's affected the tackling. You know I don't know Steve I just think the mean you were in that you had wanted to try to get it right you can't do I mean. We're just there look there are predators don't know I'm. I'm happy are you should know you are an early night knows who's ever built here I wanted to oil workers who. One long I mean oh awful idea is there's. Use kid I mean his back when apparently the biggest guy was regrettable. That he was the only got maybe that lead to Austria and Apollo. It was that three out of bounds that they got a lot of papers on certain. Think Kenny Clarke shortages kid you just hit I like that anymore because guys have gotten bigger faster stronger. There's no way these keys can last. Having me very fools rush is right you've got to go on here and you gotta go with what dobbs legislative. God's gonna do what they gonna do you comprised of stuff from price because they do you you do you have guys that are playing Whitbread and you entertained by no you're not legislative yeah. I think for the first time alone drama assortment expert of Cincinnati game and feared for all the Q&A coach. Really organizers. If you especially when a medalist choice it is. This is with the an effort or you absolutely I fear for all the keys that I coached. Because that is not what I woman cute to be 21 or plain to give mr. If your review because from a four ball or be cultured if you saw that game hugest means at least. That's not a policy that's not the kind of football. Oh I don't think. I don't think if I ever had kids that I that I would want him playing contact football or tackle football yet but yeah at the same time and again I know I'm I'm sort of plan both sides of the alien being somewhat of a hypocrite here. When it comes to physical sports combat sports which basically football is ready UNC whatever it is that you wanna talk about. I know I know that these guys are putting their health their well being there at their future. Their future well being at risk. But as long as everybody is is an adult. Who's making the decision to put themselves at risk. For my entertainment. I'm I'm therefore it man I'm there outer and I don't know that makes me a bad person or not. But I'm therefore I'm there for I'm there for combat I'm there for his gal the of their I want you like him and I'm there for violence yeah exactly what you mean. I can't watch him me. Noninterest but there it's a huge huge fan base in this country. For that sport. And I think National Football League. I get there or Jeff ask yourself this knowledge you've seen with the National Football League is looked like for the last ten or fifteen years or longer twenty years. Do you think it would gain popularity more popularity than it already has Roy knew if they were allowed. To play and I guess they kind of are but. If they played at that level every game you turn on your site huge. Smashing hits like bad and ponting everything else in that's the way football was a firm this sport and going forward. And every game you watch do you think that would impact the popularity of the NFL that are worse. I could be worse and you don't lose women and all that. Accused play and I think the history of those two teams. Let's be fair you don't see games like that a lot. He das is just a special game bit you know going into it. But back Gary Lloyd you Soledad every week all the time mimic picked up to quarterbacks. Jimmie manned the on Charlie's always yeah you're laughing at you can't do that stuff ballot how to play yeah. I just see not Rollins cedar gronkowski had on Sunday no those are our goals are red card football plays now the violence with in the attending games. I enjoy it nada and you and you know what I don't know why I don't know why would juju Smith Shuster and I know it isn't in in the in the rule book but. I don't know why what he did is he legal I don't know why but he did their defense is player they've made their leader of here's your vote at the outfield slogan was had her head on a swivel I mean if Jew. Yup but just perfect is chasing that played her Judy Smith Shuster made a block. But does perfect was looking at them. That's Iran's affairs of you warns archer Clifton. Yeah I know you'll bag like no isn't it always I was saying on that happened out of the problem here if you're gonna if your in your part of a play you're gonna try and chased out a guy who has the football yeah. You need to have your head on a swivel chair listening series and on the moment. He was running after the guy he was making was trying to make a play on the floor. But it put a rule I am today have a rule for the and then defend like you and receiver the bubbles over his head and I got still drills and that's a flag. And used to do on their play man you reach out what I'm a tag you don't diesel how late it is still alive and there but I'm like. And rules other rules. But you know they just make money off what he's his memory to settles CNET are how hard his hardest hit and made. Money off Leo and we all watched a networker thing Jack you reject Islam. Got to get a bad ended. There. So you know again. In the defense is receiver. Allied defense of bags don't like it their receivers Medicaid Cragg vacuum your arm but it it do you want to do it hand standing knoller and you know I knew what I was going to have. Flag like that to electric guitars did like when teams don't know why they don't lack that's another business when teams don't like each other like when I watch a fight USC or boxing out that when those two guys get messed it usually it certainly don't like yeah I'm sure that Baltimore yup that's who is still violated the ravens to. But I meant that we waited for Mike Tyson and hacker guy writes. I think that's why you why you watch the game has video game was all about knocking people out Mike Tyson's punch out rock exactly have no but I've got to we hear that somebody attack a split it what is. I'll I'll read to you after you aren't as it has gone James and drafting your on the allegedly Jennifer. It's up James. We'll talk goes. Our hair jumping on this. I've been fortunate enough be in studio with you or where they I'd like to give her a few times. I was actually just there are couple weeks ago. Promoting something about doing but I have a coach in debt on Bundy it was ridiculous. Think that you need to also look at the fact I'd like brought itself but it was a might. That football is actually. Safe to say is that it's a group via. At this point so when you talk about it's not what their kids itself like that. It really is kind of announced starter. I mean I understand the concerns but you know that. Curl crossing rules. Soccer's. The two biggest. Concussion producers. Right now it's not football. So I mean there's a lot of things that they're going into it. You can say that it's a coach about the respect and no parent care. Because from what I don't know what you don't disagree rub up front this aspect look I won I sonic concussion when Mac came out now he's silent. That would Macintosh movie came out and we had the the premiere here for the radio station and a bunch of us want to see it. And Ron was one of them they came with us and we are walking out you could hear mom after mom after mile after mom saying I had no idea it was like this. He's now playing football anymore that's the end of it and that is something that is I think it's growing day by day and the more you see games like that on football. I think the worse it's going to get as far as kids being allowed. To play football it's just I think that number way reaction we've been number anyway I understand that but coaches can preach like you're just dead and I understand what you're saying. Can preach like that on the radio or on TV or whatever else but war ones a mob gets in her head that. Her getting planned marketing plan no matter what anybody says about but tomorrow should note affect investor's point guard fiscal. That's why you get a jump ball in front of the I think that's my point was did you get a jump well fought it in front of the parents explain. What's going on what's wrong how we're fixing its. What were teaching and everything else and me. It all that had this had stuff which does you know we're talking about. I don't teach you that I do rugby style that that's only teach our architect and. I'll give you another exam just get him on the ground what's that show and that made me sick watching that Friday night hikes are here what are that stupid show has is who's that's that's that's that's not helping things either. Will care about your Europe thousand considerate about that's where you make a really good quite understand that there's. There's things that. You know people that load the game football do its job well or. Things are wrong crowd and you're right so for every for for every. Geary Ellison lead to a bowler. James you just called in did you go CU Friday night Ike's. That Ramones album because that's what all you'll see your year and if it is dogs they won't. Completely wrong as it rolls involving America and every right out right after oral because the problem is Steve is not being coached the same way nation for a round out coach Mike is well way. In the article hopefully agencies Joseph was done techs and bit try and I texts and notes it was try another way to phrase is not fair. And they'll say your team is off right all we know now now my god are you joked I'm here because don't got no regard to retaliate or I'll go by. So I mean it's it's it's just off I mean that that game there urges. Makes you really think about. Is there really were okay but it's please tell me to decipher this week okay everybody I voters last eager now to America this is from Brett must murder last night aren't. Are we were paying attention yes. Yell snowflakes. Quick preaching. The violent world of Sam hall sold NFL football to the masses. The Dallas cowboy cheerleaders gave us a little sex of our violence deal with it. Okay. EO snowflakes. Mean no people snowflakes no. 'cause I I. It's don't plagues visited all solved and people that usually is coming from from the right as I criticize people are collapsed and accusing them of being too sensitive too thin skinned and too politically correct. OK let's start there. What was the next sentence quit preaching. I understand that Africa the violent world of Sam Hoff I don't know who Sam saw the hell out of our lives are on sale of Columbus MI a because of an old school football player from I don't plea from the Eagles Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants wanted to do well regardless he is an old coastal Hamlet so I think when I'm hooked musicals lines are assumed it was a linebacker for the giant signs girls clothes I didn't get up hopefully I'll call your name in 1982 for the giants and read through what breast what I dole raiders gears them or for use Jane Hendrix will receive this by doing it right hello. Knees to see you know room. Who she got down and Ditka and no Dicker was triggered by a bus that some. You know those guys let's yeah I mean did they damn near killed our. Arbitrary border with the giants was is going. He murdered a young group. That we re all Frank Gifford you know and are afraid you are doing is doing it out. Mean yeah how old murder rate for your effort. So what he's saying there is. The violence of the NFL is what is what made a popular feature back in the day right but I know we know and his line about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders gave us little sex with our violence deal with that. He's saying oh let the things were better when everybody was OK with the object defying women. Yeah. That's of Britain Asperger's day and I saw that street this morning I voted yes and I hope I never become an old guy who fights the evolution of the world and society as we learn heirs of our ways. If you go to your car. You can of altering accurately. Aaron must burger right can evolve or get left behind so you're against all cheerleaders army. No I'm not slog that objective eyes women then you should be again sector now. Not necessarily know I think that those those young ladies choose to put themselves on display in scantily clad clothing and all that we think that. Ask bureau of the Laker girls you know botched drug take out those short shorts on I'm cool with that understand that Brett Muster is they would just they don't do high kicks anymore right. Clearly I think users are trying to save it daycare was fantastic because it goes back in the days. When football was a man's sport men we're men. Sex violence it was a great Pritchard still man's sport and debuted at any dudes out there who don't think it's a bad sport go play Jamal Williams way. Tell me tell me Emanuel are OK it's not payment adjustments Shuster is Ryan tell me how much of Emanuel Argo get bogged as perfect way tell me how much were manual I'm guessing you don't measure erupted these dudes just on valued value you know. They say the was vacationing and in their program yet that can be a true respect procedures right. Coach fry it right people who say the league is getting soft you tried or tried. What do got league stick and play in victory erase the Google apparently seeing writers here a book and he probably you probably don't I don't you don't get there right there's an effort keeps to utter failure jobs chapter fifty wanted to look at what Robbie likes is the accident fell. Count me in two. Well I Jane how are in Atlanta shame it didn't take it I'll moderate. Here's my necklace oh. Access. As much there here wonder danger. Tehran steal the Jim Ross build wrestling announcer. You're an arrest. Government are in Arenas don't bug in nova coroner has been good friends over ridge NJ contractors American dream in dusty Rhodes who wrote we're talking about mean. Raffish. Outed and they're my good friend over JJ Kutcher didn't match so. Then there can be sure American dream. Ration don't swing it one has room redo your kitchen if you want to remodel this year at. If you want to. He's doing your bedroom if you want and Lleyton if you wanna convert something to smoking room if you wanna do outside aces if you need new. Roofing if you need new side and you need windows to disguise they do that they do all that. At a very very. Reasonable price. And here's what we've car. Likes is the product for. We not covered to Chicago for one do. Right yeah sounds like you keep saying we did once saying no I don't actually like Gary's installing the door and run he's like gears of crew chief Dell over here. Okay he's been a lot of gear put out that one of the contractors know we had covered. Just for one door now. But listen they've got a great you're going to lose Stevie did talk a little bit about. When those are very expensive and and and so you don't have to do all your windows at one time they can do little prize for making commendable. Fourth trial Wednesday for you right now come back and get 45 quarterbacks that ultimately got Richard -- brings out JJ contractors no job is too small as they can do. Was shot it's a happy birthday and he would jump think usually get when the Wendy's big serve return. The needs big shelves. Comic states market is over. Trailers LeRoy Butler it's got his birthday and he turns 43 years old today. Hopefully as a good time when the Bucs take on the president's party got. The Milwaukee Bucks pick in saint post game show as soon as that game is over we wanted to know you're the Milwaukee Bucks. What are you get point three year old be honest that it who vote for his 23 birthday. Four point 47991250. Can treat us. At 1057. Right around the fan you can need to be nice now we yeah. How is it or other people not be Dyson is lackluster job Shaq has not Nidal man now people wouldn't do that would say yeah probably they probably would a man if you're the bucks woody on his for his birthday for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM defense mark you don't say Egyptian you know. Don't say John show how little snow is denies students from the eyes. I. Don't love your style to a three take their toll on him over the box I'd get. Give a new defensive scheme to play with. Berg the basketball team he has the unum where they work Mets and I'd like to see I I could say samurai and I could say. Better jump she'd say. You know shirt your view on the phone big time for three years gone. If there paid but either way so. Yes so for me would be happy birthday we're not gonna make you run around here on fire anymore and double trap and also other crazy crap. Are little more of a standard type defense and see what happens but again if they don't believe these guys are good enough to defend the guy in front of them which clearly they don't. And that's probably not gonna happen now they've made changes to the defense here. Republicans on the West Coast driven an island at the same old same homes last himself against Boston. So hopefully we'll see this anymore going forward but I'm knocked home what are you turn it into what you all this does give them a press. Yeah well I I think of the defense is very they win more games I think really a candidate as we now didn't marry out of fourth birthday. And get. Her purse and why got a girl. Got a girl. A man and a longer than you guys are allowed to come and sing happy birthday joke like yeah Monroe is that your Derek income do its. His gives men Rihanna what you got here he coached and beyond a while now. People aren't presidents and then read or did you would do wrestler got. You know we got a why is she put Dayton I would too boy what's his name is. I've got Macgregor and you. She did but it loud blast out of twittered everything. Shine. You know mark category the year you'd get a Riyadh yes did Brad coach. They go they have added. Pollen on the case if played good defense. Nice view and only. Our idea man man and X seventeen you know it's 43. Demise he's always in the box they don't receding though. 00 yep that's the needs of our younger than joking I hope these days but he does a lot of minutes don't. And so here which you do not employing Sadr to. And a bone and to try to bring them over another nice young player. On weekends ago with them. Yeah I mean I'd be lovely. So for like a star player via my jump start asking file where what you. Know what to get that meant. Are really dubbed isn't it's what are your old dude who has everything that he means everything. We to a dog he needs in the started hitting me now that's roster is not close to being what he needs us talk us talking about from the standpoint LeRoy yeah I definitely don't want any outside of these guys get messed up all our worlds captains Sam how's song gonna sweaters they want is so mean right now what's wrong on trying to figure out what Romney means I did trial that basketball. Very. Some funding lets you drive for a car as you go it's true and our dragon mermaid back. He and release only care about you know my driver. Give morals. Driving Miss Daisy type. Get in the car. I'm jury the driver you'll think he has driver I look what he did drive home. Bush is not and I'm not doing what you said I should go to LeRoy about Anemia Donnelly editor of the Iraq as soon as he's he's getting over it up to address of that idea she looked like Obama is pretty young lady is she doesn't look like him and little on instances he dies on his sister and offer real issue assistant yeah. Fuller picture of yours okay. Mike I'm like government a shooting coach opt moral domain and are shooting golf stopping what it does me no. To be mean we know. And there's one part of his gaming unit or that I have is shooting the basketball. Are good defense get a better. Coach stump. You can give people it's present it's a pretty dresses and I don't know a gazette I don't I don't think you can do that and I. Get a clear when to shoot chief of police okay how hill from you do that. So you say you get Rihanna yes different says he'd get of another young players Sparky says in your defense and ski. Hassled or I'd give him a shooting coach 414 Soledad I'm already in Uga or dvi does for his 43 birthday after the Milwaukee Bucks let's go to nick you're on the Wendy's became assistant car. I know I'm that aunt that you are getting out these bars are. About that work. Originally. Yeah he's to get it in the right doesn't wanna talk about basketball right lot of elite DB I really again on and more. If a real you know we've talked about his don't get all little thing just that and then got help thanks for the golf as well. When gift of time in the world would ask what is the key is city get anybody does not Spain was you can get everything deal you keen. Do you have client. No okay did. I don't you don't know. Why no you can't you wanna bet yeah. Economy Arab ruler creek yeah I have a serve more about the most about a lifetime supply smooth these from Joba Jews. Yeah. I actually these sad Baghdad. I think that that would work adding that the disease yeah this is it. No not that I know of I don't know what that does though nothing he's well he's right I don't know that there does need to know today is the meaningless gesture yes some of the tweets here at 105 FM the fan base here you got a key. Cold brown says he has coach Tony Ugoh. OK mark Cochran. May says and back brace that was that agrees nick is carrying the team every night. Not to get that one and I read it an accurate box editors said does solve what Enron and a BMW so obviously does need to Collie estimates only this time target Dexia drive through baby unit in it occurred to me dead ends and it is a real signer. And I'm proud to seize yeah I'm very jordin. Top another one says a new head coach. And so that's another class red abroad for a couple hours like Richard Pryor in the toy. I. I like that it. Is hugely underrated movie brotherhood and love we don't advance says general manager would be a great start. Just got a new gentlemen and our expansions to our worsening us. Let's see Mac says yelled in 90% of replies are going to be a new head coach Wright's. You mean there's going to be some how are you I don't know head coach to a Jay's kids who want put him in his point four retired treaty dolls I really do think. Jason Kelly unlocked what we've seen from us in the last couple years I've said this before not in order to say it. If the bucks get to a championship level and it's not with Jason Kidd as the head coach with a Shanken he should still get a ring and he still deserves all your attitude. For making for having honest take the next step for for of the how what's the word I'm looking for your fur. In just keep in move and I can't pick the right word Gretna gonna come to your bird is comeback tour but I agree to round let's go to Louis on the north side you're on the Wendy's vigilance up Louis. Yeah. Yeah there was room enabling him so are enabling him to that you're the next step guide Lewis. We. Director's art he. Superstar. Act. Be right at it that you don't. Want it. He. Decorum. When you reaches back. And that. Yeah it's in new line. In. The work the whole hope it needs some work. Like ten Americans. And two children can. It. Bucks in OPEC Lewis is. I'm my money thanks for the call Lewis appreciate that idea was stripped of the barber salad and doesn't gives us give to tighten up any kind that has terrorists and well I mean we can't all go every week like the Aurora. Is his ability that's your opinion here every kind of data Deborah barbershop veggie burgers and ask him tomorrow. He's written code is actively told me yesterday it's his haircut every week. Yeah I hear an NBA player they tell you the Rory gets his haircut every week and that's just because he's wants to talk to those he has. You guys media at the BOT here swears. Rick it is through a Kenneth Gary for you later as legit was about to end Gary if he gets. It. Which is it wasn't lack you got here on known ever brush him never if you had a hearing yesterday George Jefferson. March they were here achievement. Every three days and noble what did you decide to gold ball. You want you here when you started your agent and a credible and I see pictures and Cecilia has like Billy Jean shorts and everything else I you have an agreement almost in my team weighs way Erica I think LA high school college hype it's not right about there not. Are playing it. Obama former Jordan now way we can use them all talent now have their balls because that is societies it. As you can tell those pit those pictures you're talking about another one to talk about with the Georgia's pass and the tight red where you wore a -- didn't shorts yes you were active the picture I show us us about the state now guys can Wear it did in short he's wearing pretty tight door it's. At all and I'm a red tank top. And posing for the camera with a leg is his foot up on a yacht sent Cha got the hour that you could see even the hours that it was. Then he should the alleys are getting deep Sparky. I owl isn't very I had at a bare but you can tell that he did I movie alleys were already go deep for Jiabao raw. Magnetic good to see you. Here comes from the bottom of thank god yeah Delgado IDM. Ian Macgregor ways. Put their murders on emerged right. And that Dex Dex the white. Doubters detectives are made it very easily and if we're farmers brought you only around the get go ahead and do my digital loaded don't have a brush burn part own op Ed students that. This would it's gonna start on wiping out if I got your hair but my hair is gonna start on writes there is there were it's gonna start going why. When I mean it's gonna start turning white great. All lot touches new rays know miners start turning gray and probably pretty soon my guess earlier in the show the the greatest creeping up the beard into the side burns what are idea summit Zuckerberg in a way to luncheons park where guys are these guys are you get all sides yeah I think that's good that you can't notice hate. Cardinals. Got the wings like Polly walnuts from The Sopranos. Did. Albany's and looked at and who that is but he should. I you do know who they don't garden garden in part places that are outside of Monty is well it worked great place to go stage if you have friends or family coming in for the holidays. Perfect place W stayed out while there and tell my mom also laughter among a great place for a business meter poster next at bat whether deal Whiting wedding receptions. Parties. A birthday parties anniversary parties business meetings host seminars whenever they've got the banquet facilities to do just that at the Hilton garden and park place hotel not only they have not not hotel rooms but the restaurant has her award winning chef at Alec hours in the park restaurant. Now today's winds don't forget Thursday night football and get 75 cent wings three dollar taps and a six dollar menu clause. Seven dollars for a burger bottle of domestic beer and a side item. On Thursday as an out hours in the park restaurant on the I don't have black issue amid pitching again. Did you look tiger about city says the great wings this Q yeah that is that so excited about the Thanksgiving brunch that they had. They have a Christmas brunch now coming up on Monday December 25 out of six Christmas Day from 10 AM. The 4 PM et Al hours in the park. I call for reservations. Today we'll take him already 4145775000. But Steve I can get all this Martin read all that is will be here all day and but think about what I said for the Thanksgiving but Friday tiger battery and an added a bush to hit it it. So like what's she column. Cinnamon and Vanilla Hollis French toast with fresh berries does what's that. What's what I'm talking to you you're nodding your head yes well known example allows you a sense of that in my year. As of six I didn't know much column French tells with fresh berries Hala Hala Hala. It's CH NO LO NN it's how it's how CSI don't we talk about this column Brent it's a boy there another word with this is silent I don't know but that's of Hebert says it's it's of bread that's popular with was a taste with the Jewish people hum I don't know. I don't know if I've ever had Hala. There are other answer. No no it's not like the amendment right here that Intel of the judge rules. Probably both. Yeah just it's news Jerusalem here a year iPod doctorate as well black and settle with a orange soy sauce assorted sausage with Kabul as onions. Braised beef tenderloin tips and mushrooms and onions chicken breasts stuffed with an Aries walnuts and goat cheese bacon wrapped role support point and brown sugar mustard lacing a long road map. Roasted a big growing potatoes brown rice medley fort she's Mac make. Macaroni cheese RC broccoli cheese Brussels sprouts would baby care it's. They've got salads and displays there they've got all kinds of different things for breakfast we talked about that a kiddies buffet again to a carving station with prime rated. Turkey breast. Traditional bread stuffing rustic garlic Yukon gold mashed potatoes. Turkey gravy sauce homemade applesauce orange cranberry sauce butternut squash soup that's got a book is thousand displays pastries and deserts. All you give me a bit triggers and dealer and user. Mild injury here's a list taught me how good their does their game I look Almonte couldn't get there obviously and and that. Oh all right but they needed it it it is easy access to the Hilton garden I have not always just think developments no reservations are required for what 45775004145775000. Not a good Hilton's room guarded partly out hours in the park restaurant Mazen as you can. Just her would you buy bread probably stocked the Wendy's big show we'd bank. Right after this.