4 pm- Are you as excited as Brewer Mike?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, June 19th

06/19/17: 4 pm. The guys speak with MLB insider, Seth Everett and discuss a bold fan prediction that claims the Brewers will go all the way to the World Series. 


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Not advertise here on the band and joining us now. These South Africa. NBC sports side I. I'll be great midwest Bangkok live in Apple's gonna tell us the lead off the show that he is buying now all officially the Milwaukee Brewers. I would jet team and I can't wait a year ago had sent your way also. You guys are so excited we currently are in Seattle we Colleen all the time we just leads the malls in general. Set the people don't notice it would lay you just told you Nablus vote appointment radio. I. I don't even though it is OK what do you want me to tell you wanted to say well. While. It's all well and this and I want. And I got that I got to. Make sure you know this is you know we we just. Hung jury so I wanted and we know. The more I and hung jury today it is. Memorial Day it was supposed to be today that everybody is gonna buy an hour or not whether or not this team was legit weekend's Memorial Day you got mine and again I'm not there yet we're gonna have to wait. Okay fine now fathers as past and we're still sitting in first place are the Milwaukee Brewers. And looking pretty much the same they were before playing better than they were back in Memorial Day right now the first couple weeks of June. Are you moving any closer to buying into this thing. Well here's the thing about buying him a favorite place absolutely. Absolutely they are in first place. Are they the Colorado Rockies know they they Arizona Diamondbacks you know they don't even when it is exactly. Now the key and the whole thing at the cup let's be honest the cubs are 500 club. If the cubs win Karen Rowe was I wrong in saying Milwaukee Brewers who would get. That is up in the brewers that it now because it does because this is the whole argument that I'm trying to make. There and to me not about whether or not be. The brewers are a legit team. You're asking me to project. Epic games on August 15 they're gonna be just Israel don't we will. I don't care about the cubs want to ask you do is argue buying that this team can play at the level they're playing at the rest of the year regardless of what the cubs. They can play five games over 500 yes yeah yeah I I hired a big big could be an 8620. All of that's that's gigantic the is that most people around your projected to win like Sony to. But do I think it picked where and could not get the playoff. Maybe not but but people around here this locally that there are certain. But one man smut one man's garbage another event treasure you know the thing right. What I'm not I'm not ripping I'm not banking on that he's playing stretch what I'm saying it. Are they much more than five games over team. Probably not as much they make some kind of a big move which I don't see them doing that is not what the rebuilding process it is. And this and they are building process this is a major step forward. There are fourteen that I put into account o'clock vacation I've put the rocky. I am not a dime back in the so it's five to the Rockies Diamondbacks the brewers the Minnesota Twins in the New York Yankees. And everyone is intimidated because it fit in New York Yankees but they're not the same year gave you that I think biamby and Randy Johnson all the obnoxious people. It is the New York Yankees very young bunch too. And to meet all five of those teams are in uncharted territory. Of those fire team that he might believe in the mold. My Daria I'm sorry. Lunch I apologize. I'd up I think they have a better lineup. I think they have just has thinking that contagion. And I think the difference is that I think they are one starter away from being as good as anybody in the week. Set your apology you'll have to apologize there. Well I'm just saying like that doesn't mean our negative that the I don't buy him you active very generic question which went to believe that the baseball team. Do I think they're going to make the playoffs now. Okay let me follow all lol yeah and this is he wins 8586. Games. Does it make the playoffs now verse is that making the playoffs one way or the other does it matter as far as Craig Counsell possibly getting manager of the year if they were to make the playoffs. He's he's he's not. He's not in the top three from under the. Who. They go and again that's a local they were a lot people think they win this division he should be mantra of the year and center right now if they weren't riveted America different conversation if they designate I got a shot you win the division would really picked it. Right you think it's. That doesn't win and I think right now the way they're playing. And again is do we can with the weekly thing that we can have a different opinion you know. Play but the fact of the matter is that right now. The two wild cards are coming from the west. So right now the playoffs are going to be a team needs a game from the central and reaching from the left. And because of the existence of the second wildcard which is something I campaigned for in 1997. There's a one game play out now I'd call that not making the play. One game playoff to me is like the NCAA playing games like that not a real game. And when you play that game you know all seated based on whether or not you win one game. And so put the division the beauty of what's gonna happen is. The NL west they're gonna play each other they gonna beat up on each other and you've got two teams of unchartered territory. To me the central beside that is what happened at the cubs went as an arrow. Other brewers able to match that no. Now seem they're not a team that critical 110 game win streak spirit team that's gonna play above 500 baseball. Bat and I'm telling it I'd I'd I've talked about it a lot him so little that this is a watchable team. Except my counter to your ten game win streak is you're assuming the brewers are gonna lose Chad enroll at the same tiger and if the birds went six out of ten while they win ten in a row you're still in the race. Nobody you'd just lost police. It's gonna happen it's too and that. Right. To line up saying it do OK if you eat it if it again the result that prediction well no we're not gonna show in Vegas or not. Well I you know I'm a book at your feet up and watch the games and enjoyed it does enjoy that but back this team is watchable. But if we're gonna project. I'm still gonna protect the content ninety went and the brewers were they defects. And I'm also gonna predict project Iraqis directly Dodgers all night anyway. He should have the views. You believe in the club so much. There are struggling bond I don't know I just do you do you do. 500 and you just like little rough is flip the switch went. And I think they're more problems than we know. They're more prominent and we know those. Lot of thing about it is visionary they have a manager with a proven track record they have a general manager that won multiple world championships. They have a franchise. That has the nucleus where the other stars are in their twenty's. It is to be addicted to handle. It is they're they're reading their own pay headlines they get in and I don't think they kick the brewers seriously. I'll be honest I. I think they're much more seriously than I think anybody in baseball really god but the fact of the matter is the whip the way I see the cubs is. You know if the cubs can ignite something. And get some kind of a spark that he can rattle off that team is what projected to win a hundred and fight game this year. I'm saying they're gonna be eighteen games under that that still night he went. Yeah a septa may they wanted to accomplish is to me is as Nelson complete game. Me I would effort need to find out when the last time of Bruno a complete game router is just remarkable to me. And have in first place except they don't have great pitching days I guess is adequate Gazprom may be playing nobody hits newsstands and somebody's guest we've ahead. We even talked about how may have bruised they can be you know an all star and danger is one of Ames has wanted to gather want to talk about. I mean we're twenty home ros this from mark do you think I get tested every week now. Let's talk about the alternate because first of all fan voting at the stupidest thing in the world. The fan voting is what American Idol was based. And what baseball used to do you know back in the day wouldn't win when we were all gone in and baseball and how we got into this industry. We used to go to ballparks to punch out ballot I remember go to the gas station that was my big thing I would go with my dad sit through a gas station -- And like heck can't they shouldn't and BP. They would they would have. Alter ego. And its effort to vote for the altar. Now anybody that iPhone can. Invoke an open not just once like 25 or thirty. There right and all you needed a different email address to vote another twenty yeah. Though in that 2000 when that first became a big deal. It was thought it was one all star game there are going to be exact here where the American League lineup with literally all yankees and Red Sox. And I that would this Sunday night baseball bat could they were on another big all the time. Now I think we're smarter and let people are watching me at the end so that the doctor. But I think that what happened now is it the less educated vote. So the debate about Eric and I think the best thing that happened to him what that he got tested as often as he did. Because unions were talking about him doing steroids all the time. And if that's the case then people would keep in. And what you can do now with your phone you can have alerts to you can get alerted every time Mike Trout that's something when he's healthy. You can have Eric being done there you can put Bryce Harper on there or my new favorite player Nolan or not. I mean I don't know if you guys saw the date knoller and I don't have hit a single double triple. And he's yeah oh yeah for the cycle and at the bottom tonight. Sit tight game he hit the game winning home run for the cycle. That you can't have a better than I am sorry that better than rooted enough in my opinion. Not to do that what an amazing. Things is to win the game to Italian to win. Yeah I'm sorry that's that. Is it to that had an ugly uniforms fit but that the fact of the matter is is that when when you look at at at the all star game any thing that has to do with the fan vote. Is why do they root root root you don't vote for Rubin over Kelly Clarkson in American battle like no one understand any of that nonsense. And so what but the rule and I think it's a general don't get me wrong the rule that every team has to have a representative. It's used teams when they have went when they find out who we talked ours are because. There will be guys that are snubbed solely because they have to get. But somebody from every team. And I want that because they're twelve year old kid that are supposedly supposed to watch the all star game I want them during introductions which is the best part of the all star game. I want them to see bear guy. Even the crappy teams like there should be an Atlanta Braves there. Because there's a thirteen year old in your Marietta Georgia that is saying wait a minute that's my kind my kind don't know the team. Yeah that's that that's supposedly what would be also a game should be about and if people are buying shirt where they are they bought them all I ask is that go to your devices and hope for the democracy. You good and in ledge and how you pull Marietta Georgia there but that's pretty good too since the majority but it could well yeah I love them all when a dog itself. Well what do dog. And yet he was born now or. Get him in like Henry. Loves which is Natalie. Doherty you don't know of trade while they all I know it. It get it better be a boy so I'll I'd have preferred not and I got two of his daughters and we have you Boyd. It's. No but I think we might have a cool name let's go for we might name him after former brewer Darryl Hamilton. But he Darryl would my veteran. And when he when he packed away we thought of a cool way to aren't. Give me you know we're opinion naming him Hamilton could be used to call him handle. Right and the show we used to do Daryn I would called stay up with that in bong north figured out column Tambo. I like like you we get a new naming parties put to a ago. Your name and party yeah we invited people went broke didn't lose to him and when we revealed. Why are going to be invited over. And it was it was doesn't. Yeah I don't know about. I. Outside as much Campbell is also a term brought up by rob stone who now is done and fox sports Wanda soccer. When seated at PB 82 or the bowl and to work for a short time for ESPN that's what he named for strikes in a row as doesn't. Happening it's sort of going at Campbell. And ordered. You're in honor its its coming up on two years when they will be two years since he was killed and I'll give you a great Darryl Hamilton's story. The great one to wrap up this segment. Darrell was a member of the deficit could giant. He's walking through the tunnel at the old Candlestick Park to go to the club out any season then brewers a assistant general partner. Then giant assistant general manager Ned Collette who went on to become the general manager of the Dodgers. Now has been since replaced by Andrew Friedman Nickelodeon at the time with the assistant general manager of the giants. Darrell being the friendly guy that he was he would wave to everybody in the in the park he sees net collaborate on a cell phone. And says hey dad what's going on and that ignores him. Gallup can't let well enough alone he hit bad what to battery came to say hello we know what he's trading week. And the answer was yes. Oh man known. They were on the phone trading him to the Colorado Rockies. And that was the time when he walked over and so what does matter what he betrayed me. Yeah hallmark and Arafat's and that's got to be awkward position that I can I attempt went back a year. My heart that's Ascot stuff and taking a muscle much sets I realize but we'll talk to a sick. Rory are very sadly I measures like granted West Bank hotline when you're ready to get into her back into the housing market look no further anger at mid West Bank visit great mid West Bank dot com. To take the next step towards your new home will come back we'll talk about the brewers. But before we do that boys. Some NBA news coming out for major awards announced you were roars and his alleged so we know don't let Paul George. It's sad that he wants to be a Laker owner he's out after this year. And we know that Cleveland is now shopping him that's been widely speculated and there was talk this morning that they are talking to Cal's for Paul George. One now clubs and Indianapolis. Indianapolis is talking to clean oil for Paul George when I say that put us in Chicago. Not the AA or are probably go to arts of Cleveland and eating out talking about Paul George out right a rental one year. And they Cleveland you know is saying look we're gonna win you'll stay on the lakers were to. Guys Braly Cleveland. It's just talking to Indianapolis Indiana about Paul George walker. These other team has been busy on the phones today talking to multiple teams are trading Ers are. Is this Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler couldn't they've talked to Minnesota and Cleveland in Phoenix Cleveland is trying to put together a multiplayer deal. In order to get has done a mortars and down get did you follow everything has go to Aaron also as a media all the river reports yeah it's not like they may fiery end Kevin Love. And redo everything around LeBron is now. I totally Brian makes really bad and I think that he's for re easy if they move both America fear that Paula Georgian boat you closed lower if he goes did you bolt holes in your article I don't know QV I don't think about what would you rather have. Love carrying LeBron. Or Paul George Jimmy Butler and maroth who. Paul George unique and Jimmy Butler and he is stolen years and both those figures usually a ball to know bronco ball right leaking gulf we get under the pillow that ball and you know adult adult and on about that. I passed. Have you worked overtime so you got no time right. Doesn't mean you have to cut corners when these quality kids meals and everything is likely just a dollar 99 after 4 o'clock. Count allow room. It's as a Wendy's there stop the title role it is a minimum of them falls to isn't yet. Another problem out terrorism or unlikely it is right there under authorities gal there. In the nicest. People I've ever. Encounter with the wind is out here. And I just it was very emotional you know I am I want no solemn on the business of kind of a diva. She the only who don't worry about it noble will make a fresh when she don't know why now just an idea you Zorn and those entirely. And I just felt bad output in this to me Tim system may not order. For me to give the order to have them. So it's alive and I just appreciate. And I'm not put their names as ideals and cookbooks. Are I appreciate. It I don't get that from every place Steve. Tiger I appreciated. In matter of fact I'm so more about Carlos on the higher ups at tellem. How hard those kids are working I'm saying accused the young and me understand appreciate so. Now I get yourself something for yourself too so go to Wendy's again of participating what is for a limited time they have their quality kids meals. Have everything your kids like for just a dollar 99 after 4 o'clock last night and your kids will be very very happy with you that you've got them Wendy's coming up next. Brewer Mike losses mile post game show let's not act or play out for you would you react to that figure out how we get to do straight ahead. She served up hot and fresh share on the fancy Sparky fiber. Trailers and packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler. We're a player as for Mike call for you from last night. Been a caller to station since pre sure since we started in 2005 right caller from day one here. I'm so long time he's been usher out of Tony stayed in the Miller Park back in the day and all that so is dire Barbara fanned as you're gonna get he called into. The watch gambles baseball post game show last night game will be on the air again tonight Tim Allen myself. After the game this evening 640. First pitch 6 o'clock. Apolo and endorsed pregame show Tim Allen and coming up at 6 o'clock. And this is part of the call of Webber might had to say last night and you can tell he's kind of excited after a brewers victory. Well last night. I expect these guys is all wrong and and that triple yesterday. By. And then the inside the park all aren't I need to run it only happens is teams that are gonna win I mean we are. I'm I'm putting it on record again today you hate seeing this team record it'll play out this came at corner of the World Series. Market. There are going to go OK thank you need to me why I thought would be age is probably three or four right now in Reno also an end. And Anderson I thought I thought both guys were ready to be sent Powell. I mean old guys they're making some that. I mean spell awarded through writing hand down and fifteen is going all await him. All right. Market. Going all the way to win the World Series. Gary you are this is going to the world on the saying win the world are OK I'm going to the World Series either way he's able to follow through a rifle and all eyes are go to flaps go to the World Series that actually you won't win an abusive when you all people think is deemed. From last year and why does this argue as excited as Burma expert is simple did you are gonna go the World Series 414799125414. 79912. Had to get used to this pretty much took over the post game show I. Rihanna absolutely say it is fated. So you know I think on Friday. We had you're at the duress to me evolved. And we encourage dangerous element as the lone bright with a six games that are already won't move six innings or so. Runaways she drew is really for people just bombarded me on twenty. Wednesday. Won the first game against. And Diego rigor there was that mean it was a comeback with a that would agree. So overall Romeo toward him about it argue about is William and is when averages. And then the second candidate loses second game. Losses like that game they lost nine note would develop low income wrong. But they love to come on Tuesday. Judges give me alone grief when asked. Heartbreaking attacks ranging up two home runs in the same inning and under Broxton saved you know extra innings lost there but that's the team I knew I was interviewing galvanizing and get a senator's team and you also I think it. If they're Nablus Sunday can I'm never gonna hear it ended on Monday they lose to a three that's the does that rise at a clock Isiah pattern I'll lose that Tim Russert on Friday. Their average and that's what do they just don't have enough. They don't have enough players in the north and you know is gonna torturing them. They just don't have enough their plan that. Warp speed maximum for the plain black. With that being said so that I listen and most times if it's a beautiful day outside. Them nodded to brewers game I am all my day. We're nice doggy maybe with the ball on line or maybe with McPhee rated Berman where's the year but most certainly would seek. And I'm listening to the brewers in I'm listening to the polls and so most certain street. You know and now they've tout. And it's into and so most of the post game show was like this where. Where all the way but it was mostly Greg talked about playoff is there. It's got everything today because I think a lot they were on the bandwagon right now the brewers. Are you excited or excited about the brewers like bloom Breaux might now. I'm excited about the broom. In my excitement I think it's Tim I'm not talking. War series you skiers. Isn't. I'm not even talking and play. And as and as as I keep saying Ian. I think it's routine day in but they Petit one man. Bush Steve if you light. Is welcome. But it feels like there's some theme. Don't know all fine. Now there fine and I'm not there took you awhile deny that but bush tax policy. He's been slow and now they're there feel like there's something going on is brutal question that you can't quantify its it would on. First they show off the first. Actor Mac gamers by a Paris. Name Rick Fisher of the act. In the first one. You have to fitness. I don't imagine carbon it was something is magical about it's if you look at the talent. Were they giving you and the and using your game. You hit. Notes and it's off again and virtual. When your name and it did it listens to him and that's what you hit yesterday yet to home run with it. Got two home runs nobody on base through one and I thought you would. It scored fifteen straight rounds of the long ball on us death team record unbelievable. They are. And I tweed are you guys go back ligament were you want to. I actually got a couple of days ago. But bear bees. Was bombers bombers and what does it 'cause that's kind of what I remember hill right now. New show is can hit the ball is doing great timely result. Are yours excited about the brewers. Like broad market. Lol really I'm excited. A mixer from day one was a different kind of excitement. Because. America. Can't name. Three people are wants it to grow. That you can name honest to Clinton that's LeBron being out. Maybe Shaw and things that. If you're not excited about again I have my house till and got welfare. I have of who got like to talk to an Oak Creek you're renowned in week. Talk a little bit. There are optimistic but he is all thru forty's guys. This city you win 65 days maybe seventy. DeBoer get all these draft shakes. Your idiotic idea OK are you that people make predictions. Sometimes you have to just kind of you know temper your excitement. I know you're not only excitement now with a pitch in the dad. When are you. Mean they don't have. No way amid the best pitch in and leave no. They know their middle rose to the Arabic or middle of the bullpen it is available through an overall starting on a chase and had a great start. But they're winning games. Two and one and sometimes it's school a bit more. Now so my thing is my excitement is. Window people's day stop bad these jerseys. That's when I'll say to excitement. You believe in this date. You lie and it is so hard dirt kicking you even want. About no gain you about it danger brewers' bullpen is nineteen nineteenth in the only a minority not not in the nationally in. Did the big leagues four point 47. And a Tutu to those who can and I do I just do the an elder tenth in the NL on fifteen you win your first place with. Or. Just decks. To share as. It did is just the serial killer Dexter. That's good Dexter and the highest in the. Pay out well enough. OK Derek. Our guys that are out there don't seem like June 2. As they're they're out. Happier if you're always resilient right but I mean it. The burger you have bad and it character we have very good at the world mart will ride out what he doesn't borrow more to the champion at our agreement that all. We don't want at all. We don't win at all I guess what speier don't get the number why. Ticket there's I will not it would got a looting and expand farm to our surprise at all. You've got to beat Opel. Rusty we do our jobs and economy calls them as it would not positive enough. Of these. Polygamy is it is as long ago labor in my business there angle of the world is there a lot of people as numbers yeah. And twelve or not you want fuel horrible in the entire city nine grow your Taliban idea they'd gone a series don't cause a ten how do you if call Jim I doubt we'll get to my. 147980. It was a brick homes right now let's let's go if you agree or disagree and Tim deathly does not agree. He's jealous about it fresh. Son just came out so maybe get some decent weather after all on this whole deal by yourself. I before we had to back quick time out Leonard in this sport slash from my Clemens. No we were playing a call from last night's more camels baseball post game show and they'll buy blaze from the fleet. Are from brewer light. Who called into the post game show and the caller as long as the call itself was longer than this but we took the second half of the call the playback. On the rescue people do you agree to brew Mike Jerry thinks Tim does. And that's why Tim Allen is currently sitting on the great midwest bank hotline this is what brewer Mike. And dissect. What I expect it and guide it all runs. And that triple yesterday. By. And then the inside the park all aren't I need to run. It probably happens is seen that are gonna win. I mean we are and I'm putting it on record again today you're making the team record it'll play out between the corner of the World Series. Market. They are going to go okay. Thank you need to me. Well I thought would be a is probably three or four right now I mean also an end. And Anderson I thought I thought both guys were ready to be sent Powell. I mean old guys are making some that. I mean spell awarded to I mean hand down any team is going all the way you know mark all right. Market and now joining us as the host of the watch Carroll's baseball post game show you catch him in meet tonight. After game one of their series at Miller Park to Tim Allen agree or disagree with amber Mike said talking among go to the World Series. Well we always start with what we do now. Kind and we also with what what we know it's back. Every picture you go fake news is there's no. You know I anonymous source that ridiculous diligent talking to lawyers sometimes and he tells you relations. Your honor. I idea I pontificate. Let's start with what we do you know on the fact is the brewers are 71 games in the season. And that much is true. And there in first place. So that being said. That doesn't that's not true that's possible to do it again for the next seven he won the games. You have to beat the Dodgers Iraqis and then nationals and the offs. It doesn't matter of the regular season. What's your in the playoffs you win the division go to playoffs and then you have to convince. Everybody but you can win a seven game series against the nationals organs the Iraqis or against Arizona Diamondbacks lock. But be a good drama out of the Great Depression. Chuck Iowa and it. Is Google the world's eyes what you do the goal the World Series. I don't know. He's done I'd died accidentally. No no no you lap dog. I would say yeah. He would say it. Was sixty you to listen to show like I listen Joseph you clearly woods into I would not every bit out that Joker Jamie. Pest problem is based community is it. And now it is they would rivers liked at all day. Love and I love it I mean these these guys have proven a lot of people. People wrong but what we talk about April to funky year in the N now CPU and I discussed that activated. When you you gallon up on key here. Yeah due to tell Tim would you just said the last segment about. They got that some consultant right now make this bursting they do they do have certain something going on right now I mean you can look at. Just as we consider the law on the first initial loss mean on. The second gaming you know I've given away but they still had a chance to win I mean they're right there the third dimensional laws. I mean there there there's something about this team right now. Then you can explain in that you can't put your finger on when you stargate and stuff like damning to U. That means a cover up. And that aren't eligible older. I have tonight you I have not heard that or not. That's what it appears that the way the Broadway right now just can't explain it. Here monetary are great they are they're not doing their best brought to about. Eight OT. Oh yeah scared and they are playing their best and implement towards the right now. No I mean I think is much room for improvement mud and that are urging that. 500. Well there are five or older. I mean OK there are finals loans. Yeah that's pretty good who's 71 knew quite that Duhon and a 142 that we can all work. I tacked on another 21 game and say go even just one or two over the B twelve or. The B 8990s. Ghetto in ninety games to them sort of got him. And I'll start with today's today's game that's that's what Wednesday's game. Yeah you gotta win ninety games is where you're. Well not that I got to know hopefully winning tonight. They'll court tonight all right in a biblical catch you on the Abdullah windows and doors on deck show coming up tonight at 6 o'clock I'll be listening to him. This is so on the ice he's a work with the brewers lose I get the blame when they win everyone says wow what a great. Yeah I don't want her famous lines and loans that. I'll never quite critical thing. Some good 67 and in the guy you're they've. And watch ballot all that your I don't know what they lost because now CSL's all Niger Morgan you can blame him for that one. Dan thanks so much for coming on things to sit there is franchise Tim Allen delegate race senior necks and assailants are Caleb. They held an arbitrary sir. Toyota are covered there the whole World Series. You know I'm very optimistic about the birds this year. Put our makeup moderate roots rock posters already so we we are. We're definitely ahead of the rebuild. What's the biggest I mean. I think we definitely attest to on the that would do the code. I'd I think that with a one year wonder I did you crisper than what he did really well. Obviously there have been very tepid ordered a thorough underperformed this year I think. We can take advantage of that and keep winning and take the central. But at the same time with our bullpen. You would think we win policies. In the playoffs with this open I mean you. Get and the book anybody after the factors that that he was confident it would enable. So. I mean I'm optimistic but I think it's late or at our World Series but maybe maybe two or three years from now. You know we get back to back the public that's. All right and I slick off. I don't think there's any wrong being said about his first team. I'm I don't think you should be excited about this burst team I agree with Gary that I think Gary is something. Their own words on. I mean you can you can just see that the the excitement level in the east or the way the old weakness. But isn't out always go in yeah make her look I like you are to be heard example I think that McGregor Mayweather fight. The longer that fight goes the more McGregor is an oblique lecture. Right no doubt about it and I think it's the same music we hear the brewers in the cubs pull law there in first place and what are they sit on top the more they're gonna win that Babel all their first place. And then when you have that confidence to a team. That had some maybe begin the year but now it's SARS the bill may start to buy yeah and now they expect things to go their way. That that can turn into something that nobody expected. No wild. On the other end of that spectrum Gary the longer your it'll all even though you know you shouldn't be that's less than about the objection lakers in the backyards maybe we are as. Other covenants in May and we're not a I think they know that there. They're trying so hard nothing's working I can become frustrated and in the longer you go what you put their struggle these. That as a play don't you start they don't want to write that they care what if they can't exit. If you think your fix it would have fixed it by now. The console. App is not that easy. Not daddy's never seen tingle with the monitor on the economy enemies as. I never see what data Monica. That can't fix and don't know how to gather where. He'll. And meanwhile meanwhile you watch brewers in home at home. And Jim you know and if you complete game. Iowa holiday brewers pitcher I'm sure there were some people luck. Have been some other brewed up northern brewer the longer they shoot part analyst for the games or northern look under Greenville avenue where you can become your home brew master. They have brewing classes guys every share which got a good job you got to orchard Obama. Northern it was a place we really don't go by you here's a place where eagle ruled that appeared at the kitchen. Right there when you walk into orders are two classes are free. No there were looking at a hundred and. Show us up about it fresh live from the hold Chevrolet studios see Sparky fiber. Gary dollars and zero back under hall of Famer autos. These new I don't Leonard wood to about them. About books I don't judge and got a buddy you love the very thing the very start she did you get your carbon sciences know. I try to cover coming up tomorrow it has to admit my take is that we neutering and. Go to tomorrow the Wendy's big show while we are due today but we didn't get as soon as a graduate tomorrow. You were if you did hear earlier. Eons what the owners of the box who was at the press conference with the new books are managed on horse. Said the future is kinda now kinda kinda. So we doubt in my mind. The question tomorrow on the big shall be sure the Bucs W slogan is so what should a big and should behest excited now or what wouldn't be he's definitely important files a will do that tomorrow I got here on on the Wendy's big shill for sure it would afford that also Albany at new votes are much downforce on the show. A tomorrow afternoon as I'll try to get my game pretty good at it yet Los stuff on my press conference do. Are coming up measure alleged right away pick a lane or top three topics of the data is ownership group editor Len are. Yeah Susan just as horseplay just as this ownership groups seem like Herb Kohl on the basketball operations side that'll be the right lane designer Elaine soon did you get what you expected out of the US open a lot of people complaining saying it was horrible. And the return blaming going back to. That caller that we played for Mike from last night talking about how he thinks this team is going to go to the World Series got a quick question both the may not end up being quick answer but I just cannot do more risky. And LeRoy you noticed. So in NASCAR moon. That with the call owner split LeRoy injuries from recent and that tops so many you know the top so many. Drivers and automatically qualify for the next race so if you are top say thirty owners points right in your Dale Earnhardt junior. And you crashing qualifying you don't miss the race you automatically get to play or get to go automatically still race the race do you top thirty point. Should they do an effort off and say the top so many golf automatically make it caught in can play Saturday and Sunday even if they're below the number. I don't think you do you have ago. Now can go off of the individuals or so much. What if you look at parading as a starter sport. Yes do you have any money on Saturday sunny DC tested this either start golfers and they're not even dare to walk around with that they weren't Lou I have viewership on TV. People that are going better failed to spell that might think again all of our all Mike I yeah day or whoever is. Now he's out there now one might follow poverty following those judges give him back he can just play. Nickname golden group but they got through their store and I don't get a different scored is that both of their crappy school or back of eight implant Saturday and Sunday. Busted you know and I'll have to go other can still see their favorite guys even if they're not as you know. Did you at a different time now for golf yeah you don't have to try your agent you don't have Mickelson. The little star power you have needs to still deep they're on Saturdays and they'd better. We'll sure be that easy answer but that doesn't solve the fans while they're looking to see Rory match I have not been there Saturday get a I don't think glory goes because it's not fair to the other golfers Larry Brooks. Would you say is what what do what do settings is now what would you say is it's got to be the top however many. In the money standings or wherever you model for a top ten qualified to pass through interviews to cut you still play Saturday and Sunday. Now those guys may be mad about that word macro may say it's that out horrible on. I had no chance with a German tiger and make considered I have to play two more Rolf did I should be all relaxing not I'm stuck here. 'cause I get I get penalized pretty much and for being in atop him I have to say here. I think offensive continue to think outside the box and look at ways to guarantee their star players gain actions gas. Sometimes when it falls on Mother's Day. These tournaments or Father's Day you aren't going up against a lot anyway and that did away part of country you are you going up against you know. Want to be to Japan only doing all these table when tiger did. Lot peep fans put stuff on hold to watch him. So in that player why does Jordan speeds when he was even contending. People watch him Rory the way it's the way so. They figure out away but I just wanna be fair to do it god is maybe. Numbered 69 in the world. You know 51 on the money list. They could have made that I want to weigh about you know to get their card. If they wanted to marry a man I just want to be fair to those guys are they got analysts of the spotlight to start out that the conversation to something like. On a different charities and walk I don't know I just think we try to fix that you might awards. So leave it as it is the only news I qualifier qualifier who don't you. Our major treat to defend doesn't Johnson is not gonna stick around a golf tournament to catch 20000 odd check in finish last because he missed a cut out. Freddie don't. Go as fast it's just yeah I I I don't I don't know if you look at it and an added bonus for staying those two days for the top guy who would you do. Pay for being their for the two days and they shouldn't have to be. All of saying yes it is Wednesday. Yes I want them to golf so the people come to watch them golf can still see over there urgency ST I sold McIlroy misses the cut bright young and gorgeous so you're gonna go to talk to me they have no chance of winning we'll give you additional acts. To play the next two days and played out. Even though you can't win even while mean you could play everybody collapses but gaps are your run Korea now. I was kind of interest or pleasure when my climates for the welcome back in Israeli strike like pick like a Mac.