4 pm- Everett "Are the Brewers in first place? Yes. But the key to this whole thing is the Cubs."

Brewers Coverage
Monday, June 19th

06/19/17: 4 pm. The guys talk with MLB insider, Seth Everett to talk about the Brewers season and postseason chances. 


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Kind of fresh air out the fans. Joining us now. They sent Albert. NBC sports side I. I'll be great midwest Bangkok might examples gonna tell us the lead off the show that he is buying now all officially the Milwaukee Brewers. I would jet team and I can't wait a year ago had Cynthia why also. You guys are so excited we probably won't be out we Colleen all the time we just late in malls in general. Set the people don't notice would lay you just told you. Books that appointment radio. That's that's that's that. He didn't do OK what do you want me to tell you what it is today. Why not just. This one. Hundreds not got that I got this. Make sure I you know this is you know we we just. Hung juries one and we know. This simple. The more I the whole injury today it is. Memorial Day it was supposed to be today that everybody is gonna buy in are not whether or not this team was legit weekend's Memorial Day you got mine and again I'm not there government have to wait. Okay fine now fathers as past and we're still sitting in first place are the Milwaukee Brewers. And looking pretty much the same they were before and play better than they were back at Memorial Day right now the first couple weeks of June. Are you moving any closer to buying into this thing. But they here's the thing about buying him a favorite place absolutely. Absolutely bearer in first place. Are they because Iraqis know they they Arizona Diamondbacks know they don't eyewitnesses as exactly. Now McCain the whole thing at the cup let's be honest the cubs are 500 club you. If the cubs win carry a row was I wrong in saying the Milwaukee Brewers who would get. That is up in the brewers that it now can cut because this is the whole argument that I am trying to make. There and to me not about whether or not be. The brewers are a legit team. You're asking me to project. Epic games on August 15 they're gonna be just Israel don't. I don't care about the cubs unless you do is argue buying that this team can play at the level they're playing at the rest of the year regardless of what the cubs. They can play five games over 500 yes yeah yeah I I hired. Are they they can be an 86 when all of that's that's gigantic he is that most people on your projected to win like Sony to. But do I think it picked where and could not get the playoff. Maybe not but but most people around here this locally that there are certain. But one man but one man's garbage another man's treasure you know the thing right. What I'm not I'm not ripping I'm not banking on the cheap by any stretch what I'm saying it. Are they much more than five games over team. Probably not and what they make some kind of a big move which I don't see them doing that is not what the rebuilding process is. And this is favored building process this is a major step forward. There are fourteen that I put into account o'clock vacation I put the rocky. I end up with the Diamondbacks and their so it's five to the Rockies the Diamondbacks the brewers the Minnesota Twins in the New York Yankees. And everyone is intimidated because at that New York Yankees but they're not the same New York Yankees that I think biamby and Randy Johnson all the obnoxious people. It'd been here yankees they're young bunch too. And I mean all five of those teams are in uncharted territory. Of those five team the team I believe in the most Iraqis. Yeah hi Gloria I'm sorry. Lunch I apologize. I don't I think they have a better lineup. I think they have yet has been consistent pitching. And I think the difference is that I think they are one starter away from being as good as anybody in the week. Accept your apology yards apologize. No I am just saying like that doesn't mean I negative that that title by the end US they're very generic question which went to believe that the baseball team. Do I think they're going to make the playoffs now. Okay let me follow all lol yeah and this is he wins 8586. Games. Does it make the playoffs now vs detonate in the playoffs one way or the other does it matter as far as Craig Counsell possibly getting manager of the year if they were to make the playoffs. He's eight he's not he's not in. The top of reformat under the. Who. They go and again that's a local they were a lot people think they win this division he should be manager of the year and so I don't know if they wanted to rid America different conversation if they division I got a shot you win the division with 86 game. Right you think it's. That doesn't win and I think right now the way they're playing. And again is do we can witness the weekly thing that we can have a different opinion yeah yeah like but the fact of the matter is it right now. The two wild cards are coming from the west. So right now the playoffs are going to be a team from the heat a team from the central and three teams from the west. And because of the victim of the second wildcard which is something I campaigned for in 1987. There's a one game playoff now I call that not making the play. One game playoff to me is like the NCAA playing games like that not a real game. And when you play that game you know policies of it based on whether or not you win one game. And so for the division the beauty of what's gonna happen is. The NL west they're gonna play each other they get beat up on each other and you've got two teams of unchartered territory. To be the central the dog is what happens if the cubs went general. By the brewers are able to match that no. Now seem they're not a team that critical 110 game win streak spirit team that's gonna play above 500 baseball. Bat and I'm telling it I'd I'd I've talked about that a lot I am so little particularly watchable Pete. Except my counter to your ten game win streak is you're assuming the brewers are gonna lose Chad enroll at the same tiger and if the birds went six out of ten while they win ten in a row you're still in the race. Nobody you've just lost the lead. It's gonna happen it's true that. Right now that's a lot saying it do OK if you eat it if it again this resolved a prediction little but not gonna show in Vegas or not. Well you know I'm of the we can speed up and watch the game and enjoy it. Does enjoy that the fact that this team is watchable. But if we're gonna put Jack I'm still gonna protect the content ninety wind and the brewers were they defects. And I'm also gonna predict project Iraqis directly Dodgers all night anyway. He should have the news. You believe in the clubs so much. There are struggling bought I don't know how you just do do you do. 500 and obviously very rough is flip the switch went. And. I think they're more problems than we know aim at you they're more from there we know those. Well another thing about it is visionary they have a manager with a proven track record they have a general manager that won multiple world championships. They have a franchise. That has the nucleus where the other stars are a minute when he. It is to be addicted to handle it is they're they're reading their own page headlines they get in and I don't think they kick the brewer seriously. Of course I'll be gone I'd. I think they're much more seriously than I think anybody in baseball really does but the fact of the matter the whip the way I see the cubs is. You know if the cubs can ignite something. And get some kind of a spark that he can rattle off that team is which projected to win a 105 games this year. I'm saying they're gonna be eighteen games under that that's still nine he went. Yeah a septa may they wanted to cops ms. Toomey is as Nelson complete game. Mean I'm we're afraid to find out when the last time of brewer complete game router is just remarkable to me. In Arab and first place except they don't have great pitching days I guess is adequate gas and maybe play nobody hits newsstands in somebody's guess we've had. We even talked about how may have bruised they can be you know an all star and dangers one and Ames is one to gather want to talk about. I mean which went home Roz is from mark do you think I get tested every week now. The let's talk about the alternate because there at the golf fan voting at the stupidest thing in the world. The fan voting is what American Idol was based. And what baseball used to do you know back in the day wouldn't win when we were gone in and baseball and how we got into this industry. He's stick go to ballparks to punch out ballots are never go to the gas station that was my big thing I would go with my dad sit through a gas station because. In lake had gas stations in DP. They would they would have. Alter ego. And it's not effort to vote for the Alter it now anybody have an iPhone can. In both developed and not just once like 25 or thirty. They're right. And only needed a different email address to vote another twenty yup. Though in that 2000 when that first became a big deal. It was thought it was one all star game I remember the exact year where the American League lineup was literally all yankees and Red Sox. And I guess that would this Sunday night baseball bat could they were on and I played all the time. Now I think we're smarter and let people watching me at the end so that factor but I think that what happened now is. It's a less educated vote. So that the thing about Eric and I think the best thing that happened to him. Would that he got tested it ultimately is because unions were talking about him doing steroids don't. And if that's the key then people were keeping unite. And what you can do now with your phone that you could have alert you can get alerted every time Mike Trout that something when he's healthy. You can have Eric being done there you can put Bryce Harper on there or my new favorite player Nolan or not. I mean I don't know if you guys saw the date Nolan are not a happy if they go double triple. And he's yeah oh yeah for the cycle and at the bottom tonight. They're tight game he's the game winning home run for the cycle. That you can't have a better that I don't start that better be included in that in my opinion. Not just wanted to know what an amazing. Thing is win the game is Italian to win. Yeah I'm sorry that's been. Does it do that had an agrarian reform through but that the fact of the matter is is that when when you look at at at the all star game anything that has to do with the fan vote. Is why do they root root root you don't vote for Rubin over Kelly Clarkson in American battle like no one understand any of that nonsense. And so what but the rule and I think it took general don't get me wrong the rule that every team has to have a representative. It's used teams when they happen when they find out who we talked ours are because. There will be guys that are snubbed solely because they have to get. But somebody from every team and I want that because it. There's twelve year old kids that are supposedly supposed to watch this all star game I want them during introductions which is the best part of the all star game. I want them to see bear got. Even the crappy teams like bear should be in Atlanta Braves there because there's a thirteen year old in your Marietta Georgia that is saying wait a minute that's my kind of my kinda know the team. Yeah that's but that's. Supposedly what the Australian should be about and if people are buying shirt with Eric they've gone them all I attribute that earlier devices and vote for the them all stars. You're good and and pledged and how you pull Marietta Georgia out of there but that's pretty good too since a majority yeah but it could well yeah I love that. All what a dog itself. Well then again what dawn. Yet he reported. Shortly we'll get him and Mike Henry and we don't know switch and Natalie. Doherty who don't know entree all right all I know is. It gave better be a boy so I'll I asked her berth on and I got two of his daughters and we give me a boy dog. All right I give my next weeks ago. No but I think we might have a cool name so for we might name him after former brewer Darryl Hamilton. But it Darryl was my best friend. And when he when he attacked the way we thought of a cool way to honor him. Give me you know we are figure naming him Hamilton could be used to can't handle. Right and the show we used to do Daryn I would call stay up with second ball yeah it was bigger about Colin Campbell. I like like yeah we haven't naming parties foot to a ago. Your name your party yeah we invited people went broke didn't lose to him and when newly revealed though. Why are going to be invited over. And it was it was. I don't know about. It I've. As much Campbell is also a term brought up by rob stone who now is done and fox sports Wanda soccer. When seated at PBA tour the bowling to work for a short time for ESPN that's what he named for strikes in a row as doesn't. Avenue it's sort of going at Campbell. And it. You are in honor its its coming up on two years when there will be two years since he was killed and and I'll give you a great Darryl Hamilton's story the the great one to wrap up effect. Gal with a member of the Simpsons could giant. He's walking through the tunnel. At WO Candlestick Park to go to the club out and the season then brewers a assistant general under. Then giant a assistant general manager Ned to Levy who went on to become the general manager of the Dodgers. Now has been since replaced by Andrew Friedman Nickelodeon at the time with the assistant general manager of the giants. Darrell being the friendly guy that he was he would wave to everybody in the in the park he sees net a Levy on a cell phone. And says hey you never going on. And that ignores him gallop can't let well enough alone because they had what do Matty came to say hello we know what he's trading. And the answer was yes. Oh man known. They were on the phone trading him to the Colorado Rockies. And that was the time when he walked over and that's what matter what he betrayed me. Home then I suspect that's going to be awkward position that I can I attempt when action the year. I put my cup side that's that's good stuff and taking a muscle much sets are we are labeled artistic no word up marketer and very sadly I'm in Laguna mid West Bank hotline.