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Wednesday, October 11th

4PM: The BIG SHOW knows Soccer? Bart Winkler joins Ramie, Gary and Leroy to discuss USA Soccer.  No joke


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I show. I'm running back all along with two former Packers Gary Ellis in the LeRoy Butler we had been might mean different. Sit in on the Disco and here on the show and how sitting in on the a coming to got an. My good buddy. From the chuck might show weekday morning to tenure on the fence blundered only bark winter hours and embark yes no one anymore device and a National Anthem. That got him let him or you everybody is all patriotic by the national abdomen and the American soccer team loses. And people are laughed about it do you hear had the deal that Ramirez say it was eliminated from the World Cup yesterday. Seven died down a little noticed you can drew does at 10 I haven't had that look at you really wanna know what. Or Lebanon and don't want him. Or. And a great. Do you wanted to talk about. I don't know we. Are redundant. What where marina where. They were eliminated even know how it happened. Over the world. You don't know what it. And I went. In and you know like back on Lebanon and the government are. I'll. Get. It or your broad. Soccer team has qualified for the World Cup every World Cup in 1980. Cut hand in the error region. They claim a candidate on the southern North American okay. Eighties she should be our country this guy and for the re they have. It should be equal lock them every night you might serve up against Mexico or some of these other countries Rica Honduras might take a game on the road because. The conditions that are weird and there's a lot of weird things happen in soccer you should not go at 8 o'clock every time and it it until the final night. I'll call occasion to be eliminated when they shouldn't I it. Months and weeks ago they were org or watching other teams when they at one of the worst teams cadaver based on them and they couldn't beat them. This and them out of the World Cup. It's gonna take away that every warriors there's a buzz about soccer. That kind of re invigorate or gonna take that away the darkest day in American history it is ruining the sport year. We're doing everything. They call I asked whether his goal or college or the pros. Or the US federation. And women that broke well. Here's the thing with the women women always do well because a lot of the man is the winning you or remodel. But the men are high and all these other countries and the women had like countries where women can't even tried to medium. OK I don't have a rain did Dick while they won the last World Cup. Go to their game would end let's get back to. Don't I welcome the night it didn't want to winners and you don't. Even know. There was a bank or better. Okay. Oh. You do angry at. No I don't know anyone MRI. Came and asked about. Acker I say I don't I don't care that you realized it was limited doctor. I do care and I'm glad they are limited. I've been at this topic that they are limited World Cup. We. Have that. Old guy that I got to the World Cup under way as to why we're not talk. Let's. Do that Gary like. I wouldn't turn on the port and whatever your highlight show choice is not by a court. But I don't about why. No lie is a lightning rod and other things that people like and don't like. That the problem comes on at Roland what about the Irish people they. I'm Michael and watching game around you people only celebrating. And rotten drag in and more on that. You even an Alley you don't light and I. Oh yeah. Oh with her. Right now doesn't. You. All don't I think I'll pick your. I'm just happy the game and handed him that US soccer just ended okay. And and every time I turned on port center. Get it in new and conversation. About ports that I actually care about their talking about early lead. And have the reaction I have right now to USA soccer. I wait it's a new and and and knowing him. And that's I and then and well organized I'm glad that they're eliminated I'm glad you're it was eliminated. I'm. Got out of unpatriotic. And it doesn't matter not gonna make our country a better word. Olympic or entertainment and it does not mean nothing for our country to. Imitate like number Tony on the north you're on the Wendy's big it was a joke. Didn't we don't not where doctors because of all athletes are rare. Yeah it could be the only back. They are all a dog yeah. Or allegedly. They're all about are about are our guy who persuasion. Are let it. Arguably what would create a bear to go. And the blue go. Are accurate in that respect. They did talk about the concept of Al. Doctors and together with the club system in the east it's got to pay to play soccer. You know it'd hit it without them too late rocker. So that's another reason why. Arc is in Africa's you have to eighth. To be part of the association that take up and make it took it to the top level. You have this critically. Radar you basketball tournament. It's doubled some argue it's dark out early years. But it. It's soccer that they are good football and whatnot like tiger the seventh eighth ninth grade eight jump out. Either our sleep at all other sports. They don't like it. They're just brought up a cultural drives them to play a sport in. Will. We. Obama my bottom line Tony you more Americans. Are. More Brothers. It was a Brothers. I don't broke. We're. 00. Ball. Okay you meet. Acting or in the basketball they're paying. Ali. Are you going. Where. The I go to a basketball court should be. None. With. Life. Are you there in money. At the time. You never. Because. Think that they're doing. And you'll people playing. As a model. And they needed an article. I. It. The game in the game like. Barbara. Inner city. In the article. I. It market. And Milwaukee. And her. Wanted to go play bad all the. I grow and grow at jerk. Repaired knee. There. No those are my boat you are around. I like and boys alignment I don't think. It's a medical check and ideas summer culture and do you care that team USA was eliminated moral content in part regulars here in studio to to tell us why we should. They're eliminated credit to people can means. They're gonna do it will want vertical and waving yeah. I don't care if you don't like soccer that I just don't be it about Ahmadinejad about it. I don't like. I know that they don't like and they make a whole production now I do little. Don't feel like I'm gonna commons are. Are you and I don't know. Thank you. The rule I don't go to David but as I brought out there and TVs and up to the World Cup. Way LeBron. Wide world the now make your home game theory created as well let greed and are active in and that amazing view is for us. Got 161. In greens and I've been. Here where that odds soccer but it should be the ultimate role viewing experience American. Ball and I got the ball specials every Sunday Monday and Thursday tomorrow Thursday it all you need winning in 1999 that includes. A ten dollar power card they got great deals on their appetizers. Like five dollars there will not Joes are there spinach dip their mozzarella 8322. On hampered a Miller Lite Coors Light and Bud Light now has always. There's a million dollar midway. Or your half time enjoyment with the latest and greatest in arcade games aren't thinking about booking your company's holiday party Uday don't put up. New into a Dave and buster's take over and rent dot ball play no matter the size of your party to call and pour one or or I or 0100 that banner or one or 45 or 0100. Let him and is off at and all the detail. So all you have to do is eat drink Clinton watch sports at Davone bus while Sosa. Howie 100 just out. A north avenue quick break more soccer talk with our buddy Bart wink or when the Wendy's big return is big shout ironic. There's Derek Roy that sure Packers partly clear of each and Alicia. As well. He resident soccer read on the and Torres near red download it or lose it. It's. Eight eliminated. Moral helped him dead again and got back. They are a part of our life devastated dominant that it I don't wanna hear you people isn't. Meanwhile we're not talking soccer in my heart I don't. Mind if you don't like Packard and a note of all right but it really bad. Like like these are empty and as an example we put an article the bomber at and you don't like mark you keep growing up there carted a long. An article about hockey you just don't know do you know your picture. And immediately you know why you anger and you know why what. US and do you know why a good point because you guys are so went into. That other people like your port and talk about or that and nor are we really need to tell you how crappy your boarded. Got absolutely I had my out look out there you don't want to write that off right. Yeah. There's no you the close of noise and all of the toys. You know all I ask you care about soccer but I don't think that the work World Cup that. You know all those gains are twelve hours different though if you wanna wake up at. 30 in the morning to watch soccer. Do about it. I don't know I dad did that got Korea was like at all I quit a job after your year so I could watch every game. Area wider goal Ed and you know the fact that we didn't qualify and they'd pick that we're not all flying now. It's a good wake up call but it does not the worst one minute. In my open I. I I went totally agree the reasons but I league. Think they might Deon is something because. US soccer no matter what happens to go to these World Cup. We're never going to be an elite team and be mediocre or ever so at the very least could be a wake up call. To restructure the entire way that we do things there's lot of passion and anger from people like me today. I just hope we do I'm dying with that but I. And I have what Lara get a report thirty. Yeah a lot of one less thing you know there aren't a lot of broader. Audience for Durbin is the last time I. Sort not liked Alpert in scenes Wi in the World Cup I would say that perhaps not all our best athlete like Bok. Right play basketball and hockey in all the lay some of these other boards or with help big you know I need is. With the money near what they can structure you should be able to get. Enough people to play one of their top forwards Jozy Altidore African American and you know this guy is. Have a mosque there and it like LeBron part of play soccer if he's that kind of are more like a dream mongering kind of build. Read a lot of guys like that. Because either they go play other sports which is fine but there's other guys like Joseph Alter that could have that ability in art field it's as we don't have the resources or the time. Or we don't air and find people like that. We might everybody know on and earned a dynamic. America's got how many did an. You know people type of people raise their lives here there's people that come over Europe that breaks down here they think. We're. Go so we got to find every. Double for a good actor and make them. Carrier awfully quiet about the or their usual take your silence is not caring that they were eliminated. I mean we Kimmel. We'll get him tightly on. A majority won't would have them I don't know you know yeah. Isn't going Jim. What are you aren't a lot. I am race. Get me there. Are around me and our Avery. Video. Here as well yeah. That here I'm always you. Know I know I doubt we pulled it never agreed to yeah. Litter there was enough there remember now there was a human spirit and does it. Did you figure it out on her with a bad yeah. Room go to an OK just in Canada your abilities deja. Our psychology or shall couple weeks ago and sort that you're like my wallet size of obscurity and all. I can't agree at the end and I I. I looked around I think. I've got to people that I know all that every year and world com pro around me are basically criticized and I don't hear auto. And you'll calm and I'll walk or talk about every game that they that they want spot I'd I'm just glad that the Hewlett effort or four years now. I don't agree to get our American ambassador but it was the people are like and. Even only. Or. Every mom. Or or do you weigh in order to be that bad to. Can you discuss the girl and her. It looks like and we know it might actually the best idea. Man. I loaded. One man and I. What you are doing all right yeah. I know the lone run but. Crooked. Let's go to inaugural drove him to join us next to the N double A actually they may be more cricket in the NCAA but those are the two worst organizations in the all right idea allegedly port one for the highly. Do you most are made in Iraq could play neck and neck with them in the double coming to get a government ago. Gary I don't care about soccer talk about something you do care about please onward to JJ remember reject the current. You can. Province and they built the building your backyard. Debt easier yield to make any. Probably nobody. Ask of you I really don't he drew like no. I do know they do a little off of that. Ad you showed in golf golf and you. Are hers are JJ cartridge when the doors. Citing look for roofing if you look at the remodeling your house and there is changing country and you know darned warrior. Went over who lobsters were homes they remodeled rooms are incredible and allow people right now we don't move without our movements morrow. They come to his Jersey contractors little permanent members are you what they can do to your existing home. How they came in here where you put in a new breath and put into living room. Polygamy case put in there outdoor or no job is to all. The mugger earnings over a jury into character. They can do and all. The care that he knew that it was eliminated from World Cup contest. Talk about a one more segment our bodies are there before we get back to draw drag real football with radler remit it all in outer. Or or to your call right there on the when he's very big shot. Rotting. With former Packers Gary Ellis in the royal Butler Butler and I mean the top soccer and or do you care that team US actor was eliminated World Cup contention all our data that. I'm glad they're eliminated I don't have to hear you people. Are under and seven that's a great. At what I've evident that that we are worried about it. 08. And I'd really re. I did in the order that they come on now does is it your call all right let's go to Jeremy Ito is Jerry. Eight. Pretty much for barked so part I think you're missing the big reason why no one. In the United States really cared about doctor and that you know we have our American sports. Green at which had the name but ball incident from what we call soccer side too much superior sports. I American football and we're America we had our own sports. We don't need to foreigners play and that I think the attitude of also Eric. I. Mean we do read this or America. And yet you're beater. I mean that I brought up a while ago it is or in port at least in nature. Are you on. Sunday mornings it easy he would not developed countries O. There's a lot of people that error is another one of these birdies and not going by what I am saying is. Something that there are people and when things Ayers and error and we get in here you on something of that girl. You don't really know like the actual game impolite like it because you don't understand and Laura and I told. I. I told you watt where the hate comes from a yard out. Ed Ed and you're no. Because eared annoying and base of Egypt. Did the Bud Light and talk about it or not. Know. And in the home come and get an. Ultra. You don't hold you are well known. And region now own. Soccer for all let's go to Tony you know tree and Tony your other Wendy and Tony. Eric your your guys you know your report your record you're out there during and you something that well without them. I ordered there or you're all our World Cup. We're so black market iron or. Wrote to you heard. The commentary afterwards or your regular cold or gotten even more angry you're wrote a critical. And to think we put down. Don't know what I'd to wanna buy her. Concord. A little. Quicker and barbecue at Oak Creek middle school tomorrow night thirty. There are orchestrating their soccer. A regular. What are very Akashi and in the arm he. Narrow come Oak Creek from our spirits are going to be here another argument. A little. A do you did it do is dealing. Experience I think I'm an. Important word here on out or in. Good arm and arm it's been time. You're serving opening in the ball to get everything out of it or not. Soccer is lower than what it hero a lot of people don't understand and that's why they don't like. Based on an L if you but. I'm not only auto Garrett top apartment there. There are her into it I mean there are a lot of things that I don't understand. Why I'm annoyed by soccer and soccer fans there's good reason or a bar no was it I can tell by the grin on a nice center. I. Don't know right MRI. The man to around there's there is no work today. People including you a hard. Today. In your. Home. Are not coming here and talk about it. And it. Or with 20 with Mike cubs enthusiasm. Real cold others are. Called up today it was a cubs and march talk about the cubs player update to our Milwaukee. People around here hate the cubs. Why. Is that what are the feelings. That while we're talking soccer. You weren't in a host of people around here. He's a lowered talking about the cubs don't. Go to Allen orders of the legendary there was up out. They like I don't. Let's go in yet there and I probably aren't at all. There are few. I mean you know it's an idea. I don't hold a hundred. Or how. Our little LL. Well I'll. And get you agree. Yeah. I'll learn you might think yeah. Where you can. And all the original Art Bell. Where did you grow. And played again now through Europe yeah I'm Larry era I was good there are no. Where near a well. And where in Europe. I'm. Glad to hear about it when did you come reunited day. And Bob. Or who are outside their stock factor let's. Then number one or infield out or ordering your. Oh number did not at all or Detroit or don't you're gonna get a good. When a Bosnia. What do you gotta do. I'm I'm courts in your. Game right now. In Milwaukee in Milwaukee. Actually. Goal of the race in Milwaukee outside aid but I don't wanna be your right here. You. Which. You ought. Art checked. Into our. And you. US I met in 1990. Archery equity here like. 67. You'll scorching involved copied only. All of that at all that. Or at all that and I. It would usually like that and I'm like oh they're celebrating. Quote good score record or our World Cup. Thousand people celebrating its release here. In. Portugal on line. It was great we did and be able ad buyers and their work block parties and there was a there is a lot. It was on. And now we're not gonna have an act that out. You're mile mile on me are it is a good move me Iran air on the Wendy's big show. A look good after no one. My man Gary why you. Oh well how are eager are you on today. Oh. They're little adrenaline don't want couldn't go bought and luckily we want to we probably they will not a huge problem I ignore it and you know what. I found it in common you know a horrible week. What were critical people and Coke would negatively go through that the economy. Soccer in America and what a wonderful sport and you know what look at port than it out. It can't do country. Trying to cover my looked like. We don't have the personnel would that people like and are comparing America's record on national. In our cheer if you look at. He we have tragic World Cup. Later in program are you can copy and your. You and I know you got it from Dortmund Germany in radio and called global political gamble that usually eight. Undercard got a good because we're not quote quality not we got a lot better actually. ML and they're not completely on the international stage a reality. MLS ruining the American soccer team while. In. The teams that are beating us in CONCACAF that's a that's happening. Is getting good order and what kind of milking your white you are absolutely right. Because you're not a point or it could be. Got a small small nation a week. And American armed income of American culture with the U. Black. And everything worked or what the country you'll have some. Quality incorporate them as well. Did the guys last night you could not tell their World Cup it was on the line it looked like scrimmage at practiced. On a two day. There were it not at all. No I totally Greek. About mid fielder in Bradley got played she's got clinic in the field and everybody pitched. It lowered back there or bulletin pretty. Tikrit the only launch we don't you know you look at can't that they would support America to whopper or art collection Procter. All wouldn't collect them at the record January. And where. Is that how lucky we didn't like. We go but poorly you know what prompts. You watch football changed a lot because but they sure sure you don't have a pact that we are complaining out of Quantico that he shall. It is that harder. In our Winger who could become a movie who would be affordable sport now the soccer program got a professional coach Knight the second annual at the. The only 18800. Are completely. And it needs Jersey I have to go hmmm yeah. And I know. Church you're and then you know what I'm not that certain the government broke her to work very hard. I. All. These correctly again on when he bought your parents bring half the time. Good instruction. And then but it's I hate so much because I use it even. More. On these and quit. I. They're a part of it looked like it. What it is and the American might American parent out there we're accused of double play soccer to go to one of professional. Put your credit wanted to go to college scholarship. Yeah count markers bad. They all act nobody could actually can can Ron calendar thing that really are only cop. Level English if you look at all the structural you work or players coming we called it an American court. And what's happening there. At all that's just the reality of important picture now or what triggered that no I can't think of a battle that you can't until you. Look at baseball tomorrow and look at and I look at our professional baseball how many Cuban coast to recount. I'm Mexico Puerto Rico complaint and all American playing pretty well. Thanks column on we appreciate it like. And Uga. In order to. Any number Orlando podcast and of you do not want it to me I. You know to an abrupt art and Imus under are. Under normal. All right did did it pretty just mark this down the guys. And mark this down under and I'm not sure what happened. I mean. You are and in the Dalai side and I don't part of it I mean mark Garrett does soccer hero and oh okay. You told he did edit a gutsy or that's my bet I have. Got. Perkins my. Yeah yeah yeah fabulous I brought it and a Turkish. Government. Let's get your blog you got to render out a little. All I want to nerdy guys urine urine or during your videos over to. We gonna Perkins and allow Gary together now. And you don't mean. A lot of are you another question with this and value amid a video I don't do little group asked me. That. And a man I got. There's little girl in. Here. Speaking of the Packers agreement apology I got the book and write little oil into the web to. Get back of well. It is big it is that time here on the Wendy's big show to check in with tagged out comes the Packers in Green Bay press gazette. Hacker news.com and right here on the Wendy's big show in May pollen out of Ryan would now on the great midwest bank outline how hard this afternoon what he. Murder well are a little late guarantee we're too busy talking about how we don't care about our that's our our our Robert. And they would after a few videos out a bubble. Never look. I like when you guys talk like data back and who's done it all up yeah. There's a picture of me and our priority. Omar Oprah you are hooked. Each other about a the present. I mean. It. I. Know. Who are always gonna I'll. On. Him. And no longer. Delay and knew where you want. In a married. Monogamy it's Packers. Don't buy. Or where. You're where. Letter. To your I don't know. And rod we have any update on a majority now and we'll check was being evaluated or something wrong with some part of his body. Yes we embody our backs. And that not only that. Hello to the oh lord I know. It look like I heard that's important urgently he really stretched out Ford and it rigor and more sightseeing in the they listen to facts. And the most important thing is that he said that he's actually reached into an issue will be calling Sunday. Using full participant today so whatever the bipartisan whatever it is is it and it orchestra and serious. And so and that's the key to you about the practice field. Let alone that the game PO some. Unhappy here that he's on our team and I know right. You guys tell us what do you think Xavier road lot in my opinion. The best pointedly which gather you think you would travel with seventeen raise. A great question Aaron Rodgers was talking about that today and she says that they are trying to decide that right now. I'm obviously last year after the game months. I think this Christmas Eve and sealed it came out that. I want it to your rose. On the shuttle to Nelson that didn't happen I'm so. That that there was spirit that tidbit I don't know that's a disclaimer not the as error writers talking about it and it's it's a decision that their academic sense. With a way to block adams' playing right now. There's almost to number one of them out to consider where unopposed Shaq and so. Usually you have 11. Receivers completely admirable one. That that makes the decision for him. That is there an app that I can have a decision this week rest issue and come out. And it would run outs. We're talking about they're two very rob Bartlett Adams and his. New cards are Indian should be why didn't they had not on him last year on extra did you elect dormant rodeo. I don't know you know they they obviously to restore Nelson's time they didn't and stringent born into silent car. Where and when you travel up into it and so two days before he became creation on the open market so. Is it looks like that there are trending more in that direction right now it occurred to you when it. Considering they're in season usually don't see those double oh. I'm Mike Daniels was extended to December. Two at fifteen she's a possible. Armed but yeah now it's. I would imagine. Will be high on the priority list. In terms of the change their own creations displaying. And I think we talked about just what it'll be very interesting because. If you look at history this sort contracts one. Ted Thompson a receiver position like to give those guys receivers certain contract too cute enough market. It'll be very interesting to see its corporate market value or not my guess is that. There's a very clear trend historically. This position in second contracts. And I would not expect to change. Yeah I'm just shocked that you're not following. Right in. On what are you just learn about your. Ad buyer Ryan wood 200 is good at it how Herron president. I a couple of important. That he was a better. War. Attacked what they want would like to do and at all. When shock and he doesn't really need a lead blocker he has great vision in Greece deeply. Cut its president H. Our question. What the government is a hundred you know I'm. When he's a hundred for it to keep Jones in there. But you are Montgomery it doesn't really matter deeply vaulted them what do you do. Well he got Ricky Jones in there to settle into Mike Archie sources should look into this store that historically the way to use assists and actually. What what they were to a timeout summit source Greece. Gains loss of the season playing in about 90% snaps that is not where Mike Hart likes to actually he's always. Tupac I sucked about Nadia about extra to not a workhorse the key to actually do it would James Starks and Eddie lacy. Or a group with a few years the court that even. She ski. Want that to Dex system and what. When you look at the actual what they needed to compliment our Marco. Who is versatility is special. Ability. Pure. Chew receiver out of the backfield to create. Or actions for the defense in the passing game is really what makes it's special. They need you again and get to tackle production that are internal scouts at Accenture 125 yards and all the things that you just mentioned the position that he has the sect leader and all immediately locker. That pattern zone scheme running can and you look awfully Gooden had its external. Whether or trying to between the tackles running off tackle. Jerry Jones is going beaters. And certainly given the opportunity. To kill all of what he did an in Dallas but. Ty Montgomery is going to you're either directly to rotate bottom line is he added that might occur it is not want any trying to. Playing more than 90% actually. I Montgomery was the first weeks. Green Bay football and Derian would find his work in the Green Bay for a net net hacker news.com and every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Right here on the Wendy's big jolt talk Packers and vikings and trying to get on Friday what else appreciate it. What trends on the great midwest bank outline when your ready to get into or back into the housing market. Rondo burger or relaxing or doing Knoll. You know we're. Once Iraq War was an outlet in this current look and they are well. Two mile well. Our good years old harm or no. No worse than George. Karl were here in new marble. Right now they got on mark rule promotion. With the regular prior valued at all the more of it will product. Receive a rehab and dot. Smart will injure about Greg are you. Let Jorge de mark rule I don't Wear sweaters and big layers. For the all. Week now to check all their new hall in which products. They have new vaguely in all departments clothing cold weather. Where you were start. Her sharp with a bare back. And back to go. Let's enjoy a bigger legs or mart will in the year earlier in her head and and their Buick up again. Your Smart little wardrobe in particular York. Re bred or over 100 every years. Electing George out here it's easier owned and OJ outdoors dot com which are either on your hair in their earnings are the bar on February. You know Ringo are not under and there aren't appear. Or two last year but in terms of promotion. There are a huge night and nine and drive. I look into it get over a year I don't think eleven is not my favorite thing wearing brand new American. Inordinate amount everything. Aren't. You gotta do. That money and dollars to be exact date but did anti at 7288 want and you're entered into our national contest the evening were. Wrote our own CE as in Derek. Wrote rose to seven to eight it won by inveterate may apply due in the next minute. It is these are all I eat my bad RO I don't I'm looking right attitude Henri agreed to get up the paper. Dolls without the cut to commercial I don't a lot of joy and guilty that. That's not here not that I do RO. I wrote an avid is always brought the veterans may apply due to connect a minute and don't text and drive your neck. 200000 dollars coming up at seven and 8 AM tomorrow morning on meet chuck and Brinkley show will reset the big topic a guest on today's big show you the final item with greatly highway collision right after the.