4PM: Chase Anderson on 3 days?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, September 12th

The Milwaukee Brewers announced they will use pitcher Chase Anderson Wednesday night against the Pirates at Miller Park, on just three days rest? Is this the best decision, or are they risking injury to one of their best, and remaining starting pitchers? BIG SHOW fans weight the options. 


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In Milwaukee sports talk radio they are the issues that big old talk about and you. Who have the final say EDS please you know it's Kim and low bully. Judgment day. They arrested for drunk driving or any other. Oh boy 026279614100. That's 26279614. Under. A little boy died. Lavoy they're your best defense no fool Wendy. 4 o'clock now. The Wendy's big show live in the. Hold Chevrolet studios this hour weekly visit with Packers left tackle David box GRE he joins us at 4355. O'clock we'll reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. And give you the final say on it. What impact did this pennant race more. The brewers sweeping the cubs over the weekend are losing Jameer Nelson 7991250. Are you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan because these shifting. And moving in and maneuvering that you need to do when you lose your best pitcher has begun. And it means chase Sanderson will go on three days' rest tomorrow in the finale of their series with the pirates market. Yeah I'm not a big fan three days' rest I. I'm not your mouse with a guy now not everybody is CC sabathia that can do this. So you're OJ Sanders and now assumption as an he'll pitch every five days after that right. That's the assumption Hewitt thinks over the and that means you don't government a four game set against the cubs over the weekend. Course suit Larry tweet that to earlier. It's next week and a half cups on Ali contaminated I'm sorry go ahead you'd still have until Pete so. Animus comes at a nationals as we can just really excited about baseball pennant race I'm so firm from that perspective you slob a minute series. I just don't want this give you get to be a situation of well we really don't have anybody to put in a Jimmy's role so we're still thought guys on three days' rest. Our better guys on three days' rest eight I tickets are of their effectiveness coming off three days rest and B I concern about their health and three days' rest. Yeah it's about it what he did years ago with a burst. Completely more going into his free agent year. And pitching on three days were. Not I don't know this ever has been brought up but I just wonder that month of September where he was doing that. How much of an effect at hand on the rest of his career wrongful ring he's still got the huge deal from the Yankees all that but you really. Years later was never really the same pitcher ever again and really had been in years since that's happened. Snyder run chase out there on short rest if you do wants OK I guess but I I don't want this to be a habit. I just don't because. Again like I said aid effectiveness in beat the help bulls are two big things for me you can't afford to lose. Another one of your really good starting pitchers if goose chase Edwards isn't that sometime an injury because you're forcing the issue because you don't trust anybody else who fill that spot. It's four. All the federal judge Amy chase and then it is over it doesn't matter what happens after that it's done so I don't wanna Garza pitched. I'm file an iron Garza pitch either I as a last night on the post game show over Tim what generals baseball post game show. Those Miette Gaudin tomorrow Lee's idea on those guys will person burns whoever. Alabama come up here and get that spot saarc and then figure out the next one the next time what some other team have to adjust to somebody well not having any tape on. Haven't the brewers are a hundred times over the last ten years happens all the time and embers get Abraham. What Debra just to you to your minor league pitcher so would you don't have pictures up there there have been through one while they share YouTube. So you instead of this rather would have done that the nets. So I ask your question again what impacted this pennant race more losing Jameer Nelson their sweeping the cubs. On the gaining a three game are losing your best pitcher where I'd Ottmar. I don't know I don't know how this is gonna play out I don't know the plan is that there is gonna continue to pitch him and Zach Davies on short rest or something of that form of that. The rest of the year because of the plan then it's Jimmy Nelson. But of organic goal with normal rest and normal guys pitching and their normal spots. But I say it's the cubs series that the sleep that's that's a bigger deal to me that if you're gonna sweep but your four. Plus just nighter for half well and her slip sliding away again would you rather before out with Jameer Nelson or five out without Jameer Nelson. I'm not for up to half out with Jenny Nelson. Now what I'm saying is if they don't get this week if they went to audit the right into your four and a half out after yesterday cloture yet you have Jimmy Nelson right. Or I don't have Jimmy Nelson. And I get the sweep and onto a half out I'll take two and a half now. Everyday of the week without your best pitcher. But providing they do it the right way as far as how we're trying to replace of it could be very difficult to replace him I like I said. I'm concerned about health and effectiveness of Jason Anderson I don't want the jays answered all of next year because we're pitching on three days' rest this is what type deal. This becomes more and we're going on the sabathia wrote them to get very concerned about this but even if they. Even if they don't continue to do this you're still without your best pitcher you. And the way it is Bruce pitching staff has been. In the second half of them really good it's been months it's been really good the last month but it that's mostly been carried by Davies Nelson and visit her and I doubt it two guys. Well yeah well Woolsey the central didn't have a good game less able would I mean Joseph green two guys that you feel really good about sure when they go lot of that mound. Iger and do we have some big series coming up against your direct competitor top tens that your trying to beat out for that for that division title doesn't give in also was out here or not this office does it get going in short order it's not in a matter troop they have to hit. They just do an pirates their what for nine against departures on the like that this year now. Usually don't play those jokers today tomorrow. Can't you run another three games over the next week. But it doesn't get any easier you've got to figure out how to beat this Pittsburgh team have to mean even if even if Craig Counsell wanted to now he couldn't. Lied obviously can't lighted up for his three best pitchers like got an off day category as the cubs he's gotten off the emperor's. So we'll see how he maneuvers after an off. What impacted the pennant race more. Sweeping the cubs are losing Jameer Nelson for the season 79912. Victory you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan and throwing your two cents. 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At 435 right now we're asking year with the announcement that chasing Anderson will go tomorrow on three days' rest for the injured Jimmy Nelson. What impact this pennant race more sweeping the cubs. Moving to within two games of first place or losing your race 7991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan there when your two cents about. Great council's decision to go with Anderson tomorrow as well if you so please let's go to John in sock familiar on the Wendy's big show what subject. Oh Garrett is thought. The biggest impact is moving to me now from Yahoo!. Heard a weaker Cuba all of a sudden. That's a that he would be able pillage. A wild card game or the first game of the playoff series. And now I am not a door but not enough to do the same thing with Jay standard and. Good to meet up at the bigger effect couldn't be that bad team in baseball was pretty good starting pitcher. I heard on the true. And cookbook editor at people like apart a lot of. Wider if you are Mac the pirates. Obviously there is a bigger deal right now this one because you have Morgan suppliers and you direct now you do. I have to and against the cardinals. At at the end of the year the red I think you had a series before the cardinals and the clubs have exact opposite. It comes at a carnal second life series and make and against the reds before the brewers right now the biggest importance is the Pittsburgh pars thanks for the call. You have to figure out how to be depart you couldn't beat the pirates with Jimmy Nelson of perspective it doesn't really matter. The look like you're winning with the many so. You got to figure out how to beat this team and may we have to figure out how to score more runs in your school. You've got to score 45. Six rods. A game consistently. Against us tee in order to Pittsburgh offense as did you trade. And coming here yesterday and they look like they were that while they look like the first half Dodgers not recently doctors but. The first half Dodgers look like the Indians all the Indians look now. Right the second half dollars got a good plot ballplayer right two run homer mark taste good ball player to run home far. We do what I gonna get catcher from Ryan Anderson well this average is zero for thirteen streak while this guy breaks is Gerald for nineteen streak. Why should us like okay well. Not good so I got the ball back tonight with Souter on the mound. This could very well be a bull by name because he's not stretched out all the way. And and you gotta come back tomorrow Jason Anderson on three days' rest that tell you Gary how imported. Greg council thinks these next two games offered more. Giver or whether very important because you just can't you can't crap the bed at use swept the court procedures. But that's kind of been there animal. That they just don't have enough in Jimmy Nelson further hurts that they don't have enough. And in real joy and I keep saying is the red flag is ripped flesh to me hardly breaking get up and they can beat the nationals they can be the Dodgers. Then they come back and lose these games and losing series and they should be winning because they don't have enough. These don't have enough to sustain it and it's happening. The bigger brits are gonna get their they're gonna do it his team up and they're obviously gonna help enough and as you know something further hurt Simba they they don't have an. And because the manager Jim become strange and weird tool images don't have a personal just to keep it going and I mean you looking for. You know. To try to sustain this. Is gonna be tough and sustain this historic proportion to. So are you saying that the Jimmy Nelson injury further hurts them. The have a bigger impact on sweeping the cubs. In the long run well yes because you don't need you got three Morgan it would go I mean right now. You sorry for it in the right well do you it will affect him right now because although you wouldn't chasing Anderson for Garza then. Then what you do which recently and after that. You know you shorten his rotation down to three Granger plays affected them right now as we speak today that's why you pretentious and world and behind men will be what will you do after that it. Some are some more double life as you'll catch up with them and slow it whether it's tomorrow chase Sanderson on three days' rest our next week and a half ago with chase Sanderson three days' rest are aura. Leaning on your right hand a little bit more which will show you they don't they already don't have enough to sustain them on the stuff. And in this for them for the hurts him to marry him that's why reality you're right though in ineffective now all of a sudden this Joker you overthrown he gets hurt. Blowers career earnings that you don't write I mean that's how dangerous. Of a situation that their plan will because they don't have enough. And that's why I agree with Sparky when he says a study going with Jason Anderson on three days' rest. Call up one of these pitchers sure that you have in your monetary system wealth and see if you can catch lightning in a bottle with one of those guys because the way are you can't do that run into you because there's no that is the law. Who who's risen Souter sooner. And Souter who is going on there tomorrow they're hoping for four innings at best out of browser or tomorrow from what I'm hearing tomorrow will be chasing Anderson a three day it's so. Had not they lost. Last night I don't think he's he does them. You think that that changed the decision lurid factored into our decision last. They know that they can get to these things these Cinderella man and they want yesterday they were into it and I don't they don't do in your probably right. They don't do it now dollar produced a long ago which has been grudges. Throw away right now we we got to do something had they won that game yesterday that I don't think they make this move today. Let's go to Mike Mike you're on the Wendy's ratio. Hey guys yeah. Excellent thank stake in the completely disagree with Jan it's like if we don't sweep the cubs what good is one game. We could be back another game never been sick or for a big deal it was still don't worry that. You can order relief Brazil and in. Hope for the best and I think that an epic in any given moment when you pull up a guide firm. My nearest. They always stay hardest hit. That this goal. There's gold. Recollection what's effective bit. Mean recollection. Our. Well as far as our viewer called minor leaguer here I got to match that is to invade face Jay Sanderson. On Souter and had to go back and they may have facing a one or the other but against sitar isn't always stretched out. Mean suitor can get you through five or maybe in the sixth low pitch count you're excited. But if he gets a high pitch count first three innings it's gonna have to be a bullpen game. Off again for the brewers baseball team and and you're gonna have to hope that chase goes deep on three days' rest going to itself above buddy get momentum question. What do regular is more sleeper losing Jimmy Nelson I still say the sweep either put you back in his race and with out the sweet. You know you're sitting here at Warner half out right now. Armed and I don't. I just don't I don't have any I don't have a lot of things on there still in this thing we have we have more breaking breaking new taxes news now. This coming from rob why I'm taking up roar spotlight were well welcome let Robert moss yet something. The Packers also have released cornerback Darius Gunter. Official moved to make room for Geronimo Allison. Well then why it really spreads out I don't know. Law you. Know what that noise once it was a confusion. Correct zevil that shocked that he got cut you can look all that good to be get. Right yeah as far as CIP gains Garnett out of well you're right the what was the Ricky Jean Francoise move about maybe there about my husband you have an idea is there. Packers are your specialty. Here. You know he retired Gary our target on the hallway but I mean you know when they brought back when they brought in quite dial that's one thing in terms of depth there. I mean. At the end of the day they just let's just thought that he did not have enough gas in the tank and you were kind of concerned about that some of the pre season games against six snaps the other day. You've got these other questions about why are in Bryan Bulaga and all that kind of stuff but. And his main sense they just need to do move one. Is there is somebody else who might get activated tape you know it. I tell you what if Ted thinks like you know what we feel so good about this in an Adams is has been limited in. Practice. On previous Adams has been Lyndon practice. Out while cease and you gotta wait six weeks to bring a guy back from the PP. Evans spiel can be activated I don't know known now so might be like I can look at the roster but. You know that there's three or four guys like that that the circled around they had to make a decision on. The other thing is it's that old Ted Thompson like your. And what she's trying to challenge another team. Dave Dave treated at grammys tweeting says maybe they're bringing back Christian Ringo. Now now. Now I don't got to hope that well there's got to be another movie there either somebody they're calling up from the practice water or estimated are bringing in office now he's an hour ago and the practice squad they want to bring him there's nobody else is injured that they need to activate before next week. If Jason sprigs hamstring it's obvious that to be at their shores offensive line are here but larger. Goal yeah. Got to bring tackle Brad talk with David Bakhtiar coming up in just a few minutes let's get in Josh this Saturday it had gone through this before the break though it's up judge. It harder to urge you get back to amber did. I was still pretty good after the sweep over the weekend. Look at what nineteen left I think are still think tomorrow realistically that the report cannot scramble off nineteen Orleans. Some still I'm still not in vote so called upon club up collapsed Gretzky I think if we got a chance when Melissa Anderson I try to map that out. Sure hope that you next week ending of the problem I'm looking at a correctly out is wrong about that we stands ready I'm guilty. So think you know that that's about it another and that if you wait till Friday with an mini stroke Wednesday. And then eat you know missed the concert I think. Tony I think he and partner that don't end and are the cubs beat the cardinals. And really. They need to win I think tonight. Probably tomorrow but I just I think big slugger if they got the chance to sort of give and won the division in my mind. Appreciate the call. I mean the right there. Striking distance there and they don't have a chance now I agree that the right there but now again and you get in of having to pitch guys on three days' rest. Not everybody pitches well on three days' rest so I can't say this enough and your stats are I guarantee you our lessons or sabathia did just let viewers know more about it. Okay that's EC's about it that was an immortal second half of the year no but now they have a jays to a wants fine how she's doing multiple parts. I'm not gonna like this tomorrow and want to pitches five days' rest the year okay. But I don't wanna get his situation album we got guys go about three days rest not retired Jimmy Nelson spot comes open and having to figure out what to do the rest. But this is this is the choice that Craig Counsell now has everytime through the rotation. They go with an unknown and call up one of those kids and and just stick them into the rotation and beat code I'd go to Matt Garza or or junior guerra. See tax your bullpen. Board headed the and I forgot. But the the option options are not good no matter what it is the options are not good and you gotta think somewhere down a Wii and somewhere down the line you gotta think it's gonna catch up to a now. On the moon when those are your options some more dime a lot it's getting catch up. You are idle word eye catching up to. Damn. Necessarily if you're having a minor league pitcher come up into abusive there's not a hate. And I have been getting hammered right off the bat the first time through the door for the first three innings with what hitters and not seen on. I'll I'm more neutral that I so -- sure the problem. More than willing so we'll see what Craig Counsell does beyond this in a B chase Sanderson tomorrow. The Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck showed it's ready for game two between members. And the pirates at yours truly starting at 6 o'clock and the last pitch you make the switch to the Milwaukee admirals. Baseball post game show we got a break because on the other side Packers left tackle David Bach TRE makes his weekly visit to the Wendy's big Shawn hopes Chevrolet studio. Slash. Now it. Good afternoon for the masters he's WS has these sports updates studio on my Clemens masters he's as the premier supplier and patio furniture rec room products and sports memorabilia. Check them out in want to show or that they short Johnson online it master's he's done now. First on the fan Ricky Jean Francoise as you know to be a great NFL player you've got to have good to me communication with your teammates and your coaches have. We don't do this you have to got to be wouldn't learn gambit will lunatics on each person in his. And that tees so that's on which you'll grow as a player and a person ethics of these. First of today the Packers released the thirty year old defensive and they picked up from the Washington Redskins they have also made a surprise move. Releasing defensive back let Darius Gunter and undrafted player who made the roster back in 2015. And as a starter last season after sand shields went down wide receiver Geronimo Allison will not be allowed to return to the roster. After serving his one game suspension for substance abuse. Related to that speeding ticket in Wisconsin last year. Receiver Max McCaffrey was cut by the Packers after leading the team in receptions in the precincts and got signed today by the Jacksonville Jaguars. They had to play there's this place their premier receiver Alan Robinson. On IR after he suffered a torn ACL in week one Packers are going to be the falcons on Sunday night in Atlanta has new stadium. The Wisconsin Badgers traveling to BYU this Saturday the coaches and players from Florida Atlantic from last weekend's game still stranded in Madison. They hope to get a flight back into Fort Lauderdale tomorrow or Thursday following the damage from hurricane Paloma. Baseball tonight at Miller Park brewers and pirates Gary Cole against Milwaukee's Brent suitor. Craig Counsell revealing that he'll start chasing Anderson tomorrow night I'm only three days rest. First pitch tonight at 640 we're gonna have the latest bruised who's who are on that show tonight at 6 o'clock. Our pregame coverage beginning at 6 o'clock on the things I'm Mike Clemens Sports Radio war. Joseph with the former packer and badger running back Gary Ellison and the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer I'm running Mac loft. And this guy joins us every Tuesday right around this time hazard big boys guys say it is Packers left tackle David Bach TRE David I do this afternoon meant. I am doing good. I'm not I don't do it while looks like things got chippy out there between you guys and the Seahawks on Sunday to the point that you you've got to shiner under one of your eyes courtesy of cliff liberal from what I understand is that right. Yes. I mean it feels every time we played them we've played some great times selector. In part of our division literally. But yeah I mean things. And you know some guys can't handle freshly as a part also rules. I don't understand how he walks away if he didn't you. The way I look at it is. He he's spoken in my and I retaliates. The rep always see the second guy which group and fifteen yards so. I like to make sure that my team win than analysts expressed my. That's what political and actually been acquitted. I thought. Yeah I guess we're very. Where thirty words exchange be between you guys before that happened or he was just upset that that things were going their way in and acted out in in that way. I oppose. I think he was yelling it'll let go. Yeah particular ball I don't care. What the deterrent what particular course. Amid adding that the PG version of what you said what do but. Yeah I mean they haven't. The rescue boat may have a title what have the basement later recognizable guest. Via hole hit it translate well. So they're going to this game but so do you know doing you and coach McCarthy in his courtship you guys get together and talk about OK just do these things Mark Halperin and this is what we should do. Although I think any. Any game that we note there's going to be a lot of emotions. Out there and certain he'd like to play. More aggressive in China and establish some sort of attitude we will who took so we certainly got a budget but never. Never let it get outside the the rule book you know in the days when most important things calm but definitely we know we're going to back him there's going to be chipping environment and to our. Definitely not doing it punches so that we don't get India probably. So when you're out there and your playing against the Seattle Seahawks team and you know going into the week dead you're gonna have bumps and bruises I can't imagine you anticipated yeah I issue. We do know that this is what it's going to be. It out assume this is a mile every week but probably in this week it is probably bring in the physicality as much as humanly possible this week to try and match them. The daycare said he was surprised by how physical he is time of the packers' defense of what my health physical Packers weren't again. Bulk of them be like at that you know that that's coming out they've built their their team that Obama and attitude in. You know we're probably trying to bring every game's not at the big dog house. I'm guessing that works for the majority leader in the day it's football and I think every guy stuffing and yet pretty cup play in the sweet. You guys practice obviously you guys price against your defense it seem like they're playing angry is seems like they're played with a different sense of urgency that maybe they did last year. I don't care what that we were about as a video that's an extra cubic out yes it was they dominated. The entire game six in the mean that was impressive. They dominated so marched in a lot of you were talking awoke what's wrong with the offense why didn't they get off to a good start. I mean there's no it and you try and that there. Get your debut go to WPP and you know our time possession for oh almost forty minutes. You know wreck so much yards and you can't live scorpion apparently one picture term get the ball you know it's a scoring drive but. Problem I think it was a very well I'll say it again and something and I had a little different than normally see just. Sword from the Packers I think this is the kind of the but the pressure. Talking with David Bakhtiar attackers left tackle as we do every Tuesday at 435. Here on the Wendy's big show we found out about 11301145. The night before the game that Bryan Bulaga would not be available to you guys. At what point did you guys know that ended that changed the game plan or the blocking schemes freed as an off. We'll get an idea. Going into it in. Acting ghetto we were gonna trying cater. When Bryant went down and then. I think illegal content and then stepped in and it really good job I think it will occur to you know go back portion of cult game as this. And electrocuted in the I think he respond really well as a regular. Hard first test. We had a metal but it goes or indoor or some. Well different growth going forward. How much of a luxury or benefit is it to have a guy like Martellus Bennett who not only is is a great pass catcher at the tight end position but. One of the better blockers in the league at the tight end position that's got to make things a little bit easier for you guys on the O line right. Hopefully I'm alma blocker so. I enjoy. The fact that you can roadblock that's awesome I mean he's a big presence you're meet again personally eat mutates humane. And you know I carried out a couple field so it doesn't help someone run game I think rebel utilized. You know agency just because versatility in the ability to have to you know personnel groups out there. Because he debt which outings for these and so having a guy who can you know run routes yet one of the box in the. You know docking again when David Bakhtiar here I'm a Wendy's big shelf. We talk about the next game near Atlanta Falcons a team that you guys know very very well. But going into a situation how much you guys it last year in Minnesota where it's a nears stadium it's the first game all the Poppins or says that goes along with that. And a new turf in which Alabama and force they played on it and it was a parable to an ice skating rink based on reports from players are playing on it when they were there. How big of a deal is this when you go into a new stadium in a place you've never played before. Well liked you that we did last year with yet at the vikings right. The environment you can be electric that's the second describe that. Can be fun you know India a lot of energy not only protect you petitions they've adrenaline yet appealed to. The body injured you know kind of weather the storm Katrina Pia you know they're gonna open up in the stadium and you know we remember what happened washer and it's kind of in the Buick 2.0. Version of this game and it's immediate period bummer of a bit these first two weeks are repeat weeks. For Percy it's great how they happen you know we want and we took. No you're right about that and because you know you last time we you're in Atlanta. You loser in their future Hampshire game down US. You you look at Seattle and to me yeah yeah I know and you look at Seattle and it seems like that's become in some sort rod reunion to a degree of political. And now you you get to Atlanta you've you've gone down there it it feels like this is quickly becoming something because. This is not the first time would you rate these guys are something important. Garrett. Be it it's a big game day exits. Do you know look this is a cup team and these winds are gonna page a huge dividends. December January February so. To understand that this early. But I mean it is based cannot forget about that. But go up there and XQ I mean it's it's going to be it's going to be huge. Rusted it's such an amnesty to up to and now in these two teams. It's. Me very very important for a second thing tooting its kind of now expresses very. Eat sensibly they played the same scene because. It took for the falcons will act in Seattle so. The nice thing is that preparation wise you know are very familiar with what what this will we expect. On this jury in secrecy thing about but what will be different. This time there what happened. Last time they. Com. I think help. The big one I think we went into that game. And then hopefully. You know open don't drink or announced the travel. Must have been when I don't think a lot of people knew but Aaliyah. Got delayed if you remember a few hours down that. Milwaukee and and fly out we're not landing. Athletic angle on 11 o'clock at night in the hotel that's not right there. That's no excuse but it definitely changes you know coach loves routine that's why we do the same thing every week. You know might you do the same the next sixteen weeks. And the girl that ripped you know in the water. Rejected in the can definitely add to what happens. Right 'cause that I had thought I heard that did you does rob July probably an arch arch and and try to fly out there and then came back to Milwaukee it's like that. No we recruit quite agree today and we got that late two hours of fog and weather over there and ran. We couldn't even fly at a green base had to order buses buses come pick up in the drop all the downed Milwaukee. And flat of Milwaukee's airport not. You know that would. A lot of trouble. As David Bach TRE Packers left tackle and our guests. Every Tuesday afternoon at 435. Right here on the Wendy's big show David Wells appreciate Amanda good luck on Sunday and we'll talk again next week. Our record at. But it gave about Jerry joins us on the great midwest bank hotline when your ready to get into. Or back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank visit great midwest bank that count to take the next step towards York. You all. Always root dot org or friends over at GA in June contractors you can work made you looking to remodel your home folks. If you look into redo your kitchens were on talk my if you look at to redo your bathroom. If you look at to read to a bedroom and on a bedroom with the changes that is a a baby years like that if you wanna do like a mink the board game room was so light that. Those guys they can do all that in just simple stuff are you looking for. When Dole's indoors yes they can tell that to you looking for siding roofing. My good friends over JJ contrary it has they have recovered in all those aspect we just got to look him up and call them up. See my good friends over there that don't take care Michael always had no job was too small. Because they can do dollars JNJ contract. Tom Silverstein. Speculating that perhaps the move over rub cutting were lit areas Gunter was. To free up for roster space for Christian Ringo to bring him back are you kidding me he was released by the Bengals to just caught wrinkle to begin with a cut France lot of it would keeper so I don't know ensure so what's against I don't know. I'm not sure you think it's been one week or are you change your mind to that degree in a matter of one game but I must France slot did play a lot and wideout. Who knows that listens to his interview with Gary during the during training camp that doesn't sound like that's something that would have happened so quickly either during training camp he probably by who's gonna play more than he did when Kyle got future of dial was inactive conference loss still wasn't on the field a whole bunch. You write about that's an hour it's act. Activated in unison about gonna take even more snaps. Any fresh and again and is a pure speculation in France lost that I'd rather go somewhere else and actually get on the field employee vs sitting here are watching here. I could be maybe. And I think it makes no sense but again that was it that's not an from the tweet that I read and interpreting the treat that are written down so percent at doesn't sound like. Any sources are telling him that it's it's sounds like pure speculation on his part that maybe. They freed up a roster spot for Christian Ringo because he was just released by the Bengals I think he's just putting two and two together and say that they might yeah. Right. And we'll have to wait and see because it in your if you look at Eric is you do have to a spouse number did you live France Weickel. You let gone to go you have to bring in two guys Cody says what about Ahmad Brooks concussion maybe they need a body Ringo with a question mark. A professional actor mean that nothing's faster computer I don't know. Again we'll wait and see if biter for you right there on the Wendy's they show as soon as that news breaks meanwhile one week in the books for the NFL as a whole. Discuss what turned some heads here in the studio when the when he picture returns in the colts Chevrolet studious. Just a few minutes real reset the because eggs and robbed all discuss not today's big show and give you the final say with Great Lakes drag away pickle line. Gary week one of the NFL in the books sir anything in particular characterized surprise it must go around and. I mean I say just if you're over you when there was bear football go oh well the average we are one yeah I got I mean I mean a lot of prayer for ball. Not too many guys are playing in the pre season and you are so things has an off a little bit of a sloppy start both we don't. Know that animals we don't realize that which you have sold right that's exactly where things are happening is that due to a pre season now in the new NFL. If you were you know your team's veteran teams met gonna play their players. And so you know she's a doubtful for early on and I think that's what you saw it and if you you know you have injuries now like. The pitchers do it review every injuries you know in pre season Dana coming got to go figure that out. On the fly. So I think you've sought some of that going down but you know I think that was routinely go what are Richland. And of guests are a trial last night. And catch much of it. I saw people on Twitter Killen. And people were killing bath Mullins two's I'm a little is decent I'm and so I like Terry there. Noon and I choose you mean she wasn't as good as a sideline that was complete I think I turned out for us on the sidelines now to play that just the same I started out for just a minute I headed I have the two TV set up in the living term and outs at the Packers game on Sunday setting get a chance to watch my bears. So last night I went home I'll watch the brewers game after the brewers game was over I turned the bears on the big TV I had Monday Night Football going all night on the second TV didn't have the sound out. But I was on Twitter and saw people killing. The the broadcast team for Monday Night Football Rex Ryan Beth moans and Sergio dip the sideline reporter for you're gonna hear it in and in just a second. And I got to save in just a few minutes that I watched out of curiosity because there are getting killed so bad. I didn't notice any thing necessarily all that bad about. Rex Ryan and especially not Beth moments she just sucked. I've said this before when it comes to female play by play announcers announcing male sports I'm all for it. But it's just something that. I'm not used to is gonna take getting eaten for my ears to get used to I thought she was hearing a female voice when it announced a football game but once once I watched for a couple minutes of like okay she's just. Plane my player person play and play about clippers and just Vanilla down the middle play by play of which is falsity I didn't know says they're especially better especially good about it. I just say are continued downward with the beat there was a female because it was a female problem. Okay and I think there's anything wrong with saying it's gonna take some getting used to there's just something we haven't ever heard her because she calls costing students and I'm not share a big egos are averted because. I don't think it's sexist to say I recall used to that the college game I was OK would have budgets you know throw game I don't know. In Rio but I will. Say that's when Els when I had the sound off of the second TV. And I saw them go for the side by a report to Sergio did. I even need to hear ice I I just solve the look at his face. And I'll like this is going terribly. The price is going bad yeah I don't know what these guys say yeah but it is not going well. And it didn't take log for video of this to start popping up all over Twitter and social met. Vote with the you guys here on the view of revolved love just watching. Both events don't. From here and watch him now on the mean. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defense the back in Vienna bound. That's not all of his life that's the line of the whole thing. And had a spotty as you go about its Twitter account yet instantaneously he's over 120000. Boom just like Adams ordered out. And he did a screech out of a Google Syria. And how to handle fame or something like that. Like Google are smiley is. I as a mode here and I don't watch it took at a good natured a heated and apparently put out like get to rip it apology video what are apologizing for a hit a mafia being dead heated I think after that I'll really Atlanta dining after the really add another I don't believe so. Mean that's that's a rough debut meant I feel bad for the do lobbed a severe Latin about it. All that up via probably laugh about it again but I feel I do feel bad for the dude that would be a nightmare now the only good thing for him as he's going to be a sports who via Jimmy Kimmel. He'll be got all the late night talk shows talking about it mark my words he's in yet all the shows. So watches a retreated B is at the boom goes the dynamite kid from. He was that the he was used if it did did they ever get more from ESPN deport this I believe it's okay because somebody treated me I don't think it's that bad for a second language yeah. Okay. And he was super nervous the you can you can tell just I would well. Herridge takes Spanish when you approach. You to. Write to Heidi that you could do it has been opportunists I'm trying to. Just say we didn't I had the boy but it is not your first walk earth language and your nervous on top of the year atop the matters eateries are part to market. Did she teach you'd have to be Spanish sideline reporter no way. In the I forgot that political here. You can count anymore. Com can't access the body stops Buddha does trays quadra cinco say it's yet they failed Spanish tries to do. It's yet. I think that was my first formerly worked for over and over. Portland and that's Spanish class that I failed why can't take a foreign language and I spoke here in Hollywood high school we did you realize now you've. But Robby now if you take hitting it's yeah July 3 fourth grade they're already getting out all language and its foreign language. Logan article leaders German. My bench glad that a top that I failed twice that was the first time I thought you know what maybe I can do standup comedy because. I'll get kicked out of that class like two or three times a week just requires the Spanish class. That's the only one just for basic class Connery. And but my teacher mrs. Smith. Just minutes during the great lady she would she would be chuckling. At what he's Dewey and kicked me out of the class. She left important at the door didn't go. As Rasheed you money that would you knew you were stand community that's that's not funny but you know that's the first I thought about it like do not might I might be actually. And that I would. That was in in the bulls a day with Dennis Rodman and and that's squad so ago files wearing two shirts I'd. I'd take off the top shirt and throw it into click. That's. Let's at YouTube and let your whole life yet it's your whole lot that you don't because I have this. That'll help you know that's grown each rider mark and the Gregg got me the sitting between Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and Gary Ellis on on the way it is a Shia we get. So lucky horrible and the royal Butler who maybe have another gear here missed a really. You keep a secret you're all right. Stay tuned for that. I'll tell it was not a secret and sure where to go for EG France law. If he's available and but I'll play what's not a secret that running over there DirecTV Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Yeah that's actually right sight and sound solution that's three go and not Alice here to hook you up now this is the cool thing about science sound solutions in view. Love yourself the NFL and you all just love. New York team the Packers but you watching all the out tell other beef fancy reason batting reason whatever the case may be. Sites are solutions we can hook you up with the NFL Sunday ticket at no additional charge right now recited sound solutions. Sort of cycles. It's not disable the cable at the Joyce back judge includes fox sports mascots are directed yeah high speed Internet and all balled from AT&T. For a 109 dollars and 99 cents plus UH houllier price slot. Free forum Jesus freak standard installation. Free movie packs for three months and don't forget. The NFL Sunday ticket at no extra charge and he call today they can have your DirecTV installed by kick off on the L week two games on Sunday. Gossip it's not solutions today at 26275415100. 26275415100. Again don't forget you also get a bonus with cited top solutions our hundred dollar visa gift card or a free HDTV. They're cited sound solutions call them right now 26275415100. That's 26275415100. Animals and into an Islamic recently been returning when I was in for subpar season alaskans apartments on c.s are grossly got a text message board but you with details quick break them all reset the big topics discussed are today's big show give you the final say with Great Lakes dragway pick a lane on the Wendy's big show in the old Chevrolet studios.