4PM: Does Hundley still have trade value?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour - Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy ask you, does Brett Hundley still has trade value?  Ryan Wood and Brendan Haywood join us as well.

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I went. Here's Gary Ellis of the royal Butler in the water and only Steve Sparky fighter. I'm Robin Mack. It's maybe coach others let's call the bullpen for the big right in there is. It's possible now. Orman up over there. Coming up this hour we'll talk with Brendan Haywood of NB ATV and NBA radio at 448 former and beer and sell right. And Ryan would have been a big right level of ethics or there but I've yet there and right now we wanted him for a big right hander for the brewers. Who's that who's that. Liberal with a pro it was a big rated new royal yeah. I asked him like a big boy comes run inaudible. They had one of those. Read it right dollars number he had nothing to him. Join Rouse. Oh enjoyable routes now Todd Coffey Todd Coffey ads that perfect. One or Joba Chamberlain. The union break here you all keep rentable open at least once in spring training. Right now we wanted to do you think it probably hasn't he trade value left 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan because I. Because sort I heard people in the off season Gary's saying man the Packers might be able to get a second round pick for Brett wildly through with a contract coming up next year. I don't know out of its glow if if Jimmy Rob Lowe. Gets you a second round what do you like on a Sunday wrote hello drop look at the good. Then light the world on fire every look good done. And almost three. Picked up yeah and a win no touchdowns completed his Lima Peru and Roddy go I'd like five fuels just on rob in that column ought to come back again and keep them Google bread and it is. But if Jimmy rob Lowe's the second round pick. After what we've seen from bread only two or five games is if you're Robert May be you give her big acting. I rely on science and there is at there is almost always somebody at least as good as Brett coming out on the free agent market isn't there. Lot of money to give up picks I can go sign somebody does that commuter through the lead back up quarterback right now and I think youth will be used for these mr. for a period. And again quarterbacks or whoever it can't make mortgages that now you're in and I think you know as you. But there's a good thing bad thing for this. Good thing is that I do agree airplay is very well. Not like. You gotta train in you can bring about action across colleges. Will see but it about the two quarterback politics one. But I don't know how you gonna use that you know again that's it for yourself. That you. Put. Him. That there. You know you don't noticed too. I just watched the gains. Tuesday. There was some angry people and there was a lot of booing almighty gives you realize how much it well. A lot. And it was so weird because. The one player were you thinking about it Giorgio electoral blow through here he slipped. Slipped again it and throw bounced. The boom Edwards is everywhere. But he came to elect a rod and his that everybody is cheering. It was it was a week you mean go one on. I don't outer edges its own two overs. Like Greg Jennings. Are hurting or two okay. Is a nervous. Okay. He was low literacy to tell because like the first half stuff to do when you're screaming. Yes you us screaming everything isn't a very well photographer is they had them via would that would they were like no way we behaved they knew before he got an anti packer for. You wrong. And the youth with being at a fifth round pick Valencia. Meet I don't know what that's what you guys are okay you're asking which together palm which via. I don't I don't think I'd give up anything forum Sparky I don't know about you but like I said. I feel pretty confident that somewhere or even know what the free agent market is as far as quarterbacks don't. But even without knowing that over you know I feel pretty confident that I could find somebody at least as good as Brett how lane. On the cheap in the free agent market given what I've seen for six games and what did you think so why am I giving up draft pick Greg and just go get some guy up. The city glue that Jesse was quarterbacks available. And go I want to do right now I'm what do you do Iran lead to clear when I got some joke from there. Dual it's just catch a lot booked their candidacies in Baghdad and go to all these somebody Wendy's has got down there and play. I mean David did guest room where digital only government. Remain gather all over. You know what I mean I. I just I still don't think cal kept nick would would work in Green Bay necessarily I don't think you're working it there are situations where I think I think he probably was the best choice but given that you had homely he had two years in the system yet Callahan behind him. I understood numbering in count temperament but if you have a whole offseason. The teacher the offense and he's let it take a backup quarterback Teva paycheck you imagine a run Arad this I have contact Rick as you back up next here than than Aaron Rodgers. Oprah I'm trying to figure out of this is free agents or not grow as SI wrote an article. And it says veteran quarterbacks. Our quarterbacks potentially available is off season. And now has yet teen shot of record mega future Arizona chargers giants or patriots Pittsburgh whatever. I wrote it potentially available Drew Brees Alex Smith Kirk cousins Sam Bradford Teddy Bridgewater AJ McCarron Tyrod Taylor. I'm not sure those are all free agents are not nailing him. Used to but those are the ones series I got my ass poetry doesn't give me the real freak out quarterback last year. To go off yeah that's and his true so Drew Brees. I'm Richard freeagent Kirk cousins Sam Bradford. Juice is Tyrod Taylor owner. Niche in December avarice and it Jay Cutler. And because I was only one year deal apparently Josh Macau and Drew Stanton Chad Henne Ryan Fitzpatrick. Derek Anderson Mark Sanchez case Q you know. Matt Moore Scott tolls seen Teddy Bridgewater geno Smith Kellen Clemens. Yeah so those are you take geno Smith over apple early yes you looked yeah Brock cost Weiler. I mean is at least as good who. Leader or Tom savage you to did you goes through. Over on the coast of Oregon and we want. Color playing like Brett humbly as there are always first round pick for playing like Utley there big is that big you gotta eat. OK maybe I may not want that Big Easy when the fit Brattleboro for the purposes of this conversation where they're big doesn't matter yet about what you can get out of him as quarterback to date if you don't I bought the name if you have. First prop eight a while though they got to carry a little bit away. Go to and to all these coaches they make a fixed these guys. They all think that a lot get him in my program. And a place seller retrace he beat didn't call I mean. I can fix it you know I'd get him in here. You know that's about it Tebow you know jumping around people thought they can fix and that my thing is. Given gotcha that's when they give up all you saw earlier nowadays so he went to Philly it's I was asked to write program. And it pull the plug so now here's my thing is just on the gag you've got a chance. And I'm not I'm not saying that we shouldn't give them a chance because there's the question there are asking right now right around do you think Brett Conley has any trade value left so were asking if you're an NFL GM. Would you give up the pay X or whatever else it would take to get Brett Conley or just signed geno Smith and free agency. I'm telling you all Arnold's got I'd rather side geno Smith and free agency. I don't know I don't really hear you it'll be good and Phillies. Appeared via their baca. Poetry from Abu geno Smith no hardly I would trade and put him. Carson went house ill and is a run value left in the stock of read only Aniston out as far as trade and we disagree on this Alice in them of their they are all around this. There are a lot of option plays. Coach you know view of is similar to hear you know bill Peterson. Gary I hear that the the value of gold and silver is all is just remains high and you're gonna get the best price for your golden jewelry over at the drew recent. Guys over there is there gonna go growing bigger would ask him to see your face fiercer to keep that money. For your. Oh go to jury got some of their Roger Warren but 1012 years. Here's a little equipment managers and given all the legends here for India flip that. Body girl so Buddy Guy so gold vacation that open and disarm. And if you look at Brian Pearson of cannabis or you're not gonna get a bit about his prayers and that users. A normal folks got their own jury your thing seems to be the case if there featured web asking you to go to. Gary oh injured and you gonna be there gamers don't. Big business for about thirty years knows we talk about which is the jury sent. 76 lately plaza new location broke for a moment bankruptcy national during. Do you think Brett Conley has any trade value left 4147991250. Get the play GM here on the Wendy's big show. We hear from you on a Sparky likes to play GM we'll hear from him too when we return right after this. Friday's big show. We'll talk with Brian what are green may football insider coming up at 435 Brenda Haywood. An NB ATV and serious except NBA radio he'll join us at 448 talks and Bucs right now we're asking you. Do you think Brett how we still has any trade stock left or 147991250. Ari can treat us. At 1057. FM the fan let's get in Charlie. On the east side to earlier on the Wendy's big show. Sorry I hit here and makes big Mike Cox look at this say he hasn't much trade value. There. They are just a girl yeah I'm OK let me get my street value as. Back I think. You know when he came in that it takes three years we still need to be coached up when every week should be prepared for yourself and he couldn't do it. He has no trade value he's probably got a grade are you can run like a gazelle but he just does have some mental capacity. To handle it. Could be at three years to learn it and he didn't do. You know it's kind of fun to Cilic is a familiar bonds who is mark is that you yes. My car is Thursday night movement might be court but he didn't do what are you just don't know what I'm. Shall I do you eat chicken chicken off and Obama campaigns in and everybody in the right place. Oh you did you think is like good bad. Why do grant colleges disagree we're just in. You know not marketed to it is just strategy goes or we're hearing. Most certainly there's a disconnect somewhere though cousy you know he missed a wide open. Geronimo Allison I think right with a room and the two of them some. Did play Wheldon didn't play well the last game but somehow they've won it despite him. Well did what value does the app. I think you you're fifth round pick form again thanks for the culture of the precious. Spark you like to wheel and deal is fear NFL GM. He given up anything's fair for read only at this point now. Armed but that doesn't mean that some other general management and a look like neither one guy and you know we we all mesa mayor Michael Boyd veggies or the fifth. The most time delegates and and other general my targets a second like holy Clapp who give up the second while they found one guy that would. And they they made a deal obviously and they got it in. Yeah it's funny how I was reading an article. About their former braves general manager who just got banned for life from baseball. It's a crazy story. And talking about how addicted she was. Team constantly wanted to make moves to the roster. Cost manifold other general managers trying to make traits constant looking at the waiver wire picking up guys making minor league most costly just. It consumed his life that's all he wanted to do. That was make moves time and time again now. When you have those type to get reminders that you're working with you might be able to get a steal sometimes and mom and get a guy just wants to make deals Kenechi trigger for he's wants to do something. To try to do something into his roster to change it up for himself. So sometimes you get those deals I just. It got a storm on her hundred yards multiple times I I don't. I just I don't know what that what the pitches here especially if he doesn't play again after Cleveland other senior and he's going into last year's contract I believe I don't. I just I don't know what the pitches this offseason of of how you sell the fact. That well look look what he did in the Pittsburgh game OK star Amanda says all right awful lot of them in Pittsburgh and I'll call you back. And it was a film of Pittsburgh game and he sees the one blown assignment by the quarterback for Pittsburgh he had come to carry side at least he saw him and threw the ball. Then he had the screenplay that went to the house Jamal Williams. So when you really look at that film how impressed do you call what would Brett Conley after that mean factoring other two games of wonder honored jars. I think it's just art cell idol I don't know the pitcher Ted makes it tried move him. Using a fifth round pick. That is a right and it's the second round of day three day for her own fourth round sort state three so it's still not that big of a pick. But I like Ted's mind. That's like gold mean eight if he can get a fourth or fifth round pagers on the like that form. The button and a bunch of NFL players playing in this league that becomes something they are trapped in the fourth fifth round. So it's not throw away pick it's not anal. And of seven that you're gonna get form. Not do the real question here is do they have to trade. Mean do they have to move offer Brett Hundley. How is that one F two or did they just righted outlet become a free agent and then worry about the backup quarterback after Nazis finger says that could very well be the option that they decide to take candidate you know we want value wise. Soldiers ride it out in the gulf of Mac I'm still gonna say what I've been saying. We'll see about right or occupancy this will be the last time we see any type of young quarterback governor rod I think this is it. I think they're gonna go Doug Peterson Rafa Brett Favre and his say were and they'll be an old guy. To play behind Aaron Rodgers on our worry about I know what he is he's definitely for ten years and like you know Hoyer who dissenters are they know in the summer like that fits Patrick. So I can just comment in India studying force and it's gonna get his chance to win football games I think this is the end of this whole developing young guys for years on end and like anything out. What do you think is the smarter strategy when it comes to backup quarterbacks. As you develop your guy. You know which you have an. And you investment. Go always go with your people. And I think Bristol would do you look at them they're that third rate at which you get a guy in his thirties. Or make your thirties and for you need you know a young quarterback. And put him almost like what to do Wear on edges look India terror at all I am. When you're taking on this or note you got take him first prop eight. But you know you had to do which had to do in Indianapolis they had entered the contest. Mean that that you drought from right. Quarterbacks like knowing when they played that up and got a draft pick out of grapple. They get the ditch or god development of digital pages coaches a lot of money. Skills and work a lot of all guys that. That you're you're not go away if they were those guys anyways or no way they William our dew which are he would. And you develop over a few years just great dancer got slaughtered commentaries have they put all days and Tom Brady's basket. And got lucky enough to give Gloria what they know Brady is heard saying noticeable did you notice so that's why they gave me it will do really Rob Lowe. And it would forty year old quarterback. And he's a man Brady still has really. So you are edited yet and his coaching got a lot of fire remain. Program Rosalyn Dudek all of humanity all all around now you know no bad guys now approachable robbery are our asses and matters Rogers is another guy who gets a pass and now they can't they Cam Newton I'd like to upgrade to cam Newton's in the Jay Cutler's of the world people like their faces so they can't what I got fair right. Because a guy can catch a bomb. He dealt with a camera OJ comes right why you don't want it and Robby go misses a field goal. Part of view we have to admit this clears history when Jacob the megawatt. I don't I don't get do you think that the producers says that you think of the I imagine doing. Now there's a camera fixed on guys like yeah Cam Newton NJ bottle Loral suited yeah that's just there's a camera fixed on those odds. And the and the directors sitting on it is Booth going like that go to the McCain country Cutler does that they come to camp yet that's that's what they do what they do I guess it makes bury our league team. But they knew their first start when Brett Favre came back to the agreement is the first time. They fox came out the week of saying we are gonna have one camera the watch I fly ball to me on the Brett Favre Favre you all tired yeah I remember that. At Durban that what they do over ablaze pizzas just make the best precious pizza you're gonna find anywhere Steve's market five. That's actually right running Mac lost fair and we talked last silent Bob Mount Pleasant location or Gary and Roy were at an average duration making pizzas for everybody else. Well guess what now they have a new location another opening again as boys beat to continues. To expand now their opening able boy's Pete are coming up tomorrow. On the corner of Oakland and locust 2907. North Oakland avenue that you never had blazed pizza. You go win. You can build your own pizza or they have pizzas that they already have like how does it mean Israelis and I get the meat eaters feats or whatever nets banana peppers to a but. You can go zero pizza now all kinds different sauce is the spicy sauce Spicer is us to really really spicy I like it just adds I'd ever really small Specter. Allen make you sweat suite so that a lot different sauces that you can use. I'm now all kinds different cheeses you can news I'm on top of the pizza that you can build lift. Then all kinds of different needs a defense she's here I didn't play any different cheeses I miss that and I went. I don't and you went with the description of the blaze fees would you went is nothing like live on a what are you eight cents. But when you you told me what was going on you said that when you whine you didn't see any descriptions of stuff. When you were there got ASEAN EU labels in front of the toppings. It's all right there on the gaga I am's Imus to miss it man did you see it right at the labels are absolutely. Actor amid a debate short mob plus a one point one facial or are you doubt they're all you miss it is right they're glad. His privacy it is senators. I guess I was there that would that general there with the Mazda road concisely and those attack. So stated Jonas relive greed ego like these actors so I can't tell ya neck get the cool thing is they got this like huge like outlets like. Wire on and on what you would call it and you thought there what like three minutes men and when Gary data here this time every five seconds I. They rest it's a brick oven yeah. It is. The great and it's. And it started out and I also run is that this has to write and I recommend getting the small wars before tiger gives us more is to detail within a hundred died. Think it's more back up to the person running that that pizza oven. And have decided up there and the warm enough for you melt the chocolate with a my arsenal in the whole deal to go back to you I'll try to watch what I eat when so let's give this more is that regretted it ever yes always peaks on the corner of Oakland and locus when you know seven north Oakland avenue. It opens to moral. To his nowadays these are days and it takes in America is over there on my mentor and program director. I appreciate it opens the mouse to make sure take advantage of that as opening day and on Friday. I'll give you more information is coming up but they're calling it free. So that arises in Mount Pleasant news all. Staples who did you or did you left repeat today on Friday Italy and at their new location for your my mentor and it taken ablaze and enormous that invites you ever really an employee and we have tested here on the show and I was Yorman T got to this like that we'll talk with their movement is Google Talk Green Bay football it's out of graduate has agreed they Prez is that next here the Wendy's big. These guys on the inside. Now here's Green Bay football league insider money in wooed a most fans brought to you by PNC insurance and independent. Insurance agency for your home auto commercial business means that PNC insurance dot net. It is that time to check in with that guy that covers the Packers for the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com and us right here on the when these big show when there is Ryan would. I'm the great midwest bank hotline or this afternoon what he. I do great guest cast big college basketball scoreless by my Ball State cardinals beating Notre Dame their nose. Little books out of the all the modern there. Is that why you're all fired up today baby chastity sun and fired up and excited woody woody called yet to get your other life. Also I cardinals let them make one and it would make it. And redefine her heart I didn't let. I wore it sounds good for you and Roger fired nuclear power Dodgers aren't average you and jets play quarterback in Cleveland this week I would tell. Well. I know I'd I don't think. We are here that is is in here and air dynamically yeah soon I didn't ask him vehicle class values that. Now seriously delusional like cornerback. Well you based on the injury report everybody's hurt. Yeah. Dmitry Gupta was asked today basically. If he's needed some more than just special teams then I was like gathered it's definitely need may have been. The Packers have five quarter right now with you 15 so. Kept you know Kevin King gore and I are. Unexpected. I guess my in my mind they go back to his very last play in Pittsburgh which. Was the out route. Antonio Brown had a consensus fourteen yards against the local positions go back and look like. It just wasn't competitive he was playing off cover and situationally Newton when you're about to burst into local positions so. You know I have to wonder if there are broke they're hindered our worst since that game war that was a most surprising is on the field you know that game that colossal. Seen in this our season he's done for the year. You won't be back next year. What about Hawkins. An in his role in this and is defense along with a good today and how those two are gonna rotate and. Yet just pocket as a programmer guy so he's got a beast has kept out on the court order you not be in slots. Our I think. Now especially you receive worker anyway and it just like he did last week to me like they gave up first touchdown. Get camera great in some box that. The packers' coaching use them as a guy much like what they used like where he can be in the slot dubious safety. So and you received human life and that there. More Dmitry Goodson you know it it'll be interesting. Erica torture of the year so where he's sort of play in the passenger data. Has played a lot of the slot and that should help. Where he's got a play I think is again escorted into the skin. In a more dangerous legal bar. Wouldn't. No not just not a significant on als and cracks there or are we don't know. How significant that is to lose this weekend Arab rockers. Salt and pro football and it's aren't. So well. Is the yeah he's. Have spent over and so Altria. At bats murdered it was he's on martyrdom left sideline that. And that they are covered by the news. He's our scout team reps and individual consultants to the deep. We only saw him throw on air. Receivers in the individual and also. Duplicate that it is even access. Go back to last week with the first homes Saturday. Not growing. With the Polk. Shoulder he he thought it was some good piece sort or use it's still not very quickly here. I won't be medically cleared this week but east and he's so tall what you would expect. That is our Green Bay put a volley inside Brian would our guest every Monday Wednesday Friday and you find his work inside the Green Bay press gazette. Packers news.com on Twitter at by Ryan would woody we'll talk on Friday get your prediction for Packers and proudly tells how much the Packers will win by on Friday when you're gonna. Well do that we appreciate for a Randall adjourns on a great midwest Saddam had a great midwest bank has been committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance the great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local banking. 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Will reset the big topics discussed are today's big show give you the final say with Great Lakes dragway pick a lane. Coming up at 5 o'clock joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline heading lengthy NBA career you know CM on NB ATV and hear him. A series sex and NBA ready along with Jared Greenberg on out of bounds weekday mornings pleasure to welcome in. Brendan Haywood bread and I do my friend. I'm not very we're doing well you made the transition from a athlete shoot two media guys are two former Packers here have hubby hubby like the transition so far Heidi liked being one of us. I love betrayal of the estimated that it it may you never at all or you may. That's right and I don't work out it's like man I ever thought that govern how at all. Want all the coup. Nobody holds an agency guerra. Mikell. Yeah it. Friday ER. I said jets listen to you buy it in the mourns the Jerry Greenberg I'm I'm out of bounds and just come way super impressed by. Just how good you are not everybody is is able. To come across the way you do as far as tell the truth but yet still being entertaining in and have a good time with things. When you look at his Bucs basketball team yeah Odyssey is one of those guys it is toward third birthday. But today obviously in Jason Kidd continues die by the fact that. He did it a piece with undefeated and I talk about how this team is really young and they're gonna have their ups and downs until they become more of a veteran team that's. Is to be expected how do you view this bucks team. Are these new book game of a young team respond to grow. They're trying to figure out who they are trying to find their identity that was so many young players. They're trying to learn. What it means to win. And I'm sure the got over there that your your your back whether they would argue. Young guys have to learn how to wage don't walk into the league you know how to. Set the alarm Bledsoe. Thought they all these young guys they have kept the language who winning here and that it takes you're experienced get into the playoffs have a Tuesday are big long article. You know what was your thoughts on youngster does everybody right now you see in this guy grow he's just you know being an incredible player right from a place. I mean a phrase how do you see him outside lieutenant. The government to me is scary news because without Watson gain I think god they engage in thirty or forty on any given night. We get it all connected and polished he's still I think that we are reportedly respect we don't shooter in the mid range jumper comic company goals. Any steel lighting the league not fight yes sir it's such a long way to go offensively. But yet he's had he's still. Such a good player that sky's the limit because I wanted to hear you gonna come back. And he's gonna get reasonable that we saw we thought outlaw to launch games to get it you're probably going. It got a comfort now he's gonna become a better integration and when he had one of those things consistently to a game. No one's going to be able to check. Advocates recommend. Yeah Megan's sometime I think you're very wants special and that Payne and I think that's that the only. Efficiency of people just packed a dagger in their mid range shot but a double by Jason kid because for some reason. You know the book's fans don't seem to like him for whatever reason not think he's wanted guys who develop beyond his. It to come a point forward so how is Jason Kidd around early how's he viewed. Whopping books page and the delegates needed to apologize to execute relies they've made a mistake because yacht could be years about it. Everybody was trying to figure out what position to go out and play. Addicting kids or their body when you but the point Kabul with the all the McCain. And let him turn into what you're today. I did speak with admirable but I would respect other people thought it was a mistake. But it wouldn't have allowed on this to become a household name go for the people that don't like it think it got to what was because. Java not used to be a good player but it will be a great you can repeat what you allowed which is cute that you cervical would put the ball and. Talk with Brendan Haywood of NBA radio here weekday mornings along with Jerry Greenberg. I'm out of bounds and besides the accident knows Mikey just said and I've said that many times Brendan about the development. Of a beyond this and that and not being possible without Jason Kidd. His value as a recruiter fear if you're free agent and your being recruited by multiple teams to come and play somewhere. How big is it for you that you walk into a room in one of the first guys shaking your hands and welcoming you to the building is an NBA hall of Famer himself. All men listen it would it would occur about a recruiting that said that big. Anytime you have all the rain well I mean you're in it means something because you respect those guys in the Olympic bid to go to war between April. You know the basketball knowledge they have so it got at the hall of Famer you're welcome to gain a lot of guys who want to. Respected college respect to make more than maybe it would somebody yelled and it can be nothing but upon your pre. Tom Brendan Haywood former and the air now with NB ATV and obviously NBA radio weekday mornings Jerry Greenberg. A called third defensive scheme that that's been the one. Trigger I think would bucks spent the last two or three years they continue. Team of presenting their dead last in reporters are allowed this year it's been a common problem and now. They really have nobody in the middle Hanson you don't tries his best led nobody's bars a rim protector outside offensive and no just him and found maker on this roster. A former defense is standpoint what can they do to get better than what they haven't been doing so far. Former decrypt standpoint making it public meat because they probably should be better three point shooting a meet record that he. Because they they have a lot of young athletic guys with less that's normally what could be good teams have. The only thing back if you could possibly do different will be just trying to put out multiple line up with a lot of linked up like they normally do. We've been trying to make sure that made me think there locations are also may be switching a lot of screen rolls won't a lot of switching. Well Bobble things you gotta make a mistake make an aggressive mistakes so whether that's attacking the ball boys or strapping. That guys really pressing in the report accurate running god awful lot bigger graphic content that you. The biggest thing they have to do is probably compete a little more that you tablet and young athletic but well we look at gone it you look at guys like got into it. When you look at. Yet there you out on it now why accuracy it's great record the event. Tony bell when you look at boat got less than you have so many guys that have went out there are young and athletic. They have that athleticism transmitted incredible. But see this and again Jason Kidd they did Q&A with a journal sentinel of the other day tiger by the defense has struggles any talked about the length and he pretty much said that. They seemingly can't move their feet as quick as they need to just stay in front of their defenders which leads them. To play a more aggressive a trapping doubling type defense. That maybe what other teams would do because they can't stay in front guys because they're so long. I don't know I loved it here nobly would have many hits he helped lead our team to a kind of rattle I don't believe that. I don't we you have got young and athletic they can move their feet it's a battle want to. You look at the cavaliers pain at the beginning of the year. They were. Still giving up all wanted every single night because they want with it because they're old they are all out of shape when he played a way to shape for values you don't compete typically. And they're getting it done it would seem that older like Bette negated token these young book yum yum what they really get. And that there there is farther cruises and Jason Kidd because a lot of people agree with a what you just said. I as well what about Jabari Parker how do you see his future mania has yet to be able the healthy for an entire year with two unfortunate ACL injuries. But what you've seen from him how good do you think he can be. Now. This kid has does that look I eleven game vote along party. Got better every year. The vikings' front particular body a little bit more on the not to let them be the biggest victory with the WTO surgeon did it. It Weytman I have to be local recipes career yet he can happen picture Ricci too much weight all go to meet it's possible. Costly making sure it squad and everything are strong but I love the game. I like how we attacked a remote hole yet this same couple of off bout that he people for the ACL injury so we it would come back you better put you would really start to come to resolving the barbecue backcourt that we can't score when he got hurt. Last season and it's one of those things where. You hate to see you expect for him because have a border want in your whole week about spec we need to be secure really help the thing he can be yet another expect that they need. That is Brendan Haywood former NBA Boller himself denying hearing weekday mornings I'm serious sex them NBA radio and out of bounds along with Jerry Greenberg. 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Read a reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and bring you Great Lakes drag away pick a lane next as far as the the left lane Sparky our topic about. Is Monday night what you like to see from your football yeah Mike Mitchell the Steelers safety. He's weigh in on this and you're gonna wanna hear what Mike Mitchell has to say next mr. Wendy's big show epic land right after this.