4PM: NFL anthem protests? Your reaction

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, September 25th

Several NFL players, including three Green Bay Packers, did not participate standing during the national anthem before Sunday's games. BIG SHOW fans express their feelings on this issue on The FAN. 


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It's an Aurora health care green and gold Monday it on the fan. Boys are on offense who stood out. Let's recap the best defense. It's a 4 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show on an Aurora health care greeting gulf Monday live in the old Chevrolet studios. Along with our two former Packers Gary Ehlers in the Roy. Boller the water only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. I'm running Mac while Specter calls in just a moment at 7991250. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan floors wide open. For whenever you're mad at whether it's the Packers game and you're not satisfied with how they won the president and his displeasure with the protesters may be your displeasure with the protesters may be it's the brewers would ever it is which mad at. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. But we do you have do a recap the ringel best defense where every Friday and Republicans say football Friday that is. We give you three keys for the Packers need to get a win. And that Sunday's game Sparky said keep AJ green under a hundred yards they they didn't do that he went for a 111 yards and touchdown. Gary you said keep my under a hundred yards rushing it didn't do that they got a 110 yards rushing and the Roy you say get two receptions that got no interceptions yet somehow. This team won a football game twice. I've been to twenty minority over the Susan you bagels oh for three bullets we'll try again. Thursday before the Packers take out the very the head back to the foes embrace him at a news here. Wash or Brad Goode put on injured reserve when they pulled hamstring. And neighboring backlogs tapper tied or pepper who was with the Packers in the offseason plus part of training camp with the ravens. I've played at Michigan State that's interesting because in the overtime. And the defense got a stop for the Bengals I saw Brett. Duke likes a major lakes stretching announced again. I only started thinking field goal that he's been sit there for a while and really that's what I thought but now you tell me the guy Hattig long. Ago you. And about these calls in all this go to nick worst Milwaukee nick nick your daughters grow far from for in the big show on nick which ago but he. Herb going to. You know where incidents foul trouble you know this past weekend and call him all players are their names. It was almost like when incidents or WW he you know. Match or something like that man developers there's so many more issues. You know to worry about where more than. You know fire just a salute to. You are not fully support you know and if so where both sides you know arm perhaps after character map quarterly. You also have fully supported. And risk and compliance standards and you know someone in the it's focused more. You know issues like you know Puerto Rico other than focusing. You know you're not so clear exercising their freedom speech you know there's there's more important issues. You know and then there ought to 'cause of the Packers must sect last quarter's. You know Packers in the depleted offensive line iron about the pleasure via an epic game Nash. Air and win your offer some line in this injured. Why are we still didn't you know going to a password where it is taking so long to develop. You know I want it to the factors you know their spirit a passing game and they'll do more quick wrestlers know 123 steps get a mop. I think nick I think you may have there with the Packers. Are just don't know. Or Rogers is all blow that. An error ours has given gonna warmer than some of their struggles last year and begin the year was. Okay the pick is approved for example. That it he threw over who storage or Nelson looked and the whole way. He never went through progression. And he does that a lot. He picks out a guy he nose and throat smokers sometimes Obama matchup you'd like to matchup here just wait wait wait wait wait wait wins that match. He's not a quarterback that. Altering goes through his progression. If our world will be very do call to block forego that. But he's had his best. When he's a little bit. Sorry I think uses it to our situation. For Aaron Rodgers but it's going to be. Or my McCarthy to give your Rogers. Tuesday in you've heard a lot last year you were in rhythm. I just something that's him that's not normal he's in rhythm at quarter. He is not a rhythm type court record is just not bring him right now other he's a rhythm to our quarterback I think you. A guy if you look at I think his her out of Moses big plays come out of market. I think he can do some rhythm stuff but I think he offering gets bored with and he's too Smart for the game he she's a match or that's where he's going. Let's get some tweets and that one override senator John FM the fan a feel like we've neglected our tweeters. OK Jake says I'm mad at folks we're giving number fifty prosper and looks like he blew coverage. I'm the Bengals second touchdown on the mind you it was between what three guys. Kevin King was older George Jones. And you're. All right which wounded. Got another one here from on Dan who has I'm hold. At one point but couldn't hold on says so I could hold on any logger on mad at myself for being mad at the brewers. Their plight with house money and I keep for yeah he needed to enjoy it to more. Yeah. I would agree that it's over yet. While how many games or walk the wildcard is still very much in play in the other two games out of Lockhart Colorado rider by Colorado thinks so. So basically what they got the US expect the games left and metromail six point expect. Reds and cardinals. The other we're now. We now it's via the problems trying to just Colorado and two games go right yeah. There's six games left you gotta when Ireland I think if you go for it to and they go to and for your your well you have at least have a tie yeah you gotta win now. Sheets and already coach tweets out of as sweet at the fans stand sit Neil laid out I don't care what you do for the anthem but catch the ball and make the blocks on the field. I'm assuming he's talking about Martellus disease. Mean even a rough couple who call law Martellus Bennett last week. And acts and then there's no he can expect from now. He key MPs that there are better days ahead for rentals but they're better be otherwise they're they're gonna have. They're not they're not gonna have huge issues but a huge disappointment on this team if he doesn't step up and be offensive playmaker. What you mad that I'm an Aurora health care grating gold Monday 7991250. Tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan vent get it off your chest you're on the Wendy's big show on the holds Chevrolet studios will be right back. And dubbed this week for the guess he'll be an Abraham injury reports if you're injured call QB and Abraham. Best and rated best year after year she. Business. Or 5678 Porsche UB. It's actually in Aurora health care Rangel Monday. That's at the wrong injured more fun but this system when these big show live in the holes Chevrolet studios. And it is indeed time for your injury report in a short week of Packers. As opposed to most weeks but I an official injury report. On Monday and it reads as files now they didn't practice today but this is speculative of what they would have done and practice David Bakhtiar with a hamstring injury limited. Cantrell price with a groin and injury limited. Bryan Bulaga with an ankle injury did not participate. Randall Cobb with a chest injury limited. Mike Daniels with his hip injury limited David Bakhtiar here are Sunni Quinton dial with a chest injury limited. Bred through with a hamstring injury did not participate new districts marquee say they've resigned. Another long snapper so it looks like dude might be out. For quite a while the bond how squadron set did not participate Ty Montgomery wrist that limited how Murphy foot did not participate nick Perry hand injury. Limited and Jake Ryan with a hamstring and concussion he was limited. He's gonna say something yet so we got there they signed is a tie Bork pepper from Michigan State 64. 245 plus apparently they're getting off until one or appears on the cardinals' practice squad. As write what you mentioned earlier back to your calls and as being what she met that after a busy and emotional sports weekend 7991250. Where you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's get to NG. The future my your friend Mike I know creek Mike your natural far servant. Reverend framer which govern. Big guys do. While I'm gonna tell you I am I'm a big balance fair and always have been dropped 48 era into. The the reason I'm calling. I watched Martellus Bennett get drafted by the cowboys play it would bump for about 34 years. They tried to develop in him that what you've seen in the street game could be back three and why they a lot of golf. Really. Not what not the beast they're solid operating at all. What was the end Chicago. Okay he would might maybe it's got a little better but. What are I don't know. If it's the end of his career white boy it's. I don't know it. I wish that that's Oreo until a year in the championship game this year and biological. RC Sonoma. He has not played well I don't know and you never know when a guy hit the wall like that if things start to happen. I don't know what Georgia wanna say you know. This fair and you prior wanna say what you sharp concentrate on the social and cultural football righty it is I would defer any wounds getting a lot of that yeah. And so that's gonna. Let's go to. Larry you know I'm not about. Automatic everybody who called in the radio station. Shakespeare exports. And wallaby even stand up to the glad that they millionaires. And they never acceptable question what option do you currently acting up. Armed Mac. Is walking contradiction garner like like what should at that flag out here when they'll defeat it was country any traders and yet we are at school. In ninety. Are mad at people and they should get about that you'd and that it will be at a lot OK to go art CIA which is strong record that. Throw in our community. The court war. But don't talk about me corporate history all of this is like that you could recover I'll do if people wanna bring up my arm around the. I'll probably couldn't do it now people have a trick in the Bible. I've been one of the war. What part of what it looks like a little bit about culture. I'm looking at one Alabama where. Mayor or share its mark all wrong. Current whatever. I. Don't like it but as far with what a lot so there will be no public. Our. How appropriate that is not caricature and there's no new approach their left while we are both mad about sob lectured by. He would call a couple post about how you like what pegged. The beat the Motley. He. Holds. A couple post. Changeup got a couple of you know make this about every. Other. So much. Mike Herbert your neck to do things for the future. One. Is quite rare public ought the world and army captured like scratch. Glad that I hope is father's bike with the weaker dot. No they ought. Autumn. Like black red and her. So what it is right now is right in the in the mortem as we reflect this in the right. Because at the rock Arnold the board game. I hear. If I wait you are walking over the national at the World Cup game requirement where. What is in the back but I care about that will be there because of the network it will attract them out of bulk amount you're. Thanks for the call you we appreciate. You mad about. Or is Gary put it which are mad about. He's thrown through 7991250. Between us and went over seven FM the we QB ever to. You are what you happy about for the last at the Jokester boulder up for that is True Blue happy well happy about what are you happy about spark if you will do. My weekend was solely then yeah now. Q I got our garage we now for the first time move that's gotta love that all my god there's a little bit more there is still much room and our garage right now. I can't even tell you I wanted to sleep and garage last analysis. I didn't adult cattle I think it does we've entered a shot out you're not a I think I might while all the drives are so beautiful would you sleep because that. Helped us move knows how much crap we truly have we have enough room to port up claw our innate to a car in 282 car garage. And now we have a room to put two cars into a two car garage after we clean it all out yesterday. Three hours it took us. And the card and I go and its nuclear. Is that. My good friends over and what's. About one knows yet and go at all there's going to be another one of you were immunized you do stuff like that I'll. As you can sit there watching the committee's job for hollow. While I'll be a year now via. Yeah I just hours old you know what what majors are okay I'm doing that we just this weekend Jackson went to sleep and rely Mike let's go. And we went outside the bay minor what is outside we got to work in three hours later we got it done you could put a car in their habit you know what I would suggest you do use market. 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Free movie packs for three months and have also a dig at no extra charge and they can have you hooked up with bit of L Sunday ticket. By noon this Sunday guarantee. Calls into solutions today at 26275415100. 26275415100. The joy is back edge does include fox sports Wisconsin and because you chose sight and sound solutions. Yeah about either a hundred dollar visa gift card or eight free HDTV. Call cited sound solutions today. And 26275415100. That's 262754. 15100. Animals and they redundancies and get rid of Tony went on their present for season. Different set season records usually Gupta takes or seems like Scalia gives us way to quick break we're gonna we're gonna flip the script you can still tell us which are mad about. Also what are you happy about 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan of the Wendy's big show on an Aurora health care gritty goal Monday in the holds Chevrolet studios and we'll be right back. Yeah slash. No good afternoon for the masters he's WS as these sports updates studio I'm Mike Clemens masters he's the premier supplier in patio furniture rec room products and sports memorabilia checked the knot in Waukesha or debate short town center. Online it master's he's not count first on the fan. The Packers beat the Bengals 27 a warning for an overtime and a two minute role that Jordy Nelson say they've worked on that every day in practice. That's and he plays. And uses speak about what time it is run and here. Their own charm or you know another big play those things that we're hopeful that situation we were going every week. That was actually a lot these are what we normally work on now but today we've learned the greening goalless suffered more injuries along the offensive line second year man Kyle Murphy. Who filled in yesterday at left tackle as a foot injury that lead he would leave him limited in practice. An update from the Green Bay press gazette pack a reporter Ryan wood today and the big show Al does bears game coming up in those two jackal scam play Bakhtiar in blog I now IC Murphy's on the injury report with a foot injury. There's there's some unconfirmed reports that the factory Versailles over John often Arizona Cardinals. Practice what I believe their candidate is desperate times rather. Cool and now on special teams the Packers have had to place their long snapper. Red boots on injured reserve with a hamstring injury Mike McCarthy sing a short time ago. It would have been tied in Richard Rodgers as the back up long snapper is actually warming up to the end of the game yesterday. The Packers resigning tabor pepper along staffer they had in camp last spring. Brewers have the night off after losing to the cubs yesterday five to nothing NBA the bulls Dwyane Wade now free agent LeBron James says he'd welcome wade. Can join them with the cavaliers. Read more online while 57 FM the fan dot com. I'm Mike Clemens at sports Radio One 057 FM the fan listen live on the WS as these Smart phone app or online. It is say in Aurora health care gringo Monday here on the Wendy's big show live and holds Chevrolet studios with the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the for a packer and badger running bacterial or snot running Mac cloth Laura Butler. Off to the horse and plow for the horse and plow hoddle along with bill Michael's tonight. From appropriately enough the horse and plow in Kohler Wisconsin they got a player out there with them again this great mackerel Famer LeRoy Butler all right. Michael that's more than enough it on out there or listen right here on the fan or on the fan that won a 57. FM the fan. Dot com right now RS game we've been asking all afternoon what she met and you can still get in on that after a busy emotional sports weekend. But also would what are happy about. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan because we wanna go home at 6 o'clock on a positive note let's get to these phones G. Let's go to Randy you know broken rent your natural process and after an affair Randy which you have to borrow what you were two men. Yeah I'm happy happy right now operating united. Like games. Bro and I and our another undefeated. The mother or deepened playoffs. Albeit only you'd like to do track parked him and they don't say much it does come up but I manipulated them on the football and they get the victory saw. Props for my son not. Nickname hot file thought. They render and you do lose first talked. Thing. Sure it is. I really haven't his arm and how many games does go Loveland. Four you're into. All out their external. They we're a little later on paper cry over. On Serb leaders somewhat negative column from a pretty lose this. Game so your rival. Now where I'm now woodland. Went in there so we were Dolan loans. This week and an XP liner. Now from there. Marquee. And I think then we'll when no later on there's one more I'm not. Ahmanson is two people were two parties. Got to get Monday it would have been you know. In the opposite right now. Oh well. That the the or thanks for color and he appreciated. And we could use of competition. Here. He's dug up let's say about us some people like to talk a lot of trash like that you're gonna rock and that he drops that lied they could use some competition. Well played raises Omaha hot sauce hot sauce. How how it's also the only other that's authorities. None out like trash talk about winning over and let's go to jeered parts forge your your natural far sterner from a stranger which our board. You guys. I got asked that my favorite protest this of this from the national protest league with a one got to Chicago. I mean I loved Alejandro ability to wave good you know certain terms and Afghanistan. Defying his Kosher who I would prefer to fully felt commonly going out for the nationally have put. And I love how could very well put forward resorted back tractors fans. It was a mistake. Listen to how whether they have and in the dressing room and all the disunity just being so. I love is burdened down baby college campus started it. And I think that it could it spread like wildfire. Love. So what you love and. Love and how all of decided there of the Bill Clinton to be attacked. And player of the book the mental attitude media everywhere you go out. Put people like phony truck Tomlin trying to control of the army veteran but to do for the national employment you don't joke. View our thank you try to tell my clinics are actually try to do as a team just has so you understand what actually happened here in the dozens on get your facts straight. On this army veteran was the one that organize the team not going out on the field. But we're not none none none none now the army battered as the one this enemy the army batter you can go read it Google it. The army veteran was the one that ran the team meeting for like four hours. He he didn't wanna be singled out if he did Neal or whatever so he said it's best if we just Allstate the locker room to gather and that way I won't be singled out. The teams that's OK no problem or where we're at here will stay in the locker room. It I don't know I regretted TE. You know I was wanting to get a lot of us are just hang up regardless as we don't we appreciate like I always say NATO this guy in this does that. Organize everybody to stay here nick if you wanna be singled on the field. Okay fights of the teams that were way if you were respectable stayed near would you. Will be do we double assault figure Powell's goal now to robberies in the team regardless fine got. The next thing they knew the team was this does that. Went out with all that and singled himself out from out of that without that Al. In a positive light in his mind and did the National Anthem what sort of shot a little bit he broke right. But you know what this skit I don't know. It broke record evidence I'll help him all of that when the storms leave and other what Patrick. Defense and leave all the way to try to figure out what happened that's that thing was ridiculous. I'll battle thing what I don't. Give. Dude you're a vet go ahead. I'm not sitting argue would vets one or the other some of you hate this some of you look at people close to meet hate one party told me he's. Are watching packer games and the NFL he's done didn't watch that game on Sunday inaugural watch again soul. I know all this is affecting people all I'm saying is that you specifically who as hot as several selling Jersey the last 24 hours apparently. Well how that whole thing played out his blockers to just apple would they respect what he said and they need to face dump and went out and did something that. I just doesn't make sense so but but. He just exit while we're talking about this he was at the podium speaking. And said I threw my teammates under the bus short. On and he's an unintentionally. He killed. Receipt let's take a column and I'll pull out the article state let's go to Marley and. Saw in Ellsworth Merling your natural far from their from three in the big show Merling are you doing on which yeah. I am good. I think I am so happy that the Packers won that game yet they haven't ready to turn a mock. Little turn armor me. But it's a brand I have BA here minor injuries. What makes me so Lance and I did not want to talk about any of this demonstrating. But what I heard that the Chicago Bears did what they did at. What really bothers me is all the murders that are growing and in Chicago. Black on black. Killing each other it happened here in Milwaukee and I don't hear any Howard Dean min. Stay and clean up and get send me. What's really happening in the cities. That bothers me a lack. So with Jim black on black crime. You have an issue with them killing one another. And in so they should put more effort. Into that. There and what you're doing right now. Well I think it's really important because they should be examples. Two of the young black man growing up. They example they're getting around is. I say that Larry everybody is against stepped racially an hour racial problems. Not only blacks. Backdating racial problems a lot of whites they're getting racial problems in the name of equality. But I see are these young people getting killed I see children and innocent children getting killed. And it's like why isn't anybody varied about they have. Why are they move that's why need to demonstrate. And care about this. Marley and the do you think there is any disagreement. As to whether or not the crime and murder that's going on in in the streets of Chicago. In the inner city especially in the black community especially if you think there's a disagreement as to whether or not that's a good thing or bad thing. You know lack. I. Went from the old school what I have to that's been great don't think this is a bad thing. Nomar lien you're wrong every everybody thinks. That's a bad thing that's why there is really no need to protest at the reason that you protest is to draw attention to issues that maybe people. Aren't paying attention to and outer I eat Aaron I know you called him before and your loyal listener to the show so you probably know that I'm a bears fan and I keep up with that team. And I'm here to tell you right now that a lot of those bears players especially. A lot of the African American bears players are going into the inner city and talking with these kids and trying to make a difference and the same can be said and can especially be said. About the Chicago Bulls organization that torch was taken up by Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose when there are still there and they still. Lead that charge and go into the community and start programs and talk to kids. About the way that they should be living their lives and not following in the footsteps of drug dealers and gang members and their society who were doing the things. That short talking about but there's just no need. For them to go out and protest it because there is nobody who would disagree with the fact. That you shouldn't be out there doing those things whereas there's for some reason it does seem to be some disagreement. About whether or not racism exists and whether or not institutional racism means that some of these guys stand erred kneel before the flag. During the National Anthem they're not doing it to disrespect the flag there not doing it to insult the flag they're not doing it. To insults Umar leaned they're doing it to draw attention to a social issue and you can be you can. Pay attention to that social issue or you can pay attention to guys kneeling. During the National Anthem in front of the flag that's your choice. Well to me there are examples setting our athletes are examples set me. The big problem. In our the inner cities. Respectable. If you respect. Other people you wouldn't be doing its thing pictured doing so they can set an example. They are they are setting an example. Well you know what. Disrespect dean and everybody is looking at it as thick disrespect. Now not everybody Marley and yet realize they're people out there that disagree with you and that's. Majority of the people. Who really count. Thanks for the call Marlene we appreciate the majority of the people. Were were OK with racism the majority of the people are okay it was slavery the majority of the people are OK with segregation the majority of the people. Brocail with homophobia and they ended up being on the wrong side of history. You know mark Martin Luther King had a negative approval rating. Was he was in the midst of of of fighting for civil rights Smart. Luther king. Had a negative approval rating. Do we look at Martin Luther king and back now if you're not a racist and anything but a positive light. Nobody got a negative approval rating while he was fighting for civil and equal rights. Things change Rand times change just because you're in the majority doesn't mean that your in the right. Might make you feel like you're in the right but it doesn't mean that you Arnie might be on the wrong side of history. What do you mad about what are you happy about as a Aurora health care green gold Monday here on the Wendy's big show yet and it's 79. And we'll figure tweet us at 1057 FM the fan and the Wendy's big shall be right back in the hopes upon can't war. Joined there were winning fish fry and Wednesdays and Fridays afford different stat pop styles of fish. Piled how all the extra happy are Monday through Thursday isn't different it's a seven. Friday's from three until five or late night Friday happy hours from 10 PM till 1 AM you club also a fun place those private parties including a personal VIP suite. Watch your pool table personal TVs and live music entertainment returns I'd coming up this Saturday night throughout the wintertime bands every Saturday night going forward. They got Q club all Wisconsin's. Website Q club a W I dot com or check him out on FaceBook you go about Wisconsin 2454. North grand view boulevard in Waukesha. Now south of I 94 a did you know open for breakfast on Sunday marks. Coffee club and confused. Of the money Tweeter and a whole read about it and I don't know man items are doing Hauser is fine tweeters on Twitter yes. Let's go to Tony grind out earlier there's little far from a from the big show Tony. Maybe I'd want him really don't really impressed with all of the public he turned out called the notebook salt. The players stepped up you know what a lot of or big guns operator both offense and defense. I'll relieve like tropical outlook then. 47 on the stands and and our. King are on our defense. Our legal guys are going to be good. I mean so really bothering him just happy I'm happy you know equal who has won a gold like. There was proof. Your forehead like Mike on that knew all about that's what it says it will you know. It's one day it could easily buried here we went the other way you know edit reported that the pistons played better. Detroit and he's been crossed and I bigger picture literally one banking company and you know. So it's it's going to be a firm Bernard in this position when it comes to what's been going on around you players are being. Personally have all my own opinions on it that I I just rather keep to myself for what I really don't like about it it's kind of my gate. And I just don't like you know that I am you know. At a football game I don't know I just now as well you know my guess and. That's that's an interesting point did you bring up thanks for the call I heard this from numerous people and I get I do I told understand. And it's the same thing I get about sports soccer. And that is no I live my day to day life. I worked my job all day I come owner Mike. Kids your pain in the butts are crying babies or whatever the case may be and the only reason I tune in the sport stock is to get away from all that crap on the real world. With a mild little sports fantasy. The only reason that I like to watch sports or whatever else is to forget about my problems of the data de world. The brigade about what I'm paying in taxes or forget about what my problems will my kids are having at school to forget what problems I'm having what my wife my girlfriend. A user adds an escape. And now because of war we have going on here I Keeneland use this as an escape because now this becomes an argument in our house this becomes. I huge break out like discussion airport in our house and all this no longer becomes entertainment this becomes stressful situation for the family. So I totally. Understand that side of it of what what where the other where recite your rod they just don't Wyatt. The way it is because also he's providing stress and more issues in there I'll swing and I guess. Mean all the husband wife may not be on the same side issues you whatever may be so now one doesn't wanna watch a ball the other. The other one does and now they're arguing about what another issue watching or not it creates even more problems your. And mark my words if this is going to stop it's going to stop because the ratings are gonna go down that Don in the toilet and once that happens. The resolution is going to be guest. Roger Goodell will go to the teams and say look. We're not going up the National Anthem anymore Don. Nobody's going off in the nationalize them anymore but that's gimme get used to be there that's how does Washington wonder nobody ever use a lot. National Football League that nobody's going off the National Anthem anymore and I'll be the end of it. And then hopefully they try get fans back. Is that that's where this is that I respect that that viewpoint of sports is entertainment. Entertainment's post metres and ran in from the dessert that you don't like from the fab exactly whatever I respect that and I appreciate that and I think that's the most valid issue to take. With these protests of all the issues that I've heard people take with the protest I think that's the most about one but what I see those people as. OK so don't don't let it ruin it don't don't let the people who are putting politics no matter what side of it thereon. Don't let it ruin that for you. Don't turn on the TV until the game starts you are you what Johnny are you watch your back in just a yes okay. So they came into the back or get a hug bears game went overtime right did we see any protest when the game started no what do they do. They show the protest well again look like I did tell you what happened. And then you know what happened outsold all over the place everybody started having their discussions everything else and it took away from the game I know this for a fact because. I was talking to one person asked me whether or not they moved the Packers Saturn got. So I don't know we came in light so I've no idea. Once they broke head and show the packer players sitting this person said he was done watching football and that was the end of and he was done. He never wanna know had they not broke it and showed you that they were sitting so you say what just took it well and doesn't matter because I assure you girls or your all and flipped to the other game permanent until they're done doing the protest. Recap I mean it's clear evidence not to enter the word from a no no it's or anything reform and there wasn't the lead story. All yesterday morning pregame show of law that new rules common and so. You know it is what it is she's got to deal with that and you know few movements it's going to be you know. It's going to be any MBA too because you know we have been talking a lot about in a fair about you know LeBron James throughout from Hughes to eat you know over reaching in and step curry you know got uninvited to the White House and are you you know you've got to Steve Kerr who totally long he seems to hurt you yet. I thought was awesome. Would there also I'm a folks you know can we put it up as opposed. Yet pizza you can go to doctors like Clemens could you by the speaker's response. And third on our FaceBook page recognition in Asia speakers is worth my pride in. It is. Unbelievable. And he's not then color he was married phases. You know what imitators. You don't try out rain day. He will win again. Just sort of you know. Oca that's people's right if they want to vote for don't I'm just so he'll win again a day you know they want thing what I agreement today. He will last yet those mean today NBA players their name called like three. Now it is no different kind of breed and in of troopers and scurried towards. Human you're human and he went into effect. NBA residences armored and it's gonna affect him gay TV room and I said before the break and went to region the full quotes from a Alejandro being a waiver. The Steelers lineman injured starter and army vet who was the only one came on the locker room yesterday program during the anthem after he was one who organized the that the decision for the whole team to stay in the locker room. And he said the following. I made coach Tomlin looked bad and that is my fault and my fault only I mean my teammates look bad. And that is my fault and my fault only people die for the flag there's no worry no way else to put it. There's nothing else that would justify dying for that mission. Unfortunately I threw my teammates under the bus unintentionally. Every single time I see that picture me standing by myself I feel embarrassed for anybody thinks coach Tomlin is not as patriotic as you can get in America. I am offended by that I don't have anything to say about the commander in chief and his decisions nothing to comment about what the president says. We as a team tried to figured out obviously we butchered it. I'm not gonna pretend I have some kind of righteous voice I will support all my teammates and all my teammates and all of my coaches have always supported me. Every single one of my teammates is extremely supportive and extremely patriotic I can honestly say that. Now again. A DD and Alec LS annals. Up NFL network she tweeted that the Walla. There were Steelers who wanted to kneel and there were Steelers who wanted to stay there are Mike Tomlin head coach of the team told the players know. You all have to be together on this unanimously either your all the minor girl stander what amber are doing we're doing what Mike and other than this do it came out and said let's just all stayed here that and that way nobody has singled out him and then that dude. Went out there online self and singled himself on it. Do you get zeroed Gregg Popovich said about. Donald Trump and inviting stuff carry the warriors to the White House Nordson it's like a sixth graders having a party in his backyard and find out somebody is not coming so we dis invite him. Although it's disgusting it's also comical. Your question yes the bear out what holiday is Thanksgiving Day. Right it might take over sparked by civic Nogueira can make it go slots are my bide your audio. I wasn't alone and how well kickers. Think I understand all the carriers he wanna lose you have such a thing that. Artest who brought Zune phone call actually we are very late for a break let's take a break you guys on hold. There will cover all models will fallen for American goods which are mad about which amended which are happy about have you after a busy emotional every week every every linger on your hands full seven I actually Tuesday or you can tweet us at what shots and I. I yeah it sure is. I don't care doctors Iraqi created a nobody really odd man this is awesome you're great you're excited about this week edge over the old Chevrolet studios and will be right back.