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Thursday, December 14th
Wendys Big Show-Ramie, Tim Allen, and Baby Tosh talk the Packers Super Bowl chances

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Wendy's Big Sur. Applause at all. Again southern U. Smith and I remember all seven down economic and that's enough is enough of that yet. Well coming up this hour we'll talk with rob reichel of Bob McGinn football dot com. About the Packers Aaron Rodgers back in the mix we're talking with you about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Back in the mix right now we wanna know. I do like their Super Bowl chances now with Aaron Rodgers 4147991250. You can treat the show at 1057. FM the fan. They've doubled according to Vegas the Packers Super Bowl chances gotten better and gotten better a lot better yes they've gone from. 3321. To eighteen to one I've got a yacht just Aaron Rodgers returning are you that concert bet I get a future bet on the up Packers to win the NFC's so to get to the Super Bowl. It's alive. Still alive totally forgot about those tickets and we got ya I well I normally by a couple of giveaway for Christmas what your gambling tickets yet. You give those away for Chris and they make great Christmas gifts really if I mean an end up being nothing. Could it just just being a slip of paper yet it but then again what you have with Alex a lot like giving someone a scratch off to get like well it's your birthday here's you know. 510. Bucks with a lottery tickets scratch from often. What happens if they would like. Holy crap I just want to 2000. I mean yeah that's great. It's it's a it's it's a risk reward. Like bringing Aaron Rodgers back nobody on the monitor those of you looking for Christmas gift ideas in the future if they do they really do I guess I am suffer if it doesn't scratch off tickets in my girlfriend stock in last year you imagine the better not be why gifts and tenor Tony box on the Packers that you don't get to the Super Bowl or to win the Super Bowl and and that would be there Christmas tree gift or stocking stuffer and a look at the Packers get to the super ball got you know 270 books were thrown at the scratch off ticket isn't stockings that I was more concerned that you fill your girlfriend's shocking. Well isn't that weird and is that saint Nick's drop shot. Sam Israel if you believe Israel are okay. I don't wanna ruin anything for any kids or you just did an hour well here here's the deal I'm on your Super Bowl. Chances yell scream back thank you. They're not eliminated. And what the looks of the NFC I will just say this and incrementally. One game at a time. You look at all the teams that are not sort of likely to make the playoffs in the NFC. This arbitrarily throw the rams of those throw the saints out there. The Eagles now without Carson and Lance. Of the Panthers out there we're gonna get get a good had to have look at Green Bay vs Carolina obviously this week. But you look at all those teams maybe even Seattle. Can't tell me that Aaron Rodgers. Under senator cannot pull an upset or two against those teams there's no dynamos right here not everything's relative Rami you know that any given year. He can't look at the rams is the old Ramsey Italy the rams is is this year's ramps on the vikings for that matter I think there there probably team to beat my book. They're the team to be in the NFC. But air Rodgers under senator can pull law often upset or two in the playoffs is no doubt in my mind they could. The thing that they have working against them more than anything because once once they're in the playoffs. I think their chances are even with everybody else in the NFC I don't see one clear cut favorite Disney and and what I'm saying you're just went through so once once your in the playoffs. The packers' chances are even with everybody else in the conference to get to the Super Bowl. Now you know what we're gonna hear. Or of people are thinking right now is. Al Ronnie Champ Bailey got a look at the odd defense a year you you think this defense going to be good enough to get him into a super ball yeah. The of the injuries of the offensive line are they gonna protect Aaron Rodgers in the running game while there's Jamal Williams right there. Does Jordy Nelson your work back into the program here all of these things come into play I get it. I I do. But Aaron Rodgers elevates level of every single person on that team. Absolutely it's a different team now but here is here's what's working against them in terms of just getting to the playoffs and I think that's the biggest hurdle. Hey you need to with the Packers need to if they win out then these spot to of these following things must happen. If the vikings lose out the Packers win the division that's that's easy but that's not gonna happen in the vikings are gonna win at least one more football player of the vandals embarrassed Syrian tossed that. They're not winning the division that means that tour the following must happen. The Seahawks lose one of their remaining three. They have. LA Atlanta and Dallas and definitely I'm sorry LA Dallas and Arizona got mom or the Panthers lose to Green Bay end. Lose one of their following two games against Tampa Bay or Atlanta. The falcons if the Packers win would mean to lose two of the following three at Tampa Bay at New Orleans and against Carolina in week seventeen. Somebody. I don't know where I read either read this or heard this is this true that if bowl the saints in the rams win now. And the Packers win now therein. I'm based on who the saints play and who the rams fly. Is that right. I didn't it didn't sound right to me but may be as from what I'm looking at that doesn't look at the rams won out they would beat the Seahawks and that would be one game that you wouldn't you would need to happen faster. And the saints and also played. And Carolina and Atlanta Alia the nets sure. So to me I mean that could happen. That could happen saints. And rams went out and I met when white it would make Atlanta the five in Green Bay would be the sixth and then you would traveled to probably ally. You just want a man even. The other two possibilities out of the five that could happen in the Packers need tool of the five to happen. Rams lose at Seattle San Francisco or lose all three of their remaining games or the saints lose all three of their remaining games if any of the 32 of those five have been. And the Packers are in the playoffs. And as you just laid out because of who's playing each other Panthers play the falcons in week seventeen. The saints led the Panthers falcons and Seahawks left on their schedule locked going on it's it's not. Out of the question that the Packers couldn't get into the playoffs almost easily if they win out their remaining three game. If they win out now air Roger is gonna come up just short of saying running the table relax or anything like that. I he's just gonna go back in there this is a playoff game that won the one thing that concerns me guys it's just. The intensity level that the Carolina panther Panthers are playing out right now. And that energy level I don't know if being away eight weeks Gary LeRoy would probably know more knives but. I don't know if you can capture that right away I think early in the game on on now Sunday is going to be key. Don't give behind early because she you need a little buffer timed it to have air Roger's work up to an intensity level energy level for. The Carolina Panthers that just you know came off oh win against a Minnesota Vikings. That was huge every now can you replicate that after you know sand on the sidelines of being in the yet trainers room for eight weeks. That's the one thing that concerns me. How do you feel about the Packers Super Bowl chances either making it or winning it. Now that Aaron Rodgers is back in the fall 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. Unsolicited Tim we had a couple people call in to the 2 o'clock hour and say they have no chance. I'm going to or winning the Super Bowl. I especially want to hear from those people because I wanna I wanna know your reasons I wanted to all the logic behind you saying that this season is all but done. For the Green Bay Packers Johnny here's some new people. Strange things happen funky things happen you know. We talked about that early on in the baseball season last year and sent amend the ballots it looks like it's a weird kind of we are counting year and in that regard here in football here who thought. The rams would be a dynamo. The Eagles would be as good as they well were. And the saints were going to be in nine or 101112. Win team. I don't think a lot of people thought it would out enactment. But it it lit the AFC for example I about how funky that is where Jacksonville jags they are winning game on Sunday they're in the playoffs. So crazy things can happen. And now I'll just say that just look at it from the perspective of the other NFC teams. Don't tell me that there are not concerned that Aaron Rodgers is common into their place. In a do or die football game. They are concerned about that they should be. I think they do you have any time you get in and you've got Aaron Rodgers got a shot in us have a good chance. Right now what do they said Vegas odds chasm. Eighteen to one to win the Super Bowl yes eighteen to one. There's some money to be had there I don't know if I would I would lay my money on that now. To happen but it could it's it's a lot better and it was three weeks ago and that was 200 to one. Thing about that 200 to one. They beat Tampa Bay. It breaks down to Vegas had a Matt what 33 don't mountain they beat Cleveland. Obviously both in overtime cuts that you know to eighteen to one when Avant said they beat the Carolina Panthers. I'm guessing it's probably at like ten no one when he had her under. That's a thing and if and I know a lot of club packer fans that they were always CNBC in the defense and receive these guys play. But air Rodgers does make a defense a little bit better too. Yes he does and the defense doesn't have to be that good I'm more into that after a break but. A spat wedding or from all of the F 4147991250. As we asked. I like the Packers Super Bowl chances now that Erin Rogers is back especially. Wanna hear from you people who are ready to declare this team dead as a snowball hopes that some sentiment out there that says don't important Rogers the rest of the price of restarting right now 4147991250. Tweet the show at 1057 FM the fan is the Wendy's big show won an Ohio feel about the Packers with Aaron Rodgers back. We hear from you right after the soccer. In the ring says the symbolize how much the people on the WW universe of meant to them mind their own career and undertaker laid the gloves down and folded up the role open. Finally the last thing he did was he took his hat off and it into the crowd and a that we haven't seen cents. This will be back to civilize that it doesn't pretend fighting. They're wrestling to the middle third rate you as role is wrestling that popular. I did. Not anymore yeah the grisly is that popular it's still very pocket until such around the world it just sucks. Iced me you grossly fininvest just not good enough I'm open to being a wrestling fan again but just as bad right now it is rustling themes for a throwback Thursday presented by masters these here. On the way in these big show we're not taking votes for next week because it is. A karaoke Christmas that is a big show tradition and we're not gonna stop now but you can send in your requests. For next week in the us know which Christmas songs you like to hear Gary saying. Tweet those at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback. And you're entered to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to master Aziz. And a pair of tickets to northern invasion 2018 going on May twelfth and thirteenth. Out at Somerset ample theater yemenis now what Christmas song he'd like to hear Gary Ellison saying tweeting at 10 fire stimulus a man twelve days of Christmas hash tag big throwback. You might hear Kabul that the nomination sure Rick yeah we do not so sand Pepe. Del norte today a said he wants senior Gary try to go up an octave I saw mama kissing Santa Claus by Michael Jackson had one and that's a good one and a bomb JS run DMC's Christmas in Hollis. Now wanna hear Gary seeing now wrapped. Arm I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas that one came in from Jason now I like that one that was real popular last year because there was some commercial that was airing every five minutes and had that in. More re Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and probably my favorite that's common is up granma got run over by a reindeer. That's that's next Thursday yes also. Robby has not been left out of this Santos is Gary Ellis and and Rami Mac loft need to do and all I want for Christmas is you residue iPod that would be really good I'd do it I feel like and his ruinous don't know now I think your I think it would make it apparent now. I'm inside yourself short OK thank you baby touch somebody's they wanna hear him do with the Christmas song that Al this is famous for it. Blue Christmas and Christmas. And Tony junior who rules will now know they do that's a good one. We have to make a playlist before we get on here is patched through all the we like he's looked right in me and said look we need to you you and you look at it. It doesn't like you want it back. To a court of. Ax the Packers got there is back there and riders he comes back from the broken collarbone. Where are we talking with rob reichel about that just a few minutes from Bob McGinn football dot com right now are asking you. How do you like the Packers Super Bowl chances. Now with Rogers in the full 4147991250. Can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan we've gotten a few tweets and one is from a angry Pacman he says you really think this team with that defense. Can win seven games in a row against good teams knew what was I how many chants. Knew it was coming he knew what was coming that right there at about you didn't. And what's your what's your rebuttal to that amount. Aaron Rodgers elevates. Everybody on the team. Here's another one for Mikey says 0% chance of a twelve is Grady does not play defense. He. Elevates the play of all. Of those numbers and besides that you're you're 100% right about that and Aaron Rodgers makes the entire team better the Packers defense. Does. It mean to be much better if any better at all to win a Super Bowl because to me you tell me if you disagree attempt the magic number. For the defense. Is 24. If you give up 24 or less points to a team era when weak. Aaron Rodgers should and that offense should be able to win that game and the very least you're right at the very least you're in. And and let's go back through through the Packers. And and their defense. Last week against the browns ago 21 points. Week before that they give a twenty against Tampa Bay Pittsburgh is one of the best offenses in the league. He gave up 31 points against them that's just gonna happen. Baltimore he gave up 23 Chicago he gave up sixty at the line to give up thirty okay prior lose that game with the with utter runners. They held high powered saints offense to 26 points. They held the vikings to 23 before that the first five weeks of the season. We're kind of a mass for that defense. Outside of week one where they give up 99 points to Seattle after that to give up. 3424. Fourteen and 31 to Dallas but going all the way back to Minnesota. More times than not. The Packers defense has been good enough to win if Aaron Rodgers was under center. Do the chances. Look favorable for the Packers to get two or win a Super Bowl. At this as moment as crazy is this is gonna sound now they know for me it's harder for them to get in the playoffs. Then bend don't Venturi announced that Clinton pull off a Super Bowl victory if that isn't it now. Take that into you know put that into into perspective. Obviously winning a super ball very hard on Hussein with all the help that you need. Over the next three weeks. If the Packers are in because once therein there's not a team in the NFC that I look at. And I go while the Packers won't be that the vikings if I had to lay money right now on which team is known as Super Bowl the NFC. It's the Minnesota Vikings let's get in John in Oak Creek here on the Wendy's big show with subject. They got it yeah I think it's going to be a big challenge. With Rogers and there that's gonna that would via big clot that mean he's gonna. Give them much chance. Did back there. But it's gonna go about how well our defense can play he's been at elevated play. And I know it. You know we played its impact would be princes Steelers and it. And what up what are the like is seen. You know content on an offseason obviously is retired Mike I didn't and of course strapped TJ watt because you know then you'd have the but it could rushed the the core. You big pass rusher in token cut about two you're. What kind of players to pick up our defense. Forward a positive but yet we definitely have a shot we're gonna have to I think public registry can rely on the running back more now that we get some part of Mexican. On the ball and now with Erin Jones and Jamal Williams. But. Over odd bigoted they haven't shot that have a good chance at bluntly admitted past Carolina and that can be a big channel. They'll be a lot of tunes changed thanks for the call to be a lot of tunes changed if they beat Carolina here. Rami I'm telling you right now everyone is a little leery and trepidation is about. Saying that the you know jump aboard the Packers bandwagon. Barron's back and we got a chance of this thing I understand I get I'd watch the same defense you guys. This game turns a lot of people to the other side it does this one right here because you win this one. Now you've accomplished 130 year goal and now your face and that team. Do you bookend Ed Rogers right back to Minnesota against Minnesota. And and then you go from there but this is the game right here you'd you would sway a lot of votes. That that some of the folks that are saying come on look at it realistically Tim Riley there don't have a chance to win nothing there and that Bailey in the place. If they win the panther game. A lot of those people are gonna change or to get one more call B Sean on this outsider in the Wendy's big show assumption on. Oh record or examine. Not much of that noble work. They'd I think aren't sure board I would have one game at a time. If we have an opportunity to hook up on the player you don't want to go to the playoffs but it's all you cricket coach. Factor in our record at the same mentality and that although we're told lecture or twelve or a year later before something good happened for the Cox. Don't take this chance to pass on election here and answer. Political and try to win. And from the confirmed the point of fuel having Roger on the field you know what opportunities for three and out. The current book you have to play Oakmont they expect pressure and they don't have health that are often makes that you and other CNET. I agree with you our thanks to god thanks and an and again Rami had just I cannot stress this enough this game here. Will tell the story. What I will tell the story with a lot of things that. Did air Roger's return helped the defense did Aaron Rodgers. Returned and he returned all formed he returned a week 1234 form that he returned to was you little rusty was it. The so many things are going to be answered. Find it one way by hook or crook to win this game. And a lot of people think a whole lot different about this Packers team. Rob reichel I'm sure has thoughts on this CEO Bob McGinn football dot com Bulger in the Wendy's big show next right after this. Slash. Oh. Steve very grow back Thursday presented I met Cindy. I'm running Mac bought a long way to Malibu you've hit it out you didn't think this is cactus Jack again gel okay good. Coming up at five we're gonna reset the big topics discussed today's big show give you the final say out of the Great Lakes dragway pick a lane and all confuses him. It's just too much with three topics like right around all at the same time was it last week added a couple of weeks ago I go I when I wasn't here nobody is here this you flying solo out for allows it I says straighten up my act and we did OK it's and I love playing. The return line and others are left lane right lane and returner returned again right yes it left drivers up. Let us know what Christmas songs you like to hear Gary Ellison saying. Free karaoke Christmas next throwback Thursday tweet your Christmas songs at 1057 FM the fan with hash tag vague throwback to be entered to win. 825 dollar gift certificate to master z.'s and a pair of tickets to northern invasion 2018 that's happening may twelfth. And thirteenth out of Somerset ample theater with such bands as tool avenged seven fold a perfect circle Alice in Chains Breaking Benjamin. Stone Temple Pilots and much much more so creature Christmas song at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throwback joining us right now. I'm the great midwest bank hotline been covering the Packers for years now or does it for Bob McGinn football dot Tommy joins us every Thursday. Pleasure welcome and rob reichel rob hour this afternoon. I am a great the pleasure is mine or you guys. Doing well do you have a favorite Christmas song that you'd like to hear Gary Ellison's rendition of next week for a Gary Oki Christmas. And I bought Surat Knoll theory Kerio secret. Now. It's a web big Joseph tradition Robin we don't bring try to gear did you I would open in it's it's a bit but it but that's what it's about I really did it at Riley uttered hey are a lot of them. Speaking of entertainment value Aaron Rodgers certainly provide some of that for Packers fans that does he provide hope though in your opinion Robin terms of getting getting back in the mix and possibly Super Bowl contention. All that's all Ronnie I mean there's no doubt about I mean going into these flat pregame. And I think all what company in you know that quite called murderers ball but it. But it clearly tree out playoff level team and a couple of heavyweight that there at all. Are out it sent but the Detroit though. Legitimate playoff team between the three right there there are apoplectic that winning percentage in depth probably. Partly don't want it to. And Rogers gave it chance I think every single game. Did that come out of that victorious now out of strength in all the other apple. A lot of things all right. Bigger underdog that's Carolina. I thought about it kind of like it at Lambeau you might be out. I want it in. Court got it. Right but not all clear. It. Yeah and outpost as thinks the fight that it would let. They're certainly all of our. Rob Tim here of Erin made some comments about it you know I'm not here to save the Packers and I know he's probably down playing that a little bit but the reality as she is. Back active to save the Packers is he not. I think helped them I think that's clear what you recording two million dollars in church or app. But largely see things from time to Ivan and that's we're at right now I'd been there Eddie played all thirteen games. They probably get 91011 went bite out remembered over there were born one aspect Alex planned accordingly abouts. Probably eat all of the Goldman now Eric yet Cobb. And they're not adding that this indict and it's not a bit but they're not at all thirteen. But yeah up in a lot of weight eat out to come back and try to beat them now I will pay to estimate the right. I'd be coming back much better off the lap. They opt out but why would I hit oh but yeah are. The majority of all Rodgers early team. Back in play well. Still pretty beat guys like apple but you'd hear air it out why. When it pretty well for the most part at an apartment belt to get quite it currently not. Ever player at that position right. I'll let it shelves clearly it. That. That much about eight at all. A picture. It straight L it up and attack. That that they now there are other op like a cart dot bet. A whole other story on adults or our ability. That ship called circle they eat they eat for a 55 or I apps are split. That it that it Adam asked our guys that all at 630. So. It it I think it hurt that the next. It's got a lot better off that Turks. Talk with rob reichel Bob McGinn football dot com here on the Wendy's big show looking at the other side of the ball Tim obviously Packers fans. Who would like to see that defense played much better than what we've seen. But it might crazy rob to say that the defense. Has actually been good enough for the most part of late to shoot for this team to make a deep run I mean. At the end of the day Iraq becomes Donna how many points you give up that's how you win or lose football games in the NFL. And looking back at the last few weeks he gave up four 21. Why any. 31 of the current 31 of the Steelers lot of teams are giving up 31 points this who's 231646. I mean a lot of these point totals at the Packers have given up. Are are not outrageous and an airport totals at an air rockers on offense could certainly overcome aren't they. Yeah you're right Robbie I mean I mean the numbers are correct but keep in Cleveland. Two weeks ago it is a pretty mediocre. Tampa Bay's offense out Baltimore offense which which got up to edit it eat at a pretty well all our captain and all the way. The Baltimore offense and Robby is that there are. I don't know Robby you know if it had built that it will eat at that they're bad. Op at. You know all. Get hurt in their areas and our guys and that. April last six weeks or so ads and law and order I can't get in. After the Chicago. I work like that the third quarter I really felt let. It might yet. That there. Following Friday or that we get and it hit it toward the court seat as we think right. The split into. Quite yet. Net net asset at all. But it out at night that out. Though they are a couple of that it that perhaps just that. To adopt that want to. Thirty all that but they've got a quarterback. At about their. But why now a much greater challenge that they. Are. It's a stretch but. Well. The ball out of the back and of course. But it's. It's all. This week that that. There or at trying to stop the journal. OK so you have an average three catches and 22 yards a game was zero touchdowns and talking about Jordy Nelson. I am really fascinated in how he has re incorporated back into the softens where do you see that no one because. Obviously Dovonte has been outstanding and he's got a bright future but. Why it's been amazing for us to see Jordy Nelson just fall to the wayside here. I agree with all of the adding it's a story that made at the I'll play. But it's going to be fascinating to watch it's it's going to be. It's really going to be vital aware also that position I think guys and not eat that. In addition of the numbers and a whole wind there really tore Jordy lack of production out playing ugly. That's step and it really jumped out in the yard. After the catch it in the wall to its two point one points. One of the hour and six all and he kept the ball at all government should. If it's remarkable that he. So you're George kept at it in stride and keep going at it eight at all our jets outside Egypt and how old basic ot. Com whether or not. Match against him and Aaron Rodgers an actress in a when he taught that yet age. Yet. It it. Bet that all the good. But I think we're all very realistic. This is something wrong with the Hemmer once. Yemeni father god gets everybody. And it whether a that's happened majority or not he would it's something hike out or find out your over the next week the carpet at the and it bump on the Packard have. I mean it because. They're gonna have to get Adams nor fourteen million dollar chip but you can not come back next here pay import. Top cat and now that there's there's always spent 34 million dollars or. 5% of their salary cap. Uncles died why we're all adults I between. Any Abbott and they'll probably go up. And I think certainly for up for a bigger. Rob we often ask you for a prediction on the upcoming weekend's game I'm going to do something a little bit different this week. Rob right to do the Packers run the table and get into the playoffs your predictions are. Dog and I verbal duel and naysayers you know that all of it at this story out of in all. That signified straight wins out it comes to what and actually we I think Carolina. Airliner to a flat out better but all guys that certainly I certainly saw her eat but all. And helping Roger I think that's what about an incredibly art A I think he's gonna ask somewhat coming at. I was spent on the ball out the last couple weeks practicing at running L teams stop that. And any any really ought to check our out a way to this property. The chip it out birds point there but Roger's game that I suspect that it's I don't. Efforts that go all that will go quarter. It's quite clear on. Site Rodgers it's just a mind that upper orbit. I'm thinking guys that stop but like they had it. Not going to be quite good enough that's. That is rob bright shall find his work at Bob McGinn football dot com. And on Twitter at rob reichel and every Thursday right here on the Wendy's big show rob balls appreciate it we'll talk next week. Thank he predicts though loss to Carolina and it all comes crashing down this weekend yes now tell me now move we will discuss further to him in great thanks dragway pick Alain Robert reichel joins us on the great midwest bank shot lining great midwest bank. Has been committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance there's a great midwest bank that town to discover the benefits of simply. Local banking will reset the big topics discussed on today's big show give you the final say on a Great Lakes dragway pickle latest next on the Wendy's big.