4PM: What is center stage in Wisconsin sports?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, November 21st
11/21/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour - Gary, Ramie and Sparky want the pulse of Wisconsin sports fans!  What is center stage for you?  Packers, Badgers or Bucks?

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What's up with the cardinal and white. Badgered Kerio percent. Here with your updates brought you might create a construction providing. Quality plaster and stumbles services with unsurpassed workmanship. You really want to talk about the card to avoid those the Wendy's big job running back cloth along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. And the former packer and badger running back Gary Allison and what centerstate for you in your sports world right now 414. 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan you wanna talk the batters three or four to tuck the bad news yesterday we left it wide open the badgers talked. Along with Packers talked. Coming off a big Packers loss and a big badgers win. We change it for me grinning gold Monday to a green gold red and white Monday. I think we got two calls me a call and a half I should technically say that's water over the course of the four hours to talk bed to talk badgers. Today we start up the show talk in some box football lines for the first hour of the show dock in bucks including those who held odd. There were interviewed Peter Fagan if you miss that it's coming your way at 535 here in the Wendy's facie retire with David Bakhtiar at 515. What setter stayed three right now under sports world. Wisconsin 414799. Pulpit because it seems like you want to talk Packers you wanna talk box. As those two teams struggle a little bit. You don't wanna talk badgers so much and that's the most successful team in the state right now Agee. I think it's you adding it's your fault. Stuff so on and it's your fault throwers who bears. Listening on. Saturday. And Amman dignity conversion then then. And drive and up to law Minnesota. Mean it's so tough on Saturday were you renting one. Media who aren't conversion electric car until pleasure thank you. Were off problem lies former teammates as teammates were dropped and not kill me juries in its home. Eric Erickson ignore going unsupervised. Jim Jordan. Still aren't grown its bed. You know Gary dancing borrowers and yet it's. Usually bring. In order to roll we're all go what can be great spears brother drama can we are totally 5 to 6 o'clock in the morning I. And you know we all laughed as reward okay we're going to be get out of it in at 230. Probably. Bet that's what does the big of course very. I'm so jealous this sounds great road trip. Who already average out of through thirty walking Tuesday and I think you're asking negative your agent your knees and I was news and let's go to guy. Let's cubicleescape. GY. You. Shouldn't go there. I depends on how much real feel is going to be on this on our arrive I got up fifteen growth were now. Pretty sure that eagle. So let's just say you need. Well I mean if you have is technically a limo was that throughout the limo drivers are all it is technically level technically we're. These are former Wisconsin Badgers the damage there are good technically we're gonna drive that he's currently I don't know why I. We know we have a driver. Hole leader Minneapolis Aaliyah and back Monday. I know how much this you'll ask him time and one day. Lehman about Iverson's rocket when Joseph sound asleep on the Bob hours about five hours. We get there we leave at 6:6 in the morning and give would you if they were time in London and Milan onion twelve. Perfect. I was of their for the vikings Packers gears there's a lot of distrust of their two. Nor does it over and no say in spots right there partner at like noon locker room and radio yeah well. Yeah there's a lot of eliminate round so. I'm looking forward to that. But really. I'll move up at Lambeau Field. So I did the target. Winter magic game drove a fairly. An American game. Drove back. To law. My house drug about it all and in general agreement. And then which they're packer game. So I had like a nice football we can. Most certainly that pair regain with the most depressed ever. From register of you can get it through like among return to bought the students that kind of freaked me out Islamabad. That I don't you I don't ga. Why is rationed beat to beat Lleyton. There at a game all now I don't unless out here that's real cycles this today and got. Attack I swear by people it's a bill that know what the heck he was talking you know that was we're saying that they treat students like cattle. And Nate file name one at a time that this single. These people want twittered I'm assuming are students there are no of the experience okay and Dana get found one at a time it takes for ever to get into the stadium what was in line to get into the states and that's a problem. Well that's what they were claiming that he'll do. Czar that does that. The problem it is also outlined slightly it is tough to get in the stars the student grant I'd enhanced services have their own way to go or financially sound like you know and they also don't serve alcohol. And I don't serve alcohol right that's that they'll sort it all students okay now students only a bare. And please give it 100 of these yes. Duty served beer at Alabama as they're all there I don't think college campuses serve alcohol where there are other relevant. People like to drink more in the state it was down to get that big thing when a box reply at all serving order studies to win when the admirals play panther arena. And then when the bucks to the onetime that's one thing people always ask well to do they have alcohol because it's a college stadium. There are other miss yes there's alcohol and Hamels and can promise you know their hardest you can get alcohol Marquette games when they played Bradley Center really in an area. I'm never drink and you know there are just used your relatives of idol don't seem to have a problem. I don't know why we do so. That's an issue deck and Paul's me but the good product on the field. The easiest. As I've watched a game Jim Harbaugh yeah. It's weird to me. I don't know didn't have the players did you hear I said yesterday he minority. And I'm Sullivan on dialect but I believe Jim Harbaugh is in position to be the first Michigan coach ever to lose three times at royal. First off our stuff through swallow you pinned him to work them reported a year. I don't know Hollywood comic from don't garlic I. That desperate really idiots he had courage and are not going to be a hospital early models are due nicest. So I Levi of being argued to Green Day. And I share those pitchers with you guys are in the end zone over and there was in the south and don't go somewhere midway through third quarter nobody there you'd see on TV yeah. No role but nobody. LT data at SEC my bought it bought a ticket. Are there for game travel forty dollars are heard their heart and ought to offer twenty dollars that gained twenty. It's got called today went out your game. Which of course room. What setters stage right now news sports world Packers batter's box 414 is 7:9 central figure treatise at 1057 at them offense I'd say this. Packers. On unique it is that's. Mr. hand through his most years at this time well no that is like fourteen and 110 did you have a bought them all year. Doesn't I didn't expect you to certain actors do you have done everything you do it bond in yet from the bottom yard by what they are far. Then and now if you bought a van chancellor the national championship I think that the badgers have legit shot shot. To have your intentional over the Packers but because you don't necessarily buy into that. That's why to a bit tougher for you believe in me. Be it may be but the crisis feels like me. Guess there's gore about to run me. Is that the Packers are actually. This bad what's the worst record for what's to disconnect. In Green Day. And that is very troublesome to me I know you hear answers fired tape prior Margarita. But there's something males in there that's not right to. I don't know what is. It. The Packers have my interest. Is a fact users are stated for India yeah yeah. The team that's right the team not letting it out we have to write out today. The Packers are months and Thursday right now sparking even though the badgers are going undefeated for first time in school history. And actually through gitmo is about others and your saying they're going to be Minnesota gouging it's against Minnesota. I changed below highs that got you in the teachings of the width of its is that they always have a chance to every year. Don't area which is that we. I think there is that. They're never here it is now. Yeah I've lost one before now. Normally they've they've blown opportunities for obvious it's averse and around this far in school history. Com. I'm huge bucks guy did it. But now for me in the last couple of weeks it's become more. Bob the badgers just to shove it up Gary's you know what that that that's the only reason it's really the only reason. Then I'm way more into the badgers and I under the bus for an Oscar as a Gary Ellison he really has driven me to this point now and I think he's gonna run into the same point and I mean I had a conversation. During the magic's game last week to a degree yes yes we can't. And we are both been driven to this point by Gary dollars and so for me it's the badgers because now we just like shut you up now we just want them to run the table. The in the playoff showing if they're not gonna show construe this whole thing Els and all badgers. And candidate and then you can gold rotted often note wherever they play their first game and say you're with them the whole time and everything will be fine and. That's. All right well we just ran well and and I must be wrong. He doesn't revert back to review. Leo you guys are. Because I never said it wasn't worth the bad now which you've been waiting from the fall and I'm not waiting for them the fall off our you've been saying they're going to fall. I'm waiting for them so all we watch your local horrible what you're trying to say is that I don't believe in the bed or don't like the badgers. I've never seen it on up you know like there I don't believe you believe I'll let you know I know what they're. DC it's like you're trying to throw the book has grown to. It's always look closer towards search and don't you quiet about the latest on their four. Here's what I do know about the measures and we don't know. There are school. They do not recruit before qualities recruit some force academy off and attack as they go recruit a lot of 45 Florida they just don't. And I do believe in order to win a national championship you have to be. Giving those types of play it is tough to go undefeated in college football even when you failed models. And then when you don't have home is almost to me impossible. To do. Were there don't images all falls right for them this year. Never fear and I'm not with the badgers are always with the that is what they do what you're going to do what they can't do is almost unheard off. With the players that day recruit. That's just the bottom line I mean I don't know who would disagree with that. The way they recruit the academic standards how to do it. That's why don't always does that and Amazon doing elected at Clemson is a door liked. A critical time he had to Wear it aren't engineers it people who who perpetual well. Tuesday used to be that team but not anymore but those two things right now and honestly it's always there. They're not. I just don't know on the team that's in the top Ford is doing with the that is due. Beginner. I don't disagree review line. What teams take. Or what they do retreat wise when national champs just I screamed and yelled about recruiting more than anybody who has ever are as long as life long we've been on the air yeah so I I agree with you on that. My boy is why you have meet more motivated his match in any other is because you keep coming on the air. We after winning gone to Michigan Minnesota odds and enough organs can decide eventually why they seem to Obey and he knows how Smart you. So not literally while watching each came online screw you Gary that's touch on to win this one right so. That's what it is and right call rob Lieber in the magic in the league. He said the San. When they're gonna say now they beat Michigan and that's really what I don't. This would for I bet you got people listen into the bat right now that are new this shaped fate Burr badge against you go get right they want another one out of the same as we manage that that's what is we're. That's what it is done now know Richard you hate about URLs right but you have been consistent yeah. And you've played this all year you. Bluntly is that the joy for fifteen years yes you ask because is that correct that that would make everybody go through what well is because probably your crew. That's what it all falls in me it's about how they recruit. You can recruit the players they recruit Gary try to be and try to be. In the key in the category of Clinton as junior. Look at the years the way they've lost games the one you're Barry Alvarez loss to Cincinnati when Cincinnati wasn't anything on a given year. The illness loss teams they shouldn't lose to him it's one thing it was Ohio State law and that's your one year figure one losses allows that I find the other about our team mortals the team. But when you lose to north western or you lose to Minnesota. Or something like that and that's screws up your season. On you you had the more talented team you were positioned winning you screw this up yourself. Right now they got one game left there the more talented team they're the better multi year they should the law takes care business Mormon win backing because they Doucet PGA flag is gonna add it on the ball tired. Still survive the first corner and see what happens action. Was setters stage for you right now on your sports world the Packers and badgers or the box 7991250. And tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan you know what I think is going to be senators stayed for me tonight's market was Wendy's Wendy's and who yes there may look at Abdul a lot of cooking tomorrow and Thursday. I am I'm going to be here late tonight working on best of the bay where so you can always give me cooking or eagle and your parents a cut yeah we got Thanksgiving and go down in my mama's tomorrow. And we make everything that gets baked we make it right up to the point of baking and that will put in the garage where it's nice colts on Thursday Al we have to do. They're the stuff in the often in the oven and done nice easy Thanksgiving. So junior monitored all of the stuff and my cousin who's in town from Canada and mid 03 as well yes. That's so I don't wanna cook today died that was gonna go through the drive their Wendy's yup. Very well maybe you are an a tonight after I don't see musical tonight at the markets that are school of rock can. Taco salad. It's the Wendy's our that's what I'm getting telling your head says salad but just done a desire for some more satisfied there's Wendy's taco salad. They start with lettuce and tomato hand job daily that pile up there crispy tortilla chips hearty chili to go along with a and sour cream served. We decided test results now it if you go to the Wendy's taco salad. I did the drive you day kind of break everything up so you know I stuck just piled on your letters waiting for you to get home. And then it's all gross in discussing everything concept of the show it's a joy come suffered the tortilla chips come separate sour cream comes upper. Menu pod on a home when you're ready to eat it doesn't get all sog five cracked at Wendy's taco salad is it just delicious it's deliciously different. I'm here to tell you about another thing at Wendy's is doing all going to blow. Your mind blow my mind and in rob you have like hand signals of some legal again. It's like seven it's like some like your brains are shooting on New Year's. Proof just did not want to. All natural frosty key tag program actually they won't they did already we need to start as yesterday maybe socialist or not we were crazy and it didn't believe the sister we're at Wendy's yesterday night solve the sticker and dropped it for the first time I came out until around. Why also why not. If you go to Wendy's hot. And you say I would like to buy myself a frosty. Key tang. You'll say all right they recounted two dollars. They know is the other prided yeah they maxed out on the back of that answers does NATO allied an accident got two dollars right. Re Frostee key tag Dina and I get to Bibby Josh. The two dollar prosecute acknowledges the two dollar frosty heat tea Guinea nor did you ate free junior frosty with every purchase. For a year. Our friends or two dollar. The city here and lied to me and anti apple asked. Dad what are its other outstrip current problem there but I. Now I have strong dollar please check my papers. Are negative frosty key tag right you can't really tell. Across every time I go to Wendy's right for a year yes we get a free junior frosty with every purchase you write 365. Free frost and they're gonna lose a lot of money yeah yeah I'd tell our guys have. Well they're putting this on Friday they can't Beecher adds to our Chevron here he did it started yesterday while also why blasts and I don't know why every first of all if you have a family you have kids. You're right now to Grossman at two dollars could your kids all love you for the next year at least. Getting an Emma frost every dining out for at least for the next year and after it runs out then you're probably back to being Eva one beginning her parents go but. Per year you can buy their love for two bucks series go to Wendy's get you so frosty tech to about what setter stage for you right now on your sports world Wisconsin will discuss from the Wendy's big show returns. On a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday. Big show. Why doesn't answer treat Tuesday as retail outlets through. AC DC who lost guitarist. And co-founder Malcolm young at the age of 64 it's also a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday it may be tuning in expecting us to hear. The Wendy's big show talking with David Bach CRE change in schedules they practice today rather than Thanksgiving. He'll be joining us. At 515 and if you miss our conversation Peter Fagan that's coming your way. At 535 right now we're asking you what setters stayed free right now on your sports world Wisconsin 4147991250. Can create a sad 1057. FM the fan and the answer this question this time Mir is almost always Packers though with as bad as they've been the the promise of the young Milwaukee Bucks team. And a batters team that has a cracked. At a playoff berth. Might be different this year but is it 4147991250. Ted in Brookfield out that phone organize other Wendy's patient what's up that. A rocket is going to be the circus. Out of a Lambeau Field. There is no bottom with this team. Gary was asking where's the disconnect. Where and why do all the wheels fall off this clown car so predictably. All the time. Well it's because there's no bottom there's absolutely no problem once we get. Biggest disaster you've ever seen McCartney will double down and make it a car lot. You have a team that fifteen and one they enter the playoffs. No team has ever lost in the first round at home are if you know one team they get killed by 1012 point by the giant. Complete disaster what happens the next year they go to temperance and they they get along dirt. They've literally had to invoke the slaughter rule. They had to tell the cape nick hey you can not run over the pack you cannot have 2000 yard. Run out of bounds do something but don't kill off. What happens next. And you have the stood to pollute by the Space Needle yeah yeah what you think is a ride to the Super Bowl one hop and three wheels fall off a clown car and it goes all that clip it it continued our own down without first minute. Well lit. Just everything flying apart at. You can't even imagine it. You should question were you just talk about that disasters. Out McCartney. And steady on and. We got eight Colin Jones we spent four years with that guy. He'd bandwidth or Ian. Edit in the matter of I ain't even kick out of each car I yeah. I'm being is wrong and it would Eddie Thompson and that button has McCartney. And bet that this can act. And it will be faster it would always be disaster. The only question is. Why did he large stick around and will he stick around. For the option year is contract or will he say adios. That the disconnect. Appreciate the gulf. These same button and never heard of a button and it was a I mean no clue. I you have much stuff going on stooge pollutes. That yeah I am all high god nicknamed himself on us for a minute but if you're and that is heartened. And in the green bay Packers and the regime from Ted Thompson down to Mike McCarthy and whether or not you wonder for Aaron Rodgers will be back when you win the option has contract comes up. Then why then why not that's a team option right and the why nots. Turn your attention to the Wisconsin Badgers appear fan of them why not to turn your attention to the Milwaukee Bucks if you're fan of the sport of basketball of the NBA. Auditors state and it sounds like forgot his name already its not like he is it his his his being disgruntled with the Packers. Is nothing new this is it because Erin Rogers got hurt. And Brett how we can't seem to win a football game against anybody but the Chicago Bears the sounds like Ted. Has has and will continue to have a problem. With the Green Bay Packers long is the powers that be are the powers that be lots of people are at Lambeau Field so why why keep bashing your head against the wall. Because it's a religion that's what is has been in this state for forty or fifty years is taking drugs. Far Jerusalem or is it too hard we'll start of a party animal go forward I just think that. That's what it really is and people really sound Aaron Rome all their lives around packer full blown out there are some that are jumping off the boat this season but they'll be back on the boat next season. The way back on the boat by the time we get to the NFL draft will be back on the ball before we get to free agency and come by and but for the residents regular season some are gonna jump off an item and offer below the jump and often they're sick of watching us every week. I'm having the same thing happened. Sold that is why the Packers are still center stage as people whether they're happy whether they're matter whatever they're always on our station to gas review. From a sports perspective. And they are center stage for most sports fans in this state the entire year regardless of the Burris flying the box flying. Backers spying or anybody else if packer news breaks. In July. And the brewers are in the middle the twelve game winning streak but by brewers from sports talk radio will be time up Packers breaking news that's what it'll be because they are the number one sport by a landslide number one team in this state it's not close. It's like the clubs nationwide it's like the Red Sox in Boston there's so ST there's a handful of teams that that carry the weight than they do OK so that's what he is when you ask a question what center stage. You can't expect many people to say badgers unless there's a tie you know why it's badgers it's well they're undefeated well. Gary has me rooting even harder form now than I was before because Gary things that they're gonna screw this thing up. And unless there's a tie in that's tough the box. They have no chance of taking any type of stage away from the Green Bay Packers. During the regular during the regular season unless it's like weeks sixteen and they're completely out of it and the box are rad hot at that point but other than that is due to very difficult. And that includes next year with a new arena Gary I think extremely difficult for the next year to with a new arena yet to be a lot of hall bubble around that first night. And a new arena and what it looks like inside and all that talk but after the first week or two it's gonna die down like it always does. And be back about the Packers for the rest of the year. Steve that your key point in his image from line. And that's what the Packers are nationwide. In a worldwide worldwide news and I never knew that and just heard in this polls and and when I start seeing people from Germany. Canada. Parts unknown. And just our target margin is loads in moles groups of people I didn't not know the to reach that Green Bay Packers world aren't big they are you right now I don't know why they don't go to London. They don't want me Obama right but I thought we met that is to me. Don't know right now there if you look at for his signature and Golan to passes other gonna know that that's the team that needs to go but up against a B a against like Cleveland or something here is that don't longer threaten don't know you write about it if it is. All of the deer they're world war. And whether you're listening in London are parts unknown are right here in Milwaukee. It would be wise to listen to Gary Ellison and make the trip to west Alison check out his good friends over and under a different characters over. Under the west knows they're gonna make their store. The number one story on the more thunderstorms Ayman London and I wanna buy car from the guys that undo us out and they get me a car with the steering wheel on the wrong said that's of course and used to have a teacher who came from Germany. She had a 280 Z in hamster wheel on the wrong side. We're in Albany Georgia and we distinctly was weird your dread that figure others you have Albany Georgia it was delivering mail Woody's mr. wheel wrong cells too easy she bought it she bought in Germany she would go to. Change was young it was a beautiful cover with the it was so we well. But your friends over at Monday with those. To enrich those guys and weird they're great guys they're having great deals right now. All ball Hyundai products. As you gotta go rinsing them other junior X 500 dollars and tree and they do a lot of great things to Pritchard went on. There also. Having deal going right now with the sonatas. 0% for certainly two month I don't know a lot of users that are that are due when there does coach at my good friends are over Hyundai west doesn't make sure yours from a good friend and two. Just wanted to open up to everything we talked about on the big show today star pick a way to segment earlier today as David Bakhtiar at 515 if you're the buzz that's next on the Wendy's big show I'm the boss here. Ruby recorder all right will be around baton pass.