5PM: Are the Packers a Super Bowl team?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, September 12th

The Packers showed a new level of aggresiveness vs. the Seahawks Sunday. If Green Bay can beat the Falcons Sunday night in Atlanta, are they a shoe-in for Super Bowl LII? BIG SHOW fans pick the topics on "PICK-A-LANE!" 


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It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big you know. And late new Pitt Jolie. Michael Lane brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragged away and you grow courses Thursday as the highly anticipated how. Hot rod drag week gates open at 7 AM with more than 400 cars expected at. Great Lakes dragway dot com for the full season schedule on a daily tracking updates. And to purchase discounted ticket packages. It is that time here on the Wendy's big showing the whole show. Relays studios with the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeifer and the former packer and badger running back Gary dollars and I'm running back laughing here's what you have to pick from. And Great Lakes drag away pick a lane right lane was Sunday more about the Seahawks offense or the packers' defense. Senator Elaine parts ready to from the packers' division champions. Are you in the return lane. What impact did the division race more the sweep of the cubs are losing Jimmy Nelson for the season 7991250. Where you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. Just 250. Or see me two or 48 yards for the Seahawks in the loss to the Packers on Sunday Gary ninety. On the ground 158. Through the air. Was at the Packers defense fixed and improved or is this just to Seattle offense that's trying to figure things out week one. Oh yeah you know. I think Jews and it was first game but. This Seattle. Offers liners I don't know fruit is the worst we've seen him in their children home to watch Indy yeah yeah which you know what last year. I remember the Packers played the colts at Lambeau Field. There we could doing things. Out. On a few regular significantly and do anything with site. Fast forward to this this this team their their urges bed of fraud and he knew there wanna be remain they've they've lost a lot of offered to Obama over it you know pass through four years. But because they've spent a lot of money or defense not a ball which which regular bush and on top of that ages and replace it would anybody. Then if you look at Knoll Marshawn Lynch they need to front runner back. They don't really have a receiver Jimmy Graham got a really don't throw him before lodges. Is part it was easy offerings for them to prepare for now listen. A game to game two wins a win and you can build upon your success and I'm hoping that they do that Atlanta to mean. Will stresses defense they can show you really what the move impart. Are all about prejudices. There's one of may be one. Two or three office of the into Atlantic and yes there's not many offences and many weapons on offense at this is going to be well OK if we did the NL and it takes advantage of us we're probably not gonna see much likeness of. It's also here's what you do you are you Atlanta with a mistress your defense prospering Euro and you played out doubles rankings stand up to file for. So you so you're no old we know within those two capable play different styles and you know what you. You know really can really go win the plate natural. In short yours Angola and against these securely. No one we don't know I don't know I'll tell it what you did against Seattle. Yeah because as adults and it as physical coach Eddie lacy and Thomas Rawls are gonna get four guys behind the offensive line it doesn't matter what you did as a social way of so we're you know I think it's a work in progress the greens you're really find out as you play certain opponents were slow bow. Sparked you buy in the packers' defense yeah I am night and I Atlanta's going to be different challenge that we just talked about in Seattle but. And we tied about a dad about sorry he's not out here what you wanna call but they play like that every week. We're going to be tough to beat they are going to be tough to beat guys if they play that energy they play with at that. I'd call it plain angry. Eve date plate like that. Or four plus you added Quentin about to the defense allowed to write he doesn't cut it as they're cutting people striker and angry bag doctor garden. Ricky Jean France walkout today so far you're just tuning in. I'm so Vermont he actually place. You rat him into the defense of what rotation goal all of Kenny Clarke the beast Mike Daniels and what he's done upfront to go while Brooks and parry and Matthews. That front seven stacked menu you're able to play Morgan Burnett at linebacker because you have Bryce back at safety. This defense has to be one animals tell the defense is the Dom Capers has had to this point. As far as guys have it what he wants to do without 34 defense which should allow for that to get very creative and I differ blitz packages that they can use throughout the year. And really confuse opposing quarterbacks and keep them off balance and. Face facts he really hasn't had the pieces that entire time he's been angry made to be able to do what he wants to do. And of these rookies like Josh jolt and king can pick it up and be a factor by the end of the season and be a factor in the post season all they be. Big bonus on the post season and he could add those two at its take him awhile to catch up he has enough veteran pieces that he doesn't have to biking angels right off the front. You don't have to years past he's had a throw them to the wolves and see what happens as rookies because they had nobody else now he gets sit back and let them learn and grow. Kind of just put them in as the wreck. Which is a nice nice thing to have that you're the defense according to an agreement Packers so that's the right Lynn was Sunday more about the Seattle offense or an improved packers' defense 7991250. Rican tweet us at 1057. FM the fan moving to the center lane this morning part went there was ready to call the division after one week and after what he saw from the vikings yesterday he's not skirt. He says the Packers already NFC north division champ. Mean they can kind of with the same record as the vikings got the tiebreaker I don't care how you slice it. The Packers have already won the NFC north and when I say stuff like that 88 state feels to me. This I grew up I grew up in fond a lack I'm a packer fan my whole life this is a great job I owned shares in the packers'. I Wear packer close IC Becker people all the time. And then I. Common say. Guys Tennessee nor authority over the Packers of want and its other packer fans ago you can't say that what's wrong with the I mean I feel like I'm doing radio. In the Twin Cities the thing that the Packers are gonna win anyway that people come after me for this. It's I it's odd the way Erica because of him the Packers are gonna win the NFC north summon your public enemy why don't isn't isn't this sports journalist you're coming here to be a professional acumen as a fan I'm coming at you as a guy who watches football just like all of you do and I'm seeing and I can tell you that the Packers have already won the NFC north. Just like the tape why is why does this happen well why is that what happened why can't I say that. Why is that such a big deal I said way worse things on these Airways and I get off Scot free but in the moment I say that our favorite team has already won the NFC north and we do I do I'm villain number one this happened last year in annoys the hell out of me I'm not gonna let it happen again this year you know they're gonna win the NFC north you all relative so why do you have to be insecure about it and saying it's fine to bend over and final these Rick and we reasons by the vikings are so great and a threat to the Packers they're not. They're not. I don't morning here at 7991250. I do wanna hear it from you. Secondly Larry's house on the fan column. That it let me just say when you say a team. My arena when he's when you say a team. Other division has already won that means it's going to be like the Dodgers are Washington baseball running away all your read on it is incorrect on what I'm trying to convey which I just your tour hears it butchers with your baseless into the Packers and which. I agree with ya I just think it's going to be you selling its gonna they're gonna Waltz away with a degree. I pilot I never said that when he's at and you saw that that's how it's interpreted and I said you're wrong can we just. Eerie let's go to break we'll take some calls that it was not happy. We're not gonna do the same conversation whenever we literally just hand you say that you wanna stay out of big ramp like the idea that America respond to and we've got to get a break under the program it's Lama I don't tees they're gonna respond I would make some callers are gonna tell you though it is I think it's something in the wording bear but we're gonna get. Today and after the break were seventeen at this begs the hats on ice and Robert special meets the walking. Forty yard LeRoy Butler this is a nice surprise. Kind of reminds me we felt the Chevrolet studios Paramount anyway and Smart guy. Rhyming. Did the same thing and immediate Barton did who just. At. A fair man. Wish when a person is how. You got to let him go. To aid to. Does that and a Polaroid does very little part right. Are you with Bart. Are they division champs are you ready to declare that now now I've just discussed a lot I suspect the way they did this start was a lot of people saw Minnesota come out last night Brack and handle the New Orleans Saints and their resident who may end their threat to the tigers now. I say one that have been aware of three or two or for the star games boys ready to crown division champs are you know. No I won't respective leads. Because they don't win it going to be people who walk on top of bridges jump in opt out his wanna see this thing play out I really care about when and a division I wanna get into the playoff to get a home game in get to the champs again. So how old do suspect that leaked like that I just want to know. I'll do it regularly and let the people does that it'll be nineteen in. It's a cent to three which goes division race is over it's been over since before the season started. About two minutes division I'm sorry vikings are. They're not going to be the best team in the division other it's rappers are quarterback that's did the story. Vikings defense is going to be good yes is embers are held a defensive coordinator and a very big top motivate her probably as a head coach I get that. I like Coke at running back out of Florida State like them at all probably until you moved there to go to our children to get against the saints again now with their defense is but. At the end of the day Packers just have a better team roster they had a direct coached this team is gonna win twelve games. By getting a win nine and some of that. The good in the playoffs a positive albeit planted the vikings the light that bears stop they're not going to be near the top of the Swedish. So backers of viking I still think the Packers when his division two history so that's the center lane Bartz ready to crown the packers' division cannot stop our policy okay stuff but don't go to a small shot. In America I say this is on a regular. They do this ask. A free spot things right every week five sorry Bob that's what's gonna bring these five questions don't know why but that's exactly results soon you should. They have no money. I'll through so. Well wit U we ask five questions what are the questions was. If you read take one team of teams that are undefeated right now who has the best chance you'll sixteen you know an obvious you Michael is doing well they lost on net that Kennedy. What can be agreement Packers if you look at the schedule why can't it be if they beat Atlanta. This weekend why can't it be to Green Bay Packers run the table top dog can't. When nobody has ever and it Brent front page. But it just went undefeated they lost in the Super Bowl but it ran a disease but it applied they ran the table in the regular season that's robs in the run that's not a good even that didn't win at all and he deserves it and run the table. Maybe got a drug RE LA acts are now where you're gonna. That's the setter laid. Regular regular rather bachelor's division champs and I and I don't Rodgers they'll usually don't want or otherwise any green at 1057. App that fat I'm moving to other eternally Craig Counsell announcing today that it will be chasing Anderson on three days' rest tomorrow in place. Of the injured Jimmy Nelson mean there's only one of four options that that Craig Counsell heads from now until the end of the season he can pitch guys on short rest. He can go with the a couple of guys who've been disappointing all season and Matt Garza and junior Gary can rely on the bullpen. Or or and I forgot the fourth one against I did that I should write these things down you shouldn't. But not a not a scary now none of the bargain options none of those are good options and and so the but the question is Sparky. What will impact every move up somebody else oh yes that's the other thing that could go with somebody on particular. C FC CT he has done nothing to discuss he's good. Yeah he's for sure yet and ilsley and what will impact this race our you know produce sweeping the cubs are weakening getting three games are losing the guy's been your best pitcher all season long I think it's a sweet -- if you if you don't disagree to a three a juvenile salmon Anderson for a half back. That's a tough hill to climb tiger two and a half backed up a lot easier even with out Jimmy Nelson it's still a much better position to be at this point you struggle to beat the party when he had to mean also. You struggled to beat the part to linger for eight going into youngsters are 49 now but as a ruling Matt. For me my biggest concern now is let's act towards chase Anderson and a CC sabathia pitch mark three days' rest all the rest the way out rest is a private ally should I or is noble and he already came awful lot that's. Other thing we've got caller yes. What I came off earlier this year I figured. I had one route will I will say this is the I will say this is just. If he's fully healed because there was a hamstring right in my yeah honesty their owners aren't. If that's if that's fully healed his arm is the most well rested arms but you do that Judah blah robbed out right terror. I mean that that's that that's a split so I put on Damon he's got put out. There. Will Jameer Nelson's injury have more of an impact them last week for the weekend so it is bureau army. If you look at the brewers in in the hallways this year from from a Google they just don't have enough. It's indicative of our view your watched from series the all star break in didn't bother you during Google they beat you dodged bullet they'd lose. The consent action flick in the big Cuban nationals and things didn't and they gave. And no none of the BP to they swear to close enough to get Pittsburgh they they just. This oil and a tell you don't have an account to remain consistent. In this further hurts them don't have enough town. And so that's why you should in this action here by Chile's brought them pitcher Jason is because they just don't have enough bodies to do what you planned OK and obviously you know our initiatives I think that very. Had they won the game yesterday they don't Christian and they know they've got to get two out of positive that they're targeted to our three year or did you get swept by Pittsburgh or viewed don't want machinery here. Kara you. You're you're you're on a bicycle bit about those employees did you look at you wonder as you stay on in his DiMaggio was yeah yeah. So thorough that Nelson hurts them more room because in the bottom of the oil and. We reset the big topics discussed on today's big show now you get the final say right rain was Sunday more about the Seattle are Eagles and the Packers defense Saturn lane and are ready to cry on the packers' division champs. Are you and the return landed. What impact of the race more it's the sweeper losing Jimmy Nelson 7991250. Or tweet us at 1057 and we have examples of the fan. He knows that that means it. Retiring you know after what turned murder for Israel Boehner and look I don't services lately plus new location Brooke from bloom our role in the tri city national bring. Built in check our your friends are at a Jerusalem as they would have just about everything being is only ever imagine that you can. He's your character he's just they have everything and they wanted that particular view community work mobs. Of. You got a huge budget now dipped from our problems by Arabs as same budget. You'll run it yes once they shouldn't legally argued three errors whereas amber and me and him. Workers in place yet strong. I rented out and let it go let leverages that is you're struggling like Romney yeah. Now you're here in fifty phone calls them you org know here and no matter. Right they're wrong struggle is really I've got to say no every day. And took our good friends our good days running it calls from my dogs and why yeah yeah yeah yeah I gotta say Duncan Wachovia will collect almost Blase hey you if this dollar 100. Exactly thank you very about a and so we. Or decline in Jerusalem where fire things they've done all gold jury in the house figured jurors and you get more money for that actually gives has been a marked the juries are chosen late leg of new location in Brookfield blow. Clay and we return in Ricky Jean Francoise may not have been released after all is going when he's big show right now and the whole Chevrolet Stewart show live in the holds Chevrolet studios and in the midst of Great Lakes drag away pick a lane here's what you have to pick from. Was Sunday more about the Seahawks offense or the packers' defense nuclear. And good luck but you. While since it has the right lane senator Elaine Bartz ready to crown the packers' division Channing is about the mama are you. And the return Landon what impacted the race more this week. Are losing Jimmy Nelson 79 unfolded did or you can tweet us at 1057 FM offensive you're just tuning in earlier in the afternoon. And show after first reported that if Ricky Jean-Francois was released by the Packers mocha and then robbed a mob ski reported that led Darius Gunter was released by the Packers we knew they had to cut somebody open up a roster spot for Geronimo Allison. Now Ryan would our Green Bay football insider he'll join us tomorrow as he does every Monday Wednesday and Friday. He says Packers released the there is Gunter per NFL wire Ricky Jean Francoise release is not on the wire. Gunter opens up spot for Geronimo Allison Arizona's so they is if they are they are chatting. If they are cutting Ricky Jean France what they haven't informed the league yet how many times shaft it's almost never. It gave us out especially when you get two different sources but here's the thing about debt. Let me take question after dozens some call separate elements I don't player agent or somebody so only god knows somebody because somebody reviews good communication especially. On deal waivers in context but here's the thing that really caught me out all of this about Gunther. They chose to keep. Mike's gas hit Q&A. Over got. That's a look you keep in. Young. Guys all work a guy has a lot of experience. Who would you know more on corner last year in the champs of game so forty Y and one out soda communication was okay would deactivate you'd probably go really should but you will be back. Those 36 will be back if he clears waivers know about picks him up he's just sit in there and he'll be the first call up of somebody gets hurt. Or for some reason these they just have enough bodies they have spot so. She just kind of confusion going off meg all for another week or two because they're short just shorter. Interior linemen and there's short of the gather wanna play for certain packages especially if Brooks is not available through concussion protocol. Let's get to pick oils go to Charlie on the east side you're on the Wendy's big show had shut. Priority the first ladies and it was when we're talking about the deeper and everything and I would go to outback girl. During the game and everything and I you know I just don't think critically. He can do it in as you're talking right now about people in packages and spot in the everything. He would keep film or do you try to find someone to replace him physically couldn't do it. Because I just don't think he can you typically able to play. Thanks a lot. Is the golf. Attica here you won't take effect. If you yeah I was your guys. You gotta fumble recovery it is and it isn't split up on now I just watched tape come on down the reach reports. It's. But it on that particular play he split a double team got to funneling. You just beat his guy. They put him and asked that package and dazed and I'm and so. What you thing. Is that enough to be in the trenches. I don't know. Other good that's on out of those days Google that this single agent to me grew so maybe can grow. Sees him he scared me is legit. Distraught over another liberal Q so it's all about right. There is never that no no I don't I just always brought Gary yeah it'll mean I got open Putin. Sockets he said of his Beagle and so does. Castle opened it and I won't give a view it. To them go to. You know he had to lose our Miller Park and he's he's been on. Handling his duty so religion. And that is an. Art. Shell strikes nets and it goes like this sometimes sometimes it is. You did you can't argue with people sometimes you just let bill was we see read it's it's RD ID. I just hope I'm presently. Our network good morning listeners that scene novels but in the bottom Michael Eric yeah yep that would keep good result coconut wants he'd known poker media they'd actually are not. That's what Bart they can more. Yeah I do a lot of anti bullying is the how had to give Barlow training. Bart are like Baghdad with the glasses and a Christmas story when he finally snaps on that redhead yeah yeah. Is that part marks to. Are now because. So every year everybody try to height. Everybody try to on the cemetery quarterly homeway B statements about mr. Graham everybody try I think it's Graham model by which the and so like. Yeah about the defense is always so it is. Everything looked somber news and weather is organizational whether or pressure on the right shuttle that never deliver. Source like. I find it funny that the only tool that we ever have confidence see the Green Bay Packers expect that we want people to cut or poke checked out. Not until somebody in the temporary now because you're ecstatic that the defense looked energetic you know all critical come around. And it's like you bought one of the best quarterbacks in not see that quarterback who was allowed to expect them and so my view which has GP. Thanks for Coca India that they have spoken a but we used him in person let that's not the same teams. I'm Norman and Graham model and person. In order is dead now be you have case. Is often. And operate on their rent of a weren't where about ago yeah. And then yes there. All the home of his grandmother owned field. And I don't feel certain that gang yeah it's all about the players no and let into the grand models of the field in Atlanta yes funny guy. You know due to select and I'm doing here is absolutely a circus. Yeah it you don't five and I'll let you hear in they compared their defense to assault on his six iron at least in and that is six. Gary value for this team in Anchorage and while lawmakers considerable ligament. It can be pretty perhaps there could be the first game maverick that's better for everybody had a lot. It's going to be thereby you know I'm down and they don't care in Atlanta and don't hear me but I don't care in broad broad goal when you want ago and were what do you wanna Wear. If this straight our. Is accurate and I bet you're glad you're happy very content or use Google ludicrous over the when it's not sure around. I assure us just in my office there. Jack and Jill would every is everybody. And sold the death what Jim and this was social I don't know I don't know you know of laws are rejection. Ala Al Andre 3000 there audio. Yeah they there are days ago via the field. A allegedly. Allegedly. We're that smoke is not coming from Lima. Looks agonized he plays that they build and manage it. If you're looking and build some nice news demographers are averaging just because she OJ only cover what is on him in Tehran showed jinx it could've done something that they get it done and done and that they're gonna put some may have for windows doors. Citing roof. Ramallah home audience are that you have bought it on the computer for you guys don't jobs too small Anita Latin on this or murder for his knowledge injury conjured a doer and a lot of doubt there will tolerate my and it reveals some weird that their reports river younger guys. And liberal servers. In Duvol it was thank god things are floated. Overflowed into liked it yeah Acosta who aren't. It's just move on a Sunday more about this the total base or the packers' defense that's the right road. Yeah center lane barred Israeli crowd on the Packers the national champs are you. And the return land on the on the what did you now what impact in the race or this reaper losing Jimmy doesn't 799 we'll figure you can tweet us at 105 settlement and have learned in the band write my Clemens update over floated with sports and to make him. What do these big several bureaucrat. Slash. Okay. Masters these WS SP sports updates studio Mike Clemens masters he's the premier supplier and patio furniture rec room products and sports memorabilia. Check them out in the way in want to show are at the very short town center online it master's he's dot com first on the family knew the Packers had to make a roster move to make room for Toronto more Allison. To come back from his one game suspension the wide receiver chorus of last year I 43 speeding possession of marijuana. Now we have confirmation from the Green Bay Packers they have released defensive back flip Darius Gunter. Who made the roster as a walk on and under drafted player back and when he fifteenth a starter last year actor Sam Shields went down but struggled in training camp. Reports from Adam chapter from ESPN says that the backers of also east. Ricky Jean Francoise the thirty year old offenses and that they signed from. The Washington Redskins. What's Francoise name is not on the NFL waiver wires in the meantime we do you know that Max McCaffery. Who stood out during the pre season has been signed today by the Jacksonville Jaguars jaguars had to put their premier receiver Alan Robinson on IR. After he suffered a born EC. Packers getting ready to meet the falcons Sunday night and Alanis new stadium. Got a ticket for the brewers Saturday night fever promotion for Saturday night. September 23 that's been changed their economic the cubs games removed from after 6 o'clock down to a new start 1205. Saturday September 23. As because it's gonna go national on fox Bruce coming up tonight with game two of their series against the pirates. At first pitches at 640 tonight at Miller Park we're gonna have the latest from. The ballpark at 610. Craig Counsell announcing he's gonna start chasing Anderson tomorrow night I'm only three days rest. I'm Mike Clement Sports Radio while 57 FM the fan the Saddam line at 1057 FM the fan but come. Studios. And amidst a Great Lakes drag away a pickle and what was that Lawrence has allowed back did this alarm me yeah like Leno played an actual football. Yeah you know guys I played knows garden nose guard on defense and guard on offense focus you in here you console and then when I played flag football later I was the defense of linemen in the now lost weight and became like oh linebackers. And now yet. Good pack of bug you you wouldn't you know ultimately. You think the building enough weight in Mumbai. To drop an anchor you look too caught up with the city. They needed guy the guy that is come back from her foot cliff Matthews is cut out. I just the fact I can be a pass rushing specialist and Martin Myers ams Indian. You take much rabies Adams over me man c'mon take a lot of people reason. However we have like that I'll be nice where the midst of great. They dress the way escalade right now right away it was Sunday more about the Seahawks are an alternate retiring or the packers' defense I'll come out for the right price. Saturn lane Bard's ready to crowd the packers' division champions are you in the return mind what impact in the race for the NL central more sweeping the cubs are losing Jimmy Nelson 7991250. Our tweet us at 1057 FM the fan by the way chase Sanderson who gets the start tomorrow on three days' rest chuck Freeman caught up with him that's coming up. In the Pella windows and doors Colorado Wisconsin I'm exact showed. I hear from chase Anderson right around 615. Sixth one let's go to mark in Glendale here on the Wendy's big show with some mark. Edmund yeah. It you know there are more you take us office speakerphone please. Well sure I will legit I. Visionary are happy belated. July 17 where do we share the we're trying to get all the paperwork and on the night at the gears a sentence yankees again. Autos and Enron a outsider it's well. Little. I thought that the Packers. And you run the table they key here. But this would be that matter about being. But it speaks out in Atlanta opened a new stadium which you alluded to all it would be nice to knock him off. I'm very concerned about the following game. That's an anti icing their gums Indy Dalton can come in there HE green it's. Yeah really dobbs colonel mark. Now you ended dog had already do three I says you know but I'll tell you right here you you right. The Indianapolis came here last year terrible teammate to prepare. By. There are some other teams have concerns about down the road kept Pittsburgh. The Minnesota could be out. Couple others possibly. By. Also my concern is that what that what the Packers opera or. You know see Ella packers' defense are you a puppet. I think would that same wire steel loosely. Think the Packers offense I don't dig deeper strict but now and it'll sterilize you won't quit it eclipsed but here's what I liked. The play calling down the stretch and apparently blew it change your game with Seattle and yet keen. No it's and ultimately run the ball real not to make god Jupiter conservatives. And pop the ball picked Seattle and now watching it with my brother in the fourth quarter you know we need to do. Run this clock counts in the again gets conservative in the cinema one person can't restrict the source down. In man act palace security interest and it's a great spot for the Packers but Richard wonder quest for it to Cuba explainer hope he can answer this one. Umps you know I don't the pickers and the concerns going to let you know deepens. I don't know what we're it's more of our penal stinging priority you know. Corner you can keying war. You know we can't stern keep you want you know I like the Allman cook a lot you know of course you know great humor that only one game by. I wish somehow when he treated you know when nick in Turkey Q what Pittsburgh took a little. I kind of thought you can't count and sure it is that the that we traded down the second round. It took any kinks that they have broken neck so in the third or to simply. Or another high second and taken government quote you know electors and give both those guys secular state you for letting me you know talk and I appreciate it. Thanks for a code talker or multiple. Not a lot stake in what they decided to gear in the driveway OJ he wanted to Anjelica without more about that tomorrow. At an odd tweet here. That's a good call Maher a question for him. It what's pitchers 36. You're opening yourself. At. Well I've got. I think Jacob just we odd yeah slow Roy's 36 is tainted no more a tiger bug hunt. You have about president barber shops and that's why you know I know for anything to steal you. Nothing iPhone doesn't have an off I don't know that there is a bogus. I did get a phone call. Frontier about Nick Collins arousal and all of them are very happy about. It I knew used in Butte regret later. It's not that. Is not today level. But I know they're just running short on numbers. You just hope that you pull for that particular no absolutely yes so I feel bad in some spots and the people they pretty good and you develop a relationship and accounts that you that. There are treatment three daughters we have to be myself and what to dump three I don't like you said the same thing about your team now. A lot of them aren't. You trade your daughters cells and is able to build is law and I just need to Yahoo!'s. She's Smart or points from some is due to outages debut another grandchild. That old all my seconds ago are. Yeah Kenny pronounce the name. He's in these denies. He's a no but he's got cramps granddaughter mammogram Bayern. Are you kidding your to your granddaughter dame pronouncement aren't honest. I know Sparky knows how to pronounce Q cub scouts and I'm seeing through it you can't you see you EU EU clubs he was already a wide outs and. Friends in my why isn't it yes she was at a friends of autism. And bed and she was the highest bidder. On the big game for the blocks Africa the name of your agenda yet yeah I've signed some type impact guys. And she was very very nice and did pretty good on. All right so what you call outlets got guys celebrating five years of service sports fans without standing food plus. Lots of activities eyeball pool table shuffle board to mail those small tables three of those like tried dart boards paint ball and you name it they got and the Olson's on the extra coming on just double months they do for that enjoy the award winning fish fry at once they. Am Friday's with four different styles of fish piled up. The actors are at our special buddy Ryan's good that good this year. That didn't celebrate their five. Anniversaries is only been a test that's all right I'll turn purple is the victory via the cucumbers and it's something about your anniversary would drink specials plus the Green Bay game coming up on Sunday night to make sure to be at the -- and your anniversary coming up this week in Q golf hall was stopped at 2454. North rated view boulevard in Milwaukee shot. Miles out of my 94 check it out at Q build bio Zynga well I got bill Michaels and Tim Allen joining me on the roundtable. And then nom will hear from chasing Anderson when we take an insider and thus took Freeman goes when we'll address competition Tuesday three days arrest he at least through and he threw less than it is at last I'll. So that's that's not as horrible as well he's the novel hunter pitched reform right coming off last seven pitchers threw like 6465. Pitches his last and like I said that if hamstring is completely healed up that that arm is well rested that's them that's the most well rested arms and eloquent in his dishing the Russell know he can't know everything greatest players in that lock do not care autumn I am not sacrificing. Players for next year the year after the raptors are now speaking of next in the Jabaliya was a free agent when he did it you know he was dogs or whatever that's less like the cubs didn't throw all this jet in the playoffs. Right burn out some real we're not gonna need him again and yes saves that's. Speaking up next here the 2018 season schedule. Was released today they opened with a three game series in San Diego on the plane interleague game and interleague game series. Against there op is number the central division. And the American may be eighteen scandal which was released Tuesday is comes from the journal sentinel marks the first time the birds will open on the road since 2011. When they began in San Francisco. They've never open in San Diego following that three game series against the Padres from march 29 so that's when he for the 31. That are off Dave drizzle opened their home season at Miller Park Monday April 2. Against Saint Louis 1:10 PM and then and then opening homestand also features three games against the cardinals. And a four game series against the Chicago Cubs. Mike if you wanna go covering game in Chicago next year we can start planning that right now and April. In April of next here I would just. Why this that this is other stuff. Not not a big fan I hate how the embassies. They don't like and the season against the Detroit Tigers. I I do not they closed Susanna which is fine tigers come here and I'd rather have a sees it should be or and maybe they can't do it because of this jacked up. Martina have. But they should close against a division opponent. I time I'd prefer to be a maybe there's duty they just can't. Because of how the schedules put together how teams are that very well maybe it's hot I'm not a big fan about closing panel against the tigers. Well laterally so yeah it's homestand is a ten game against Arizona the Mets and Saint Louis for May 21 of the 23 lots. Wired and all the staff there the longest road trip of the year. An eleven day journey to Colorado Arizona and Minnesota that's tough. That's right now we don't know whether others you look like next year but right now let's and agree absolutely that's about do it for us here. On the Wendy's big show our thanks addiction put a roof in their charity and to tip your puck TRE for joining us. As he does every Tuesday at 435 and bombing in about a million votes while he joins us every Tuesday at 348 at MS ticket the Steve if you missed either of those interviews check out fanned out demanded of him and 1057. FM the fan back on this presented by John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 in Greenfield once again on that show those in dough coming up next and then after the last pitch you make the switch to Tim Allen. And the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show along with Steve's marquee fight for is that right yes sir meanwhile argue mixture you respect job. Or not meanwhile force marquee yeah the raw Mike I'll probably say it takes realist art car.