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The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, November 28th
The Wendys Big Show: Gary, LeRoy, Sparky, and Ramie conclude by chatting with Daivd Stern 

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5 o'clock hour final hour of the Wendy's big show for this evening at least for blades Barbara Lee that six that Ross hit it. Oak Creek for our eleventh annual WSS feed toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin but fear not. Right here 68 to six feet the rest of the week chuck it way there the bill Michael showed of course us right here on the Wendy's big show. Out here all day taking your donations if he can't make it out tonight or throughout the rest of the week you can always donate. At 1057. FM the fan. Dot com but I know I know the guy sitting next to me is busier than you are so you have no excuses not to come down to make a donation it is spurs general manager. David Stern's joining us now at points privately and how are deceiving David. Laws and yet it's not as I think he's six. There we go wheels are you doing today David try to get a replay it I hop on routes then I'm happy. To be here it's it's an awesome cause you guys have done a great job just look at the boxes full of toys over here over my right shoulder it's it's pretty free democratic goal is. That's how we ire Friday's feel that semi out here that she's not complaints from hopefully looks like you're after pretty pretty good start of that where we are able to do last year I get a lot of it comes from. You know that the fire department's Oak Creek fire department Franklin fire department thirty been out here North Shore fire department it's everybody it's kind of a group thing it's not just. No families businesses get involved and a couple of there was an idol I was here for during bill Michael show some tree cutting service I think showed up today and delivered a ton towards. As well and then of course you know the brewers get a ball by helping us promoted by having you why we crick consol bill Michael's earlier today all that helps and. Can watch us right now talkative listeners on a FaceBook like FaceBook dot com slash 1057 FM the fan but off the field. Doing things like this in the community is in large part what the Milwaukee Brewers do helping articles like this is nothing new you guys right now it's it's. It's also living in this this started long before I came here and and long before a lot of us were here the involvement the first of how the community. It's something we take a great deal of pride and it's something that makes our jobs a lot more important to us and it makes our jobs a lot more connected. To our fan bases of the people who support us here round and it's early very important. So lock your door Norman against some very far rehearsal lockyer who know. Offseason right now what is your job entails. Norton every unions but it. Because we're not playing so well what are you doing right now to try to make his ballclub better for their crimson. I just go on vacation right now. I think they tell months are we show a very fell straight trigger for this. Look at this is an incredibly active time a year for us this is at the outset of the offseason the beginning of a really the free agency period. We need to make sure we understand the strengths and and needs of our team. Understand where we think we can add effectively both from a free agency standpoint entry perspective and as we get into the later part of November the early part of December those conversations accelerate we get more active fire on the trade front more active in our talks with player agents and he really goes from there but this is this is the time a year we set the foundation for the offseason. And a lot of that deals are transactions that are gonna happen later December early January really start right now. You. How should I put it if you necessary when the lottery. But I mean he pretty much once you're away. Last offseason everything you touch pretty much turned to gold you I mean it was the exact opposite of the Packers at that house and literally everything that man did he never does anything. Literally everything he touched him and we went wrong for in this off season as far as who he brought in the Green Bay. And you do miss at all last year. Some of that I think his luck I was a lot as does skill and knowing what you know we're going out there getting like that general Maggie you're still up there and watch his scandal and this is unbelievable I'd like we will miss on the money and it that we figured edit any foreclosure because I kept saying it on the air like in us. Well everything we do we played probabilities we knows how probable is that game. We know we're gonna hit on some we know we're probably gonna miss on some and we're fortunate we had a really nice offseason last year and we have and I saw season because players played well absolutely comment and ultimately that's what this comes out it comes down Steve players getting on the field and playing well and our coaches doing an outstanding job of putting them into positions to succeed and that's who we had to turn into. Our a fun year an exciting year I think and engaging your for our entire fan base and now it's my responsibility are responsibly to build on top of that. Tuck slippers Jim David Stern's live out here plains apartment lease exit Ross you know Greek parliament annual. WS SP toy drive for Children's Hospital it's a good problem to have but does that may be. Set the bar a little bit to hide it because now people are expecting you to hit odd every move you make every offseason and Mikey just said. Probabilities are chances are some of them won't work out the way you expect them to work out when he signed the deal Democrat I. I want the bar to be as high as possible that that's that's what we're here for we're here I'm ultimately to win a World Series and that's the highest expectation you could have so. As expectations re grow and and get higher than we embrace that that that's who we want Bahrain to good. Serious now I'm sure it was because like Tyler Thornburg deal. I have another general manager C would you pulled up for Tyler Thornburg and I think you got Trevor shot you got here that tomorrow at noon by the way you wanna hear that for sure what Children's Hospital. But they like that Tyler Thornburg deal. Other German has got to go we had to get loose joking here are my masters were jokers are but. You gotta be careful with this guy here does this say no joke right here I'd say I've got a brother because not big. He's aren't like this example fast on the what do you know oh my god that I don't know so I. I don't think other GMs are going to be quite that level of credit I I think I appreciate the need to come on or off. I I think he. Yet the truth is everyone out there is working really hard to make pedestrians they possibly can for further organization some of that work out some of them they'll. In the case of the the Thornburgh trade we trade a reliever who has won the best relievers in baseball the year before. Tom he got hurt. He didn't perform this year it was shocking if you got back healthy this year and turn that into a pretty good trade other residents out multiple player work side it is certain absolutely works cited an umpire got it got back this month we're we're excited about. They are not if he patiently aggressive so yeah. Let Travis had enormous year and and you guys all saw that. A great asset to our team a great asset to our community were really excited about the younger prospects we got that deals well with her shooter Von. Josh thanks in the new site Coca young shortstop prospect in rookie ball. And so sometimes things work out like that and I know that not all of them are gonna work out exactly that well. Com bubble will take the ones that that do and it wouldn't surprise election center for child armored ever really that your this year. So you look at your close friend and in both through would say that your various players and not even here yet but if you're winning so. How'd you within minutes is moving forward in your your goals are trying to attorney. Yeah I think it's it's an exciting place to be we've got a young developing core the Major League level. And we've got really talented players coming behind and that's where we wanted to be. Com so. As long as that's how extreme keeps keeps coming bomb will keep letting these guys play and gel and and continue to grow at the Major League level so. I'm not overly concerned about about how necessarily to manage those expectations. These guys have have pushed themselves forward. Nom these guys have accelerated the timeline. On their own by their play. And now it's our responsibility keep that going. Do you think picture now at a point where. That your team is on because. To make the playoffs that maybe you need to make a couple moves Mary if you look at knows what he's trying to can be better beginning you're doing. Do you feel a thought that maybe you need to bring in. So a veteran pitcher. Yes I think word that something we're looking at bomb. I think we recognize that given our level of competitiveness last year. We we are open to turning the dial little bit towards the Major League team and and focusing on. The president's arm while always balancing the future you guys have heard me say that before were always listeners through that position though we're always get absolutely it and any time you you get down to the last weekend of the season. In a playoff hunt with it with a legitimate shot to make the playoffs which we were last year and you have pretty much the entire team coming back which we do. We take it very seriously and and our goal is to add to that group to make that team even better next year it's your superior picture well. It's sort of yeah it as close to a GM will come to saying yes. Let's let the right guy I knew we look Rita looked at the right veteran pitcher. Sure I'll say yes and that we need to make sure that we're adding the right person bomb in the right situation for the right length of time. To to make it the the correct fit for our organization. Hang out for one more so absolute outlets for her is GM David Stern's joining us out here played farm fleet at six that Ross and in Oak Creek wanna talk more about this brewers team. Moving forward and appear ready to move forward and into a new car Gary Ellison has the got street you're. What your friends over at Hyundai A west Dallas desert looking for a great deal logo on a new on the government reforms over yourselves and here you go with that right now it's year old. Officers were simply too much fun is that that's free money right now they give you free money I would think she go to event here on almost without making them out of right now. 0%. Every few months there's Freeman a good friend. Then Richards is now running the place over a hot day where girls I think you got your policy on they're playing other great you have got over here. Are treated well you can give your extra 500 dollars for your trade he's from desperate money or he's gonna triggered our coach Kamal. Hyundai whereas ballots go to our good friend. Dan Richards. Well lit a quick break up. Played site later that the royal Butler here look there is stocky gore. With brewers GM David Stern's with a Wendy's picture returns at the eleventh annual WS SP toy drive for Children's Hospital. Of Wisconsin from Blaine department lead at six that Rossi in Oak Creek Mort David Stern's threat after that's. Annual WS SV toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin live from planes department lead at six that Ross in an Oak Creek along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and a former Packard badge running back Gary Ehlers and I'm running Mac law and our guest out here. That Blaine is an Oak Creek is for is GM David Stern's brief second segment thanks again David for joining us Gary asked you before the break about the possibility of adding a a better pitcher. I know you're not gonna name names slander I understand the game here David I'm I'm not I'm not new to this but. Let me see if I can work the question in a way that you can give me the most truthful answer they have got some GMs are Matt price Minnesota he's talking name and that's true he did name Atlanta never Harley-Davidson it's gonna go down that road but does so without reactor okay. Found out after two years you guys know pretty well now we got we have seen publish rumors of one of the top. Free agent pitchers on the market receiving interest from you and the Milwaukee keeper that think you know. JJ yes please don't go ahead. Have you are okay. Have you been in contact and or expressed interest in any of the top veteran free agent pitcher now. The cops found. Well what I say is that we've expressed interest and we make sure we understand where the market is going to as the talent right. At the end of the day we need to make sure that we're pursuing players that fit in our market. That's it in our our clubhouse dynamic that fit in where ultimately we wanna go as a team. Sometimes players at the top under the salary structure can do that. But more often were going to be fishing and a slightly different pop thank got now know the whole awful lot let me just ask a follow plea would appoint a follow. Now okay this this is not about any one particular player but the top three or four pitchers on the free agent market our guys with who their eight starts with a three. Is is that. Does that fit into the structure of what you guys are doing in terms of cultivating this younger team and building it like he said with with the future and considerations. We've we've probably can't fill our team around acquiring players usually start with three I would agree with other good answer I think. I'm that there are times and places where in individual circumstances it could make sense. If for whatever reason we believe that the player. Com. His musicality navy's a little bit younger than than what it says I'm behind his age. If it's at an appropriate value and an appropriate term. We have we have to keep open minded to all of these possibilities. Arm but as a general strategy and philosophy. We need to acquire developer ten young players you guys heard me say that funny. I'm absolute a cap how you do it your way I'm at a mile and I don't ask about a specific player everybody is talking about anyhow let's talk about time this kid that's coming over from Japan. I saw he wants English versions Japanese versions from every team vote. What they have this and that every other things they I mean you're gonna have to write a book in both languages in order to get this got to come. Play for you. First of all is it Mike let's all that has to do the translation Japanese. Because of his rockets team for a walk a lot of. Is really gonna do I mean are. Are are the brewers can get in on this is everybody gonna make their pitching really gonna do what he I mean it's a rock band demanding they want only green Eminem's in the growing. But he really has wrought in the show a mistake. It's it's such unique circumstance because science is really don't play a part an adult and and that's what's so different about this pursuit we have a potentially elite talent. Palm who for at least from a financial perspective is available all thirty clubs and including the smallest market. So we'd be foolish not to release give a shot not I don't know ultimately. Tom weather were the club that's going to be able to as has it figured out his way to drive brawl we got in in. There there you go. We got to know what won't give it a shot have chronic occult but look at it's it's exciting for baseball I can genuinely think it's exciting for baseball baseball fans are gonna be exposed to it really be talent wherever he is next year. Hopefully it's it's with us but even if it's not we're gonna have fun watching them and academia and he's good enough to come into play right away he has had for those who don't know or. Talking about I'm Sharma butchered a name shall we oh tot he people come over from giant and he wants to from what I understand. We pitched but on at least some of his off days via position player because he's the whole bright asking. In Japan as of right now as friends record as 123 and is that something you guys would entertain loading a page and be a position players should he land in Milwaukee. I think it's some Irish have to consider and I think given what he's done in Japan he's shown the ability to play at a very high level on both sides of the ball he's likely a picture first in a position player second. Com but if you can if you can structure awaits a lot of arm to recover us officially between starts it's something we'd have to consider. But where you know if you look at searching though that's not the usual for Gaza melanoma lark who were your philosophy or. It seems like your drafting guys that can play you more positions are there is that the new wave right now in Major League Baseball government development or. We we think it's important for for our team we think it allows credit to manipulate the roster certain ways he saw a lot last year with games tragic double switches making sure. Com that guys were in the right place in the lineup and so it is something we've got a transitional versatility is important to us given number of players on our team who were able to do that don't know that we have a player quite like old time anybody there so. Such such a high level both pitching and hitting com put that would DA very unique skill set that's the roster. What about second base on this team does bring back so are already Neil Walker is still freeagent. ER struggled last year got gold at the end of the year for you guys and picked it back up. Out out imagine you've got to have. In your mind go well is he what we saw two years ago or is he closer role we have this year. And then determine what you wanna do it's I can miss school for because for me at least the one thing this team desperately needs as a lead off hitter and I think that's the one its position Nike even though we often heard of yeah hours I got from two years ago your set. Yeah you know we talked earlier about playing the probabilities and and we've got to figure out what the probabilities are here 'cause we're not gonna have certainty and and we know that we saw a equally level player two years ago in Johnson VR and we saw a player who took a little bit of a step back last year and we have to find other. Avenues to fill that to fill that spot our team so that's something we've spent a lot of time on. Were to continue to spend time on it. Clearly if there is an obvious and it could fit and someone were we know is an upgrade we've got to pursue it. Tom but it also could come down to the fact that we've got to rely on Jonathan VR and our grouping of players that we have going to spring training. And count on them so. To take a step forward so I I really think that one is dvd. We've got a lot offseason last week to figure out where. The second base market is. Dom and we know we have internal options as well would you agree that lead off hitter is something that you need to look at. I think our I would phrase all the different I think we need to continue to acquire players you can get on base because that's where where exactly they hate to get general matter is this we're back with us. Where exactly hit the Lila doesn't necessarily concerned. Tom we need guys who can get on base and hope and the goal is to have guys get on base wondering. Talk with David Stern authors GM out here players that apartment fleet. Let's go look at your philosophy Steve yep but that's okay though is that the manager. Council and I would have pulled the line of the amicable debate with him and I believe he gets pregnant has a lot of them fumbles are curious we were put employers are clear he thought you liked that article and Craig guilty yes rough again I don't know is giving cricket flexibility difficulties. Correct yeah I don't players and he's bringing it right now I understand that but. OK let's just had a conversation sister wants out. You apple lineup philosophy at any as far as how you would want a line out built as far as players that that you have on the roster. I'm I'm pretty clear matters allied don't mean anything got a gritty effort earning it and I don't agree that it so I I think lineups means something I think in general or from a broad scope you want your better hitters hitting toward the top of the line up that's that's exactly right. I'm Dion that there are so many inter player dynamics. That a manager knows best that a manager can sense that is coaches. King can help facilitate. That I think a lot of those things are. Are somewhat nuanced and have to be handled in season do you believe in protection in Milan. That it brought us got a player that allows that players seem better pitches if you know on Shaw's got to play a catalog up clarify to him to see their positions he ever got it to try to get out of a slump. Put the fire Rafa little while I'm at elegant not so I think I think protection exists I think you can exist in a number of different ways it could exist in. Pat being quality players step up and underline that they can also exist I haven't really fast Clarence first base and force in the picture to think about heroines of fastballs that are having. Up a runner on third base where pitchers maybe a little bit less likely to throw a breaking ball that are so I think protection could happen and number of different ways ultimately. The way that lineups we're runs is give good offensive flare up in Ottawa before the security here huge departure from about that thought I was excited for those you know I I I spent. Three plus years there. Get a lot of good friends there and up front office and an iMac coaching staff has. To watch that celebrated it was fun to see it was inspiring and that's we wanted to hear. Real quick on address a couple of pitchers who are on your roster right now before we let you go David. First thought we have a a more. Set timetable and Jimmy Nelson when he might be ready come back he's still progressing through the pre throwing stages every artist so and so he'll until he really throws a baseball it's going to be tough Frost's. To say it we know he's not gonna be ready on opening day he's probably gonna miss some some meaningful time after. And Josh hater obviously came up through the system as a starter you guys brought my appease them out of the bullpen last year. Is his role on this team largely dependent on what trades or or sightings you guys might make in the offseason and how the rest of the pitching staff shapes up. I think that plays a part I think. However we utilize Josh is gonna get a house and and our job is to put him in a position where he's able to get the most doubts effectively efficiently throughout the course of the season. Whether that's an able plating bullpen roller starter role will determine if he's gonna play a big part our team experts GM David Stern's our guest out here for the last. Half hour or so while the Wendy's big show live from plains apartment fleet six that Ross and in Oak Creek didn't he say he was gonna come in and Dallas to show what that's a four hour show a puzzle with soft spot on August or January some things slow down a little bit right generate wherever it gets personal I think things slowdown in order at this job. No I've added and when and when that happens I'll be calling you got massive. Those are we can live that up without you losing your job no answers yet David's there is David really appreciate the time in the next right now. And will hit a quick break we'll be right back from the eleventh annual WS as the toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Planes Barbara Lee six that Ross and it no creeks the about a half are become out make a donation or go to 1057 FM the fan dot com we'll be back right after the. What about Wendy's big show all have you decided what you're gonna get your dad may be for for the holidays maybe your brother for the holidays. And your crap or whoever the case may be. How about getting a life changing experience with Harry's razors it'll change the way. You think about shaving going forward Jason where I thought about sitting nice smooth comfortable glad to go along with it and it was Joyce soccer might always affects. Alan members of ours Romney's mind everybody absolutely loved list now. 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Nevermind not paying all that money from him as economically get recovered out with us or do you just a naive and I sonics got a basketball ousted just hanging out here Liz I'll leave it all Ross you know I don't even know why this guy out I mean they're so good they don't is gone by additional B and then got a whose job. That's right now are we go to my show live if you show and Holloway now want to the shown deep people they'll get how terrible management body's master new ways how we doing. I don't have. I tell you had to do to get food and now a senior regular posters in my marketing wise and until he missed out teams itself like and a fellow voice you are in place that they are. I think that that's an artist that just ridiculous places a world artwork or own one and I don't care only one who goes through my destiny. Archie ranked number one of the things are memo girls these endeavor that many saw regular wanna donate stuff. Pre in division. Death or near springer these you talked to several sorry that you three. Q4 Q compass data center EC champ you print Joseph does a great director brought to run of the where naught I you know I think. If he didn't take me by surprise there he may be so very sizable event but. You re first in a lot about last year paper and I mean look good by the loss cobol players and you know brand Joseph. He easily could coach many gets it gets those kids play rule heart here and doubt they share the ball it's one thing we need fuel while of them were kink here that right now. Soon because I guess spent cute cute date to your place firms fleet yadda yadda looked outside and really get I know. I know people been covered the first two days where to get Smart thinking that studio. Well here and her amazing I mean I saw you outside you know I'm sorry you were coffin and I re not to make sure how to O'Hair didn't even move yeah I thought if you knew the Heimlich on your. Guy that is now is therefore it would open. Cheeseburger or whether it is no date yet Medialink Jolie's dad actually under your children on give it. There was. Which what did you want to block Berger wasn't luck bullet early Glock 'cause looks like snapped but that's great advertising for chili's I did a good front a lot of thrilled with it came out if you want out of a hundred the burden. Through Holland where they go the brutal murder was OTC you're roars through what is your onions tomatoes and ketchup it's. You could've gotten speaker. Who won't notice who don't know him who don't know the Florida State needs to get this that yeah. They're normal commute if you don't you don't you mean though violently and if that's America's cup. I'll be this weekend this Saturday. December 2 albeit the best western airport hotel a lot of value in the two Brothers one month that they are an amazing two Brothers to broaden our mind. They don't they do like it's they don't read your mind how they re each other's my they've read your mind through each other. If that makes these sort of like the big show kind of yet so I'll go there with those guys on a Saturday night best western airport hotel and depressed and pretty. Our Arctic UP you'll you'll thank you. He rallied to people come up and say no you're supposed to be funny go ahead make you laugh yes and see how proud I don't I direct Jameer joke to amuse joke Everest not just to meet whatever. Ever say that should have no. I heard it it has the last anybody here tell me a joke drives my brother John not hate it your funny go ahead. Are no way would I could go anywhere like where you're seeded Spaniard can really give me your best joke through. Mac now going to go there. I'm not a pure imbalance children are here and I'll give you bells my cows are you put. You were three right to be able to walk up to everybody and ask him to do their vocation right there on the spot I don't think so first couple times and happy you liked it the right. Can I ask you Mayo will hope that that the thing that blew my mind. The first stop by I ever did stand up at the copycat they were the first of our data but the first like actual show I did page show. Somebody came up to me afterwards and asked for an autograph. And I was literally so. Blown away that anybody would want my autograph I said I looked at the got a lake get the blank out here. You glad that's how we often to see you go yeah Jane was like yeah my favorite like she's but I like to sit next to her. And we are all there the whole Bill Clinton was their support of the got a lot of our I thought I was offended. Just I guess the tone brought in didn't come all the right way is your I was just shocked doesn't fault I think I can do when you're shows yeah are you don't yourself yes at house sit in the back account a cafe you're the guy out or not there anymore no you records that are. So I was or. Yeah we are there any the that all of us but it's. What I am I missing the joke you adapted well done and happen but we'll that the benchmark is really sick don't know I don't know that we all went together that you're oh yeah are you doing the comedy cabaret has circular. Prior to getting there. The comedy cafe has big things coming up in 28 pilot you to your own I can't speak any further out and all I know is that place you were talking about. The point or whatever yet that was awesome I told you that plays looked amazingly they let you talk inside yes I was not on the on the indoor stage how are talking about. 20250 people this act it was beautiful I couldn't believe because they they literally put that showed together in a matter of two weeks. And they didn't get inside the doors at the point. I'm Barkley until like 24 to 48 hours before the show went on. And and the the the job that they did putting that thing together terms of the experience for the the fans and the people came out to watch it was. Just as good and their staff is second to none in this city as far as weights after whatever. They were it was it was like you were at any other company can't they show and and the lighting the stage the sound everything was outstanding some big. Big props to them for putting that together on on such short notice it during another show there on New Year's eating it. Davidson Milwaukee's county tepid now what they are a lot of racial joke what they have coming up into when he does they have they have a a big big announcements coming up. Bigger baby talent around anybody bigger than baby couch I don't really matter brown beat them a big. Yeah its probably about spread human merchandise mart may be bigger than that catcher I got on and spears appeared on all year after the break yes we're not musically was are you were distended there. I got a Christmas card here that says they need a BS's keepers put smiles and gives faces a Children's Hospital inside with a fifty dollar bill. Well from Dirk and Paul Lee sat awesome Merry Christmas it's nice Durkin Pauline. That's the message should thank partly there is on hold from Lance from a fleet in Waukesha what's up our wings stick forum are favored in the morning. I you guys on it now we mean big time you he duo. Or award winning play by play basketball game you know. It's highly stock shock was better. But that's that's all my hand all the little heart disease that's yeah it. It would never panic here right there I can't Mike that's. But don't let it go extinct until long doron. I'll art that's an elite leagues UC wickedly. In Euro which got going on out of our. All of thankfully we're here at the law is now playing army and read and we're going to be here though that the clock and I thought you weren't able to come out. We will be here again on Thursday same agent named time. What shocked me they're out there Omar got on third day will be here beautiful yet it yet don't want everyone on there yeah. You keywords for sure. The main news that informed. That's fantastic. That it. Great and we TV I don't just on the show tomorrow morning right. Struggle beyond you know the crowd that you know that there. All that well you're out there today on and that should be hey I could've gotten the cardinals I was afraid now Clarksville there. You know not doing a little Mercury now we lost you got to remove them. How what I don't know note tax cut here. I want to ask Rami if he had any good joke. I art. I'll just about the but tonight you're my fair part of the morning show but by equals the letter thanks mouse Tony yet Tony grip pressure but yes scared you what you talk about the difference over regret nor the brewer. Demographer at their dog or located or about hard 100 Greenville avenue where you can recover your own brew master that would that it's. What does that consist of I don't triggered a little beer me don't aren't make Ural sold our. And yes she's making they have she's making capabilities over. No brewers team. Thought drew kitchen I have owners are you left your partner endorsement and appearance. You go rewrite burly greens yes. Kids it's not quite read or Procter place where you go in make your home your. Or probably have to costs. Go check your ma northern grower located or how we want her to. The green progress Sparky say you have a Britain feel my conspiracy theory. Yes that's next album went to let you know live from blades Burma army conspiracy Mandela at six that Ralston in Oak Creek for the eleventh annual WS every toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin right back. Simpson and Ron send them you know green yeah. Remember just 12 partner not Barton bill I got to they'll look like him I gotta tell the people about my good friends over at Robert specialty meats and if he's arrived a big weekend of shopping in Cyber Monday. Maybe you're still looking for something different for that special neighbor coworker at the office or key business contact well here's an idea a customized gift box of delicious meat items from Roberts specialty meats are MVP of meet Paul Roberts we'll help you create a gift box of quality products. From USDA prime beef tenderloin. Bacon wrapped lays Roberts ribs out of state court assortment of original sausages and props like Al Capone Italian sausage a big show favorite. Are marinated chicken skewers not sure what to get no problem Roberts also as a gift cards which can't be redeemed throughout the year and will be appreciated by those. For your good. Pace called Roberts today at 262549. Meat when he visit make sure that you sample some of their original cherry wood smoked beef steaks pork jerky and five distinctive flavors and check them out online and Robert specialty meats Waukesha dot cap. For more info money saving coupons at the best meets chuck Roberts specialty meats. Your home town butcher now play the conspiracy music group yeah. Receipts marquee viper who has a conspiracy about Brett Yuma and admired over the weekend by Arkansas I Gallup. We're against circles and I got here I caveats and you a kind of reflect conspiracy theory to be right. Which you let its clearly a conspiracy theory may put my head hurts just down I got enough and I had a looks like god they got her I'm just tiger era. What interests them what it. Their parents step side. Tires for regular commentator on her work. Remember he's our guys got Hawkeye tattoo on his slugger Bryce got a tattoo on his leg. It is up there at age obviously don't edit your Iowa why would you want to be where you what you he knows all the coaches there was got to return to recruit with Scott sent. And now we kicked around real hole low level of Eli ended up in Iowa. You're straight that like there. I doubt the Alice got inside because their first she was rumored that it was what happens in Nebraska draws my papers done. Look out our daughters like it's gonna be Scott frost scar frost was rumored going to floor. This guy a front remarks you know Butterworth of Florida are. We'll discuss it that Nebraska she homeowner took the court idea discussions Nebraska sure want him and I want to ignore me. It's not like he was reading that. Our guys so the program are threatening episodes you get my eight million covered from other Soliai Abacha Monica but he thought but if some if probably you know. I quoted Putin as if I'm Iowa pulled out why he'll but we've had downgraded yet after fares will be assisted by a down Iger got rusty good poker player all board found. That's clever thing you know what's. Chopped and that's what you're you're part yes you. So Odyssey about how mistaken did you think you yeah coach always a very Smart really cute you know it you know is because that's your view where it was communication. That's and they got 3000 acres where you and yours remains in doubt is number we've just nice guy. Very good demeanor I mean it just very armies are chalk board guy got so why does everybody want the Florida job. Because they are experts urged I think you've got to stop the recruiting down there is so competitive in that area. That. People gotta you gotta be able to get some kids that article was probably noticed they embarrassed that your given what we want him there's barker. What Florida's not you know that you can't win a national championship I think it's still a good Argo secure job with that they're there are a lot like Tennessee they're going to be like to see them. Really yeah. We're Jersey experts and their partner you're speaking of that we don't have time to get our daughter sister. And parents. That was little crazy did you hear what happened at the WWE event not a life. During the wrestling on TV they started chanting the if he's going to be fired at Tennessee the car during the WW eat anything. Why advanced because they think he'd he'd come to. They want the AT god they don't watch out there what they want to do they want to give her all the money that's what they want to do that that analyze anyone remain covered length you can tell them what they. They want our battles are groups. Mean what were your drug mafia related or tomorrow. Thanks to Bob began a bombing in football Jim tackle Dane. Marquette legend died in color analyst on the market radio network David Bakhtiar the Packers left tackle. Amber is yet David Stern's who joined us out here blades department's lead at six that Ross and and Oak Creek for day to the eleventh annual WS SP toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Thanks to everybody who don't need it you haven't had a chance to come out yet right here at 6 AM. To 6 PM tomorrow. Thursday's shock is tomorrow chuck will be out here to arm our IS from six until and that's the part of the show everybody apparently wants to see you here. For Gary Sparky look like these jobs back to the studio obviously things let's talk tomorrow. Our art our our.