5PM: Packers Murphy said what?

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, January 12th
The BIG SHOW had a long, detailed interview with the Packers CEO/President Mark Murphy about the front office changes and coaches fired following there 7 - 9 finish in 2017. Listeners drive the topics at 5 o'clock on "PICK-A-LANE!" 

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Buck won't they Gary right now for your kids to way to. Message and data rates may apply for rules or to enter online visit Entercom contest dot com one randomly selected nationwide and triple win a trip to Minneapolis. For the night before. Yeah slash. Now. From the masters these WS his. Online and masters he's dot com offers on the fence. We get a lot of calls from re fans wondering about the changes in responsibilities in the packers' front office and today we're able to get the Packers CEO president on the line on the air live. With a big show and Sparky. Wasn't come from outside the building a McCarthy does have a good reputation Winston lights that yeah women more than one year likes and these are guys he's outstanding head coach in his foot mark these you're driving a white doesn't get more than one year. You know we had we put this we have great confidence in him and we want one and have nothing but successful. It gets better fan and a man 1057. The woeful 57 FM the fan dot gob. Hear that interview in its entirety what is Mike McCarthy is wrapping up. The rest of his staff finalized by tonight. Carolina Panthers hire 65 year old norv Turner's or new offensive coordinator. He's brought in to brew improved cam Newton's passing numbers former packers' quarterback coach in bills quarterback. Alex Van Pelt is headed to Cincinnati. Help out Andy Dalton and the Bengals as the quarterback coach. Brewer signed a budge players today one year contracts court to enable. Jonathan VR Saturn and and Torres Jameer Nelson able to avoid arbitration with all those players basketball tonight boxing Golden State Warriors at the Bradley Center. Hockey tonight admirals are in San Antonio will face off against the Rampage Aronson of the pre game at 7 o'clock we'll have gained time coverage for you beginning tonight. At 730 MI Clemens of sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. This up they brought you by stemming second national watch the playoffs this week and it's Denny's. 1057 FM the fan. Sparky. Hours what happened crashed in burn. Yeah. It's time for the guys to reset the big. Big topics from today's big you know and let you pick a lady. Lame brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away and you grow go to Great Lakes dragway dot com for 28 to your season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is sad time here on the Wendy's big show along with our few former Packers Gary dollars in the royal Butler the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and Mike Clemens on the other side of the glass I'm running Mac law. If you missed our conversation with Mark Murphy president and CEO of your Packers it's coming up. At 535 between now and then going off the mark Murphy's and every or you more with Sparky was skeptical. Of the change in Green Bay and now wind down more like Gary who says that it was necessary left Blaine. What is box warriors mean tonight LeRoy Butler says it's a measuring stick and the return lane. Do you think Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat like Michael Cohen. Our Green Bay football in Saturn the morning show here on the fan. Says that he is here's a little taste of what went down earlier today on the Wendy's big shall we talked the Packers president. Mark Murphy and ST Sparky Pfeiffer had questions mark thanks for coming on the show and and being rolled like this I do appreciate it you'd have to do it. I assure you guys here now and noted here you are. Speaking for France right OK you know what yeah thing and I'm confused on. Have been for quite some time is the McCarthy one year extension whose call was that why it was only one year. Yeah I'm not an. Gonna get and a contract. Decisions or negotiations things of that nature. Was it tense call or was it somebody else is gone or is that if that was technically general manager at that point I believe right. There. I'm not demand that. Thank you want to write like a robot question I can't. I. It just hit our mark my SharePoint audit is this and this is what I've been saying I think McCarthy's build enough of a reputation. Going along the way in of the the promotion was from somebody with in the building that was coming from outside the building a McCarthy does have a good reputation within lights. That yeah and you might and one year I. I mean he's our guy he's he's outstanding. Head coach and his record proves itself but mark he's your guy and why does get more than one year. I load yeah ten. It is he's an excellent head coach and you know we have we practiced. We have great confidence in him and we want want to have much success our focus is on the future. Spark USO skeptical. Knowing I'll give mark mershon among them that's the past. Or this. That's possible intimate weirdness of we get amount it no outs for Abdullah to talk to him again about the first because we ask our questions we don't get him again and try to call my eyes darting locked into this. A now Matt. And it doesn't make sense and it like everybody has said he not gonna say what really is going on but I'm guessing about what what I've been saying that is. This appears to me and that weeks' time. I'm paying even going back before that that his intention was to get Rust Belt agenda there was a report out that draws bald is what made the decision on peppers and and Micah Hyde numbering them guys back in and he became more prominent role than GM duties. As Ted Thompson stepped away a little bit here in the last few months so. If that's the case fine bomb against report comes out and McCarthy is gonna walk if Ross balls guy because he doesn't want Russ ball to be GM. Aaron Rodgers comes on does the same thing Jason will be and next thing you know week during the course of that week now he'll aside and it isn't the GM. He gets to report to the president Mark Murphy will take over GM duties as far as all the paperwork and all that contract and paperwork and stuff. And then at the same time they give it to be G need to be the general manager he's in charge are pretty much personnel decisions with the roster. And McCarthy he gets a report to the president as well. So nobody can fire him about the president. But the whole thing is you know the rest of that last about the one year contract. You don't want to about it well you talk about it again here's conspiracy theory is eating at me an answer. Is because I don't McCartney wanted to work with a Roswell they knew what they should try for a year and see what happens like it let's go from there and that's helping wideout or. Or Russ ball that what we're in the Condit says mark will give him one year and we'll see Ella works and then I'll figure out of I want him or not after that if one of those who got all can be. I don't see any other scenario unless the one that Gary brought up which is McCarthy doesn't know he wants to go to much longer I guess that could be a scenario to. Or or you know when you have Andrew brand on the longtime former finance guy for the Packers worked with Roy and Brad and all that. And he'll tell you guys about. You know we have to start plan to a three years ahead with Brett has going to be huge contract he and you gotta get that done. At least two years before the end of it. Because he's gonna get such ridiculous offers you don't want him to go anywhere close to the free market. So in a got to get restful break when he's thinking all right we've got to re signed. Aaron Rodgers here look at these deals that at staffers and some of these other quarterbacks forgetting Andrew Luck so we get a start figured out how we're gonna. Do that in 2018. Maybe 2019 probably this year disease in about two years left so he starts making cases the tent. You can't afford Julius Peppers and you can't afford my guys they're the YouTube canning come close to what they're gonna get. On the market and just let him go what you got enough guys I mean that's the stuff for Mike McCarthy's like shut up. Shut up if Ted wants to keep those players that find a way to make it happen. I those of the kinds of arguments that are happening up there and now that's why they got ousted from Murphy and say all right make your case. So that's the right lane are you more and Sparky campus skepticism over the Packers in the changes and how they went down to mourn Gary's camp at all these changes were necessary for 14. 79912. If your tweet to show. At 1057 part of him no defense how to follow Hulk when will we know that this is gonna work and wouldn't. Works or dust or hurt I know that sounds like a stupid answer like him trying to be as Smart as but that's really the answer. When you start seeing quarterback sacks in searching guys cover at least you get back to a top fifteen defense. That's for stars as you know the fall's gonna hold up his end of the bargain. I mean the structure. When I know notice when they salve when they start winning football games and and you think that they're gonna be a Super Bowl contender so excited I won't know until that. I think I think that people think your chances this out of the freeagent. Read march he said you won't be as somebody's conversations. And so I ironic you're right yeah outlet has a lack of relationship if you know your. If your days in a very unique in those specific to doubted me. Let me test that that they about it. You know sooner or later. If these guys had a great relationship maybe you know you. Note stragglers in them an ideologue that ultimately is still together. And I think that's one thing about not the most time. Fans of state they think they have the right and also the news they don't know immediately. Stick to their original plan they'd all like. You know. Nothing to do Packers do. That's what I'll get no muscles should be. They go into an argument I don't like to aid ally by which is fine. But why. And that's when they get into all that is. There's growing civil outlined box taking on the defending champion Golden State Warriors tonight at the B Myers Bradley Center. Get Steve Sparky five from Milwaukee Bucks Pickens say post game show on the second stirring as soon as that game is over and does this game have any real meaning. LeRoy Butler yes absolutely no idea is a measuring stick of a championship. All the team could this is where we wanna be. We wanna be in the position. To win a championship I keep him people say that solar split team. Don't even have arguably their best player. I expect them to win. I mean this it's in there about want to Siegel's estate. It I mean yeah honest to second in the lead in this leak. And you know all star votes and things like that I think is a good measuring stick to see. Maybe after this game if they win or lose many of his time to go get somebody else to start feeling into pieces will know what we really need. Right now we're guessing the we will know what we need at this game tonight. So that's a lot led what do you think bucks and warriors means tonight 414. 7991250. And in the return when Michael Cohen of Packers news.com. Morning show Green Bay football insider here on the fan. He said the seat under Mike McCarthy. Quite warm. I think it's pretty obvious. I mean yeah we're very and you can't. You yeah. They also coaching that you need to make the statement that he made him the more and then expect another and you know you can use and then and com. You know. It is situation where. You've got to where. You're going to hear that contract and he was ugly weather or otherwise. Illegal in situations where. Lame duck coach so we're essentially gives you can't contact regularly at one year. Because at some point and that these. Deleted. And the knock them them and they don't expect them you know the routine of illegal block or two when he's in. With the got on the final years gone because there's no job security pursuit of coaches. Here in the coach and you never know what happened in those situations. Like going to a situation. That would be on the final year contract this year and he he and general manager so I think pretty clear that. You're you're these are like in a lot of different ways. He's got a really really good. You know why you. Can't be reasonable. On the line should be removed as a coach. Eric is deceit hot underneath like apparently nothing is it tough measures to for me but I think though if scenario would be if they weren't we toddler they were gold like thirteen three and they have. Their first round bye and they lose that game at home I think that will race in my browser I think that would have happened a little bit too often. So none of that pressure yourself so when a fire this guy and he's well as one of eight coaches in the playoffs who replaced him. Let's start over is that with the guys in the rams. McVeigh McVeigh and it doesn't that show McVeigh got that I can go Ohio do we take this to back away. There remains to be seen how reasonable McVeigh's only in two so you may just be spinning spinning your wheels. Could you majors are the same guy you read me right did you teaches things spot right. SE Richardson. But Michael Cohen says the seat very hot weather could be undermined the problem is because you're using it in a tight window is who'd he replace them with a and odds are you're gonna go back was not forced users is not that mean those guys are right. Now we've reset the big topics discussed are today's big show now you get the final say right lane are you with Sparky skeptical. Of the changes in Green Bay and how they went down with Gary. And think they were necessary left lane what does bucks warriors mean tonight and the return mind. Do you think Mike McCarthy's on the hot seat 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan speaking of hot seats I got you know the heated seats in my Carla rock no knows if those stop working that's a make it fix a red WJ go. I'm only able to go here you matter of fact my. Bob auto start out a starts network and even when asked that this as a cold there it is did checked out. He actually. I lost to fob on it yet in which it was Moscow on planes euros or nine years. So I got you know tighten up with that old tighten out me to white people. He gave fixed I'm glad that you all cute and so I went over a deluge economy. I glossary outs like an ad that. There are. I would love Chicago yours and that he entered its surrogates are white black the source. Yeah yeah everybody in the east though. I don't have an identity who owned thank you very much pocketed all I've been studios it's cheap for tonight okay. Heard Obama until all of David Letterman in the pocket Leo yeah another place that's about it though a lot of is showed started today on Netflix I. 8511 south Howell avenue. Quoted a daily com guys here's what you can do they have a collision repairs and if you get it to the fender benders on of that nature. Don't call your issue are as yet over there if they affair. Very fair estimate. They'll call notice should come to put you make sure that process is bears move you can go to does. Certain date scheduled appointment. Click on that have. It's out of commit to a clock our commitment thirty you know what they'll arrive butler's. Favorite video and he's issued a video in February. So which. You are durable as the live video would you know that this name would talk about like no man's stuff mechanics from. No one shall your car and so I so mechanic working on now that we get a chance to see you pull the curtain back now is I mean it's a shop clean or not. No it's you know do you get everything did LeRoy says are rather show you all the video village is CNET. I give him a phone call or 147627900. While supplies last. They actually give you. A free cookbook you cannot beat that. Come on guys let's go to the digital Dan Oak Creek. On the road opposite. Has great free to say that yet pence the awkward pause we'll pick a lane of the Wendy's big show returns. Our conversation with Mark Murphy coming up and about 535 right now re setting the big topics discussed on today's big show giving you the final say right land. Are you on Sparky side skeptical of all the changes in Green Bay and I went down a Gary's side. Anything goes necessary left lane what does bucks and warriors mean and the return remind you think Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat. Michael Cohen says feeling get to the NFC championship he may be out 4147991250. Norm and Brooke feel about that now he's on the Wendy's big show. No long term I I'm doing well this enormous amount it normally is New. York. Norman OK our. No more. Aid and I'm on Gary's side. I think. First double. There's too much he had made about this whole thing. And I endured some disagreements. And burglary at his step down there. And they have. Everybody. Report of that sort at ends. And it. I did then Murphy saw that ball a lot of good stuff man. For the job. When Rodgers. In the by card he. Didn't want them. And I think. He would guard you will get an extension. Down there rolled. Just don't like Gary said. You know all of these good cold chin. Look how often are good teams change Kolb took. And we've got that. Kept the same goal. And though we have won Super Bowl we've done pretty well. Yet thanks allowed non absorbed great father call. I think I think sometimes you don't value. Which haven't who has gone. It if you look at some routines. Who've been changing coaches Lou as eaten and years is certainly. You just fortunate good coat. And and we went Sparky. Rest murky on. Why you given one year. I think norm answer that two. You do yeah. He just he just really feel like some issues up there are so OK listen to put this fire out the way it'll always be smoke. Would put this fire out which is totally nixed it and you asked to me here's your job your jugular. There's talk. I'm not I ask you about game plans which you're doing because that's not my area but I will ask. What about players who want things of that nature. Does all agree on it and we can't agree make that decision but I want you guys have and I think this scenario. But I think that's that's Sparky means races too many cooks in the kitchen Uga but that is not a problem to fund or excuse clubs now you're about what's got audio they're Putin's idea greatly schedule your favorite sports action thirteen pool table shuffle board tornado foods ball tables the riddles electronic arts staying on and more. There were putting fish by winds isn't prized Ford ever sells this file how hot actress talk live music bands like every Saturday night plus late night Friday happy hour from 10 PM 1 AM. Did you go about what's gotten a new place for Sunday morning breakfast starting and not I am also plays host private parties including a personal VIP suite. The luxury pool table you plot all Wisconsin to 4450 Ford bought brand view boulevard in Waukesha to have miles south of I 94 checked him out at Q club. A W I dot job Q club WI dot com or on FaceBook. Missed our conversation with Mark Murphy earlier today here on the Wendy's big show you're gonna wanna hear the Packers president and CEO we're bring in your way next right after this. Yeah slash. Now from the masters he's WS SV sports updates studio while my Clemens masters he's walking shot the largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin. Ring in the new year great deals over one million dollars of inventory masters he's walking shot. Online it master's he's dot comfort on the fan. Lots issues lawsuit questions for Packers fans and today the team CEO and president Mark Murphy not only join the big show you what state line with the Al Michaels as well today. If Aaron Rodgers didn't go down this year and you're sitting here this weekend in the playoffs do you think you're still making the same most. Buoyant. The great questions. I know I hate to speculate. Maybe maybe not as many as we made and that's where I mean any despair but sometimes things happen for a reason and sometimes. You know you can have blessings in the. Meanwhile there's still hiring new assistant coaches Patrick ramble take over the defensive line used to work for Ben MacKey did the former head coach. For the New York Giants Mike McCarthy over nab the rest of the staff. Finalized tonight former packers' quarterback coach Alex Van Pelt goes to Cincinnati trying to help out Andy Dalton. And the Carolina Panthers hired 65 year old Norv Turner today we're trying coach of Cam Newton. We're sending a bunch of players today to one year contracts pitcher Cory can able second baseman Jonathan VR. Utility man Aaron and Phares and they also signed Jameer Nelson that way now reversed it will avoid arbitration with the all of those players. Good game tonight box in the Golden State Warriors at the Bradley Center. Hockey admirals are in San Antonio to face off against the Rampage Aaron Sims begins our pregame coverage tonight at 7 o'clock. The face off at 730 right here on the fact. It's update project by coaches of liberals self thirteenth street tonight credit god blew deal perch while I huge shrimp you name it. It's the Friday night fish fry 995. As coaches public group. I'm Mike Clemens sports Radio One 057 FM affect. Is president and CEO Mark Murphy demand call all the shots up in green and now. A start things off by asking him win it was decided that Ted Thompson and move into a year old and they would start a search for GM Jerry. And Ellen. You know immediately following this season and he and I. That's and good talk can you know I often would do following. The season as a season. Portland last year that's been much like here. You know a little longer after a short cheating game but yeah I think yeah we talked things through and not. Both of us came the conclusion that it would be trusted trip that he would transition to me cedar monitoring Rawle. And of course and you know opened up a chance right way to do an opportunity right related to a the search for DJ am. That move and not try to quickly and obviously. Very very excited about Brian I think Iran Albright group consists done all great things for arsonists in almost forty years and actually in more recent years so. And didn't familiar with his work him. Yeah he. I think he brings great background. And certainly this scouting experience while Austin. Yeah Integra opera has little father was approached him. So I'm not I'm excited but. For an online you know that thing Slade Ryan. Felt circles particularly the last couple years and somebody that people really properly viewed as a rising starved for. You know mark I think the biggest portion of under packer for eons have Albert is you know we have to agree usually call in and talk to us a lot. It is very structured in the structure of their work you kind of you know read you a little bit different from what Bob Harlan had him placed its. Background when we had Tom brought in forest creek and assured those duties embarked came along and Bob saw a different vision of how she ago when the Packers have been pretty successful with that structure Indian. You know all of a sudden last week or so you decide to change how does that structure. Change come about. Our. Hearing. You know it's something that. And I didn't think about. And more involved in football the last couple years. Thought that it would be helpful. For the organization. And you know if you've been around I've. Much more prevalent practices. And I'm round. Until Kenyan academic staff. But certainly an informal and Kabul but I would say fruitless search process. Can you really opened my size that to you know we should do improved communication. I was in our football operation. You know I mentioned you know I felt like urban. Built up over here to not just done you know the test senator Dick post back confirmed kidnappers there were silent don't. In different areas within football and and Anita brake dust down. So I think. He obviously the biggest change I think is that Mike is reported to me. And another piece to this was I think really recognizing. What. Ought to do its reorganization. These trees that he's been performing you know especially the telecast that cut the contract negotiations are crucial for us. And so in recognizing what he's been doing so really kind of splitting their GM position narrowing the GM position down on an indifferent to. Improve communication. The other benefit that I exceed that is. Really. One of my goal in this whole process was too. Make sure that Bryant can be successful. And and allowing. Only and to really focus on what I felt the most important duties for general manager. Yet. Terminal roster the draft player acquisition. And so really allowing him to focus on no those areas. I think it gives us our best chance to be successful at. If you look at really. You know we need to get better. Players and and you know I'm Brian focused on carrier in those areas I think will be one really helped terror organization. It's not really didn't change. Limbaugh probably not as dramatic as people might think. And certainly I'm not gonna make football and I'm but. All I see it is to improve communications. And it and make sure that. That brought them Mike it rots. I have great communication. Great interaction where they turn their work well together and he's eleven outside about it if I have been out that Michael is reportedly about anybody would doubt. You know our neutrality it's an internal and the you know about. I'm optimistic that. You'll end and the like couple outside. Or agent of off I think. You know we're remained successful you have to you have to continue to to pushed. And strive for excellence and continued to to look you know what can we do that'll help us. And yes structured fine. Entitled are fine but as candidates people. And get in right people in the right spot. And you know pretty dominant position where they can be successful in that the organization war. Functioned. Functioned well understood that it's an open communication crucial. Law say. You know I'm excited about it united I think yeah. It's like everything else in life you know Gary time sell a lot of Woolsey but I think we have an opportunity to to do some special lecture. Absolutely so you're not making football season understand that maybe is Brian is doormat in what will be McCarthy's role and in. What is Ross ball rolled in how to how does that all separate. Ellis and the lead laid out very clearly. Bear responsibility. Obviously Mike is that he's in charge of you know all our culture is our strength coaches. You know encroaching our players. And you know. Responsibilities are really focused on. Mr. player Cochran acquisition he will determine the 53 man roster and tonight Avian roster. And rush. But still a lot of these administrative duties. You know GMs do and big but the big part of her picture for all losses since salad capital expertise which is served us very well. And then contract negotiations. And a lot of them really for rush it's a lot of what he's been doing all ready for us. In the past though he was doing he would he would delegated by it and now it it's official that that just want to go. I have a lot of questions. What Gary's talked in the beginning and you may only here for me the rest of the interview. I'm glad I apologize for that and about it. I guess the first thing is it is we have Bob Harlan on the other day and in he was talking back in the day when he had Ted Thompson and Mike Sherman and how he could see when Ted was talking a Mike Sherman how Mike Hsu must kind of like looking off into the sky and kind of not really paying attention to tan and that when Ted then came tumor at the end of the year and sent. Now he wanted to make a move Harland saw what was going Johnson obviously I can see that there's there's an issue. Did you not notice or pick up odd that there was communication breakdown possibly between McCarthy and Thompson through. You know who were standing with who practice who was talking who went. And that type the stuff throughout the last couple years. And yeah I'm again I've been involved in football. Almost two some things but. Yeah I'm in and I think. We've been pretty successful. You know we made at plus eight straight years in a row. You know 23. Three years or in the NFC championship games so. I didn't think things are broken. Best well I think when we got. Through the discussions with Ted and you know and also obviously. Week would search process. That the certain things became more certain. I would say. Out of respect that Ted and instead it was a very successfully. And has been there was a very successful general manager. You know making changes. And dramatic changes while he's. Arc. Additional manager room wouldn't wouldn't count and I wouldn't want to do well we can't discussions and we talked about things but. You know Dudley. And compensate. What what's taken place this in the past you know one of the most important now is moving forward coinsurance. We have a system in there were position we can be successful. There's Mark Murphy earlier today on the Wendy's big show way portion of it some of the fireworks. They start to fly later in the interview you can hear it in its entirety at 1057. FM the fan dot com. And that's fan and a man present by John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield but Gary will Mark Murphy was talking about there was was building things and building in the right way and fixing what's broken up in Green Bay. And no cycles and that's what you guys do over at Dan Dickau. Silos go that the silo or they want to write them down they wanna make sure that you you won the open concept in your house like. They can do that I mean a lot of people now the trend now that is to tree and allow people like the open concept. In their house and we tear down those silos. Where you can actually make sure living space look. Bigger than it actually really isn't it feels like you have more square footage in your routes through argued you do have cute today can run around a little ago place. Ned is a nutrient right now and do the house noticed grab a sledgehammer and China knowledge Norm Coleman yourself no outages are but the freeze over JNJ contract they can get that done spoke to Olympia load bearing wall if you talk birthday to you don't want you there specifically what you're talking about future market during your kitchen if you turn reduce your bathroom. If you're talking my aunt and on a bedroom. Basement they can to August of guys Toshiba your friends or Ray-J NJ contractors. Final few minutes of the Wendy's big show that this weekend Gary Ehlers and in weekend weather calls for a return to cold cold January temperatures most of us keep the outdoor grill under wraps he got your grill out on the deck Jay gestured to grow your room. That's is your man. Your own role I had I had to damp cold there's still plenty of ways to enjoy the delicious fruit from Robert specialty beats this winner. 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And money saving coupons and for the best and meets chop Roberts specialty meats your home town butcher. Ya someday you look at it really got them. Don't know are usually says no way you're looked yet we like you are gold is up and out we're while ago but we nominated Donna. Chicago. And Donald were injured in the Nokia. Daughters Lawton. Apart from grew up partly from my grip Bulgari real rock walls. Real career clothes like Apple's going to be today with a hello all like that like within days via. Really well she's really go in it's that she. It's abort commercial JO KRA bomb has re. That you really yeah so he should hold up till. MLK day. Medical inherent element thinking right right the editorial you would get the television go to that Adobe offered I don't. I thought about the so so you know he worked for the Chicago Bears right your side yet so if they named the baby George Alice. Right yes he's education will be grateful. What's. Your. Yes I mean any any in need our person that works for the Chicago Bears and front office. If their name their baby George dollars that they have great free education reform our government estimates would cared don't know. I'm not stupid with the why not free college free college George how good dollars and yet gone now for real and you beat GE do. It. Any gets repellent did you tell us should do it I think do departure the idea yeah do you have a name picked out yeah do you know the name that they've picked out yet. You can you say it on the air you seeker. Who are thanks to Mark Murphy Niger president of your Green Bay Packers. If you miss that interview or anything on today's show or any show check out fan on demand and 1057 FM the fan dot com that's presented. By John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield Sparky is back tonight with the Milwaukee Bucks beacon saint post game show. On the second stream and went 057 FM the fan dot com though to weed out the link that are on her FaceBook page. When the show gets underway until Monday for Gary Ehlers and Steve Sparky Pfeiffer LeRoy Butler might clemens'. And a whole cast of characters. Here on the Wendy's big show I'm running Mac while saying thanks for listening talking on Monday starting at two. I don't do it.