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The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, September 25th

The Packers reveal more injuries on the offensive line, and they have a short week facing the Bears Thursday night. Plus more BIG SHOW listener phone calls with the guys on The FAN! 


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It is that time here on the Wendy's big shelf in the old Chevrolet studios out and Aurora health care greeting gold Monday. I'm Robin Mack cloth along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former packer and badger running back Gary Ehlers in the royal Butler left a little early. For the horse and plow hoddle from the horse and plow in Kohler along with bill Michael that's coming your way. At 6 o'clock it's really been sort of pick a lane all afternoon here on the Wendy's big show after such a busy and emotional sports weekend. We spent my little more than the first after the show asking you what you meant that to people are mad about the way that the Packers want people are mad at the president for speaking out on protesters before mad at the protesters. People were mad about the brewers. Getting all but knocked out of playoff contention. And then we decided you know what let's let's bring some sunshine into this world as what do you happy about so what do you mad. What. 79912. Figure you can treat us. At 1057. FM the fan let's get right to MG. On his spiritual home let's prologue to. Is that yen and toes in Europe natural for us from different for in the big show Ian. Which guy and. I'll I'll I'll watch that are ol' yeah yeah. OK. You have all the energy. Light colored foot jumper cable it like our cart yet almost every. Despite that the line Adam Powell rush forward. He acted Eric are making it goes back. And you'd like. Just want out content. And get everyone the player like you should be. Happy about that there's. Well there's some. Time he all these injuries and all that go off. Web content. Despite more frustrated that I have you know I don't vote. Without a going on in the world that have quite an EE. EM. Call about wanting that the app or. I'll bet a lot. I'll watch. You all watch that on any Saturday I'll eat out on your not from anybody alive kids about not that. You know and let me out in an art I think about it though at that playing on Saturday or men on call it an act. You know. Apart from everybody out yet. What well and everybody else but that doesn't mean that there are not experiencing pain or experience thing. Art you know. That water. Be socially active. I that the sport can only sport is. Absolutely. Not taking into consideration. When you have tumultuous time in the world or in the United States. You know sports. Or lack when the look. You know integration when when. I. Think about it. You see him in Alabama album number one nation they're quite alarming lack you know album that the north and at any black players. Op on Alabama. Yeah he came in with our inner man with Alabama and Barbara I'm not gonna happen. Again. You know maybe in April integration. Point I want you know it all. Out and sport. Or hop object you Owens going over going over to Germany and upsetting although he sports and politics. Yeah exports of. It's always been. I don't live in a vacuum. They want to act out there wanna do not want to bring social. Awareness. Four. The thing is you know it is what happened. Over the last years you know patriotism. You don't Stanford this doctrine there it's you'll who are partners of being a patriot you know. My uncle my car they're them in the military ought to go viewpoint arbitrary Q is that makes me less hot and we let the patriot than yours. You know if this side of the people that Barack watch. You know. Remember. This is not a situation but remember all of packer fans say they were gonna put it to Green Bay after that are actually by. There is that it. The day I remember your caller can not calling it an a different mindset. Ought not Ian I am partner we're gonna go back we rule tactic going out. I heard it into it arguably is on the Packers. Europe brings her phone calling him. Boy. I did see a lot of people stated there's what did they go about it. In my number kebab Syria in the past. Season ticket waiting lists of the budget stuff and I do like. Oracle or loses he didn't know what you are going to an immediate good. Awards and I'll take this direction we go ahead. But the bank of of votes short yet let's go to cog in argument of arts and from frank Robert Goldberg. Good afternoon settlement on a little lighter topic. I'm might McCartney's wardrobe okay. I've been noticing over the last several weeks. Mike's a pretty big guy here. Yeah mine's got here earlier. He. And sporting. He windbreaker. Zipped up to listen. Over very hot teams in the past few weeks and yesterday was really no exception where. Ninety degree record temperatures and he's wearing wool shorts a long sleeve under over true. Are they now are currently air cool air conditioned I am just trying to. I gotta tell you man I idled their dads go anywhere as much as you do not let it you do. We'll have right what else. Don't know which ignore that I think the this embargo off arming. He wore Veres. And if you ripples along so sure I think it was mock turtle. This summer July it would be. Like a lot of tattoos on an arms now he tried I don't think that judges think you know just where. It's why. Thinking out. Outside when you were so short sleeve like the rescue yours yeah. Well that's another ego. I just hopefully he'll he'll come up with some kind of comment where we know he's helped yet so it's so yeah I just I'm just worried about that night. A word on to the word about a month and I think he's you know this is somebody like you have something Wear long sleeves and nine degree weather what does that mean he has. My this is shattered does this mean he has something I. I don't you Wear long sleeves and I need to you know something like some sort of disease studies bottom like what do you think of them remember Greg Bedard. When he yeah order for the journal sentinel on the packer yet. You do the morning show with a check in wicket yet Greg Allen and those guys I was got in the Macon fat jokes about McCarthy. Team came to the great Monday and said not enough. Coaches and appreciated knock off the fat jokes. On the fan down home. What does it have to do with him more or outside decided the whole wardrobe thing and how he carries himself and all that but anything wrong I'm sensitive about being a big guy but if you should have the proper repair all for whatever the weather is that's what Gary is those telling you when he talks about lacking enjoys. Your. Leg in George Anderson is in wars through sheer. Employee do it kills with few. Their fringe or unfair be different. If risen fairly if you're chains and their biggest discounts 30% off. Thirty. 30% off in Auburn for the craziness you know it's common before Black Friday or the after Thanksgiving sales starting Thursday. And Goran throws Sunday October 1 shirt change to George. 30% our own. Long regular priced merchandise. Bring your family brings to their fairly and brave men and shot where new colors in Patagonia. Bettors were you. Some amazing employee discounts on two women means you Soro. OnStar is just the rugby shirts to get ready for winter almost everything. It's 30% are extra time so. Roof racks so. For forty days. All meet here at your fairly geared up there won't go for the season with lacking George Barrett whose count before things. George. Wisconsin warm and dry as they have 40100. Years lacking majorities. Out there. Starts here or only time that OJ outdoor workers dark. We'll hear from Mike McCarthy at 535 more calls and pick a lane right after this asking what she mad about what you happy about. After that busy emotional sports weekends 7991250. Prius at 1057 FM band. And the Wendy's big shall be right back on an Aurora health care greeting gold Monday. A sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. What you love to see one of these NFL owners. When somebody this respects are flat. This and get that some of two off the field right now. He's five. And I had thought those long you know I mean I don't think that was something that you know. As it is soon in the United States I don't think that's something that you know I. Early diagnosis defense though not a thousand long lag accurate assessment. I found out something out if you do. You know I think today it was an opportunity this cadet thing going on that make some sort. Just so much opportunity to have. That was our president followed by a former pack now former but Packers cornerback Kevin King. This is a Wendy's big show we're alive and holds Chevrolet studios the midst of Great Lakes dragway pick a lane and really been heavenly pick a lane I'll let Newmont which mad about. What are you happy about after busy emotional sports weekend 7991250. Can create a sad 1057 FM the fan. It can be about the Packers can be about the protest can be about the president can be about the brewers. And be about that guy who has BO when you're in the cubicle next to whatever 7991250. You tweet us at 1057. FM the fan raining here for Mike McCarthy at 535 let's get in as many of them as we can NG. The withdrawal how Q John in Nashville Tennessee judge your natural files are different affair and a big show John withdrawn nobody. I'm glad I'm glad I found out about it actually have Packers space at least let. But for the Packers every week. And he what we have watched the heightened here. If they're playing and the Packers that we aren't flying but luckily I got to the end of the game this past week because. I don't want previous five starts target and we were all excited my house oh but it might find that we found out we active. I am also glad that the Packers were able pull one out and eating right here very this year because. Rogers' neighborhood. But part of that away and delay and that's what matters all right you guys have a great record Betty. Bladder out there. Know how to fight as John. Outlook on are among. The call might sooner free at an app epic bout. I about it. Looking way out but an error. Green Bay Packers are not able to fine. Radio station like cool about it and downloaded your outlook have a person on my own. Bottom. I that I just stumbled upon it I'm constantly looking for wait to listen to the Packers running. I'm I'm down here my mom's from greenback is that the reason why are going to be able. But check this out man to ever Monday night from six to seven we have our huddles show from the horse and plow. Up in Kohler which is don't Michael's with a packer player every week from six to seven on Thursday night it's more football talk from six until late. Another football show and and we have a packer post game show with Gary Allison bill Michaels after every packer games a lots and lots of backer coverage. I'd say it's just they do I'm glad about. Are talking about the protest being. And that well fighting got up at the mall we talk about it the more amp up what they're wanting to do more sure wrote. And again I'm not get into that political. All does that ever again due to bad habits are talking sports aren't like the space we're back. Which is then I'm right there that go to CNN it was so that at all you're doing sports talk show. You're not doing it let me go up by somebody else and I'll let you know the ideal. Dale had that opportunity there aren't born they care spread the word yeah. Just Tennessee's from the ball. I'm in the national this year amendment in national reflect last year which I love Enrico source idol got this moral commitment to each camp. And ask is. The only person who. Loves Nashville law and travels there. And I'm not if you saw Terry go can't go because you're stomach gets all queasy about countries are just some of the same in my stomach gets looking tuna bears and cubs at. It's a it's a victory Monday amid an identical reaction yeah that to work and others I'm not gonna get many of these but seriously what what is what's so great about Nashville unmasking that party okay. Our party that's just a fun town a drink you need all guys and again but the only country music you're gonna hate it that's all this but. Mean if you like country music there's a lot of bands from like 11 in the morning until bar closed and I have fun and food drink drink and I have fun and aboard the country music now. It and governments to account for four out of our mountains. Great people. Cleaned I clean town liquor. Brett just treated because that's that he could be bad about it is admit to get the cubicle next to be clipping is dale that is dead set discussing. I don't nobody knows community's agenda GE. A Dicey eyes from. Thought ma what does that lets you duchess of nationally up and talk and don't envy in Google Indian national by some differently in Europe. Edwards you have buck. I'll get out and our and then on news broke that the dealers art and it did not locker room and the bartender at. What I'm not a midnight bed. Mile an. All of people that are complain about the end of players. Are getting up there are cooler gave up their ecology and take their analog and not blocking port of that they really don't have elected and not because I really don't get. It back on now I mean look at like the ball right that all of work and amp boat people aren't. Quiet or orbit back in the like what could make it into a player. And truck. Got that everybody calm and it. Politics not war like art not a you know any and it right now everyone able. Players eligible. And act now. What help they got. Our. Earth and earth are garbled. Harmonized for the coalition to Colin and had. Couple people tweet us today. Upset that were argument the anthem in the protests at center laboratory in college. That's sort of my. I'm sorry that's and that's that's one of the things I told them but the other thing at all to much is if we wanted to be the stick to sports show and really largely we have been we we touchdown on the National Anthem protest when the season first started. And became a little bit more widespread and it was these story in sports and and when something is the story in sports. We're gonna talk about rubble sports too but for the most part we've we've kept to the games. And and tried to stay out of politics but when the president. Directly addresses athletes. And calls them as so obese as says they should be fired or suspended. Four for the protest how to. We stick to sports. And possible doing what we do now for a living is that is that even possible. If we're gonna keep those two east toll divided and separated politics and sports sports and politics is it possible to come in here on a Monday. And quote unquote stick to sports. I think immune I talked about this before the show by I think what happens with the stoppages. The people that are on president Trump's side turn off the radio and the people that are not present strong side and leave the radio on and continue to listen. And that's just how this is going to work and Nan. That are in favor of trump will get hills people the left our station in those people led. Art on that side will probably come over to the station because we're talking about it it is. By far a very divisive topic that like I said before has people fighting whether family members I'm Sundays and during the week now instead of just watching full. Get one more confident in our let's go out to our. Is there money. Looks like the money into money. Besides your necks or parts from different affair or somebody. Well good Vick show my. Match. One good thing is that way kept McCain on the monster. I just you know being a lot about corn fell athletic man it's ridiculous the Biloxi that is quite personal slope are allowed back and athletic. And I think I'm not be better off playing in the middle. Yeah is generally a different I disagree I disagree with your knickers you've got. Actually Josh Jones and and and Morgan Burnett or you to a job. And it is your public Martinis had a really good game nobody's talking about a whole board I think your arm. I learned that you don't. And date why is the planet and these are all day he was our well I think he was one of the many guys that we're out. We'll take one more aren't at war America because she's from is it worth Monroe. With Monroe Louisiana that's the one let's go to Cory. He says he's from west Monroe Louisiana caloric. Yeah it. I don't from Milwaukee Wisconsin living equipment will be my right now leave it on the yeah. Yeah hey man beaten eight LB. Base and they got to dig up our what you eat it. I'm at bat. It ain't got a bit. We are but there is not credit are a lot and not like that but it got you don't but didn't. Wait a second. You have both of your starting tackles were hurt at one point your left guard Edgar left tackle rob the football game yesterday everybody has to remember they are hurt. I. Didn't act will not hurt man. When apple. We get out of it could've bagged I don't you don't wanna act our in. Depth but it is there we see it. People can only. But it you're like yeah yeah. Yeah. What you eat whatever. I don't know how I'm it got on the bag back get behind it. I don't. Okay and that's fair point but I don't know you're gonna Lonnie right back to get those a lot of carries in this off and there Rogers a quarterback you know we talked quietly lets. Well you tried yeah Natalie Eddie lacy but he really slug in the ball to 1 November December every year erased the Wrangler. Yes I think so Clemens. And routers and Ryan Grant they crossed over it. Yeah yeah yeah. As complaining about right. Enough touches I think Ryan grant's second go around with the Packers was Aaron Rodgers second year as the starter from not mistaken here's red right now. I think Cameron uncle who's already there is due at least in writing. Dom as I mean. He's at that other guys though the magnitude certainly that the group the popular ones yet I think he's just the Starks in the Super Bowl Seahawks of come on the last six week pause were Starks Branden Jackson now. He hasn't had a stud running anchored answer no no no. No. But again idol panel one fit if they walk Delmon cult. Fruits that ball would have run as much in Minnesota's running now old. He used more as a receiver and he he's a dynamic player and enacting change again but they wouldn't be using in the same way as Minnesota because of what they have a quarterback vs what Minnesota has a quarterback by the way case keep in port right. We're back comfort and well. Al he's accurate I wanna. Personally apologize for everybody who I told to cents to five digs yesterday because he had nobody story of the football not sad to see what's called the present about Dave and buster's. I know I do my best and I do the research and tries to use on the field that I make prediction. But we about a 758%. Accuracy rate and fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's every Sunday morning from 10 AM today and that's pretty get. You know what I have even what I have you know I fumble while Mike that. Where were still pretty good targets out mean to melt every Sunday morning. At cent in knows better than 75 to 80% though. And expressed his or 98%. On time delivery rate for short. 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Ours organ much or as little as they shoot the controller all hours and paycheck it'll by the way. You can drive locally. Regionally or across the country. Mean Fineman young expressed dot com that's do you NG expressed dot com Yahoo! expressed success draws them. Well a quick break and we'll hear from Packers coach Mike McCarthy and an Aurora health care grinning goal Monday in all Chevrolet studios right here a sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Yeah slash. Wow. From the masters he's WS SV sports updates studio Mike Clemens masters he's the premier supplier patio furniture rec room products and sports memorabilia check them out in walking shop or the bay shore town center. Online it master's he's dot com first on the fan yes that Packers beat the Bengals 2720 for an overtime yesterday. What we learned today they have suffered more injuries along the offensive line second year man Kyle Murphy. Fulfilled and yesterday left tackle. Now as a foot injury that would leave him limited in practice. Drop from the left and right at tackle for the Green Bay Packers. And Mike McCarthy had this to say short time ago our we talked to the packers' Ryan would actually. Who have covered the Packers for the Green Bay press gazette. He talked about it that situation now on the big show. Al this mare's game coming up in those she jackal scam play much GRE in blog I now icy moon she's an injury report with a foot injury their various unconfirmed reports that the packer Versailles or what you are often Arizona Cardinals. Practice or believe that their candidate is desperate times rather tournament. And long snapper Brett Goode has been placed on injured reserve with a hamstring injury he suffered yesterday. So the Packers are re signed Caver pepper. Was with the team during OT days Eagles running back and punt returner Darren Sproles loss of the season after suffering a broken arm and a torn ACL. On the same play against the giants. Monday Night Football tonight the cardinals host the cowboys read more online moral 57 FM the fan dot com. The F they've brought to vitality Stephanie eatery and want to shop great homemade meals celebrate tomorrow night Tuesdays with taco starting at just one dollar. Kelly Stephanie eatery on sunset drive and want to shop I'm Mike Clemens sports Radio One 057 FM the fan with some live on the WS SP Smartphone app. And AM 1251 line. Off along with the water only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. And we've sort of been touching on both football and and the off the field stuff the anthem protest the president's reaction to it. That's what the head coach had to say about the anthem and the protests earlier today. You know we talked about it to me last night and I actually read Mark Murphy statements contained in them. Buffalo players will be trying to. And he also said that this was a huge win for this Green Bay Packers this game. Had everything and it in the special teams with the ball placement in the annals of the big troubles defense upload that are really good job we have deferred enforcers are and we'll have given us opportunities on offense so no offense to battle through or managers can today guys are stuck in the complaint. I know some people and we've heard from them throughout the afternoon it's far here are not pleased with how the Packers when this game. I think that's a huge win when you look at at what they were missing. And to now be in position to end the first quarter of the season with a three and one record despite how banged up they event. It any way that you got out of Lambeau Field on Sunday was a win I think Mike McCarthy's 100% correct about that. I think that that they're gonna have all kinds of bombs on Thursday night if they look at some these guys back out there now today they didn't practice UN Murphy to the injury list and they said he wouldn't of practice and they practice today with a foot injury so that's not good. All the guys are off for the most part we're viewed as limit participants now will see a spot TRE actually does practice not tomorrow. Normally reside Bakhtiar is on at 435 odds users tomorrow will be 545 because they've got the whole schedule screwed up this is a short week of practice self 545 Mondale about TRE. Our initial but he has to get back you know if he viewers they're okay who's the most important packer have back on this field by Thursday its boxy are. More so than Daniels more so than boo log out more so than Ryan or Bryce or horror nick Perry. Bakhtiar is the most important packer player to have back out there. By far he hacks to get back out there because they do not have a guy that's even remotely close to as good as some right now and speaking of Thursday night's game against Chicago McCarthy addressed that as well this afternoon it's. Factor a little bit (%expletive) don't move for me and it's something we've been talking about since probably Monday or Tuesday last week because we practiced in the unity close to the weather all week so. It'll be part of how we train leading into the game. Talking about the they heat that's expected to still be hanging around now Thursday will be gone by Thursday. Not houses look at the forecast in the should look that appeared idol is it going to be fall again on Thursday that yeah and there is a huge cold front working its way. To sway an object to a fork and good with that let's see here yes Thursday the high is seventy the low 49 on Thursday rallies in Milwaukee had a cold front. Hold gap meaning it's been after we get thunderstorms from Ron might die of 85 tomorrow thunderstorms tomorrow. And then Wednesday the high is 65 thank god Thursday at a high as seventy fried the high of 63 Saturday the high sixty sick dogs my ten year old in my kind of weather that's that's where we're that is out stands again that's a cold front I'm good with the sitar it's been like in the ninety's or now while on nine years era it was above ninety today 89 degrees in Green Bay, Wisconsin yesterday. Beautiful the hottest day of the year as well that was Friday is that said that they were sitting more ambulances than normal to liable for a place heatstroke while ensuring absolutely sure they'll. It was nice out yesterday I don't you know where it's always nice. But I couch while yet. Air conditioning is nice as tough policy and I slots and Gail psychologist and an air conditioning and who re you get to watch football at a drug did. 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First place finisher for the week it's ten points in the season standings third place say. Some second placing it third place six on and so forth down the line Gary Ellison with a first place finish with his selection of Aaron Rodgers. This week week three in the NFL. Our listener Christian heartland came in second place with Matt Ryan and twenty point 66 points. I came in third place with Alex Smith and nineteen. Point 10 points and Sparky by about half a poignant Matt Stafford eighteen point 46 points LeRoy Butler. For the third time this season he comes in last place with Cam Newton an eleven point 28 points so. Here's how the standings read for the seasonal Roy in last place with ten. Sparking in fourth place with four listeners and Gary tied for second place. With twenty points I sit atop the standings with 26 points on the season. Or supply hoddle. Roy Butler and bill Michaels coming up. In just a few minutes from the horse and plow in Kohler Wisconsin. Sparky there was some NBA news today I don't know if you call news there's NBA media day today including the Milwaukee Bucks and even keeping an eye on it you gotta. We are talking about it. Albeit an anti money at all today and talking about the protests in India the Packers football game of the borrowing there was a media today and had him but he recovers tech got a FaceBook page from coverage of a box media day as walls qualify seventh FM the fan dot com for all of our coverage about media day. But obviously the protests came up as part of that discussion of the owners and the players and as we died bod or earlier budget player's name calling and so forth Popovich loss is mine and San Antonio over the whole thing. Outsold the NBA I think it's going to be in the same situation as another gonna take. They're gonna take a vacant Imus but. Wife UNC up assaulting plays out on Ford. But the one thing impressive about bugs me day today thumb maker's most. And it checked up he had some weight which is good I saw him last week cues with yeah honest when indeed is literally backed osu trucked it seems like those who are inseparable team. But here's where the winning bay literally backed up a truck cracked of of the highest of wide issues entity it is offers. And thought maker was there with them too I guess help unload the truck I don't know but yet he's looking jacked up yet so he's added he's add some muscle yeah honestly looks like he's added some muscle tee looks like he's bigger. And and he was in the past and Jason Kidd pretty much set it you know we're gonna have to go what we have a lot and then trying to figure out how to add Jabari back. In this next come February and but there are a couple of things have come out of this lot of guys site in my fifty wins. Jason Terry talk him out Eastern Conference finals is there is our goal this year. Arm and and that's where they wanna be and I think Jason Terry said they wanted to be top five defensively. In the NBA. And Jason Kidd and was asked about the defense and he's gonna change defense or whatever and JC kids not showing is that necessarily but said they have to play aggressive style of defense. Are my true you know tipping passes and getting out on break in and running in transition that's what they're trying to do. And souls the other skills. I think that's all board say it again they continue play here on fire defense. It's it's not going to work after long term adding that's all realistic and attainable for the bucks those goals lead assistant on time and all that tomorrow. We can do that all all day tomorrow which one of those is most realistic. That's we can talk about a month. I'm my defense news conference finals or fifty what do you make me pig because I think they're all very realistic. You know we should talk about them tomorrow our thanks to ride would agreement football insider for joining us. Thanks to all you guys out there for contributing. Threat thought it was a very good conversation today both and the anthem protest and on the Packers game I really enjoyed it I really appreciate when we can do stuff like that. And if you missed anything on today's show check out fanned on demand. At 1057 FM the fan dot com next up it's a horse and plow hoddle from the horse and plow. In Kohler Wisconsin bill Nye Eagles along with the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler is you always looks mad. What it look what he's trying to figure something out he he throws his brow is that what it is daddy does heaven now smiling but yet it is today really he I I like the glass that makes them look into tomorrow other Wendy's big show this by Hannah Arnold will make his weekly visit but at 545 now as usual time slot at 430 545 David Bach TRE. Will join the Wendy's big show until tomorrow or Steve Sparky five for Gary Allison LeRoy Butler might Clemens I'm Ryan Mack gloss and thanks for listening. We'll talk throughout the Wendy's big show tomorrow starting at two. All right don't do it.