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Tuesday, November 21st
11/21/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Great Lakes Dragaway Pick-A-Lane with Gary, Ramie, and Sparky!

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Is sparking. Hours what happened crashed in Bern. Yeah. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big you know. And let you pick a leading up big delay that brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragged away. Growth more than 27 team racing season continues. Go to Great Lakes dragway dot com for the full season schedule. Daily track updates and to purchase discounted ticket packages. It is that time here on the way these big show we know it's a little bit early they've Bakhtiar is gonna join us at 515 we want you give one to give you plenty of time to get in. On the big topics discussed on today's big show and have the final say out of right plain funny feel about the bucks at the quarter mark center lane. You wanna change at quarterback in the return land what center stage for you right now Packers batters. Or box 7991253. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan is not quite the quarter marks market they played sixteen games there a Nate now. After the loss last night but the court mark will come and go before you know we're back as a team. Next Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday weekends I'd feel about this books you about a quarter of the way through the season sparked. Much of our priorities last two basketball games has been a lot better Pryor in the news today that nears its a lot of it is up for weeks now with knee surgery last night and I was doing much better about this team until I found out Henson had eye surgery today and he's not playing against the suns which means now it's on maker involved boy against Munro. That's not good. To what average being out isn't bad as he was lies she was shooting the ball pretty good this year and he allowed that second you don't have a shooter. Now you don't have anybody on that second unit in if you're not gonna play the young guys on the second unit here really Don a guy is it in the problem that is. Brock did. Som maker are your two regular guest adult adult book. We don't know how bad that is haven't heard about delta delta yet but he's another one now that has missed several games and we haven't heard how bad his injury was. I can't say a post game show. A 10 score outside of which nobody saw him lots on a ditch and now we know one. So why go to the depth. Is really hurting as basketball team that they don't want play their young guys I know why they don't wanna play and while player that's won in fifty games what have home court of first round one win a playoff series. This isn't the year to be experimenting with young players they don't know where to be on defense and this rotations all that's up again. But right now you don't have enough offense. That's a problem you have to find some offense and a sterling brown coming up in the geely is a way to find some offense didn't do that. If Fieger got a roster spot to be James Young up on this team is a way to do that didn't do that could see also is playing well for the hurt. Do whatever you gotta do. But get some offense on that bench it's been a problem on this team all year and right now it is the absolute worst it's ever been currently. Absolute worse they have to fix. So that's the brightly and how are you feel about the bucks at the corner mark 7991250. Or treat us. At 1057 FM the fan moving to the center lane after what was probably actually no it was definitely the worst performance yet. I've read only four interceptions five turnovers altogether. Little bit of an uproar gene that folks wanna see joke Callahan under center for the Green Bay Packers any any sense in making them move. Can do is we're doing is going to play Jordan wasn't yet ready to this resorted Nelson last night on the horse and bottle with Gary Ellison and bill Michael. We're going to Utley I mean everyone loves the back at quarterback and apparently doesn't matter that and backed up or Brett back up you know every I think you know aggressive though Israel on this side I don't wanna. Lights go out any either mean he's done a lot like he was here but. Dressed in so red. You know it you'll Ian did and opera using your credit so. Currently used to me the answers compensated quarterback is their reproductive and you can see. Agreed not to talk about another team that you Aquila upload built this great the great start here brother and a rookie. Annie Duke Arctic during the first pass so I do beat patent. And it took carpenter struck in the process. Where put the work you verdict if you're better hopefully the results since. She's did you go to Philadelphia. Yet it's with these Stewart of course is a better quarterback. Bigger reason why does go on draft notice and gathered don't gore got there because there are some stories they're there were to have that. But there's a reason why he was draft or he's better. The box Robiskie you can see each Robiskie on over to come ago the form which is huge Robiskie is a better talent. Bennett College employed as raw ability. Because he was drafted in the first trial. I mean he's going to be Iran and Joseph Virginia's. And and that's where we get guys differs from because of their billable seized knowledge you got arrested of course stay would harm now. Proceed to a soldier talked about before she left a year ago. Yeah I do agree very. Mean they moved to Cleveland lower farmers. Then they didn't shoot one on dogs from little more nickel back lone double that. They're dead event. They shut I may install now to nibble old divides mailbox. They blew the rubber and I think one shot his dog. Out like yeah they didn't leave his dog late in the front yard. By the treat whites yeah military provider Lindy Infante you know we're doing now is no it was just this right narrow. Yeah this says this is from Packers dot com. Yes Dan DeVine had a dog that we shall you say coach of the Packers but it wasn't a disgruntled and a job the dog and had nothing do with losing. Here's some background to buy midwest agree made an area that's now part of thorn Berry creek estates and golf course Baghdad it was multi farm won anyway 1974 divine last season. Time magazine. Went on to say quote he has been sabotaged by assistants undermined by owners and harassed by house file fans. Will literally pursued him and his family to the front door and quote. Divide till filled tall man at times staff writer that two years earlier one of his dogs have been shot outside his house it's been bolder militias and ugly said the line. As an aside that was levers person is minus for your covering the fact Packers beat a full time basis for the press is that. And only season he covered divine but I'll say this. Or Germany's favorite stories and years later he was still the strangest most devious and most paranoid code I've ever covered years later. And it into the dog story interviewed a farmer who lived in the same area for years he told me the farmer just on the street for him shot divides dog. His neighbor. Was a father of fourteen kids she depended on his chicken soy eggs to feed his family. The trouble was one of divine dogs can't change in his chicken I'll okay causing problems on his car that's why should sold farmer hackers are bad so the farmer war DeVine told me keep his dog died upper house but divine ignored him in the far finally got fed up and shot one of his dogs. It wasn't anything malicious according to the other farmers if you shot a dog that's pretty malicious. Percent of our business decision he said the farmers shot divine doc also iPod divides guardian for him. He also explained it was an unwritten rule of life on a farm if you had dogs or chasing a firmer shape in our cattle someone would likely shoot the dogs. Neighbors said there was even a dog catcher to call who would carry out the act for you. But in this case is neighbor handle that himself the reaction in the neighborhood quote not too much of the other farmer everybody kind of smiled about it everybody knew the dogs were running around. Our breaks my heart that a dog. Killed but tortured counterfeiters the way it did lose to Cleveland it's going to be like donuts don't. No I always thought it was an issued anybody's RB and a dog I don't know what there is some passion right now towards McCartney and it. Immediate action. You heard there. Pick college the jungle car to clone guards Romero. Stay. So that's the center laid would you wanna see it JJ quarterback or 147991250. In the return land what setters stage right now the Packers. Who don't look like though to make the playoffs the box. Who are streaky and back and forth up and down Dorsey long or the badgers who sit eleven and no doubt undivided. And poised to take his spot in the college football playoff. With setter state 4147991250. Sparky. For me it's a batters of the Gary Ellis and I and I think that's that's the main reason here at this point and that is going to be the box is Gary has been sitting here harping Harvey Harman of the badges are are going to losing game here at some point between now. And the time is fourteen playoff starts and that would then screw the chance being fourteen playoff and his reasoning. Is that Osama badgers to get to some of the badgers have done for up and why would be any different this year. On and it's part argue that logic he's using history on his side everybody else is using. How would they seat on the football field and give a quarterback throws an interception every single game in morning Brooke. For the badgers but for me I'm telling you I'm fist pump and I'm far more into than I normally would be for the badgers. Because of Gary dollars into the plant right she called Ronny during. The blast badger and we never talk during Nigerians know cult grinder in the last badger game and we both said can't quite see what Gary has saved this week after this one. That's what is now soap for me it's the badgers it's definitely the badgers Gary has got to meet even more in a badger football and I was before. For reuse the box. Number I mean I and I am excited about the spenders team economic bears fans obviously the Packers now. But does this box team man I have high hopes for this bucks team I really do YOJ got her head aidid to. I didn't injure given up now okay good to view the highest hopes of anybody what are we miss our predictions. I still think this bucks team is every bit as good as I thought they were at the start of the season got some big issues are and they are streaky but I I. I can see them having a very a very good and Wald a very long and good streak where they win like eight out of ten or. Nine out of thirteen or whatever the case may be I can CA long streak of quality play coming from this box you look at what's on the marriage yes. It's not gonna come from the bench. So there third there there are starting five had to play like 35 minutes a night to get this done via I mean not all of them but yet. And I I think they have that I really do and I'm excited about this Bucs can I have this is the season started and I'm not I'm not backing off but not take way too easy to back off that and a. They are fourteens that are all beatable gains on the West Coast this week. Full four games Phoenix winnable you talk winnable sacramental. Winnable and a trailblazers are winnable. Willard has been defending Terry Stotts in the media drastic Terry Stotts job at this point. These are all winnable games on the road and it's not four games in six days it's four games in ten days. There actually gonna have tell you is I was in a post game last night they sit there and have four practices on this trip on. Heard of on a road trip to give them any practices in the NBA on a road trip self. We'll see what happens onyx I want 31 on the strip that's about one out one and 3014. I want a nice winning. Road trip we've reset the big topics discussed are on today's big show now you get the final say right away and honey feel about the Bucs. At about the one quarter mark senator Elaine you wanna change at cornerback in the return mine. You want what would what is setter stage for you right now I can talk box badgers are packers' 414. 7991250. Were the Wendy's big show we'll talk with David Bakhtiar at 515 you'll pick a lane when we return. Easy to criticize Craig and tricky Tuesday here on the Wendy's big show in the midst of Great Lakes dragway pick a lane for a few minutes. Before we talk with David Bach Gary here's what's yet to pick from Writely and how do you feel about the bucks at the quarter mark. Settling you wanna change at quarterback in return lane what's center stage. And your sports world Packers badgers are bucks for a 147991250. Or tweet us. At 1057 FM the fan David Bakhtiar is gonna join us at about 515. So we're trying to run there is many of you as we can hear. In this one and only segment a Great Lakes dragway pickle is starting with Martinez in Fort Washington near on the Wendy's big show it's a Martinez. I don't know you pay. I'm not happy or not met with the book is a debate but up these companies are not bought the books that I didn't notice before. Won the deep end erupted between Tibet a critical player that we have a arc aimed at not quick in the sport be it and what is state UN Gary is Sparky did not beat away. And kept the ball are you don't run the air. Pocket that again. How quick he argued back that person. They get. The ball both bastard in the purses are thought that he'd know it from a trap on pick at this. Vote here become so critical look at boo boo that wild bird every. Why can't. The top coaching staff the same thing. No metal thing. Why people opened up a lot of the worst three point shooters on our audit and that so this should be. Got that hole and the Pope ticket back to built were there. If all it backwards on a lot of help middle impulse and have done it on the reporting art education pretty good. If felt the need to stick that in. More. Shook could be fit what a place that you have. This book out which you met and it came back and say I'm. Ninety that 2000 that they will be park place because you'd have all the people charge you very volatile and abruptly up. Can deflect any being paid by enemy and that's what they needed try to do and the man. So where is reform prostitution years. Do you think is more box team or more about the players. I'm well you can't call it like this scheme I don't like the defense the scheme I have allowed the defense the scheme for a number of years I still don't like to ski and I called hair on fire. Because of all switching trapping everything else would you do if one player is not a position you guys want open for shots. Miserably enough in the corner threes in knowing all the time. In your asking them to play a level. And energy that I just don't know if that's sustainable all year long I mean you sum to a for you know 34 games in a row now we fell back to where we were prior to that three or four game stretch again on the defense aside against they had good defense of sports last night in that game. But they couldn't maintain and played at consistently and help them decide the basketball. It is going to be one on one basketball they're scoring offense because they don't have enough guys again beat the guy and problem in order to get that basket. They just don't have enough of those guys so you have to pass a basketball you have to have ball swings to find the best shot that you can get. Get yourself easier shots get yourself open shots. That's what the whole point of it is an estimate of just standing around every watching yacht as a way for yachts and do something. This offense is gonna be stagnant all year that's Elvis is gonna end up you have to have better ball movement on offense and you do currently let's. 02 Travis and Brown Deer here on the Wendy's they show the Glenn traffic. I deftly the badgers. Packers are done. The box will be 4141. Again. It and know what Scott who looks like the best team in I'm bitter as you which college fans sports game. Gary. I remember in Wisconsin when I was young I remember Lance brand and I don't know if you. Well last Liz remnants from Oak Creek. Right but he played it was Scott and I remember Al toon. Can still. And well I think the badgers are definitely. Are they can go go for it and other than that after that I think it's wait for the brewers then. For the call you in right past of the brewers and Packers and Bucs the brewers released theater's spring schedule dessert Nadal dead body. And staffers storm example has got to that whole thing down via. And some planes can be with that report 85 days is what I saw today route any it mr. Alia countdown starts at about honored him. Now for a definitely in prime count count right now also counting down the days until fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and busters if you makes a team trip out. To Dave enters through our call this Sunday. Myself Tim Allen great Jan make security Dan. All of Megan's Tim Allen to Dave and buster's to Mel wants to go to Dave and buster's and dragging him their king and its agreements this Sunday. The Sunday afternoon right after we get off the air noon lobby had not there. And taken in some football because that is the place for a game viewing experience with flat screens as far as the eye can CNN that amazing DMB sports lounge. 3161. In screens and 875 inch screens for the ultimate football viewing experience and check out the football season specials every Sunday. 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Meet for the best selection at check them out online and Robert specialty meats walker shot dot com. For more specials and money saving coupons and for the rest of meat shop Robert specialty meats. Your home town but dramatic predictions and well we can do that our Gary what are you got. Well I got. Green Bay Packers to a tournament in losing. When he flew to. I don't remember what I told Barbara good for the video when I'll save 3813. Steelers have losing thirty to seventeen. Thanks everybody who joined us and listen never happy Thanksgiving.