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Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy reset today's BIG topics and let you pick-a-lane.  Also hear a great new way to enjoy the Wendy's BIG SHOW!

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And sparking. Hours what happened crashed in burn. You end. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big you know. And let you pick to lead. Nickel and that brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away. Growth more than 27 team racing season continues. Go to Great Lakes dragway dot com for the full season's schedule daily trek updates there. And to purchase discounted ticket packages. It is that time here on the web these big show long way to start your former Packers Gary Ellison LeRoy Butler the watered only Steve Sparky Phifer with baby Tauscher on the other side of the glass after I had screwed up his updates. I'm Ronnie Mac cloth coming up this summer to talk with the Josh tougher of the Milwaukee record. He did a really really cool thing tag together. The Wendy's big show and Wendy's itself I was very rear camera to talk about that coming up better lives they're 35 I mean the whole thing was weird but cool. And very weird irony you guys in the what you're commercially agreed to it in read the article. Not exerts huge article a more accurate about well at Rami is tweeting. And a fund that's type a folks here's what you have to have a problem put on the fan FaceBook page and the product idea because I guess from it into a Robbie. You know you wouldn't have become my responsibility all you it was it was good enough to put on your face or your Twitter. I tweeted it is it about mostly hands that's my Twitter feed our business or is mostly about him now. But they wrote it because of rob they brought taken like three more minutes and then click on to the always look a national right to the date love Romney yeah they wrote a good idea I did their podcast last week an asset I wanna do one of these food challenges that they often do and write about so. They took that and made just read it you understand route sank a so really it's really good here is legit to pick from and Great Lakes dragway pickle laid Writely and are you more impressed with Erin Jones or Jamal Williams center lane. Was Monday night the type of football you like to watch in the return lane do you think Brett only. Has any trade value left 414799. Full picture you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Tom Silverstein with an article. At Packers news.com and up late last night early this morning. And the gist of it he's saying look the Packers are are lucky to have. Two running backs that can perform at this level Roy and Andy and and it's a 12 punch that looks like he could be something. For the Packers for years to come but. Tom comes away a little bit more impressed with air and Jones and his explosiveness and big play ability then he is with with Jamal Williams which one of these two guys are you more impressed. Just brought they've made you a question to rub on top of the list views did it go at your man like that is a year now mood good apparently the here it was agony that I know it is in me. It out and we differ on that again out thinking about and first my disclaimers. Tit tops in May you really did it with these guys and I did not see his compact. I really did not I know these gathered on B is good and a matter of fact since tiara and a ball quite a bit we have we knew we were able to find out. But on the taser and got there assessed tomorrow he has been there we came and put Chicago. When Aaron Jones went out and we know where angels can't take a you know 25. Karrie and me go to Garrett is so small. But you know tomorrow just so Howell full. Powerful running game I mean four and five yards a click it when I care sick six yards against. Chicago that's not very good. But it's just a way that he did you control the clock and they let Dex I highly impressed. With him because I thought when. Aaron John what all come out of July at the plate decade Mays. And they used to it will lifted. But. It turned out to be a big surprise I am highly impressed and eyes not a catcher out of the backfield. In. You know but as far as running the football specimen a weather is about to change. He's a very very terrorism I'm impressionable problem but more impressed with Jamal. How about you which one of those two running backs are you more impressed with. 4147991250. Or tweet us at 1057 FM the fan that's the right lane moving to the left lane. Monday night a brutal brutal violent game. Between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals but a multiple guys getting injured having to be carted off juju Smith Shuster. And Georgia logo of the of the Bengals both suspended for hits that they delivered. During the game in and I'm all for safety measures are mall for rule changes that make this league safer and reduce and minimize. The amount of times that we see what we saw on Monday night but at the same time that other side of me Gary. It's it's entertained by those pads popping a jump off the couch when I see here it's likely juju Smith Shuster laid on bonds has birthday call me hypocrite. If you want but that that is really when it comes down to it what I'm looking for from my football looking for violence and looking for big collisions that's that's what entertains me. And of them I don't. That person auto known you or hypocrite. And to our and so as a warrior and utilized for. Are you get a new words and you know during your life and on your reliever. Are you gotta do is use for yours on Casey's. Or your son control. For years on in that place and that is. If you put your son plays the light comes. And you say OK so now. You're serious yeah don't kicker Wes on the Margaret I don't think I want my son to be. Laying on the ground motions don't think our war mice. To be DeLeon paralyzed. Candy make the games say for sure to be certain is that if you enjoy the game. Then you'll gain Ural she Pritchard Nigeria and in being you. Well things. My response to that probably makes me sound like a bad person Gary has no I wouldn't probably want there probably would not systemic Salmonella and and we all say stuff from time time that makes it sound like some that were not. And I wouldn't want my son or or anybody else who won love and care about two to go through was some of these guys have to go through right there that victims Saturday hits like that. But at the same time. When it's not my son or borrowing your family member right for a loved one right there as well as enterprise and adults and their of sound mind there are a willing and able participant and willing to put. They're health there wellbeing their future here on the line to entertain me entertain me. She's. Like no she doesn't look so that. Because if you had a son did you feel that way. Because you you kind of city yeah I wouldn't want that Thomas. Or you have one. Those emotions will. Terry opposite blah yeah actually have included gold it'll just you'll see you feel as though I have to do is to have to use on one tan. Or you're ready gainers on his thirteenth fourteenth if he gets laid out by somebody else and you watch trio. You see zone Cosmo jeeves and later you remember that you've been active. You don't. It's kind of we are member. Plane college football. And we're we're we're trained. I can hear right now I can see guys getting knocked out of practice. Anarchy here Archos scene. Mets past the other that's ball went over. And holt Jane mortar Israel which has moved over to their rescue mode I don't already knocked out tripped and we just keep doing. We're so conditioned to. Ought to do that and manages to keep move went on I just think when I saw that Cincinnati or Pittsburgh game. In our her I think for a mice. This is what football used to be I'm glad for laws change for the bear this is Louis. Eyler safety Mike Mitchell said today which is going viral it's everywhere talking about the violence and brutality of that game on Monday no. When they get into the don't come out here this real men as the man's and Ray Lewis said the a couple of years ago I stand by that it's a man's game you wanna deal OK you don't wanna get. And don't come out here this for romance. Straight regular. So Mike Mitchell feels. I'm that you guys out there actually like that was Bud Day diet that type of football you like to fly in and that's from sending you have guys street liked. 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan moving to the return land talking about Brett Conley is. Trade stock his value in the trade markets argue before the season started people are talking about potentially a second round pick with with all the M. And if you call it hype surrounding. The bread on the but we heard nothing but glowing things praised for rent only Smart competitive great kid he knows the offense etc. etc. We've seen him for six games now I can't imagine NFL GM has given up a second round pick for what we've seen now. I act. NCAA NFL Jim giving up APEC from what we've seen mostly games under a hundred yards against US game is his best game probably. I'm tape right now but in that game Burgos of if you want to defend holy god the one was a blown assignment yes he saw me as she made a thorough but still that is what happened. And the other was gripping as the once and I'll switch and humbly she was blocking on so. Far from my perspective here is best game film. Again when you're gonna nitpick it to be another general manager draft or what have a conversation give up your point nitpick the heck out of is trying get the best deal you can. I it is I think most of these guys there's gonna like now we're goodwill is Wafer and become a free agent after next year and then if we decided all four men we will amend will be a minimal investment to bring him in as a backup quarterback can go from there. I don't think he's gonna have to garner draft pick I really don't but. But doesn't mean it won't happen Aldridge is what general manager to get open pick. In and you got something I do think dole I'm Ted Thompson I am trying to move him and Steve I need to pick form now. Because unless Rodgers gets thirties I don't play outside of pre season next journey. And then after that they'll be some about her free agent quarterback to come and India back up and be done or this whole charade of trying to develop young players. We reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. Now you get the final say on a Writely and are you more impressed with Erin Jones or Jamal Williams center lane was Monday night the type of football you like to watch and the return lane. Do you think Brett Conley has any trade value left 414. 7991250. Can treat us at 1057. FM the fan through wondering if that old car veers as any trade value left your they'll tell you over at Hyundai West Hills. If you were organized Hulu that's there that they're gonna do that that hundreds of Asperger's free trade in if you guys go bigger. They're still have right now at 0%. For server 20 ball the Elantra and Sanaa. You get rebates and 0%. And they also got the Christmas tree here were we gonna do. That the costs are mixture deal. OK then pulls the car all 34 extra discounts as low yet there are coupons from 250 dollar all the way up. 21000 dollars. Thousand dollars or three money yes our day. You're looking to make deals right now this holiday season. But you gotta go to C record friends over Hyundai west. And when you go to a much different data rich he is now run the show. They gonna make this dealership the brits Hyundai dealership in his state of fun today. West Dallas and ask for pain reject. Very great I didn't realize that Brian Butler is now over there as well. Long time sales guy with Dan Richards over at the other store now has moved over to a Celestine. So my nephew the tag team are back together again and wants out Brian Voeller is in a few guys. It. Escalade with a Wendy's big characters credit to the ethnic. Dollar bead in getting their cars to Wendy's big show is sending the big topics discussed on today's big show. Given you the final say out of with Great Lakes dragway pick a lane here is what's your pick and from. For a great literary more impressed with Erin Jones or Jamal Williams at running back. Left lane was Monday night the type of football you like to watch. And the return mind you think Brett Conley has any trade value left 4147991250. Treat the show at 1057 FM the fan again in. And Great Lakes dragway pickle and by the way. Season passes for relate straightaway make a great gift for anybody that I'm not that goes out to Great Lakes dragway that's into drag racing in any way shape performer auto racing at all. But a Great Lakes drag away now John can earlier info pricing details there. Doesn't do as you can always do track rentals to. Very daring yeah a party this state the businesses and I don't machinery the right business out of some type of team building a van door. What are the case may be they do you do track doesn't quite a few truck finals this year so keep that in mind to London. Season starts up in 2018. Schiavo opened they're about terror probe that. I ask for more and more importantly make sure what will like Butler into the Pro Football Hall of Fame yes not as well because those votes are going to count and we need to get literally and tweak your friends' FaceBook your friend tell all your friends of both Le Roy Butler. And that broke out at all any semi an hour ago when I go to Google. NFL mitochondria. Laughable I've twit did not put it on FaceBook I can do it again. And they'd let's go out to the phones let's go to Mike in Waukesha you're on the Wendy's big show itself might. Our guards. I get drunk or what the Monday night game. That's not what I wanna see you at all. A matter you can ticket holder ordered by once. I want to keep my players on the field I don't want him money that she might guard with concussions to broken bones spoke like there. Like Jerry in the Rory you've actual players. Let me ask you guys. The fines don't seem to help with people what prompted an Albertson's stuff like that it's like Gary don't care or. Maybe to get too much money or maybe. Maybe they get it reduced I don't know what dealers. What book are targeting roared college would that shell where hey buddy you are nailed for targeting a mean it would have to be refueled. What you're taught out of this game early with a Conner or hitting a defenseless player or whatever. M and maybe you don't play the first lap of the next game or no college like I guess the guy who took my call. Screeners said that if that happens in the second half. They're all soul. Not eligible to play in the first cap for the next game but. What are helped they have these guys this game is just you know like I need opening up my age. Might fold in the morning that she was playing this week it was not huge yard guys throughout with the Russian. I mean dangerous and in high school they taught us you lead with a carbon comic you can correlation so don't protect who beat these helmets reelected. This could happen of them that just the guys are in a hand up on this. Literally you played thirteen news breaking news Toyo. 1213 oh I don't know what's Dirk Becker mayor ought to hit a minute Arab state in judges have time I'll tell. So walk out it'll one thing. You know let out a little brings its army not to hit on of the new vision of the emperor's. As well she got they suspended these gaffes the games that's gonna help. That it targeted they may say they're gonna explore that they have to look at that closely. But again there's going to be some as a demo that's why some of his knees do review before you go guy out. But of the guys I've recently what is helmet. A defense has got like a ball blown over our procedures it. Clearly over his head blown out about and UCL gadgets are ages just drill and render ribs were his helmet. Those guys they these bees and there's no neat but it but a ball you got golf for the ball. Yeah out collide that's not what they're talking about that I'm about his dead you can prevent. Trying to hurt people. I mean is a way you spoke to play so I think he did I'll look into that targeted in I don't know that I help and now but I think the conversation will help. Especially. Because these guys again star loses a lot of money but missing gains. Some of these guys game takes like three on imported grain and other Colin and pick a lane it's going to be. An anchor Rick nick on the Sox when his fictional subject. Hey look aren't yeah. LeRoy you don't really deserve to be out there on time. I'm sob appreciate. But I wanted to say I I like what I saw Monday night at least from your view I don't think there in I think. And it over him and made it real thirty yeah. I'm gonna what's your army I'm opulent hypocrite like this in our outside go grab micro operated pay much replay. Our way. I don't want anyone getting hurt you know by like Ethel that's stringer like these guys know what they're getting is they get paid tens of millions of dollars. Occupational hazard I can understand. Advocating that there is targeting like the last caller brought up I understand that it be. Like reviewed and then taken from there. I'd I mean. I think you do that a clean hit that's how you crack back block that I was content as well. Hang out in the. Thanks for the cognitive connection. I'd really. I know there was helmet to helmet contact but I don't think that's what you do is was go we sure there. You should just stood over my view. Probably you know they don't think he was trying to you know he was trying to do is trying to blow them up but I don't think I don't think is necessarily going for a helmet to helmet you a Vienna sisal them. They're moving really really fast man everybody's moo is it's really big and moving really fast out of their folk popular auto people just realized that instead of the guy that everybody gets slices and I'm not saying well I'm not saying that there weren't bad intentions with that hit he wanted to blow up Vontae is perfectly wanted to put him on his back and I don't know that he necessarily had helmet to helmet. In mind he just saw a chance at a big hit and took it and it happened to end of being helmet to helmet as far as standing over from. It looks bad because the guy was taken off on a stretcher but I love trash talk when I watch sport. Current terrorism threats I'm William beer to do a back and forth that's airborne guys is I can't. Is it your leg Budweiser no doubt that he tried to grab where you know try to grab my just like a little I pray tell Israel. Does. Sometimes you're dead arm only have a confession but I really don't I don't I don't understand that rule I don't understand me but he only wanna say are cranked back in illegal block. Yeah bird to spark his point he's on that can control. Helmand on the dugout now you look at right and want out I'm Antonio Freeman. Was coming in a different Mac core current or full plate didn't would be if or state. Freeman was running and they had no idea. That it caught a pass in Corliss didn't play cover two. And he's not I mean it was the same kind of hit it is so dudes who took. And back in the ninety's. I only it wasn't even a flag no that was only made our panel voted in last couple years ago when even the flag if people would you know we got up he got up there than John I don't get. So if you're blocker on the airplane and the defenders chasing down the ball carrier yeah. Because he's not looking at you you're exposed as let him go on tackling your guy goes up your back and line of scrimmage it is totally dominated down a trio. Again I know what's it don't eliminated I know you can't do it if you're going back towards one discourages and baby Tass said but he but that's my questions of what he's supposed to do you disposed to let him go now doctors across the letter run past you attack clear got. Your blocker you have to know that if you're tackler feared defender and you're chasing down the ball you might get load up you spoke at your head on a swivel you can't have your eyes and all plays in all. All places at all times because that's that's that's a risk that's one that's one of the risks of the job. Isn't it that you might. I'll wait for Ares is on the he's been listening and smirking so what do you think. We need to redundancy for. Bottom line. And do what you do so if you're if you're if you're injured dismissed Shuster is shoes there you're supposed to just let him run past few notes for you campuses use or to do it from there and mr. blah you can have the bigger and the like baby just if you're if you're from you we we we will do that your running back towards the line is ornament wanted to do was take that out of the game because we do we have enough league to. We have guys you can hear. And we try to take here on again so there was a way forward juju too cute in front of him and make be legal. In angels not too. But they refused to mean that they got a thing going on anyway to protest. And I don't know CNET and so that these guys were so I can show you how to block the division and on where you are sure. Yeah you rush out little without blown me triple and a lot of theology interim unaudited WA AF. I'm there I didn't get well. Hey John god I don't know player but I he or anybody you wait a bit on the wrong again that they don't I'll I'll volunteer is perfect carelessly means non it's irrational delete that crippled by the yes that's maybe Josh yeah you Rhode jokes and great qualities the yeah I heard that. Probably. Right diesel god I'd rather than the rest of the radical provide rather doppler you wouldn't it real football gear at a does that public about rather. The unfortunate experience I know I understand man I don't want anybody to get hurt I understand you. They are from full I don't know I don't like the results of the big hits I don't wanna see any human being have to have harm inflicted upon them I'd I understand that I don't like that part of it. But at the same time. I'd tightened I'm I'm entertained by big hits I'm entertained by violence I don't know if that makes me is evidently a man relax and am very glad you run your motor they would allow some entertained by my favorite place in the whole wide world. Dave and busters Ramallah Towson make them your home for your game viewing experience as well with flat screens as far as the I can't seem to yet Kim king in a time Montgomery era periods or by the way Tom Montgomery had successful surgery today and then an amazing DMB sports lounge 3161. In screens and 875 inch screens for the ultimate football viewing experience and check out. These football season specials every Sunday. Monday and Thursday by a dollar appetizers like their huddle of not Jones spinach dip mozzarella sticks 315 for 22 months tapper is a Miller Lite Coors Light. And Bud Light and as I got home soda they do actually there million dollar midway is their. You were half the time enjoyment and you finish. Can I can you fish where deficient in Boston I don't you can the zone and got a fishing game I'm pretty efficient cars and real one US. Well because Laura likes to finish top. The radio guys. And just in the swimming pool here at the go to business and as to think about your company's holiday party to date. You can even do a Gator by wires take order fish and right out hole plays no matter the size of your party just call Ben at 4144540100. That's bad and that number again 414454. 0100. Let him and is awesome staff handle all the telephone number yet so all you have to let's eat or drink play sports David Buffett's wallet toes were not we are 100 just south. Of north have a lot of people call me what a great break on the other side Josh hopper he tried something that I'm I'm guessing a lot of big show listeners are also gonna wanna try. I've he of the Milwaukee record a lot of food joins us now so Wendy's big shot rob him back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary dollars and. And LeRoy Butler. Tomorrow on the show it show tomorrow Gary wall full Milwaukee basketball insider. Rob reichel from Bob Megan football dot com Wisconsin insider John MacNamara. Look back at the season that was when it comes to the badgers and it's a throwback there's already leery dollars and well it's a throwback Thursday withdrew Gary Ehlers and. My girl who's a girl. Not a bond now and then Steve smear. Was that the knicks okay oh oh Steve initially will back in week woods Max tomorrow on it there of that Thursday. Headed by. Masters these Miller joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline you see his work get Milwaukee record. Dot com may find online publication that I've been featured in a number of times is Josh hopper judge may do in this afternoon's there. Armed ground you don't Purdue and well know how to gel waste and as well I did I did podcast I don't count against it's not it's not actually. That adds I like that guy. Out with Israel and write this guy in the Fannie. Oh goalies. It is I did the go on the record podcast last week with the other mosques. And I told him that I wanted to be a part of they do these challenges from time to time over at Milwaukee record us that I wanna be a part of 11 time. So you guys Joshua did day a sort of a win these big show themed food challenge of your own. With that mind to explain what you did to everybody out there explain how crazy you are. Well we don't have time for all of that plus solid land what I did. We have basically have you mentioned on the podcast that you wanted to get involved live. One of our self imposed food there is that side cook up something that two of us could do or three of us or whatever. And and I got to thinking about a certain thing and about the Wendy's tie in and I thought. All the best literally do this would be to do it during the picture of obviously you're not going to be it would do it right. Oh I thought I'd just take it upon myself to had out in the elected. It up every Wendy's location and there's eleven album in the city of Milwaukee and get a spicy chicken go wrap at each location and take it down in the four hours of the big show so. Yet what a great idea but yeah. No you did this with in the duration of the way these days so for you got your car at 280 starting door from what these two Wendy's tried to get all eleven retreat to a sick as broad that's right a brilliant how many did you get in in the four hours. Well I got in and but at once I got to be to the ninth on what to belong. And chase down and debut I. Realize that displays will certainly catch up to me and I have. Have been seeing the sign for the frosty all day and I is now a feeling it might be about time for brought in gave up on the challenge so. There was who wasn't meant to be yeah. It is very inspiring and then. Yeah really it is it is because I think Robby is right that others will probably try to do the same thing now should and will probably tweeters along Hawaii if they do try this Wendy's challenge it is throwing out there for people but I. I guess my suggestion would be. Did you may be a different sandwich it doesn't have the spies like like a double stack my shirt and I like six double sex in the city want to launch so much I. Elected so well. Oh I'm sort. No because they have the double spec was another one I had in mind you wanna make sure you're not doing some that has too much bread because you'll fill up on all the bright rooms and a key part of it as well is if you do it all kind of been a short amount of time attend to help you out whereas you know I was out driving around so. Had these big blocks of time between each and what sort of you and the kind your brain starts to catch up to what's going on and starts some those and messages to your stomach and took a public you don't do this anymore. Isles nor I don't know about our noses you know. Communist armies did you. I did yeah and also at the ninth what do you like atrocity you either get the spicy chicken rabbit has written frosty and that it. I pulled into the parking lot you know it certainly feel that spiteful little bit set yup this is the kind of get my trusty mouse so. Now I get no. How do you move Dick threw at me was that. An hour and half million. What happened and how ridiculous how Bad Religion out right in your that they're very valid question to Jews ex lax which you would do. Well next week when it happened Gobi journalists. Also did you let me I thought maybe change you know you work are a lot today no. It if I did it going to be a process. What do you think it's possible do all of eleven from two to six. I think it's possible I made it do nobody idealist you have to get from point a to point B all right through so you have that map and Al the right way to me alone yeah. Well and I got a pretty good job that I think I think Ryan route was pretty efficient I've got a little bit of experience with that we've done some things like this before. But I think the one thing that I didn't do that I should have done it tried to get more done earlier. As a thing of it is late in the day not only are you certainly get fallen despite catching up on all that. Girl gonna run the traffic the later you get into that although this. You know if you're doing that before. 430 or so then you're fine but once you hit you know if you're trying to hit four location than an hour. And your deal unless you know rush hour traffic it's a Mac app. He should attend has room to know it would process again from its word and you. Probably do go to opt. Out. I. You don't you don't like going to do is my idol. Cause you know what's gonna come to counsel do you prep your body of me he started every you know what's to bring me and you got some thoughts before you go to note rapper. Immediate and you gotta go through Welker. You got him was his own you know. Yeah. Yeah you gotta keep you know you gotta keep your system and out movement properly. Apply yeah I mean. With any of these challenges basically the way have done it I don't know this is in a good practice or not I'm sure not but. You know either big Neal the gastric or stomach out the night before you can just don't you all out the morning of maybe drinks some water and all that brought. Yes and and it's just kind of put your head down and push and I mean it is much distrust. He's the if you have seen has yet I never met John Albert deployment Tyler and I think well Iraq has a vacation the whole last week it is yeah yeah. He doesn't doing Indiana's decal I don't so you I think should attempt to do yourself I have a shot I think about a highly you know. I have I have an idea. Why do you I'd be willing to attempt this but I have an idea just you me and your colleague over at Milwaukee record Tyler monster. We go over to Dave and busters and the three of us try and take out the whole appetizer menu between the three of us. It's. Sell you my oil within out. Yeah currently up about them fired so I've worn off the food challenges for the rest of except. O'Neal threw a few days for you guys are lottery three judge she does not get all the media bureau Florida about four. OK I will have to will kick it around tomorrow over probably some more spice to go perhaps yeah. Sounds good gentry appreciated that's a lot of different food takes what does that Carlson that are just not heard from Milwaukee record dot job Josh let's let's let's line this up in let's talk again soon meant. Absolute respect I don't think you can do this on your vacation just choppered to you've laid highlight here or else he'll Salome bucket of DNY yeah we're trying to eat the whole appetizer and I got a migraine or are you probably get a bunch. Things you know hole appetizer menu whether he dredges up the great well thank you outlined your midwest bank has been committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced. The great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply don't want got a local boards to thank calico let's see here so we got to Arnold not sure yeah oh I know Dana and you also vintage dip buffalo wings yes pretzel dog agent. Cheese steaks and potatoes there either got take them down edit name is that a mom and archery and appeared to soybean ya hmmm that's asylum. But that's a lot of movement among our two other guys like a challenge. You would through the guy do enjoy a challenge yet. Not that ran a normal you know somebody you know girls gonna wanna go by her parents while you come highway I don't really let guests normal again. Boys and my weight fluctuate always play. Chief sell their home. Some Woodward's three express can try the way these big show Wendy's spicy chicken go wrap challenge she could write a good drive I drive around anyways yeah yeah no question about it hair in order for a new career they're looking for people. 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Think we can do that child I talked about sparking three people take on the entire Dave and buster's appetizer menu near zero chance is zero chance. OK now let's not point 1% as originally about losing 120 pounds a lost a 135 and he's very much that I know intensity new generation. Master and then you fell and broker a I sell our consular.