6am - Chase Anderson throwing on short rest

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, September 13th

Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart take a look at their Brew Crew Review after a win over the Pirates and tell you why Chase Anderson throwing Wednesday night is a great decision.


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It's. No shock and we blur it. Lives up from a brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. And home. Let them turn the page and today. Jack and going there on the fans of this great songs that morning that the biggest Bob Seger fan. But job I mean I just this was my favorite song old time rock and roll and all that a stuff. So that's been played a thousand times the realistic but this one. Armored first day here at the stand. Eight years ago. I was getting on the freeway going forty one's self. And disarm him on every year on stations. You weren't even listening to the fan on your way to the fans. It was so while it was so long ago. Eight that you couldn't get the fan. In low Myra and iphones were really part of the equation back there so that's off our technology has come. The new iPhone that you see that was released. No there's and it's uncertain what page Wednesday by the way of McCain's we turn the page from I have six Seattle to Atlanta I have more factors coming up my iPhone 620 okay so. Seven was latest version. Again and they came out the iPhone aid and in the iPhone taxes symbolize that it's ten years OK and the big thing about this is that you can open the phones. Right now I use the pass code as we vote at six rates anytime all passcode. 17 you can use your thumb now about an eight. You can use face facial recognition. So you can just look at your phone now and then an open ball. Now the problem with 71 as you you have to have your book not the your the your bloods without them the wireless. Yeah that's fighting getting heated night a trap for six when four went out and I need those earbuds. So with the league with a new ones today. We go back and the only plug it gets stale without the headphones is okay well you know what I'm not gonna load further have been advancing a few I mean did they do it at Jack. Nell Ocalan on the acronym right me neither can I don't wanna do some recognition and I wanna do face record I don't you know I mean much in turns turns so now by the excuse me to look at the phone now it is that iris. Detection. To form six at all I don't have that on about a month. So armed noise at all I got the iPad and the iPhone on a poison. And I I like the apple while there's people that I may be listening and say well I haven't hands right now I don't care now if you and android. At some point you'll have well. Now you and yes you well he ever. Well back to an effort started here and you don't think you will you will. I went for start Becker 2009. Com yeah we did have the apple sold I mean how I mean just we've come so far in social media and apps and all that work. We were just giddy in the Twitter just a skiddie and a Twitter. I don't that was good or bad Twitter when it first came on ice that I will never get down this column. Yeah and I wish I notice it or not you can't get off of it I wish go to state down that path so hum. Yes we didn't have that and the only aunt and we don't have 1057. We just its full fifty so you couldn't dumb. In all fifty is going away and so I was welcome Mira. Nights ago to go live far even the day it's sometimes tough to hear in west is possibly your house and you could hear your car. I'm your car to pick up everything that your house camp picked up via radio and house but that the copper system moving antenna. You know I listen to obviously a lot of radio in the car and on the app when I'm home and a game ends and I wanna listen to camera on a listen to Biller. Whenever I listened to. I on the app but I I realize that the clock the clock radio I've body's clock radio it's gotten a radio on its I was in bed yesterday doing some work. 'cause I was annualized in and I put Atlanta up in bad. I never fouls. It's on tiger but I I was listening to the fan on a radio in my house this is weird I don't mean my radio is. Phone is like a transistor radio. Oh you've got the FM chip in there and Momo and saying it's just like you know lead to today's vote. I nine it was a weird I was listening to the fan I just I was listening to the fan in my house but not on my amp. All yet I'm saying. I was listening on an actual radio Iowa. Done that I mean. I don't everlasting Madonna and exit from car. To be actually turning on a physical radio in your house in my house car of course his in my house in the eye in the fifty miles away. Weren't you can't keep it an insult. But start on the the app and put on the speaker. And you're good to go is a problem when you can't heated in here I mean like today's technology I leave the per game last night left all the eleventh. The o'clock 1130 picture in my car. All right. Post it sure was still going on but I blunt to catch the Colorado Arizona game I got the MLB app with the playback playable games slip put on the Arizona. Broadcasted here crystal clear is that of lethal trying to here's some far away signaled Colorado. Got the gave credit to my car animus in Arizona against Colorado lesson in my home and on Gonzales of a two run home or make it four. For two animals like pressure or just hope the right time the wrong time in Colorado on the way but it is as amazing as technology being here. Are stationed anywhere in the country or if you of the OB app in the campaign extra books for do you hear all the politically broadcast. Like there was able to do last night I was there are met a poor game last night watching the game covered he gave and in my computer I get the cubs game. On the MOB. Package adds nice to mean these apps are nice in the embedded the one hand that we mentioned before was a Twitter and you OB. May be interested to know this may mean that I it was vintage as quietly. As I say you know what. I'm gonna be done with Twitter for the week. I'm disconnect and you don't people who log off Twitter Fraser they say I and I I Don I'm dot. I'm taking off like it was an idea that I was just gonna quietly. Just say. Because then gone back and forth all day and it was an exhausting day so I thought I'm gonna be dumbed and I thought well. I'm gonna wanna tweet out during the show like who we have nine iron Adolor at 9 o'clock critic Sean nine Tony. Ammon to be at the Purdue game today for pre game for the index shows so gonna wanna tweets are suffering there than Thursday ending the hoddle. I'm gonna wanna do some stuff from there and then Saturday chat. I'm going to watch golf. Don't know what's called Saturday going Chicago Diana. And on the Lake Forest and oh yeah I thought about Dolan I'm gone. Thought vocal dollars a film now is what what's the deal. I don't know ought to get blown up in my lap and a blown up. I mean it would mean one of your lap and your friends you're going all the couple buddies to what it's a good thing then we'll great the they got the BMW classic. Down there in the big boys will be done Marion and lake forced leap year the B ticket I mean I mean is never late a year to be playing golf but. You know the major roles on but the meat at the stormont downed Chicago this weekend in Lake Forest I think this is I thought about myself well you think like. Football's hearsay and on cares about baseball I mean. It all season for me is sure is over the Yahoo! lump I've done because of shoulder injury but I've. But even compare even like watching guys yet in Washington uses them play the PGA. Yeah did you chip chip and others a few events and sometimes there and a couple pop up now. No I I I thought about president's cop thought about going down their prevent a because. The brewers are on this weekend the Packers are anatomical played Sunday night. On the badgers rights held term BYU and said area idea. Weaknesses you know months ago I thought about going down and com. It'll take it and it's sort of the match point now hopes. And what time it was a great idea. I'll have good weather report to its to be in the eighties. I'll be there for you I'd never been the guiding go to the US open I was the one guy. In all of Wisconsin adding go to the US open and you walk around town you can walk around town now. And at least once today I see somebody wearing Aron hails merchandise such a review on a golf course I think at least every other person or golf outing little. Had the Eric had some sort of Erin hills way now while I mean. It is here with a PGA championship for many crystal suited PG achieved its way around. I I still have them from 2004. Little faded but you know long sleeve shirt PGA chip to two dozen for the one that was won by you have Vijay Singh. But dumb yet golf is still going on and great way of our guest this week and get out there to enjoy it if you wanna but. On Yahoo! ID of the history Warman a pretty good I mean that was just a wonderful Els at Miller Park to a pregame yesterday in the roof was open. And you know wait around for Craig Counsell museum mouse. About chase Anderson. Make him the start him helplessly did go back on Twitter. Yeah okay. I am I went and put a couple times last night but dom. I've noticed this. Here's the problem with. Iphones. AM you know these these these go on the gap. I look around at the game last night and this is in the press box where you know. Ten years ago nobody had bullet nobody have laptops of the disputed the writers did now nobody's watching the game. Everybody is surely it on their Twitter account or FaceBook account the team is going on in front of us and nobody's watching the game. They got that they got their phones out and they got the computers don't enroll tweeting him. And doing other stuff and I'm looking at everybody and I'm like nobody's watching the game and bull paves is a home run every looks up. Some of the dumbed do something starting tonight a medic got to bring out. The laptop or. The iPad. A bit of goals scored just watch the game and wanna from Mimi between a couple of times by. It's just the big distraction. What did you say it don't run things. Edit. I wanna great crowd that was on the while they announced 30000 but I tell you was bigger than it was through Monday night that and I must say that was 30000 foot. I thought it was a positive growth for Tuesday night I really did decide what I mean you and I were different models of money to smile. I'll know Tom. Considering a modern baseball. Column. In September this is just the way it is. See how many we have last night in Cleveland for about and the twentieth straight win not alive I think I think someone sent that to mean. Now has about 181000 you can double checked. Pork. Okay so 24 means probably eighteen. Now keep in mind with the brewers announced attendance there factoring in the 5000 free tickets whether people and winner not him who's also BP come on back tonight so there's a lot of people that redeem vouchers for the 400 level seats. From Medford. And didn't go to these games so you have last night in Cleveland. Your goal for an American League record twentieth straight win. You were yet Corey clover on the mommy's been pitching great this year. And yet you had an announced crowd point 4000. Yeah I mean it people could mean by your argument cuckoo complaining Cleveland but that's just I mean I'd just come to accept that that's the way it is. In in September baseball but I thought bill Miller Park west aren't good crowd on hand and dumb. I mean. Entertaining by the sense that the Packers Packers the brewers used. In multiple pictures pulls up that game last night. More on that in our Bruker review more on the decision to start chase today and I'm in her wrap up for myself. The attendants parkmerced attendance because this is. You know I thought things got heated about me saying the vikings weren't going to be a contender in the NFC north. A boy you say one thing about attendance and I don't know why everyone takes its own personal well because it but I'm actually the commit Tuesday night they feel you're wrong. But they take it. When I say I wish there were more people at Miller Park that is a blanket statement or I'm just saying as a person man. I wish more people were here I think that's okay to say without people having to. Take it personally and justify I'm in a minute I wanna eminent put the nail on the coffin of those arguments that some duties but she said it was some could see like dead as a matter of fact Lisa with some conviction your voices today like going to finger and demolishing. The people Milwaukee. I think that's what the the issue us let's put in mail in that coffin coming up and then we'll get into the chase Sanderson. Decision all of that and our broad review its chuck and Michael on an ass chuck and wing clerk. Anything Wednesday seek and ask us. Whatever that Value Line questions for chuck Freeman questions for me borrowing clerk tweet their man cap on all 57 FM the fan. Use the hash take ask CW. In at 748 and 948 will take two opportunities. To answer whatever questions that you have. For us they can be about sports. They can be about sports that we cover a lot sports that we may be don't get into his much. It can be about not sports anything tweet us at 157 FM the fan we're back at the brew crew review. Now it's just going to put us through. Pro review this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Brewers went last night why did you. And they gain no ground. No grounds for back in the wildcard. To a man bag. In the NL central to this is what makes it difficult to catch these teams now because. You win and they win and now today if you know. You do lose. And the cubs lose still steep two games out. And here another day off the calendar but it that you lose and they win that that you're three I'll figure chase and another game it's just. It's just makes it so difficult for four games in two games doesn't sound like a lot but it earliest. They are not being rewarded when they win. And in every time they lose their being panel. While they were awarded this week you wanna beat the cubs spot it's just it's difficult to make up. Win nom of the teams ahead you are plaintiffs is the baseball Saint Louis is playing well Colorado is playing well. And you know of asset becomes bounce back here after getting swept by the brewers they took their first game with the Mets but. Denis we're all in the final three weeks of the season we are going to see pressure baseball for all these teams in whose goodness arrive. Yet they had to seek the cubs and we we seeded that was very clear but the problem with even that so we did was. Iraqis also sat that we yen and the cardinals also slowed a bit weak but so you don't sleep you fall further behind they were probably done the talk of Hillary or not the eight had a series I was there was. There wasn't. Between the two team's six game there wasn't. Game that they got to give since then and now you're looking edit. From though the brewers is the having to win and take to a three and nearly sweeping sublease teams. Just to keep pace and now we can't afford to lose any games spurs are three games out. In loss column that's toolkit to at this point. The two and a half hour overall but three out of lost cub Tom the cubs play that extra game Thursday when it played the Mets the brewers have an off day. I wanna just wrap up the attendance thing. That we talked about it this time yesterday okay because I know you came in this morning and before the show started you're already marketable so. I don't know what to do that it's 7 o'clock or not you're urge I want and it right now. I don't yeah I am as tired to talk about it people are all right let us not and it's it's it seems like I'm the only one that wishes there or. More people at the brewers game a that we all wished that so then why is it a big deal when I say. You said it it should be not what you wish she says maybe we all wish that the tale well we'd love 42000 out there. But you're tell people. You have to be out there it you gotta be out there and Europe adamant that. You know since Thursday has not coming out that the games that the way you don't why does anybody care about the brewers have struck key but the case. But I think what what happens is when I say when I say I wish there was more people there more and more he'd got to get out there we gotta support this team. Then people that are listening hear me on the radio and think. He is telling me specifically. That I need to be out there I need the one who has worked two jobs and I don't have time and on the kids in school I'm not. I think is installed the voice though I'm not talking well that's my voice so either what. And man what etc. snap Chad filtered to discuss snarled from now on or. That was the way it is have to do is it's how you say it I think you said at both little differently let the news sent to slow log me throughout minorities said. The yourself you know sixties or so army and we gotta you know support this team. You know you're being encouraged to say border point a finger at people. And people that. Our part I can't go to the game a case so I need of some strength communiques and water bottle argument yesterday. You know enough hurricanes. Right. There was a few places that were selling bottled water. For forty bucks a case and then somebody I'm JS on line which the JS comments account. Found somebody wrote the journal sentinel and said you wanna talk about price gouging. At baseball games it's 475 for water ridiculous if I'm paying them Furl water I been a case is a 114 dollars I totally get it and I said. You can bringing your all water on it you know and there's drinking fountains all over the slow medium I mean if you're you're paying for the convenience I know what or why things are so much expense of more expensive airports in sports events yeah. But for a start talking about concessions. At events this as a problem. Four I mean we can talk what this all day and I'd I I'd get at why the got to charge a lot of money for you know minus its sucks we also all sorts that. That to happen but. Army and you'd say that's about your team wherever there in first place or last place it's going to be the same a lot of money. I sell if you can't afford ago or YouTube busier of the kids in school and don't go that's that's. That's fine that's of the TV is sport I'm looking at there's about five games left that you can go watch the brewers this year and I am excluding the cubs series. 'cause a lot of people are going to be. On their from Chicago so that that's just again and so if you wanna have a home environment this year there's about there's the reds series and then there's. There's the rest of the series today so you want that there's only a few games last on think in all in in a playoff race. Why when they're being more people why is why is Tony seventeen likely going to have a lower overall attendance than a year like. When they won 68 teams that understand that and I know I know it's built in its built into when I say at that yes. It is fantastic it is unbelievable. That a market like this draws 2.5 nine season. But how much of that is inflated you look at the game last night there was not 30000 people in a good game on Monday. There's not Tony seventh event ever and all the other baseball speakers artfully they all are inflated but some but I mean yeah it's. I guess I just want it all I wanted. Was. Up playoff atmosphere. At Miller Park this week and I'm telling you eight clearly affected the guys on Monday alone to be in that kind of environment in Chicago and India com home. And everybody is just I mean you wanna talk about the team being flat on Monday the fans were flat but there was nobody there. Would you look at Major League Baseball and I. Moved to other cities too if it was just Milwaukee but it's just a thing around. Baseball in September now if they get the post season courtship evergreen atmosphere in there. Com and but this is. This is just the way it is and part even 2008. When they're making their run and a final week of the season. There was me with attendance figures were not great at all I mean it worked its 42000 their Monday year or Tuesday or Wednesday night. I get this is the way. It is of people are still paying attention to the team watching the game listen there was this the the post game shall list in the game on the radio. He were still a solid people care spokespeople go to the game. And third outfield 42000. On a Monday night. To be forced to watch McGinn the ratings fox sports Scots that are up. Yeah I just I wish there was a platter that's it I just wish or the playoff atmosphere and I'm not telling you Tom or you Rick or you'd dog day you have to go to the gaming yet to spend your hard earned money and it's not that NN. In a market the size and even though it's one of the smaller ones and there's enough people here there's enough. Young adults you know Auburn's yelling at me now because they don't have kids. And he should never do that by the way. You don't know why people don't have kids you don't know all if there's something going out you don't know maybe there is maybe there's not all that you should never yell at someone for not having won't. You through saying it is for somebody you'd do if there's if you got a couple. And dom say all the geez you know they've been married for a few years with the unions and say well you know one three guys are when he is yours are having kids. Maybe a couple can have embassy miscues fuel made a couple Kenya kids or this up the wrong there. Not that anybody's business Internet gives it got to want it it's I'm not gonna tell you if that's the case this thing with me what you don't know if that's supposed death but that's up to you that's you right I area. But I don't think that that says something that I should assure you guys get there from time to time and who's been people boom with you and as people called to say that or whatever. Yeah that is true. Well thank you I appreciate that Celeste how was supported today here in the show. I think that's the case the one thing we did agree on yesterday. Was that chase should get the start today. Yeah and chase is getting the start today when you're dropped a streams bomb yesterday on Twitter. You've got the load bombs in the NBA. Like you're the first person I solid Jay Sanderson rooms on 200 I I got to redeem. And I was there are no screams I did was part goes that the reform for pregame yesterday. And calm before counsel I'm sure our freedom for council talked to and that's you know we get the news from council before games. He has had a sense you used to chase is gonna get start but counselor to make the news official which he did. And I think though we get the feeling that I'd chase. Mum was going to be two guys start a three days stressed it was going to be Taylor young men or Symbian nobody else. It's just had the look I feel in that locker room before a game it's forwards for the game that chase was going to be the guy. And what council cannot made a decision. I had to tweet read video. Young. Paul Paul Paul Graham and he just got to push send. Hobbled that. Kara after the game I mean it's marked as I don't give away secrets and they came down I just did. Well here's what T in all of its this is that this is and in different than a news organization. Don't we all know I don't think we all know by you know some of the stars in some of the people up or at age. News organizations like CNN Associated Press box office they all have a beach where he's in newsreels. And films Phil you know news peg which is rated go when these people died. Asian Q what is. The treasury and the kingdom Bill Clinton has got deep which were written for minority right. So and newsreels they always knows or is it to have a final so when that person dies. Boom. That you think all that stuff just magically appears on TV to put it now. They get the stuff prepare prepared rated goes away it happens. There you go yesterday when I'd just got a sense that the per game yesterday that Anderson was going to be the starting pitcher. But my Twitter. And all I need to reduce council of firmer both. I about it man that's the guidance. Of 1% at a time but Susie prefer to send. As lefties like some islanders organization pushing send. I'm a bitch wary. I'm a penny of actuary. Now you recently Bill Clinton dies ball you'll see everything. All there are excellent and prepare or. This is the school's former presidents of schools were. Performers were a year ago francs doctor detest what bull also and all the user has issues handle that. All that stuff preparatory what's the first line of the chuck Freeman obituary. First line. I'm a good putter I used digital and he followed that up you're far from mapped that up at a help at all I'm far from that. I don't wanna go who wanna go that far and I gave eternity then yeah I don't think CNN and fox have got their recruitment for video. Its second link there we'll come back that three trends the Packers makes an interesting moves. And the brewers get the win yet don't improve in the standings because everybody else is winning. The first line of the check for even obituary it's checker went around the fact that human honey glazed ham. With the visor and glasses checked and Michael are from the Bryant Stratton college Atlantic studios remember it's an ass chuck and wing Poehler anything at. Wednesday. Questions are coming in on Twitter room for several moral at the first match at 748. And then 948. Use the hash take ask CW when you tweet us at. 1057. FM the fan in ashtanga ask CW. And tweet just yet got our Seles I don't tweet in this fogged out on a 57 FM. The fan Cody grant producer. Did they do enough to deserve the not. Well we're gonna do we're gonna do our. Worst and five today in the 9 o'clock hour Yahoo! yeah and I know that I've seen some power rankings for the Packers are number one. The problem is for me. There's so many power rankings now mean the only ones that matter are the chuck and went their worst in five pitcher coming up at 935 today but like. NFL that count Bleacher Report ESPN fox sports CBS everyone's got. All these different power rankings so that's nice to see the Packers a line and you can make an argument that right now they're the best team in the league. I think some people put that she's there because they beat who was supposed to be the best team in the early. They have the most impressive week I think out of anybody. On the road ended out of them that eagle and brought an invite capsule that was the most impressive win. I have any football team week one of the unit fell. Not to belittle any other victories but he hit the city and that new regulated. Win 4227. On the road deaths the you know but it. I think the right to just say this people in Kansas City or doting. I have double cover the team are doting whether the chiefs are this good but you can't take from that that was the most impressive. Week one victory of any tax code. A lot of the rumors chase and I understand starting tonight on short rest. It really don't have many other options but is this is the right decision to be made. Yeah hole laps slowly come. Who are you gonna go there two young men. Matt Garza is stern was yesterday and you know they were gonna go there if exhaust of the generally lower exhaust its six guys of the ball them last night. But I don't think this is what yet they'll chase. Interviewed him before he gained yesterday. He's firing up for. He is fired report you know he's excited that the race. Great attitude he thinks not edit the one question Bard is whether or not. They were on three days' rest is it gonna have long term effects and you the rest of the season. You'd be bothered by a little bit he says don't. And I and I don't think they're gonna CC sabathia and where they put him on three days' rest every time now added that that's a mistake were treat chasing it is said right now like he CC sabathia well and you wanna talk about why he's pumped up this guy was like a career for five starter now I mean he was. He almost didn't make the opening day rotation yes and how toting god yet the deal like CC and he's our best pitcher what's the buzz around town yesterday. All man chasing him justice system are Earl yeah. There was a time would win why Jane citizen near the starting rotation. While he's earned it I mean yeah that's great repertoire of pitches and he goes out there and gets the job done from August until now August a Lister to allow Bart he has been excellent he's been great. Such a Sanderson will get the start today. And credit the brewers in all people that wanna hand on Craig Counsell. Hammond Gary Johnson and those guys they had the foresight on Saturday to get him out early. And you can't argue with celts know that might be early season where you've been questioned civic councils moves. I guess said the earlier heat in my update he is playing this right now every game like. Is we got balls out to win these games we saw that last night. He'd he'd take any chances throwing out a Shaun Marcum and gained six or no I dad he's got you know it. Can tell also when withdrawn mark ball game six. If he was Madison at T I mean but we can say that but he threw Matt Garza a week ago. I don't think he's learned his lesson and he take any chances anymore. More on this coming up just after 7 o'clock they are going all out it seems to make the playoffs but at what cause organ that. Which you guys in the 7 o'clock. Hours Krejci shot will join us to talk brewers at nine Tony today so when she gets settled in the work. Make sure you topless on your radio or the app freakish John always a good voice stamp on the air especially this time a year. So back to football and a apple hall of fame nominations are out first look at this list headline about Randy Moss and Ray Lewis was their names out there that surprise you their on air. I know they've both of those guys should go first ballot whole thing that those two guys as any other names. Okay Tony I did not look and towing hundreds and that I led to the 110 feet by or on this for Donovan gamba Eddie George Chad Johnson. Brian Urlacher OC among the next your guys are the weekly moss and Louis headline class. But I would symbols of an export. Give me those again Donovan McNabb. Brian Urlacher Chad Lewis or Chad. Johnson Eddie George. TO is back analyst well. Oh yeah I'm not sure any of those guys you mention our hall of famers. McNabb George Johnson a Urlacher. I agree that it I mean ant to look at the stance I think the hall of fame a very good at but I would say Randy Moss Ray Lewis for sure. LeRoy Butler is back on the list I know now he should be in there not just as we know him Mike Holmgren the seagate in. Wanna know this class. Ever. Is going up against all low lying is maybe he really needed the windows suitable threatening to send Tom Flores bill cower gazillion. Those are gone. As it built all did these guys are nominations for this year the fills your power well Julius Jackson be easier intermediate Jimmie and him. Jimmy oh Jimmy eventually get him there. What about I saw Donald Driver on the lists and email us. But moss and Lewis for sure coaches. We're hearing is rumors he says. Well you have my com grange Jimmy chance in town Flores built our that's how funny I counter force analysts he misses one once of double take a meal aside here did a real. Locations. Once this horrible and Saint Louis after a long retirement after he left Philadelphia. The ball a mile down the hall of fame and it's still yeah I mean these initial. Like announcements it's cool to see what Packers are on their what names you know but I am not. Really except about this does sound like top ten opt pointing out too many guys. Mean basically it's the let's name all the guys from that 2000 as a stop over and so these guys very good. Not great loss Lewis a great deal will more on that from the packer angle with iron Nate lower at 9 o'clock. And that may be will get a further look at doubled the to see if he's deserving all know. I know is for the packer hall of fame in Missouri leaving them in the media you know last year. He's got a street named after room. In Green Bay doesn't really trying to buy out titled number ruling he doesn't came out. Right that's called Donald Driver away our rights and privacy I'm of the streets news from the guys. Serve McCarthy's dad Michael and terrible he's our land. Holmgren Brett Favre pass now. Lombardi have dessert a Marty have a dream today to skating. Just kidding. It's checking like the nuggets are friends. Just kidding brought to you by Adam deputy if you're looking to buy a home that your first. Or Alaska take Adam deputy online at Adam deputy dot com. Adam deputy inane you contrast GSM mortgage equal housing lender some day will there be. Hey David. TRE. Blocked it it. Will there be a street named after David blocked about the Harry he joined the big show yesterday some interesting comments he had on Kyle Murphy. And if they expect to see him lined up there again this weekend you'll hear that next check in winter on the fan for execute Jordy but it seems like their play anger you seem like they're played with a different sense of urgency that maybe they did last year. I don't care what they play well but there's a video that's an expert Hugh McCutcheon. Yes it was they dominated. The entire game six in the mean that was impressive. David back to Gary joins the Wendy's big show Tuesdays at 435. Each and every week you can hear a live and if you miss that. I'd is available 1057 FM the fan dot com click on the stand on demand presented by. John Paul's Buick GMC hi we are 100 in Greenfield always have the highlights for you around this time. On Wednesday's. The best of what David Bakhtiar is said to the guys on the Wendy's big show they talked obviously a lot about. The matchup to comet to have to put a ball on the Seahawks matchup which we say it's kind of like a rivalry and David by Terry agrees. I mean if he'll ever got to play them on we've played some great times selector. And part of our division literally. But yeah I mean things. And you guys can handle pressure against our plan our own rules. But yeah I don't understand how he walks away if he didn't you. The way to look at it is. He he's spoken in my and I retaliates. The rep always see the second guy which is true that fifteen yards so. I like to make sure that my team in the than analysts expressed my. That's what political and actually been acquitted. I'm. Dave about Jerry get on the Wendy's big show it was a chippy game between them and the Seahawks and he's got to start to show for that black yup well he's right immune because if you feel the next punch back I think your instincts is take over. Sometimes dislike this. Martellus Bennett in his retaliation. Off in. You know defending the bank of Aaron Rodgers was thinking about the fifteen yard penalty time. But. I mean yeah defend yourself up to by Terry at one point during the interview said I will. I will protect my quarterback I don't want to. You know Kostis in I don't wanna have a Kostis victory so we talked about battle habit. Yesterday one of the other big stories in this game was the player of Kyle Murphy who do you give up a couple of sacks but it. Seemed to get more comfortable as the game went on to. And David dot Terry says they were going to. There are really gonna try to cover for the fact that he was in there. But based on Murphy's play they kind of got back to what it was like without oats. Him even being in there with the log in their news they found out late Saturday night. The movie had no idea. Going into it and acting get we were gonna try to cater. When Brian went down and then. I think you know Kyle came in stepped in and it really good job I think it will occur to you know go back and call the game as this. And electrocuted and I think I think he respond really well as a regular. Heart first test. Well we had a but he doesn't indict or so. What if the growth going forward. All right dutifully be blogger backed him a comer you've been he'd have you know held zone we have to six point. You want to play the net and blog and we'll give you up that but their play off public the roster groups. The Packers made yesterday defense Beckman Darius got their released. Rookie John France while the record of cut him to do is one roster spot open right now. The at a Toronto whilst I know you and I were talking about whether or not they should add drama Allison because. They have. A Darth all of wide receivers. What that it would LC and get in the field. And it would be diversity cut probably anybody salt the Derrius Kutcher getting curious. Know him or the reported move Ricky Jean France while which did not appear. On the NFL waivers on the official transaction she which was reported and he tweeted out last night. At one 11:14 PME tweeted out a 120%. So whatever you think. That means that is the head just passing along at that's at Ricky Jean friends slot tweeted. A that it was surprising and with Gunter this guy was on Julio Jones last year in the NFC championship game engine number one quarterback and now he's kicked off the team. Do we did they play them again. Now. Amazing is an F I mean how it's how quick please fall off. And dumb you think specially defensive back they might need him and despite. They have something in mind into the event the only filly some of the guys or have I have one response back. And there's a roster spot I beginners. Give Christian Rangel backe is just cut by the browns. On Tuesday so are they gonna get him best. It's cut since the city let him go there for a week but if you do that YE. Whiting changes. If you do that move which was speculated. Why didn't you just keep him and cut Ricky Jean Francoise before we won now you you all Ricky Jean France all is money. I mean you because he's a veteran and he made it through week one so you you're gonna to all mom's money. Before the regular season can economy nodded all mall itself and happen between. Last week and this week Rivera thought I don't know. One more from Dave about TRE as we look ahead to that falcons game coming up on Sunday. Is going to be a tough team the matchup against it's going to be a field where. It's been kind of slippery for some of the teams that have played on the college teams and they got to open up another stadium on the row. That we did last year with yet but the vikings right. You Byron age can be electric that's suspect and describe it. Can be fun you know India a lot of energy not only back in the distance skated in general and yet appealed to. Embody injured you know got to weather the storm took an idea you know they're gonna open up their new stadium and you know we remember what happened last year and it's gonna get a Buick 2.0. Version of this game then. It's immediately upon where did these first two weeks are our big weeks. For our first you and then it's great now they happen you know we won and we do. Got Seattle last week he got the win Atlanta this weekend hopefully a win and that would go a long way towards. When you do the final seating because with Atlanta this game we're going to be in December. Neck and neck with Atlanta thinking well. Either it was nice forgot that when we did Ariel man if we can only have gotten a tiebreaker. We can get the number one seed via the idea so they're playing for January now that it wouldn't have been well I mean that's that's the beauty the NFL world these teams are important. Arm and the houses there's an individual to an all the Packers through the first two weeks. And going into the SimCity game at home and it's wonderful. I'll take a split but I meant to of the fantastic. He Milwaukee Brewers still trying to make the playoffs themselves. Chase Sanderson on three days' rest today. But at what costs. Are they trying to make the playoffs are they sacrificing maybe the future. To get into the playoffs. Now we'll talk about the brewers coming out chase Sanderson and more do wanna hear from you 4147991250. It is chuck Wexler. 12:50 am qualified seventh at them.