6am - Packers Injuries, Sandwich board slogans and Giannis the comedian?

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, September 26th

6am gets started with Packers injuries, Brewers meeting the Reds, what should be on the sandwich board that Chuck has to wear to the Bucks home opener and Giannis cracks wise.


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Served up five per game pressure on and bakeries that's Jack Freeman it. I'm borrowing power and there is a lot to get cute today invited guests joining us later in the show. Make sure you're here for that Adam McKelvey at aids. Heads cedar 935. Sox and brewers. We'll talk backers of course on Tuesday would Aaron Nagel are. At time 9 o'clock in and speaking of Tuesday's it's Tuesdays with Mitch album Joba will be joining us formally of the sports reporters and their. In podcast warm. A couple of times a week Mitch album will join us on the show at 820 today so a lot to get to some interviews later in the show wanna hear from you. All the way up until and through that and lots to get to the box the brewers and the Packers who. I don't know if they're gonna have. Any wine. Dec complete. Hack on Thursday probably not that would come in out there desperate for every child or viewed or top five tackles are injured. Going into this game on a short rests on and off the Cincinnati game. The they get it you know we lost their long snapper bred through doubles surprise. Just filed yesterday to multiple personality. You know separate dates back in Everett dude apparently got injured on the game winning field goal now. The snap perfect of course to brag dude is a champion yeah they did the only thought they didn't need him. And they realized they didn't. But now they have the guy back who is the only guy in his street name a bore now tabor pepper. And when I was watching a lot of video of him talking. Don't think that carries like physically much bigger than me I don't and I'm 599. And who 195. MM but I'm me look at my spaghetti arms bodies like the same week. You look at the guy you're like is that one of the interns for Packers that can bomb. Uses Shannon's neighborhood. Oh yeah Green Bay. And he is working out this weekend at. Of the facility there and yeah he's got a big hug him. Nell now for a long snapper for director in the offensive line you would never I wouldn't you would never tell he was in the NFL off. Now out of not a chance. Maybe is like a quarter none not even. Yeah he did skinny looking and you know scenic guy with. With Dallas last night the former Carolina North Carolina returner. So it's her kid a switzer now. But yeah I'd sold the blogs ever Brit who's out and army's Crosby had some problems kicking in the offseason because of the long snap again we're talking about cable or. Pepper as an average gates and had heard. Not pepper Barton Knoll now Julius pepper now. Now pepper Johnson. Tabor pedal Gomez. Will be OK now among peppers not salt and Pepa and tabor pepper. Is your guys in for Brad dues so. I don't know I mean. Yeah. We do this every like pre season. Where the thing that is our focus other teams would just kill for him who should be the third string cornerback. Who should be then ninth offensive lineman who should be the long snapper. Long snapper is a no it's a big one I mean the Packers on Sunday. It came down to not only the game winning field goal. But they did it may mean they got to make a 35 yard extra point didn't even give Intel overtime. That is an error operation is McCarthy refers to it. That I have no problem. Spending time in worrying as a hacker. Sort of broadcast there with you. I have no time worrying about the long snapper situation. And look back as vain. They need to be good at every position that it's able to be good at. And they've already got a ton of problems on the offensive line. Now more guys are hurt and and not you throw in this wrinkle Richard Rodgers was taking long snap practice during the game. On Sunday he could be your emergency I mean that now this is a man. Yes as a McCurry said yesterday this isn't the you know Sunday when they lined up for that stupid 35 yard extra point. I call stupid because I I hate the fact that they moved outline back. And then Cincinnati ice is try to ice the kicker using your tie about an extra point what are your receipt had done before. It's something you don't ever see so we don't change now you do so normally you are thinking. You know after this where the touch so up extra point is automatic I was not counting that as automatic out of it either even those Mason Crosby. I think that we're at the game I was watching I was close to the extra point yeah my wife's all happy about a touchdown and I don't like. I mean I can't I can't nice guy that extra points got a I don't know it's 37 yards now at the met ice sums they got to wait another. Two minutes and I can nice surprise me. Yeah but still I just. It wasn't cross bills worry about he was like his lockstep going to be OK so you'd sneaky and and not a good job in the offense line you know he's going to be automatic by. It's been like the other ten Geisel worried about. Yet but went through and then tabor. Peppers to Crosby like mrs. chip shot overtime. McCarthy goes 7200. McCarthy but they go 72 yards and Elson catch the get down to the seven yard I'd be trying to do right away. So if the field goal as miss. We are sit in ramadi people calling in saying. Why is the McCarthy trying to score spa stuff on there are what ichabods. Forget that already vipers that 90% of the time of percent of what if Crosby misses the extra point all I at all I mean you've. I'm glad it happened this statement the saints missed the playoffs one year because of that. They rallied back I think it was saints jag wire or else. There was some gains some wild game like that where a team could've gotten in the playoffs they missed it there's a point. We'll be talking about should he have gone for 20. While McCarthy was there a step on Sunday should've should've gone for two at that point. And but I agree to them you know they had momentum on this side there's a home game. What do you overtime rules wavy hair you don't go over to where. Younger overtake him now you don't go for you had all the momentum on their side you're playing a team without Gergen. And you were able look you know obviously all the month defense Kirsch you know when the coin flip it over to the Packers don't win acquittal but over time now Rogers was so in seven going into that extra for and I think he's won seven coin flips to. I mean they never waited all. You know they're not gonna wipe all there are right. Well why why should we would do this quite flip we know we're artwork and we're gonna call heads and details ordered all tales of BS it's. News and the but the solid all worked on now to get the tackle issue with cal Murphy and you other guys banged up. And lower seeded bark the area ever again. Bryan Bulaga he's never to be healthy and ankle injury. The Packers are an early season injury hurts the best way to put. It happens every year. Is it better that it's happening now. Well you're looking at all you worse. I mean happening now it's happening again some competition that you. You can still get by with injuries. The east side on I mean it was as close as compete which is still you won that game and that's what matters he beat the Bengals are two and one of the bears now. You know they've got a good they've got a good pass rush that their defense is better than. Having the bears on a hole if if they are different quarterback. Mean Seattle think is that your time you have an injury obviously I'll let you mean if you're gonna have if you're going to have a rash of these like this. I guess now be the time now got a short week. You've got ten days before you rest up and go play Dallas. Soul maybe they're just trying to make sure but he's healthy by then that. Bolt these teams played in overtime on Sunday in bolt these teams played in the you know midwest where it was in ninety degrees in September. Thursday's game. Is going to be sloppy. We all say and is also probably be a thriller by Umpqua no expectation is it's going to be pretty slot and. And what we've learned of over the year until Thursday night games usually are. And especially of these especially the Packers coming out these injuries the other yes you know about the injury opens better happen now. But the problem is could this could get worse as the season goes long. He got injuries decadent how. What's gonna be like in November. Tackling that we are served up by Perkins again we've got a lot to get to some good results for the Milwaukee Brewers last night that coming up in our brew crew review. And today Jack is the Twitter Tuesday doing Tony dollars took Perkins. The question today and it's already posted on Twitter 1057 FM the fan. You lost a bet to mean home. I said the brewers would win at least 82 games they've done that. Nothing Olbermann they've they've won the 82. So you have to Wear a sandwich board it was a big win for you. Guys man did you did you cut and your deficit when I die and I won 81 dollars the president and I owed you. I would advice I would have lost that bet I'd be owing you bowed to sell via a so that was a big swing by its. I think the bigger part of the bad as you've got roller sandwich board around your body and at the box home opener. I'll write about an hour before the game maybe five to 530 game tents at six that is less than a month away. Yeah October Tony it now and you will be out at fourth and state with the billboard across your chest and we're asking you guys today. Out on a 57 FM the fan it has stayed. CW lunch to Perkins Twitter Tuesday. What should the billboards say what should the sandwich aboard say that is draped over frames body nothing vulgar. They'll. Now first suggestion from Daniel is ice now like Bart's. And K Donald may we can do a little better than at that's the first one in Diana now now. Barred some bets are the best. And thing I think we can do better. What do these views every minute I mean it's now known as bright early. Now let's blow outs of this merited a little bit. So Al qualified seven FM the fan and people a chance to wake couple of the hash takes heed calls the creative juices going oil. This is a sandwich gore ramming we need them better suggestion that didn't and that as a somebody sent now all that you know however critical loss. So give us not good. Give a sudden get in the best suggestion today. Well at random but do your best. Will lied to Tony dollars to Perkins brewers get some help last night it was close but they do they get it and now. It's up to them tonight against the reds Chaka pointless served up by Perkins here on the facts. Now it's chuck and anglers drew. Crew review this is the only station brewers fans need. Sports Radio One 057 FM. Chuck Wexler sports Radio One 057 FM the fan good morning that's Jack Freeman I'm borrowing blurred. 157 and ten and 1215. Day and the seem even more new beta male enhancement supplements. Is a suggestion for the billboard that you have. Aware and appearance at the along. I mean the big film more camped it's got to be like. Sure it to the point because it's not your own cup or popular like sentences. Jose says what's up gone. Kate I like that on our right to fire off a classic I went through about a week anybody would understand that what's not die guys said you have some up Mallory said. Up dog is nipple under a lot of NFL stadiums OK and you said. One was not done. And I mean I'll do that is that you've her replay in my view do that that that's fine how do I thought I mean I I look at them on my. God see that's that's going museum and if we think it's seven dead but the suggestions are dead so keep them coming up 1057 FM the fan use the hash takes CW lunch and I went Tony Garza Perkins they brokerage view and a lot of guys may stay up a little later than you anticipated. And try to find ways whether it was watching a streamer watching it on TV. Or on your phones or just the box door to follow the Iraqis Marlins game Marlins went up early. Rockies came back but the Iraqis lose the Iraqis lose last night the cardinals lose which. Cubs cardinals and I think we got to root for the cardinals at this point the division laws but a good night for Milwaukee and in play. Well I set my phone last night. Did have a notification every time Colorado role or Miami scored in their game. I set a for the final. And then I set it for the Colorado Miami scored you know you do after every score. On that have sold. Homily in a bed and do my purpose show home phone goes off and all of rain jacket what nothing Miami. Then about. Three minutes later. Form was again taken out. After Miami NASCAR hall. And then. Autonomously or 401. From Colorado and I was gonna check and I checked on Colorado's governor Janet third of one out. And then my phone goes off five in a Slater I'm afraid to check it again I won Miami all Miami got a editing and AM arrived. And it just kept Clinton closer and closer fell asleep. But. Yeah I'd just. I I was happy here at Colorado. And the blues making him last night. Well Colorado loses so the brewers are one and a half games back in the wild card race and with the with the Iraqis lost birds are back candidate against the reds today though brand in Woodruff against Homer Bailey and believe the last time the brewers faced Homer Bailey. He. Was supposed to be bad and completely shut the brewers down was that. That was the last time they faced if I can call com yeah I think exactly beast which is an expert. All right I am looking at yeah you are now Eric. And that's Wednesday's matchup. Tonight executives. It is deck McGuire this. Deck McGuire against. Zach Davies dec. My big guy's name is dec yes. Down ECK. I eat this is it short for Decker may be I don't know. Not a bright prices are down he's a real dec cat in heat heat heat heat he's not playing with a full deck tonight. Mom so that's tonight column a deck. He'd with and I called him a deck. He's a young player he's 28 years old. Did this at 28 years old this is according to the brewers dot com this is first big league start. Well a double William deck McGuire okay William Jackman because guys know them William deck McGuire. So. Decade as his middle name but it is gonna ago. As dec oh Zack Davies and we thought maybe if you exclude your chance to Swanee. He's going from eighteen tonight. Yeah it's funny I was gonna be hard for him again. Funny was going to be tough because. You know you're Tehran against the clock there but for him to be in a conversation. Anders and they showed a graphic it's like. The best five pitchers in the league and then and then zag Davies not to take any away from that babies but it's just you know kind of weird to see him. In there especially when some of those wins to start the season or. Not because they him it was all massive run support. A line each and every situation so. Davies a great season for him but this the pitching wins stand always kind of skewed. Sultan Ian I deem and a half lead. A demon I have leaves starting play tonight. The brewers make up that game that half game innately Thursday Colorado doesn't play almost a five games left. The brewers have 60. Were to make of that game Thursday when Colorado. Doesn't it is gonna sweep the series of the race is no way. Two is bought and reds beat the brewers earlier this month in Cincinnati. The brewers' old met and to win three games. Got to win three games in Miami can hit. A series of Saint Louis this weekend. That's the one that I think is going to be. That's going to be tough because the cardinals or the other race. The division race. They might be out of a wildcard race. But they're gonna wanna stick it to the brewers Mets series Metheny is going to. Well and it's on the road but you'd like it to get to that series I mean now you'd think well. Well it's the reds did the reds and giving you problems now if you drop two or three of the reds. All right viewed the means. To force sweeping them. To a three normally take dad but you're forced to take him three but if you drop to history. Look Beckett who lost five or six of the reds in the final month of the season I don't want sun deck like McGwire. Yeah how they're going BS tonight. Are eager to why a guy who's been guy's name is dead a guy who's been decking around the minor leagues all passes sticking are now and for repair its 48 year old old making his first Major League start the let's let's Jerry mental list. I'm not sick MI RL don't wanna be seeing severe tomorrow sake. What had decked what did deck was deck. A deck call. But spoke heats. He's been pretty pretty well on the bullpen for these yet his name is Jack notes his name is that the pitcher's name. Against the brewers is damn the three guys that you're gonna face in the series deck McGuire Homer Bailey. And the awesome cell remodel. On Thursday. McGwire man that sounds like. Like. I liked him its public kids' cartoon about a guy who saw this histories on a ship the deck McGuire Jackman by years on the case. PDs cells in the same exact Davies and deck McGuire starring in the brewers and cubs tonight at 640. Jack McGuire and the brewers are going up they got the babies Woodruff and Souter. In these next three games and chase on Friday and improbably. Well they can do Zach again on Saturday. I just somebody goes on short rest. Well we'll do ball and a yen. In their cardinals series. Yet to be announced right now for Friday it depends I mean if they're somehow out of Adobe junior Keira. You know you are only out Garza the rod I don't you will be. I don't think they'll be out of it going in there I think Friday Eagles built some place for. Notre Dame and a half we get to the mat there to go four and 25 and one acting just win a mall sleaze. Sold what's realistic foreign to. I think I mean that's the best united flight one eyed thing he got to hope for five and one its sweeping Cincinnati it's going to be tough. I mean it cannot read the U2 or three at Saint Louis. We are replying to window out Carol replaying that tie the Iraqis for playing game. I don't think you mean you take it but you don't wanna go there. And I don't play that wildcard game there they played a tiebreaker hair. Then you win that is good on Arizona and went wild card and it kind of feel like in the playoffs the only two games is to get in the legitimate why else would it feel like we were in the playoffs if they played. If they play a tiebreaker game went to kind of feel like it and of course it would. Yeah I mean it's an extra eventually and he's playing off after the season's over a debt counts as game 163. Yeah that should be the plan and a but it does 'cause you once he's either. And just wanna say five times in 44 years instead of where senator let her win totals were lost all natural skew that quite they've already got a messed up home record this year because of the three bonus. So that's true but that's an important soul. Colorado is if five games left if they goal and they got three with the Dodgers this weekend here to mark Miami through the Dodgers. If they went let's say four greens too over the next. By youth days is to have through Sunday they would fought three into the brewers what they have to go. Five at one. To win the division. Are there to win the wild card. They have ever hit a 51. Not able to eat come and I'd make it 1057 FM the fan says. If the brewers lose tonight checks signed should say. I love dec. Now. Deck McGuire. For the reds tonight. Two EDS says. I don't ought to be sitting here in my house saying members played like a bag full of decks were. They were playing with a full deck. That's good that's good day. But I like it when it sounds like some now well. First of three with these guys tonight and the the bad Cincinnati Reds. In the manager price. Brian for a Brent prices always from a got to work with a cents. He's a real Dak. Secondly angler they have served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery so brewers reds tonight. And I wonder what the attendance will be like because. Frames. It kind of felt like the season ended Sunday. A little what a horrible game Sunday and I get three more here these are your last three at home bar on some playoff run. I can complain about it tonight because I am gonna go to the game Margo I am gonna buy a ticket in jail in during Minnesota's solo. And though the body then gonna go and get some seats and go to the team. So I'm joined Obama. I'm going Tuesday I'm going tonight I'm going to moral. Off Thursday. Puzzles are the Packers and and unmistakable too in the double header on Thursday now it's impossible he can't if there was a 1 o'clock started be able to do it. For sure to 3 o'clock start the Packers played 730. I wouldn't get out of Miller Park soul maybe if I'm lucky. You can't do the right ninth thirtieth C news the actor and identity and I whiskers. 1 o'clock for sure get it done Loescher. I would enact a missing little bit to attend both India and academic gap and I tried to. If the brewers are within range on third which I think they would attend a wanna be there for that game. Out of their last home game last season again barring. Playoffs as Tucker like it's tour Tuesday ally coming up today. Mitch album will join us from sports reporters may have. Remember that show Sunday mornings for the longest time it is no longer on TV bodies is back that was English broadcast. That was their best show H ho hum other than pardon me the rumor party eruption. That's gonna show though that's original work together well argued eruption deaths in women have Kornheiser and Will Bynum and that's one of the past when there are ready anybody else. Not so good. But on the sports reporters that's been on for years. So we're sticking to sport the last two holes have died but would Mitch album I think we got to ask them a few now. Rush is on there Wendy chapels hosting yeah and then John Saunders who passed away unexpectedly yeah. On the mid air to salvage diving decider now maybe we should do this anymore. I was I was a show that Allah set I don't. I don't like it it's dumb. Why love and then I'd always sit down and watch it really you know it was donut hole is really well but I thought I don't wanna watch these old guys that arts Nordson and I was like glued to your resume come on the old guy. Now home. He got into some trouble with Warren. Child porn move an op. And yeah ourselves economic consultant Mike a subsumed area a year so he got some trouble and any passed away. But he was on the orders to album was on their old let's not bring him now. No but he was a likable guy that show now. And the Philadelphia. When the Philadelphia newspapers. It is second leg or served up by Perkins again your Twitter Tuesday the question today I wanna find seven FM the fan of that stay. CW lines judges wearing a sandwich board outside the box stadium for the home opener what should it say. Well taking suggestions all day it's economic or served up by Perkins. OK. I just forgot how to do my age. I was wondering what do you were I was talking in the Michael is then. Instead of turning my Mike time and I didn't hear you to take you behind the scenes. I'd turned off something als yeah. Prices has made fools like I'm putting bugs might. BA yeah they were nosy I'll ally everything's messed up today so. All right let's do it three trends it is shockingly angler we are served up by Perkins Sports Radio on a 57 and then the Fannie and that is chuck Freeman. I am borrowing cooler. There's the familiar trends in music we know and love chuck we'll start the Green Bay Packers. There in trouble. At. Today what do they go sign Ulbrich John is that his main thing we've got to get on I think it was pretty bad jobs. Big day Jan Oliver Jai and the cardinals' practice squad actually that was Robert John from a lion sleeps tonight. Al wild okay. Late Elton John home maybe those towns and we have al-Qaeda. Bomb. When your dollar and it. Tackles and you knew maybe starting. McRae an ad campaign achy he's maybe. You're starting tackles. The Packers of course the game plan any differently for the armed. Have eight offensive linemen to protect Aaron Rodgers and you have one idea is what you do you know one wide receiver out there. And the rest are offensive line. To help each other route. You're gonna have the publicly Matthews offense you my. What do you have to do is you have to have a tight end help block. So the big Martellus Bennett breakout game mean dot com you gonna ask him to do a lot of run blocking if they even runner at least asked why. Roger is gonna have to do quick throws again one of the things that Romo was talking about in the broadcast. And you know beyond the game tonight with the game on CVS that are Thursday night. He says that sometimes in these situations watch Rodgers instead and he's RD in the shotgun. But instead of you know being in the sack and taking some time that to deal reads. He's got to go. Three more steps back seared in three step drop WRD in the shotgun and just to give yourself more space. And time and it will lead to another probably clunky. Not fluid off and threw him against the bears it's going to be tough. And watched go ahead be just the other end it'll be. You know these guys are sold banged up Watson had their best game there. Their lives on the offensive line. And I you know I like that what's at happened for one. Yesterday McCarthy was as press conference. Exist about Toronto while some went did you realize drama one Ellison was a player. Like our off I just saw much Fredricka the quality natural athlete while Rick gift that he was off. Out McCarty had a big run away he says that he was a great athlete. Yeah the outcome nobody draft if you thought did the was such a great player why did you draft. Why did anybody to blitz us they want nobody draft and follow what he got a might get this he saw it was a great player. There is nobody saw this guy calloused thought he was great player but somehow training camp they realized wow we got something here. Ono McCarthy will be like after he's done coaching my when he does interviews maybe he does some media. Does he really anything you know write a tell all book about other guys he really doesn't like well he was like a good mood yesterday. Currently don't yell it absolutely yes thanks to a one. You know so some days you know it's. Whatever what way the wind blows where he wins or loses must version and loses you know just doesn't without him. But he was an exit your mood yesterday. We'll hear from Michael a letter honestly don't get a little playful exchange with aired meg we're pol. I think Aaron I think Bob McCarthy does this he appreciates aaron's breakdown of the game. Okay his Erin asked him a question about Morgan Burnett three estimate bought Josh Jones I think. About a certain play about losing his guy. And he broke it down on Aron did. And I think catches for his usually don't get questions like yet the media. Now usually there's a seat is very soft as x.s and one x.s and knows I mean going into deeper look at. I'm x.s and o.s like coach Darr was going into like a coach. And I think of Turkey appreciated dad and McCartney and low platelet change back report. A lot all the judges are and limits that's what there are a couple times he's been a choice there is that you wouldn't have got a little Barack forgo. He did play football that Roosevelt junior I get a lawyer and angler now. And you'll join us today at 9 o'clock a little bit later. I'm Michelle facts of the bears Thursday night. NFL last night cowboys and cardinals and a pretty good one and then Ezekiel Elliott seals it. Beating the boys are the favorites to win in the NFC east after three weeks from what you've seen me doesn't look good Washington and a big win. On Sunday night giants have been. Terrible. The sheriff find me in and buying in on Washington yet as being some of that can win that division I predicted Philly at the beginning of the season. The Dallas and Philadelphia right now enemy could go either way yeah. I mean it's it's orally I'm with yet Washington. Although that was you know with the Oakland at home that I have a sell those oppressive Dallas. Has looked good in two games. And you also look bad it by losing in Denver last week in you know Philadelphia. You know maybe the giants this week so. I think the giants are as advertised in 13. But I'd be disputed mentioning race all year long as could be the NFC north with Minnesota Detroit and Green Bay. We'll talk more about the NFC north and the packers' chances on Thursday. At 7 o'clock they take guide. The Bayer's Kia and Barack stand on Sunday talking about a week to come for the brewers. When every game. Corrupt. Are so thin from ray players still not over a lot of things he has been non. So your hope just kind of looks cute kid if you saw. I don't know they don't win every game but I think they've got a wind like every game but one thing I think they got to win five to be sure well that even definite do's and eagle five at all and what legal six and I'm saying five and one big fight and one. In Arizona goes 32. I don't know of Colorado or Colorado goes into the mum. For him to find that that's so much can do it. And that's why you put a force one but I mean at the forces I want when it out right. I don't wanna go to Colorado wanna go to Colorado front if you have to have an hour earlier Colorado for a one game playoffs about Colorado really should have put it away by now they keep losing games they do they've got. That's an easy at all the opportunity thirty streaky team. These split this past weekend in San Diego inactive. But note and normally this time of the year retake debt but for Colorado only. That I put anybody away. It's just going to go find out how that goes down tonight on deck show coming your way at 6 o'clock tonight baseball post game show with Tim Allen to follow here on it. The fan and that's what's to look forward to that. Tuesday before the game because it is Tuesday may be had a bird gets kids eat free at Perkins so. I know a lot of you complain about the cost of concessions. And now bottled waters are 25 dollars and you do the math on the case luck it's affordable at Perkins. And especially when kids eat free and they do that. Tuesdays and Saturdays so not a bad combo get some Perkins had a baseball game tonight or just take the family out and break up the monotony. Of the work week banning a nice meal with your family any game kids do eat free that's Tuesdays and Saturdays. From 4 o'clock until closed lot of good deals to always be had Ed Perkins. You gotta check out the great plates menu available seven days a week. Open until close there's fourteen different items on there that are priced. From 48 dollars. So whether you want some breakfast the fabulous five is on there you wanted to hardy airmail. On May meet Loeb the big blt sandwich it's all available at Perkins the great plates menu comes right with your menu chicken out. Before you order and an order for free for the kids Tuesday's today. And Saturday from four. On tail close bucks media day yesterday yadda synthetic coop mode tries to tell now why not too. But three awful jokes and some of the biggest takeaways. As I was able to cover day yesterday its second wind clerk that next on the fact. Historic race. Improve personal thing it doesn't do well we all they. He doesn't do well. Because he does so many other things great return they're they're they're things that people can do. That is supporting what they can do. Struggle to deliver the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studio. Bucks at media day yesterday maybe not as. And maybe as flashy as some of the other ones of course they had the situation in Oklahoma City where. Carmelo is there than you had it all of the stuff surrounding LeBron and they've basically saying I was ready to give it all the diary and battery left and we're not talking and while I help them anymore a lot of good stuff from LeBron. On all the social issues as well but for the bucks media day. Most of it was concentrated the theme was kind of I don't know it just. Happened organically because Jim past he had said the can start the proceedings. Continuity. But the theme was continuity because when you look. At the box that were presented deal last night it to talk to them it's a lot of familiar faces DJ Wilson's new. Sterling Brown's new the rookies at one point they had all six of the guys competing for the final spot on the stage at the same time. Which was weird but one of those guys will stick other than that I mean this is a team that then it's very it there's continuity there. And when you look at other teams around the league like Boston Boston's gonna be a favorite. They of the third. Lowest. Number of returning minutes into the league this is something that the Bucs think they complained to their advantage I. Is most interested to hear you world's most engineers say it wasn't a player. It wasn't a coach I was most interested to hear from YC news article owner's job. You had a chance that you were there and I heard eating this ice or read were either set a few things. Basically said that the timeless. I mean are we from wrong the time this kind of arrived at this is now. For this build the future. Even said that he knows there's a window he knows that they're good but he also knows with contracts coming up. Would give the Jabari situation with some of these other guys that the time to win might be now. Note there's a window that you got to compete you know ya Johnson starts his new contract we've got Chris for a couple years keep parts of the team warm place. It's not gonna be forever she can't have a tenure. It's a much shorter and I think it's. You know so far so good. The reason why am I wanted to hear from him because I mean there's no secret they're very hands on ownership OK they focus they selected. They went out there are selected. Jason Kidd in jail Porsche two under general manager. And you know John Hammond is out. Sole idea heat this guy owns the keys that hitting them right here. Teams all the way as a Korean diet and so. EEO he he's gonna mess around and he's kind of a no nonsense guy that's why most interest is not your yearly DS from him. One big decision that they have to make ownership and management is on Jabari Parker. John horse says this decision to extend him has to be made by October 16. You know the injury part of it is is is a factor in the discussions of course we're having great discussions with a representative we're gonna continue work through that. And hopefully the goal is to come to to an extension agreement if we don't. We wanna be in a place where we can have the same type of productive conversations again as a restricted free agent with a player we values if there franchise. And then Jim bar yet thought that his response to the similar question was. Kind of interesting. I have no clue announce what they 3%. Let them do on amendments. Yet again I've just focus on what what can improve. And that's not a erase all the distractions and post on noise because like. My life is on the line I wanna get better as well wanna be put it at this point it's not my choice. Is where I want to be but at this point it's not my choice he is wanna get into. It is a wanna get in on ovals battles these invasive resistor precise on what the preakness and it is his agent. With a contract. Somalia he's staying out of it he just wants it to be negotiated between the ages once his agent in the box that I'm EC's interest adamant. But he's not gonna talk too much about when he says it's not my choice does that mean he says this is where I wanna be but it's not my choice. Is that a good thing in here from hammer out at all bad I was I don't know what the read. He's got to stay healthy horrible season. He says they can do everything is just about getting stronger but OK but he's not ideal place to February right. It's Bosnia while before we CEO Jim Barnes your practices or duke throw these things. But. Again it's a long process for that bull we see him NEC a move rumble of your taken Mickey and he play. And you end zone not a winner to import via the winner he can't play at some point we'll get into the discussion because they these guys do have high expectations for themselves yeah the Eastern Conference finals is something that Jason Terry said fifty wind seems to be. Something that comes out of these guys mouth quite a bit maybe more expectations from the team in the players by. It is media day frame so we've got to hear the youngest jokes yeah yeah on the syllabus a traditional jas gives up there before he talks to the media. On the podium usually throws other Joker too. Lester was like one joke but this year is a couple of them yet so the first line. The first one he referenced a Trace songs sung who. Exactly so the media yesterday. I thought he said ray Exxon betray sons is a guy. And I've heard a mom but I don't know any of his music. Because you know in the media world and just squares yeah so yeah honest tries to tell that joke it flops and many tries to tell another. So yeah. So it if it's good to do it. With great song you song cold. So what's Trace songs. New sounds the call I think it's funny because us. Bunch of old white guys would have no idea yet in the media. Portray songs it was a three songs straight songs sung with a business songs like sought and so when Jia as Z ball Z. So he's got a song that goes like man and and and I'm okay. But and then there. Okay. He's given much credit there the military. Right responses so that's courses are over and at that terrible joke now I mean if lately we've visited Taylor Swift or someone. Like debt. That is. We may have a little. Include Yahoo! that is by race on us. But it must that's but I I seek political. I don't this. I had a joke about a moustache and I'll sing it now for laying on NCAA all attache met him that bad very inning. Stay alert. Everybody that he saves for many crashed. All this one fire he crashed or shot bonds is. Use the final guy in the day and pianist games this negates the that you won't be as patient. No. I think. Is because he has come out yet. Golf. CNN's the wanted to make him around that one at your future MVP vote up as the face your franchise could affect that at the good thing.