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Thursday, October 12th

Chuck and Winkler 6am Hour - Chuck and Bart kicked off the show with some Packers talk as they get closer to a division showdown against the Vikings Sunday. Also, they both lose their picks to win the World Series as the Yankees knock off the Indians.


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Do you know when I. Only choice for local sports talk in the morning. Digs Clayton college athletics studio. This is chuck it way cooler on sports Radio One 057. Radio One 057. FM the fan I'm always glad that is Jeff Freeman. Check I'm not doing so hot today. Yesterday it was because. Watching sports. Today is because of playing sports as you know I'm a kick ball player. I realized something last night that I need to remind myself of more when we're talking about athletes and. Performances. Sports art. Sports are hard. Sports is one of those things atomic Kansas you're gonna get her plane whenever they get her playing her fall down whatever. I always say you know you're gonna get her play sports nobody goes through playing sports and doesn't get hurt so is your problem getting hurt. Well there in the competitive nature. Out physical and mental and oh yeah where in this kick ball league were aware it's like a bar league you know we'd like to just go have fun and then go and drink at the bar. But we win some games we listen games what they did this year was they put us in the Gately okayed summary leagues are there they're like a B and C okay and where we belong in the B moon were middle of the B okay. But they stuck us in the a and we've been getting waxed by these teams fifteen to two. Last night. I don't know a lot happened but we have. 83 lead. And the other teams searched chipping away and along the way. All barred series making some mistakes he made a bad calls at third base coach he made a base running mistake. And then with the game nine eighths. In our favor. And there are a couple people on an ticker at the plate the Balkans right to mean senator for the Clinton and dive for it. May drop the ball kick you ever take coed sports seriously though I guided is that a tough the do. We play beat I mean we deeply college sports I played coed softball tournaments and stuff like Dan. And there's always a couple of girls who are very competitive. But I fought most of the time that not maybe not so much. Armed and maybe that's part of the problem. It's is targeted tense. Personal for kick ball but I mean well for college sports in general was Annette. I felt like it was I had PT EST back to high school soccer days who. Posttraumatic stress disorder came I was having TT as the back to. My high school Saturdays and showed its super nervous in big games and and that happened to me last night in a big ballgame why would you an early Wednesday night Barley because of what do you call where but it's coed clouds mainly guys I speak to about you have what you can have an equal amount of boys and girls auction knots. We bad guy guy guy girl. And then in the field we play three girls and like eight guys all you guys. See like I mean for co it's sop you gonna have entered on girls and guys they're suddenly that are every other OK this one is. You can have more guys and girls and the key is always have girls who can play who are good players true that our girls target and our guys are good and I'm. It's kind of like hi I mean the outfield. It's I'm bad you know I'm bad so I dove for the ball. In the run started to score but I thought that the umpire might have thought that I caught it. Using the ground but I'd be for is a rubber ball yeah that's a puff ball diving catch the well this was an inning after a ball came right in my hands and I dropped it in straight up. And then I felt really bad and I woke up this morning and on my shoulder I can't move and Olbermann. Probably drew shoulder. So I'm on that stuff here but it creates a I know it's kick by an alum you guys are bar leagues to Hampshire have some capacity or have been. But it's just a reminder that we you know I'd tock and we talk about the Packers and blown cover agent. A lot of page sort of it's sports I heard these guys that we watch on a nightly basis they do what they do is incredible. Is amazing. So I can't even go catch a rubber ball on Wednesday night Bartley. These guys are cranked and sixty home runs a season so you're talking to bought job basically coed. Coed dom was blocked kick ball yeah to the pros yeah. Big difference I know but still if I am struggling in oh I'd kick ball now. How hollow. Athletically gifted must you be all. To do what these guys do have you thought about like take this display guy sport like to have your played note men's softball league or. Flight football league or supplement that. Yet in the past OK this it's not about a coed thing it's not is a sub that you wanna do with your wife. Seeking a player in these nets that also are our capitals are couples thing that you want them. You all don't know we just we have a group of friends and OK we go play kick ball it's not a do nothing about this is about. Coed in a competitive and all right it's okay it's competitive. Right it's very competitive and I blew it. And I feel terrible well and now I'm in game. Just remember efficacy after assault bogey or kick ball game ten minutes afterwards or here at the bar nobody keepers. Well I care. What's good that your competitive but I think in most of those cases. The M I mean I'd. We play kick ball on less directly to boss Robbie great school and our fathers Lutheran grade school of 27 scholarship. We played all the time at recess we have like a hour and a half rhesus system that as we've put kick ball there. And that's a list on my plate I have no interest in playing any more coal exports are one thousands coed softball league. And I know yours is in tow it but distilled girls were playing with the of girl took one right off the name coral guy with hidden spots that'd be in shock or they don't just crushed to right than me in county inaugural ever. Amaechi it was the same ever again that's like that's why guys a girl should not be playing on the same playing field. Always good girls break their arms now. Girl guy hated first bear down played couple seasons ago sure broker arm I also realize I don't like. I look at baseball differently now because I don't like playing defense at all like kicking like eating. So is everybody so it's his sucks because if you get into baseball. Every evening here on defense and then you get to bat three or four times wall ya. There's I mean. Could you economical back the softball which is you know related to kick ball a bit. You really you only know of what two minutes of funding in a fifty minute game and it's a two miniature you you had your turn at the plate well some people have fun on defense that are out I hate it I do to every time the ball comes and am like why why in my life are just me being going on and off field is standing out there as you go for innings sometimes. And nothing at Georgia I'd dad the ideal and it sucks I don't want anything in Arizona stand there and watch my team like now. All right so you had a did you have fun at the bar at least afterwards or did you not go because on the shoulder. Now all shoulder didn't start her into the Smart volume that's he's a morning I don't know it's going on the we went out of the bar where watch some yankees Cleveland you know. And no I miss the Grand Slam for the nationals but ya that was a good result furlough. For the boys this year was in red and gray going down to a game five tonight in DC. Public debt pom between the cubs in Washington and yeah apple for the advances that give eliminate becomes an end cubs fever for 27 team. That would be nice out. Palm. Was listening to some yankees some. New York sports talk in the way yen. And with that the Yankees beating Cleveland. And and advancing to play in the ALCS. Everybody's just lauding Joseph Girardi needed as a what a great manager did had he lost last night. It bent just the opposite in New York. While they lowered theirs they gave to that eating challenge it by guest but I am of the point is all it's funny how. I don't think anybody ever gets Mike McCarthy any credit for anything. And even after a win does in his what do you really come on our show it's all my current what a well coached game but you know you lose a game. You know it's a storm on him but he wins a game like you're supposed to win the. That's interesting you brought that up because I saw us I saw it and arguments. To be made last night. I'm Bob Mike McCarthy. Mike McCarthy potentially being a hall of fame coach. And I wanna talk about that later. At all yet not because statistically. It's there. Bullets to the hall of fame coaches too will do that. We'll do that it's compared to numbers will do that right after seven that I signed an argument to be made from Mike McCarthy being a hall of fame coach and I think. Just saying those two things together. Make some people's skin crawl will be. 'cause right up the top. With the legendary coach is the bill Walsh's of the world Mike McCarthy's name. Doesn't ring a bell with the with you know the coaches like yet the Don shoeless guys like that. You don't think of hall of fame. Initially. When you Mike McCue Mike McCarthy. No you don't think it secondarily your third or four I mean I love again I. Yeah but they islander coach until he's bored out of Tonya and in the last 25 years of packers' success I think more people went out there would say. They like Mike Holmgren over Mike McCarthy. Here in the state. Yale a lot of people are found of those ninety's teams tangle one guy he'll he'll take now over then is is now Rogers yeah. What everybody else you and I on the same page McIlroy. Yeah Reggie. You know I mean hearing all breath. He any of these guys at your Bennett Ron Cox. Hancock's the former bear. Any of that I mean people run tax or mod drugs that are now basically playing the same moral right Santana Dotson. Talk about none out today. Will leave that for bill Michael's. It out bill have this Santana that's an exposes an argument FF Carter like three years Nixon he's -- expose Indiana. A the liar and OW you don't that was not too far from our radio station. Santana Dotson got Boston the national have a rookie Andre have over here was like. See I'm in west Dallas I don't know. You never you never really too old to know I thoroughly demoralized Dallas at 2:30 in the morning you can wind up there. It's that Mendes broke overnight. Bill Michael showed tended to ya he'll have a look on Santana. I don't know what it is but I doubt if it's about six and dads and build homes and help build bills get the lowdown. He's ready to crush at the and it sounds. So that is coming out today is second wait there were served up by Perkins we have some injury updates story on the Green Bay Packers including one that I think. Situation there may be avoided and when will be good for the Packers. Especially as they head into Minnesota. That coming up next second like a certain about Perkins on the fast. Focused on what they do offensively. But particularly in the running back situation also console. Those shifts motions. When the temple. That they did that play it was all of us who do. Generating a lot of big plays the good that's been approaching so for this year's show and what were were focusing on what possible some things have been going very well. Mike McCarthy Packers head coach future hall of Famer. That'll come up in the 7 o'clock hour asked about the Minnesota Vikings and their quarterback situation checked and went from the Brian Stratton college. Athletic studios. Vikings job may be a little more banged up in the Packers in this on Packers got some good news of practice yesterday. Including time Montgomery who is a full participant. And as was Jordy Nelson who we found out now it's a back injury yes. Oh I don't know much more than man. Yeah well and we don't know much about Brett all the Brenner Purdue in practice seized up and rules offer this team on Sunday. And you know be up there are given a city news partner in just like Mike McCarthy was asked about don't know the time Montgomery. Situation and you know he's stalking while we are ready for the now they're all of their old starter in their own bad after all won't got a one in four I got not a 12 punch but he got one. 014 punch sure it's yet Mike McCarthy talked about the running mate situation as we allude to get your. Where to play songs have spotted. A thought process are part of the procedure. Almost shall fully with husband of those will be number one on number two we noted. Millionaire already did you already. So yeah that does the folded don't have so many red. She McCarthy then went on to say we get everybody ready all the time we're working in practice squad guys and not a lot of teams do that and we don't just play eleven guys on offense and use. Well we get it might tell you don't wanna name a starting running bad that's fine now. He tells. You Vicki is going into his meetings Barton Santo well god. I don't know organs start on site now he knows. He placed going to us all the time. There's like last week. He was not going to use marked the entire time was not to abuse of Montgomery. And he was scoreless then Obama cut Montgomery status with a broken received from practices. Santa and his of these coaches do and that's fine. Mean it's if it's still the relatives I don't. Mean if there's any in their broken or there's any. Anymore. Likelihood that normal that. They could be broken and tide does not need to play know but you're tie Archie spin and height of the things delta before lawyers that's really you know or lose my job this guy Aaron Jones TV did an already. Jones over us for what 25 in ties like bad. And get these red seal. Otherwise I gonna be on the practice squad that you are desperate to get out there are tag now about TRE limited in practice yesterday as it was blue log. Morgan Burnett not practicing that was a hamstring. Kevin King now practicing with a concussion some notables for the vikings Sam Bradford as you mentioned did not participate. A Stephane digs did not participate with his groin injury safety Anderson de L also with the growing so the vikings a little banged up in this one. Two ball teams can sort of lay claim to that the vikings have a ballot the at the biggest position on the field and that would be quarterback award does look like it will be. Case came down and talk in Minnesota and we'll talk to Paul Allen voice the vikings that this at 8 o'clock is that. Teddy Bridgewater maybe getting a star before Sam Bradford Everett has again. Ya but that would be after the Packers right right right maybe you know Packers play them again. On a Saturday night or right before Christmas Eve on December 23. They played about Saturday night at at Lambeau Field so we might see Bridgewater. On inactive right there. But not this week while while those two guys and help its case scheme. Although you don't you almost want it now I mean Sam Bradford. He played Grady is the Packers last year let's face a big game and a in Minnesota he was outstanding. He was area and pan the Packers secondary diskette chewed up on him there are two big topics conversation to players. Where Rio it's. I Montgomery. Jones. Running back so called controversy. And to Marius Randall our people start to the just pylon to Marius because of his. Because he's so outspoken. And you when he screws up he ball went up to it. Bomb. Might let last Sunday and that causes people Carolina the Marius even more. Emerged to take a beating the station. Well and it's it had such a position to urge you get beat it's very clear you got beat our. I mean if you get beaten pass coverage in your linebacker. And you see the second area make an attack on here. Mike Daniels and you get beyond a plays it's hard to tell in the trenches for most people. The Mary's Randall when he gets beat. It's a forty yard gain yeah I would there's a long touchdown that then what else a long gain on the other team just got to go to Twitter to find out who got beat. I think because everybody will be attacked him again that's true. That that's light Mike Daniels misses a tackle. Nobody will be on your nearly as much as if Rollins or Randall. Lopez coverage of exactly so the visibility is there more for cornerback and then there was a situation where he. Got really kicked out of a game by his own coach him and then whatever the penalty was or he threw the ball the deck even though I thought that was. On the side of harmless now it still drew fifteen yards so. People are are when year when your talent doesn't live up to the attention educate people are really quick to bring out the page. Works now. I mention this in my and a top of the hour updated about Aaron Rodgers is this form four against Mike Zimmer coached defense is this is when he was a defensive coordinator. In Cincinnati. And now they head coach at Minnesota just four and four as have some. Difficulty. Winning games. Mike he has -- other coaches Rania DeFeo. While he's always praise hammer out nearly every time that we hear from airing during vikings' week he's just. Saying good things and then why does he earlier and he just he goes out and he. Mom. He praises everybody. He just knows everybody on the other defense generated on naming knows he could be the worst defense in the league you know has the right down and talk about who's good who's not. Little bit of air Rodgers speaking. And mikes. And that's that's what consumer does in other number of different coverages and pressure issues and so. There's there's some guessing involved. When you post listening to play on the road there. That's just notice it's what happens and egotism Mike Zimmer of defense that there's going to be some. Some looks him scene is going to be some stuff looks exactly that they've run previous games. And it runs on different so that's the genius. Tim Henman in his. In addition he's rapidly. That's a difference. Have a secretaries Bergen and Minnesota's got the top ranked third down defense in the National Football League opener. Soul. You know that's another question and it's the scene because sort McCarthy started yesterday but dumb you'll see I'm glad it's a new start. First news kick off for the year get up get in the shower wash packer football that's like old school new tick off the weight used to be. I'm glad to noon kick up too. Days they have won fourteen noon kick offs a year all yacht and when you played the full of it via. Was like the three collected and then he moved to 315 and now it's 325 when you play the 3 o'clock gamers like. While the Packers have 3 o'clock game today that was equivalent for. The cowboys play on Monday Night Football when you had a 3 o'clock in the Packers would never money football. In the eighties and early guys out there at 3 o'clock game it was usually because they're playing good team but the Pittsburg Steelers with Bradshaw or somebody that may be only an afternoon game. Bought. Now it just. On a regular basis and uses broadcasting we give give this week to ten. Errol French RA Joseph box that you would begin because he's doing baseball. But it's Thom Brennaman jobs Tom Brennan now just the bill approved as the two week stretch were balked takes off a couple of weeks the new baseball. Like two or three weeks. And Broderbund moves up to the number one guy. So be Brennaman and Aikman again. Thom Brennaman it's not my cup of tea you'll like him. Now premed track terrorists. So we somebody's bad news broadcast a game. I know power now I like draw I had like a Leo I liked I like pretty much everybody out they brought him his dad Marty. The whole fame broadcaster with the race I like him down he's Emmys guarantees you know he's he's been he's in revenue grew heels as the same. Category as far as legendary broadcasters. But yeah I'm not the biggest Thom Brennaman fan either. I'm Norma. Might be a nice guy it's just hold on appeal he's professional broadcasters is not an appealing. Well maybe they're chuck this will be one of those days that I turned down the volume and I turn up the radio and sink the radio that the I don't know how people do that because there's like a 102 difference. Looks like when I met the game. And up the radio on in clemens' closest. The B two seats down from angels got he's got big game on on the radio. And as it comes hobby of duty when it's a Jersey 10152. Difference. When you say now. He isn't my Clemens answered it out. While I mean he is sound. Sheriff's. Josh Miller Park you can get the broadcast sync up with the with the players on the field billion met. They had that in the state like 842. Or some Catholic way below that but that might lamb label vulnerable to an as yet. I don't know when I was sure that they don't yeah I still see people would headphones I know when it's a delayed broadcast. Policies and ticket holders that look like they're being bothered to be at the game now bring their padded seats in there. Walker and from the eighties. Sorry Saturday interrupt you. Yeah out from reading the Sunday paper stories actor sorry you had you get up for first time that was definitely my seat mr. and for a year now. So sorry so there. Some still trying to monitor tickets for via. The viking game and there are Regis you might still go. Oh yeah all that's. Deaths that's still may be on the table. Only take a look at prices for its. That's on the table to eat until we decide we can't go anymore. So there are rights they caught Sunday we're gonna badger the idea or a bit detectives do. I mean you're gonna be pain about it. Minimum 175. Now is that too much or come down now. But those are the way upstairs seats to aren't there yet now. Now which it's nice to watch teams from their point of view sometimes. You can see I mean it's in others that all Tony two year about when asked the film a couple of days later that comes out you can see it. Overhead you can see that view I don't not quite yet Heidi inning guy or that guy. I I don't wanna know that time although I was at Dallas I want to my seat right outside of the gate was. But with that said. Binoculars for sale and act on our own and you know you're in trouble he IE is something better and we walk it down on May sell your seats are right down Maris so on that's wonderful. Well you can and that in Minnesota leaders have to pay now. 566. Dollars. All of that's it's going to be more than that don't Zend. I would say that's. 566 it's Ellsbury chief. A third of loss of their the prices so you can policy elections in the lower levels. Was finding a thousand bucks. There's seats for a thousand bucks Hubbell the badgers. I wanna go to a team of righted as rain on Saturday against Purdue Mel's a can. The starting price is like 65. All right well what I'll do here is I'll pull it up on mice CT app for into the Jessica volunteer phone. Our October 14 we're looking at Purdue Wisconsin party wants it bomb is seated at camp Randall though there's not a bad seat. I'm going well they're a rebel. Yeah anywhere and then there's the the one Dyer said yeah out the entire section whatever the cheapest one I mean that we sent not one yard line higher section it was a great C Lister against. On Halloween because the brisket and united sneaky. It will show you. But the stadium looks like. An annual show you were the best prices are. I'm based on the color coded system and for you frames. I've gat if you wanna say if you want just the cheapest ticket outlets all two Indian pair tickets for 47 now all there coming down growth 35. Section CC's so that's a little higher or write in if you wanna sit in that bowl I feel like him almost going to be in Wisconsin field house watching this you maybe can't. You can sit in the bowl corner and zone for as low as. And 75 maybe. All right or salt overcome a download. 68 iron because the starting price when I looked done. Tuesday with 65. So is that since the so why I'm unseat key there. Is that like other apps where as you move toward. Yet did that that's the panning out what the people that are sign the tickets on it do now but the thing about safety data like for real. Is that most of the time near the fees are included in the price use the term I don't know you don't fall in love with a price Yao. You don't say while tickets are 68 dollars and by the time you buy a 410 you guys who is on ramp all their for a different company the concept. So that that's been a huge bonus why he's seeking collide seeking downloaded to your phone today check out all the games this weekend check out all the games the rest of the season and also basketball season. You can find tickets the basketball events concerts. Oddity shows theater tickets is all available on C Kiki as we mentioned you can get the most bang for your Bok because they grade every ticket based on value. To help us just now find the best seats. To fit your budget and all of these tickets are fully guaranteed seat and shopped on CT and you can show up for tickets with confidence. First time users download this app again at C geek download it onto your phone. And you can enter the promo code bar right away that's going to be twenty dollars off whatever your first purchases whether it's for a box gamer. Badgers gamer Packers vikings game. You have not downloaded it yet downloaded now at twenty dollars off your first ticket purchase at CT enter the promo code. Bart. BA RT into the promo code. Bart I've been using this now for a couple years at tickets today cowboy game last week and threw it at tickets to a couple brewer games this year through it. It's just great he had it they download ticket steer phoned you can send tickets to other people they have the apt to its very very easy to use. Downloaded today seek heat. On line and he's the promo code. Bart chuck can wipe your three trends coming out more on the Packers little more. On the MLB playoffs last night as while tackling clerk that's next on the. Now from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio you. This is chuck and swindlers three. And so it brought Jill Biden added deputy Adam deputy can help you buy your next home because he gets deals done that others can't go to. Deputy dot com. Certainly there are great assurance. From the bright striped couch Atlantic studios we bring in our producer. Cody grant Cody. Good morning neighborhood morning let's actors here Adrian Peterson yesterday it was trains and cardinals to try to help you running back situation. Is your position on. The Green Bay Packers team that you want a seed and trait for. Possibly defensive back and have heard this tossed out there. But somebody yesterday and I forgot who Patrick Peterson's. Yeah AdAware that's where did this come from discomfort. NFL network I can't river who was with somebody throw to the Packers should trade for Patrick Peterson. It was just a suggestion and I Ellison's got a lot of rumor but this is just because I think I saw about a tweet that was sent to us like I think what happens is that. Somebody NFL network or whatever says you know who would really be good for the Packers as mentioned Peterson and then. Two hours later. We're doing a half hour topic I know they're rumored that Patrick Peterson is in the Green Bay airport in all you know things develop so quickly at least. From the game of telephone that is social media. I mean sure. You can go get a quarterback like Patrick Peterson I don't see why the cardinals would give him op. And yeah just they'd be acquired AP. And even though I think he's bad would you rather have Patrick Peterson while Patrick Patterson of this. Oklahoma City Thunder. What about was there are all all of some arrests have had water wells to be MMX one man and anybody I know who pat Patterson was an hour and IC champ pearl. While came out in 1979 apps Afghan. Of course because they. Couple years ago when I was a B to B program he in my closet. I'll put up okay. I guess offensive line dance I mean that's where have been the most concern but how do you go in trade for. A backup offensive linemen and you don't see those kind of trades go down I don't see by the current doesn't wanna get rid of Peterson Gail. So I won't even the I don't failures saying that it be like you know don't say that this season is over Maria what. I would say defensive back my respect to question what position when I want a trade for a guy that has never gonna do it. He toward the other reports that suggest that it make a trade that tops in my view I don't think you. We'll talk to Michael Cohen about. The possibility. Of a trade yet happening before the deadline when he joins us at eight Tony are handled insider here this morning. Cody what's next the Eiffel ball flight four of one. Panthers' first before and one Eagles. Look and had to. A future playoff matchup between one of these two teams that hackers which one will be a tougher matchup. What right now Carolina. Carolina's prison reform not a Philadelphia's temple the division leaders. But. Carolina seems to get the motor going on right now. I can like the Eagles better than the Panthers and I mean they were higher in the power rankings and I did I think you guys both put Carolina ahead. A Philadelphia got an undercover via gap I had Philly I know both of off off to great starts I just I was a Carolina with Cam Newton for ransom. Right some problems for the packer defense Kia Imus they care. Philadelphia for the answer for. Both will be tough matchup and if you're gonna face and in the playoffs. Based and at home please of course home field advantage please that is the that is the one goalie should have this season and right now the regular season right now the tax a tie for that now cane. With of one of those teams awful awful events and innocent. Yeah yeah with those two teams and you know Orlando where the biweekly as their three on. A particular ethnic armed. Scotty. So my wallet is very happy for the Yankees beat the Indians five. CN congratulations by the way out you know rose even a very good mood today I needed that bomb on Mike when his car broke down claiming. Ethic hum be given to get booed because it was a we went over enough of him so he'll be 26 fox. I think since the 1996 who have always with me. Now that's what is Xbox that's yourself and we've rallies adult enough and on the game yesterday. The Yankee game and I DDB two runs went on the run mines. I took Cleveland have. When Cleveland was up three nothing. That was it I knew Rhodes is it is backed the bill. I got I've never seen you guys are happy to win 26 dollars in my life I know it was a bit of winning 26 dollars it was the fact that on the 826 I don't feel. Yes because of pain points of view is that though he is a B 52 year because you lost. You know B 52 but I feel. There're and I felt so good about losing of that illness or roses turf war. The right. Can sleep in the culturally caimans more you know how we do history unless he lived here I have a room after the end of that station there's BC and AD. Where we signify a major events that then that's how we measure the course of time that that I feel like. This bat was for you kodi he's you know he's like now. There's 326. Dollars that as about to lose now and then post. Clearing mad dad I feel it back in your life so I don't know if rose that I should do immigrants. What that the Cody if he wants to get the meltdown confidently I mean if they have him to a front. Yeah muscle shoring up the 52 blocks from I think you need to put the might make an envelope and now holding IR I think what rosewood Don Hewitt done. Okay edited that you would use that frees us do another one double or nothing and going going going gulf. If agitator eager to go take they'll figure he's gonna win walk along the way before it. It's a thousand bucks so I'll when you guys do of that I'll hold the money pocket all I don't know we should do that either at. We know you might you I don't know what to do the money college did radio gel and all the money. You'll be here and Trinidad and yes and later joked that it was about that what are the choice Joseph Girardi had this to say about his team. I mean I just look at their bats at best a DD had today that patsy Carty had there's just a tough fight this club and you know it's a great mixture of youth in and done veteran players that are leading the way and it's hard to believe because we just Peter really really good team. And that was a good scene the first 100 last win team to go down in the playoffs the Dodgers Astros still watch the Yankees having had a chance. To take the Astros. In the ALCS. This as a win for the Yankees changed your opinion on who should it take on the World Series. I was thinking this last night poking the Yankees are playing Houston. Does anybody really care all that serious. And if Washington wins that washed they'll play the tigers. And that's another one. The cubs almost have to be in it. Order all shows and try it you can't look past the Yankees I mean yankees Houston's anymore dropping Cleveland's and but that does. The Yankees in Houston playing in the American League Championship Series is at trying to get it does for me what's the first thing you think of the Yankees and Houston. Nothing cutting a Roger Clemens. Polar Roger Clemens game and I'm just came in general because he played revolting and the series like the Yankees they play home games for the yeah let's see the Yankees in Houston park just it doesn't. Turn the affirming but he here and judge her house nailed two of any two MVP again and even the Dodgers and nationals. It's like I don't want the cubs the win tonight. But at least with the cubs appointed you don't the networks would love to have the cause of god that sounds like you'd rather. You'd rather have the cubs on CDC can hate watch them yes that you would like to watch good based on the team Washington ally I think you're baseball cubs but it's just. Yup. It's like to watch what the cubs lose tonight's. I mean part of I want him to longer suffering yeah. I -- job from it would freeze Idaho and I'm sure the networks want yankees cubs ball Nadia. Ohio obsolete. I would like did you see the cubs lose any light of the accused little loss yesterday there is Romans at Joseph Girardi was gonna loses jobs like for Earl didn't Boston. Crazy. Pallets Strasburg started for nationals you know I thought he was sick. That's what we thought now a great game a great creatures that wanna know I'm gonna say who is a World Series now I'll say. Toth president I don't know that I mean it's tough for a day yankees. I'm going into. And I picked Cleveland but they have. They might have volley use that all up bulls say in September when they want 21 general. That victim to. Ozzie three transcribed to Diana deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether it's your first Alaska take Adam deputy online ad deputy to act out. Jays have mortgage equal housing lender at a deputy of course named. You can trust. Packers go to Minnesota this weekend in a stadium they'd like to go back to a little bit later. This season we'll hear from Aaron Rodgers next. Generally put from the Brian Stratton college and lagged studios that check for him I'm borrowing blurred. Backers to stand down of course playing the cowboys and some interesting situation despite being any dull moment. The sun was coming through late may game affecting your Rogers. There was little Basilan they've seen it that's an issue with an indoor stadium. I actually talked Detroit got a four game. And it's kind of forgotten offensively in the third quarter I could tell us some some life start to come to the trains there. I'm not sure why you would do. He would do that and not factor into this online in this situation. It was really weird we were at the opposite end of that where we sat for the game. And you could just see the sun shining in blinding these guys. It's adult I'll hop but there is to open glass windows it's kind of like the stadium in Indianapolis that way. But some confidence I don't quite understand with this beautiful facility wide with him out of the late been able to shine and implied any money. And I brought a quote from Jerry drones Jerry Jones the owner there and he said. These they've done that on purpose to give them more of a home field advantage and it's like I think that's kind of ridiculous. So that's what it is you do to put us you need to put Sonny in a guy's face a quarterback's face that your home field advantage. I I don't like it I never understood the old Cowboys Stadium why it was a rough but there was. Mean it was open so it could snow there we are memory that all the game against Miami on Thanksgiving he buyers doing the snowman yet on the in the end zone. Now I never. So then I went to the stadium and it's covered now than it damn weird flaw lower its. The sun comes and it is Wii is weird. It's weird sitting in the stands and then for Aaron Rodgers had to fight through that. You've prepared to play in a Delmon and that man yes to pour a stadium the purposely so one other team. Is woods driving in that direction is going to have the sun its base. That time than now the last year I think Packers played their it was an IQ so it does the sun doesn't matter but I would think you obviously only if the Duke Team. That could affect the team Packers will have that problem this weekend when they go to US bank stadium but another dome. That they're familiar with and their familiar Rogers says with the noise. Yeah that's allowed environment that they have they've always had a great confidence. Back when there and metronome of pomp surrounding. True to grow up to now. It's it's news it's a pretty stadium atmosphere around the sunlight it needs to glasses and Nash. These are really laden is really loud we took last year and got some great fans. Don't know when. When she's very passive aggressively ticker shouted the crowd noise and tickers out of the Cowboys Stadium you know within ten seconds and extra hour. Lets us that's the way he operates. I love it armed. I always get that's the only place I think. In the national football league of course and tell the Packers won the road there's a little bit of far mystery. About them playing on the road but I beat this the one place I always got this little Bingham hit my stomach any time. The Packers are playing in Minnesota and I don't care how good or bad of a team they have over there. I just men playing in Minnesota I'm hearing that stupid Warren and all that. Just brings back. We just thinking about are now talking about is present a lot of bad memories well you know did that tree. The pop the noise TJ room please reason for that yeah out of the 19954. Even at 96 sparked when the Packers in the Super Bowl. They went thirteen in three and one of their three losses was there. There was a game when. In the ninety's to win Jim McMahon played I think was 94 wanna say Jimmy may after the game the touchdown against the the Packers. When he was the quarterback for the likes. All hopefully frames. This'll be the only time they play their this year. Hopefully they're back exactly pursued normal 52 exact all would that be just the best all fully won their turf and play the suitable that would be nice that would mean you'll look at what could happen is well. I don't think it's going to happen but you could evolve the could have been a scenario replay the NFC championship game. In Minnesota. And then came back and play the Super Bowl two weeks later Minnesota. I am more fully Rondell White on the road agreement and ice futures and round about way and sutures and Packers vikings. Coming up this Sunday more on that one head coach of course by Mike McCarthy. Future hall of Famer Mike McCarthy the argument is there that he can retire now in BM today. We'll have that next secondly there plus a thousand dollars for somebody. Straight ahead on the fan.