7am - Brewers, Packers cuts

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, September 13th

Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked some more Brewers then transitioned into the cuts made by the Packers.


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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. From the brilliant in Scranton college athletics studio. This is chuck it way cooler on sports Radio One 057. You know he was gonna kept going and again when it happened and it so it was a really it was a spur of the moment decision. You know what's all the runs we scored to take him out of the game and it's a good moment obviously really good course I'm looking forward to it. Last service you know. But very much stretch 58 easy. Pretty easy innings eater it's easy it's. Middle it's stressful because that's a pretty good in. Six percentage of Friday's. Jay Sanders saying Craig Counsell before that as well good morning it is chuck in Waco or sports Radio One 057. FM the fan the walking brewers get the win last night. They've got the pirates again today. We got. Fox sports the Scots and all over the the Airways today Craig to shout and enjoy is at 920. Brian Anderson on the bill Michael sought eleven and DA said it himself he goes this is the most brewers thing ever. You lose to the rookie pitcher on Monday. And then you go ahead MB Garrett call in the way they should do. Tonight. And don't look now the guy the Paris of throwing tonight he's a top prospects. But he's been shuttled back and forth from Pittsburg. And their AAA team. He's been called up he's gonna pitch tonight he has not won. In the majors I think it's a slightly today. So no one of these guys he's too with seven. What's is name. His name you ask oh Tyler glass now household little Tyler I'm Glasgow Scotland. I know his name you ask. Tyler the last golf I don't is one of the top prospects what you have to the stall technique is good and well as get wide eyed. He's when he's but the pirate I know he's one of their prospects were talking about him last night at the game but he's he's had a tough here you're clever man as a. Between that and the thing you did yesterday were headed to be ready ago. Craig Counsell in the dugout yesterday were saying chase and it isn't going to be the starter now and chuck assume that would be true so he. Had the three ready as soon as Craig said the or that is involved he press and Dana. Wells more yesterday that his business so frames golf council. Now. From. Just these deaths as there are some of the stuff you prepare for the last 1002 and four and your so furious seven point 45. Has not pitched in the majors since June 9. And I host Ellen couple again as last night that this has all the makings of a foreigner or yet. Struggling guard here on the fan brewers and pirates today more on them throughout the show. We're talking about the Packers transactions. Some of the moves made before the break. A Ricky Jean John John sicker a friend slot was released reportedly the Packers did make one move official. And now oil is getting relatively Darius Gunter. To make way for Geronimo Allison let's get out to a mosquito. The question from John 7991254147. Financial fifty what's up John. But you know. Oh well what they thought and Everett he'll act but I don't opt. I've not heard it does it hurt the and then back then. Are at I preview rat I ever know that all our website at I'd enrolled in a lab. We pick it anywhere we get out of it yet there's no. I mean. I wouldn't say there's no one at the game and it was a sold out. Of that we don't get caught what do you so what do you say no one's there what. We support there was nobody there. No not at embarrassing hole hole hole. In Paris a couple of publicly Indians want one hero and an 181000 their last I don't care I at all. All over this thing in baseball guys don't understand this a don't leave us you don't understand it please enlighten us oh wise one go ahead. And ever and yet per year you're never had anybody. I've read and you all at the order here Eric bought it. Yeah although today. A giant does it say we've always supported our team gets built that's baloney we have not always supported their team. Now. They have like twenty I pretty doubt that they have a game. Then it really. While they announced they announced 30000 took it last night but how much would you say prisoner. I'm I would just say it was an air. All at all possible. Once it does say in the place you say they announced 30000 and it was half of that there's no way. There was at least you know there was at least one he's out. Which if they get a Tuesday night fantastic and forced place right now and give 20000 people out there Jennings of the call dining. Embarrassing. People sit it was an embarrassing crop last night no. From what I heard and I was not at the game last night so I can't be all torches and pitchforks about it. Crowd attendance even though I was there Monday and I have gone to several games right now. Was lit thinking back on the show I did not appreciate getting challenged by U. In the terms of how much I go to the games I'd I'd go to the game plans now that. I go to the game that's not bad if you think you should be able to present the argument I'm not talking I'm talking about his totals fan I'm not talking about media. I go to the games enough as a fan to be weasels don't present the argument enough is one. I don't know many times a year are you sad five years and I said five to ten. Well and CO author and I come for the I see your last night number the Packers burst stocks they for the semantics. I didn't see you yesterday. I was not there yesterday and that's why I said I don't wanna talk about this attendance anymore its own various I want whoever chew on if your image is gonna complain the ball people back to when we games wire two dealers. I wasn't at the game last night so I can't complain about last night it will I've learned the lesson because if I ever say. If I ever say. If I ever say. I was several more people of the game that apply its of and it race should be fall well there's two there's two problems and what people here is what and somebody tweet me last night you always make this about you let's just give alternative to any right away if I ever say I wish there were more people at the game. They say. Well your day are and I expect Jack can't afford it. As a my kids in school I ball well all lol hey this is not a purse so this is not a model he model one on one discussion. I just wish as John Lacey is. Who just called and I wish there were a bit more people as the day beats and I could have done my part in netting gone and I. Did and so I am sorry I wish on Monday I wish there were police apologized so let's. -- right to prom just. With how people approach the brewers now you are real jerk to me sometimes real jerk you know I think you're really fit thin skinned. I'm not and I think you are I really think you do Uga you got to all sit yesterday because somebody emailed us Euro offset their percent. And what he's gonna do they brought my wife into it and you got mad about stupid I didn't like wife and two. No I didn't say huge shock if you ever listen I don't know maybe you won the polish Erica I am not a juror take a break. Generally there. There's some good from last night Eric names of another home run as the brewers went. Five to two over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Brewers use six pitchers last night to follow up. Suitor. Brewers are basically down to three and a half pitchers in the starting rotation. Three and their pitchers threw to finish it off for him and beat force starts left of 32 from. Arm on and off under the he's gonna try to piece this thing together. The rest of the way they state they still have not announced their rotation against the Marlins this weekend. Bought. Somebody may who's not count on the start may have come up and feel young when Megan start somewhere down the line just speculating but. Can you continue to go line with three starters guys you can count on. It's Souter whose behalf the starter 'cause he's 113 innings it's really suitor slash Jeffers is the combo it out well and then. Johnny bullpen right. But that's a tough way to go so Souter wondered what he needed it to three. Jefferson did you two and then you've got Drake Hughes towards Decatur and this is because they're high priced Matt Garza. They can't trust him anymore. Right because the reason they can't trust him is because he's not that good at least not anymore. I mean it was getting July. He was good in July was due with the twins. Of the cups that that not good anymore so. But that was. Announced force you choose to go to it was a three man you know on three days' rest and the three net man rotation. And putting a lot of pressure on chase who himself is just only making his six starts this coming out though that oblique injury that had a missed a lot of summer. So I wonder here if they're gonna put jays on three days' rest which week and we agreed yesterday in and I think a lot of people do. That this is the Smart move for the brewers right now invade. And candy came up his Craig Counsell talked about accounting came up. During the game on Saturday. You know he was gonna kept going in the game when it happened and it's so was. Really it was a spur of the moment decision. You know what's all the runs we scored to take him out of the game. All of a sudden you're playing the cubs and you're up eight runs easily well comic goodness chase we don't really need him in there. And I actually was starting I think that they were keeping him in too long what do the 05 it was five I'm led. The brewers offense explode at that because that they had not scored fifteen runs that game workers were that it ended the run inning. You know Edison would probably not be issued today. But that allowed him to get a note but 67 pitches so he comes back he's able to go today. McKinney did you go on three days' rest and finish it out I mean I'm probably each I'm sure he says he toyed with. I mean I just I've interviewed him yesterday and loved his enthusiasm about this. He's excited I think he's I think he's turned up because he knows a lot rests on his shoulder literally on his shoulder right now. And no Sealy pitches tonight. And if he goes out he struggles a little bit. Mom and now I'm not gonna put America BBA issued him at all. I mean the guys step it up on three days' rest and you know to come and go out there and and pitching so. Hopefully now possible and just be ready tonight to. Maybe a little bit not too much to that was kind of focus on that day I you know it was a little bit like you know you don't by the game and that many pitches that I thought cast understand because you know with a look forward to future. But a game that's at that out of proportion in the scores that I can understand some guys some mercy guys need to get in there so. A little bit of inkling and our team. I do like the strategy of just doing whatever you can to try to win the next game which was last night. You know you can see it a couple of those guys I thought maybe saving hater for today. That was taken may be chasing instinct you go five and then maybe throw teetering there for an inning or two. By dumb we'll see who's available at around that they would counsel and how's the who's available today I I think that that's a good that the strategy that today. In and entertain. In different areas of life is do you do what you can do to win today now and then win the new situation is presented the next day. You deal with a what you have there and it. You got a plan ahead a little bit and so for the brewers right now they've got chase Sanderson on three days' rest. Well we're all agree this is a good thing. Debt I don't think is going to be a thing you do the rest of the month you you're not gonna turn chased into CC sabathia because if you do. I don't know here at the same results that you got an a CC that was that was a special edge just that he was a special player than power house on the other thing is. Chase Sanderson can be a guy for you for many years down the road so. If you have a guy like neo locker who's not going to be a brewer next year Anthony soars act who most likely won't be a brewer. Now. Yes you burn these days and I'll let I'll bet it's not gonna be your problem next year on either that was CC right they are that was CC and they they do but what chase. Classic article find a balance of how much am I gonna burn amount now and how much do I care about 22000. And whatever next here is what it is here Tony 1790s. These CC 2008 but then you know CC got I mean he he beefed up his catcher for the Yankees by showing what he did. And what he could do and the Yankee I helped him get thirty million dollars a year. I don't accuse him yet that. If he stayed Cleveland. On the deep into Milwaukee and the use of the spotlight and he pitched well on old post season stroke and it game. But he did a lot to give them the post season now now I don't expect chase do the same thing but. This is some. Mean that they're gonna need another effort like last night hopefully the offense. To come to play you know last I scored four runs in the third inning. Took a lot of pressure off their bullpen. They still had a situation where they left some runs on the board. When they had their big inning. Bases were loaded and then they left and out as was so the offense could still do better but to get to get five runs. Not at this offense is good right now this is an officer is putting up 789 runs for awhile. By at one point was the lowest scoring team after the break. Which. Was not to be expect animated and this is a team that goes home run her boss the line innate it's kind of change a little bit but that still is their main driving force of. A run well the big hit it and that inning was Santana is two run double. That was that you should you know things have an RBI single Santana tried to score from second on that play. Maybe slide there but didn't. In other argument is as you get home faster on a slide or. Standing up. I mean I think that's also assessed at less than is gonna. He's the he was unsure but I would think that slide might be the way to go either way. You know how Jeffers last night Jimmy Jeffers guys who they've opera song. Picked up here from other Rangers and once you know he's he's been really good and middle relief. Now he's been great and he's more comfortable here now and if you can if you can do so we asked the Scott question on Twitter party think council piece the starting rotation the rest of the way. Even so let's say you've got Woodruff. I think you do need to attach Jeffers to Souter. The sooners still. Not fully stretched now horse so if you've got to suitor Jeffers cobbled consider that. A guy they've got would you Woodruff suitor Jeffers you've got chase and you've got Zack. There's some off days yet but you're gonna need one more guy until when they need that fifth start what do they do. It's like a beach people I'm out there want Josh hater just Peter his pitching repertoire isn't dare to be a starter. This is throw mostly fastballs. And I think you know somebody wants to see him start he's in command there. I think people are timing him a little better. And he's not quite as dominant as he was earlier this season but still useful part of this team. But he's their docket starting. They well he used all I mean he's getting the eighth inning Jabber and now sure source X started the inning and now. I got and how good it looks like it's wars dictator can able 789. A Jeffers was awarded the win must. And then can be able it's just 35 safeties he saved. I can able saved nineteen in a role but. I mean it's kind of fun to watch them the peace dead victory at last I casino these guys one guy at the all star game one pitcher after another. After another guy gets an inning the next guys coming in. Another guy comes up the ball and he's coming into the ball game get that guy out of there. Scorecard was an absolute mess let's start. But. And we'll see what they what they do tonight. They seek to him file that's the bottom line is that you lose any ground last night. Com but of course didn't pick up any ground says the damped cubs. One they got that home run from. Chris Bryant three run homer made it one game. You know about a month ago maybe even two weeks ago I was watching every single game cubs Rockies I'm just I'm just watching the brewers now. And then whatever else I'll go to bed and wake up the next day in front of Iraqis. I got to sacrifice sleep to see other Iraqis do OK Don doing my bed and listen. To them on the radio and Leo million last night on the output. The cubs gave Biden and then when. The home run was launched by Bryant with two votes to the brink of a 11 game was late night comes to win this one. We put a question on FaceBook and easy mentioned Corey can able 35 saves on the season. Would he beer brewers MVP. You have to thank you would pick closer. Would be the MVP. Offensively cedar Travis Shaw I they would probably Trevor show offensively oval in recent cooled down in the struck on the big moments to. But. He's a large responsible for the way the team got off to a great start this year as was stands but things. Didn't keep it up like like shot at us. It shows having. A great season. With 27 home runs over our eighty RBIs played some really good defense over a third. You would either to be sharp and able. Josh says a 270 hitters and most valuable player that would be sad to enable all day long. To which Jake's response on our FaceBook page was 351 OBP hundred RBIs this season and impacts every game sure enable only influences a third of the games in a season while he saved 35 games. And I think he temple can be able has done by both of those guys you know of this attitude to I candidates. We take depict him in a war. Or chase around. Forum. Third baseman Trevor Sharaud. Let's finally get back to the other part of Joseph Johns collects and well paying job for mosquitoes called and had a question about something brewers related and then something Packers related he thinks maybe Reggie Gilbert could be a guy. That comes up. As the Packers make a couple of moves yesterday. They he get rid of Ricky John Francoise. That's not official in the NFL but that's reported. What is official with the Packers come on and it said they've done is when Darius Gunter is gone. They got rid it'll Darius Gunter to reactivate Geronimo Alison you know John thinks may be Reggie Gilbert off the practice squad that could be the case I. I was surprised to see France hog go oh. Just I was listening to the big show and sparking mentioned it but about an hour before. The news came down so much so argues that about there's all these leaders on this team in these veterans in this presence and Al Ricky Jean their Johns can be one of these guys and then not in our later he's current. Well I envy but he saw as they have quick dial last week equipment dial. His corner your placing Ricky John Francis walk. Yeah because dial is an active but France saw only played at like six maps. So he was even in and doctor only played two steps. Less last week in Seattle. Dials the only practice last week one time. So. But obviously they got him all there and with the idea that he's gonna Tiki he's gonna be taken up Ricky John Francoise snaps on defense line. Just surprised to see that they edit Packers made a couple of these moves especially the Gunter thing thought that maybe he could get released at some point in the in the pre season the seemed to have played his way back on the roster that fourth game. But he was an early coach opponents now in the NFC championship game you US so much of him. Lester in the playoffs so they must feel a lot better about their secondary now. Well he started and I did a nice W a soda Beckham in their playoff game. He did he really did well he covered Dez Bryant the bells playoff game and as rich and Julio Jones in the NFC championship game. But I mean he added the U buddy they were back within a nice job yeah this is a price cut isn't it really was. Bomb I don't know what the think that the Ellison can it draw on the cut because of dupe at a Toronto when also NAFTA one game suspension. I don't know which run miles CNN that this team. Wolf find out what the other corresponding move will be you'll talk to Aaron Adolor at 9 o'clock packers' new NASDAQ on his thoughts on these moves and then. We will ask him if he thinks that the vikings. Are worthy contender in the NFC north that coming up. And 9 o'clock coming up much sooner than that round one of asked chuck and wink or any thing. You're chance to ask as any thing that you want coming out and 750 tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. Use the hash state ask CW. Yes. It can be anything. 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Wood driver locations updated every thirty minutes and the automatic email updates as well young express one of the fastest growing companies. In the US 747. 0100. Are trends coming up let's squeeze in Dan in receipt. Was said Dan yeah me. Forward bonus what's gonna Imus morning what do you these up. Got a lot of folks inaudible between you guys well. No I I I I know how that might have sounded on the air but I had to get to a break. Now there's a lot of commercials today so I did and that's the reason why I'm here we get someone easy going on or just play along jock but whatever I guess and we as a missed the gators play along but I'm not no that's an obvious throughout the general. Would you talk about him. I got a couple things down a totally different spin going to suit knowing this is a predictor writer okay. I don't understand what we've package drastic are so important is this an. Extra tickets stop got a disaster reagents. And we're gonna pull this one already right out of the gate that that was stupid or are these what you are all. To try to go forty guys put out there. Wife Vicki I think they do put some test balloons up for some of these guys and I can't give up before because they don't. I'm in NFL the Packers the word is that there to cut these guys so there baca treated cryptic. She'd actually say the lottery is inspiration and to try to do the I think you all are doing what. You know I. I think at Ethel the Z dude try to treat it beforehand when we can't treat them it is okay. Click to return to right. A quick medical flights or if you got a a one moment so you are actually three weeks ago. The doctor I'm an artist you know about it. Arm that doctors probably invitation to make us of where he's not going to bet. Think she's I think it is this it's who memorize what's your what's your what's your issue. Don't yeah. Larger actual entered the hospital let the Muslims. Call this. The other sucks doesn't it. And HR get all the guys in and you know Lisa Olson will tell him and meantime he's you know on the tee box at the sixteenth hole extra. One important that's. And gut check the result. I hear you are a negative and give McCall yuck. Which called the office. Good but it meant dopey out of each other and their. Well this would be one flight. Terrific. At it. Thank Stan. I'm gonna Kevin Owens yours I'm gonna do. I don't even if that means you miss a great smack down last night than all I know isn't. Yeah you did I just. I totally key enacted in today's wrestling for the first time in four years Vince McMahon was on smackdown okay now so when Vinnie it's the screen that update download today. So Kevin Rollins and Shane McMahon are a little bit of a back and forth. And Kevin Owens wanted to sue the WWE because Shane put his hands out so Vince came to settle the score. And Vince said you want to settle the score you're a hell on the cell match and then Kevin Allen said. Well you're saying that I can beat up on the man however I wand and said yes so. Owings interpreted as any McMahon so we head butted Vince McMahon who like a real head butt. For those of you that think wrestling steak it's scripted it's not fake it's script dead. Sensitive subject. And this was bleeding all over the place and any kick that I don't. You gotta check it out sold since the economy it is it'll cut themselves anymore now Kevin Owens he accidentally drugged took his head went. Accidentally okay. Who I don't mind I don't know if it was supposed to be a real head bodies in I mean if if someone tells you had 72 year old bosses head and it's now are so what's cooler and so was fighting in the hell itself in every Shane McMahon. And criminal lawsuit I'd wanna see that OK while at that there are no smackdown to a premiere preacher Eli. Because she used ratios down. I when he was then held a cellular site is bigger than a fantastic so I might just come over there and had by UNC Ali you know what. Don't be the last time you get within two inches of well I'll miniature eyes and we'll put it on face the vote. You don't only you Elantra. I can head I got a nice nap the next from heading in soccer. Again and it's click next now. Com now I don't know if you want boards generally cooler we are served up lies person's. Arrest trying to make Ares toward Israel by seven FM the fan ask chuck and wait for any paying ten minutes. Man minute warning just ten minutes asked chuck and went there any thing at 1057 FM on Twitter. Is that state asks CW ASK. An enemy ass. Yeah I mean maybe there's ass CW has saying Adam. Ask the CW will do that about ten minutes I check Freeman I'm borrowing Goler let's go to grand Cody order the trending questions on today's. Sports. Stuff. And so the Packers to cuts made a low one made official one on its way it would Darius dancer and Ricky Jean Francoise which one were you more surprised by. Both of them I'm just Reza ball I see the various gun drive up that. With the with the secondary the way it is and now Gupta played well last year but it's just seem like he was slighted on the desk chairs site. I'm surprised he's in his slip there he is and draft to draft pick maybe usability is coming back tumor here. I was surprised with de France on move. I mean the gutter move is surprising in that that they're both surprising that you said. Especially because I'm terrible it's been number one corner the last time you play these guys which was now. Two games ago we took seven defensive backs right. With France slot here's a veteran that you go sign him you'll bring this guy in. We're all excited about it he's still to be here. And any Elliott's six NASA and they let him go and it could be because maybe they do like Quentin dial. I had that position who. Was inactive but again you bring a guy in that lay got to get him up to speed. Maybe they feel comfortable with him now may be as some have speculated they go and bring Christian Ringo back which would make even less sense. Why he went to just kept him in the first place a surprise at the France I'm glad I thought that this is a guy that could contribute. And and they just were lighting a little. And with doctor you're kilometers six defensive backs on the struck not you but I mean. Now back to tell us that there are six defensive backs better than him including undrafted Josh Hawkins and Lindsay tents. Where on this roster I guess that's about I guess so now out interest things so I like their name Lindsay patents all we like they would there is Gunter. And he will you would expect him to catch on somewhere speaking of guys catching on somewhere. Max McCaffrey's now a jetliner. The year. Saints' practice Scott Halen Robinson now for the year so Max McCaffery. To the already high style or else who has he's gonna trail with the bills this this week or for Hillary industry yes military debris that was him now so draft pick. These Packers cast offs are landing places and we'll see. If and where friends lie and Gunter lineup Connie. But not to the brewers they start east series for the Miami Marlins this Friday in Miami of course hurricane her mother tragedy that hit. Florida. And it did damage. The Marlins ballpark a little bit no word yet if they will play. If they can't play in Miami what should they do I'm Linda Miller Park. The Marlins probably won't be like him that you know will it top of that well we don't. The cubs had a series against Houston moved to Miller Park. From Houston. And it turned out to be cubs' home game at Miller Park some two bit for the job. Yeah because I'll be happy but we're not happy that the cubs have had a few things moved in their favor either. This gives his state Miami it sounds like yet another rose a little damage but it will stay in Miami I'm Doug Miller Park caption is not on the tea I know but ESP who I would liked. Oh yeah it all right who should what should Dade I'll watch should be I'd like a 162 games of going to Miller Park well you I like a like for to be in Milwaukee data should be Milwaukee. Because the cubs have had a few things go their way to Rossi to play the skin. Now there were a lot of scheduling moves that were announced this week. One game moves up a half hour next Friday against the 'cause of that next Saturday game goes from six till noon now to accommodate the Fox Broadcast because. If you're good at ESPN Friday night fox on Saturday TBS now. On Sunday so all of these games will be on national TV between the brewers now and the cubs as there are few really true division races last. Let's hope that the can be the brewers to still make this bulls games meaningful next weekend. So everybody got mad it was a day when they came as anybody mad at the night to day game now know I'd like yelling at noon start on Saturday. I love it. It was or more to do games and satirist like debt. As opposed to the Saturday night game or that the Saturday afternoon to those game last week and threw me off guard I thought it was a 6 o'clock and then it was 3 o'clock now on Saturday. On the wrote him yeah whatever comes after Romeo Crennel I I think. They try to play his little Saturday nineteenth is possible at Wrigley too but as far as the brewers. Debris split new and in the the badges at 230 so he's got to roll it into. In the Washington to hear future schedules. Coming adding the badgers are off next week like baseball or who gets lost and I mean source TV watching gets lost in the football washing weakens future schedules coming out for the brewers and the badgers. I do not like the badgers are doing with their schedule particularly. The last game of the season. It'll get into that at 8 o'clock Tony trending number three. Let's say it was baseball the Cleveland Indians on the any outage wondered twentieth straight game that ties a record of the money ball Oakland a's Beckham doesn't see when they won twenty straight to my question for you at CU. Was the most impressive streak you've seen here in Wisconsin sports I'd say it's Paul monitors. Street back in 1987 which you were right there in two years older than watching that's got to be my favorite I just love every. Reminiscing about that streak in and talking about a radio and all the things that I seen this year and highlight package is wonderful guy coming up just an everyday Barbara a loner. Well I love it I would go at the Palmolive or street okay Corey. You I I don't know how you stood don't play them on a street but I love it demo of the moment you know of the Mueller hitting streak in thirty years ago. I loved. For many reasons off Kyle how type fear that I'm playing and Ashley aren't motor mile outside of fear player and I was at you know that hitting straighter covered that paying and it was great to see. All the attention now Milwaukee at that time. And you know they were going live on ESPN homeowners at bats at. It was wonderful it was agree I was sad to see it and it and the pitcher that ended motor city street was. John Ferrell the manager of the bolster its yet that's an interesting tidbit I've heard fifteen times the sound and right now. All right go ahead. I'm not downplaying assists coming on the thirty years ago the thirty you're even when I get off to stop the topics of turn you talk about that. Let's go to break your. You've been texting your questions in all morning for chuckling clerk and now it's time for some answers. This is passed shockingly clear NEC on 1057. FM the fan. Learn anything your opportunity to ask us whatever you want to eat as that 1057 at. After and the Fannie is the hatch take ask CW you can continue to tweet as. Now we've got a good batch of questions from you guys and if we don't get him now but could get him in round two at 9:50. This morning ask us any thing. Your questions. The vessel Toni grant it was. Sir it's this one does she ever foot is real way. To ever known wall once a year on gruel and out Roberts specially meets. Does not stop none stuck EV eight Christmas Eve rosy view him as a legal and I Christmas Eve. And you know worker doing this you're welcome to stop buying real some meat and I do it every year what it soccer's a Christmas Eve. The plus side and while there are usually at nice you know there and it's one all the but the matter called thirteen below zero. Of gross yeah how is your guys his budding friendship by the way you gays Rosie and traveled to remain together beautifully talk about that we achieve through on the show capitalistic ways. Has just been spoken. When we're hearing do you ever put your grill like where's your grill right now right to from a garage. The I always thought mine in my garage. I don't even outside I don't know nobody gonna drive up in my nearly driveway and taken grilled. You never thought I was put immigrants you know I don't. In iTunes you know suddenly loft and hey you know what the sub's gonna steal my grill Weber grill. In the mire of all places and make guests and my dad content. Nobody would connect. And that was from Ziggy this one is from John. If you guys would ever faced each other and wrestling match what special stipulation would you choose talent itself the job he's risen match lose to LC loser leaves town. All dead huh. Next next up Betsy would you sacrifice to future playoff packers' season and is very ticket TV post season. But this bird CNET woman's ass like Iraq absolutely. First my favorite team of the state. And yes if you told me to package and missed the postseason next three years to get the walk into the postseason this year I take six. So bad I want post season baseball here in town. Giving anyone a reason you know. If Polanski that today. What was the would you sacrifice two seasons of channel I would tell her I play on the ball. Three I must believe it they have shut wants say three or make it three how many years of packer playoff the party to sacrifice I heard all the brewers you can homeless right now org well. The next three years summertime and this year. This year. Await the season's not Rogers division division title. I want a rosy vision to used over the brewers are gonna nose up to comes when the division title via an out out guard division title got wild card. It would do division title game seven how many I had a hacker seasons would you. Sacrifice for the brewers two in the division title this year rate now there's no guarantee it with a World Series that no just the playoffs yeah I'll just get the playoffs. All right. But luckily I really wanted to know what will take calls on that and hear from you guys I don't know sixth minute and I don't in the minority but that's not an early may not be I think what we. 7991250. Cody what's next Robert Watson though if the badgers women's hockey team to win a title. Anything's possible you know it's a good young group of women. I really like their goalie this year what's her name and just the way they work as a unit of I know in in College Hockey that coaches coming out in the players are only there for so long but they've really impressed me so I say yet again. Yeah I think the do well now. Okay good question. Next so. You asked that question earlier Anderson actually asked on FaceBook who was the brewers and BP or can enable or Trevor shot slightly different question here. What about exactly eighties as the brewers in VT could be a twenty game winner he's the most that picture. There. I'm really starter opinion put people. Back to. All boys public that was the most when they give up their MVP pitcher at the end of the year who's going to be able to exact news. I think it would go to enable and then chase and then days. Davies might DD one anyway is that good can we held on again I had though everything free all star break he had more run support is not a pitcher in the zone he's he has stepped up here. What goes against chase is the injury increases missed two months of the season Bryant. Your confidence and it could be able and it could still be Jimmy give it to you did manage this disease or doesn't mean he's not the most valuable there year all three guys may have had some down points of the season you talent junior guerra. My junior guerra. We've herbalist. Is that the mob world. Noting. If you gave the final words for each other European rules what would you say about each other. He never learned to. I would I be I would say something very nice and hard of a descent that you guys. Yeah and assistance we may never. To build. He never learned to. Serves in medicine business. That's how dry nights he tries. He tried to try to art and I got one can't teach an old dog new tricks scenario Edmonds. Next. Should Jabari Parker he'd given a Max contract and you're he'd fox general manager would you. If I if you were her I would save you work all out and you dot com. I would say no we should be your next contract. Yeah I don't it is thank you can't pay him more than you honest and its Genesis that Tony five million you can't give a guy who is too many injuries the Maxwell. A future MVP of the league is gonna. It's gonna make Tony five million pounds in Omaha is in get them know their freedom. Mignon is that pond obviously ending the way he grew up in now to have. A hundred million dollar contract but I wonder if there's part of him that things sanction to try to get the man is juicy that interview with Thomas that he did so with that sixteen years old ideas. With CNET ever had suffered first time this week. He was like at some summer tournament when sixteen talked about history who play in the NBA and they're players watching. Magic Johnson playing pompous critical Yankee. He's really changed in. The terms of he is a rich dude yeah well without since we was drafted to play thirteen have been like since March yeah. You've got. He got sick. You mean this offseason muscle I've seen them this offseason he is a monster just some pictures online okay. He's been here meanie because they're body can only put so much boss lethality season it's Max thing out. That's for sure. So what would you were gonna turn that certainly the question around do you guys. How many bad years of Packers football would you sacrifice for the brewers. To make the post season this year. Chuck says 338. Four on 479912541479920.