7am - Can you put Fantasy Football Commissioner on your resume?

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, January 12th
Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about someone using a strange job on their resume and discussed it's fair or not to put fantasy football commissioner on your website.

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It's. No show can we blurred. He lives up from a brilliant and scrappy colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them. Surname being very steep fourth annual night both floor. Features the Dave Matthews Band Saturday February 3 that's that night both for this Super Bowl that the Xcel Energy center in it. The Twin Cities and we're kicking up the biggest game in sports with the biggest night in music the night before a sold out. This is your only way to win 7 o'clock today right now 2 o'clock this afternoon. And 53. More keywords will give you the keyword. Text it to seven Juli they want it or enter that Entercom contest. Dot com the key word this morning is. Band VA ND. Text band to seven to 81 and he can win tickets airfare tickets for two. Three night hotel stay. Two tickets for the concert and he can qualify for a grand prize which will be June July location experiences. Game date ticket packages messaging data rates apply the night before. From the fan and NFL on the occasion your official pass for the ultimate Super Bowl to be to experience Super Bowl ticket packages. I'm still not gonna NFL location. I'm sorry NFL I'm location dot com today and again the key word is band BA and text that to seven to 81 as Tom in Germantown data yesterday. And he scored himself that packet so. Congratulations to Tom hopefully you can be. The next Tom text band. 71. I'm not going to. Go to concerts. Concerts. A loved one amendment just I try to go to womb I go to probably about ten or twelve. Fifteen chances a year yeah evident that aided those Dario speedway I don't so what I like a wanna see aerial. Doesn't matter John mix it up a little bit why ladies are spice July I do you see a lot of different concerts. I have to study got today's groups because I I don't really know that he's music. But did you know I just I've seen him Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks. You know the Eagles and what's so funny. L Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks and mean but that's my error Barney would be that's the same electric the same thing and it got us out of a season and it ya but I mean. But probably I'm talking I've seen fluid -- of what the players anyway reconcile Michael Jackson as subjects died while I don't know Stevie Nicks maybe just like two or three songs from Fleetwood Mac address does missiles so. And then he will see Fleetwood Mac Christine McPhee does her you know her stuff that she does have to make Lindsey Buckingham it's not the same. I shouldn't laugh I've found that. I'd struggling color we are served up by Perkins restaurant bakeries. Here on the fans so no Mario tonight. That got canceled and I'm sorry about that your societal awareness and out there somewhere else. If that that not this far north boulder I'll bowler which is by shuttle. The mohicans casino there OK apparently Kevin krone was called off his next two months were for concerts and I'm sure it would have been sold out anyway. That Dario shelves it'll they all are. Just like the old that was the small venues are all sold well just like bucks warriors. Is tonight so this is one of the toughest tickets in town again throughout the buck season. You've got the Golden State Warriors coming here are there in town they'll be at the rally senate tonight take on the box the box a team that have played Golden State well. Over the last couple seasons and a guy who's played for both of those teams. Recently Zaza Pachulia has not actually was here. I'll wait yeah honest honest as first team like. OJ Mayo and Nate Walters and some of these guys that are long and go on from. Box history does that was on the eighteenth that he saw a young pianist. And now he sees current united so seeker Janice again tonight so. Last night it warriors practice at the chance Tom was as a for a few minutes about what he's up to Milwaukee. What he sees from resides in his thoughts and she's educated as a coach Zaza Pachulia. With us on the fact. Borrowings and here was does that Pachulia. Welcome back to Milwaukee. Do you guys get much timing yet at the shooter omelet. Are you able to do anything it anything like Milwaukee that you ought to make street viewers it's one day of back to back you can in an hour. You obviously. When it was gross income your wants and we just legislative breakfast and dinnertime and you're so right there right before Morris is. You know neuroses officers who lives poll also and manipulated the world. Movement incidents of breast. Figure refuses. We don't support to sue law and that this is obviously. Tomorrow and do grows. The big line is yacht is of course and when you were last year he was just getting into the league. With what you're seeing from him now. Did you see that out of and then errors there's some surprise element. Saw me do you know obviously. When I first met it was great to solve it. Wood to give it wouldn't mind to those whose progress through you know for some second. With Newman and you could sell luddite view the plan was enough for me to sit over the beauty. In the league team. And Leo all of a potential. Looking to him what Orton was able to. And renewals young age and all solves it was impressing. Those as you would like to see the hotel Jones to view wrong news about so. All I was expecting as little surprise that through. Wolf there's some growers. Where. You see a limit for him error at this point I mean. He wants to be where LeBron is where we're KD is the seal in the program. You doubly good bears Phil Gordon. Been. Before him. I like his mindset Allard he's TV shows and big news Rick Rick growers come in Rome and good to hunger. Aren't under the civilian and also another very. Good quality audiences. Hope he chooses to work we did you mental producing heaving his coaches thought on those sorts of stuff. Masur on new really alerts almost over a minute so. The Genesis hope for the weeks to work through those guys. Only a little more experience and as a result you can do good work. As far as you in the warriors. You guys that are a pretty good basketball team. And he'll be in the playoffs. Probably the ones the I do you guys. Go through the regular season when a team like the boxes fashion line for you know the playoff berth maybe a top seed. Are you guys not lose focus during a long regular season with so much travel and all this canister. The records. He knows. I'm a great reporter so one thing though one thing they'll realize that. Images. Can be dangerous for us. If you don't bring defaults on Bloomberg and reviewed they review and and as you can struggle because they're too soon but look you're close to play games and you know rules. Do hold themselves. Is personally. Did do we'll. Be known for their news from Los user. We've. The focus. For example lost their gloves because you know I. Defense we re do to bring before he's been. They're always so. All that's why every game could be binges are very difficult so so it's important you know for us. Play our game and from soulful stuff it is. Enjoy in the twelve game was awarded as possible in the yourselves you know those who have gone through all the years that obviously for the success each successive. Good continue doing a lot of things some on the spends a lawsuit. In my. There's more. Like to. Lot of trouble you know fatigue in this. And those who did. You didn't professional and ticker news. News they're worry with you guys I mean you or on the shelf for a little bit. Staff going through it he's going through their worry that you guys if you're not all. Together there might be some some Ross when everybody's healthier now. Well we'll blow crews have received two of course there's been together four years ago obviously losses. Food is this new couple possible way personnel. Boards from resumes struggle with the injuries you know. As well with the conventional. Forces or about rather living through now. And the wells and finals. While of course this is this. Rangers that all flooded. You would keep you all. Fold into will be Smart about it and you know also it was a nuisance of players. To step up. That shouldn't be worried. This over the list as far as all the routes and also. Now it's our it's our supplies. And solve this review definitely it was drugs larger group that we. Its influence and his little caesar's what is news and blogs and pool opens the do you. Contention you. We missing Milwaukee. Good luck but not Friday. It that's a classic Tim Allen waited and an interview size though that from ten Zaza Pachulia last night. They warriors. Practice at the old warriors facility the current Golden Eagles that the Al McGuire center last night and I'm going to be in town obviously tonight take on the box on which should be. A great atmosphere and you know but fear part of the interview is when you told Sasha he said it's a great question you said I'm a great reporter. And he does Lou right guy your statement he can play along he just kept dog he laughed he did so I like to be kept on going. Are you guys not lose focus during a long regular season with so much travel analyst Dennis. The records. He knows. I'm a great reporters. Want to go look I think it's like god. Fell hook up just. Well we we actually left her like a full touch a couple of I'll talk about that play well I've got to do it because that he did left for being you would we've played alternate okay he gave me a smile. If we're really gave a smile that he probably walked away is that geez who's that scare what does this baseball kept coming over here and now I wonder I didn't last night if he also I will say they're once Porsche car. Now my one sport shirt the purple and with the style of the one a year younger coconuts yet now you work out what. Yes. I'm wearing a different on tonight's yell one sport shirt in one sport don't. You the same blue shirt every time you go all I do not. I do I apps Selena. Insulin and sport coat. No all we don't have a fan help and budget a year ago only ten sports completely don't have. You don't have a wardrobe budget the fans of course not that that's wrong response I don't know that once I get on the outs are where bush urged him to that in your own. Well I got other things to do. You spend your money on the up losing to me out who did you. Captain Moore again Jeff and the parties as volume as a special event board's commitment as ones tortured. Good fashion advisory units while you and I will not. I mean I absolutely will. Just tell you I just when I don't miss. That's fine you know be a bushel Washington. He's giving it frankly measure do you do it yourself you irony yourself you washing yourself this is not a dry clean share and I Dag frankly other shares posted. I've got a nice black in the great sure I'll be wearing tonight okay if you must now and then take a gold states are in town for three nights of brokers to be screwed. I would be soccer yeah like when I cover all brewers series that can get a little tricky you know I hate doing laundry. Who would I do laundry in my place. The Oceanic comes overtures so much better. I don't know why I do the same thing to do the same steps that somehow. Everything comes off better when she doesn't. Now you're right my wife does our laundry batter I don't know how how does that work I've put in the same stuff. But she does a better maybe I don't know I don't get it. I've always done I I have been I can't do her laundry. I can do my all I would be I would never try to do Audrey. Now because of I did it I'd somehow shrink something you know media and outside I've been taken off those duties. He would view. The key to being a husband is too. Be bad it shores and then you know doing. That's the key always edit your soul. Part actually what the theme of the thing it's pretended he would do something yeah. And because it's so as he gets tedious than other risky to do now. I jumped the horrible off fixing stuff round house and on I don't you never have to do it again op. I mean even like maybe cheating like ball now we get an offer you know it's like for Christmas. When my six year old gets stuff that she put together it's like on the absolute worst. But I I I got to this up close ball game two years ago. First did put together like. A month ago and Sheehan who put together. I'm horrible comes up you have that it's like. You buy a game legacy at all pre assembled Williams. Do you tools with that is literally I can do this sounds pretty beta view as I suck I suck and stuff the other struggle like we are served up by. Hurricanes restaurant and bakery is normal by seven FM. The fans like you provide desk this has all yup I always say why got to put this thing together yes not by. Ready go to goodwill by one there top opinion that's why by the floor model and then you get a cheaper yeah exactly that'd be me I would read about if I. Pay full price to the floor model also put the thing together. Are the fiercely sale is going on right now matches firm. It's a new year it just opened new Bennett match from the get to covered with a new your sleep still going on right now. Three fit it with any mantras of 799. Or more. Mr. firm's New Year's closeout sale means some of the 7% on famous name brands or models including the beauty rest the sort of the Hampton roads. It also save on the essentials like the adjustable bases which I have it. Sheets pillows and a whole lot more matches from is also got this new mattress line that. Has everything you want to bid Europe box called the tool check it out and during their New Year's sweet sale this too low. You won't pay a dime for delivery. When you get and so checked it out when he given the matches firm. This weekend and see all the great deals plus the interest rates at 0% APR 0% APR six years. During matches firms knew your sleep sale call 18667006220. Credit costs in terms subject to provoke the guarantee you're at the lowest price actually guarantee of that and don't beat any price of the Earl matches. And don't let your matches with the 120 days purchase. It was bring that back and future money back but they've guarantee you love your mattress in clusters of the best price in town as well that matches per. Friends and I friends she works in HR. And something's I saw. Somebody sends her resonate. And what they've put on the resonates sports related. But there's no way in hell initially I thought he should never put designer resonates have a job. I'd have to as is just I don't know but I but. The I have to I have to ask you are well do the next rocket has initially when I sighed but there's no way to tell you what does that resonate. But I've convinced myself that it actually a very meaningful scale. Will send that out to you guys. Putter all time idea it's checkpoint on the. Well I think someone tell me something. Not just. Imagine baseball team. Blink. Since you eat. That's a step Brothers Jack and wake girl my seven FM the fan I'm borrowing of that check Freeman caught grant our producer as well. I say yesterday I was. Toiling around and snaps chance right. So one of my friends is in HR. And she had put on her snap Chan a picture of some guys resonate. I don't know what the job is good on the resonate. Instead. Like the third thing it said was. Fantasy football commissioner. Under job experience. Okay and in the qualifications are managing a team of ten people. Manage finances scheduling. And I responded to her I said I cannot believe. Somebody actually put that intense and we laughed about it and then we talk a little bit and I thought you know life. In life that. There is some legitimacy. To putting being a fantasy commissioner on horizon. Not at all. No not at all I M I wish you knew the jobless budgets mean this year working for. Com. You'll fantasy football sport. A site. May be then but I know. So it puts that I'm I'm that's the big picture isn't gets a resistance hero laugh and it. And there is say look at a Joker put dishonor on a resident. Well think about it I am a fantasy football commissioner many of you are today what are the things that we have to do is commissioner. We have we grew to. We're managing the a group of eight to twelve people and then sometimes more weren't terror or in charge of scheduling. On a date or everybody can get together sorting through conflicts. To find a draft day sorting through conflicts or some mediation that needs to go on when a guy doesn't. Gives his guys set no line upon time you have to manage twelve people's differ reactions to that. There is finances yet to deal with the finance side of things managing finances being responsible to pay out your league being responsible for. Hanging on to the money not spending it. There's responsibility that comes that sells like running a household with being a commissioner calls that and given the right household you put dead okay husband. Three kids run household managed money. It everybody's schedules and organize you should put being numb monitor them the guys balls. Want to Koran at a that's gonna help you do your job. But I just think it's just given people have things in life where they have to. A range and put together and calculated and all that so I am. Here's some jobs I had starting out in my life and lifeguard might start. I'm sure the skills I've learned and developed as a fantasy football manager are more useful to. Most jobs than being alike see I think you'd be a lifeguard today to be somebody struggling in a pool would you be at a phone. Art there's somebody over there who's you don't have a problem making it to the world. You on Twitter. One put my phone that close to the water chuck you know you're on all levels and type in our high stools and point. I was a grocery store park attendant OK I was the guy in the parking lot that collected arts. And then put him back in the grocery store it's on me being a fantasy commissioner is the last. Impact full honor resonate then pushing carts. And whichever political. I just think gold. Pushing carts into a net think it shows that your willing to work. And getting out there and got a job. And you're doing stuff that maybe people don't wanna do but you're still going out there and earn money. Basketball commissioner shows you work for free. Yeah true okay you're dedicated or you might like what the big it's a mystery and countless guys out there is pushed to make ours is gone better for them they can. Man this guy is gonna do when it's cold later on tonight in slippery out here. It's you know more power to this guy this kid. Is accounts theatre whatever great. Result they're doing those sort of things in his job as a main thing. I never. You know a job as a job in today's world but to his seat football commissioner and it's not a job. That's what it's not a job but it requires a certain level of skill. OK we put so what are we put it on Twitter on a 57 FM the fan we put up a poll. Can you put being a fantasy football commissioner. I'm here resonant point emirate right now we're at 72%. Say no new and that's fine if they get first. Idol about it at first but the more I think about it. The more I think there's some validity Cody play fantasy would swear where you're landing rounds. It's tough because you talk about you apply for a job you while come office professional in a fancy ball while commissioner you actually put them under resonate the first thought I have is I'd laugh at a place. You make a good points when you say the work that goes into it and you're not doing here for any money you have to put work into yet to put effort into it. And it's like managing a group of. This is your match this whole world list and at what I mean this is where the world is today yeah. We're just yesterday this is where the workforce these are the kind of guys are pushing me from my job. They're putting fantasy football. I'm their resonate your kidney. Running a fantasy football league are bulls a Bulldog people push people for jobs these I don't think you. I don't think you're capable of running a fancy football I'm a wide capable of doing and I just don't wanna do I don't moaning about fantasy football fight knew the ins and outs of course I could be able to do you have to get the men it's twelve people I got here late Smith turns around here I got a take after my balls running off the hook all the time. How did you pay unity here extras is part of my job all right well that's a skill then what you do yes you manage the schedule having turns. And you deal with conflicts that are sure that the exact same thing that you as a fantasy football commissioner. The teachers had deal of stress as well yes and you get tax emails all the day or hours of the day exhibit their assists okay but back to be like. Doing any sort of as your organize a softball you. The same thing is that. Yes that would net you look at this should put that I managed the softball league Allred. And Corey Parker whenever chuck when I was in high school works when I was in high school senior year. I ran a mini golf lead and there was indoor facility and fondle act room where you could mini golf. 36 people. Twelve teams of three. I worked with the business to get a discount. On a group rate. I scheduled. Week to week I managed a fantasy football website I was in charge of marketing and what I say about that is. I worked with the high school to let them announce our results over the school announcements. Okay cell. Did that that should be. I scale. Why should I I think running their league depth might be something edit. But she should have that at. That to be something that you bring up in the interview process they glioma a BC Joseph Barton would you like what do you do and what else is it would also denoble part we agree so why he manages golf flee. Last year in part I mean it is and he's fifth in conversation. That's like an attitude thing. All part yeah yeah I would would need you I'd menaces golf plea deal one to fourteen to do this well on this there's this I love doing it ms. Debt definite steps an extra bonus I think seven and having 1254 on 47991250. Would present. Dennis is done on our side it's a Dennis. Trait. Parts of all that god what the equipment that the actual patsy killed beat or she became commissioner I'm glad. Don't believe what I have are ethically failed and I agree which is set of York. You are present I usually let you know skilled and other out. You wanna put that they are but the way you write out my Bart if they put this at his work. Yeah he did. And the rest man SI he nodded his word not work experience not org. Global credit cook it are pretty neat deal. He should have been utilized in the guilt before. He became the commencement got a couple good that. You ya and it's and it's. Laughed hysterically. And then the more about it the more this is the workforce and this is would you. This is legitimate a legitimate thing and and eat it implements mom's basement of see that's a lame way to go and now fantasy football isn't huge in its CEO and it fanciful I don't know mom's basement on me while he's gonna put it out as Reza main. So what kind of up there's nobody more important bald is that he's good that he's done. They're running a fantasy football league was actually done the work force. He had like one other job with little tail likewise effort outlaws I was so all Indian now on the off I wanted to what do you actually done in the workforce of working for somebody. And grinding away the other thing. Maybe this guy even if it's stupid move to put fantasy football on the amendment to the story of the apple launch in the story. Is that they are going to call him. Suited to ask him why he put fantasy football on his resonate to some guys or ladies might just turn their risen leeway in order to actually but this is so there's a retreat yes he will he's going to get a cold that. From what was not anything Reza may won this case is gonna work that the goal on the one in this case it's gonna work for him in some cases that might not. I'd say most cases somebody elected what him laugh and would we when I heard the sky but in this case the leading to early sit right moment your Fred. Yeah different she's gonna go and arm she's intrigued by. Yeah so he'll get a call that and then once I know how that call goes all. Ali known Tyler tweets and at 1057 FM the fan says. Last year I gotta cover letter where a guy compared to benching of Bart Houston to Alex Marty broke. To our company hiring him and giving him a shot like Chris did. It was an entire paragraph with a long explanation. This was for a mutual fund sales reporting job. See but that's intriguing sure you can't just say I love the Iowa and I do be a great addition Deere company there. To guide there's a guy who. Who's a college student at UW OK he works for the campus station there and he keeps telling me how hard worker he has. I mean at the C a box games of the not a tubby how hard work this this this so it was tough. Let's hear how you sound and radio but here's the cirrus sounds simple and only hears up the great the only do you keep Tony. And he never does he govern us he never does he never gets me and keeps dummy are out of work its auto works so hard you know I'm do the the now let's see how do you several minutes gimme gimme some examples now. Second point zero can you put being a fantasy football commissioner. I hear Reza made four on 47991250. We are served up by Perkins restaurant bakeries it's a Friday fish fry today from eleven until closing meet the fish fry for just 1099. And kids eat free this weekend too so Tuesdays and Saturdays kids are eating free after 4 o'clock one free kids' meal. With each adult entree purchased now you go to Perkins and take advantage of these deals I would that you could put that on your resonate because it shows how good you are with money. In finding the best opportunity to save some money such epic great plates and and you fourteen different items from 48 dollars. Good hardy items homey meatloaf big blt sandwich. Satisfied breakfast and more can you put being a fantasy football commissioner on your resume and four on 4799. So what he'd come much in recent. Well. Imagine baseball team. Who brutally. Thanks to the the. Like hurricanes restaurant and bakeries are you if there's anybody's a deep. Mariah is the queen divas yeah this season they've been absolutely no older woman who's still rocket. Just one US argument is that the New Year's Eve thing she was a sit up there and she was like. You know like what can you do for me. This year it was kind of a joke the playoff last year when it wasn't no but I thought she took to which criticism last year I agree. It was her fault not do an assumption last year right. I'd still untouched. Chief doctor which for the simplest of yes she's the rock and of course 4147991250. Tuck him which you talk about a girl was probably absolute. Drama mess that's probably her. All right four on 47991215. I have a friend who works and H hour and she got a resonates in her place of business the other day and I don't know the job. But regardless. On the resume under work experience was. Fantasy football commissioner. And I laughed hysterically at first the more I thought about it but. Well you know there are. Qualifications and skills being a fancy commissioner a year managing people you're managing money in your scheduling. There hard there are. The trades in that sort of position that could carry over to the real world and I think that there is maybe a spot for diner as a man. The styles of guys every day probably here in the state who do the same thing. So they put that have arisen meant in addition to their of a job that's a hobby they're doing Bocelli as a commissioner he's doing it because. Does he loves doing it. And a dealer for the job aspect. Andy says absolutely you can put it on your Reza make. I'm assuming your goal is simply to satisfy an application requirement. To keep drawing unemployment at least got something more the running offense Tennessee football league. To put those Rasmus in the opening of the job to Ryan asked on Twitter does being a Packers owner gone terrorism. I would say yes I would put that on terrorism I would say you know if you game in the interview process if you wanna bring that up for lighthearted moment. That's fine it's like you put don't don't people put their sorority. Or their fraternity on their resonate under other. And then the person who does the hiring says. You know you'd that this one or hammered his good young people don't know making fresh frigate naked and throwing oil that's all wrong yeah I know that's all. 7991250. Jamie's and Mac on. All fancy commissioner. Jamie can you put being a fancy commissioner higher resin. Hi chuck and went where I love your show by the way you view. I think you can certainly put it on there are. As discussed this probably have more of a conversation starter I don't see it are having a great value on a resonates more Blake. He attributes. Schedule in these are the thing I think it's more akin to. Like being that party sure that your return OK so you're involved in this front. One for turning in Europe some responsibilities but that's a really good it's a very far. In that interview process other than that conversation starter. Yeah I mean this guy put it does resonate he's going to get a call back because it was so ridiculous. That they're wondering why he voted on T my conversation starter was April for the cause always that I don't fancy football. Put era as a man I don't like as if he has the ability to abstain please. Don't ever mention fanciful Bora fantasy you know I don't like 79912. It deals go to Martinsville which is that it Martinez and for Washington now it's up by the. Of course they can oh yeah sure okay. No outward but that Omar renovate. And part bidding thing is I hate the I am a much on the old thing we got a generation. But it is not optional or not but I. I think there. You have to pay my anywhere you are and plaudits. And let out there. Know what happened blog edited you don't need to figure out who. I keep the ball up all the help wanted. Yet and it there's talk that goes straight talk that saying they got it right got it up ala. Wait Liggett group hopefully Michael bag they don't call like well you. Check out our application oh we have got the OK I don't know we need the epic its people we thought he'd. Why but then you've got people. Column won't hire you because you're older I'll be forty this year. I know people that twenty watt. In our OK why argued that the belt where I don't do almighty it's Russia be way more responsible because that I don't IBO three. Most don't know quite what they are neutral meal of the board of quit. And the apartment laundry truck for people older. Than you gotta. And that that I irritate I'd really hate that word red tape so badly by. Ball well apple put out there about starting it right it is that it matters people. I can do I think a big job interviews are wasted time because you were at least the noticeably from a job interview. What is came in here. And interviewed for this job. This guy came in here with us a cold a tie and he said across is completely different person that I thought he wants me to he has. Not that they heard. Don't you think there rose completely different than we thought isn't that again we interviewed no it isn't. When you sit across table from you know us two in our boss Parker. I thought completely different I thought completely different. It didn't go after awhile you didn't know grow a little bit to find out these other characteristics of them that you don't see in a minute why I'm still. It's good bad or good thing and got inflated characteristics. But that we didn't pick up earlier let's go to Mason in short right 799. Girls saved the now at the base and. You're the good morning gentlemen. Well we're involved in the short interview you don't put under it but but I will think that and I I get you one of these second minded and yeah I exaggerated from undergrad at 1996. And back then they didn't have you know that's or nationality. Was pretty good with numbers than he had to pull all of that on paper the W you can put them to a spreadsheet. And and and and it does that play and there was always arguments because. Sometimes does that to do a little different one paper to the other how they classified it. But even then I don't think. I don't think it put it on the road. I don't know I wouldn't put on her work experience. By ball. You can put it as a scale. And it nothing else the person that sees the resonates in the like. What in hell iams guide to work experience almost only two were just find him putting and I'm a work experience. There's just not part on terrorism well I think there's when you give up on stuff that you like to do interest it's. Running a fantasy football I think deaths of an inch because he's obviously an interest in doing too. He's not doing it because he hands to maybe some cases because nobody else wants to the some guys run physical police I'd note dread doing it while it. And why do you. What and why do you know what you're doing and does all this extra work why do you like to do get an extra money out of bit. If I win the league but it means running believe war is a benefit you running equally I have a sense of power amongst my eleven friends. Okay that's the joy I get them have been nickname Amish. That's what you Michael and extra. Worry. Yeah to be called commissioner and really that's appraisal of the heat beat these are bought. So most of the day of the reasons Ronny fantasy football getaway nobody would want to run one. Secondly there are served up to seems like a lot of stress pressure and bakeries and you guys when we did. Just went over served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is a look at the NFL playoffs. Coming up what they often referred to as the best. Weekend in football plus Michael Cole stopped by here aid twenty on the fan. According to a report in the Chicago sun times. The brewers may have interest in Jake Syriana. The right hander his contract offers from. A half dozen teams we've heavy interest. From the division the cubs. Cardinals and yes your Milwaukee Brewers. Have all been teams to propose offers to OJ Gary had a according to the Chicago sun times. You thought that maybe by beginning to show a scene that they were off that they were satisfied with the study rotation. So who would permit a city gallery. That's AJ curious part of this rotation. And hard whatever the prices of as affinity or hundred billion forget it by let's say the needed. Who drops out. I don't care picks someone I mean I don't wanna pay him a ton of money. I don't pay him a ton of money now. But I do think the brewers would still be well ought to go get a Frontline guy right now I'm not saying he wouldn't be better and some of the guys that gap and seeing who would drop out of rotation but who's in the rotation is suitor seller takes dollars now. Now Kate Woodruff. You Ortiz equity trader at your baseball team and your urges saying I want five starters that's it that's that's a mistake. These guys and on the DL always were to follow. Chasing you load up as many guys you can JC Anderson we know is going to be a rotation that he's CD's is going to be in the rotation. And hum. She just seen is gonna be in the rotation. Yeah Jimmy Nelson has hurt. And drift did you say Woodruff probably in the rotation. But have no problem placed in them and you're. You know and that's it. I think suitor if you look at the National League frames there's a lot of teams that aren't going to be very good. There's a lot of things that are kind of stuck in this rebuild process or at the beginning of one. The brewers. The brewers have an opportunity. To. Take a leap from where they were last year not even if they don't it won't be the end of the world but I think when you look at this lay out the exact reason I wanted them to go for it. Last year and trade maybe you lose for instance or a sunny and grayer somebody was because I think they had a shot to win the division. They've got depth and a definite shot to take it to get a wild card spot as the the NL's not. There's a lot of bad teen girls. You immense weight on the resume of perjury with the rise of 186 games CI a few people. Who've got a problem. With the offense and his team that I don't think that the offense is is productive and our hope that's. In of the adjustments that got to make or whatever but hitting with runners in scoring position. Was a bad thing for these guys toward the end of the season last year. Early season they were much better leader Mir not so much how many guys would they ditched shrimp bowl loads of people on the base paths. And here we be sitting in the sixth inning the brewers are behind one nothing. With one hit. That case too so. I I'd wanna see the second piece spots solidified. And humble and give the armed another chance at a starting second base today though volume that's probable another setup will not I it will sell he does. But I'm William I shot it. But some of these other positions. Satterfield I'm not sure of yet or what direction I want ago. Phillips. Is Broxton could be on this team. Or is breaching of your center fielder. Where's antenna you'd be in this team and then you Mobil's guys the right if they monetary one of those dudes for Chris archer I'm on board they have my permission again I hear is rumors are waiting for Ellis Hobbs is another guy here is not brewers are Richardson get them. I just don't know if he's worth that mr. eighty million dollars. How many years does he want more because you rejected three and 42 from the cup you know. Our leaders are eighty million were served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery Michael Cohen join us sedate Tawny a look at TV week and that will be. Maybe the best. In the NFL they always say is that some of these matchups. Generally cooler on the fan.