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Tuesday, September 26th

It's a big hour for Chuck and Winkler. Protests, Bart loses followers, listeners react and plenty of Packers talk.


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It's. And no chocolate we blurred. Cool I have come from a brilliant this correctly colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them the. And generally the water Sports Radio on all my seven FM the fan I'm borrowing and that's checked screaming at morning. If you're 100%. Kapanen that the Packers will win. On Thursday where are you that we'll take your calls for 147991250. Read some answers out our FaceBook page Twitter as well you want an old the story quick I don't wanna talk about it a lot today. Which story. Among high lost 35 dollars and ten minutes Jeff Youngblood not that I count how many followers they have on Twitter at wings things but I know him. At all times now and I gotta be honest and you. You know I haven't followed you on Twitter yet people are surprised at that she you know why don't policy. Now you take it anymore. Products and kids I did did the arguments that was the sentiment last night it's just it's told my timeline that was what happened last night because. I got very upset. While watching Monday Night Football. The cowboys. Altogether. They took me yep I don't. In the end they stood up to respect the anthem they talked about it it was like internally killing the cowboys what to do soul. That happened and is that I had followed Buick last week or two weeks ago. And I didn't have to go check your timeline. Interest and I saw what you wrote yeah. Add Els like all. Her golf so I heard there that on our show I guess well now we're bringing it out or got amiga and annoy you lost thirty. So I was I was so upset at the cardinal stadium in the cardinals fans because. They had booed the cowboys win they went down and taken me. And it wasn't during the National Anthem at all. And they stood up and then there was the flight wasn't even out at eighty. You won't you can clearly knew all that it wasn't the National Anthem time. But they got booed sell bad and the cowboys stood up locked arms just like the cardinals dead. And they both stood for the National Anthem so. What happened was I was in the moment upset. Firing off tweets because. Scott van pelt that a nice Pisani is penny said a lot nicer than I did but he said if York. Upset you're gonna be upset but if it's not during the anthem and they taken me and you boo what are you brewing. And so mean to me I took that as they were brewing the reason for the needling. And the reason for the kneeling is to speak out against racial injustice. So then I blinked and this is a problem I have them. I make blanket statements. As a former I talking to hyperbole and meg it's mean trouble I called the entire stadium. Of University of Phoenix Stadium races yes and that was not. So obviously that's not true. Obviously. The entire stadium was not races buddy your somebody. That's brewing. A team for kneeling. Outside of the anthem. I think it's right for me to assume. That there's some racism insider view if you are simply brewing. The act of kneeling. Outside. Of the national market. At least get a girl must set and I'm not gonna get in with here but okay then what happened with the thirty rule followers. They didn't like that I said there were races and went to Europe and at princes who involving of course we all do okay well. Says well I know that people have heard about that. There's people that I'm close with and I talked to that thing v.s can answer terrible. And I I always pretend like I don't have them but I definitely okay look at that followed be monitored on follow it and follow you back. As a two way street here aren't. You you involvement. I have not talked I follow and check Freeman right so I was that set it in the healing I hate spoken hyperbole which was wrong. It's it's wrong for me to call 80000 people racists I understand that and and I didn't delete the two week because I said in the moment and I clarified it. I had some good DM discussions. Some good private discussions with people that. That were questioning me and I'm happy to continue to do that and I kept getting this response that chuck. You were you used or races bar you're better than so. The rays calling someone a racist seems to be some sort of trader I though I got called a racist. On. Where yesterday well I mean. I don't know I don't know if you're not a racist no but I mean for someone to see the did for somebody you would use that term. That's a very strong term to call somebody but I was calling a bunch of people that nobody Knoll and I didn't. I guess I'm not disappoint the statement. Right. It would racism is like a thing that's built into the fabric of the country. And I say the word racism. And I gave and it's all pollen of people that that I think is concerning for me yes I made a mistake. I called 80000 people racists than any I can't beat hatton. I have to learn to dumb down my speech I can't speak and hyperbole. I've got to understand that I get it. However just if I if I'm gonna assume that somebody is races for. Brewing a teen because they Neil outside of the play I think I'm right to. I think I'm right to think that there is some races Sam app play in the blue boy I mean you to do they have the right to. Boo you can say whatever you want but I think what their race by the metered and that's your opinion but I mean I don't wanna go back and forth all day and given that opportunity and by. Hum well that's bylaws you know moderate evolves it's not gonna countless. Mature and we all right 4500. Has ever done I didn't fights on Twitter they'll be people that buy back and you'll only have this credit file larger you're not thing here and nobody here. The area are stupid so I I I understand. That I can't call. People. I can't call an entire stadium races they understand man. But I do think that if you boot. If you're gonna boo somebody for kneeling. If it's not racism what is it now. He and this is outside the anthem so that's that's why I was so upset our behavior. The rhetoric is so strong trumps tweeting about it again this morning saying it was allowed as boos he's ever heard and he's pro the boos. But it happened outside of the anthem. So that. Again I'm having trouble with my word Scott van pelt said of the little better and it happened during VFW bite down. He would've said anything to do here is Scott damn well. Figure out shoulders were it not be disrespectful to the flag now and that's. But it if this self obsession. You're just going to be Adam. And battle ever station can take place if that's all there written. I just can't happen. If you just want it bad this was before it and what they did it. Was built so if it wasn't being played at the flag wasn't being displayed and you angry that. What are you. He says it better than me off. My my can throw out last night you know Jerry Jones meals and l.'s players last I looked comfortable and I'm wondering. Is Jerry doing this because of Jerry. Or is he really doing that to have as players back. I'm I mean she's Gerri I think that Jerry is it for Jerry. And as Jerry just grandstand. I think ward ERZ genuinely. You know I was players back in this case. Who's online want to you know I you know we don't know hey who's this. Jim and then let them. I I agree that sitting or kneeling certainly nationalism is disrespectful. Point that I have yet to hear anyone bring up its white the National Anthem only played at sporting event. Yeah I don't get out on the need should be. I think that we shared I got the first few artists are bit don't know what I've never heard this before abuse now I'm here peoples and McGwire bonds causing a problem. It's so important. At the only sport I've never heard it played anywhere words blatant. I. Police that only sporting event so I thought maybe you want that movies are you wanted to have bingo halls are. The inauguration. Or something when the president to speak or something. Nationalize them is good idea I don't think we need to. Played a 162 games a year for baseball team Estes he respected dear leader well it seems kind of on week. I don't know who's good for us to go on admiral but I think it is I like the National Anthem before game. Get less and that is let that by playing at a sporting event despite. I like I'd like to Sunday's god bless America when they do that on Sundays in the I think in the sixth inning to do that or seven point. I think when you have Miller part of me that's a cool thing. Our banks were called. I like paying respect to the troops I like honoring their service they don't. Have fought for our freedoms and our rights and it does get bogged down in troops Bob Costas said a very good thing yesterday that eight. There's a lot more different ways to be patriotic and is being in the military and we never honor those people teachers first responders censure then. In others again there's a lot of layers to the onion. Wall approaching here a little bit quickly because it it is it's it's you know it's merge now on you can tweet us and say I didn't know I was listening to CNN while guests audience. Tony seventeen in trump made this happens I don't know what to tell. And that I know that's kind of a shot again but. We wouldn't be talking about any of this if Donald Trump didn't bring the NFL into it on Friday night we just we flat out wouldn't be. Yeah well I mean he did it and EI. I mean I I see his argument right this is argument for doing that or or and I can see were people would be pissed off that he. Didn't do that I hear people say well you don't he's got bigger things or does it did to to capsule. Of course it goes but that doesn't mean he can't comment on tour but you can't count and Tony times in Puerto Rico is drown. You know well you know and you could these that he. I didn't ever deeper. To mark to mark calls they're on all the guitar right now and then we'll go back to the Packers say having its I think I think it's fair to address and it's fair forever immediate they're saying maybe we can try to. Create some sort of discourse I don't want to do yelling matches. That's not gonna solve and yeah and no we're not talking about the salt they were none of them I mean he's wearing out the sumo we will give you are saying hello is this. They're good morning part is. Dan and receiving the damn. As you know aside from the fact that and there are just don't watching me they lost by interest and other things they do it courts are managed. This got it through the line at a rate that's two alas not rescued that I wanted to clips is sporting. I'll go back to the forest correct that hero where you know what other protesters. I don't want to change joining it and you uncle Barney are winners almost beat playing a game mature each other back in the day this was all out. OK let's go let's say what they say it was war okay are good but. The fact is it was Cuba which. Wear red. Differences. And play it became aware of should be should be quite there are a lot of calories an important because this sort of loud Jew I mean that's always what a lot of football. But they did do a joint port protests last day almost day but they couldn't come them an agreement on that so they didn't. But I agree I I don't like deceit I don't want to see one team talk to the other team before game and I wanna think that this team hates that team. And they're going down there and they're ready to destroy each other that's what I want. What more collier. Who's this. That step apparently are subject. Our epic their support of you know one Colin yeah racist despite food that they. Then it. True that the reason people who wouldn't buy it is because they BO is respected at this point there are. How many thousand fans were there and have 50% below what it is on the other way and right now. It's it's become such an emotional issue or. All of that it. This respecting me they saying that I'm finding a sense that. It's a matter of their right to our Bible I thought the band. Every one right to have an opinion whether right here it BP that it. Wake of this country. But in the upper if you if they work late and in our alluded to remove it yesterday when he talked about whether you chart whoever prominent in court at a political and and worse and that Ian expect it to be reprimanded or work. At you. They have Oro and on it and they'll market it in and you're gonna talk about earlier. You mentioned. You know I'll but the package element and chip when he answered it lighted yet. Bring up anger toward cute well I think part of that reason is he we look you. Or off. Analysts prognosticators. Whatever. Be a little more in depth. But when we come to your show we're looking for a little more objectivity so when yours and credibility mean what you need our respect chance. Again that and it's our rent or thoughtful mood we wouldn't say. We look or a little more analysis site yet. Not that much and though you have a right to be right yet you won ray's view of the actors do living. You know lead with. The reason I accomplish go to get a little more in doubt. Why you'd. Why you'd think there are percent chance of winning or whatever maybe you're going to but that that my. Hey I'm white people might get angry or they accept. It might take it that you'd. But all 800%. Chipped it there's been and then in any. Yeah I thought I Syria and Syria the that I mean that's those of trying to get to embark yes there was Sony's and Harper's. He beat the Packers have a 100% chance at winning. It tell me why you think they have wanted to continue to have while they're ages ago when the game are right. Hundreds son that was a good call and I'll respond. To that coming up in a few minutes here quick break. I mean called clay Travis on line and being called a PR high ER word. I mean colony word look I said something on its letter last night. I had thought I thought I'd share it was the guys in and have a nice conversation on up to it and we'll. If Dave this is the thing. If I just wanted to know why you lost thirty followers had no idea why did you go down to throw that's gonna and me and my time here and I have to be off the radio. I'm sorry. I'm just being me. I'm just being Miley about it's oh. I don't know what to tell you why it is better players do you come to Lambeau Field this Thursday night and immediately following the game we break it down I don't Michael join me and Larry Ellison immediately following the Packers and the banners this Thursday night live from the hoping job bouncing green bag to be critical postage on it right here report we're a one point seven FM the fan. Angler Brian Stratton college Atlantic's video of them are going through that is chuck Freeman. I've during the break I just Jack Jack analyzed five more volatile out well worker and get right here this. I don't stop it right here I that Jeff Freeman I'm out doing things that I get the figure I'm too later I could use a few more followers inside. What I said was so egregious. And I'm not talking politics that dot in the bag and I said the Packers are a 100% chance to beat the bears are on Thursday. Look guys they're not gonna lose this game gigs until until we want. Because they're the battered game. Why what the president about a gap you mean it's not about nitro back I was like who you don't want to talk about our press coverage I like to be talked about the with the Packers need to put organize a motion eloquent why is that I got killed for that yesterday. Because of you don't put players that it. Offenses are so complicated today in the NFL. That teams don't put players. In motion as much as they once did it takes a way. Their run and takes away the run pass option. One. It's just they don't do that at. Offense is other doctors doesn't know what's happening who's on who he's declaring where it's only snaps the ball I'm not saying. Run three guys back and forth every time but when I watch these games back. And I look there's not like any plays or they move guys in motion what and all debts the NFL watched did you watch him last night the East River is there hardly any guys in motion. It did admittedly I did not look for that component ball game I was more focused on my fantasy football match well which I want. Just watch NFL game east there's less motion and never once a solemn but there's less motion. And he a lot of it is free spirit sometimes there is its its post snap that Rogers and Rogers on the best penalty. At post and decisions. Run the run pass the the run pass option. One of the best in the league Tony dec Brusca. Have such a great year last year he was so good that it bomb so. More people on the following me like it's a badge of honor okay pat 1057 FM the fan Greek and found the station. Wakes things as where you can on follow me so the Packers play the bears coming up Thursday Burt. And the Packers. To be of some trouble with these tackles. Well I think I am honestly I'm outta people think that I am. Have I ever said I'm qualified football genius ever ever sat on the brightest football mind ever ever. Why why am I held. To this impossibly higher standard that everybody else here on the station and this is not a big iTunes is a legitimate concern I think that's the little sensitivity chip the year I don't I I I I absolutely don't Beisel was throwing that I get sag your embarrassing yourself you can't act like this you better than this. People come to me. Nice weather I say things like I. Completely judge an entire crowd or I say the Packers are gonna win the NFC north. You guys coming. Meek look. Yeah economy like you expect that I'm the wizard of all college that I should know everything. Am I hanging out with the on the radio it's supposed to be fun what we overkill to me everything's O said we need to get those here in due to become the number one bad guy when I root for your favorite team we know I think we all did we all he'd. Targeted on Twitter. The only guy you've figured the only guy. You just update you now when we all do. Do you think are going to get killed on Twitter just a major political comments don't affect me here and knowing in super defensive that offends me I'm just I'm just saying and I did IE eight. I get treated you hires there. There I don't think the fans sell our minutes are they whining about that I need to. Embrace that I don't I'll do I don't polymerase its eye on the race that I don't think I'm usually right most of the time it's been a lot of my predictions come true I'm smarter than you guys give me credit for. And I'm pretty funny so all of you can't handle that. Then I don't know what the title might get handler right now and I want to say and I don't know fight you know right now I don't know maybe your sandwich board should say Bartz farming. You don't use it shall offer little. Now I'm just saying man I know these are sensitive times and well I've I've hey if I gotta be the mantle of everyone's anger if I gotta be here. You're signed as are sound off board. You know if I if I gotta be the one you can do in your triggered and you gotta you gotta blame it on me. That's fine. I just Al I know that now going in I didn't know that before today. But if I gotta be here kind of whipping boy. Your post your mom you know I can't be that hobby hobby that I just didn't know before and now that I didn't know much you don't Georgia the north side. George let's talk about the wild card race George I want. I don't a touch. All want this saying was really quick to with being an animal you know Bart. And I think that's where you're by adults don't worry about what people thing is you have a right to have your opinion who did it again followed. You got this at a fixed you know it doesn't matter I wouldn't care a lost all my followers who doubted that come on there. Have your opinions you'll likely have their own opinion to whatever you want whatever you see you keep being funny she means you don't worry about the people that they shouldn't dictate. Your personality he'd beaten who argue your hatred. To give your opinions and do what you are doing it doesn't matter what any 18. Have a super big unit does not matter but not here. I'm telling you yeah yeah. I'm nor did it I mean you know the bark collar standings today obviously includes George wants to come first place and it was game. That's what make you different bark you don't want to don't want so don't be like everybody else couldn't give the ethnic. The comment that you made pars aren't they within the stadium and ask what you felt that's your opinion you have to respect people's opinion what do you agree or you don't agree. Are eligible. To want to open up and tired wanted to help and support there anybody with a lot out of work you just focus on the wall while cart. And not focus on that you know what I wanted to. A winning game is that we can get a lot I believe we get caught a lot of a lot of not. Not that could be off the all of baseball game I believe that we can that kicked into the body is focused on being back on track Ithaca would not get to them. And let's focus on a couple of Iraq. Real tough and they get a win five in the last six games can now we have that called tracked down and written down that seed Jo march 7 sorting I mean you know you like to really make issuable you Bart. I'm part I'm half of the show now I know a marine in his. Now I'm sir James says I don't tune into the fan here weights things crying time to turn the dial. Daniel says doing meeting here another AM temper tantrum. Also they tell a couple weeks ago better radio it's only gotten worse grow up Bartz. It can come in time when Elena I 7UP from the fan expects to be true. Not sign that's I don't know about five affects me too IL the new partner and you guys can talk about how. The Packers of 09 and seven for the rest of eternity that's trying Pollack's I'm I'm here news you know demand better of our team isn't. And better society and once I am in a bad guy now not just on my giant chip in policy now I know I'm finally ship been told so you're actually chip. Or are you chip. Today wait a the same I had to get on all of you. If you sit back there are under percent chance away or reduced pain guys they cry if they don't warning. It's just crazy at its Arab packer fans. They say they got a quarter percent chance away there is nothing wrong with that made you keep tortured or menstrual real dark. K chip 733. Bark collar state thing. In Q. These guys explain how it's okay thank you it's. That that support. Christie says now Bart playing the victim card total liberal move. Great way to always bring politics into every sentence that's ever been said Jesse I'm glad naked -- it could Germantown Sudanese deficit Erica connect. Are voluntarily go and so from candidates. A month ago and I'm so. I want what you know you got currently part that's great. The other part they got to be careful or not. Oh and or actually be incorrect. Is that. Absolute everyone in the air. Everywhere I said I was wrong about that and there's there's an app hyperbole as. I'll get greater as time ever you know right and is rob your. Europe and Iran it. I just I I do because. I'm I'm also the one guy and Sports Radio that. Admits when their wrong so all well I think our inaugural. What are you talking about auditioning for my next job since early on you guys a lot of redeeming you're the one guy admits that he's rile them on camera while one guy. Yeah you're the one guy nobody else this radio station never miss a thorough. Might mean Michael's millions in the afternoon government their own. Not calling me on as well maybe I'm wrong mart that's beside the point I eating out and nick thanks for tuning in now. Your your. One time. Neck. Neck. Is dumb or your friends about the show. You know turn it would do none of the 7 AM podcast of this is showed today. What I feel like we just crashed and burned to. So. Would you wanna do the show it from now on why he's Iowa do you feel like you just threw me an anchor and I just went down on the ship. Chuck and maybe talent starting tomorrow 62 and you wanna do that kill yourself. Chucked in who else could you show you Sparky to the mornings I'd be funded one time ago and he has to do that. Jerry. It's worked out in the mornings. On Gary dollars and yes we want you work part staging area securing worked out early tomorrow I worked on the radio and more into the back here who we were dumping ice and like. I'm here to see you don't you work out ballots juggling Clifford now. Really just enjoy the rest of the right today and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. Now from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio. This is shock and winning colors three brands brought she'll buy out. A deputy Adam deputy can help you buy your next home because he gets deals done that others can't go to the deputy dot com. Check points are scored trail on 57 FM the fan twelve feet TI and AM with her mouth for now you probably should weigh yourself. Well just I said people will probably get their way which is no more part sun's gonna fund right. Hey as far as agreement Packers go Thursday night they've got these Chicago Bears in town it quick turnaround shot. We both teams playing in hot weather on Sunday. In overtime. You got to expect the sloppy game notes in London on Tuesday night. We think that's not an Achilles injury and of the injuries Packers he's got a worked in a news news long snapper this week. We saw Mason Crosby in the pre season. When there was somebody a deliberate due to the gap fought their top five tackles are hurt trying to they're top fives are bringing in guys off the street. Off practice squad some of the teams yet liars Allred. I'm sorry that the guys from Metallica. John. Olerud John enough. Tonight. Guys you've heard of before literally just ordinary guys I don't John was a last name. All right John is via the you can job. I guess. Tolerant generous. Also the factors that make a move with their long snapper standard. As Brent crude goes to the IR you got injured on that field goals a game winning field also. Tabor pepper is back so the Green Bay Packers tape or pepper and then it looks like they'll sign Olerud John. Although they need to make a move for that the injury report out yesterday. And it's ugly. Yes it is it he had guys via tackles on there you guys. You tie my drummers on the with a hand. Now he he's listed on the into now after the game on Sunday there was like two people hurt during the game but then you find out. A day later all these other players are at the coolest app Packers and bears coming out. I'm Thursday night the brewers back at tonight's act Davies against deck McGuire. Deck McGuire not the age you know between me and him he got a couple of real decks in Milwaukee today I would say deck McGuire. Check they got to go six in all almost all day on these next six games million Iraqis did the last night so they gave you a little bit always go via executive is Richard Zacks. His last couple starts and he. He managed to go through six at least six innings last hour after getting rocked early. But he's got he's got to come give a good weather. And that their pitch they're playing against a guy who's never pitched. At the Major League level he's twenty years old as a starter and he's made a couple of relief pitchers. Appearances but he's a double A pitcher. Twenty years old got called up and he's making his first start tonight. Hopefully it's not beginners luck for that guy on that show comes your way at 6 o'clock thoughts media day yesterday I wanted to play this for you this is Jason Terry. At the podium the pulling the audience everybody was asking the expectations are for that team themselves. But Jason Terry turned it on to some of the media. Question for you wrong. What are your expectations of this year's books team I'll start with you first if he went. If he wins area realistic. Scoop goal. Anybody over your right here in the front row your very quiet. If you live and I'm just gonna repeat what he's apolitical or the hall that's and we're not looking at one playoffs you you know. Off. Just sort of elector. Young lady and a front row second run offs aren't. I'm. Finals I love it. Whose death I don't know but that's your book more emotionally to those three are ot Eric. With lockdown box ten Matt Alaska is. The bogey man who can be covered the barks the things I don't like to see them win games more than one series and I don't know with a woman with it. That was that Sylvia. I know that was the Stephanie Sutton Null. It was a cute and none at all. I don't know I don't I don't know if north maybe I don't know who was so loved those expectations are any of them realistic. Fifty wins. First round. Victory in the playoffs you know final thought this before the blocks were we've we've predicted like fifty winds of sixty coal and and it disappointed us. They keep saying finals that's the thing finals. Now they know what's just been Buick dot I think. Getting a top 4 seed in the Eastern Conference he would have been deadly pulling up estimate. But the top foresee in the in the Eastern Conference but the powers that Jason what has really done that through your team in the offices. And then that your bank they rewrote thirtieth year in the NBA it's continuity they're they're spinning at Blair. There but no continuity in the past they finally. Besides you two got newly did you look at all these other teams. It's actually kind of startling how similar they are to last year compared to these other teams every other team. Has made major changes except for the Milwaukee Bucks us that's in the box MO. Put it past ten to fifteen years he changes in the offseason. And it's a who's who the next you're on the court it I mean yeah it debt that this team a big when he realizes that this team got to within one game. You know two wins of a playoff victory a playoff series victory let's come back we'll same guys they're so similar to the point that. They have a returning guy from injury coming back in February now like medal tonight a year ago partners during the same I am looking for the start of the season. And 2 October Tony it's early this year October 20. Can Cleveland them. Chuck will be wearing a sandwich actually earlier in the week isn't it. The play boss Alia assembly earlier I think they opened Tuesday in their home openers October Tony it. Where you will be out for the Bradley Center with a sandwich exactly in the Bronx where the phrase that you guys can choose what should shocks. What should shock sandwich board say on it. Tweet guys that on a 57 FM the fan is that stage CW line to doing Tony guys have Perkins today would you still follow through with the bad. If I get fired before the bag comes through now all capsule al-Qaeda yes good good good what are you figure you've fighter. Why people I just got in the ballots that fire Barger and never listening to the fans wanted I mean those starts. Those start to add option. And weren't trouble enough now in her troubled data traveling. Then I'll just be a footnote in the radio career that was jet stream. That's our response well you know we are team. Three transcribed and I thank you three guys say that it guy you're ethics affect your game changer I deny Adam detonating it only act. And now you can joke seem to realize that they've really left by a hawk on point five minutes what did you first to Alaska and Baghdad and deputy online ad deputy that. Adam deputy inane you can trust. GSM mortgage. Equal housing lender welcome. We've been. Crews from boxing gloves and replace traditional that I work to do but I know millions and we're close are forever. Let early rumor and I dead lets us know where we are there and that's our reality and we understand they're so full access to excitement of how much further we can. These news that drives us each and every day. Mike McCarthy talking yesterday he said he sounded and a good mood that this scene like regular old Mike to me for not even joking around a little bit I mean we make the run. He was the yellow give it didn't make me just it was pretty good Chuck Hagel have to edit OK all right. The beginning in the lap I do take that as of on aerial zionist. And 9 o'clock from Packers is that cap that some may go the idea Mike McCarthy he's not gonna kill off there and be throwing bouquets at. He's the deaths it was a good mood I've been around make a long enough to see what to tell when he's in the good mood. And we is a bad mood yesterday was a good move I'd be admitted to Tia Josh Jones on your defense. Suggested that read good things and doing it. You know defense was Sarah do dancing with the institute in the first drive and run very well fertile ground after his game we've astronomers doing one on so and I was part of George Jones and don't have to linebacker group. Everywhere we went through infant and children's miracle. Everything's a grounder to him ridiculous in a moment and it firms he would yesterday so we'll never goes under wall. And Morgan playing in the slot it's more like him a plane that inside the position that nitro positioned as they call it. Yeah I thought I don't Morgan had a solid game Josh Jones. People but talking about getting Josh Jones on the field if rally did any produced why that was indistinct talking to Michael Cohen yesterday that if if the Packers are struggling against the run. You me half to take Josh Jones off the field you can. You can do this nature thing when you're doing well against the rock and if they start to face some of these tougher backs Chicago's got to move on in Jordan Howard now. And to recall in just when everybody wanted to write off jordin Howard. He had a great game and overtime touchdown in just a bunch of other yards and two scores look like for awhile you boss is right there immediately after skills washing is a mental it was Jordan how or why does he run multiple I was a little injured again it's now after the fact you don't guy struggles for two weeks and although they were they were injured children where they did you know that they were injured at all. They were injured now. Although he looked fine any wasn't on the injury report but but did you know he was in and he was injured. Okay that's going to be tough for the Packers is that because. You know those are two very good running backs now so should the rookie going to enjoy and cowards a young kid. But the bears don't have like a passing game to deflect you from the running game Michael in his war now every wide receiver they had. It's injured for the entire season from Cameron Meredith the Kevin White and now I think Kendall writes that a number one guy. Here's what Mike Glenn and didn't deserve to make 1617. Million dollars. A guy who's is unproven as him. Hot and his worth ever get the sixty to seventeen. Million when we're sitting here talking about the bear quarterback quarterbacking it's war. He's playing to his level yeah maybe he might be good in a few years or why does he make it seventeen million dollars. And putting them against the salary cap. Right now why there's such demands for Mike Glenn and make a seventy million dollars quarterback market optimism isn't needed someone but. And they panic got going in and then decide so she April to trade aperture riske who else is gonna pay him. Seventy million all of my job that we don't have that data back up to tamp off. Let's bring him in and pay him all not five million this pay him seventy million. The bears did that in the draft to I don't know after miscue would have been taken before he felt them and they traded a bunch of picks are gonna get them. You know the bears very itchy with that quarterback trader I didn't quite understand. But when you're desperate I mean these are the kind of things that happened or an organization when you lose Jay Cutler chuck now. The all important Jay Cutler takes two people were blistered at Jay Cutler are. Who had knowledge base my enemy and needed very poorly on again but could be the jets' Jay Cutler who is bad but the bears. He leaves and somehow the whole thing even falls apart. Even worse the second link letter. Here on the fan from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios lot coming up in the 8 o'clock hour. Mitch albums gonna join a sports reporters is making a comeback. You'll join us sedate Swanee. Adam McKelvey go up next the brewers it's their final shot this week. Mark tweets and brewers wanted to oh start tonight mark and like the attitude they've got the reds tonight. We'll see how this week plays out at a McKelvey joins us next.