7am - Is McCarthy a future Hall of Famer?

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, October 12th

Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Chuck and Bart asked about Mike McCarthy and his future as a possible Hall of Famer.


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No chocolate we blurred. Live from the brilliant innings striking college athletic studio. On sports Radio One 057 and found myself. 414799. Felt good because through the app as well 4147991250. Is Mike McCarthy a hall of fame coach that coming up but first. Am 1000 dollars right now. Text today's keywords is 72881. You can win it this signing bonus. From us at the fans. Trails. The keyword is trails. Teeth. The IL. Trail just for listening screwed up fan I should say you can win it odd thousand dollars they keyword is trailed its ER a IL. Text trail to seven to 81 you have. Fifteen minutes to do sell messaging data rates apply in this national contest do now. Do it while driving. But finds the time in the next fifteen minutes to text trail. To 72881. Trails. As in brings you got him for the. The umpire heard a happy trails and this is trails that's plural and that's trails I don't use them. Candy and any sound would trail in the title and a good friend Google here on lyrics with trails in I don't see any. Mean there's got to be that your favorite band of all time. Willow Ariel. No this. I feel I tonight. You never hear it's I'm not that. Radio and Hamburg and played on the radio in any capacity I don't think sore right now but what is the year that's on you go any DA's have to be any okay. I'd like 79 as win me really took off. Off their. Hi infidelity I don't know if that was a good dude yeah we on this but I didn't think the keyword is rail trail. Pokey tonight I I. By him who leave here I'll see anything I'm vapor trail by a rush came hell hound on my trail Eric Clapton. The midnight trail. Trail of broken tears but at that area would be good very wild. 1978. I think you sound like enough. This and then then yeah. Oddly different very good that's under some scenarios songs sound familiar like can't quite this really it. You follow the news ahead of this theory yeah. This might be they get home grown via. Trade Celtics trailed the 7288. Wine and you can win a thousand dollars in it. Chance to win is at 8 o'clock is Mike McCarthy on the trail to can't in Ohio for arm while and I'm look at the hall of fame coaches. In the guys who were there I don't quite what him. In that same breath. Why did you throw some numbers on meetings in which you get there and will. That a breakdown I mean we're rubble halting guys Bill Walsh on actual Bill Parcells Chuck Noll. Marv Levy even though he lost five super bulls forceable rules. On nova some party. My card is a better winning percentage. Then all but two of the guys you just mentioned. OK I saw this week from Peter because the last night. On Twitter. And he says Mike McCarthy is fifteenth all time and win percentage. For a head coach. And every one in front of him with ten plus years. Is either a hall of Famer already. Or Bill Belichick. Okay so like Jim Harbaugh got a better winning percentage but he coached for for your ice sirte with a legalize Arizona regular season record. The big guy Mike McCarthy is a candidate of post season. When it matters balls he's barely able five water. These wanna game at least the last two years art bullet I think data to playoff. Playoff success should have a big part in Nam going into the hall of fame images on the off and you have been a record rigorous it missed me. You know is of great regular season but pulls his success. And we take the scalp 2010. But there as a middle well I'll tell you. We'll look at some of these guys up front on tight right now Mike McCarthy is gonna get in the off payments because Tony Dungy. Now that's the one guy on surprises him. Tony Dungy with a career 668. Winning percentage Mike McCarthy's by the way he's a 18118. And Adnan saris a 11860. To 118621. For 665 winning percentage Tony Dungy. Is 668. And in the playoffs he's nine and McCartney's ten and eight both of them. Have a Super Bowl now this is Tony Dungy in their not only for head coach but in his days as a defensive coordinator. He is the B of events accorded him in Minnesota for almost has the backers goal went up there and you couldn't get by dungy is viking defense. Could be for that to not just as head coach but as a defensive coordinator Jim director Dan and but. I'd just like me Tony Dungy. Just don't see it. As a hall of fame coach. He coached for 22 years. And he was in the you know he's at the very good teams but I just never. Yeah I think many times he fell short and older it many times he felt sure I just don't. I I don't think he's he's like Mike. Mike McCarthy Mike Holmgren as Mike McCarthy often code four on 4799 profit now also our listeners thank. Or usually very tough on the big guys say I think nobody will say yes because everybody calls and hates everything he does sure stills a he's conservative even though you went for it on fourth and one from his own territory yep. He gave arranged Aaron Rodgers have ever took two minutes or elected socialist hour. McCarthy could call a great team and do everything right and yet he'll get no breeze on the show or on the station over anybody but. Minute he you know he doesn't. You diseases timeouts right hooked on it he has killed. Here's here's again that the tweet. Mike McCarthy is fifteenth all time and win percentage for a head coach Al balding head coaches ever Mike McCarthy's fifteenth. Every one in front of him and that has ten years plus which currently does is either hall of Famer. Or bill ballot check who will be he Paula fan OK but I mean a big big guys who in our hero. And we lose the Sid Gillman is that guys like that of weed you bank. Escorted fifties or sixties we have no idea about Don Shula 677. Winning percentage playoff winning percentage five Tony okay. Mike McCarthy's a sixth post by winning percentage 556 player Don Shula coached the unbeaten Miami Dolphins. Well 72. I've Bill Parcells. Without question all of Inco a sampling of coaches in the hall of fame this computer accounts ski. A sampling of coaches in the hall of fame with a worse win percentage in Mike McCarthy include grant gives Walsh Landry Parcells Knoll Levy they've got. Well Walsh's first year there was Bill Walsh was gonna worst record hours winning percentage from Bill Walsh was 102. And 63. With one time. He won six division championships. And three Super Bowl titles I think that's. You know Bill Walsh is not even in the same breath as Mike McCarthy. Three super balls for walls the other way around actually and Kurt he's on the same. Breath as. Bill Walsh seemed to Chuck Noll. Policy with Don Shula. You know I think you look at some rebels and pull season's success and it's not their from Turkey. Juggles winning percentage is about a hundred points less than McCarthy sixteen and eight in the playoffs. Again McCarthy's and an eight. 13 seasons with the Steelers. Nine division titles they're the real comparison here. I think that the best comparison is Tony Dungy. Again McCarthy is a 665 winning percentage dungy got a 668. McCarthy's got a 556 winning percentage in the playoffs. Dungy is 474. Both have a soup and home. Just want. And both have had massive failures of the policies of other than a Super Bowl and bowl. Had a quarterback that help him get those numbers 4147991250. Go to jail and frankly John Mike McCarthy all of same yet I John. Their voice. Or an article yesterday at all yesterday well Earl walker road there any basically disagree with every single decision. McCarty made it up one you are good in the first time I've ever agree rhythm apparently is better parent error deployed manner of wiping. That dude has been consistent. And he's been consistently ticket bought net provision there'd been some. Playoff loss of yeah and and you could predict probably accept that because you data recorder rat he's also been saddled. It's horrible this current employer. I think the guy it's a noble are all primaries Ernie got a Super Bowl I think he's gonna get another one this guy's not on. And are still there's bill. Goals for this guy who achieved and and the and I think he'll be one of the top ten or to the ball part. He deserved the win a Super Bowl. Usually your your kid with a ten and eight policies a record Johnny. Blight on. You have that record and you can see it transparent when you've got the same thing you do when you watch that Deepak you can just being tried to content but it's that the car. But that. Rebel I think what another. I do. I'm beginning to get my adults and at all. I'm at the the guys got hit by Atlanta this year right John thanks for college jumping you look I. Known. John and his history here on the show I would thought you went the other way I'm surprised he says that. He's current he's a halt in coach. We under rate Mike McCarthy here. Com I agree but I must say easier to not a good coach mark. I just a look at him as a whole fame coach. There's a difference I'd I'd that you have Ehrlich really good coach. I'd be cute isn't enough credit for that on the sometimes coaches or managers. Least I know from this state don't get enough credit. And oral histories. Of of the past coaches or managers everyone was got my call previously criticized McCarthy more sold him the Mike Holmgren. So I think that say maybe this is that you know from being in Sports Radio we year old criticism on the show. Yeah having Jason kid query and fire him Craig Counsell can manageable than the Ron granny. Or senator. My. And microbes are. Mike McCarthy. He's a local Altman coached for a reason and that is because Aaron Rodgers. Immediately we just like air right away. From Mike McCarthy era and we ended but it would all these great. Coaches you know great court they had great quarterback Mena region and Graco development. In any great quarterback is the great beaten so I don't know outplayed Brett so what that. In all my at quarterback he's he's just been out what was simple. But he had a steel curtain defense might compliment the great coach he should be in all of mine but I'm not I'm not I'm not quite in my column based off. Green Bay what immediately went to Seattle even though he ought to do that FEMA sure that might McCartney which sure it's all would be that Iraq. You know just like my Almonte are incredibly Smart you know without that bit about the quarterbacks that these people. Com should a purple bow champion it and the idea that this suspect or even put the swat swat. Watched no secret to Connecticut he created a system that people even use the west and so yeah it. That's why he's been great seeing you see is seeing everybody knows that don't know that senior and he said that he created so I eat the right remind our beat. That he would be a coach you want that he created. Nothing good about it created he had a system he'd seen it. All my content on the Auburn quarterback what the cause because of the quarterback he'd gotten the coach. The other guys. In the last 3035 years that we've been able watched part of Rubin coaches I mean the guys were in the holding Bill Walsh had Montana. I'm Don Shula had. Bob Griese in and Dan Marino. And Bill Parcells. Phil Simms. Not all in court but he don't Parcells is defense is were great chuck don't. Like chuck know look at all the little hole favors the Steelers had. About this and lists do you come on how solid this. Aaron Rodgers. As Mike McCarthy never think of it that way no there and Rodgers. As Mike McCarthy met tweets and says McCarthy. Is a hall of fame coach he'd opt Aaron Rodgers wholesaler and highly successful NFL possibly doing the best thing McCarthy does. The very best thing he does. Is develop quarterbacks a man on face that says probably he's an incredibly underrated head coach Cory says no he needs another ring wondering. Doesn't cut it and Ben says one more Super Bowl. And for sheer but these guys these guys who were in the soup about war in the hole famous coaches. All had great quarterbacks Marv Levy had Jim Kelly you credit the coach in some way for developing these guys. Well chuck also defense of my coach. Soul but McCarthy is a quarterback Bill Parcells he's an offense and coach. Bill Walsh. We don't know all. What McCarthy would be coaching this team like in the last twelve years without Aaron Rodgers and we also don't know what Aaron Rodgers were turned out to. If he'd been sick for three years. And and slander Mike McCarthy we don't we don't know either scenario cell. Because of how insanely good Rogers is it's easy to say that but we also we don't know how much impact McCartney's had. On Aaron Rodgers and I think it will always be. I think you always get less credit than he deserves and that. In that sinner and you it's as safe thing for Mike and Mike Holmgren. How good of Brett Favre one of them will be about three time MVP would have been a hall of Famer LS cup managing farce talent it was managing the cycle so I mean headed then you know yeah beheaded them. Any knocked on the Green Bay in a far for us faltering in Atlanta. As a third string guy. Really. Reputation for being a wild man and army have ever change but I mean well. Reputation for being undisciplined so. Chime in on FaceBook and Twitter will read some more answers throughout the day it's checked in wink or sports Radio One 057 FM am. 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And our dear friend Paul Allen joins us at 8 o'clock right now it is time for five or frames five. Burning questions for chuck Freeman chuck are you ready to go ahead I'm looking forward to this question number line. Which team right now. Should. Have the best odds to win the Super Bowl. Kansas City Chiefs and thus a lot of anybody in the league ball bottom put out there knew odds. Four right now the patriots have the best odds are nine to two favorite place to in the Super Bowl the Packers are second. Five to one and in the chiefs. Thirteen to two. Eagles Seahawks falcon Steelers cowboys Broncos Panthers then it's the lions and vikings. To round out. The top whatever maintain that descent you know the windows always going to be. The betting favorite all the public health there. Because of their history. But the defense is terrible right now they Kiev that if they can't stop anyway he soul. Well unless things get really fixed up of those guys I don't see how there from favorite. Right now according to Bo bottom I think Vegas because they are. The public there is gonna go on and the chiefs beat the patriots in Foxborough exactly they're still not getting I handily beat it out. Question number two regular Joseph wrote a little blog at 1057 FM the fan. Dot com about Jonathan Taylor whom the question do you they should the badger running back Jonathan Taylor. The end Heisman conversation right now oh yeah he's rushed for over 200 yards twice and Joseph says no. Okay why. He says it's too soon well I have to give it might be too soon to talk about highs and what if we're going to talk about that he's seventh in the country right now. At in Russia. Fortune touchdowns. And you always have his numbers are among the best in on of all the running backs. In the country sitting right now do you put you you have to put America he's rushed twice for over 200 yards in five games. And now some of the defense is your players that we got on very good. Well less than war well that question at nine Tawny Ben or the imagination that comic. Joins us every Thursday. And we delays and the badgers look ahead to Purdue all in a little bit Purdue's run defense is just terrible. So he could just run all over those guys too and people of this deaths not a I think is gonna win it probably not far but. You've got to you do have included him. Question number three we talked a little bit yesterday about teams that used to play in Milwaukee. The Braves specifically that we brought up the old Milwaukee Brewers from. The nineteen hundreds. And we brought up torture field. You know or Borchardt field is now I because I wanted to drive by it actually drive on it every day okay orchard field is now completely covered by a section. Of I 43. But just when you drive by 43 have to like graft and off. Right around the I think it's wolf this exit or capital of one of those you drive on where. Borchardt fields to be from the field. I believe there's a plaque there. I'll find it I think as a please I believe there's a plaque there because on the freeway. Have while Bob hit it on the side of the freeway and did it could be but that field. Was in existence until college stadium was built in 1953. Says we're that I drive over every day the site of where the Packers have played. The Milwaukee badgers NFL team has played her the more hockey chicks at the mall locking Bayer's. But we're talking about issued decide to bring that back up as far as the Braves they won a World Series sixty years ago this week well you in your life. Ever see a World Series in Milwaukee. A victory IS. Tim and I go back and forth all the time to mail us the two oldest guys on the radio station when it in terms of being around the Milwaukee Brewers. And I say no he says yes I don't. I don't think so we had one World Series champion in sixty years of course I was around for that. One World Series appearance of my lifetime 1982 was fifteen years old. I don't think it's happening. I don't I just don't see it ever happening. Neil Lotta things go right I think what some decent teams. But I don't think I'll ever see I hope I'm wrong Roanoke Bible wrong. But I don't think we'll ever see not only that part I don't think we'll ever see an NBA championship in Milwaukee. Hey if you expect to be disappointed then you'll be heartbroken yeah. Yeah. I just did strategy I would love to see one of our teams here win a world championship just on the user. Got other better question for you kind of a different one I saw some guys on tour last night AK shaft specifically. Was posting. Was posting Big Ten comparisons. Big Ten teams and what they're MLB comparison would be. For example he says Penn State would be the Dodgers. Michigan would be either Red Sox. Ohio State would be the Yankees following yeah I do over the badges will be right now who would the badgers in Washington Nationals. And why is that because he can teach people in the tied ball. They can't actually not a bad compare they can't win. They can't with a national championship. So often happens along the way wearable stumble. Com and save of the Washington Nationals they've had some great teams they just can't do over that help. He says that a lot of Wisconsin Badgers will be Chicago Cubs. Do you see any connection or the badgers could be the cubs all. Null. Now crazy fan base hours things are better than they are. Has the quirky little thing made game jump around vs. Well the cubs were bit ought gaelic as the cubs or bears on. Years and years and years from the forties through the through the early eighties and anywhere your not a mystery to what you're a couple bad stretches. But the veteran football team has been pretty consistent for the last just like the packer football team from last 25 years. Title city parasite I will say because Wisconsin. In the last 1015 years have been pretty consistent in the top 25. So I don't see them. Be in the cubs I answered the Washington Nationals who've had pretty good. Since they moved Washington wanna outreach weakness because it's very interesting but one other. One other comparison he made was the golden golfers would be the Milwaukee Brewers. Yeah. Yeah amid the brewers. In the gulf resort go to law a December bowl game. Usually. And be mediocre invites go seven and five. That'll be good enough for them but they could never get by the big boy's death. Question number 554. Frames. What position old groups on Minnesota. When you compare them to the position of groups on Green Bay would you make a trade for the defensive backs sure. Yeah I'll take their defense at night and only the safeties safeties are pretty good here sophomore game Josh Jones and others say the courts. Also corners look at the corners the defensive backs. Com I'll say I'll say their defensive backs. With the Packers defensive backs to the packer defensive backs really up. I mean without the growing Kevin King are kind of a mess back. Pitches and get his name right before right same nine I would trade for Kevin McDermott. He is the vikings long snapper that's the trade with the vikings I would make our table or pepper. For. Kevin McDermott are you would now what do you like about McDermott. I like that he's not tabor pepper buffet table or his bat at that table or lucky. See the Packers are left waiting about Kevin McDermott is the black quietly I don't know what is. I don't know but. Tabor he doesn't get it right this week in Minnesota. Tabor is going to be working at Starbucks. And he may be right about. Ed Gisenyi think it's gone shock. It's never gates it's back rears its ugly head paid witness list and you saw Mason Crosby get that pissed off the bottom a missed field gore or extra point. Usually takes about himself put that one. He was ticked off while the operation. Chuck and Mike that's five for frames again Paul Allen from the Minnesota Vikings radio network you'll join us at 8 o'clock today. All Paul we are not also Michael Cohen eight Tawny Packers vikings couple days away getting you ready here on the fan we'll continue to do that weather trends. And that next. Now from the Brian Stratton college athletics studio. This is chuck can win colors three true. And brought she'll buy Adam's deputy Adam deputy can help you buy your next home because he gets deals done that others can't go to Adam's deputy dot com. An hour from now live Kevin McCain are fancy gags the who direct message me last night and said instead of fantasy can we just talked US soccer pretend that all. Sounds like your sac that make any changes so that's. Fantastic this is off for nothing. But no we will take your fantasy questions than an hour we've already got some coming in. To our Wendy email inbox live at 1057 FM the fan. That kind of we'll quickly have you cover it wears a star appeal little better well I'm still very upset about the state of US soccer bunt my. How horrendous play kick ball last night is now at the forefront when they think that for next pitcher and new Dora because I dropped what would have been the game winning catch. And now my shoulder birds can I drop kick ball and the great question Bobble it. Pull boom does that run miserable and I miss judge I just kind catch. And I may or may not have had a panic attack in public. Coney take it away with a question as some of the pack. Actors they're be playing the vikings this Sunday at Minnesota. They're three and a half point favorites on the road. What would be the point spread at this game was played at Lambeau. While Green Bay would be one of 33 to have four point fever too there's not a lot of big lines. I noticed in the NFL this year they get to get a boost from being called. The same point favorite Minnesota there it be a six and a half OK but you took do you take way to three points for home field advantage. And then you give the three points to Green Bay at Green Bay is the favorite this week. All this that the flights can else help rise right they are the favorite I distinctive. They were there the underdog you're right solely would be seven and a half might even par maybe even more men after the break she would take wait three. And at six and amber and you don't match every three siblings and I don't Capital Radio he beat ninety would be a lot of nine point fear. That's a lot I notice but it would be a nineties would you take that. No two mice don't like Green Day. As the favorite in this game I find it hard to believe that there are eligible favored at. With a hook to. I'll never say roll out the helmet game because. I think that was set once on the station in hands of people always come at us with when whenever the Packers don't. I think this is going to be what game was that I don't remember I think Sparky said it years ago. I think this game is going to be pretty boring by the end of the third corps. I'll say. Lopsided on vary. Pay out there you know I would love for that to happen I just jammed in Minnesota. I just never you never should save on a roll lot of demons and court. Now no way I'm not Paul Allen you'll join us at 8 o'clock. Cody what do we have next on what we call this returns. Well David Starr is standing with an injury all season long should just rest him through the bye week at this point. Did he go this week to play them but otherwise no because this game and in the saints. Yup. Then they're seeking that's going to be easy penalty if I'm more worried about saints game than I am this game all come off. Seriously. Act. I think it's our battered scene of the findings Drew Brees has better than a few overnight it is right now medium brown and David. But attacks Israel halt its new war beyond knowledge the Packers now they're going down their little integrity rounds many nickname for case Keenan why is that it just seems like your character from insect what do you brown okay. I'm sorry America he's not the case I'm trying to remember which one he was. It was it more on Charlie Brown oh no he was he's not no relation I thought it was. He's it was an encyclopedia brown on Charlie brown and our relation. Yeah I've never heard of encyclopedia brown are you kidding me hell yeah I have I thought I thought it was a Charlie broker you're not kidding me off. I doubt you're joking and you words. Wesley. I guy I'm all sorts of good news. The time for that model and is now Wikipedia and Freeman. What's that who's to who's talking right. What do you say I said this Clemens no. A decline in practice it's like graffiti of brown. Five feet eight inches 240 pounds since I saw these crimes in his spare time in junior cut the that's what he does it was a book I read in middle school. I don't look super that's like Peter a look at an upgrade now to get some of those books give me your kid they'll like him. Mamet like that that was like made the sixties. This Wikipedia brown scored Wikipedia. Rarely now. Now is encyclopedia brown and goose bumps those are the only two things that read you his arms I had read a lot of analysts agree now. Cody knows birds that but it. Cody or more trends. Will be playoffs tonight cubs next game five. Joseph Maddon on getting ready. Archie moniker for the hundred. Hopefully going to be mentally involved and they still always open maybe even a little bit more so coaches who go over the work a little bit more than they normally do. Although what I'm really not an attitude that just lets go play. Game four was postponed. Due to weather Stephen Strasburg. Was not supposed to start game four but because they had the second date at a date drastic Strasburg did start. Do you think this would be a game five if the cubs would of lost its operative pitch. No I don't want I just brought a great performance I think war when it came up there and give him one anyway the cubs are hitting. And all and at Taylor Grand Slam and against the wind that we at their last night. And I think this was this was this the Washington to win. Which we've got to make games humanize well you wanted to win because then. We found out after the show that they want us there are they're gonna search Strasburg are still would have taken Washington. Oh you withdraw our view all of America I want to go audio that if I would bet the cubs because there are. And in Strasburg coming out and I'd be like hey free is gonna get out of the vet and you say no but I'll bet that's the right I think that's the way it isn't Vegas that it you have if used if you state with pitchers are going to be end. Then. If there's a different pitcher the bed is off you guys should talk some more rules because like art you trying to do a role on previous yesterday was yesterday. If you don't match it before we saw over bad yeah I don't ever heard definite form of LA out of sandy feet at five under on under not my Gary 1000 yard back. You know atomic hall and minister last forward so I guess that vessel now they'll. I guess the obvious that which I would love to get actually. You buy your way out of it not matter of I'm advisors say and I'm mom. I don't Phil's confidence that wants them. The bad again yeah honest MVP five to one they give you a hundred if you never win some. And you give me 500 when he does slug you know what they'll be honest president BP it's worth verify every dollar that finally came to fifty right now. 10 o'clock in the afternoon that I take that the Null. Now. Not to do it. So what is fact I was at this here brought to you by Adam deputies are looking to buy out all what did you first or last count again deputy. Online ad deputy Dak outages have mortgage equal housing lender. Boy thing evolve the amount of great plates at Perkins that would tied at 250 that advised fourteen different items. On the great plagues menu price from 48 dollars. Homemade meatloaf big blt sandwich a fabulous five breakfast really good deals available everyday at Perkins. And if you haven't stabbed and a couple of weeks make sure that you check out that comfort classics menu we're talking. The ingredients that year. You grew up with a little bit out. The ice the chicken top why there it reminds me of the chicken pot I we we would have been my great dramas and will pack. Thirty years ago we go on their journal strawberry thing she's still alive she's dead OK I'm a great grandma. Far gone but the memories of the chicken pot I. Reborn every tax I don't Perkins checking out the comfort classics and and you. For on the indecision grow platter to the chicken pot pie stop it I think it'd be like a 140. Right now well there's a couple people in the world like their hard won and open and I think going to be awake so as a year maybe your dad's grandma. Now okay my dad's grandma. Yeah that's correct. Check out the Friday fished right in my good Perkins eleven. Until close more from Iraq is more from the Packers and then Paul Allen joins us 8 o'clock voice of the vikings and coming up straight ahead. I. Certainly on the Bryant's friends college Atlantic studios I'm borrowing but that is. Jeffrey minute just put a survey question out on Twitter what was your favorite books are read as a kid it. I was talking encyclopedia brown and was it always had goosebumps yeah. I put that question on Twitter and I've I know I know it's a ad supported. Cody says underpants captain what was that these are kids books how Captain Underpants. Yeah Craig says hardy boys Martinez says that he ever had to choose your own adventure book. You know I'd like any of them I'd like to hardy boys. And the rest regarding boys but not the the mystery guys I'll. I'm a big book reader yeah. I'll start of the book. And though finishing Jobe bucks I don't know what it's been a much tolerance of my coffee table bar. Since I got a for a Christmas time and as a good book legislate through. I've met Joseph book. Joe Buck hit the US open at that and told my enjoy his book put a credit cents. So that's the my it's my history I get a new book and start reading it and then you know like to his takes over. Seeking salmon on Twitter horrified seven FM the fan Paul Allen and agendas voice of the vikings at eight Michael colony Tawny. The book on air Roger is that he's really really good and he's been really really good and so the Packers since he decided he was gonna talk about running the table late. Last season I think you restarted superior and you you have to adapt and evolve. As a player and there's a lot of film out there when he gets in your tenth year as a starter. And teams have years of stuff to look at and tendencies to break down its analytical departments. That a lot of these teams are starting to put together. You have to continue to be Smart about your own self scout and be critical of your film and look for things you can do better. Trying to avoid any specific tendencies that you do have. And continue to. Trying to approval of the Larry assessment. I changing and Nazis starts. And to be ready to play him rated season the key for us I think. Is. Is understand how to win the quicker than we do that in this locker room. The more. Games you see like Cincinnati and Dallas were we have to have a drive in the game and would come through and make them make plays when those. Where these scouting reports that the he has put together with older. Scouts and all bitten all the film artist pages and paid this big box full. So they have I've never seen a packer won by a scene of a team's RC baseball. Scouting reports it's just it's just too much information. What do you we didn't like under Vince Lombardi in the sixties. How much how much did he scout the cowboys before that ice bowl game. How much did he know about what the caller's gonna do. You on TV like you do these days. I don't know what the scouting travel department like you know I mean. We need to wing it when it's not when you just kind of went out there and played when that stuff. Are you on at all. Mom as far as I know it's so it's always been scouting videotape and giving. Both teams that have been watching TV like to like to colleges. Why have a video department were. The veil be taping. Okay old. BYU's place that OK we got to make sure you take it taped. Can possibly have video department tape the games yet but they might also have like three guys actually there. That are these budgets are so big and sure Korea that baseball that you at all time yet scouts all over the place these these reports will say. And I'm not necessarily saying this about air writing all of its quarterback for. Is able to go to his left but if you pressure miss when he's got a difficult time turning your shoulder into it this way so he really need to come out of the single. That's what reasons are we to stay parked on every week this up every player in the league. Yeah I wonder when. That information started be a part of planning for an opponent. I wonder when the days of well. We know they have eleven guys and so do we so let's try to score a touchdown I wonder when those days. Today happened a lot in the sixties was a natural seventies the eighties and I don't know some late and a nod that's a good question why isn't a party and have them. And also some high school football programs that don't scout. They just say well you know what they got to stop us. Surely have to stop bucks I know really high successful high school football coach out there. Who they don't want to put video tape was teams they just say well north if we do our stuff they're not going to be this. Generally lower served up by Perkins Michael college degree angle inside of the latest on the packer injuries a Tawny. I'll banged up are the vikings and are they really with case keen on. On the case. A credible threat Paul Allen our old friend joins us next voice on the vikings coming up on the fan.