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Tuesday, November 21st
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart took a look at the Bucks and talked about their struggles.

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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. And Stratton college athletics studio. This season chug it always clerk on sports Radio One 057. That's Jack Friedman I'm Bart wait blur I comforts phase for games. Gloria. What I love Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is my fifth you either I'd always told you likely were able horribly weekends and isn't naming a holiday you don't like but for Thanksgiving. You off. Christmas Day I'm dobbs talk I'm not a particular religion everything out of it and all the meetings of things to it. But it just sort this first owner cannot take Christ out of Christmas I'm not that's a ship and I'm just saying okay Obama look at. Mainly the time off. Okay we'll Burma look at that part of it. Mean interest BC world can do that for one. I start second why this Yankee did the gardening really. As well the education part education part how does say what you really want to say let us PC I'd like that off I did I get thrown off the radio probably. You can't do that today's world can't see anything you can't say initiative say daddy gets it yet and excuses for this doll. Something I might say something that's gonna get in trouble. We did a few years ago we sizzle to the bottom tell me and my characters. And I mean we got serious trouble. Well now is like it was kind of a wake up call for us is like that we didn't go there anymore what did you say it and I'd just about doping and it. All right so. But I ridiculous stumble I mean colleges they issue was now. So what do you wanna say it would joining efforts I just love things below the all the football that we got here for the next three days I Arctic off on Wednesday. He avoids the football. Got the out rivalry weekend coming up here a lot of good college matchups try to either schemes. Our course theatre LWM. Friday yep college basketball oh yeah popular bad. So. I just like I love it in all yielded little to do little vacation can be had at the Twin Cities the student. I want to cover the game on Saturday and go there and spent the time of their but maybe maker withdrawal clear once again were. Shannon my girlfriend and I were young with college so do the little matter yen hey did you get carded at a bar off in a evil death. You know. There comes a time where would you go to a bar. Where simple. Reasoning should come in we went to a bar. I don't think I get carded a 1000 college shot at. So Leary are thirty years later going of this place called shenanigans in downtown. Sid Manny again it's in water sounds and ideas for an all that instilled office this is in Watertown I'm sorry water a lot of history water street I saw water street Clair self. Went to the front. Now there are an affront she united and each also their asks. I DMI. Till I be if she had her idol of mine. As we walked to the bar motel. And guys is like c'mon. No sir we don't let David that if we come out where is an image brought like the manager him. And he was trying to justify why they won't listen to V card every week hard everybody. You say Kurt quarter court everybody's a site. Where the simple. Arithmetic dumbed. I mean I'm like come on if you can't tell. And I'm 121. We're shin and his 121. You're like three Tony ones yes all moles. Not only go to farm but felt you should point. Meet tomorrow really means a weather front that I'm going there and did dual BM. Each 'cause I don't MR ID and getting carted and the rule is. Laura Ricard everybody. We cart everybody here mostly. That's just simple. Simple deductions and there are simple basic knowledge Ryan tweets and at the fan 1057 FM the fan. Maybe they thought you were undercover cop. Yeah but okay. Have a copilot and I got had been OK if I was. Gonna look like out. Is the law isn't a cart everybody I mean if you see somebody if if that third elect. Let me in without hurting me that's acceptable. There's nothing against law meant. Yeah I guess I mean that's just I think you're right common smarts. Intelligence. Man it is the moves are guys visit to Syria or owner drops the money and that bargain look all that full on Thursday night you're gonna turn away. I realize that place was making them much business shenanigans and Claire common cure and there just a handful of people literally going their because lead Marist College. And they wanted to close early did it on another known panel of people and now memo on I mean and that's the normal market that don't own Omar. Some of these local bars and telling you they don't want people to come. Really like what. Our reference one in the great city a final like Wisconsin Colgate Google's end. They don't want people come now Google paid at the bar and find he had main street area of Google's signature org Google yeah yeah. And there's like six of the same people that always sit at the bar in any time anyone else comes in. You gate. Mean you did looked at and then they won't serve you for like a long time why. Because there's these buyers that they just want their core customers I don't know if they're like a front for something else. When they're they exist or just and today they don't want people in the bar. I don't know him. There's certain places you go do some wee small towns or. Country homes are you going mirror and as you're an outsider. You feel like offended go and an air. And we feel heated some romp that's like why would you want our business there's a bar. Just outside or Mira. That you go a mirror and lets you view you're if you're not a regular service is bad. You're like the owner she's nice I like courier kid and they're nice but to help me hand. It's like why do you typical of the nepalese because your immediate crappy service anyway there Mimi Tia. Yeah asking for another beer and a slight to rescue him to give you million dollars. Did these these are these. Buyers that there's I mean there's regulars at a Barnes some of these cars are soul. So low in Trenton regulars exactly nobody else ever arms there what he's yeah that if you do stepping. And the shlinder starting a turf war it's being cleaned your friendly neighborhood bar. You try to go there. Now. Console friendly. You have to come in with somebody that the regular otherwise are now welcome and I shook his bars like that walking on. There's Bartley that all over the place I tend to think that. Delegate and the Oscars is morally. Bought our blood sugar so much dead around here too. You know so it's not like you've got not you you've got carted player turning fifty years old are your Carter. I'm water treatment him or in the week then we get carted in another place. Maybe all players cracking down well we started at another place. And the girl wouldn't the girl balsa wood let a sin and ice that you need to skip. Manager the manager came over penniless. By the Syrians they are willing to sit and it's like okay. Aren't. Nice I tell you some people don't want to serve I anyone would do its place was that by and I get to drift net but I don't think displays I did sol sol. Something must mean something Muslim capital whether or burger bar told them under no circumstances. Should you allow anybody and without an idea idea right that was like light if Donald Trump walked in to displace. In the public's up. Tarred him well trump doesn't drink and Estonia he walked in and he wanted. Cut a rug on the audience for why didn't you say I'm Blake Shelton sexiest man alive. I tried to drop the chuck free bench. Hard there and it would work all you dead at Bethlehem is elegant. I've checked freedom Tucker workable where. Welcome bill Michael's heart disease and filling up their but it will work for me. I'll gash bill Michael's courage of going to any a small towns. And say I'll have all the alcohol went to Qwikster it means it'll. Couple weeks ago walked did. Says mr. Friedman assess how did your editor who don't know unless you show host bill doing these days. And so I don't find why he's only Q bill. Two old guys on the Fam he says well I agree on that make you feel. Knocked do we call beatle guy. C but well you know. There are always friendly at the horse and plow auto were bill. And Gary were last night George Koontz the former Packard join the live for awhile. And Jordy Nelson join them via the telephone for a segment as well. I'd Jordy Nelson telling the guys that. Yes we're sticking with Connolly. We're going to Ali I mean everyone loves the backup quarterback and apparently doesn't matter that Aaron backed up or Brett back up you know I would think you know gotten though is being on this side I don't wanna. Site you know now ahead in either me you've done a lot like he was here but. Rest until we often Brett. You know until you need to do let your leader Kurt so. I mean you're really the actors athletes and colorectal and every productive and you can see. I read not a thought about another team that you look at what upload builder this great great start here bartered a rookie. And you hear about it during the first so I do beat patent. And you know in total carbon obstruct the process. Where put the work in order if you're better operative result sits. And of big name just a Mitchell. Good show this and I mean you knew that things are gonna be off the charts and they had Jeb Janis on the first was. So it's just tennis and Janice. Is she. These sort of Williams anymore. I mean he's not returning kicks. They won't let him do that anymore he's never receivers if you lose receiver. They don't have any Janet is he tried to go play last weekend but he did have his ID. May carted. And he can get into the game. LH shenanigans with you in a clearer path are met tweets and says chuck why don't you carry your idea like a normal human being well you know what I. Didn't realize ahead. Terry my idea to go everywhere there's a certain point of Eurasian winner of putting money in your pocket and go one out. You know lead to stop and hotel. And I just grab by money and he was stable take you might be. Do you think you bought it on your normal Wallace already realize I always been. Abnormal UMB it takes right. I don't as the men of all those email now matches we didn't earn your name your idea on your at all times. Or have you guy. The Milwaukee in my you're recognized but no clear maybe now. I AMP by Hodding you know we are. Oh what are you wanna take an impromptu flight. I've never done that ever in my life you need your ID and a motor drive that's one thing that was driving was walking walking toolbar. From a hotel room. When I went to Savannah Georgia a month ago. We had planned this trip for awhile my wife and I and we got on the plane and there was another couple that got on the plane and we overheard them talking. And someone asked where eagle on and they said. Savannah Georgia we're doing we're gonna get up and coach trip. And is that a thing. You mean just decide to go yeah I don't think they woke up and then now. You know noted a Jewish is green and while would you like to do today all let's go to. Savannah Georgia apparently at some people I know I. We do that we just we Savannah Georgia we just. Side to do something spontaneous spontaneous. That's a slick my whole lifestyle may might get up our goal is oddity. Mike give and go is like the Delhi metro market. It is that that's a vantage Georgia about got to go to go to market today or Oakley heroes sympathetic to I want to ratings are not hot bar or do I want to order wings from Ares. And have them delivered a get out of shower today or just lay in the count too much football I think at at the book that I watch football in the basements or in the living room bulls are great options and a that is my get up and go sadness that the wrong that. Delhi today Michael which I have no idea what it might. The off tomorrow. If they are thrown heaven sighed the usual take their Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I'm. They skew you're going her parents' house today crowded house. Rate amp. Yeah eighties behind yes yeah aside I think what that was and yes. I'm there'll be an eBay had sold it and try to take it off for a Minneapolis okay that the markets are god you know plants. Not rate now that to change Kevin holding will be here all the all the yeah that could change. You're not taking no notice. Plants as of right now I don't know what's going out for tomorrow what kind of a spontaneous or to make sure you bring your idea frames you know I guess some gonna have to now. I'm going to have to are now. Were right go I don't ever with me right now the sector but from the good order bars where is your idea right now at all lying I. LKI test. In some car. Chuckling bush served up by hurricanes a man that needs no IDE. Gary willful rejoining us in a couple of minutes we'll talk Milwaukee Bucks and what they need to do differently on this road trip to make sure that these. Games at the lack of effort and energy don't continue tactic Gary willful next on the fast. This guy's on the inside. Peace time two years from know. Holy insider. We won't fool don't feel like whole offices of tone was cool lovingly on sports Radio One 057. I'm seven FM the fan 1250 on your behalf. It is the bucks Tuesday we continue with the Gary wolf people are Milwaukee basketball insider on the master. No master Gary you'll fall at the Racine journal times we'll see him at. At the toy drive. You'll always make is couple of appearances next week he got there press a short drive for him from his estate the wolf full. Alice yes I Gary how are you are here at good morning gentlemen. I curing the blocks now we've been on the throne before the bonus I cannot say are buried buttons and get taken their time all right yeah all Jerry finish this statement. Our Gerri the box we've been down this road before. We haven't needed. But there's still hope it's 000 rain internal rate and I think I've heard any answers you before these guys. Yeah you know I mean let's face it you know sorting out who don't have Parker arguably the second best player. They haven't airport enriched all the bill well. Our blood so whatever he ate Topps kindness transition especially from three point range. And they lost a little intensity. So I mean that's who is in a nutshell I mean they have they have issues well what. You know again there also play in the conference so neatly written in the conference right. Where there currently then ninth seed. All right part of our box Tuesdays is that we. We dissect the playoff rankings which we did earlier today. 808 bids it up and down season it's been there's been some really good and then there's been some some really depressing but I think Al last night eight. Last I just felt like. It just felt like to gain that we've seen it. 45 times in the Jason Kidd tenured and I was in their last night but play close to if you play good team you play in close. It's halftime. Up by one. You know you're gonna lose by twelve. Yeah I mean and it means that the box they have to play I will look. And unfortunately last night that it played no bet that well because we're very certain we didn't play well peace and weeks down in Dallas. But you know I was talking of sport and let them pull himself. Washington took him so much firepower and just go all been done lineup they're calling it up its will to the good guys. You give him anywhere from fifteen or more points out. You go to the bottom line up in the go OK yeah yeah honest and yet middle term. And you. Who. You know I think that there's there's such they drop off after that. Until I heard what so really really feel comfortable and it seems to me like he's almost differing. You know there is there a couple kind politically what's the basket look like yet. You know we layup but also he's got the ball I'm not sure trying to. You know to blend in there and BP to do it seemed very current well. Bottom line is Eric what who have brought Milwaukee scored all he's got to give me eighteen to twenty points them to do you know Putin seemed. Misery to the point points up their form. Yeah yeah did you study a proven track record you scorer each. You know all through his career that's one thing. Can do but an amnesty or on this team though where ya Milton getting hands in yet gamma scores giving us. Yeah absolutely especially having. You know there's Serbs LaBroque they're colonel Laura and that's why I hadn't you'd even before these hit a a coroner also it's you know they cute yet you know. They should really have a long hard talk with them and ask beautifully man. And then they get to your scores on the portal Weyrich of the ultimate. Yeah I'm a slow that's not mission well after the let you go to the second string. There's no scoring punch in and I think you took the you know on an absolutely terrific sickness but. Whether you would ever accept that role you know I I don't. Do you think built and ultimately be the six men on any MV chip to caliber team. Yeah I would think so. What you are you have on you know. Principle of equivocal statement would you scholar. Probably probably not right now if you went to Boston Police there. Probably not either communal six minutes of sitting directly from the militant obvious extent our championship level team. The book similar to that level he's the six men. Well I'll tell you are you still notable us pretty darn good player and you know I actually help out of one or two when he corn when he had a verbal order. It seemed like nobody else wanted to step altered your serve them deal scorer. And middle and hit return that floated in our spirit you know. You know two or do that. Very willful are Milwaukee basketball insider here on the fan I know Jason Kidd last night as we mentioned. So Joseph print the taking the reins. Two days he get a so I wonder Jason Kidd how much of this game you saw last night. Does he know they Gary Payton got more time the Malcolm Bragg and was he is changing diapers giving lessons and a. Okay well it is you can you can Wear your book report. Somebody else who have come to us political brawl didn't know why you play that you put seventeen learned last night right. He's averaging 31. Okay. And they said you don't see herder who you know Soviet tradition compete you know denied a little weight. Then why did you play 31 minutes. He played called junior that's why. You know I'll but he has bet I mean brought them the guys every. I thought he played very well let's say point. Broadens your guy you gotta go with them. You know I mean again but it really rip you a year but he played well I mean if you have struggled this let's say OK fine. Don't play him. The U regular you know it's that gave them the book shouldn't be in a world of hurt so. Locally. The off you know exactly what they need drugs in the play and play meaningful minutes I'd I'd just. I don't they're trying to send him a message by bench human sect called second quarter and then. No patent comes up plays the third quarter it just I felt like the delta there and it was there an energy issue with brought them before. They're there and reverence brought them. Rodman the ultimate professional you usually go up every night so I say again that what I'm inclined to let something blonde. We have talked spoke of or before most what you could put it put issues of last year Jason Kidd you know mom true to them some answer that you wouldn't you know. Overdo it so. Give it its US media I think that's a look at administrative like those groups were restricted but after one term but you gotta wonder. Here you'll Fuller Milwaukee basketball insider with the we're seeing journal times will pulls press box I'd dot com. Anybody eat that we should be on the radar for another Julie Okafor. Rumours. Are are rampant. At the box still going with John Henson for 26 minutes a night. Yeah I mean did did he Okafor rumors are legit you know are several people UN BA. In that I think all seems not looking. Some some resources there are weak and for good deal. They want a first round pick if they're pretty convinced would beat you different stronger. I think the relatively pleased that. Because Okafor doesn't fit into their plans to local or sale of all the court issues that. When push comes to show that the sixes will take you second round pick. And out of there is obviously the whole legal action on the you don't some better but. Right now I think it's mostly radio while plotting you know miracle both teams. Gary you have a good Thanksgiving unit plans. Yeah I'm heading up to occidental towards minute look up repudiate the family so lost. They'll do wonders for my diet right. And it can work off the golf course there will be a 36. True. Out goes like George less than I was there a couple times during the summertime I love I love fox hills I do it's it's that's a little dated but it's. I like I don't myself this little thing. Although both what are. There are just no way its agreement. It's the floor and MacBook got a great thanks goodness well. You two have a good woman we'll see it the type jag area around where our Gary you'll fall joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline where they've been committed to personalize common sense lending. Since 1935. When he in the market to buy build or renovate or refinanced his agreement was bank dot com discovered the benefits of simply local banking we also want to see. You guys at the toy drive it's Monday so enjoyed Thanksgiving. We get with your family in announcing that there you know there's kids that are gonna be. Dublin hospital over the holidays and they're gonna need a little bit of an inspirational to but it joy and the Children's Hospital has let us know net. There's a lot of if you don't know what to body. Batteries are always good I don't know we think about that if you wanna buy some batteries and drop them off fund teen band aids are good. In thing rattles and heaters I mean there's very young kids there are small legal kids. Are are there looking for transformers are big dull even gift cards they could use so. These surge to at some point next week planes farm and fleet sixth and rots and Oak Creek coming dropped off a new unwrapped toys and and help the kids and we don't ask. Which for blisters except for those who lost for four hours a day I don't cure if you listen any part of your radio station except Ross reforms and re always asking you guys is to recent Reuters every word yes and if that be thankful they were in existence for four hours a day tastes and listen to every minute of the program. And buy stuff from our advertisers but other than that we don't ask for I think now Joseph the pair celery. Right I'm just don't preclude our advertisers yet boy to come that torture and also drop the toys off for our show six to 10 AM in the morning. Or chuck who went are we do this Monday through Friday. 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Run you kind Annan's deputy kodi grant is our producer Cody grants as today's training questions Cody granted. It is right here high quality plus for the Packers how many wins will they finish with this season. Well I tweet last night Packers Tony six dealers Tony three so at least one more so they're five and five right now also a six to. OK so they're going to be the browns and at that idled by the way some hobbies somebody I think early in the browse. May not be the brown is always in the they're athletic. They couldn't. That I can be disposed. They could. They can beat. Seeing maybe champ. Tampa might be the team that aired. To implement it TP. I mean you come up that Chicago and think OK we're figuring this out of the way they looked against Baltimore evening they're never gonna score a point the rest of the C you're not that good. But they should react still don't get it well you lark. Which you are you've lost war with three in a row at home. And for real last wife it's. Terrible. You suck. That's really you suck your turf that they were the worst teams in the NFL right now you deserve re fourteen point underdogs. Your whole operation is a complete disaster for a but the thing and I'll get about Sunday's game as they get there or signs of a good football team they were driving the ball and then every time they cross midfield. It was over for them there was a turn over there or fumbles they just they they couldn't get past them and feel they can convert a third down it could convert a fourth down. Defensively there or some flashes of good stuff but they can't. Just seem to figure it out and I don't think anybody's looking forward to the games Sunday night. Who. Not right now mole now. I Sunday nights he's so far away yet the small Thanksgiving holiday. All the football and then at the very end of the holiday in the factory. Now some holiday. Chuck and link our three tres Cody that's a good football here right Harry to get credit to Zack our Twitter for this question. Who do you trust more understand sir Alex order written for the badgers are Brett Conley for the Packers. A harder nick Mason plays this past week you know I mean is you look at his numbers is nine in nineteen but he made some nice place. This traditional released early game picked up. I trust to forty Brooke more than. Then calmly poured it looks got a little more freedom to do things that only goes. I have this friend. I might be listening right now as names Chris. Chris on FaceBook this is is what happens every time that harder Brooke makes a mistake I see your FaceBook post. It's as part of Brooks bearable but then every tag makes that post whatever it makes a good play every week I feel like badger nation. Quit I don't order brought them and their right when they say he's trashed. He goes and makes an incredible play him you know what you're getting out of camp he's going to have an interception. He's going to make it. Well sure yeah he should and then against the original women and by. Yup you brought it back Taylor's gonna win the game the defense is gonna win the game and you can't put a book and make some place he did I'd like Corey Brock you can't prove brewers winning strike. I don't I love forty Brooke I view California right now I don't love a lot of things but I love forty for despite his errors. I still like them. I like Tori. I just wish she would overcome these dumb mistakes. Is sort of work that much different than jails that I though. Always comes back to that and make the bulls' mistake prone but why do you love our repudiated static. Because I think there's more potential foreign port. Stop me no. Stubby was a statue back there he would elude anybody's. At least for a book to tuck it under the rug Pruitt you dressed more for the Packers right now is that they are calmly. That path. If they have to that the county bucks basketball Chris metalheads are kind of share. Lost. Just gotten folks who runs a system was registered to vote whoever guarded. Have put together in Chicago. And so difficult to play harder. I sometimes we play sports. You don't know what it is but you get out there and there's no energy level. I don't know what it is for the parks I thought after the Dallas game that come back home and there'd be some intensity against Washington. But is there really any intensity in November NBA basketball. Phoenix are Matthews I'm sorry we hope they finally won five of a role by early in the air coming up a best play the world why they split six today. Boston won sixteen games they've got intensity. Apparently goalie or they are down twenty points that I affiliate they came back and won there they've got some mud and illegals they bring it. You see more gold states and what do they bring every night some of the Cleveland OK because of the best in the morning when they have to let's say with Cleveland. There's no way to put it keeps too talented they LeBron should never really lose to anybody. Shouldn't be losing in each of you lose the Toronto race to Boston after the post season. But there are turned it up and watch those are three trends right you right. Adam deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether you're first or last can take Adam deputy. Online at adamant deputy dot com Adam deputy and main you can trust. GSM mortgage equal housing lender Aaron angler to join us at 9 o'clock do not miss that factors news. That kind he'll be with us in just a little bit chuck and Wentworth on the thanks. 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We will have aryan Adolor Packers news.com joining us in just a few moments let's go to New Berlin. Are we fighting Jeff hello Jeff what's up I just. Yeah I just kind of lager and yeah audit conducted a lot of negative talk more you know all draft pick for the culture and not let any I lived in the eighties when the current move really. Audited Tulsa Baltic as we've never heard about it tells models like seventies and eighties. Are there were terrible Manny couldn't win a game or bad I mean we had whitehurst or are on. Yeah nausea and you know. You. Sport period and what they are out there are limited Guerin needed everybody got out jump on the bandwagon and they're all great they're doing. And our our winner and our leader of the way we don't direct they opt out Packers maybe both apparently the vikings will. Jeff you know whether to start when he again. Not this season but nick Aaron Rodgers comes back. I know but don't you or B Aaron don't you tell haven't. You ever do it but that doesn't mean we can't stick our team is terrible. Oh yeah I agree at me but I mean I hope they don't do I really don't they have read that bat. I mean we can double a lot worse you know good outcome are backed by a. Yeah I Don Henley's pretty bad as a quarterback these days. I dinky guy well I Kiki need to figure out after write it and beat me nice he's earned it out. So Jeff I don't know I predicted the Packers I'm predicting that no win on Sunday. Are you with me that's something I want. Yeah I'm now okay I'll take out all but fourteen point. I've seen the underdog they've already been honored they were underdogs but bear may overeat barrack. And a car doesn't matter where nobody under gaga bar that's right he's making a speech is we knew he ain't nobody's done it nobody's fourteen point underdogs. But we're out on the take the tackle I don't JR writes oh dollar got a little Watergate. Yeah. Automatically right extremely I don't care. Are you and I suspect ballistic missiles so hey happy as they were terrible yeah. How hard part let's declare you united Napa last week but you love the Packers Albright. You wanna bet in this game ought not to not bad on the NFC north anymore. Fourteen points and do not trigger without right I do not bad on the NFC minorities. Do you rate here I can't do it twelve that is my listing here for the rest of the week. Into last week rose and I got to get after it pretty soon here today shows he's he's I'd want to point five for him last weekend. You think Cody and your betting it's been kind of entertaining so that'll be the story line we go way and I'm and take the backseat okay it. That's if you don't want you know what to guys. I am I mean I just I am losing too much money okay. That's fine if there's a game that I like Al backed you but I'm I'm. I half to. Just like I tell ball spotted don't accept my credit card anymore I have to do this with the I have to say I am no longer banning. I'm the NFC north I don't care how good I feel but there's obedience and also we might find something college. Maybe. And us and us I just can't get an hour to do that. OK if you could do what we'll get there we'll get there will talk to air and Hagler we'll go through our power rankings and we'll see where it takes us. An earlier age and again after my money I. Not really integrated well and as Bard's money in it yet no form of identification yeah I just wanna give you a chance to win your money back well that's very nice of you. It's the gift giving season is Diaz. Did okay that's whistle so I knew I couldn't believe you anymore either. You are very much a straight forward shooter I am man and second ranked. News.com. You'll join us next. I played well last night Packers Tony thirty point six. Steelers Tony three. How hard and heavy will air neighbor laugh when I tellem. He's coming up next on the bench.