8am - Packers, Bucks vs Warriors

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, January 12th
Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Chuck and Bart talked about the Packers new hires, then turned their attention to the Bucks as they get set to take on the Warriors.

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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. And pigs Crichton College athletics studio. JC's chuck it way clear on sports Radio One 057 at. That's Jeff Freeman right there ladies and gentlemen he's coming through your radio speakers got that right player so smooth it is. My voice is also here I'm bars. Just along for the ride the check Raymond show weekdays six to stand. On the fans now we're talking. Now we're talking. Our big weekend in the NFL they always say this is the most exciting weekend and hopefully got four games usually for a good games. I think the ones on Saturday our little tainted however he got Atlanta going into Philly. And we'll do our bets around 9:30 this morning but just wanted to see for me you. Guys and you frames of there's a game that. Is really piqued your curiosity. Of course the vikings one who's going to be and I think the ratings will be very high here in Wisconsin could you go biking fans here in the state but there's also packer fans. Who wanna see this game. Once in quite this form of face now I would love. That's what it is I think I think derby a lot of people work intrigued by watching the vikings in triple B charity gets them. Do you watch a game to cheer for a team he will be cheering against the vikings. This weekend and every game after that big win. I just a Super Bowl where I'm not. Every year in the Super Bowl I do watch it to root against that team because neither light. Well I usually am rooting against the team that knocked the Packers out of the Playhouse weathered Seattle. Or Atlanta. You know he's rooting against somebody. The giants for a couple of years and then that thing go well. So I wanna I wanna watch a Super Bowl where I can just watched a football game you know like. I just watching game I don't wanna have to root against somebody and at the vikings make it which you read a lot of these articles and a lot of people are predicting patriots vikings. And a lot of people think the vikings are gonna go on Baghdad don't wanna watch some warm routing again. Some let's I wanna watch it I we have the vikings are it because I wanna watch something bad happen to them. The playoffs someone some something bad to happen with the vikings there's just one more dagger in the viking fan. I just wanna see that happened so badly. Gillespie last night it will way to wanted to see the vikings eliminate no winner in the huddle and I said you know out of this at the vikings go to the fourth quarter. In a playoff game probably the NFC championship game seven team. And see the other team like the Eagles come storming back with three unanswered touchdown passes. In the fourth quarter in win by four. What legacy. Yeah I'll. Not only do I wanna see the vikings lose but I wanna see them lose in some hurtful way. So we've already seen them in the 2009 FC championship game when Brett Favre lose them. Moon in away like that but you wanna see light at seventeen point lead I love to see that yes and so wanna be sit there on Sunday in two weeks. Seeing the vikings at seven called would love to see them get an early lead at. And joy of life for seventy for three quarters for two and a half hours there are enjoying life. Ups off let's say 23. And it looks like the vikings are on their way to the Super Bowl. And only to have nick pulls c'mon the second half of throw home well well but we touchdown passes. In Philadelphia game would be obviously nick falls. But certainly it does there it beat but you don't inherently at the Kamal though. Does that lift has got to be filling this weekend for Minnesota steel home field advantage away. Yeah I otherwise Atlanta win otherwise the vikings got a goal on the road Philly but I rather see this game see the vikings lose at home. To Atlanta. Because Atlanta would be the team that play at the and arms of the metrodome the US bank stadium. So have a they have to go out there and Mitt grinds down three touchdowns. Going into the fourth quarter and he rallies the team to win. Now on Saturday in Atlanta against make falls and Eagles Alan Nichols took over for Paris and when he looked pretty good idea for touchdowns against the giants. The mills last two games on the Monday night game against the raiders it was not good on Christmas Day. Very bad and in the last game they had been lost six nothing. To the cowboys' nick foale's has not done much so people look at Saturday's games as well may falls and then. The titans go to Foxboro I think they're fourteen point dogs. Saturday's game is generally I'm not going to be as good as Sunday. Now Saturday night and a couple of years go Houston go to new England and a divisional round give an early lead and at Foxboro and then only other patrons of storming back to winning in the second half. It went missing when I think that that they have my heavenly last year the year before but of the Tennessee doing that match apart. No buzz from me on Saturday night but I didn't intrigued by the Atlanta. Philadelphia game of course one of the deals there is Philadelphia. For first time NFL history. I'm number one seed in the divisional playoff round. Is the underdog Google home underdog as the number one seed in the Tennessee the home underdog that's odd. Very odd that game Saturday afternoon the game Saturday night that we are talking about patriots and I mentioned this earlier in the week. But it's worth mentioning again the patriots have been to the AFC championship game the last six seasons. I mean we're excited that the Packers made it two out of three years and patriots went their sixth straight because they win their division. They get a one or two seed and it always works out for them normally one and in the team that comes in there. Is not. Good crappy they've had Tim Tebow come with the Broncos they had a Matt Shaw bled I believe that was a Texans team. Then they had the Tony thirteen colds command that was a run defense that allowed 234 yards and six touchdowns in nineteenth. Joseph Flacco. Came in there he's bad Andy Reid's clock mismanagement that's bad Brock asked Weiler came in and value of the Tennessee Titans do. Did very well I mean their season was over last week. But Mario and Derrick Henry brought them back. I don't I'm not going to completely right up the titans for Saturday night but. I I you don't want over thinking the army and the hatred should. An opera yeah I think Tennessee. That was their Super Bowl beating Kansas City. Last week they're done they're gonna go and Foxboro. And I think doing a destroy them. Would spread east and eleven the last I saw was 1414. Hubble that a divisional playoff game and this president's fourteen points. It is it's. Yeah he you'd be fooled to Tennessee. Well think about it we'll do our picks and 930. I am tempted. Great but I want to get into tiger you'll ever bets went three and oh yes you in the playoffs last week and maybe this week you balls back. Our tally is what I know you Tony five yet we have a couple of bats pending. Rosie is reduced down to appear on yesterday's but that we made our futures that we may guests at Marquette. You Somalia has had a market the NCAA tournament you went out of their end. There there are seeking to one odds OK I am in the an assay and an academic and wondered YouTube dot one outside I'll take what other pending that we have. I'll Rhodes got and we get asked him he says you give me 3019 Jimmy Graham. He's got these right now I don't know what this finds itself might have them. Do you remember giving me out or is that. I don't we are three don't want I don't I saw signs of Ingraham I it was it was citing Jimmy Graham. The that was before. Cody yes says read on guys he's confirming with an animal as of four seasons that that he would he would play. For the start of the season he'd be Packers. Right. They would he in the next team that he science would be the Packers he says. You know I think I'm not gonna I'm not I don't try to screw volume he's been out yet yours ever I know you're have him now but you always think I do dead on the stand and worry. And exercise ever since I don't understand why you know I don't I don't get it I never has wronged even that Lleyton. Which in my view. And in. Start to wake where we are served up by Perkins. Restaurant and bakeries Michael Cohen join us coming up or green angled insider as the Packers defensive staff starts to take shape the Joseph wait promotion. Are an interesting one at the Packers did keep that part of their staff intact we'll talk to Michael about that coming up are green and gold insider next. On the fact lots of football this weekend you know what that means some girl eats with watch Eagles football games whether it's on Saturday afternoon Sunday afternoon. Or. Maybe like Saturday night you know we sat down watched that game grill also stakes. Coral some Roberts ribs on a stick Paul Roberts at Saddam giving up Paul Roberts the master butcher. The commissioner of meat in this world. Paul Roberts has got lots of options to make your dinner something everybody looks forward to. Stuffed chicken breasts like the door county but cherry did teriyaki they garlic parmesan or degree flavorings or the legendary Al Capone Italian pork roast you wanna growth side. What these Al Capone the time pork roasts in your Alvin. And let that simmer on their for a little bit and it is good total that shark roster earlier this week it struck gross over there. I had dead the crock pot. On and on Sunday and went to the do little golf at the similar came back. As house failed to repair the still got some that's all have met chuck roast I admit I mean earlier in thanks Paul Roberts remain here roast after me appreciate dad. Our Roberts got over thirty varieties of original sausages and rods and tell you handcuffed states the the stakes of the year strips. The rib eyes. The tender winds there all. Good deal as a mentioned the Roberts ribs and mystic. She go on a ball Roberts you go to Roberts special to be together because the ribs and mystic. You put that alongside on the green all week about the outside and it on the growth solid day's pay so much better Kokomo outside a couple of minutes on each side. 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Guys on the inside the Green Bay football league insider Michael Coe and all the fantasies. More T. Offices of Thomas Motorola. Are we are. Like Perkins restaurant and bakery that check Freeman and I'm borrowing glare from the Brian Stratton. College athletics studios we'll check in with our green and gold in Sadr Michael Cohen you can find his work. Packers news.com the Milwaukee journal sentinel and right there on my favorite website twitter.com. Michael underscore Cohen. Thirteen good morning Michael how aria a Michael. A new world record. Sadly some of the stuff is settling in with the Green Bay Packers. Period of the third and hired there linebacker coach who coached offensive line and that your chancellor mr. Patrick rambler. Anything you've learned a ball I I think people are really concerned about the front office situation and and what's going on American pillars and all that in the silos anything else you've learned about the structured and what's going on there and maybe he tidbits of how the salt came to be. Well I think I'm concerned that people have about the profit structure and the sort of the power trees that grew from our Brian who come Mike McCarthy and Brooke all up there to mark Mercury. Any concern that people have put that is absolutely warned that are I don't think the power structure makes blood there. And I think that it is. It opens up the possibility ordered the a lot of bickering. Behind closed doors where whether the constant McCarthy or not all one of those guys that get their way. You're just creating opportunities for them to go to Mark Murphy. In this complain about whatever they're structured with that particular time target and prepare for. The problem I think they're in sports organization and you should be clear chain of command from person a person beat the Kurtz and seeing. We're person the art of the totem pole. Has full authority to make any decision that they want and I felt as a reminder that Thompson. And I know that there was an excuse at the end of the communication and things like. Well all roads lead back to sit in the office went into the decision making and I think they're hugely important so. I have no issue with people being frustrated with the power structure because I don't picnic allotment myself. Michael who do you think. May be their futures more on the line and I don't know the possibility of it but it seems like give mark Murphy's doing all that is scrambling to try to get this power structure and maybe course correct. For what went on the last three years. Mean he's in a position that can be removed from is the board are more likely to remove and the or is Mark Murphy more likely to fire Mike McCarthy and this doesn't work. That they're really good question you know I'm not familiar enough with the order of the members of the border. To know what their thought process was in terms. You know their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. With murky but I do know that Mike McCarthy you the winner of a lot of these Aaron. I think you are talking about this but not so I'm not a partner in a morning. I think that there's a situation where Mike McCarthy in the playoffs. So fired after that he's not saying it's likely that things certainly are side agreement in February being the quite significantly better than me here. All season long start to finish in order for him to justify. Or rationalize. The wholesale changes that he made and actually saying look the thing that I did made a difference because the Cleveland into the warehouse and inserts. Or Lebanon art get a wildcard maybe they wouldn't have this in the and don't go anywhere and I don't really you are much of an upgrade over what happened the last 45 years. Michaels if something that you've heard from your sources with new connected me NFL on the team or is that your analysis that he's got to win big. I think it's pretty obvious. I mean you wouldn't say I mean you can't you can't make a wholesale changes that you made you can't make the statement that he made about demanding more talent and then expect to have another you know you can unit that then and stick around. You know also. It's a situation where. You've got to win and not only that but. You don't got years left on the contract and even around the league whether hackers or otherwise. Very rarely go in situations where. They have little in dark coat so another words McCarthy essentially years years of our contract. Really only has one year contract because. At some point during the next season. Early to decide to send them or not accept them. And they don't expect of them you know there's very few teams in the league wanna go into the 2019 decent. With a Geiger on the final years contact because there's no job security person and coaches. There's no job security for the head coach and you never know what's gonna happen in those situations just like the Packers didn't wanna go to a situation. We're a possible the other final years contractors here in court he he. As general manager so I think it's pretty clear that this is due regard these are my heart you know a lot of different ways and I think he's got a really really make a statement. You know if he doesn't want here and become a reasonable. Explanation for why he should be removed as their coach. Well sold pastors going 115 and losing in the divisional playoff teams that might have been acceptable president to cap you want but this year limited five divisional playoff round. Now that's not good. Well it not necessarily that it was acceptable in past years it that. It didn't happen content it didn't there wasn't a repetition and not at her in other words what I'm saying is if you go eleven and five wants. Okay nobody really cares if people haven't are twice again nobody really cares what he's articulate record five times and start reached. You know the first round of the playoffs and lose the second round playoff loser that you get the other two are looking. What you're embarrassed on two different occasions like they were in the final minutes in Seattle and an absolutely obliterated by the it. When you start to have that. Pattern over and over again then the things that were once tolerated or no longer tolerated and it is not necessarily that they were okay to begin with. It's just that there wasn't enough supporting evidence around the state that okay that's becoming a patter it's an acquired a start in the mud becomes a pattern that has an issue. Michael Cohen our agreement goalie insiders here check and we clerk on the fan. The Mike Patton higher obviously the other day we talked about that with you he continues now to sort of build that staff Joseph win it. In charge cornerbacks last season will stick around as the defensive. Passing game coordinator. He was one of the guys considered for the defensive coordinator job obviously they like him. Do we know what this new job really entails and how why you they kept him around. Essentially in the exit impeachment coordinator and so you're gonna have a role. It was kind of like some of the things that you solid compliment to us here on the opposite side of the ball where. Mike McCarthy was you know the head coach and for all intents and purposes he served. Well the rules of the opposite coordinator to. In the you have Tom Clements who worked with their rocket actually gain so make sure everything. Was partner and I think that's really what though it is if they do you know obviously my that the defense that coordinator economical way you are on the scheme everything like there. I think it's going to be a Majoli and figure out how to do. Pick the path he went in ways you know they're really struggle. Over the past few seasons letters. Mental mistakes of young players like our own star are in. You know and things like that or whether it's. More about finding ways to utilize their best players more effectively in terms of you know what they're there to handle things as things of that nature and so I think the reason they want to keep them because from from everything had occurred and everything that's seen. He's a very effective communicators with its players and he really does a lot of things. In a unique way. Given your color background or user recruiting coordinator Bhutto is able to connect with guys. A little bit differently than coaches who only about the professional ranks or have been in the professional ranks are very very long time and maybe. Are not in touch with the way college recruiting pick place and how you build relationships with us. Looking that they want you go around for all of those reasons and you know not an opportunity for him to really boost is presently a little bit and and you know uncertain quantity coordinator someday and maybe you can head coach so. This is an important for him in that direction. We were gonna why Eliot wolf palm and I know we've talked about him not give your general manager job what you need to fitted to the the that the do you readjust the treacherous scene and he just took off. How he felt about not getting this job and and what worked against him. Well I think you know there. Be useless to look at. You Twitter questions look at the end result left the Green Bay Packers for the Cleveland brown and I think that those director Gary thought about it. And I don't blame them honestly you know oh my god I got to know very well there are. I'm here does not familiar but the pot farm with the talk to a whole lot where I mean if you just look at it from the outside I think that the situation a lot of weight to one. You know we saw promotions in various roles over the courses or create this is a guy that. Was denied by Eric Johnson you know the chance interview with different organizations three times in the new permitted to interview the 49ers in Indianapolis Colts. They did not get those jobs and so the Packers are around and have them around and around here promoting human here promoting him into promoting your. And they're here in the third you know you know we're we're gonna go to different direction. And thought there are some frustration I think there was probably. You know reviews and angered to be honest and simple I think there are guys that has grown up. During the days and and has secured the last name goes with everything that comes with their. I think it makes sense for him to transfers went a little bit go to a different place. Gain experience somewhere outside of Greenberg and so that he can replicate our success with a printer that he's not totally familiar with the way he has so much into that knowledge of the actors from being used for so long another reason they want to come and accused. It partially. You know age I think early age of 35 works against them booted concert another decade or experience. And I think also that regular occurrence of everything that the good old American effort. Interviews unbelievably well I know that you absolutely hilarious efforts to go is your view only to pull out of the process and so. And I believe Mark Murphy was similarly global way like crack the code. And demeanor. Always explanation of how he wants to run the program and neglect that so those are really the factor that in the clear though. Not enough to be able fire McCarthy they'll bud still probably visited area Michael will secondly the next week always appreciated his vice. All right sounded as good a player and as we can. You do Michael Cohen joining us on the great West Bank hotline where they're committed to personalize. Common sense landing they have been since 1935. When you're in the market to build. Renovate refinance or what am I saying when you're in the market to bill. When you're in the market abide bailed renovate our refining. Discover the benefits of simply local banking is agreement as bank that town check on players tree. That now this may be. You may have to earmark your kids here and all of this is a little graphic now miles square London so. ET one of the stations in San Francisco. Had Carmen policy and as you hear that no I mean you're at it. So Carmen policy former presidents ever is good job are 49ers yet they were interviewing him similar to how. We had Bob Arlen on this station this week. You know you go to the guys have done it they wanna Mel. About the Jimmy grapple. Negotiations how those might go this is what Carmen policy said on San Francisco radio. If I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say to the agent on the other side I'm an Irish guy I really wanted to do the right saying please be gentle. It is no longer want to Russia and. Chosen to north you'll. Now. And painful yeah yet the I get buried on their friend. You have thoughts on and I just wanted to name Brooke of gasoline at least. Think he should be harder the other way. Secondly there were served up by Americans. 1057. FM the fan. Secondly cooler we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery say get the most for the least right now and Hyundai west Alice for a limited time. He'd take advantage of the 15100. Dollars in bonus cash. Or 0% financing for up to sixty months is as good for all of Monday's hottest models including. That all Newsom nada. The Hyundai assurance comes of America's best warranty ten years 100000 miles. And that they under new management with the international autos family they have been. Sort of like I guess who Green Bay is doing only with a better structure. Just assembling an all star roster of talent. God damn Richards. Who prides himself on when he's at a place he wants. These banners that say their number one in customer service demeanor like the traveling will berries and you know what chuck it's a great reference. That's kind of what they have to come on they west Dallas Roy Orbison yeah Tom Petty. Them. The other guy George Harrison down heavily was a Netanyahu so we saying the most and that can that be damned. Our dinner on in the show. The all kinds of their own parts of guys in debt and Jimmy roll right now Sith lord our friends Sith lord from Twitter recalls and I he works over there you can get a car from Sith lord he can be he can meet George Harrison. Who want him to be whoever he hates the most is so you can do video. All right here's drinkers who is in the traveling will berries George Harrison and Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty agony Brian Bob Dylan. Mike and Roy or perceived as an all star lineup are there counter and it fills them out. And lasted for three years these are great guys loved working with these guys love going over there whether it's first like service or if you're looking for a vehicle. This is the place to go they love the station. They love listening they love talking sports. They are going to make sure it's worth your while when you come and thirty Tommy listened to fan Tommy listen to Barton jock that chuck and barred. I'll be out when you go over there Hyundai west Dallas again highway 100 or honey west Dallas that common mention that banner. David David banner in their showroom now it says they're number one in customer service. Did you go to these different dealerships assay. We had the best customer service. A big big can't that are saying it they have an actual banner that Hyundai. Has awarded them because. When people buy vehicles and take the surveys they're consistently number one. So check LY Hyundai west Dallas highway 100 on they were cells that come if you get a good enough deal on a vehicle. May be can use some of that money for tickets for tonight's game. I have one ticket on seeking great now for a box game against the nets. OK so I wanna box ticket NN that put it on seat heat and this is for an April game and I'm asking like five dollars for it. That seat what it would go for tonight. Triple digits it is hard to get tickets for tonight's game if you do not have them already. In a story it is. And it sells it to squeezing people in the Bradley Center tonight and talked to tickets and you know the the sites that that you get tickets on that I that'll be tough to get tickets there at a good price and maybe probably in front of the Bradley Center is why I wanna go. I need to know is that the bulls the serial speedway tonight the Dick canceled yeah soul breaking news making those is you going to Mario speedway and at the casino north of show on out it was a sold out anyway. But. It's a site deal Google's stated that I trying to get tickets for that. Might go down there and free frigid temperatures heat to a net walking around it's cold. Now it's warm it's one thing when it's cold walking around they're trying to get tickets much be the case tonight. Do you think that if it's colder it's better for the consumer because the people scalping. Wanna get out of there were no because the guys who would still open bulls tickets those guys did to adopt I see the same faces 25 mused out. So you know any of their names no. Because these that I don't abuse recovering the game and I've only bought tickets scalpers probably five times six times seven times on their. I see the same faces down there and those guys. Sun rain snow blizzard of freezing cold there out there. So they they've they talk but note how do they get on these tickets I don't know. I don't know. But they have stacks of some of these guys well I I don't know. I don't ask if there and this bail is work they have me. Whenever right I want from a scupper I've always likes. And Ol ma. Audited specially when now. They run it through this thing a few times that the scanner and Mike are meant please work off finally the fourth time goes like Italy and we went to a Carolina my buddy got nailed the bought a ticket for under fifty box. Agent or you can go to the Panthers Packers game of years ago sure I'm looking NC key great now. If you wanna use this for eons. Your cheapest ticket is one ticket. Roll acts section 400. 95. Now it beats you tickets deserted and when its legacy of I think that's that says the cheapest cheapest for two tickets. And it's a pair for 99 dollars. Section 434 a piece Korea now. That's a julep in a market tickets on their few weeks ago yeah. Well it's it's like the same seats here at home but now to honor books you know now I understand. Notes the man's of ticket but. Puzzle temple seats in town. Right tree tree LE real nice taker to row BBB. Now this is the premier courtside sort of area capture. 2000 dollars. She would know stuff curry if stiff curry. He littoral system. Yeah. Would know stickers we shoot it nobody to grant for these seats. A somebody will. Some use desperate for tickets that I. Would do if you wanna sit first level you're you're paying at least 200 I was like -- these tickets drop considerably. As the day goes on. Particular levels like 150. You know like by the afternoon it's down to 75 and fifty. The ten of over Celera ticket earlier I'm in the front or priced a ticket earlier in mini united up above you know maybe you need the ticket. Figurative. Again I have a ticket on CT for the April 5 game against the nets for eleven dollars just one ticket seat nine Earl for all you you bald one or you I spent more than fifty dollars at a metro market and I got a free ticket to that I promptly put unseat. One ticket not to destroy our own. One ticked at all like it it there 1000001 as an all as a guide to spend a hundred dollars to get him tickets that was only a fifty dollar grocery trip give docs no interest in ticket now so he bought the tickets were how much. Decent ticket and I put on the yeah. Well I had to spend fifty dollars in groceries down to get a ticket McCain I don't know what it's really our RNC governor and the hard copy. No I haven't I got an email to not put it on CTI says that PDF or okay no cedars yet. No but listen if I 'cause I had a choice of games that take I chose the latest in the season and hoping that the box would be like it be I got big gains sure. The playoffs. But the something to fill the tank there are new might be screwed well I get a free diet and pay for and then magnet and be too upset about it but if you want it. I've done this in the waiting game waiting for tickets and and and trying to get tickets I've done the sun. Don't CT where I waited waited waited and they give the president a drop and also an. Went to the site no tickets left. Orally. Craig's list. Some half miraculously. Found tickets. Miraculously. And even then he just never know let's go to Curry's German around downtown 4147991250. Tucker occurred. But wonder if you don't mourn and since yesterday. Well they're older though it LL thirty degrees colder than your right. So you weren't there yet he's my best. Right double play right here yeah I admit I mean we get 800 feet in the use of the buyer 300 seat. Yeah men are among NBA dot com right there Anderson. Take exists yeah who. Got a. So you have no problem grimacing on the campuses that cover all. All that went out Jamie I don't know what they're nameless. Another you do since. I was where is okay you guys limited unit Kobe retired. Rivers there. Yeah the year the lakers punted just and a farewell tour sure. OK now your goals are you going to the campaign. Yeah I'm glued to the game and I could buy it now analyzed who you met I love got to go. Well my dad told me flat out if you want to go to the game and I. Well aren't you tempted to us. Now commodity Archie attempt to Kirk the syllables to you as you get 800 pop would you be tempted to that Hamas. I don't know. Part note all of her box they might hang out. 800 out of the beat man who kidney now. We beat why are doing at all. Because the pop pop that you animal eighty weirdo you do at your desk while good credit mentally ill. Lit as you all. Hopefully it's not a clue do you. And worse. I hope bridge you're you know what. Let Kelly play and bill would beat them last year. Fifteen dated yet they day and at the Tony for Dallas Stars now two years ago. And last year they lost. It was November 25 the end of 2.4 game. Winning streak but I mean it I mean I hope those borders on a point one anybody under the first quarter and you're sitting there saying man 16100 dollars a looks really nice right about now. I think you're behind me let it the year before last year to date one. And you even know what the music played in the article and pictures. Jesus says the worst abusive and mess of things you'll see a lot of warrior fans there tonight through would you be go into. Are you get c.s to get through the new place. Yeah what they did work. So they've made up I'm basically a two year commitment. So we signed for the past these in these side for the new arena also. Oh wow okay. So you know receipts are for the new place. All good for you. It feels good since the three good for you have fun and your dad Billy and I and the Beers yeah. I'd enjoy the game. You now. I don't club giving seats close to implement ago where is he says Ellis he's right behind the North End zone. Asked if there. Which runs north. North part of Norris who I don't know where north is in the Bradley senator don't you go when we go on the north exit. Entrants I don't know what what what's going I don't camp area home. East west you know no where now we know the layout is it's mangalore I mean in the Bradley Center and on the relation you know direction. Well now the windows. Don't you don't have a sense of where you are a little built on. One public your Miller Park you have no idea what is north and I know Miller Park okay but the premise that you don't know boards of the north western style. I don't know which one. And although I don't know which. Well actually served up by Perkins. Restaurant makers on the thing. It releases injury. Someone in January. 20. One yeah out in. I was talking earlier. To surface or remember right right around 6 o'clock was lamenting effect. That we miss out on things like out will do the show and then I'll go to Twitter later and say oh it was. Part stars bird there all of this is the anniversary of the despotic game and I said we need to do a better job of that so we're getting some help here on Twitter from Matt. You who tweets in the says to go off which you guys started it today. You should know it's Howard green's birthday today made one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl 45. They hit that led to Nick Collins takes on your not gonna miss that we didn't say anything about Bart Starr. But we will say happy birthday to Howard Greene yeah Beagle HG as they call we always call and then remember his middle aged Diana's death of those knicks Damon in the locker. Now an Irish. She's she's the I'm right there HG data done yeah that was to take a part of your pick by Ted Thompson that when he actually would occasion makes a roster moves. And bring a veteran and he was also. The year before he was with the jets. I'm Mike patton's first team as a defensive coordinator and Howard Green lot of connections you're so happy birthday. Holds you Howard Green houses. Oh I don't on bonuses as far as I was willing to re searched him one tweet that may or may not be accurate guidance as far as as. Willing ago now I was telling you also today that I watched that documentary on the ice ball. That dominance on Michael put together now the other go to I am on my DVR. Is whenever I have a friend in town. Golf and I'll laid it. Red hot down in the order toppers or whatever. We always end the night with a night can't drink and now is put on Super Bowl 45 on the TV. And we catch me now is do it. It's my go to me when you come home from a night of going out yet and always puts a global 45 on Hackett you're still trying to call me year you'll portraying can. I'll oysters on Super Bowl 45 this sports part in this state that has data on loop shooters. In the cross yacht shooters and across the the it's got the game I'm going on all the time one TV's on 45 and one that 31 and security. Somebody sent me a picture I think you're on the broadcast. Of one of those gains all ya I'm not I am in the background yeah yup somebody sent me a picture points of view and they said I met shooters. The games and it was a picture view. Yeah I was at there was don't do the post game interview I think you're in every Favre after the game but have been Lesley Visser. In 1996. That was at the Super Bowl. But it was the OC chipped chipped. And I was war because in those days the locker rooms are both sides of the field so I was I was walking across the field. From one end zone to the other. And I have to be on the you know at fox and Tanya Jeff Fazio by proxy him you know so Leah. The 45 Osama about dumping it's a rule 31 they were both on products via the symbol 31 that was on earlier in a sea change for your thirty rounds on TV from them about. I'm Brad tweets and I think he's using talked to tax on his phone he tweets and will there be any discussion about Packers giraffe addicts during the last out here all the Big Easy using talked to tax. We will not be talking about Packers know giraffes or ethics. If we Jeffs. Or dips when it was it was a Jeffs or gifts I get the idea what one do I say I go yes yes yes. Gifts and a member of hurricanes. Five for frame Paul dyslexia created view our next.