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Thursday, October 12th

Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - It was a jam packed hour with plenty of guests including voice of the Vikings Paul Allen, our Green and Gold Analyst Michael Cohen, and our Fantasy Football Expert Kevin Payne.


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Oh. No chocolate we blurred. Live from the brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Right now when a thousand dollars was this keyword it. The keyword is. Sure and it. Text read Pat's age are. Eat too. Seven to 81 they keyword is shredded. SH REV shrank to seven to 81 when a thousand dollars considered as signing bonus just for listening to us on the fan's shred it. To 72881. Message data rates apply in this national contest. Tech shred as in the lady in shred that's the best I can come up where upon. I don't know many lyrics were shredded them we have to talk what's the thing so we'll go with lady in charette. Texts read to 78 dateline your next chance to win is that 4 o'clock today on the Wendy's big shelf packers' next chance to win it is on so. And to help break down what exactly it is that they'll be facing especially at the quarterback position. We bring invoice the vikings are old friend Paul Allen good morning Paul good to Todd dia a ball. You I'm old. Fifties I'm 33. Not that you want so so but the that the Euro then you probably would be familiar. With a banned from the eighties called the pics yes one thing leads to another that they had that key word song that you read shreds guys that eight. Right guys that night. Although about populate your all I have no idea what's on this with sounds great job whatever their in this town. One where that's fantastic. Harbor that saw her enemies. Don't. And you you know there's something on the Internet cult and if you if you typed and detect and shall red light so it may bring up something that's. Not sufficient or work but it Utah I'd been red reds guys that night I think you'll enjoy it says that AOL email address you I don't know why I do and products. Eligibility dale cup and an open air national day and so one of the idiot and 39 dollars a month something which definitely not apt or. What would you give them he ought he'll offer thirty bucks a month and it's here he is everything I popular fruit. And I'm not out of me I I don't. I rarely if ever look at the news or any of the out things that are available through AOL it's just not at the count so long. That for some reason I feel like I have an attachment to stall and let it go. Alone YI I were 500 dollar a year something New York Paris and photo rosier for a lot of things I don't. I don't pay attention to so anyway this did what up all who believe is going to be the starting quarterback on Sunday. Pumping yard Aaron Rodgers wrote did you start that game you know the minute change to grow at Dallas the way the weight and that first RT about Gerry Adams back left at the end zone Gwinnett I don't know why you replace. I'm talking about your team. You know these guys have gone through thirty quarterbacks to our one quarterback for two quarterbacks and no not the bears OK so close. What let's be straight policies we've got a quarterback uncertainty. Now there night -- I would bet he's Tino. You know we I'm sadly we're we're in the quarterback meat grinder here basis because our. Eyes. But is knee are clearly is problematic is left knee. And down and he's seen them has shown up pretty well when he had the opportunity. Specifically Allman. In the second half that bears in my Monday Night Football so I assume this will come right down to the wire. A wire being tomorrow because when we when we went to Pittsburgh week to. You know the arm that the team let it linger into the Sunday of the game. And crash occurred about three in after hours for the game what was running around on the field man they scratched him use keynote. And down you know case I don't think was completely certainly play until about an app asked. So they they're not doing it that way anymore pretty short clarity to our. Paul Allen voice the vikings joining us here on the fan. Paula as far as the quarterback situation. Down the road Teddy Bridgewater a guy that that I think is a great talent and should. Be somebody that takes the vikings to places that they want to go. What are we gonna see him and how long do you think it will take for him to to kind of be back from this injury. Yep it's a good question I mean if you look at the microbes produce team with a quarterback situation it's perplexing. Because of Bradford so mean. I seen them is a hi Ian backup and caddies to embark. If you look at the macro that the teams and good spot. You know because. The situation lingering with rapper beanie will it will fix itself. Kingdom still will be year and Bridgewater. Is eligible to come off the physically unable to perform what is actually. So what about just playing the Packers this weekend and we host reagans and that would go to London that we get a high. You know I think there's going to be a lot of clarity on all of all of the grit to water at east situation somewhere within the next three games. I'm its view word like way out appoint spread whether Teddy would play any game this year. I make the I would make the apps minus 175. Okay does a pretty good ads. Those scoring at home I I think what I say last ago Bridgewater I mean a big notable Bridgewater I think I said a year after the injury. To give me a year to get re acclimated. And ended up to speed. You will be atop that I say five quarterback Todd tan. And I hotel and I don't know. I don't know you save your brilliance insult ever I saw a great. Bombastic prediction and you know Teddy when Tom went a couple of years ago when he placed first season but it went and he gets under way to go to Lambeau and win the division. You know which is very difficult for us and anybody to do no matter the circumstances. So there it is it that the vikings from a quarterback's standpoint are not in a bad spot it you look at the big picture. They're they're just in a tricky spot now. Because when when Bradford is good to go in he makes teams pay I mean. Find one of the worst offensive lines we got here all know running game last year. He to a twenty touchdowns Scott Dixon he just rolled into the facility are we O or C. You know on any scorched New Orleans we want it was an Pepsi a player weak this year. So you know Brad Brad Bradford can make teams pay but they just can't get right physically. What about the defense so we talk about the the viking defense and being tough and they're pretty good third down defense as well. Bomb what do you see with them this year we call a little bit of them Monday night against the rookie quarterback to disk you about what if you see what their defense. Third down defense number one in the NFL are red zone defense early dark red zone defense being inside the twenty defense will really a lot of stress put on it this weekend. You know and in watching back all the Green Bay games and I generally watch them I'd do a deep dive this week we. That they control the quarterback best in the game hasn't Arnie is as good as I've seen last year right at tumble or right now. What he's doing inside declining so there's going to be stressed put on the defense they're the heat and the wind is one of the best in the ever seen written and is running roughshod. Jack all's game after game after. And that particular point some problem that the adversaries out. Is that the let eaten today and hunter as a couple of sacks twelve and app last year so you can't really pay. You can't overly compensate for Iverson and then lead in kneels ankle because beach. And the nose tackle when ball chosen as the best in the NFL. And he wreaks Havoc in the medal. Linebackers Kendrick some are both playing very well eight. You know that the defense has the identity of the team and it's one of the better treatment Serbia. Paul Allen voice of the vikings here on chuck in Waco this morning I never heard air Rodgers be so complimentary about anybody. Denny is about Mike Zimmer why is Mike Zimmer so good against Aaron Rodgers in your opinion. Well it's a Zimmer good server go to get a lot of games I mean that the you know one of the keys in the NFL. Car. Boat struck me about is after patches of games to report game she got changed because the tendencies are there. And Mike's really good at disguising things and changing things week to week pace. So it means unity you may see the main mandate coming from left side to open ready for it. And then all of a sudden you know the BI comes from the other side you know laughter racial just were really really good at setting things up. I'm also very good at using players to identify best player on genes not quarterback skill position guys. And and you know really really minimizing. Like. You know Xavier Rhodes on when he went when he like it is Antonio Brown belt back and we don't yet a lot of success now. You know chatting with eight years frequently as I do. If you getting to open it saying you'll say Jordy Nelson as the top as art work. And and quite honestly I don't. Really recalls a year going one on one with Jordy. In games like he does well with other receivers. It's because the quarterback is so high and he'll he'll take a you know he'll. It'll take a week where it's like okay. You're gonna which are best iron Jordy and now I'm gonna go to Dovonte Randall copper Martellus Bennett. On the on the ball you know so it's it's very difficult it is scheme or an Aaron Rodgers went up and. Yeah us Stephon digs a set of a practice got a groin injury when he suspects. It was sent. Doubt it sucks it sucks because we might have in the border battle want to gain with our backup quarterback no doubt been caught up on decks mean. I'm hoping step our practices today two big day. And it doesn't today open practices tomorrow. Stephon has really really hit stride. In a sport touchdowns into the week last week number one in the NFL seeding arched. He and Bradford or seen them have really really found goods energy and not. You know injured back groin in the Monday night game and you laughed at each packet it didn't look right Imus disaster so. Offensively this this could be a border battle without backup quarterback no doubt cook stepped on optics aren't. With all that said this the time the show we asked for you Paul L on the voice the vikings your prediction on Packers Minnesota. On the Sunday. Well the vikings absolutely could land I mean it should be a tightly contested game I think it's been preamble or or side. What I say lower scoring I mean low twenties right genes are but the vikings what does defense at home absolutely can when. Beyond the defense does OK against. Our current question has. You know what does digs injury and running game that dumb. You know it is a work in progress without Robin Cook many. Like doctor cook she really did not just beat. I am at the vikings can win again it's it's in Libya or a border battle and he's a little holes resist him. Well for sure I mean it's you know breed that debt situation of Ike in certain spots okay we're deep at running back we're deeper perceive. Our backup quarterbacks okay me we would prefer Bradford but backup quarterback stood stated it's like that the Green Bay situation would block out on GRE at. Will be laying Taylor left tackle and stuff like that it's not preferred but the depth is okay and schemes are good. So you can get around it bluntly it outplayed by Cincinnati instilled stolen again. Got to Dallas and when shoot out despite Ezekiel allegorical or buck and change. You know work work work deep in spots where war were now so that done so I think that'll bode well for us. Paul Allen we'll get a little red skies the play out. Appreciated is always not vikings' week without talking to you have fun of the game the whole time soon off my. I met your he worded shall read so rich reds got the knife. I and I tied. 00. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Appreciated volatile they'll. Yeah he landed it might drop an earlier accident and you're legal or violent joins us all remember the song at all. Every time. And mix them together. File in an agreement last thing how I'm here ready to get into our back into the housing market can't do we have the Paul Allen the super -- to look no further I can find an answer with farm called an all these days agreement has bankers agreed was going to act counting the next step towards your new home let's shockingly worth. Like god this guy. Right guys midnight. The old. The old. Paula Alice. For laying down a couple bars where gusts of the fix. Check and wait for sports Radio One 057. FM the fan that's check Freeman I'm borrowing from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios for the Packers side of things especially these injuries we bring in a our insider Michael Cohen. Likely getting thing you wanna sing today it seems to be a theme here on the show. No we want to hear anything that would deteriorating. Oh well we see all the time and our ratings served. Well we're with are what the com. Michael hub he's at I just figured it out public Jordy Nelson is he. Is he Digg is gonna play this game that decked injuries seems to be a mystery but somehow all you you guys have uncovered that that's what's going on with him. Yeah I don't Altman doesn't include I think you know Jordan be here yesterday doctors that was full participant yesterday to practice again today. And he plans to play on Sunday so I don't think you would be added that she was as if she wasn't fairly certain that you know he's going to be able to get out there and play there. How effective is he going to be with some sort of a back injury and will they actors use workflow. That I can't answer at this point but I think definitely Nelson will be on the field Soledad be surprised if you. What's the situation at the running backs then time Montgomery says that the reds are you would think that with the reds. Let them fully he'll forgive back out there but. He has to be after watching Erin Jones he has to be very eager to get back on the field. Yeah I think you're probably right in terms of his eagerness in his desire. You know not be left behind are not lose his place whether or not that likely I don't know which is sort of that mentality I think that. You know a lot of the relate to weather yesterday was. You know jobs or sports shall we were kids or whatever so I think that's definitely a viable lines that world you look at his position but. I still appendages back that would let them last week talked and you guys that. I really don't see the benefits of bringing him back. Right now knowing that you know newsrooms can be fully fueled at this point and you know there's the potential for more injury if she's playing where it. You know groups that are back to 100% or at least close and up 200%. Where you can feel confident that they're not going to worsened with any sort of contact so. I still think that even if you practices we that all the about this weekend. And I still think that if they win this weekend and then their play saints team that is not very good. If there's a chance that it'll be about next week and two because then you're talking about the bye week at that point. The outlook for five full weeks to come back from this before it begins on the field again. And I think that makes the most sense long term for the Packers team unit Montgomery wants to be they're badly in the short term. When Eric Jones rushing for the one point five million last week and yeah wrought senator bought him off it but I think the unity is getting tempered a little bit because that was only one game. And we'll see what he's got out front court Kansas Mike Zimmer defense. Yet and I think it has left to do with it being one game and more with your home and as we talked about last week leading up to regain the doubt he'd been terrible. And so essentially he has tremendous running performance against. Probably one of the 58 worst deepen the movie so now we can go to Minnesota and if you get the significant number Jerry again which is what I expect that happened. We'll be going against a top flight to be deepened the belief that defense that is unbelievably fast. As talking to counselors spent like Ali yesterday about that I think the biggest difference. With him this week will be going against linebackers safeties another cut down counter intuitive but. You know the open line for the Packers is pretty good when guys are all these so you'd like to think that if you're Mike McCarthy and offensive line coach James camp in the they can neutralize. The front line of the vikings no matter how good that Frontline is when you look at the linebackers and safeties for the vikings that's where there's a big difference agent. Between the cowboys and vikings you talk about and people are you talk about Eric Kendrick. I mean these guys can run run run run run and Harrison Smith and Dave will pop you. In the running game so that I think is where Eric Jones could have more trouble dealing with the speed and talent the better players on the back and as they stack the box. Michael Cohen we talked to him Mondays Thursdays Fridays on the fan he's brought to ready Thomas moral law. Law offices divorce child custody or any other family law needs go it experience go at Thomas moral law. Online moral law dot net. Or call 4143275800. Just something that we were. I guess would really be guessing about earlier today is is Mike McCarthy. And his potential to one day be a hall of fame coach. The comp on him I think would be Tony Dungy similar record similar playoff record and a Super Bowl each. This does he have to coach longer or win another or would he do you think. Give Nadal famous he retired at the end of the season. Split the big question on. You know I think that when you look at what McCarthy has done in terms of the type often that you brought to the league whether it was in New Orleans or day where sort of it's nothing like revolutionary and again offense by any means to you by any means rather. He's regarded as such a good offensive coaching that you dynamic offensive coach. That I would think that they're probably who's been a little bit more and and you know people say OK only one. Super Bowl title and book but you know this guy made significant influence on the game when he came too often the concepts and you know you look at it coaching tree now with Beckett do all of you know getting your head coaching job although apple so well right now. In New York I think you're right there on on the fringes of it but I mean you know gun in my head I think you make it yeah. Even those playoff record is only ten and eight. Good point. It it's so hard to click you can argument in both directions today you know well you know use aided by you know having Rogers and and he was needed a little bit by you know just it's tremendous quarterback play the tail end of afar but I don't know I just. I think he makes it I mean I think you can win more playoff games before he retired so I would expect that record too. At least hold steady at the you know percentage wise it not improve a little bit so I think he's right there could go either way. Number one and a lot of these coaches especially. The gang Green Bay McCarthy. If Aaron Rodgers makes some of these people and allows them keep their job this does. Rogers covers a whole lot of flaws have been how much of Aaron Rodgers is like how much credit does McCarthy did for. Developing here which is true so that you never you're never going to be able to Kwon a bomb what would you say that Mike. Well I mean if you if you want to go back news you need. Your it's the comparison you made earlier. You know how much and that's what those they belong you know so I think that you could look at. Those situations and say that the quarterback makes a cultural encroachment of quarterback and on the situation. I I just think. I think that in Roger's case knowing accounts it is knowing that there was a significant. Narrative around these two guys that. And the organization general patient remorse for Rogers I think in this particular case the fact that he has Roger's probably are some little. Because there's so much negative attention. In that everyone thinks that with Rodgers with the problems should be when abortion well I'll just understand because. It has been so heavily documented and discussed an adult. Anybody that's casting vote them out to be at least. In the periphery or not you know looking at it more people so I think it might hurt him a little bit much regard. Michael color green and gold insider will get more off from you tomorrow and get our predictions and we'll do all that Friday eight Tony always good chat will tactic tomorrow. Senator are you credit Michael Cohen joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline when your ready to. Get into or back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank as agreement West Bank dot com take the next step toward your new home. I would say yes you will be a hall of fame arm I think the brits still to be determined. I think Mike are you coaches and other spot after here he's not get a staying Green Bay forever. Our. That's as we coaches aren't just can't imagine hand in another spot I know but that's what I mean a lot of the current Mike Holmgren neither guy that Brett Favre. Opera once again shall it to others guy yeah there exactly com. But that this is the way to coach you history. Works you like to think these guys can be forever and he's enjoyed. You know what ten and years their eleven years whatever it is ten years. Levin. Twelve. Or six was first here is is 12 August oh six's first year so bomb job. He'll hold coaching him. But once it ends in Green Bay either by him or by somebody else. The times of Michigan expire. On McCarthy every bit ago coach somewhere else. You can chime in on that discussion on our FaceBook and Twitter pages. And now we'll take more calls from you guys a little bit later in the show dual calls from you if you you need fantasy advice. Let Kevin Payne not in about five minutes here to give you everything you need for a week's 6414799125414799. 1250. People thought Vince Lombardi is going to be here forever. Two years after the ice boys coach again in Washington. Don Nelson the coach of the barks. Numerous. Divisions JB just thought he'd be here forever hadn't been through you know he's in Golden State. Yeah you never know I'll never an album Mike McCarthy ending up to this point is that at minimum worthy to be in the discussion. Although I know there's packer fans are it's very jarring to hear Mike McCarthy in all thing is that it is the Mino is very JR yeah many years and again. I hate you don't assault there but it's true the tent and a playoff record gets me. We've got your update let's have the Paul Allen house band. Play us off its second week there on the fans. Red sky at night. Right guys that night. The old. Hello. It's time to get expert advice then as he put. Football players call 7991250. Right now and have your questions answered by rural wired dot com's fantasy football insider who haven't. You boulevard in Waukesha. Cash dollars sports action and enjoy their award winning. Stratton college athletics studios good morning. It's time for you GA your fantasy questions answered Kevin Payne wrote all wired dot. Is on the hotline you'll join us here momentarily remember 414. 7991250. That's the number to call right now email us live. At 1057 FM the fan dot com between us. At auto vice seven FM the fan and has take gas Kevin and you can do all those things I just said it. Via V after. The 1057 FM the fan. That and Kevin I'm gonna try to institute a new rule here today it's a fantasy. Advice pet peeve I have. I just wanna know poor you'd choosing from I don't care who got hurt. Who's not a by. Did you got a decision for a reason just you know tells the two guys joined aside from how do you know that. Tell sees her that someone dynamite on sand can we make that a rule. I cannot Baruch I think a lot out of all. If I remember correctly Amir a man named mr. wick used to do the same things on bowl quarterback. Hulk AKA is a little more of a hard ass and I am at times. So I gotta get back to that. All right so don't tell us who is not a buy we don't care this Telus. Who you need and then well via some good. Aaron I again he got all the mentions let's go to 4147991250. Timing Greenfield will always be our lead off hitter he calls. And here is tablets up. Good morning book. Kevin. This is a blast from the past. And eat me out like position. Adrian Peterson. Jamaal Charles. Or might Gavin I get one point where agree rushing yards one point for every twenty receiving air. I'm gonna go SA and talk to people this all week roll the dice with eastern and Peters. I really like this matchup Monte game it is down on the list in another starting linebackers so. I think you're bigger and they betray him or that occurred given that you could point out just each and every week and we sit to insult. I want it to go to Adrian Peterson. Orchestra for five years golf what you you're. Believe between him and Jamaal Charles. On just out really well with that accurate or Mike out in public put up against Patrick Peterson and it's about Peters and art art and about quarter in the league so. Adrian Peterson out of those. On Twitter at 1057 FM the fan art there non PP our needs to. On just Fuller Gillis Lee McKinnon. I ain't gonna go and then I'm probably gonna get it is worried about getting more clutch is. That was a fifty yard run. Pop the ball and go at W consciously or not east Alton. You look much much this year would know Greg Olsen caught a few targets on the big one at an acute and post war. Let's go to Kevin who is in Greenfield Kevin immortal yet. All they're totally camp knew were generous person. I'll probably go and don't. I'd like. Are these all I figured like god there ketchup so obviously go with our new. Four on 47991250. Looks like can't hear from risky go has a question that. I was gonna sneak get in faith with you anyways so we'll go to can Pettitte three L Ken what do you got for Kevin. They have the point that incessantly usually go with this John wants them. Or regular map. I that's a good one out if that little four point how would probably go to shop lots of but coming off a biplane at an adult life has been too good and six points cope you got soundly. Did you go to C play and go with that well you know what we've got a good match. Four on 47991250. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Erin Jones or block Allen PPR question from Corey. I think we'll look like Montgomery is gonna play and be out there and I'm not exactly sure how critical laden did it here. Great matchup going in the Minnesota either so obviously. Well on all Guile that budget last week when kind of hard to read it to ease and a alt well heeled well honestly. Go on as long time Montgomery Indian it looks like he's gonna. What if he doesn't play our green and gold insider Michael Coen we just had a few minutes ago. He is his feeling is that Ty will not end up playing so what if tiger doesn't play. I could go back to Aaron Jones just because you look at it as well as we. All those scary. I'm not worried about Jamal Williams that I have no problem going with thought Erin Jones. And Google battered and all that and so he probably got as upbeat on the ball a little bit better than what I'm just reading in the news. Josh emails us live at 1057 FM the fan back com another Watson question. It's Watson or. There I would go to Q all Watson for sure. Deutsche that you wrote about matchups and watch certain periods of stopped on like you could order a little bit more than genus. He just compared to last couple weeks great matchup against the browns. PDR Lee a dream Peterson or Aaron Jones. I got a great department what happens what I note and it. Spot gold Erin Jones type place. I would stay equity Adrian Peterson and I think there are a lot of into the grounds that a recent Asian long and there's no reason for the not a lot knees and as much as possible. Josh says you need the tight end and he was off furtive Keenan Allen and Zach Kurtz. Having to give up Julio Jones is that enough. Brouhaha. That's a good question. Jones about sky in the deal well. You do need a tight and tight and it is not like we're now for the year has just been so many injuries chronic health it and that's. You do and as we ought to have a problem with that if you get it done dot. Material and you can implement targets he definitely aspects even after getting hurt last year I got no problem doing this deal. 7991254147991250. Let's get Alex up in west Alice what's up Al. They were going down. I got a you have a question here can I go Kelyn Acosta corporate general ban in the US national he. Well me and I've. Ever break. Aura. Raw. So great digs into our across. I don't know. Shade goalie Dixon I mean the report. He'd call and on the past and that lobby go to respond and it struggles and a different look to great last week so optimistic lot in go to. Good national team question though Kevin and I have already crying about that to each other in our DM so. I'm going to keep that one off the air today it's still too fresh in San. Let's hit gallons goto William he is then Al groh William what's up man. Good morning I Tyreke kill or help guy aired there are no standards or Michael Crabtree or need. Bring your keep it ranked well. Crabtree he's still a little bit and I. Probably gotten to see that on an annual senators that I didn't uncertainties and play good job. Go if you can call. Kill their Somalia has been so good this year and of course accurately do just that he's banged up so that our movement that is the prior bill Crabtree. Wide receiver non PP IR Kelvin Benjamin golden Tate's. Odd. Commuters. Gold in just a product over under this week it should be out. Stafford and look pretty good so policies and so I'm gonna say goal at eight over Calvin and book that they don't consult. And he needs to win a PP IR James white's. Seven Coleman Erin Jones. I'm. And I'll go younger the situation and that if you go to Q and what a title passer out of that. Let's go to. Robert and the nominee what's up Robert. And also a built in flex citizen and you are I have DeSean Jackson ordered let me back for the saint Albert Moore. Multiple a year on this subject and could be hitter has also even want a guy but the popular to go to the doctor. Playing against those recorders for the cardinals. Tomorrow look there's no Adrian Peterson that means you can get more touches as we go to Europe. All for Gerald. BP Arco tomorrow this week. Let's go to Steve four on 47991250. What's up Steve. They are our celebrity who had a reader PP ER Terrelle Pryor market Bryant. Mike Wallace. I honestly sit Walsh you put them down all season more dominant. On a little bit it's spurs going. I'm a road is that you migrant net and so I would happily go higher. It's possible between Luke played well surprise it might slightly and always gotten go quiet. He's all moderator you might go to pre for a 31 but he also I'm not going 320. Escorts. I'd sneak in a couple more go to Larry in new Merlin what's up Larry. But more important on my need ethernet and ugly. Either we need to show on fox and. Karadzic on Jack's course. Yeah. I would go OC coming off the ball all the big target especially in the red zone. We at least need over DeSean Jackson died and just don't like that offense going in Arizona bury it deep parts especially at all. And then we'll go to Mike in Columbus audio Mike. I don't I started pretty eager burning. I don't Jordan reed. All it's a decent job against the occupants as. Just whoever can get hurt any time be out for the game but it's not particularly on the field he's got a lot more upside and bridge so go to Jordan reed. If weeding did do you Kevin they can find you ought to roto wired dot com and also they can. Send your tweet you'll get back to them. Yes I had what are JC a MP UQ six. So all have a bug you a sparkle some how already got a waiver oracle up. I'm roller dot com slash league soccer pretending to try out or hit me up on Twitter. Kevin always a pleasure. We will ideal World Cup preview in five or nine years Woolsey. But the and be blogger please yeah mark. Up to have contained joining us again you can find him. Casey pain at 46 on Twitter and at roto wired dot com users trial back slash freed joins us on the great mid West Bank hotline when you're ready to get into or back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank has a great West Bank dot com. Take the next step towards your new home and you can take. That final step to becoming your own boss with young expressed they are looking for owner operators whether you have a cargo van a sprinter van. A straight truck or tractor trailer they are looking for you to become a successful transporter. Of expedited freight and it's all would just a minimal investment again in your own vehicle because they're then going to provide all the training you need. To be one of these successful transporters are driving all over the country transporting freight from ocean to ocean. You can hit the road not have anybody yelling match you have the window doubt enjoyed the beautiful countryside while making. 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Our producer Jody grant along for the ride as are you and we thank you for it don't forget to check out V 1057 FM the fan at half. Whether you wanna call text tweet FaceBook talk email listen you can do all of those things via the now. Chuckle we talked earlier about these Super Bowl favorite right now expect to be New England it was Pittsburgh for like four hours. And they lost to Jacksonville Hubbell might Jake's by the way. About Pittsburgh. Big Ben getting picked off five times including. Click to pick sixes Thursday Jacksonville defense have been so high and for four years now all spec finally three in two. Are at the Jackson LJ liars where are they in the suitable lives they are still. 75 to one yeah okay. All right and the ravens and titans and raiders and rams MVP guides came out these according to bow Bada now. Aaron Rodgers three to two favorite right now to win the MVP of the league. Read it to OK calm who else. Coming in second would be early on take a stand edit Alex rough. Alex Smith is in third six to one odds to win the MVP at Santa galaxy if they. Go on to have the type a season like they're having right now they continue on and they're not gonna go sixteen you know but they go thirteen and 3124 I think he'll get a and he has different Goodyear he's mean to put up 44 points the night. So that it football and Al Smith played great I'd I do always forget his writers have to MVPs. Yeah. Are at three. Our theory Rogers Tony Levin and wanting fourteen. Sold every three years this would be another year forum so it's Brady. Then Smith Rodgers and Brady then Smith. And Carson and Lance and then Cam Newton. The highest non quarterback on the list. Is Kareem haunts. With 331 odds and then Ezekiel Elliott a 101 it's. Rookie of the year goes to show on Watson Kareem on Leonard for an. So those are some of the ads you can also bet on if a cowboys going to kneel and then get suspended this weekend if you wanna put your money there. Which Jerry Jones. And the things that he has now. DM VP you know I mean a long way to go but there aren't. Certainly opt reason why there for one. Added that the Cincinnati game loves a comeback there. When the defense and play all that great first half then noticed that his last game Dallas. You know Aron had a play at a high level for them to win that game. They don't win the game western gals if air into the play the way he does but. I I looked supported this gave you more sore than Dallas game this game coming up Minnesota. You win this game you have a two game lead on Minnesota. And I know you've got the division title all wrapped up for Green Bay since August. But I'm just wondering the vikings toss them aside you tossed him aside after this weekend at the bears went line especially without those injuries for. 147991250. 40147991250. More on this Packers vikings matchup also better word all badger nation that count that's twenty minutes away. 12:50 AM 1057 have found.