8am - Rob Reischel: Williams can run in between the tackles unlike Ty

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, August 18th

Chuck and Winkler 8am Hour - Rob Reischel joined Bart and guest host Kevin Holden to talk all things Packers. He touched on multiple positions including the running backs and spoke very highly of the work that rookie Jamaal Williams has done.


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Robert reichel joining us from Packers plus and walk journal sentinel and you can find him. On Twitter at rob Bryson he joins us an agreement West Bank ally when you're ready to get into. Or back into the housing market look no further than great the West Bank as a great midwest bank dot com take the next step toward your new home. Were you on TV less Emery on the news that it wants yes. The attack at that's why would lead to. I was we'd if you say did you say you melt out a lot because the best looking guy in all of Milwaukee TV was on last night. Why me and he's joining us next on the fans these are your three trends but with a twist as we. Bird yeah. Joins us for these three trends when I voice as we talk high school football the varsity good scoreboard show. Is back on the fanned tonight starting at 7 o'clock big time really good last night on my Tony for now what again. Those awesome rock Lake Geneva badger 31. Credo thirty good way to start the season now 45 seconds ago badgers scored went for two and got it. Both teams showed a lot of thought that thought they. It was huge second half bank Ringo played while his alma solitude trends with a high school football twist first channel talk about it we'll talk about homestead. It's you know sixteen. Yours in a row they've either won or been part of a championship in North Shore conference. And there's been some change in North Shore comforts. They get a do that again its seventeenth year. And I think. Most people would say yes they probably will I think that the while her is what fish went for space pretty good this year in fact the chance spew really. In we have that team late in the season I'm died on Thursday night lights on channel 24. In that think Becky is gonna come down to wait for each day going out if things break to it think of great so. Can can they can they go seventeenth here with not only be at peace and archer conference but but winning at least one playoff game. I think that's. That's the kills integrates there. Who wore a who's who are the teams that I mean we're going to be talking about the malts. We only count in this area yeah you know it. It kinda is gonna be a lot of the seed teams we've talked about what you get it's about Catholic memorial and watch a west that whole conference. Mean you literally could talk about most the teams of that conference. On week in and week out and I think the woodland conference now is you'd be out. We talk about that a lot is it added more you lose any data Wisconsin Lutheran. And I think that's Wisconsin lutherans in makes noise and efforts was there a lot of realignment. Yes and in some places. Teams that it asked for. We went through school it's her fault that we teams and asked for relief so look we can't compete in this conference and consider moving them out. Like while to a ceased. Said he knew we we can't in this conference can't compete means Watson's he slots Bruce senseless it's every six. It's hard to man wedged divisions and and where you're located its its Arafat's perfect instead of moving them out they moved Walt social West End. I won't tell us west net they wanna stay in the woodland. And so I. Kind of feel bad for says some of the teams that. You know didn't get moved like against host he's percent chosen be really good they're they're you're a dumb a team that retire about. Prefer at least one state last year that comfort Marquette were released Sussex Hamilton for central. Trend number two in our high school football themed flavored trends or big time Mike McGee avert. Kevin holding in for chuck today. A big one in my hometown tonight. Our final at Mike Kimberly number one ranked. They have the longest active. Winning streak in the country 56 games they are at fondle lack tonight by the lack pre season rate number and five times that some guys returning that really good I think five elect give him give a month's scare last year I think there's chance maybe date. Find the answer at street tickets are going on sale weeks ago right for for people. And I'm rooting for our Kimberly. Really wait a minute. Weighed out where I liked the records continue. While it's his high school it's your home monitor I don't I don't like the final like high school football program why he's your soccer player as I've probably you know. And that's that's probably part of it idol like that that football program. Gates you know old football obviously. I'd say in high school it's football and basketball the most important spore it's in the job a lot the most money in most community involvement but find the lack. Specifically. Completely sold out for their football program. The minute you can I just played doubles after. We always do that how many how many soccer games that you played in. That the tickets went on sale three weeks for art and well your rights and I knowledge of match excuse me yet naw I think that's fine that's fine on the pitch not get that I get that football is a big revenue generator for high schools. I hit it. But do they dig completely sold out. Still your home monitors I'm not rooting for them. Actively check every week to make sure they lose. Now I know. That's painful Kevin what do you think of that. I don't I just I would. Weird I mean it look right. I don't have any animosity toward a certain you know like one team having density identity in my high school but. I have a POK with with my team my team mile high school in Georgia is not gonna win it's. So it's okay yes yeah there's really matter if I reformer not I prefer when I was there I root for mass where every week. Mess we're sure we're. I remember just Massport and yes that's what. Let's go voice of the grey hounds. When their football that this is when they're asked the fact one of my buddies that played on that high school football team. Is texting me he says god I hate you right now. Well. I'd like his team like my friends teen idol like this current the current group oak is that it's an administrative decision to players don't lottery gets high school kids. Adult life. I'd call eight. Kevin look at look at him right now the account and you see that. I can tell right away from what his eyes. He goes from this really happy in all of a sudden gloomy that it yeah you're right I play poker anytime. Well padded table like and it is stated how you go we're time at the shot clock in high school bass. It's the same look you know it and that so that's not a fan out on it's on all. Output if chuck was here. I'd put money on Kimberly maybe I'll text and the viewers that. About it let's okay I don't ask me the next trend that is just let's talk about my feet in his Ochoa then an area. Then extranet you want to talk about is just our coverage tonight the varsity blitz scoreboard show. Back tonight at 7 o'clock Ron Davies will join you again and you've got a ton of games my vigilant people. Yeah I just to name a few of them on the Kwon neglect kappa memorial. Errol had a mark that German time anomaly falls Wisconsin Lutheran Oak Creek wash your side he walked he watched north in the ski go. I've got we've got adding 21 guys now with an art with four and we went to six and intent. Rough to about 21 guys at 21 different games. On tonight and it normally increases throughout the years so. It is used to being on Friday night. We talk to these guys about the band. About the Pete Sessions high hot dogs just because were fill time right and now it's he looked boys we are meeting on Wednesday night. Make it short make you really short call win. Always say who Swede who's winning and give me that that that Villa score first of the team leading I don't wanna hear. I'd smoke wanna gulf collected more fourteen. And so's those seventy don't do designing up but you never get to come back. Act again and that's a pet even now this sounds great man this just sounds great these guys out of IE trying to mob but they are. It sounds like listening to the red zone channel on the radio on a Sunday. They come and they give you what happened even score and it's a great way to Null what's going on in all the different games. All over we tried it never yours go to dual game game of the week and got I mean even now after phone call and email and text. What do you do what you're doing this came out of Kara but I wanna know what's going on although all over the place you know who called the most were referees. Say look at New York our listeners show. We want a lot going not passed coal and other coaches that would say look we have two coaches that we don't let come on the bus. To go back they have to get their car listen your show stop to any games other people can do that you do what she's doing so we went back to and it's worked and it's great and that'll be tonight at 7 o'clock and then. After you guys are done turn your TV that god. Kevin. Tonight what game for the first time in my 410. Years in Milwaukee I am at a game tonight where yet I it is Brookfield east at wallet or so west the very first game of the week in the AC BS fifty steel gates hate UST yeah. You'll recall yeah seven and a eight guys let the government has to get do not have that went okay. Hey old and I gotta yeah I got a little here for a reason Jackson millions in. And see that I'm promoting I get some year I was and was in. We'll see. The seats they just do this go flying before football say that I'm here is that older spot here football bicycle funny football yeah gimme a teacher. I don't have teachers and he's one news if you mean here. The and so let's get on a guy Lee saying to the victory and saying I can do that. Just downed comrades have banned loyalties excess Shelby. Would you do with that money. That money your mama gave you pursuing investment but I don't the other way these versatile as coach showed more ten to noon. Colts is right at Mellon. Outplayed charger misty always former head coach O'Connor walked played wanna keep placing its point great got my new calls. Really really good and now knowledgeable like just have fun with him and he's you'll be in the rest of the year Jason Pittman. The head football coach from Q why ask him is common and I believe he's got some family medical issues going on right now so we may have the offensive coordinator instead. And then Matt Walker head coach ED UW river falls will join us for the coaches Warner Uga coach's corner things gone over pretty well. They command and they've got to give us two stapled rules they do on a daily basis on I just stick Coetzer kids. What's most important to you so it's offensive coordinator it's edited like coach to staples rose that you do every day. And I'm getting phone calls and text messages from coaches see did you take notes and that what howdy do this and what. So matter of give us two while Steve Bolger was it to have river falls every day. We've got you covered with the high school football season. Big damn Mike McGee ever again tonight at seven. The RC bullets scoreboard showed tomorrow the coaches show. Tendon noon and we do need dimension on Sunday faith in the zone. QB Eagles it's gonna be on the show at pastor Randall Cunningham that's a tech most Super Bowl reference you tell me you weren't licenses name. Detect most Super Bowl you wouldn't so they made the guy like him. What did you said QB Eagles now sell. That's outlook on right over my head no attack ads are at news that reference right off death is always a wait let's see we can date is do you know what can nasty is Mike. It advocates a gamer on the card game can mess yes OK Lisa knowing it. It can't run up for a never passed us I don't know. I don't think that played at that her. At a peak and that big team put a little crew which once. And never finished the fights on my way though. So last stand for what is right BA great Islam. Because we get to cheers to read and why you see Dolly feedback. You rob crop not to let you rob I do let. All right there you go selection I did does that make you now want finally football to win and I know I am the biggest paper maker fan I'm walking today. I'd like herds signal that's why I lied and grant terrorists the eyes of Kimberly was played somebody else should be root against I like records dollars carrier three trends have high school additions did you see you have to be showed and I enjoy that game caller they 799125. It's it's our first real foray into this tonight on on CBS hootie did the Cedar City tailgate me into the show called the in zone tonight in the 10 o'clock show. So you know let's listen to you win and do your thing up and then we'll get some folks to watch us tonight this is our debut we're we're not gonna fall flat on her face. Partnered up man that's way you do this bottom out high school full ball is running out right now Lotta people get involved Lotta people that haven't. You know jumped in its. You know off I'll be like for Ralph I'd be like if and if I'm asked hey remember you're going to be at a high school tailgate party. At bat an eye. I nonalcoholic beverages please CBS who did tailgate is. Or does serious alcohol for. I tell. Friends rats you van and deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether you're first or last contact Adam. Deputy. Online ad deputy dot com Adam deputy I name you can trust jeers of mortgage equal housing lender. Mike will be listening thank you very much by and they stressed goal Kimberly. We've got our our guests coming up in a couple of minutes of talk NFC north here's the latest from Green Bay for Mike Clemens. Now all Radisson hotel and conference center training camp update or do you buy PPG paints dot com being groomed eight years Mike Clemens the injury list in training camp is starting to grow as the Packers head into their second pre season game running back Ty Montgomery still out with a leg injury defensive back Davone house has missed the Eagles game. And now this week's game against Washington with a hamstring that was supposed to just be a precautionary thing I asked house about it today. I know my body extra training staff committee every day. Do like yesterday. Thirteen players in all on the injury list that team had their state program which is treatment for soft tissue injuries as coach Mike McCarthy. We've we've got probably four fogged up almost ruled for the bill you know we're exclusive with the meetings walk throughs. Internally today and we have our state program so them so home and hopefully get some pause of information. Before I leave here tonight. It's called free cash on 1057 FM the fan.