9am - Arthur Arkish breaks down the NFC North

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, August 18th

Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Pro Football Weekly's Arthur Arkush joined Bart and guest host Kevin Holden to preview the NFC North.


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Arthur art gives joins us NFC north right over the USA today sports and pro football weekly our we run our third to say that the NFC north is. RB one by the Green Bay Packers. Well no recent history occurred recruit that our. Yeah wicket trucks and of course after two years ago and I think that the one team on that really is go what are you or or challenge Packard were being in the biking but. I'm I've gotten hurt and look the lions and bears are ready and discreet ease and then certainly nothing that they've shown me. Has changed my thinking that it is the article one or straight that is yet to orchestrate it I think I have a chance to make up our people there. Some of the up he's an upgrade their so they bank kind of an out and and they can't help them grab a little bit more but do you think that eat at the packer and about it. The interesting thing about the the narratives of the teams in the NFC north is that they seem to be the same mirrored the Packers played a favorite. The vikings have that sort of attic could but they're up and down and then as the alliance and I feel like this year's lions team as last year's lions team is 2012 lions team. Is there any reason to think that narrative is any different in Detroit this year. I. No no I don't think so I'm in day out certainly the way that they lap let you then you don't in the driver seat obviously. Or there or isn't idol earn more than expected that get earn things go down to them. I'm like what they're doing their young man and I think it really Smart sure a lot of respect the way you did that so much in the record deal ormat Stafford but on the Internet it's a really beyond our the Taylor backer injury Brett got a little bit battered the court pock marked and hooted in last week. Lions joint practices so. Maybe they're gonna be okay there and Jim Caldwell has kind of hole and I turnaround Warrick and at the track record that will be what goes I'm there but. I actually haven't had you doing I'm still a whole lot bill coming back low -- it certainly but what in January. And even more of them that I think it eat at the idea that got by with smoke and here last year and early architect at that they cover up. He. The is that yacht that hasn't been on the field it's still the same ankle injury correct wobbling that. You seem to be going in the wrong direction because while Ladd Egan was mostly a lot plated the number January of that same ankle bothering him and this seemingly bureaucratic thing. Very troubling spots in the air writer that that the sack leader last season haven't hit the guy but he did come in and and that really help them not a lot we just ruptured Achilles and I have no idea other after that no human and he's quite mark up or that aren't there and they won't have tiger at all. Arthur art dish on Twitter at Arthur art dish with pro football weekly here on chuck can win clerk on the fan. A one thing that I've been saying in this is just completely based on a gut feeling I don't know why. I'm saying that the bears are gonna take second in the know war. Can you give me some reasons to defend that position and has other than gut feeling I'd hear the days of the defensive line. Obviously am I'm higher may be on the offense than some give me help me help me defend my bold hot take. Well more than anything I think their. You know arguably outside the chargers the most injured team in football let feed them and and I know you'll injuries but I'm not every into your recorder back then. Doesn't have the going into the seat and number one number two corner a again a lot of people do a lot of different things goes pretty bad for Eric and with their high around it to Kevin White advent I barely on the field through Q you then that at. Not much I loved it wondered what blaster tactic they're cute that the B I'll be here in the bat. Well I'll start seeing the church or Ryan they late market. I think either sharp guy you're really good Allen value later. And they've built up some some yeah I pieces I met beside the net but I think you're gonna have to be that. The unit the kind of lead this team and I'm not real optimistic about. The quarterback situation and their soul and experience from dimming built an in my line and but. On you gonna have that structure looks like all year which bit degrading doubted back in. And so that. I don't worry me too wide receivers war and yet on but indeed I can't be good if they picked the corner the current market Mora. In Marc Cooper are entered her down there if they're gonna have who have not three year starter in the back under re not or you (%expletive) when I'm coming into. Coming to his locker used and what they itself. I think they're gonna be battered bear and they have to give it to Jordan coward and he can build on flat feet and yeah that could make up are the people on that bears if you look at they're they're September and October got all that it is bad in anyone and well all right are with that. Any chance they get healer and Akron earlier. Are they don't play with a sub 500 record from last intellect we governor we gave that they're not gonna be any great period from like Lannan in the in the bell has a lot of new and move our. I think from what I've mill bears fans everybody. Was kind of EL laws a fair we'll see what happens and then Mitch Robiskie is a good drive. In every remedy is great how good is Tribune's count that as this. Yeah well. Hope you're saying that I mean it saying it would it would be juxtaposition of our world might want to imply that I don't think we can sugarcoat that he'd he'd pick sick and I think it that it occurred at the amp B and opened the front wheel off on the air in there to what a lot to build our marriage to operate. Outing and has zero operating and that's hard to do right now than he did it and that Eric date you now. I'm yield that you bet com then with less than two minutes in the art happy I down field really and practically. Our complete expert on patent all the reimbursed scoring drive their verdict the a bit now. I thought he was. It goodies you can expect in that creep you again no doubt but again I would treat these and one of BP can build on interstate bank. It's like you see the rare aren't talented out loud at that garment all the things that made in the number two overall pick in practice yet. It happened that super consistent he's actually been really up and down and practice I think that was what really opener and I want a light one not that. I think kind of known for being a prime time player. And that man with you really get what you get you to go on that and it quietly continue to play really willing to bet speak entering the play well it's not a pretty slick that I. Actually that match and that really rough later licked and I don't suspect and getting up at our. We can not imagine the Packers secondary being more decimated by injury than they weren't last year if they're healthy. Are they a top half of the NFL in India visiting their top fifteen defense. Armed. Yeah I mean I think they can be in that area you know this thing I think I'm more worried about the past structure I did. They're talent in the secondary ironically that the operative word that this is it that helped beat them it should be okay there and we should not hinder not help you right now we're about to marry Randall and in the on how to think good and adopted that that the little concerning but down. More so than me is that you'll get used to it opportunity to pick on Johnson. I got it you know proper but that airline had don't you know does Pittman division what I've cracked and didn't. Live up to expectation here. But how much are here are. Our other Packard playing with which a claim that you've been in nick Perry as they're at died in having up with nothing after that it considering the track record for those. Who. That in turn it on and I know what they're watching pilot backlog that eagle and an on field yet Ellie we haven't seen much from so I just. I don't know who told them there someone get hurt and that seemed kinda imminent unfortunately or. If they just you know error in the import the pressure I think that's what worries you the most and we know opt. Obviously you are back playing in front seven goes on much and that and self. If we're gonna keep us from you know Kevin king and and how and lover what do rock Randall Weber. And those who wait say that about this man probably a quarterback. Armed they're gonna need help up front and I'm not I'm the worker got a you get it there. Well fine now I mean when and when I first you know when we brought seeing here we said OK the NFC north is probably. Packers are looking pretty good there but Arthur as we look at the rest of the NFC. There are still there are still problems for the Packers and if they're going to go to the super ball. As we all demand from them they're gonna have to get through a conference that. He looked around the conference there's a lot of good teams in the NL west against Seattle Arizona should be better than they were. A season ago the NFC east is always a challenge the NC solve all of a sudden has a lot of good teams. So I think for the Packers they've got to be healthy and they've got to have these games at home. To get to the Super Bowl. Who who do you like in the NFC right now or maybe your top two or three. But I think until further notice we'll we'll probably going to be argued because shock but you know certainly they've done enough. You know there Atlanta cannot last year that figure out. It would be young nucleus they asked. I'm that it and Quentin is the right guy I get them over that global art Rick they should be right back and bit down that bank com. I think the CR can be better I hectic wrote the can be better that I had the chance to be improved so I know he met man you are obviously important but that's been a lot and it has been sort of planning had a secondary really. Kind of went under the radar all the mood and made that really. I don't know plan for life after you don't got the girl armor and Richard Sherman or to make sure they're more covered than they were last Eden that that your bank. You know it is your team would likely to get him there you know at the spot and everyone I'm especially if they've got up to get our last night Annan. They're gonna go to our game what they can take am in Aiken. Their Carter and kind of pain that water too silly broad and the Lieberthal one of them last night I keep you get that out of went to sit down arm they can be pretty good is there a lot of young talent at ER while. On the buried on I'm not sure I do you think our Auburn can be batter pick up and maybe our back a bit of a lot of changes are ER over the past few years now. On the Internet trying to get that thing altogether pretty quickly. Are in the secondary as well. And you know and that upbeat deputy Eagleburger stinky in there kind of challenge you know the giants in the public I don't know what I think about how there's a pivot in that's. Darker cloud circling over most of our. Not a eyes on the problem actually is that maybe giants and input actually got the animate. Are there appreciated is always will be a touchdown on the road and thanks again have a good weekend man. They appear much harder thicker.