9am - Ed Sedar

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, June 19th

Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Brewers 3rd Base Coach Ed Sedar joined the morning show to recap the weekend series and look ahead to the Pirates.


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And Evan Miller Park where that cedar and the Milwaukee Brewers to still in first place as we told that he be in first place next time we talk to you. Although. Runs are only coming via the home run ball which day that's not a problem coach Sears good to have you on iTunes. Good morning guys already are doing great man how how cool is that the sender policy around. Taking four on Saturday afternoon him. I guess that's not my personality he wanted to and haven't. Try to find the earlier today earlier and to date we have prints and it east play left field like hey Al alternate and so rights center. This'll probably be the only part where you don't go really Golan back up. Because they can get to outlaw of the coming towards you and others that one law law out there that angle that way. And also that it happens to them and even on the bench and I. Happened right at peace if that happened like. Veolia that the arts yet they have to leave the united Elba. I'm an electric zero RE Letterman out until maybe start leaking into the app. OK when that happens on it was the easy ones I mean easy call there but have you almost been tipped in the past the send someone. You know on an inside the park home run I mean you what you want all the Mets third. Arm bottoming out and to take their risk to setting a guy that extra base that's a tough as an. Yet the top until the pro wide that's. You know kind of hard to do because it's not Deval actually invent our way to keep it should deal to get tickets salaries to abandon. Give it to the plate and another thing the runners. Batters are you. They're running towards alt at all. He ought to mean they used to do with tripled though so I'll not. Two run home from home when you're not used to let you know he has some. Maybe rightly users tried it and it actually had so that's why. Very unusual when a guy hits well Mike I mean it's one where potential guy could give forum at. Do you caution a side of air and say hey brother were keeping a thirty year. Yeah he's great news that's C nobody out one Cochran. Well usually it's. Two exciting and it's still up there and he's coming around third of its. Still has the been picked up yet he's coming towards third sure I'll probably be more willing to give it a shot. Like to also the pitcher coming up your sending them around. Our. Sure well nearly inside the park home runs that we've seen that the brewers have nothing to Prince Fielder Rickie Weeks. And there's at least some suspense to that is attacked at cedar brewers third base coach. Orlando Garcia was like at third base but I attack and the ball hit the wall he's been incredible ball at the plate they're much better. And some of the plays he made this weekend offensively. I mean to see that from your vantage point is is awesome what he's been able to do. Are you he's. He's one special player. Arguably probably the best defense of shortstop. And actually Betsy close. You know I mixed. Placed on the yen but so routine when they're not routine you don't you guys veterinary dentists in every just. And he makes that Plavix so easy when you watch other shortstop strike during a and it's not that that's an easier place so effort shortstop to be able to make plays look routine that are routine. Everyday cases country's socialist police special player we have. I've seen one guy. Hit inside the park home run a person that was the all river Willie Wilson. Or Willie Wilson the royals hall hacked a lot ought. And I jackets mortar army nectar it would account stating it would on the left field line. Victoria Dodi was a third base. He really brought. You never seen a brewer doll. I saw the weeks one I was there for now I won I was there I was there when he went off the 400 club. Well would you rather see a brewer inside the park home run or no hitter from a broom ball man probably better. When are we gonna get their Lisa got a complete game yesterday. What Jimmy Nelson's been doing any that pitching staff to for the most part the starting pitchers. They have been very good and there's got to be like we talked about before some sort of competition between those guys because Jimmy Nelson yesterday in nine innings ten k.s. He is Ben. He Jerry Nelson had a hard time may be media expectations in his career so far below what he's doing the last couple months he's exceeding them. Our activity impress some primarily talked on the show and they firstar that they got knocked out three leak or are now the numbers first aren't talked about guy had a kick it got a little bit off follow the leader are. Up the last I go and and so Jimmy cannon raised the bar. Yelled cut off in the seventh inning got a key out came out this pomp and let them all fired up in the dugout and went off pretty aid and kick your kept a child skipped kept separate them out there and pretty awesome go to junior is really into it just pumped from the strike so it. Typical city. Aren't considered joining us to birth third base coach is spending another week of first place chip Kush that leads to what they have teams and bill Rosen have a good week regards. And spoke Slade no not at this week from the Pittsburgh company and and then and now to Atlanta so. Hopefully build on it and like you can't be beat strong starting pitching that's only going yet and so I guess I expected strategic continue. I need some insight into how this works because I was there on Friday mrs. Lewis Princeton's first day at Miller Park mean as a first time he's ever been there. Any Leno he sits at his locker and you is doing all the BP you know I can stuff. When it's your first day at Miller Park. Did his and created a light show all around it shown more stuff visitor the he's got to figure doll on on his own man I wonder about that. I'm not sure I know we went out to the yields were early DTE given ivory went into the east fighting left at eight markets that we talked about. You don't look at the law of politics than a foreigner. Our opt out of them right here on I'm not sure about the locker room and saying I'm. I'm sure red meat after someone was there and navy walked Jamal around our united runner evidence first time in China are locked door he had. Energy effort and their I don't think he's definitely. He finds its way to the locker room and then you say hey got to meek guy Eddie out to do us some moves from wall stuff. It's kind of amazed under that maybe he takes the wrong way maybe doesn't Hillary's going and wonder. You know you show the jobs and there's always somebody like walking around and it's even with Lewis on how to get the front did he could do Heidi get into the deep though I mean the short of the eighty. Don't have deer Bob assured them array. And yes after the Mets that they do a great job sir you are ready and just keep. The this parking. Lot of the guys it's called a triple a and he shows of the ball person's eyes got called up. All our series charade are you very today tomorrow and you're not a ball player are you. You do go out so hard and it needs yeah yeah out felt someone dog at a beach. So currently shall guard shows up you better have like five IDs are mentally as well yes and Charlize nasal carriage and all of his jerseys now you're here. Law firm are you sir are you working in media relations yeah. You got it. Funny that's fossils. Eddy cedar third base coach for the Milwaukee Brewers he has got the tire this week. I'm in another road trip and again the new rule is every time we talk to you need to stay in first and you're doing your artists to make that happen. Well tucked in next weekend make sure that that's the same thing okay. I sound like a great plan and you guys have a great rest of the day.