9am - NFL Playoffs picks

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, January 12th
Chuck and Winkler 9am - Chuck and Bart talked shared their picks on all the weekend playoff games.

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A no shock and we blurred. The lie is a promo idea didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 against them though. This is Jack in Waco we are served up. Might Perkins restaurant and bakery is aware attention all meat lovers. Butcher's best menu is still available at Perkins. But only for a limited time. Some of the best tasting most savory meats around can be found at Perkins. A bartender stake medallions with the fried shrimp. That's a good option for later today the breakfast out and you can grab at any time the meat lovers smasher. That the favorite gravy better smashed tax the big container omelet. With a six strips of apple would smoked bacon that very good. If you're thinking of a time to go I'd recommend after 4 o'clock tomorrow Tuesdays and Saturdays kids eat free. After 4 o'clock get an adult meal. And then you get a free kids meal right along with that bats. At Perkins. It's five for 35 burning questions. For chuck Freeman the man they call for. Ready for a bit by what you might have details yet with those bills this here for and invented the nickname originally from elm grove. It's nobody ever would have come up if it was inferior brand from Dallas this. Who invented. The nickname for software year mark Lutheran school yes you remember it so fun. Question number line Jon Gruden outs obviously on Monday Night Football. Odd that come out to see who would replace him. Peyton Manning leads twelve to five odds. Lewis ratings from ESPN anchor Warner both for one it's. Ron Amadon Randy wants Matt Hasselbeck Rex Ryan Tim Tebow Eli Manning boomers size and all given odds of two point one. Or lower. Is the front runner you are viewed to replace Jon Gruden a Monday Night Football that it doubtless object at a public. C boomer get the job. But I think the front runners Peyton Manning at the third go hard after him here's the audience field who was done and in it once was and who. Boomer boomer the size. Yeah he was a lose any BC via that he knew with Dennis Miller. I don't know but the of the date they took him off an idle though through some bad chemistry you're whatever number one Kornheiser was there I like the wind is on there. How deadly mine that I did Mike Dennis and Dennis was much try to play traffic department received. I'm like can. I like boomer like boomer on the broadcasts. The bill Monday night radio broadcasts. I like boomer I think it's probably gonna go repeat the man. Com here's the thing about espionage. ESPN's firing all these people cutting always people cutting all these salaries. Yet there's they still haven't learned. And the still trying to Reese they're trying to sign people yet. They're losing money hand over fist in there having all these layoffs but they're still going out signing talent and make the make any sense to me. The world is done in 99 and 98 and ninety rate before Dennis Miller. Join the team must have in hand and who was. Michael's. Yet Michael Young Michael's Al Michaels data like each other so I don't know I thought that I thought he was announced agreement with for a little bit too. A naked or adhere to our. Dear could have been better than in there to begin the phased out yeah what is your favorite money maker. Probably want to ranks grew up where. L in Franken and Al Franken and okay yeah I mean yeah for a hat CIA and I loved Howard Cosell. Well did I missed on you mr. validated because that was great the chemistry nab Booth so those guys with Don that would dandy Don and Frank Gifford. A pulse rate singing never works of Marie you. Well then tell that to recording artists. Those as soon. I'll tell you about this booze I was like this Sunday night with with and no Mike Patrick. All of that was stand by Yzerman and Paul Maguire. Yeah and that it was just those two for wildfires like hatchery I would like Becker I don't know whose whose serial Mike pitcher Justin. But how does he ever goal from. From Sunday Night Football plum job like dad. Two early on the raider ESP. Purely on the rate some do like the bulk of people are just so mobile. Yes he was doing Wisconsin and Illinois earlier this year and what. Mike Patrick mansion be don't want your premier games. So you're gonna Peyton Manning notre yeah I think so. Question number 25 for frames. Yeah honest no longer leading an all star voting. He's still second but LeBron James is over taking him. If the honest reads or else they're voting come also a time he's going to have to be captain. Which means he would then because they're not doing east and west entering captains and is it better for you on s.'s future to be a captain now or to not be captain. Is that too much pressure for Rihanna is or could be for NATO led into some free agent what. Campaigning like he said he wanted to. Two over I think it's great for. I think he should be camp yeah more leadership possibilities for him sure I think it's fantastic for him if he was. And he kept in putting all that popcorn into sterling bronze card and he'd be negotiated dad sold the more experience he gets the better and in if he's got to go on picket team good I love the city picked the bride. This first day. Yeah I think it was far and I don't think of this yet as far as free to occur and this helps when he's. You know with these all star stoop to talk about what they got when I'm walking hopefully a good way. Condit Milwaukee recruits of the speeds you know beat the bill the French are there no cope with them and the other and it doesn't work chance that if somebody tries were pretty. Yeah us. Mr. fearful over there. All right question number three. Yes I am I am concerned you know missile eventually lead Milwaukee I am. And it looks like LeBron may eventually leave Cleveland or he may now. Where is LeBron playing next year that's question number. Essentials a CL. Now the scuttlebutt. Is that the Lavar lines Opel situation will be spur LeBron and from wanting to play in LA you'll want it to deal. I'll tell you what I think LeBron would go to LA. And we'll far would keep his big mouth shot and away I think so no way I cannot be I think he would I think if LeBron went there. Look far. Would clam up we'll quickly and a chance I think so it would only fuel. And a Barbie talking negatively and he does them. This that this boulevard stories is just horrible there'd be a day or Lavar what he's doing it with these dual Luke Walton was just terrible he'd be on first take one day saying. The taken minutes away from lots of local and for LeBron. Could be LeBron well you know it usually either dude shut out Lou we don't know you I he would wanna do that. You know you do you would not want this in the serial a LeBron James to use that term again yes I still think Cleveland's the front runner. And in Phillies hi option. I think guy I don't think Milwaukee's 0% possibility that there's a it Fries less than point 5% magnet I think there's that possibility. Off with suit against the wall and it's. So it's pretty blatant acts here all while. Probably uses Sacramento Kings I guess. No idea I think this with the there's a handful of teams he's he considered probably New York is probably number one in Philadelphia. But I think it's LA or New York the two ones staying on the block is including great question posed by the big show this week. Who are your box untouchables. So which of the guys on the team right now. Would be untouchable in trade the thumb maker is no longer. Talked abortion before anybody. I would say yachts and Dennis pretty much I love Eric Bledsoe. That the he's not. You know he's untouchable but I I wanna keep PM for a while you wouldn't new country I love Bledsoe who love his game. Nobody brings the table their point guard spot and one to two you have the economic team and of course yachts that would be it. Young lets you be the untouchable but still want Bledsoe won't turn everybody else you pegged to a for the deal I Middleton. Everybody else and that team. Our question Milton start sometimes I hate to see that. But I'm hearing the same thing you have to do every game with a Middleton before games after games we are small player aren't we are not what are we. You know it at one point Amsterdam stock urine that. Just how many times you say we can't c'mon play games Olympics and the c'mon dude. He's part of core this team he's on the veterans and a team when he simply resolved. You know he's flat performances. Chris Middleton. What are Jabari. If the possible if I'm demonstrated Jabari chuck I would be destroyed. All of them dynasty of the community he appointed a season for him and about that I don't want draft the number two he's danger couple times you gonna. Have you go through this rehab process. Such very interesting good guy. And your page freedoms for a year and a half of somebody I mean all depending what they got you put so much into him you've got to help you gotta see you at the returns are like I get there. But it depending what the packages. I guess that youngest is the only guy. Who's on tradable on trade apps on triple. Archer LeRoy yeah honest for LeBron you said OK Kevin Durant. Each of the redness or different. Timid you know to all of them only for ten years. We kept him in gas to be better than Kevin Durant someday about you on this for. JJ Redick. I'm sure. Although I don't and it's very Lou Williams he put up fifty the other and I know you'll notice that spurs Zaza Pachulia there's I'll do scenario of that. I question number five here five for frames. Question number five. Alabama is your national champions impose UCF once the stake claimant to that one of the two were to play. A real national championship game on Monday night and what's the line. Alabama mauled by beats that's exactly what I was nervous that I'd say eight will be under seven. We're six and Hannah. It would be beats. And I would take him. You'll yes. I take him now you again Auburn Alabama. The beat Auburn Auburn beat Alabama seek it suits CF. That was shot of the game of course the upshot of it but I still take elemental. Would they start to or would they start Jalen hurts well based on their list in the get go back to hurts. As I go back hurts you gestured to Hertz is the bit the guy all year long. I felt bad for Al love the way out of the bill hurts yet let's let's hurts him that well okay he did but let's not like. I'm tired of people tweeting. His interview and saying. This is routes ports is all of the man. You're with the wardrobe did before. When he has presentation before Seton Hall game they have a right now in a locker room before game two pitcher Paul Hertz into law. In an embrace at fields of discipline teamwork is all about. What is fantastic everybody can feel good about themselves because they recognize and somebody else does something good it was I need to get great pay. Good for you you you're young like the way he him that he could handle the portly. We have of that awesome. I agree but I'm not gonna sit there and tried it. Take credit for it this is what's fluid Zell will oh man what would you want with stronger. And that I think it was I think it was a this year I think it was a great moment and it's generally cooler template that we're I don't know I've. It's chuck Wexler or certain of the hyperbaric I don't know what you. Hear on that one of my seven FM. The fans are admits his firm's New Year's sleeps you know going out right now a new year a new bad. It may be a new attitude out there matches from sketchy covered familiar sleep so that's going on right now they wanna make of the healthiest year yet. 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Get in the matches firm this weekend check out the tool it's everything you want to bid as well but this tuba. You can get the free delivery free deliberately by when this weekend given dimensions for the fiercely still going on today. Matches from all over southeastern Wisconsin. Generally cooler. That's chuck I'm barb from the grind string Khaled Atlantic studios. It was on this day ten years ago Brett Favre recorded his final win as a factor I'd like that distinct histories yeah. Final teammate who was against it was. Regular season game. Yeah I'm January 12. We deem that John it will of Seattle right well regular season where in January 12 here yeah. Playoffs giving you see the snow game was out of having so we don't have them. I have a picture of him in the snow for you don't have the time and again I'm just reading what people are all sending me. That is willing as far as I'm willing to go to a particular might be as a playoff team and it could flip yeah I did I it's against the outstanding pictures. That was fun game I was there. Souls. I regrettably bail on somebody's wedding and that's too bad. To read I think you did the right choice while he's listening and it was an F cereals are and most recently as Saturday afternoon and you know. It was like one of 330 starts June Perino. On what is up with this Craig Sager story. All his family his kids he's left them out of the well. This is a bizarre story man. Know Craig Sager who you know leading up to his death many many stories about how. You know he continued for John and work through cancer treatments and all that he was dying. And continue to go through and plunged through. In the Stanley was there are always there and says some great things about him during all these interviews. Only to find out he left the mall on the well. And there was the second wife that's global will. It was a slow hurting her from Craig Sager who his kid now but how he was in hospital at the surgery trying to help his dad. And it was like the same day a year very close to that he was actually taken out of the will now Craig Sager is second life. Sort of took control of the whole Craig Sager operation. And there was some strain there between him in the family and kids are in the will. Not a course returning had its second marriage. The key it's the first of its in the first wife it's always different at second if we don't have that second or third. Maybe a little bit of amp M not. You get there I how can I Emma last of the altitude if that's right now underway I'll I'll lay. Now there's always little bit of animosity animosity Curtis. Then an amicable than only amicable and always been two words I could. Starring Emma is that amicable. Amicable. I can't pronounce a correctly QC animosity now and now today not days. And my process well a bit of hook the well alien banned yeah that's second wife that the kids the first white there was maybe a little was animosity. A second wife always tries to be a good. Could die and all that. And yet Novo. About CNET domain but I've seen happen over. It's. Nobody on behalf of all for a halt ultimately that's saying for gulf. Author of the cases in which is utterly transparent when it comes on the wills. All via. Now. I guess I remember when Craig stated passed away and then we talked about. And sat sky was beloved. And he died. And then if I don't know Lloyd's is you fine is it talks so nice about a guy and you find out there's something weird conine and slate. Well why was that why was the family when I was as kids require a little anybody why would be kids written out of the will. When you heard so many good things bald Krejci and a person he really was and how good he was. Why was he written out of the way when it was a deliberate on the will always says I don't know the second wife syndrome. Okay the second wife. Him to take the kids out what happened there to Craig's staggered. His kids to a game you know his kid here's filling in for his dad Furl against San Antonio interviewed pop. You know those the segment three the interview pop up. Empty and the third quarter yes his kid did one of those. Yeah that's why you would assume they are longer term whilst yeah Allstate was going through you know the blasts of radiation. Chemo. One and it's amazing sister. The Craig singer's daughter. I'm Craig Sager son. They hate that second wife and now you leave your kids out so the second light must have been soul. Sounds like it like Craig Sager and her. Beat this must have been like dubbed best. Experiences of his life because it was so you know Satan episode. It. You're right up your kids but volatile light was offering. A picking up what I'm saying. No which is trying to simpler. But that does the dishes but the tutor kids right. Mean if your kid if you still love your kids. It should not have anything to do with your relationships with. You know any of your future wise growth Serena what is the story at San just shut the browser what. Or dry dark about it what what is what is the reasonable as a justification is that because though. And overall matter the second might but as a reason why they think that there were shut overwhelm. Well I don't know maybe. I mean Craig Sager. Must've thought that what the wife can offer me. Is more than what the kids can offer me the kids turn their back Simone. I'm Craig and anytime during. While he was a dead and it was something that we don't know about. I don't know why you keep your kids out that's the that's the mystery to me that's a shame that is that that that it is no no no because now I mean after the kids. 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Equal housing. Lender. Rosie of Orbitz written down but we part ninth and resent that to knowing yet as the Jimmy Graham that and then. Johnny grant was 313 don't want to sell it Bart winds you'll him 75 if he wins he owes you 25 that's offense Jimmy Graham's on the roster next year the first place he cites for his size of Seattle right away and you win it was and the specified that much of Jimmy Graham signed the Packers I. Yeah but I don't gobs of this talk about not China like don't to our yards are by Lou pulls me discovers track says west as a besides a Seattle cut and so sold the other one you have dominated by Marquette. Making the NCAA tournament. These give me two wanna get a free Tony five to me now. Yeah I did us a pretty good about it so Tony five dollars I all you of course somebody gets hurt if Rosie or somebody gets hurt a team he'll be single. Bluetooth between the two dollars and yet what Marcus power goes that's just me that's too bad. Chuck collectively Aaron Rodgers went outdoors and I'd visit of president that's been said here. Four games this weekend Cody start with game number one as some of the. Falcons at Eagles this is the fourth postseason meeting between the teams and a first it's old or when the Eagles defeated the falcons in the NFC. Title game 27 to and advance to Super Bowl 39. The Eagles right now they lead the all time series eighteen. Fourteen and wine including the post season and filly won the last meeting however 2415. In week ten. Doesn't sixteen filly without Carson went snake holes of the starter there also the first team to be underdogs as the number one seed and in the NFC divisional round they are three point dogs out. Call John. This is a tough wanna go on a neural tough but he doesn't want here. The weight beset dateline in Atlanta's three point favorite on the road if. Hardly big you need to take Philadelphia there they can take the points or they just saying it plans that do it right now. I feel like a lot of people are coming around on my Atlanta pretty him. I don't know all my Atlanta. You know. Join me to go first. No outlook first I'm him time. Management teams that are they're making it to the Super Bowl so I'm gonna take them to win. And and cover. One I picked him to go the Eagles at home here. I mean I think the us but what you really arguably the Eagles don't think the Eagles plus three about. I do OK got it I do I'll take the Eagles plus the 34. Want to fun. Rosie or is it a fifty dollar weekend all hate. Yes let's say it's the divisional playoffs mean and it. I have a lot to me and I told you I offered to the couple times duties adults even when. Do 25 this week dull Rhodes picked me. Fifty next weekend and a hundred not they get rid of the armor all 200 while we may agree these upcoming weekends. Don't Malia and we agreed on Atlanta and visit and it and that we said this is the big weekend. Divisional plaza school fifth of one. I. He had. News. Clinton and former author of these my you know she's got Atlanta here soon. Why I. Over the lot as well right now I would three don't law I'd vehicle accident off John if you bail out a moment do you you can see McCann. Worried now. With the brilliance of this week okay did better. And today. Yeah what's that machine that we've process. Well you don't want to listen if you don't want that I worry but it down at scenarios that would do you wanna get back to the net. Don't I still owe you for 45 dollar. So 45 to ask you like to me want to knock each week at a Port Sudan radio is used to think he is where you. You know a little bit here with there quarter here last week I came and it ape Rangers when he went before him forty mile blanket of pressing what's next next up the night game Tennessee act New England. There's a third postseason meeting between the teams and the first since 2003. It was AFC divisional playoff. Which New England won seventeen of fourteen the act's lead the all time series point or sixteen and want including the playoffs. And they want six in a row the team's last match. In week 152000. Scene with the patriots coming up on top 33 to sixteen is also the largest spread of the weekend. Thirteen point favorites are the home team he treats now. You wouldn't have to be just a complete. Idiot to take the Tennessee Titans they can net Tennessee can keep this one pulse just a complete. Moron. To take thirteen here just a complete idiot because I mean that to be up 33 at halftime and you're sitting here cal what was they doing they can Tennessee keep this one close. But you know I feel in and everybody goes one way. I think. TV. The other thing can happen. I am there's a suite is yet there is no way in hell. I won't put on fifteen dollars. On the Tennessee Titans the cover. For the sake of fun. I might throw 25 on the titans to cover. But this was a weekend of fifty dollars about I'm just saying there's not a chance. There is not a chance in hell I'm putting fifty dollars. On the titans the cover. And I would entertain putting 25 on the titans hello we stick to England. C and a couple and I can't think Tennessee while he would you like. I like Tennessee to keep it within ten. You. Can't. All right. I'll take New England. I've Molina Tony five in this pocket I'll take New England minus. Yes any Ayatollah right now. Two more games to go back on Toney fight this even as hours three minutes after he went to a fifty we can he feel good now and now he's scaling back towards that and then take that they've. Fifty now it's 45 and all of the idea yes I think 250 owns news but that's fine with that part of it. Well I Tony actually got to like even it out. What we already have one of the plan so that that that doesn't make any sense but next. Jacksonville at Pittsburgh this game on Sunday noon kick off at the second post season meeting between the teams. Jacksonville beat the Steelers 3129. And almost seven wild card playoffs. They also lead all time series thirteen eleven including the postseason Elliott has heard. Earlier this season not papacy there's thirty at night in week five dancing game that Roethlisberger threw five days on home field but Jackson OS. On the road in this game seven point dogs. You know first hole why Patrick Saturday eagle 330 and that a nineteen and it's Sunday they go noon and 330 I like it but they go 3:30 and 7 o'clock and Sundays to too late. I don't know it is he had on an answer that. Okay those go to the games dealing instruments with the spread 77. All right what do you. I'd like plague four of them are damaged in day. Plot to take Pittsburgh amity it's. I like to Jake's here you don't guess that it did the seven point I don't wanna bet on this one you don't want to I don't ansari. But I don't want to I I got talked into it. I just think. Pittsburgh's offense very prolific I almost. I almost think the jaguars can't come in there and AJ worst witness when operating. I do too. But they just have already this year originally Pittsburgh's fluid case I have made in my mind yet so for that reason. And now okay. Who he thinks I don't know I can't unit on the thumb on this that the truth. I am sorry I don't look at the excitable and right Minnesota in the world's explain their oh so yeah is this real. That's the last and it seems a me in the playoffs for the fourth time in Minnesota. Only 21 advantage in their last season needing the saints to be the vikings 31 at 28 in overtime as the only nine. An FC championship game I don't know about asked Minnesota. However leads the all time series 21 to eleven and they did defeat New Orleans. Earlier this season Monday Night Football this game the vikings at home. Five point favorites. They irons point fate there that nanny that fuel I would say missiles and also I read a half. Now now job anyway POP3 and amplified yeah. Optimists saints come. I didn't say it's gonna win this game out how to win that you are like well I'm willing to put fifty so what the last time frames that on the vikings all. Oh yeah we saw paragraph out present that on the vikings and and Drew Brees is gonna go to go with him saints on it I. But you really like the saints. Yeah I do I hate the vikings I think their band you who are who you see it's gonna win. All I see what you're saying. So straight up and not know spread votes for it. New Orleans plus five take that act take it. I want New Orleans plus five located chuckling give it to me. Part of there it's good data. We get. I'm. We can if you don't play area I'll take the vikings minus the I've only during your windows when I look at it. Because if vikings lose I'm gonna feel great. If I win the play for the vikings whose live for another day and went fifty bucks. I summit take. And I go with the NFC south team and I think the falcons for 52 covered at the very meticulous saints and undergone. Other getting five. In a minute take just for fun tendency to cover the thirteenth for just 25 best stuff on line only fallen. The stuff fun guy on both when he fired through. Second leg or served up by Perkins pressure on him bakeries. Tell us who you think we'll win this weekend tweet us that on 057 FM the fan. We're not generate dumber probably even look at them but between us anyway it's secondly clerk they expected Zaza Pachulia. Last night he talked about what it was like playing with a baby on this and now he's got to go up against. All starting honest they knew that coming up bill Michael sort tended to right here. On the thing. Jack went there certified arrogance from the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studio. Bucks warriors tonight hottest ticket in town. The game will be on fox sports was gods and also is the end coming to town to pick up the coverage might bring Doris Burke as well. Well the bucks post game show for you here on the fan remember. We also that Ross hockey so this does show all the post game show we'll start. On our second streaming at the link on our FaceBook and Twitter pages and then we'll all be as one. Here on AM and FM. Had a chance to go to warriors practice last night catch up with Zaza Pachulia former buck now with the Golden State. Borrowing going here was does that Pachulia. Welcome back to Milwaukee. Do you guys get much timing you as the shooter omelet. Yeah are you able to do anything is anything like Milwaukee that you ought to make street viewers it's one day at a back to back you can and an hour it. You obviously have some women with those who come here once and we just legislative breakfast and your time and you're so right here right before tomorrow's game. You know neuroses officers who lives poll also notre manipulated or. During the incidents of breast. Particularly refuses. We don't support to sue law and that this is obviously you. It's moral or do grocer. The big line is yacht is of course and when you were last year he was just getting into the league. With what you're seeing from him now. Did you see that out of and then errors there's some surprise on the. It all mean do you know obviously. When I first met it reaches all of it. It's would submit it here we'll fights here those whose progress through you forest sector. With Newman and you could sell luddite view the plan was enough for him to sit over the beauty. In the league team. In your whole lot of potential. Looking to hear what Orton was able to. It was young's original. Dolls and was impressed. Those who would like to see the kind of tell you going to view on things go so. Are always expect there's a surprise. Through. Wolf there's always a good well. DC a limit for him error at this point I mean he wants to be where LeBron is where we're KD is the seal limit for him. Upwards and the bears Phil Gordon. Been. It was before him. Like his mindset though large these TV shows and he's brick brick were always come a moment ago. Good to hunger. Under the civilian and also another great thing your body audiences. Hope he chooses who worked with the fundamentals like Jason Stevens coaches thought on the explosives off. Mays we really alert so much for women some. You know this is so for the weeks to work through those guys. You know for the very soon. To help you to do good work. As far as you in the warriors. You guys that are a pretty good basketball team. And he'll be in the playoffs. Probably the ones the I do you guys. Go through the regular season it seemed like the box scratch line for you know the playoff berth maybe a top seed. Are you guys not lose focus during a long regular season with so much travel analyst Dennis. The records. He knows. I'm a great reporter so one thing though one thing they'll realize that. In the news you can be dangerous for us. If you don't bring defaults and they'll bring that to an injured. And as you struggle because they're too soon but look you're close to places and you know rules. Do hold themselves. Is personally. Did you we'll. You know lucrative deals from Los user. There was a week. The focus. For example lost their gloves because you know I. Defense we reviewed debris into four pieces. Hoses off. All of this was a good game could be conducive to dig speedboats out so it's important you know for us. Play our game and from soulful stuff it is. Enjoy them well do was awarded as possible and yourselves you know little removed Robyn used to. Obviously for the sixers future success and good continue doing that plus in some on the stands alone suit in my. Like to. Lot of trouble we've you know fatigue in this. And those who did. Don't if it professional and particular business Muslim. Doing interviews frames where I have to stick out my arm and it still doesn't reach the guy's mouth audio young jump up. Well short stack winkle over here is that 5511. Of green on good days adding that the 611 Isaac miles they interviews always sound great. When you hear background noise of basketball's Ehrlich hockey sticks. People skating. You've rocky. We songs always enhances the Buick thing. It's a solid Kurai on the scene. Aaliyah was on the scene I was on the you know okay. When gold states in town of course yet know nobody is the bottle of westerners nobody covers the box the warriors like you know cover the warriors more in Milwaukee then IDS when the words they're your practices. If the Celtics are teleport you want to cover a practice. Not much or the only tool and watch. Maybe the best thing that I was wearing his words I was wearing warriors suck pants all day yesterday took those off obviously to go yet he probably wanted to I'm the box and I don't be so good for you. Next tonight with the spread I don't know all of seconds quake. Eight the year seven because we don't top off their adversaries that he is six shots too late to mail Michael who paid.