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Friday, August 18th

Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Bart and guest host Kevin Holden talked plenty of Packers and Brewers in the final hour. They were joined by Arthur Arkush to hear a NFC North preview. Also, Aaron Mates of 9 News Denver stopped by to preview the Brewers vs Rockies series.


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Oh yeah. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. From the brilliant in Scranton college athletics studio. This season chug it always blurred on sports Radio One 057 at. Shockwave earlier served up by Perkins borrowing cooler. And that's Kevin holding CBS 58 in four. Shot today Packers Redskins tomorrow night as we gear off week two now the pre season regular season will be here. Before you know it's odd chuck and I earlier in the week we were very confident in other. Other shows have been very confident as well that. This division for the Packers all this season will be a challenge. The division. Not so much art there are kids joins us NFC north right over the USA today sports and pro football weekly. Are we wrong our third to say that the NFC north is. Already won by the Green Bay Packers. Well no reason has stricter recruit that our arm. Yeah wicket trucks and of course served for two years ago and I think that the 118 bombed that really is goat but are you ought to challenge Packard were being in the biking but. Com I've gotten hurt and looked at the lions and bears are ready and discreet here and then certainly nothing that they've shown me. Has changed my thinking that it is the article one or straight and it is meant to orchestrate it I think I have a chance to make up our people yet. Some of the opt Eden. Up grader so that they act on it and out then. And they can help amber after a little bit more but you'd think that he'd patent which I think Acker and about it. The interesting thing about the the narratives of the teams in the NFC north is that they seem to be the same narrative the Packers played a favorite. The vikings have that sort of addict could but they're up and down and then as the alliance and I feel like this year's lions team is last year's lions team is 2012 lions team. Is there any reason to think that narrative is any different in Detroit this year. A. No no I don't think so I'm an idea out there live the way that they class lad he's been you don't in the driver seat obviously. Order for a division title earned more exact it meant that a parent think that would on the issue then. I'm like what they're doing they're they're young Arab man and I think it really Smart I think sure a lot of respect the way you did that so much in the op and the wind out of the binding. Record deal or Matt Stafford but on the Internet it's a really be our our the tailored backer injury wrecked out there are a little bit better that was quite pockmarked and hooted in last week for the lions joint practices now. Maybe they're gonna be okay there and Jim Caldwell has kind of cult and I'd turn it around or kind of had to track record that will be what goes on their butt. I actually haven't had he doing until all luck still coming back well from that it certainly but what in January. And I even more so the match I think it eat at the line deep aren't I I would smoke and mere last year and really what are not that political cover up arms. He got it is the they yacht that hasn't been on the field it's still the same ankle injury it very well ruling that. He seemed to be going in the wrong direction because while Ladd Egan was mostly a lot plated December or January for that same ankle bothering him and this seemingly bureaucratic thing. Is very troubling spots in the air I hear that that that that lead last season trying to get the guy but he did come in and and that really help I'm not a lot we just ruptured Achilles and I have no idea out there are abstract about human and there are he's quite mark up or are there and they want at Iger at all. Arthur art dish on Twitter at Arthur Artie is with pro football weekly here on chuck and win clerk on the fan. A one thing that I've been saying and this is just completely based on a gut feeling I don't know why. I'm saying that the bears are gonna take second in the know war. Can you give me some reasons to defend that position and has other than gut feeling I hear good things on the defensive line. Obviously am I'm higher may be on the offense than some give me help me help me defend my bold hot take. Well it more than anything I think they're do you purchased a little bit about a lot. You don't arguably opt out of the charter the most injured team in football let them and and I know our deal injuries but. I'm out of reach into your recorder back then. Doesn't have the going into the seat and number one number two corner again a lot of people do a lot of different things discreet act prepared and with their high round pick to tell them lighted bent odd barely on the field trip to eat and that at. Yeah not much I love Hitler let blaster tactic they're cute that the B I'll be here in the bat. Well I'll start seeing the church or Ryan they labor market. I think he's as sharp guy who really good talent or value later. I'm they've built up. Some some nice because I'm that besides the mat but I think you're gonna have to be that the unit the kind of leave that team and I'm not real optimistic about. The quarterback situation and if so when a parent and damning though in the in my line and but. Armed he's gonna happen that are sure looks like all year which a bit breathing doubt it it back in. And so that. Kind of worried made a wide receivers weren't yet on but the DR and B go to they picked the corner that went amok Mora. In Marc Cooper are entered rebound there if they're gonna have who have not. Three year starter in the back and they're not or you (%expletive) when I'm coming to. Coming through his locker used and what they are I think they're gonna be battered bear and they it to give it to Jordan coward and he can build on last beat them. Yeah that could make up are the people on the air if you look at paired they're September and October got all that is it bad in anyone in both wallets are with the if by any chance they got healer and actor earlier. Are they don't play with a sub 500 record from last couple weeks that in a week in a southern not gonna be any great period Mike London and the team that bell has a lot of new and Luke are. I think from what I've mill bears fans everybody. Was kind of you know all laws a fair we'll see what happens and then Mitch Robiskie is a good drive. In every remedy is great how good is Tribune's count that is as. Yeah well. Hope you're saying that I mean hey it would it would be juxtaposition of our world you might want to imply that I topic we can sugarcoat that he'd he'd pick sickness I think it back in a bird at the amp. Arm in it wasn't a lot to build our marriage to operate outing and a hero after him and at target do you write it and he did it and that that they're eight year now. On the yield that you bet com then with less than two minutes and are happy to lie down field really and rapidly. Our complete expert and at the all the reimbursed scoring drive their verdict yet Tibet now. I thought he was. It could be you can expect the map greet you in the game no doubt but again in the creek he's and one of BP in Belmont at interstate bank. Is why you see the rare aren't talent and a lot of the Garmin all the things that made in the number two overall pick in practice yet. It has the super consistent he's actually been really up and not practice I think that was what really opened up when I want a light one not that I can kind of known for being a prime time player. And that man with you really get what you get you to go on that and it quite a debate play really willing to bet he continue to play well it's not a bit like the special that match and that really rough later late I don't suspect and giving up that are. We can not imagine the Packers secondary being more decimated by injury than they weren't last year if they're healthy. Are they a top half of the NFL and indeed as you think they're top fifteen defense. Armed. Yamon I think they can be in that area you know pitch and yeah I think I'm more worried about their pastor much I did. Their talent in the secondary who ironically that the operative word that it is if it help beat the and they should be okay there and we should not hinder not help you right now without Mary grant Dolan. Into the I'm out I think you're gonna not do that that the little concerning but I'm. More so to me is that you mr. it property you pick on Johnson and I got it you know comfort but that airline and don't. You know those Pittman division what I Greg and get. Live up expectation here. But how much are here are other Packers playing with which a claim that you've been and nick Perry in their ads died in having up with nothing after that. It considering the track record for those who. That in turn it on and I know what they're talking Pallet backlog that eagle out but I'm he'll get Alley we haven't seen much from site. I don't know who told them marry someone get hurt in that seem kinda imminent unfortunately or. It is just you know third and that the court the pressure I think that worry you're out and we know opt. Obviously you are back land front seven goes on much and that and self. If we're gonna keep us from you know and came in and out and lover looks round Greta Weber. And those who wait say that about this on he'd probably at quarterback. Armed they're gonna need help up front and I'm not I'm the worker again you get it there. Well fine now I mean when and when I first you know we brought seeing here we said OK the NFC north is probably. Packers are looking pretty good there but Arthur as we look at the rest of the NFC. There are still there are still problems for the Packers and if they're going to go to the Super Bowl. As we all demand from them they're gonna have to get through a conference that. He looked around the conference there's a lot of good teams and you know last against Seattle Arizona should be better than they were. A season ago the NFC east is always a challenge the NFC solve all of a sudden has a lot of good teams. So I think for the Packers they've got to be healthy and they've got to have these games at home. To get to the Super Bowl or who who do you like in the NFC right now or maybe your top two or three. But I think until further notice will probably committed you know I hate to go shock but you know certainly they've done enough. You know there Atlanta did not last year that figure out what the young nucleus they asked. I'm that it and Quentin is the right I I get them over that Super Bowl are brick they should be right back in that and I bank com. I think he ought to be better acting a little can be better that I had the chance to be improved so I know he met man you are obviously more than it's been that been a lot other than sort of planning Adam secondary really. Kind of went under the radar all the mood and made that really. And a plan for like after you know guys like girls on the that Richard Sherman to make sure they're more covered than it was last season that would Dutch bank. Arm. You know it is your team would likely to get him there you know at the bar and everyone I'm especially if they've got up to get our last night brought down. They're gonna go to our import beacon examined it they can. If their Cotter and kind of pain that one or two silly broad and really meant well one album last night I keep you get that out of went to sit down arms they can be pretty good is. Is there a lot of young talent nap eat and while. On the air it on I'm not sure I do you think our Auburn can be better pick up and maybe not back a bit of a lot of change to be our over the past two years now. On the Internet trying to get that thing altogether pretty quickly. Are in the secondary as well. And you know and that upbeat deputy Eagleburger stinking and sick and a challenge you know the giants in the public I don't know what to think about how does the public in its. A darker cloud circling over most of our stuff. Not a item on the aisle would actually did that make it giant and then put actually got eagle animate. Are there appreciated is always will be a touchdown on the road and thanks again have a good weekend man. We are harder Rick Arthur arc is joining us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank when you are looking to. Getting two or back into the housing market. Look no further than great midwest bank as agreement West Bank deck down take the next step toward your new home you can follow him on Twitter. And Arthur markets he had mentioned the game. Last night Buccaneers jag wires. It says there's no birdie congress and I rate. I mean that I was hooked into the TV I had the Big Brother double eviction a lodge a podcast coming later today at one of my seven from the band back count me in. The polish pipe bomb Jeff for a lot ski. Gonna break it down. Double eviction last night OK on your local CBS affiliate believe it. Some people on Twitter saying I can't believe the GT XJR's and go born here but is it. It is pre season it was an ugly pre season game hopes ended a lot of that is because. Blake border roles in bore wells as bad I said last year that he was gonna win ten games. And I've tried to say it again this year I'd love Jacksonville's defense and the offense is good except. For the one thing they don't have which is the one thing you need to its core. And any before bore holes it was Blaine Gabbert and before Blaine Gabbert and it even remember anymore. It's you know. Mark Brunell Byron Leftwich polio left knee never marry they carry Leftwich took the field we had a broken leg that was that was in college that would net that was is coaching somewhere Nassau this where is he Byron Leftwich had my Buick the chiefs. Funny is one of the funniest things ever got in my whole career QB coach with the cardinals zero now. So he's coaching Carson Paul work. Behalf. It's. It's got to look at it like dude your four years younger that I am naive yeah. I did the funniest thing I've ever gotten and it TV station was this package from from Marshall. Marshall University. And it was. Who's a Bobble head. Of Byron Leftwich and it was this whole thing wasn't it for him. To win the Heisman attack if they relate curious stat here the reasons why he should be a Heisman you know whenever. I don't have a Heisman vote. Up. And I certainly didn't have a Heisman voters the number three sports guy to cable sat in Houston fourteen years ago but maybe they thought you were so powerful you can get your message out to. The Heisman voters. Even know who Heisman voters were Houston advanced I certainly didn't know that it has maybe you left there like hey here's a Bobble head. Vote for Byron Leftwich for highs and only. Okay. He is the quarterback coach for the cardinals. Right now he's he's he's actually learning from Carson Palmer as a coach right that's I'm guessing. Right now that's happening they tuck in went clerk Kevin holding in for. Four reams we'll talk brewers Rockies. Aaron made it from nine news in Denver a former colleague of mine back in lacrosse will join us at 935. Always good to it's it's Chad touch in with people that have seen me cry at bars so we'll talk to him at 935. In a little bit. It's coming up. This is the most important ten days of your summer we'll talk about that next on the fence. One owner good. Hit hard and high and deep and I mean where businesses out of here. Two run home morons for Philip Irvin and the red cent to 810 and eleven. Manned lead here at Wrigley. So just check my Amazon.com. Tracking number I'm my Philip urban Jersey should be here by Monday he had been close of business. Felt Irvin whose he had an out. Just some guy that smacked a two run shot for their reds yesterday. To help them beat the cubs thirteen to it and it. And the brewers now just within one game. In the National League central they could be tied in first place by the end. All of the night the Chicago Cubs 6357. It's shocking way cooler Kevin hold an aim for dreams. Brewers are 6359. A game back. Beat cardinals 62 and 59 a game and a half back Pittsburgh. Trails by five and a half the Cincinnati Reds also. Are in that division. But as far as the wild card. We're we're going for the central they're game back right essentially you get that sort of by seagate if you win your division. But the wild card is not an option that is out of question. The cardinals. That's not a team I'm thinking Arizona Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks Theres a lot. Diamondbacks. Are 67 and fifty force or the Rockies brewers played Iraqis. Over the weekend before the half back of both teams can't. It's possible if you take two or three if you sweep. A that the wild card could suddenly be in place so yes central central central central central central the wildcard is not entirely out of question this is a big series is a Big Ten day stretch in nine games three against the Iraqis. Three against the giants and then the three in LA. And brings and I both said. It's got to be. It comes over the agony and easier schedule brewers are harder didn't get me out of this West Coast road trip and still be. Within three gaffe yet we will take that I would do I would take that right now. And and then you come back from the trip and you've got the cardinals and nationals two at home don't forget so this schedule all the way through Labor Day is just this is the war. The war starts right now for this Bruce Tina I mean there's have to earn it. But if they get through that if they're if they get to Labor Day and their close. They add Labor Day at two back or three back. Wouldn't would be ecstatic it means September would be meaningful to play the cubs seven times in September. Great it's crazy to come schedule is easier much easier of the rest of the way than what the brewers have met and how much that will factor into things we'll see. I just missed ten games this is it. This is the season this is gonna determine how much you care about them in September and Kara a determine how much your flipping back and forth. I'm Sunday's. Win the Packers and the brewers play which is not something we get to do a lot now Tony Levin. And it's probably did break his toy for teams collapse was so swift that. They were first place team on August 18 by the time they got to the packers' regular season it was that they were in Wylie coyote. Holds that the yanks signing the right and off the cliff yeah right and I don't like the compare the two teams because. Other than brewers on the chest and your feeling is fanned the teams are so so so so different so but if you do wanna make the comparison. The brewers this year's brewers. Kinda had that collapse already. They just had they're they're getting out of bed and yet they're still just one game back of the cubs. The cubs. Bear ineptitude. To. Really run away with this thing has kept the brewers alive in this kept the brewers and it. Which is why I was advocating to make some moves because you don't know when you're gonna get this opportunity again. The brewers could build themselves up with these prospects to be in 95 win team. But the cubs. We make a build themselves up. To be a hundred win team get that right so this cubs team is going to be good for several years right at the same time that you expect to be guided. You're only a game back at them right now. Budget did Don this week out last gated down well and as there a couple of things that that work. Very much in the brewers' favored in this series coming one is. Colorado is a stadium that favors offense. And the brewers. Have started to come around now facing a raids helped that. As the reds have historically bad pitching staff but that matter you're scoring runs and that's that's something they took. It came out of that Cincinnati series they hit five home runs in game against Pittsburgh and they can do more of the same in Colorado so bad. That's one big pluses it will help your offense they'll get healthy. The other thing is Jay Sanderson will be ready. To face it team that he is faced a lot. In his career back when he was a Diana and I and apart that he knows is tough in Coors Field. At prime time ZK tweets us from Oak Creek says going to in seven and this wind this stretch. September's going to be over. All like seven and two. And then you said to go 500 the rest of the way and you can probably win this thing 4147991250. Let's go to our pal a candidate who is in the West Bank. Good morning can. You I didn't want to let you know you were double crossed through my favor it Democrats are. I'm wife. Your favorite bars. My favorite Democrat but I'm gonna forever when there on third street. I don't quote urged all that I hope I am black hole. And it broke. I gained any you know as every important moment in my life happen at the Helm in the first or. Dell's is fantastic. Jack and early and that early in the Johns but there were nights can when I would stay at the Helm. And if I had to. Go to the bathroom. Johnson like a basement and I can get into I would sneak down there are so that's really feel like I'm going to Johnson having John Guy but the other two Hellman Dell's. Yes I live there I lived there. Bill absolutely federal credit limit. I don't it instead of saying you know I realize European back but the boost output content or for lack of better term in front of Ludwick. That that would let you say. The extreme right now the world virtually the ball and the confident they'll blow out. They can get they're they're starting rotation and order for the structure. The Olympic Medal because they're more beautiful or I won't work and Edward political report a rec center being. I don't now. Source told the group controlled thought that some familiar aspect here in terms of what they're doing. And and ultimately Obama Maya Wallach and and that's when I considered the Walt you're. As an amateur. I don't call Paul premier has gotten. You know it's like I'm learning on the job and yeah that's been cooler waters are hoping to voters such situations. And plump so quick. And what it was a much more well I think I think sort aquaculture and include the comedy outstanding. Long Mort I. I believe they actually jewelry that one more starter in your location when department wanna Jewish Center in its wake up. He's gonna start on Sunday. Okay oh absolutely every that they want to call Cuba. But I feel the blueprint for the team coming down the structure. And it all comes down to this nine game trip man. I don't think that I think that if they can get out in particular we actually. At all only recently you live if Hillary. If you were going to beat the division leader. Com late next week and your candidate you can control and that's what he kept there much more than that the team the team it's pretty well. I think they're gonna get better and better. I I can one take there's a way that threaten political content feel confident in the dugout and you look at these guys in the dugout and there are women want to reform even if you really didn't know what a any type of negative. Arm. Good leaders in Internet dot com and how do you look at them when they moved it won his wife a couple of games I mean it's it's going to be bad debt figured that the law. Can appreciate the call and I can then add to that is that when you go in that clubhouse were lucky enough to be able to do that Kevin for our jobs when you're going to that club house. And the locker room. I mean you could talent Tony fourteen. It was a funeral now Tony fifteen. I don't know of any I talked to any other guy on the team that was desolate in there and you walk in there and Tony seventy and a five game losing streak you think that they're leading the division may attend games they're loose they're having fun they like each other they laugh. And that's it's funny because that the whole thing for me in terms of the new. Brewers the rebuild brewers and what they would be. Not just on the field it is as bad as people as teammates that sort of thing sort of started with this Brad Phillips thing. What the last you know the first spring training dashed hair would read a pretzel at bat era. I that stage of the game a minor leaguer who they've just gotten in a trade but remember at that moment he's in the Major League clubhouse rate. And he's and he's doing this lasting and they are. Trying really hard to get him to do this in front of cameras there that happened in front of cameras so. It was that he did this in that in the clubhouse for the cameras are not a laughs there's no video of it. But will Smith and Martina not a not so bad these guys are on the team anymore but those veterans said. We want this to happen in a way that's gonna get it out there so they made sure they got him on photo day when he was posing for a scoreboard picture. And they just need turned it loose and he just cracked up and that was it was fun to watch them. You know it you focus on baseball planning a six month season but it was fun to see them focus on. Something and fund something loose something to keep them it's not distracted so much as it is just keep the numbers where back. India tonight Matt Garza on the hill game around 730 on deck show at 630. Will be a half hour on that show before our high school football coverage tonight but we do have beyond XO. Thanks to Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin at 630 tonight here on the fan. Well get more on the rock easier and made it's nine news in Denver will tell us just how good this team is. They're currently in that wild card position and going to be the first of three tough test for the brewers. Here in the next week and a half its tuck and Michael were served up by Perkins 12:50 AM 1057 FM the fan jog like we are served up by Perkins restaurants and bakeries inside the Brian Stratton college. Athletic studios I'm borrowing bowler chuck off today. Kevin holding and from CBS sixty eights. In Milwaukee in studio. And we're gonna go back into the CBS history vault to bring inning guy or toy that is CBS affiliate across this sir some ten years ago now with nine news in Denver. Covering the Broncos in the Iraqis in the nugget since specifically. The Colorado Iraqis are of importance that the brewers are out there for three games said hello. Eric may is joining the program how are you Aron. Bart for the real treat to hear your voice of the hour in the morning. Is it though. Argued and argued part Kevin and the common and a bit in the studio if you for the a lot of time. That's another good question. Coffee you know when we were working together I didn't have to show up till about 930. Which is what time it is a little after here now. And we always have the morning meeting. And we go around the station and all page one idea. And I never had an idea I I didn't I I was bad. Did we get we overlap as news reporters. Four was nine sports by the time you're news. While I think we I don't know because I shot video for you. That that you into sports and I went to news ending that was all part and. Remember this and then I'd sit there are so nervous in the morning Meehan my guys have. No idea what story I'm about to pitch for a news report. Are you going to areas where there is crime and accidents and you talk to very important people at the most nervous I ever was is that stupid meeting. I don't know why you'd you would hope that someone in the meeting would say something that we jar your memory like you played edits it consciousness game. Yeah I worry what you get fretted story idea why don't Alaska I just mentioned you know ports farmers and I would look at the calendar and be like. What's coming up what's coming up. Event what's the economic impact of this event how do we localized this non local event yeah that's I didn't get back on our story or hear regardless if it had to call Kevin and Erin made as a not only is in Denver now and the Rockies and brewers first of odd that you want to mention the Chad bad a situation. I saw the story you did on him back in April. Testicular cancer he'll be pitching this weekend against the brewers when you talk to and he had recovered. Then then the cancer came back. Yeah that story is incredible. We sat him down. Doubt that spring training in Arizona and at that time he believed he was cancer free. He opted to do the surgery in November after diagnosis. And members trying to avoid double chemotherapy saying. You're being professional outfit that he was a little bit concerned about what I would do it was body and it worked at first but then I urgent routine checkup from march. I'll come shortly after our story aired and shortly before his first daughter was born. Showed that the cancer spread of the Clinton also ban it was based on hold chemotherapy. Through May. And then the the battle. Get back to the field which happened on Monday night and that was special it was special seven scoreless innings in your return. I don't think anybody expected that. An awesome mob parts of what has been a very fun season for the fans in Colorado and it's he's been a part that but my goodness there's some bats out there's ambassador familiar acceded to brewers fans as they Mark Reynolds that dead that have really. Made a different course and Croix is there to do you think. As teams go in ending face those bats in that park. Is there like a mental is certain intimidation factor you're in the altitude does he get in a pitcher's head. It's so hard to say because no ritual admit to it to other pun play and have talked a lot of former pitchers its failure. And is not even so much the altitude and all Harry Parker it's just a huge deal. The Rockies pitching coaches talk to you a couple times about how. If it wasn't so much the 444. Home runs what bloop hit. Because of the in the way outfield and regulated. That would extend an inning and and then Sharon not to mention your 440 home runs so I think there's got to it and and of course. I do think we're not an over the intimidation is the right word but it's a daunting lineup. Two pitch again and that's even with guys like Carlos Gonzales Trevor story not release of the great years but Mark Reynolds has had a great year. Corrado part of had a great year. Other getting some production from guys that may be. Warped weren't quite a bit lesser elemental and I share last year. And it's that somehow it's its cargo figure out a way that. To go back to his true form for the stretch run here would be even scarier place and. Arron made just nine news Denver. Here on the fan former colleagues current buddy. Of mine equipment and still claim him yeah it's fell. I have his number on with the brewers at their competitive because they're a division it's not so there'd 63 wins and a game back. For the Iraqis they've been having a great season they're thirteen games over 500. And then you're still nineteen games behind the LA Dodgers all of this this whole season. They know they're just trying to gain for that one game. Wild card spotted it kind of socks and. Isn't that crazy like I was just looking at the morning you know because I want to make sure prepared from our conversation with you work. And they. In nineteen games back the Dodgers. It was last week I felt someone tweeted they are they have clenched and about 500 record meaning they could have lost out. And finished above 500. 85 and 34 they can lose out and be eight games over. In. Mid August they could lose out of B eight over plus eight. And and that means and and and guess what they're they're about to have a big edition come back to their team prepared and Clayton are all these I I. Think he's decent. I hear you might be able to pitching. Their her their plans for the wildcard and that actually kind of the bomber around here. They haven't been at a plant in years they've. Basically stunk and I moved out here 2011. And they could be playing for a one game playoff again that cranky. And right now they're tied with Arizona so it could be very well be an Arizona also pledged. I'd be a lot of build up to be shut out by drinking in the matters to me over. Damn that sucks I mean that's them it's nice in the wild card to get another team in there and another city cares for a weekend by. Mean look at Pittsburgh that they've been there are three times and they can't keep having to face some of the best. Pitchers in the national. Leave any you can't move on it did does seem though as you look at the playoffs and I mean if the Dodgers don't make it out of the NL. That's going to be huge that's going to be disappointment. Yeah yes and coming up an early grave. And then protect them the best way to put a prepared. Kind of got this reputation right now of choking right incurred tribe and the best in the playoffs and I don't know be harder. Gap in the hardest hit not to hear about this. I Internet and sincerely hope you guys when that division because. It helps and I am Bart. But look at it Chicago Washington and LA in the playoff but we're pretty good team to be on the watch. So for brewers fans watching this series this weekend we we know a little bit about terrorism as we mention because of guys that were former brewers Parra who crave Reynolds solid stuff they may not known names like Marquez or Freel and what can they expect to see from from Rockies pitching this week and what's sad about. With you know going into the year there were supposed to be one spot. For rookie pitcher which are that was great you know we'll see what's what or five of these guys compete ones are supposed to be. There John Greg archer outward Tyler Anderson injured that is. And then they're just then. We all kinds of interest rates and hurt and Anderson and hurt. Child would struggled and and of course that is that has problems that they've they've been certain for rookies. At certain times this year and spend other kind of a cool sort of it all happened pretty good success. And Jeff hall would it last night he's another one of the rookies and he struggled a little bit put. This trial for England bam a big story here from Denver urgent Thomas Jefferson eyes flooded Denver. When he pitched at Evansville Indiana. And was a first round pick so he he's been great. Also just came out to be also easy to battled injury Q so is rookie pitchers are kind of an enigma and and we've kind of waited all year for the for the lead to catch up to on and it has happened mark mark has struggled a little bit. Armed. And to tell us certainly struggled but it's it's been great. But getting back to kind of how we started the conversation I think the rotation has. Well welcome Chad that is back with open arms scares. I don't know how you get so personally like a veteran pitcher this time here to see. Needed. Over over rookie guys out there every every. Fortified starts almost. Aaron made it's nine news in Denver. Egg I gotta get to break so we're gonna avoid asking a question about a pre season game eight days from now as the Packers are on their take on the bronco who has. What I doubt it. All right Paxton lane serve the other guy who's the courts are Al Davis. So they're not all they have guys that put them over the head for the period in the game right. Davison. That's the big any. They have to tell your sponsors and take a break for a moment as we need to hear you cricket ground are. I once said that Babe Ruth is the most over rated baseball player of all time but it's yeah absolutely you know we all value. Spent a lot of time watching him. It that hey thank you as always for your time and your friendship and we'll talk soon. Our order a remark you to Aaron made its bright and early in Denver and it's 815 here. Joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline criminal as bank when your ready to get into our back in the housing market. Look no further than great in West Bank is a great midwest and back com. Take the next step towards your new home. Bill Michael's habitat we wrap it up next Jack White clearly are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakeries from the Brian Stratton college Atlantic studios. Don't Michaels up next ten to two. Very important alert for those of you any shipping department. That Ron a shipping department specially out of daylight Friday words the weekend things need to get there by 5 o'clock tonight things need to get to York. Clayson. Shipment. By the weekend it's important. In you need better and faster results from your freight provider. Have you met my friends say young expressed John Young in the gang will take care of your shipping needs. They specialize in expedited freight for time critical and time sensitive shipments now these guys will get. Your shipments where it needs to be on time with the pick up. On time with the delivery and they do great there they do at the right way. 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Telemundo Scott's. OK well here's a minute tape it. Minute tape the packer game and watch it Sunday yet sudden get into that hacker mode. I'm not flipping back and forth now pre season now under that and Iraqis you're a playoff race. I'm watching the cubs I'm watching the cardinals. Much in the brewers' Kevin tonight CBS 58 CBS to dig tailgate our first day game of the week ever. Brookfield east at toe so waste and you'll be calling in the mid givers showed tonight yet that would be on the sideline day I will not be confused for a player but I will be bowled over by something Hampshire. Kevin thank you as always facing Dodi as well or back Monday at six bill Michael that next.