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Thursday, October 12th

Chuck and Winkler 9am Hour - Chuck and Bart previewed the Packers vs Vikings game. Also, Benjamin Worgull stopped by to talk some Badgers. In addition, Milwaukee Admirals President Jon Greenburg joined the show.


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No I. Your only choice for local sports talk in the morning. Didn't Stratton college athletics to. JC's chuck it always blurred. On sports Radio One 057 at. From the right Stratton college Atlantic City as Jeff Freeman I'm borrowing for Cody grants here. As well and so are you a thank you for at 4147991250. Ben oracle badger nation that I'm coming up and followed. Eighteen minutes dot badgers Purdue that. That game's on Saturday we've got Packers vikings on Sunday and quite frankly we wanna talk about it with you 414799. At 1250. I'm not trying to be overconfident I just I do have a good feeling about this game for the Packers. You get maybe it's because watching the vikings on Monday night he's now. Look great I feel good if the at the bears witness game I feel good about the rest of the season. That part I think that the other goal that there. We wanted to achieve it is giving the one of the top two seeds and having won a Super Bowl go through ambled. I think you in a referral when the topsy I think it's your shot and I think this is could be the big benchmark Dayton goal to douse the Minnesota in consecutive weeks. And win with all the injuries they've had I think it bodes well for the rest of the season barring you know they get back to health and don't pile on any more injuries on this team. I think I heard bill talking about yesterday bill will be in here tended to in in the huddle tonight which you will be which yes will be up mall is Irish pub on Iowa hundred emblem on that'll be six to eight tonight but I think Aaron talking just kind of going through. The next couple weeks if you win the next two games. Her the Packers are gonna go into the bye at six and one that will mean you. Gone through this stretch of Seattle Atlanta. Minnesota. Cowboys in the rest and then. You'll have a bye week you can come fully healthy are of the gates from Monday night game at an extra day or wrestle Monday night game at home. Against the lions you'll come out of the buy healthy and six and one with Detroit Chicago and Baltimore as your next three games. I mean there at the potential of this season. If you win these couple games I mean it it's starting to luck or at least LA itself out to look. Really real promising. It is. It is I mean you know so begins again left there's some tough ones after that though. At that well it's good to have that it's a matter Pittsburgh Tampa home. Carol a Carolina you know the vikings here in the area which has somewhat. Very tough game second part of the season conveniently stat pimple than what I hear your point com. And the lions game on third time on Monday night. November 6 is going to be easier only an elementary beauties in the browns game you know you can see which one walk that line that a Monday I don't recall that happening. Ever not SI I think Thanksgiving night when I think yeah Packers in line or even a Sunday matter you know it's all happening on Monday pleasure via via an orbital. Stymied or. But dumb. But that's gonna and it's the the match that went up that's the bigger one and it's wonderful ball got that one right in a felt that when they put those two teams on. November 6 alliance you know in some adults Beckett this weekend it's Carolina but. Bomb this day come to Minnesota. I think will be a tell tale on how the rest of seasons ago it's they win this game I think we feel pretty good about what the rest of the seasons ago. Docket Packers and the S 4147991250. It's what we do here can. It was van good morning Kenny gender. Rebels are now but back from there. Wonderful fishing trip bought there. I go Williams number you never joined. It was it was outstanding in fact that maybe gone back up a gap because Leo wallets this year what quite productive let's say the least. But if you'll watch that ethnically Dominic. You may not have wondered about how about a hundred. All vault an acre lake because we had some roller Sunday's talk there were incredible out there. Our peak daughter arrives seasick. Seasick easily seize such Europe and were balls of Minnesota. Walker red mark what fortunate Minnesota is to see you are. Out yeah Orioles a few years ago. Yeah yeah all but but hall where solid little I don't know when you're off a. Well anyway it up. Records in all it was audit because being out there I was up there for the why am liking game. And fact that particular day we had about five or six foot roller so we ended up finishing that evening however. What and the crowd up there they are not. The viking fans are not in Minnesota corner. They realized net. They have a very very soft fatally. They have serious quarterback issues at all altered the absent these. Both amber and Obama team at all and that let that kind of let me back or not they're pretty diehard. This particular group of about 3040 guys that were art that. They were like. This game is not very good so. Do you think that this is going to be a soccer game but it packer sure they Asian games followed our. Greens they should really have that big an issue in all their complaint with the action why but it recruitment out of what. Look at the adjustments they made for the second half of that game get back Kim Jong the ball as well look like the real deal or walk. I kept my old running the ball. He was. I hope we can do it again. In a lot I am because we use how big is it just little crease as just Lucretia Iran through. It was caught and I have never seen at a lot that I haven't you know packer running back Robert that is that gates. Yeah I any of Mike Zimmer Zimmer has gotten more tape on the guy at a have to to stops of the weaknesses that guy had assuming there was a lot of videotape out there. As far as his NFL career. Which is limited has played the previous week and the bears but I you know I just it was we'll see if he's able them you know this attend the viking defense that's. That's gonna be really cool now the vikings it's understand what if not feel too good about the team guys because you know cocked his out. You look at digs and digs was injured yesterday the quarterback situation is a mess but if you got the you know you get Big Easy guy to. If Bradford or you know when Burt what caused but I can talk to. It's up pretty good team there can't think of the call I'll come home of course welcome back to the great state. The badger land. As far as the vikings did they could come in obviously without cook the rest of the season I think when cook went down I think vikings fans. Sort of realize that this is gonna and that being a lost season for them to another goes down. Right Murti who is their free agent acquisition from. You know McCain and looks okay I've always said that McCain would be a good fit with Teddy Bridgewater. I don't know if he's ever going to be a star whose speed guys but we're still waiting and Teddy Bridgewater to come back and now they're waiting on Sam Bradford to come Mac. And they've got case scheme Cameron announced he could have an offense worth. Case keen on. And Jerry McCain and and then Adam Palin would be wide receiver of days ago. Out Rudolph to tight and meant set up against the Packers offense where there's weapons on weapons on weapons. I'll probably vikings as are offensive statistics and thereof and that line's terrible I mean in addition to their injuries are offense line is terrible soul obviously you get the keynote more or Bradford. There quarterbacks whoever's quarterback and on Sunday via that goes along might put it in second and third long Justin are great things that are offensive line is terrible. Yeah they're offensive line is a body is useful. As well as the one we used word junior guerra. It was four enough tally Philly well Judy Garrett to probably all this season and give you ten seconds to think about it alms. Jog their memories of years. As the water through all spending while he's new to all our water is screened here on a Som merry. I. And that I think it's funny everytime you here because it's your well that's right with the fact that. Now I did think that was doing this on screen Donna Summers. He endured a submarine that's right order doing don't have all the useful ways for the tele Foley's and all the comparisons. But I put Jimmy Garrett this season and may well lately in New Orleans. Hey I'm real quick note Carlos or Travis shies daughters out cases out of the hospital. We did know exactly is going on there but. All the best of Travis show off with a battle. His daughter and her illness throughout the season. I never wanted to like ask them. Mean no generals involved and wants no fusion center MLB network. An early to talk to the athletes about the personal stuff tennis site feeling I just like Baghdad now you don't believe in god that's not our business acting that. If that's something that you want to what he'd talk about him and and I'm glad everything worked out and they did a trade to Milwaukee. If they were telling that story Rosenthal laws of the trade to Milwaukee was like. A godsend forum because this is one of the only hospital she could be sure. So Boston would love to have him back obviously. Oh yeah I am I doubt that trade back flag out and I got to imagine that winning the team MVP is peanuts compared to you know knowing that his daughter captive for him. And he loves it here too. Well yet that's also you know and Ken brought out Kansas held in 4147991250. Can just brought out Minnesota walker Minnesota in. The mood against Jim is that where that is a beats me Minnesota's like Wisconsin if there was Milwaukee and nothing else. Right. Mean public Rochester. Rochester can be like I'd I'd hit a bit at two spots the Minnesota. The Twin Cities and Duluth. That's it would have been any laurels and Minneapolis I mean to missile Rochester counts no you know that area they're buried in Arizona. Never been the Winona thinks followed. And then there's all these other cities are. Tiny. Yeah I don't I mean their their big cities just like right on the border of Wisconsin. The have been that he got the rest of the state it's all lakes I think and it's a beautiful state I've flew over before. I just their travel odds beautiful state to file in this I've on the way to North Dakota onetime terrible state to drive the I've never driven through again but. Fly yeah. But dom. In Duluth. Been up that way these two. That the death distort producer Dave Padilla Duluth Minnesota there was a their Lister for for cancer. I may have this fact wrong I have to check the study again in sight really shake on air I'm here with this but. I believe the leading cause of death in Minnesota is driving on I ninety getting bored. Visit I think it is and just falsely behind the wheel and then. USA fell combustible Orton. When you're driving and I ninety. They've got now go anywhere it's a straight shot in the South Dakota okay so as soon as you cross lacrosse. You dive bored and want you to South Dakota. While I mean that's probably good because what you are soft glittery enough and they're probably not you might as well final hole and just drive right into. I imagine doing sports talk if the do you do you and its sports ratings there's insult to go to once larger. Mean and I can't remember at South Dakota or north it's the same thing. I'll probably be on this week the Dakotas are just like one. Affect everything west of the between. Minnesota. After Minneapolis and the state of Washington I guess the goddess who falls. Ovals too yeah I'd do they talk with the vikings there even though what they're seven hours away. From Sioux Falls to Minnesota. Yet it's not vikings are big vikings fan but they're like seven hours away. You can't do that one day and then they have me and attack Packers to satisfy the anchor audience and saw the well as a packer is a packer I thought well now that I'm nine there to tock. Packers let's take him to death I'm pleased to be in a Sports Radio station has gone up a one time. Is doing their warm apple moment. As a reward her vocal chords a little and at 8 AM. Give the dude who didn't like oil was using. That's what it was doing to us a lot of policy and on the show a little while he was out Tuesday Betty practice on us for his show Aziz that Kate fan now. Now. That's what he was literally testing also material on our show technically I'll show yeah a lot of people tweeting in wise this guy's such a jerk to you is full. Now it's just a couple of people tweeting what do visitor. Paul Allen all Alan Alda he's just been Paula on were notes due goes back both ways. Erin tweets us he says guys I let it Rochester. Populations a 1151000. People so he isn't register right now losing to a streaming the gap in the Twitter account is Bob you there of Carrie Doyle. OK you know he's a fan he says I'm pretty sure 80% of Minnesota leagues within an hour. Of Wisconsin a true about 990 it is god awful of this week in the cross. Bart millennium and all Clara no. Like my work in radio and TV of with the talent up there are a lot of people. Who were from Minnesota did you have simply come across it was terrible that's why I hate the vikings more than the bear got the TV station were down. There was vikings fans that yet there were there are people from Minnesota now. 'cause they're itching to get to the Twin Cities American lacrosse. Just like before agent get back to Chicago civic homework and Morgan say if they you know clarity wanna get back to mixing you know they're fears they're out of station. The BC CEO in the Twin Cities institute Danny in Charlotte what's that Danny again. Outdoor guys first time caller enjoy the show. And welcome. Actually you are you are the only to pull out now Troy university of south toward and vermilion it's the up. Felt it could order this stated about five minutes from I lawyer I've mentioned Nebraska. Apologies ma'am I'm you see you look the tell about it. Yeah other value to drive back to fort I broke in Glendale and it's about eight hours depending on. I helped that drive the twofold I mean they're glad to do that to all but there's in all the State Street let's go with. Vikings since we sunny east side of the state blessed that it stayed pretty much camps you know she said that Laver buy dot com. And that corner pocket old -- don't know I mean there was quite a few Packers then I went to I had to go to the Marshall walked in for most part they weren't. In on Monday nighter Sinai or all booked you know there's quite a few packer fans did not mail it enjoyed meeting in my game Dade this I'm more one. Out there where no bids so everybody noticed in the book. Oh nice you know beds they're the delta and I'm very comfortable sports. They're up you know there are actually hit quite a lot to talk power in cue ball they got the job. Are forced basketball that not a lot of guilt they wanted it Julie championship and that same year. Ought to stand on that division to allow Nancy and its international changes and all well. They'll win at South Dakota when a basketball team they want dot and I keep for the way to insult is an odd year that mound or basketball. I was. Our credit check laureates support as update will and will listen a couple of sought to go to state. But to go to the incidentally tournament under audit Thomas Morse TJ also Bergen this venture. I'll meet you know I don't really have a vote Jack rabbit account are rivals but I bet they do have a decent game and in our airports USC we beat Minnesota some years old Al Anbar. Big claim to train coming into deep water and we beat Minnesota. Ever in Minnesota that much about that it. Now while the burger was like it is I think the reports were that he was a yield him coach like five minutes of money is on his drive here in the main. Holmes who I would go back whenever I do South Dakota radio I always follow there I always followed the coach for the indoor football team. As on and a filing. All they have him on Deanna and I kind Danny thinks the commentary and data and be a second time caller soon. Silence from him palm no higher say goodbye now. So yeah we talk more South Dakota right now than anybody's ever done in Milwaukee radio I don't think they're talking about this sort South Dakota in South Dakota and all. The talk to the ball got out of Minnesota Denver did that until I was through the more Houston in the future and it's just like let's go to the wanted to for the Twin Cities will not have an imagination that county joins us coming up next right here on. Fans are a terrific sale going on at matches firm. As matches for sales so that's going on the ball the great deals and have figured part of it here in the next couple a couple of days that's all the fall asleep sale. Right now the holidays are fast approaching and ministers give you a chance epic district for friends and family because you know one. When most relatives come over. They're gonna be itching to stay with you know it wants in a hotel that it's Mecca is don't want to they want they want the easy way out there Wednesday with you. 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What's up with the Carville on why it's let's ask Wisconsin insider Ben Moore go from badger nation dot com. Brought to my creative construction providing quite. It plaster Stucco services with unsurpassed for workmanship. Secondly there are scored thirty of one of my seven FM the fan. From the right straight college athletics studio subjective and or bill d'antoni snack on here any moment that's extreme and I'm borrowing learns to thirty Saturday right badgers produce and got a thirty laps Leo okay which was nearly game win these games there at eleven. That's the same way you feel better about. NFL game for your team is home. I feel better about badger teams and they played eleven and then when they do to thirty. You mean as far as the ability to watch him word now win or loss I just feel like when they played eleven. 11 o'clock badger games is forty point win and then from 230 badgering him like. And nobody's it was around 11 o'clock that's with a plan league Ball State and and of totally I guess life. To thirties more for pride I mean it's night games usually are really get on with 230. That's when they have the better teams vying portal. Badger nation neck and he joins us now on agreement West Bank outlined. In morning Benny I bent. But I feel too many people are on Alex story brick. And I know this was like Lester is Nebraska game where he made some mistakes and then they just ran the ball right down the brass this throat my did that in the spare us senate race. Bought I think he takes a lot of criticism for man's there. Yeah I didn't consider. Duo Paul. To see who who practiced and despite wore it out where birchard hall stop it seems like wherever quarterback YW respect Oz that's easy. But in the Burr if you ever since Russell Wilson was here. Art demand. Other Wisconsin quarterback has gone through. And they demand that record back live up to. What Russell Watson that wearing a lot here that is just got spare you are you a bit and people forget. They elsewhere Brooke it is a richer saw more dirtier the program. This dispersed here at the full time starter you know split time last year he held off at the end of last year. Where it in my opinion you lost our confidence in themselves a little bit you want argues that start playing more and more. Over the course of the last two games. It on the northwestern game he didn't have been number one why I'm the one Qaeda and our reps despite number one target period. And we'll gallery. Up to that point jet peavy is not. I produced. In terms of catches and yards I think many people thought that he what. So this is a young two young not mean quick Turkey as a sophomore debut this is a freshmen. You look at jump particular true freshman so. There's a lot of those contingent Grohl are together. Now he's still makes a mistake to make you scratch your head that connect. One bad for a number of reasons. Person the better routes there's too wide receivers in that same area he. Elsewhere Brooke. Led his wide receiver targeted them. Item down Big Easy Goer he threw out ballots which are probably most bizarre thing about whole equation because certainly would not pass rush coming out on the opening there. You know he's continued to learn and grow up and I think it this year has gone. You have not seen him a week. That same repetitive mistakes are and time again even though he's don't treat picks in two games. To be ten games. I think you're you are seen and rolled on him but people just point to the interceptions. They'll point to move. Desks the applicable law passing numbers are low completion and the lack of a deep ball threat. And that automatically get on this case. Because state skill that Scotland can do better quarterback and you know. It it's just say I'm real expectation to expect a quarterback. To be perfect ballpark I think that kind of comes from two. Baptists to an art to the road you have a pre special guy. Played for the Packers that little except the standard. I think maybe got some ability to when you watched. Al sort of appliance area and you watch air Roger's plans Sunday maybe they'd been. I oracle badger nation that counties on Twitter at the badger nation. Badger fans have also come to expect. Solid play from the running back position and they're getting it again when Jonathan Taylor let me ask you this way early. Is it too early to put him in the eyes and calms things down and moan. That is not not sure you'll. Be. On. I know all our writer our market down. I don't think so I actually think the rule. Five games in his collegiate career Jonathan Taylor has are exceptional. He has really bad eight. A big boost to this offense and keep in mind the month and a half ago we are talking about this running game being an exceptional 12 punch between Pravachol. Bankers James. So the regular it is good to meet I think spot it would be but not whip who we thought would be to leave net charge and he has exceptional maturity. He would be very Smart intelligent young man great vision when he. Ghost drool. A game. His ability to read it blocks communicate with the linemen they Eagles where the players can be. It it's all art. Speed that track speed has really translated on the ball well. You have been better really. Good storyline to five weeks of the seat and they're having been said everyone has. There are Heisman moment and I think will really bring them on the national stage and fortunately for him. I don't know what he's gonna get that moment this year because there are you looking at right now. There's only one ranked team on the entire regular season schedule that's in Michigan assuming they are still ranked. We poured Thanksgiving. You might have to wait until the Big Ten championship game for that moment for this team and you really don't like the progression that he's made to get himself in that conversation. Not just what. Not to let him and what they'll do the opposite wind that this operative line. Has really come a long way from where it started poker where it is now that they have some depth. They have a good chemistry going and they are just wearing down opponents. Over the course of these first couple. Yet he took advantage much like you're Jones could all of an injury. Got a chance to have a big day and he rushed for big day and he is alleged dole all of their starting spot since. Well really it was more soul that he bought his way into that equation. Based articles or scrimmage that they hadn't volcano out where. I think they eighty. I want C east are like the second or thirteenth and meet some players and it warranted and getting more reps for the course in the next week. And then they got a closer scrimmage and he ran hard he ran aggressive that was the day at that each and crew was there. They elevate him to stepped into the first team and because screamed past one handed. And much like the 75 yard run that we saw on Saturday nights just meet people notice broke tackles exceptional speed. That made people goal while among the UW coaches. And debt burden in the rights. To play this year instead extension on the bench and ruptured on. And then with the injury to broach after the Utah State in that opened up it up to it first first career start. Then he went for what 223 or whoever was. And that is more to him staying in that role and you ascribe to that and another Broward Charlotte gave back to our percent. This running back group will be even deeper even pressure as the season progresses. Then oracle badger nation that come again. I entered the badger nation pre season we view we were talking a lot about Jackson gee how do you think they'll line backing core has responded to. That absence of a first couple weeks. Well it it's funny that. You mention Jack's name I was thing about the deeper this week and I cannot talk radio your matches don't match injected cheap maybe that's the first time that I thought about Jack. So it's. At the end of August in particular I think better they compliment to how good this secret ballot. Adamant said. Jack this seat Indy huge missing piece to that he spent that could be even more complex I didn't they've been pretty been dealt a what their pressures on their schemes they've just done a lot ormat Russians they haven't done many regard to this point. Get revenues to abatements so dominant in their front seven that it does have overwhelmed opposing offenses. Jack's skills that was unique in the sense that he. It was good football inside and the outside linebacker position that you could put an end a number of different spot this guy can. In order response your deeper increased debt met. Many more problems for opposing offenses in terms of the Castro street he was index he wasn't elite level. Pass rusher. That unfortunate trip he missed the final seven games last year that are packed and then or at least you'll fall camp so obviously he misses and last. At least it last nineteen. Possibly 20/20 one games other's culture here that evidence that. The outside linebackers Derrick Julianne Jacobs have really for the very good tandem. You know Gary toll treat to have sex against northwestern we are Jacobs has popped up and made big plays each and every week. TGI important to have an all American type season Chris Orr has then. It has really rebounded well from the lost your your goal. As player at that same type of aggressiveness and and natural instincts that we saw as true restaurant. And right how he has really carried it. Carry the momentum to what he established a year ago to make some big plays for the studio tackle Terry night. Were it was a purple excuse screen pass by Nebraska like 39. He brakes are right our tackle goes well. Up Adams aren't the receiver for a four yard gain. And if he doesn't do that. That receiver has and the big covered bus. Against Wisconsin forces upon and they'll accomplish that Brian Colley. Makes for this team so this is very good line backing core that people are backing corps. But his defense. Could be in my opinion so much better if checks which was you know. Ben always a pleasure we'll talk to you next week in the meantime the badger nation on Twitter imagination. That count things Benny. He spent there. Fed oracle joining us signed the great midwest bank hotline when your ready to get into or back in the housing market look no further than great midwest bank. There's agreement West Bank that can't take the next step towards your new home we're back with mourn a couple minutes just announced Jason Kidd will be on the bill Michael show in the 1 o'clock hour today. So Jason Kidd on the fan a little bit later. Today you look forward to that and much more check in Waco next on the fact. 301057. FM the fan. I'm borrowing that is Jeffrey Nolan talked to Jon Greenberg here. Momentarily. I would be Milwaukee admirals as they are in full swing. He's in the you know one thing I've noticed that's been interesting now that the admirals are kicking up not the blocks. But still waiting for the box and the brewers are done. It's like I am watching sports on TV every night and I'm not. It's not liver like good life or death. You know it's like the brewers every night was no such investing had to watch every pitch in the box will be like that too when they come back figure out how this offense works watch John as. Right now you're still there's. There's a game on a night Eagles Eagles and Panthers there's cubs and nationals. But. Bill level of I guess anticipation and. Intrigue. Right now Campbell operate well I mean except for the Packers and badgers are so writers that's on the weekends but during the week during a week but even of the box. I mean all the Burris you know in May and April and all your arm pennant race the whole time and work out. Seoul's usually irritate me about a box Lawson. In December or January. I'm not doing all that bad about it. It's just that. Album of the NBA because this has drawn out so refused make the playoffs and play for home field. It's some it's not as big a deal when the blocks lose. Based on their season as the as the brewers. That starts next week the admirals have already started team president. Jon Greenberg on agreement West Bank allying good start to the season so far greening. Yes great weekend didn't and to more and more on the road two victory scored five goals in each game so. Number twos it's out of sort of doing. Inserted per move forward. All right now you have another game at rock forward on Sunday because you don't play at home for. Boy another week another and another eight days in on home. Now so it's a little bit of all like start to the studios even sold to older one didn't switch on Sunday and Rockford then. Ballplayer Derek told all the time. On the one Justin Beckel dormitories first and it's old you know to declare for the guys to turn it used to be from Milwaukee and while the move it into you know. Dude posing for the year. Where there are solvents western nurses regional a lot of apparent too ignorant to talk slaughtering or Tuesday so. Lot of foreign consumer will didn't do you people wouldn't. It's it's got to report them to do all those things in addition to our delivered with a lot of hockey. Every admirals game you can hear on the sand Jan Greenburg team president. Is it the home game the first sum game then that's the Martin Luther Bobble head night and why is there Martin Luther Bobble head and I. Actually the second home game will be that I didn't have that is part of Syria a special ticket package. That their British doesn't ticket sales chart builder came up was. You know cease fire hundredth anniversary of the reformation. Also. And all that is so what better reason to lose all of you know several Bobble head of a packed house sold. The rest. For a point dollars in you to negativity there they Bartlett to Bobble head soul. That is good to detect drones and other it's not a regular duel with the Tibetan floor. We do stow was view Hershey that are so personal plea which oversees the final. 2006. It is. It's prepared to do special rules on measured at Dover again. The original but it is scheduled which doctor pepper Saturday the first third several. Give. Scheduled tempered decides insults. Great way to predict just sort of normal levels dudes are familiar. What should know forum for sure. You're your talking about going to slow start of the season as far as schedule wise getting these guys activated the town. It tells what their process is all about. Absolutely out. Guys come here from national. Some nurturing care to their commitment. To the newly Dolan soon Alltel. We're grateful to supporters of capital on tolerant. You know before that he. We are for sugar to either of the have a T that are in the hotel room that they practice or weak demand. Don't get to top last parts of it and some desert were told you that it would be too long term vision to replace our. Well most don't know a lot of territory no literature review our rules because we're already looking him. Didn't buy out of the hotel air. In a world where there Lou from the seasonal workers and room together. Considerable problems so. Centers warehouses and it looked out from the year. It is potential so it'll go up orders which are looked at least wives and kids it's useful little abnormal for a a viral hockey team they need to two victory directions to their role so that did just that some protection Gibson our schools so they had to do so though. There in the schools are more as well wouldn't. Lower orbit closer restorers were were well. Where it would ban those students. Just kind of an open hunter rob Milwaukee so it's that's an important time for them in the direction dirt car. At younger guys along and yeah offer whatever assistance we can two to them culpable so common. So is important time consuming it is to start also doesn't know where the dollars and feels the loss of their consideration he's the guy I'm Lisa lives as it was you. Those plug in Europe tell us here yeah you don't put a new. Didn't you guys. You know they're two different view of America and a player who are. Do. Rookie player music. Are people's attitudes of the recession just or or whether they're absolutely Tuesday's interest in the workforce to describe these. Sold. Mr. dutrow was cued up viewed the department of abuse almost all for quite awhile actually so. Hopefully you have these this kid to sort of the direction because people are speaking Carter's term results were should be our boards. I'll take that as a Nolan Nolan has a lot of stated John I agree Amber's house of the ten directs it at that but I'll take that was an. Grainy old secondly the next week you guys ever Rockford on the road on Sunday and then a couple of home games all have a lot more questions about those and how people can get to him next week. Always a pleasure have a good weekend we'll tax in order restricts Jon Greenberg joining us president of the Milwaukee admirals on a the agreement West Bank hotline when you're ready to get into our banking and housing market. Look no further than great midwest paying his agreement was paying Jack com. Take the next step toward your new home US court earlier. You'll get it. The Paul Allen voice the vikings make in the next. Coming up next on things. Let's guided my. Right guys good night. The old yeah. My old. Strength and talent to Atlantic studios. What was that good question Paul Allen. Voice of the vikings was on of those today and started singing a song. That we don't even now by the fixed so no that's the kind of things that happen when you Paul Allen on the show. Yeah. One of the most excitable but I play guys get down on our podcast or. Now go to war. Are now all podcasts are ready to go instantly to like full blown around what your. You know you're driving around out there to stop sign trying to find work certainly has its Holy See right there and amp Paul that'll be right there. And in about 45 seconds because it was requested by none other than you. The Paul Allen make a mix of some of the worst moments in his life now has arsenal hilarious moments. Of Mars that is after this message from Perkins where you can try the all new comfort classics what makes it classic. A classic our friends at Perkins say it's great ingredients. And that's what they used to create their brand new comfort classics. Menu from the indecision grope flatter than a chicken pot high stopping try to comfort classic today. Ham and cheese crates. I would recommend hand that last week and it was very good to check that out at Perkins also this weekend couple big ones tomorrow. It's the Friday fish Fries starts at eleven all the way to close or jest and 99 and Saturday along with Tuesday's but this weekend Saturday. Kids eat free so remember those two days. When you purchase a merely get a free kids meal. After 4 o'clock QG three at. Perkins so this is pretty straightforward Paul Allen voice the vikings. There's been a lot of awful moments and vikings history we've taken his voice on those moments. And we put it together and a little 62 package. And here's some vikings misery for you. 27 yards left. Now wait flyers over the Mets snapped a good spot down waltzes. Intercepted him. Now he. Was intercepted. It Mike Tracy Porter near side in the according to John Sullivan runs him down the 47 yard line. You've got to be kidding me I can't believe what I just saw a hole in the Seattle Seahawks are concerned and why do you even ponder passing. 27 yard field goal. This whole bit tired of the. So I think other than three vasser as yet may pool in there he had the Blair Walsh field goal and you have the Brett Favre interception. The Tracy Porter of which I immediately went to nfl.com. And bought a New Orleans Saints NFC championship shared yacht that was one of my favorites until I spilled ran. Ranch dressing dressing OK now I wore nature all favored dressing room on its investors. The that's a great mix of of some of the great moments of our lives. Not oils but any time something bad happens the vice fancy could be a Paul. Started his brought his career in Minnesota as the track announcer. Porsche race. Well Alan the horse you know I off. Currently. You're rural horse track you're sort of like Charlie depart not not a big horse or dog race get him to the there with a large tracts when Mirren. Geneva lakes or now are caught up. No further with six or seven over the state they can laugh at all what you're more on the Packers vikings tomorrow we could talk more dog track tomorrow too if you lie. That's got for else feels like to show elevenths and Jason Kidd 1 o'clock hour we're gonna dog tomorrow at six. Out of football Friday for Cody for Jack and Bart. For back tomorrow. Every Thursday.