Aaron Nagler: They will ride the Hundley ship

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 21st
Aaron Nagler stopped by to recap the ugly Packers loss to the Ravens as well as look ahead to the Steelers.

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We're joined on the great US think hotline by packer news that comes here and they blurt Aaron is somebody who Twitter has kicked off. Before but they've let the big guns they let him back down but I thought last night I was thinking. What's it to lead that could get me kicked off a Twitter so I error. I issued one out there and I play hackers too funny six Steelers Tony I brought. I'm still I'm no matter who is I don't I'll. Sign off on an order. On that almost responded to it saying. It says things sing. Youth day. He he sees going alma. I'm allege on this one ya gotta wonder. I still there's bills to pay when he's rolling downhill snowball headed for hell the thing you do wanna face the that I can do. He's he's on the road and outside I learned a long time ago assault. He's gonna die but we always like to say Diane fall almost warden. Diane that I don't know what you say Bart Diana. Diana Diana and out of our yeah I know is Mike currently doing the same thing with only these days we'll finish in continuing me. To get behind his guy. Yeah I think you a little bit of that. But my colleague at air project and be minority. Put it pretty well this morning. It would keep up a packed news.com. Explaining why aren't you essentially they only water. You know he he's put he's clearly made it but you know very obvious that. Strenuously pull up over and over again yet three years inducted in the young man. And I don't think restart is enough that you can just throw away that investment. I know what's frustrating it is now that it's hard to watch. Nobody could have an up and down a lot more balance of the moment. But McCartney gonna get through and I think you know organizationally. This is their philosophy of the draft and develop archer Kirk time and time again well it's rapid on the they've developed in the they're continuing to develop them. Eighty to the detriment of the rest of the team but you know part of that is they're a lot of being out there does that Wear and he would've been interesting to see what would've happened had they brought in some kind of veteran Wendell Rogers and actually hurt or. This past offseason that they've gone that route. But its weight overweight at that time now they are there in with hardly and the thing in it. You know I'm not surprised Mike stuck with him through the entire game I would have thought at how our media would have made a switch and raven. The fact it wants you you know and Huntley. There's no come on back and it stuck with Callahan and you know you're bound your third quarterback your essentially. Almost punting on these and at that point so. I I know you're kind of a hard spot and he can only work would be given by. It was pretty ugly display at all and all under at Lambeau Field. Erin meg or Packers news.com joins us Tuesdays at nine here on a fan the right so for my. Back to make tweet Gonzales talk on myself. On. Pakistani sixty or sorry threes I treated there it these last couple games. There's been turning points early there was the gamer Mike Daniels had that stupid penalty. And then they can it costs them and in the whole course of the game change and I think that happen again against Baltimore I wonder how this game turns out Sunday. If hunley doesn't throw that first interception in the red zone this should have been a winnable game because as bad as the Packers offenses. Airing the ravens are terrible. I don't know how they have an eye when they're they're bad on offense. There offenses or to watch is well Matt that's what's so hard to stomach when you look at how the defense knows you know played winning football. Against yet admittedly a bad offense but the fact they couldn't generate any often and I agree. Somewhat. That you know that pastor and possibly be a little further out there and he can't let it go up seven not a maybe it's a little different but I still think all of these same issues would be there would read on and the Austin. I'm I don't think you know Beck completed act would magically wiped away all the bad decision making the war arms strength. And it'll look at the rush to bail on pocket for no reason although they still an apt. Whether he scores are not so. You know it yacht it may have changed the tenor McCain allow it. I still think you're still based in the same issues and to meet the real curious part of it. Was McCarty game plan coming in that game was clearly to try and worked the ball downfield against one of the best secondary gonna leak that made no sense to. There seems to be something there with Conley this is what I was trying to it's a target explain an idea why McCarthy. Wants to go download this thing because there at times. Especially connects a Dovonte there's there's some talent there but there's also there's so many mistakes means is. Whether he's staring guys down or just quickly retreating. Or. It I did demeanor I think there's a demeanor problem. I don't understand. That's my question. That I'm I get there but I don't understand is my question. Important there and it went back to Yankee and even I I'm I'm getting I'm throwing all play on third down. In this question like Brett Conley does on Thursday. And I love it now I understand what you're saying I you know the community your anatomy because I always can religion. We end my Twitter feed on Sunday. Filled with people who are that about. On the demeanor much like yourself though I I think that. I don't buy a share of gum thing. Al Ahmed a Kuwaiti I don't like let's just isn't. Dissidents at times if no confidence snowpack. Action that is I feel a lot and heck would you have any competent they're passionate playing up Willie I sure wouldn't. I mean I can't what you're saying though as far as. You there are occasional there are united they're you can you can make them throw a new perk up and think OK all right there's some don't work well. But there are so many that. There additional many bad plays are so many. Time where the structure of the often it's fine but he does something to kind of you know. You what whether he's running out of the pocket whether he's looking at the Russian you know what you're making a a bone headed row here and this is there's always seem to be dumping on nearly every play especially in the early in the passing game. Where you know if your quarterback you can at least plain wooden structure. You're gonna fall you've gone up all art and that's what happened repeatedly on Sunday and so that. And I Mike McCarthy got his work cut out 100 doctor's note. I find it hard to believe that everybody in the packer organization are on page with this decision. To go with calmly as a backup quarterback to begin with. Yeah I've looked up reply we are reigning U at Lambeau when I know you know it's funny. I I do you think is you know trait that all back what you're talking about or about that are organizational flock to see well who set a lot CNET tech are. You know Mark Murphy and as anything used let football and Ted at C should. We don't get to talk to you know when I can hear from dead until. February at com I'm Mike McCarthy last outlook what twisted out all the in the back is cute. You know I'm sure McCartney would like to have had that turn brought in a back problem with a flat off the aren't sure he'd like look. Veteran constantly having to guide the and he because the game out well all. And I mean at a level especially let. You spoke with what he's been given by the general manager and now he can't answer for all the problems multi issue short on the but honestly it probably aren't I did does not. So I cannot heal from hurt in Alley because. You know that could most likely could have gone out this offseason and gotten this some kind of veteran back people and electric. Build up every dot these what are they signing guys aren't they signing of veteran backup eccentric such a well you know now that they've played their seats in Brett Conley and they're gonna ever doubt that ship. Erin regular Packers news.com on Twitter at Aaron Adolor. Defensively. I mean they were much better and now they held the ravens to. 43 points when the ravens had great field position throughout the game so her rave but Joseph Flacco is not good so who cares. Did defense. It's just it's it's still a problem with this passionate rush from this team and I don't know how you fix that night if Kenny Clarke who's gone now at high ankle sprain in helmets and time. I don't know how you stop I mean I'm putting on on Twitter shirt Adobe the Steelers but I also am Canadian. How do you sat LA beyond bell Antonio Brown Jews Jews ms. Schroeder. So much about my TV is my unit and Roethlisberger. It's not going to be pretty and I think you're being. Bit personally. Our topic it did play well regardless of I'm facility downtown Baltimore that exists Qualls I know yeah I Marion. They MA you know they got that could be got to act are about an eagle so I'm not. A product Akron player back in a row not that that art like you know they that the person flashes there but now. It would Clay Matthews finally get to the quarterback and probably get rendered. On and the Kenny Clarke injury you'd mentioned that the that obviously the economy. If you look what happened no one in talking about. To get the quarterback overshadow everything. But it is basically in Patrick run defense and now you the last game they've actually shut down I used Kenny Clarke will get what backed political. And all and all here you go your way beyond Belfort first at. If this is not great timing and I didn't know what I. Other about expert with the people I got out there I mean especially seventeen been able to go about older. You get just talking about there. And I have to be covering. You you were or Antonio Brown. That after gently real early bird. What fourteen point underdogs era that I don't armored OS and they've been this. You've dogs. Are Mir admired since the eighties. Now it was 2010 actually it was the week after. Rodgers went down but ultimately land and they were going into New England yeah and our team like. And that is traditionally when McCartney does best work when people completely count them out. And no matter and to be competitive. He's circled the wagons and they showed up in that game they showed up in the new England and now optical group ought to end. But no one expected that these competitive game and so. I do think McCarthy had to get it into the rally his guys in the company to gather at least makes it competitive contest but. Accurate at an awful lot just on paper compared to Fujian. Green Bay to go into Pittsburgh to win this game it would be oil and it would have to be one of McCartney's best coaching. There anyway gets fired at the end of the year. I had a hard time being that I doubt it. Opinions though he isn't he will be entering the last year is you'll without making. I didn't think it will be interesting to see what we do who made it original one year extension or something but it sure bet he'll go all out. But you know these are they gonna let him go to too badly you know going to opt. I thought I can't imagine that the world. How do you turn around that they wouldn't let it be finished article governor whatever you turn around grilled by the way we're giving our coaches are that the I can bet you'll weird right. Yeah yeah but I don't know who would be out without even Ted Thompson he eve Mike Sherman. Contract extension when he knew full well that he's gonna fire after a year. Exactly respected not anemic maybe they did when you're you'll pack Don is that we've not. Technical and duck but it. I don't know man that but but I needed this next titles and vendors are in contract. You know that coming up at the after the 2008 in usenet back trap. Well the next eighteen months here it's a huge pivot point for the Packers organization and Mark Murphy someone we never hear from relate. You gonna have his first real decision I mean he is now a lot by the current mission on the business side. There's going to be his first really big. Well all citizens that you're gonna have to make when it comes to what to do with our. You know and where what direction to go electors are correct about that will have huge ramifications. Of their organization and it's the first real well although we were trying to make. Have a good Thanksgiving weekend outside of Sunday night yes what did you want there aren't you gone back. Going to be no I'm on and that New York night and then my family is going to Philadelphia the week. He with a bunch of friends and and on and tracking and deleted the Berkeley. All too well optical by it and but it happened right exactly. But I was thinking Richard Pryor and silver streaks. You know what they either want more good apology accommodation about. All right Erin planes trains and automobiles for you as a look at fourteen Marten haven't you could Thanksgiving Liu multi next week. Edited it and got a lot.