Armstrong: Bucks vs Raptors series could go seven games

Bill Michaels
Thursday, April 20th

04/20/17: Jack Armstrong, Raptors TV Analyst on TSN, breaks down tonight's Game 3 matchup. He believes the Bucks have the edge heading into Game 3. Is Serge Ibaka the X-factor in all of this? Who has the better bench?


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We talked to him last week. And we wanted to bring him back here has now the Toronto Raptors are in town entry got up this morning and made his destination listening Jack Armstrong the raptors television analyst now joining us on the line. Jack Prado might. They'll build great glad to be terrible walking excited about the next few days it's been a blast. So gimme your synopsis of the first two games. Well. From Milwaukee perspective I can get a got to be very proud of you like that although it played really well 10 game. And for good stretches. Are played Toronto. On on Saturday and on Tuesday night. What happens it will look back better and play caller popular. And yet every. Toronto got a double digit lead Milwaukee counter punch you so. This series this does stink it goes seven games uses an incredibly competitive all of those. Musical series. And I think get a permit to Ronald perspective. Forget about eating 36 and you know look what's going on Chicago. For us. I think you troll let's suck out the window a lot of that comes out of matchups and I think in the Toronto perspective. There have an all Tyler right now figuring out the link. Obviously you're gonna save it as well as the iPod maker and the quickness on the perimeter. I think yes well broadly and don't know those guys who was pesky and energetic and a great job that million. The boxer really well coached though it is this is quite a match up and I think again I think it's going to go out. I look at these these two teams indebted tune different styles of post from game one to game two. The fact I mean look if I'm gonna coach at Toronto Raptors ominous say you go after physically and beat up beyond us as much as you can't. Try to make him or from the outside and that's what they basically did ensue and everybody else go ahead and try to beat us. And they were able to hang on. How much confidence do you think you if you're either team right now coming in the view owners release are yes the raptors got to win but they lost won going away. In game one and they had to really struggle and fight every time they thought the Bucs were out of it the Bucs came storming back in game two who has that edge coming into Milwaukee tonight. All I definitely think Milwaukee does they don't because what keeps me B I have a blog is open shot that that is literally record as Al. And you have dealt with dole was opened shot as well. The raptors. Completely broke down the principally. On dutrow arrests late. And gave up those who opened shots in Milwaukee church picnic themselves right now they don't win this series. Those will be two shots and they'll look at state may have did everything right should go home low. I think they've got to feel more comfortable right now and a little more competent what did you think Ottawa on the other hand. And got hit hole hard and hit hard repeatedly. And I think I would say they're reeling but I I think that right now undergo a lot. This is going to be uses do really cup series. And then the daunting task whether you're of the fox or the raptors saying all my goodness. It'll receding here in the air BA you're stuck in a bracket in the next round we got to quickly on most likely. Whereas Boston Common a pores are one seat. And you say this is an incredibly difficult world. So I think both teams are hunkered down now say oil board this visa isn't going to be a dog fight and this is what will basketball's all out of the Oprah people say well you know the Bucs played about as low as they've played all year in game. I don't buy that what I apply is how was eighteen playing. Would it really matters like are they playing at their past they teaching it like PNC eight or not. You know all the other stuff that matter you know conference play it on accomplished quite a whole bunch. It's how you're playing with a really counts. And my evaluation it is. The books are plain as well they played all year that's when you walk. In on the other for the raptors dating search box and PJ Tucker. Now in Kyle Lowry back in the line up. I still think it tried applying colonel who they all are we kind of subdued thesis at warp warmly kind of coming more cohesive again. The raptors are real good team it's a little boxes heck of a match. Serge Ibaka easy guy that doesn't get a lot of fanfare in the sense Celek DeRozan Lowery do but it. I'll tell you why there was a point that game only with a belt four minutes ago the blocks and got it to within two. The block a fought for rebound ends up dropping a blockade had the bucks gotten that board and gone down either tied it up or god forbid take the lead with a three I think the momentum drastically changes. A block has been indicted so a lot of the dirty work as an. Bill you're right and it's interesting when you make a trade like that he was the best available Powell sort of more to raptors desperately need distorting world. While Paul Millsap or is rumored to be now in the hole so could walk the walk it. So the raptors were fortunate to get the best available Powell wouldn't trade market. And you know he's played a lot of big gains in the Oklahoma city's got an NBA finals. And you that you can't put you really can't put a price on getting bitten all the news. Who played a big gains in I think it was evident. On Tuesday night game to. You know that he has that quality. That it sold Wharton. That waste composure. And ignited an on the big stage that stage presence and you know he obviously. Did you basic allowance that they gave one. And in really struggled the first what. Two good things out and things loosened up in terms of his ankle the second half and well if you're Toronto and that was encouraging and and again I think that's a big factor which a lot of because it is three point shooting. Whose it is you shop blocking. Well offensively shooting opens the floor up or spades. And defensively he had two big blocks down the stretch and also had six assists in the game as well which. Against Jewish knows his understanding between quite. I know he only got 42 minutes we've valid choose is also a guided does a lot of the dirty work on the unsung hero between him. You osu get a guy like Patterson are talker came off the bench Joseph came off the bench and had some good minutes for this team. So the one thing I've said is I think the starters match up and may be is the raptors are better in that respect but I also think the box with a bench that they've god. Has been extremely good I know that they're great men rose been a beast off the bench Dell would go with his minutes his experience. But I would give denied a total talent wise to the raptors but I think the bucks bench is also played extremely well. Bill I would say the book starts is the better you look at what some games they've outscored its models bench full gains and I would agree probably Toronto has a little bit more depth in their pitch when it's all about how they how you use them at reduced. I'll put my lowest and also. And it's it's a nice story considering. Ever repeated here. Earlier this year and it was that kind of gone sideways all the tracks like you know would be great you know you see a future of Milwaukee. What is great about war that I'd love that guy did a few games included George out. Police. Did you really passive yeah he's got some issues in terms of those quotes these defensively. What is of course always a polished player. And the rap is quite frankly had a difficult time dealing with them adult don't resist a winning player peas on new local. He's not on his team absolutely despise them. Apparently there. But that you know you've got guys like that maybe he's not Toronto I look back at it Tyler Hansbrough. We'll use in Toronto. When he was on the paces I just hated the guy's guts but when he plays on your team didn't bubble is it all out also all the time and you know sometimes he walks the line and occasionally maybe even crosses that blood. And you want their values change so those guys have done a great job. I'll say they're so big key. The so called for the bucks. A probable positive perspective. It's snell and broaden that well no real extra option won't won't shoot 50% close with three point range. And I think that's a big concern which a lot of hope that you will not on middle and an obviously gutless and and then there's you know what those guys. Capable action the board they've proven so called state law. And I think that's been possible there again this series assuming the kuwaitis you look at it. The way outlook it is like man I don't beat these games ago you couldn't put the W whore war and distant goal always. You know he's talking about a guy like telemundo being on your team you always remind me of the the late great Rick Majerus told me once he said bill every team needs is some of the blank. And peace in every team needs one and he says got to be good but every team needs one and and they'll double would be that guy so all. Wrap it there and the raptors have PJ Tucker like since he's their version of that and end this you know all out possible. Up so I guess but I think if you look people losses. I think both losses are made up with guys that you know bring great energy and the spirit I think that there's a lot about decency and twinkies as coaches as well. This is a blue collar series uses in picturesque incident that you better bring your hard hat and I don't expect all these games. Bring it tonight as well as notes that if the. They record before I let you go you bring a doing Casey motive for awhile ago they gave the voter confidence if they lose to the boxers a lot of rumors around out there about job security what does your gut feeling or can you tell. All alone in your one of those. Three year extension. So I I I think she's horribly got the support of bold leadership at the site each year each of all I think it importantly. Support of the payable Walt has been a billboard different situations in the in the in the past that it could have gone the other way and he did so. I think you're weren't on the same page Eric you'll go to in. Whatever happens here this series. You know this full support. I think a big thing with me. It is you know. I think this is support for the raptors. Apple creates it's obviously Kyle Lowry insurgent plot with Jimmy Clark Patrick Patterson. And that in 22 years or franchise history they've never paid the budget ax they're staring right at that this summer. If that goal and an I pick a series like this is that the final moment RHI's mystery. I'll love you don't really wanna go with respect you not only you have to win this series. He's got to do some damage vehicle. It's a lot riding on this right now and I think it's from a fresher perspective. There's definitely more pressure on throttled it goes on Milwaukee in to concede at the body language in the first game. Jack great stuff look forward to seeing it and I were talking a little bit later on wrote okay. All the thanks felt talkies in the Jack Armstrong raptors television analyst on TSA and joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange hotlines.