Baranczyk: Bulaga, Perry, either Cobb or Nelson are dead weight candidates

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Friday, January 12th
Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette explains why these particular players are in the dead weight category. What does he love the most about Blake Martinez? Do the Packers need to make a significant overhaul of their WR core?

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Time now over our bread should get a Green Bay press gazette did enjoy his in the Schneider orange hotline in this so Eric. And we're sitting here talking about like you know dead weight going in this off season in trying to remake this Ross we all know which point 5% of the roster most likely isn't going to be back and it's something that happens to football teams each and every year so tell me who you think right now he has say the top three guys you have to make decisions on a maybe to cut loose for what it is that there either make or maybe just not a great you know performance physically. Who is at Hoosier dead weight. Well you know I hate it that. But I would say he's probably got it started at right tackle on. You know the important things like that product you didn't change. Awful popped into little little party here. I'm not Kosher. I have to acrimony in the direct elections so I'll probably start there. The second spot would. Did he. The question what are the receivers their Kabul where not ago she. I just wanted to perform to that level. They're trying to guide free agency there it is contractually in the draft that they can take it off and just not. Straight line and even right now to create separation that they need to make an offense work. Introduced it probably won't court. Third gently. You know I have to look at I have to look at that outside linebacker position. You know. She had a good here. Last year but this year or shouldn't and won't back traditional trend review in just constantly. Did not perform well he's got to him. Am better able to vote can distribute its. The victory in. Don't be subject they can. So moving forward do we know they're like you said I think either Randall or riddler Jordy are most likely not coming out one of the two. How would not play earlier that because there are immediately people go out players are saying what I heard that. But I think for the money he's making if you look at the numbers. You know I mean giddy yeah he had the hamstring and he's banged up in your lost a few games and understand that but a healthy claim that you created Matthews can still be disruptive and when he's probably years. In the top three as far as your best offensive players for eleven million when your pain they carry more than that I don't think he can afford just cut clay loose. I don't either I think for two reasons. You know I didn't get in part that you middle part keep it out probably the other camp. Then you know maybe those but. I think for him to do to make his career long. Which. He tribunal not wanting to doesn't have to make it too much longer but I've been to victory to extend its career. I can get a moved inside. Would help. I think the other thing is that it is important that we don't know what we're receiving. We can look back it'll jets flew home and she looked out there what what do it and they might get you utilize. Packages a little bit differently that might help. Quite lucky to get some. It's a muscle additional factors and traditional. Marshal quarterback he can't deny how good news against Ronald that he. You straight it's not your regular run. Look at their defense we're gonna run run strictly to. Because he's not as strong on the edge than you run a lot better block to get. And especially for something that they're going to outside India not to be huge debt run. You better make sure you get someone down there on or around his ankles or. He's gonna you know Kiki get himself edgy catching Q mountain. I'm really gonna and I think. Just look in the quarters in the system Carmen and I. I think you guys keep on at least one more year. What they who. Defensively how because I said outside edge pressure. Move plated metal blade Martinez. It progressed a lot this year. The you know I said this kind of jokingly as a look at to a Blake Margie mart if it was AJ hawk making all these tackles are right rescind governor three yards downfield who cares. How much did Blake Martinez have an impact defensively for this team. All tremendous tremendous and you know you can look at it let's just pretend Chris Matthews does move aside just for. In all children's. Team really good coverage you know he's got ability. I'll watch and that's the part or Turkey you know that the liability. Coverage area. Among the about two years ghost couple of quick match catching them balls for our intranet Martellus Bennett. The number of years ago and to judge you don't want it looked on the sidelines caught. You got. Long arms he's got a barely covered. You know I like that who did you get your. Sparky doesn't really really stepped up initiatives rookie year too bad he got hurt kids. You hate to keep a football guy who loves you just. You know you can keep it when you are standing on the satellite change can't shoot at first. Guy or two out there and have a great child there. We're gonna kill off. You can just she's got a altered because they're good at it. America has an effort because they love each one of those guys out there because of that and I and I think he makes a lot of treatment as well. Reached in the running game you know there is an Achilles heel that is being able to turn. Get feel. To get their bowl. With the Packers do. Ronald constantly mobile get across to grow the tight end or slot receiver. Offensively speaking how far away he thinks a drawn while sir Trevor Davis or even jet Janice are. To making an impact if you get rid of Cobb mills in one or the other or both. Dog that means that you have to go to Geronimo you have to go to Trevor day we shall have to use Jeff chance at some point. How far away are those guys and honesty I mean there's no Dovonte Evans is his emergency number one target for how far away the others. I figured there are quite quite aways. What he'd be getting out. On the outs the Babylon another you know. Now at the slot but the guy who will be on the end line and that's the guys that it. They can live. Offensively. They're tight end to weigh in their battle to keep your way and I don't tend to. I don't think Trevor in this league. Home. I think Alison. You know I think he just stopped dead guy he might be for new we're bringing your fortune humor you didn't object that's in doubt tell the world. I don't think you guys under his left it will be able to get out there. I strongly believe that whoever the the other. Would then there's going to be where or. Back at that on the on the on the roster right now hi I don't see it in the perimeter guys got to be someone who's going to be dynamic. If you fat it kicked out of fuel because safety. Just slide there after college you know immediately after the heat that space between the second level don't coverage and this say they did meet safety. No way to do that as fast guy getting guys that super fast and then run the ball he got the running back to view and throw the ball to the backs. If you bet me curiously that ought to get something special in. A tight end. Ron and get another outside Trimmer guy who couldn't get downfield as Smart enough to be reaching can. Coverages and you click off of each through. Those guys they're they're they're very very close that they can commit to the right. It actually run the football. Consistently one or two back in the bachelor back in a tight end of that field. That couldn't scary. You're here I mean could he could be phenomenal. On the hard part is that you would not give the guys on the silent treatment to on the Wall Street with children I don't change. And I also wouldn't that if they're gonna I don't think the guy who's just starting. Guys in the program starting perimeter receiver interviewed on the roster he directed their after tech guy out there gonna have to wrap one she. I don't inject guys on the roster because I look at curiosity more slot receiver he can play. I kind of tight end rule could patrol battlefield. Tremendous body controlling not ease the effects again he can do that kind of stuff. That they really need another tight and often. The lead the offensive line how much you wanna see Jerry Evans come back. You know. He started to Wear down toward it and some and actually get the Packers are a lot of what she's out there. Maybe not to that you. Maybe not against the vikings would surely against the lions. I happen to think he wouldn't you agree stop gap guard if he did a lot of things that. Shortly even vet to get a lot of teaching self there's one game with pretty good. He obviously doesn't have a recovery he did he had in the past you know that that second step just was a little pixel. Compared to having promote guard that's pretty good but it means for Jerry ever and you know what and Gerry Adams your. I'd much. That the great question his a because I think he can slide create on the air and he can do. As they look great out on the tackle spot he saw that in Detroit. And he really struggled there against the the vikings at the end of the season cold hard track and speed wasn't. You know was nullified because of the weather going on his own annual OK there. Alone but I actually you know the early part of the season once warmer and fast track. Put them while they're at right tackle an excellent so. You know they got a hit your story is gonna have to somehow miraculously. Just you know trigger and how he can go to recovery he. After the initial step in and maybe Kyle murky immediately she's got a good arm and we're gonna have to draft well and probably pretty high. Good stuff man we will chat again soon I'm sure you're realistic we have mark where becoming a bit about forty garments. We were and pressure no doubt they go Persia Immelt talked isn't. Here he drops off you get aboard 85583086. For a but that's our good buddy art project Green Bay press gazette. He got a question for Mark Murphy maybe you choose to his via Twitter. And if we get around to it or if we it's pertinent bad try to ask that question is as quickly as possible but nevertheless Mark Murphy about 45 minutes Packers president. Making all the changes in the front office organ that discussion coming up. Again he joined us in the Schneider orange hotline hiring drivers right now you're currently treat you fair eighty push years in Munich and called me 844 pride go to Schneider jobs dot com.