Ben Worgull: Running how they thought just with different people

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, October 12th

Benjamin Worgull of joined Chuck and Bart to talk all things Badgers.


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What's up with the cardinal and white let's ask Wisconsin insider Ben Moore go from badger nation dot. Brought to my creative construction providing the plaster Stucco services with unsurpassed workmanship. Secondly their Sports Radio wanna fight seven FM the fan. From the right straight college athletics studio subjective and or bill badger nation back from here any moment that's agreement. I'm borrowing learns to thirty Saturday right badgers produce and got a thirty laps a gate which was nearly did win these games there at eleven. That's the same way you feel better about. NFL game for your team is home. I feel better about badger teams and they played eleven and then when they do to thirty. You mean a spurs the ability to watch him word now win or loss I just feel like when they played eleven. 11 o'clock badger games is forty point win and then from 230 badgering him like. And nobody's it would run 11 o'clock that's with a plan league Ball State and and of totally I guess life. To thirties more for pride I mean it's night games usually are really get on with 230. That's when they have the better teams vying portal. Badger nation neck and he joins us now on agreement West Bank outlined. In morning Benny I bent. I feel too many people are on Alex story brick. And I know this was like Lester is Nebraska game where he made some mistakes and then they just ran the ball right down the brass this throat my did that in the spare us Saturday. Bought I think he takes a lot of criticism for man's there. Yeah obviously sit. Duo Paul. To see you go back and despite wore it out wherever it'll stop it seems like wherever quarterback YW. Oz that's easy. But in Bur if you ever since Russell Wilson was here. Are hard demand of Wisconsin quarterback has gone through. And they demand that record Beck lit up to. What Russell Watson that wearing a lot here that just just got spare you are you a bit and people forget. There elsewhere Brooke it is a richer saw more dirtier the program. This dispersed here attic full time starter you know split time last year he held off at the end of last year. Read in my opinion locked out of confidence in themselves a little bet that you want argues that start playing more and more. Over the course of the last two games. You on the northwestern game he didn't have a number one why I'm the one Qaeda and our press despite number one target period. And we'll gallery. Up to this point jet peavy is not. I produced. In terms of catches and yards I think many people thought that he what. So this is a young two young pop outs in the quick Turkey as a sophomore Danny Davis oppression and you look at chuck Taylor true freshman so. There's a lot of there's continued to roll out together. Now he's still makes a mistake to make you scratch your head that connect. One bad for a number of reasons. Pursuit of better routes there's too wide receivers in that same area he. Elsewhere Brooke. Led his wide receiver targeted them. Item down on me EZ go are you draw ballots were tackled the most bizarre thing that whole equation but certainly what I'll pass rush coming out a bigger opening there. You know these two Q&A learning growth and I think it this year has gone god you have not seen him make. That same repetitive mistakes are and time again even though he's don't treat picks in two games. To be ten games. I think here you are seen and rolled on him but people to point to the interceptions. Though point to. The applicable law passing numbers are low completion. Elect a deep ball threat. And the automatically get on this case. Because news they'd kill that Scotland can do better quarterback and you know. It it's just say I'm realistic expectation to expect a quarterback. To be perfect all time I think that kind of comes from two. That just to order aren't up the road you have a pre special guy. Played for the Packers that really accept the standard. I think maybe got some ability to when you watched. Elsewhere proprietary. And you watch air Roger's plans Sunday maybe be. I oracle badger nation that counties on Twitter at the badger nation. Badger fans have also come to expect solid play from the running back position in their dating it again when Jonathan Taylor let me ask you this way early. Is it too early to put him in the eyes and camera changed junk and loan. That is not not sure you'll. Be. And I know all our writer I'm market down. I don't think so I actually think through. Biden games in his collegiate career Jonathan Taylor has banned are exceptional. He would really bad eighth. A big boost to this offense and keep in mind a month and a half ago we are talking about this running game being an exceptional 12 punch between bear workshop. Bankers James. So the right even as good as he I think thought it would be but not whip who we thought would be we've net charge and he has exceptional maturity. He has been very Smart intelligent young man. Great vision when he. Ghost drool. A game. His ability to read it blocks communicate with his linemen they Eagles where the players can be. It it's all hard. Speed that track speed has really translated on the ball well. You have been better really. Good storyline to five weeks of the seat and they haven't been said everyone has. There are there heightened moment and I think will really bring them on the national stage airport sleeper hit of I don't know what he's gonna get that moment this year because there are you looking at right now there's only one ranked team. On the entire regular season schedule that's in Michigan assuming they are still ranked. We port Thanksgiving. You might have to wait until the Big Ten championship game for that moment for this team and he really light the progression that you need to get himself in that conversation. Not just what. Not to let him and what they'll do OP operative wife that there's operative line. Has really come a long way from where it started poker where it is now that they have some depth. They have a good chemistry going and they're just wearing down opponents. Over the course of these first couple. Yet he took advantage much like you're Jones could all of an injury. Got a chance to have a big day and he rushed for a big day and he hasn't let go all of their starting spot since. Well really it was more soul that he bought his way into that equation. Based articles or scrimmage that they hadn't volcano where. I think. They eat. I want C east are like the second or thirteenth and may some players and it warranted and getting more reps over the course in the next week. And then they got that close or scrimmage and he ran hard he ran aggressive that was the day it that each encourage their. They elevated understaffed to the first team and because screamed past one handed. And much like the 75 yard run that we saw on Saturday night just meet people notice broke tackles exceptional speed. That made people goal while among the UW coaches. And debt earned him the rights. To play this year instead extension on the bench and treachery on. And then with the injury to approach our after the Utah speaking and then opened up it up to it first first career start. Then he went for what 223 or whoever was and that has thwarted him. Staying in that role and you strident and another Rashard getting back to our percent. This writing that group will be even deeper even pressure at this season progresses. Then oracle badger nation dot com again. I entered the badger nation free season we view we were talking a lot about objects say gee how do you think they'll line backing core has responded to. That absence of a first couple weeks. Well it it's funny that. You mention Jack's name I was speaking about the deeper this week ahead on talk radio your matches don't match inject its neighbor that's the first time that I've thought about Jack. Sentence there at the end of August in particular that ignited a compliment to how good this deeper and bad. Having been said. Jack's Richie is a huge missing piece to the deeper that could be even more complex I didn't they've been pretty been dealt a what oppressors and their schemes they've just done a lot ormat Russians they haven't done many exotic look at this point. Get revenues to the they've been so dominant in their front seven that it just so overwhelmed opposing offenses. Jack's skills that was unique in the sense that he. It was good football inside and the outside linebacker position. That you could put an end a number of different spot this guy to have in the order response your deeper increased debt net debt. Many more problems for opposing offenses in terms of Castro street he was addicts he wasn't elite level. A structure. That unfortunate trip he missed the final seven games last year but that are packed and Turkey based yelled bulked up so obviously he misses and last. At least it last nineteen. Possibly 20/20 one games other's culture here that having been said. The outside linebackers Derrick Julianne Jacobs have really for the very good tandem. You know Gary toll treat to have sex against northwestern we are Jacobs has popped up and made big plays each and every week. TGI important to have an all American type student Chris Orr has that and it has really rebounded well from the lost your your goal. As claimed that same type of aggressiveness and and natural instincts that we saw as true restaurant. And right how he has really carried it. Carried the momentum to what he established a year ago to make some big plays in the studio and tackle Terry night. Were it was a perfect excuse screen pass by Nebraska like dirt denied he brakes are right our tackle gold slow. Up Adams. The receiver for a four yard gain. And if he doesn't do that. That receiver has and the big covered bus. Against Wisconsin force in the pots and they'll accomplish that Ryan colleague. Makes for this team so this is very good linebacker corps to. But this defense. Could be in my opinion so much better if checks which was. Ben always a pleasure we'll talk to you next week in the meantime the badger nation on Twitter imagination. Dot com thanks Benny. He spent there.