Big Brother 19: Jessica wastes an HOH

Bart Winkler
Wednesday, July 26th

It's time for another Big Brother edition of the Winks Thinks Podcast! Bart Winkler and Jeff Orlosky recap another wild week in the Big Brother House. Why did Jessica waste her HOH? Could Josh actually win this game? Are Matt and Raven secretly brother and sister? All that and more in this week's episode of the podcast!


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You get an evening houseguest I'm borrowing clear that is Jeff for a lot ski both of us with a fan this is the links things podcasts and other Big Brother. I addition as we find out tonight late Wednesday night. We find out that justices. One the veto. And the nomination is gonna say the same so we're looking at ramseys. And Josh. On the block a lot has happened since we last kind of talked about this is do a little preview of sorts I I. Don't think we're that big fans of Jess and Tony at the time it that is like the weirdest duty ever he is prove that Cody sins being eliminated. Coming back again. I don't like Cody. I'm glad he's back in the house. You know they create creates more drama but I'll tell you when they were doing that bad a bad competition I was screaming at my TV. Rooting for Cameron the big dork economists that got evicted and I on day one. When Paul came in Cameron got the boot. I was rooting for him ma'am are you rooting for the Big Brother version or radio joke. Because he's not Cody you know he's not the serial killer. And you know Cisco he's been in the house he does watch and after dark last night and everybody's in the in the pool sitting around talking and having a good old time and Jess and and Cody you're sitting off in their own little corner just make an out. And do you watch the feeds and my all access needs no apparently they'd own. Nice different in nineteen you can watch. Them mean under the commerce. Via but apparently they've been. Good for him she's got but you know I don't see yeah she's gotta have problems if she's interested in Mecca because he's a freak show you why is she interested in him that day and she doesn't seem like a great. I don't like the way she trees Josh. Right just got to do a speech once in she's she Colin offer shaking and she really takes up Republicans bids bully mentality. But even sell. I mean. Cody man. And she can do better than Cody you hope you would nobody here who knows what issues she does so I'm fine. You know I was so they could be you know to crazies get together we seen it before with Brent shall. So other sunshine they've got a baby back and now they've got a very good at it's that fortunate and I realized too I can MI don't over explain a little last time we did this but. It's here already this far you know what branch Allen's Villa outside season. Same thing but I certainly wife and she said. You know why why how can they call themselves boyfriend. And girlfriend are ready. I think when you're in that house late one day of normal human time is like. Two weeks mean you are in that house there's nowhere to go specially vis a lot of time with that person there's a weird. Voyeuristic. Part of your life and it's competitions and UK I mean for normal coupled to date for. Three weeks in normal time that's like a whole Big Brother summer means it can go very fast so I get why they're together it's just the problem is there. They're only together non glad Cody god and because. Of the drama to it. I thought once he got out and you really want him out but the season it was almost everybody's too friendly. And then they turn on Dominik firm nominee for reasons I still own jets. That made no sense that made no sense at all. You know it's weird about this season and you're right that Cody coming back does does bring the drama. It creates you know tension in the house people have to walk on egg shells I don't know what do I don't think Josh knows how to do that. But who has not grown and you c'mon now I still in a racket but to. You know what what amazes me this season it boggles my mind especially when you have players like ramseys. Who comes into the game and says and he's a Big Brother super fan. The kid has no game yes you know he's Kate they're doing anything he's a cape costume wearing weird Al. You know but he has no game he's just he's worse than the ultimate floater. And at least floating is his strategy. Had not a good one but yes I do this trip matter then yes it's better than what ramseys to. You know 'cause he's centered he goes I don't even know of one person in the house that I would be guaranteed. They would give me a vote to step it. That's a freak him problem I think he hit a pop. It's not like we're down of the final three here new and he's still got a houseful of people. Yeah so you know that's sad and then the it Jessica. She has all the power you know she is she one major way is she one veto. Why would you keep denominations insane if you want Josh out. Then you take ramseys down which she should have never been nominated in the first place if you're looking at a from her shoes and put all up. Because you know that for the most part the other side of the houses and and get rid. Paul yeah they don't want it taken I know that Cody and called on trust each other but if you put Paul are also take that if you're taking a shot at me. But what better time then when she has the power 'cause if Paul wins HOH next week. She could still veto you know she says that does the medallion number whatever. And she can cancel. The eviction Yemen I think Dick Cody and Paul and so Cody ingests against Paul. They're good that's. That's the main story that's. That's the good receive all of this season right you don't think a loss that's the the wide speeds in this and the good there's evil. Now if your Cody and Paul these two guys clearly don't trust each other in all like each other but if if they might play at a distance. Even though they don't like Paul if you put. If you put him up then he's going to take that savage and he knows he needs you well maybe if they don't put him up he'll go somewhere else you know I mean. Yeah there's that the spotlight would shift to somebody else these two sides pawn deciding call encoding in jest. Could end up. Working together. By not. I working apart right you know I mean so they say they don't trust each other they're not gonna trust each other but also. They've already taken this things that each other may be they just. I don't know we'll see how plays out as I told you last time we drafted teams me and my friends now I know friends my team was Paul. Cody which they got points for incoming Van Nuys but then down and he says she's out there on site up call and Cody cell. Do want us to go to the and the way the season started. This narrative should be dollars to going to the end but this is big brother and and something weird is gonna happen and I'm sure we'll talk about it when it does we don't know it is expecting or expected but production as we talked the last time to always seems to have away. They knew Cody was gonna come back and of course and they had to do a battle to act because the big guy I was RD out tonight you have Cody back Janet. They've got someone of the power even though there two against and OB two against nine most likely. Now they still have that medallion which is gonna cause a ass storm oh yeah will then Syria could get anybody else you get anybody else winning had a also next week. They're gonna Cody just terrible cameo on the block him. And then she's just gonna further going to be acting. Yeah they're not get there. I think they'll blow they'll bullet belt laws. They will because they don't know how to mend fences have been but they're not connect mad right. Then people think I'll sounds I start laughing and nominations because they handle everything the worst way possible yeah I will give Jessica a ton of credit. Because in that they'd show wage competition. For her to sit there and hold her hand up what that little you know. Why you're paying her to what you know whatever hole in the stoplight up. Almost three ports. Knots that's impressive as can last Tony second I know Paul was out in under a minute though old Boston guy you know. The eighty listed forty seconds so. Very impressive and showed a lot of heart and but I was glad my girl Christmas man finally she is to compete and sudden she put up well the fight. Yeah sees. That sucks her it does mean she can't do. Basically anything which could help in the long does she get the sympathy votes on number two man she would have been a beast but there's already you know people talking about one to get her out sooner than later. And you know you gotta take you shouted her before she gets even a little bit better all the ads and so you really take out a lady with a one leg. And I'll never I have no problem but you know bid to. I you know a lot of people have been higher moral and that's I heard that I do look. I can't do he polished I trauma ladies and gentlemen so we've got jazz who really. With the Ramsey and Josh. I mean she issued almost she should almost use the stop nominations on herself. And she's so let's do that now and put up Paul. And Christmas yet conceded. I don't know exactly how works I don't know if if she sits there and uses it if they which usually Missouri donations she might she might. So I don't know if if replacement nominees get named the I didn't really Julie didn't really explain it all that that well. Julie Julie learned blue jeans. I did I did. She's hot looking old lady and I can't imagine anyone else doing that show no. No lag Katie Couric thing please. And anybody else was it chick from Good Morning America Meredith. The Riviera Villa now. You know Julie Chen's perfect of jazz could stop the nominations. And then put up all that good a guarantee on and all I know but I don't know if that's how it works. Ike Leggett said I don't either because that thing is now being you'd have to say that throwing you or Cody. Would be on the block or to be next week is even if she does can do that. Then they're going to be odd numbered. She can't play only Cody comply and and somebody will most likely be the joints bones you know like isn't woo and gone back to what I said earlier about how bad their playing this game. You know when you're outnumbered tended to. But you've got ramseys who is a hell of a lot more likely to switch to your side of the house. Then somebody like. Christmas or somebody like Paul you know yeah why do you put ramseys are on the block and you know hole. We in your speech your nomination speech you say Josh is my target. So of course Paul is gonna try to flip every single house to get every single house guest. Vote to get Johnston standing. So yes you little pawn is up there your pawns gonna walk up to the war soul because I thought that Jessica if Cody didn't come back. Maybe she would have been in better shape I I think so because. She was I thought she was building something we're Jason. And Alex. And ramseys. Yeah and now she's due back herself right back in the corner and she was before they were released. Building something. And now our bodies gravitated over. And at an awesome jets and Cody of the power now they'll have the power as long as they have this. Block thing and after that I mean if if things stay the same and it's gonna go right back to those to come out. At least his grill more drama but I don't go to those two come around and then. And then it's eight people that like each other just playing games there's no other real. That is one thing about Big Brother it's always like two sides. I'd like it to be like for. You know like assigned teams rat the year they tried assigned teams that my dad. But people are starting to turn their back on mark now and everybody's look inside I'd bet mark because. Plain weird game until either of these people are awful this season but you know I think dead and a bad season hasn't had. It's it's interesting I like it so far but they've got to me we have got a contest any other season so true that demand that's out there. And I will tell you this the the best case scenario for Big Brother for CBS and for us the fans. Is OKC got Jessica with all the power this week whoever goes goes. Either. Paul or somebody from that side wins they'd show wage and Jessica uses her medallion and we see what happens. And then the next week Cody your Jessica Nguyen HOH. Or vice Versa Cody Wednesday to wage this week kicks off a number from their start of the house. And then he's got safety next week they can use their medallion suing kind of go two for one. Then. The numbers get a lot closer. You can still you know they are not going orbit anybody hopefully by then they wake up and realize that they can't do it by themselves because. You know all they've got to do. Is just poor wedge into that then alliance and just break somebody off. And put the target on somebody Josh is always going to be the biggest target. While he's in the house because he can't keep his trap shut like the meat ball thing the meat ball thing is funny but you know all you Meebo you mean Bowman Eagles cries in the corner. Why can't root for their freaking guy victim noises the current current girl yeah he's had a bad dudes another Psycho. When need to let me go through the house guests. Pannemon ago threw them off from bottom to top. How their range in terms of like ability. On jokers update token and I want you to tell me. If this person can win Big Brother Oca. Can raven win Big Brother know. She's the least liked. She is useless. I like her because she's happy and she seems like a good person. She seems like a very annoying person but you can tell she's editor in January and yeah. Can mark when Big Brother no chance. Grudge match. Now look. Now Matt. A lot of people I think decided right away they liked him because the gray hair like Jeff. Yeah but Matt's useless to. So far he not do any today no he's not do much. He's not doing much but I I do like mad and Matt does have a chance to win this though they may maybe that's a big case like one of these guys the supporting. As right now to start the show or Paul Cody Jessica. Yet. I didn't want these supporting can't there was a week don't episode before it was all done any in new. I think she was pretty is that a zone no no mean an episode of Big Brother I have no idea being announced Elena. No notion at all I gotta go to this morning show boot camp next week loses its like two days. Where you learn about tricks of the trade you know he would he shared techniques that people buy do your show. Nine check in linguistics that on the but it's gonna all the girls are gonna be like Alina you know that's rough laid radio personalities. Like everybody I want to go to him and you from lake I don't think I like to talk when there's. Esther tells us at a wedding. I feel confident. Talking if I have a microphone in my face. And I'm wearing headphones right now five to send a group of people fifty people I don't know. I'm not gonna say a word and I don't need that attention. But if I've got a microphone. And it did it's a whole thing mag is so many Elaine insult. And it. I'm sure other great time. Cody can code you in this game yes I just picture Cody on jury. Picture him in that little pol all you do in which is pitching about whoever the final two are not. That's what I picture of Tony and Jessica when this game no. Can ramseys were in this game please. No chance Randy can't win solitaire no. And Paul win this game know why. Because eventually. Those idiots a wake up and realize. That he should have been on the block every single week. You sit in and offers a week yeah he has run this game. Oh of course is controlled the game yet in the smartest thing that Paul did. Was get debt suppose it undercover. Alliance with Alex gone. Now they've they're come out and they're a little too buddy buddy out in public they need be they need to back off of that a keep that way under the covers. So you know it's. Kind of like a sneaky tech. Paul I anyone else you do your Paul now obviously. He's played a farce of the producers of the show wanted him to stay. You know all right so they'd. Dave on the leg Paul's polls temptation is three weeks to save the and Jessica as it is. This block her own Christmas is only complaint of TOB want to kick it into an even knows she can't play if they ask you well. Oh Paul. Every eat just the is puppet mastering everything yet he and I can't believe they let him go along with that so far today. Hamels can't go outside without looking upon him diamonds it's OK I know. Because I don't think any of them as much as Elaine I think she is I don't think there's a dominant personality in the game. They can sit there and take the attention away from Paul these guys look to him as there entertainment. They looked at him as Smart and how he won second last year absolutely. Doc Christmas I think and win. But she's got to get Al the other or she can't compete yeah I don't think she's got to show anymore Alex yes oh yes. Alex can do it man she's Smart. Ish. But she's great account she's you know that grows up they save yourself from elimination mean she's yeah she's physical man mackerel and you know. I think I think she can do what whistle not please. Packets of freaking joke. Era and I sort of want a lifelong not crap you know oh gives these and I know kids so he's close to. Sitting all that mid western kid but calm. You like their kids. He's okay. That some politely say no I saw some gloves on I it was a lesson well after dark when he was talking a running with Kevin and maybe Alex somebody else. They're on the patio and his phrase of speech was injuries and yes they're shooting people off what he was saying was. We've been here for a month and there's only like three of us gone right I mean they've been there for a long time it's stale most of the cast. On Tizzy you know there's going to be at least two double evictions and all that so it's common. My problem with him. Is that OK so Christmas gets hurt because she was riding on his bad keys slips and falls she breaks her foot accidents happen. But then on after dark he said he wants the Christmas out because he can't even look at her because he feels so bad that he damaged her floor you'll freak in weasel. You have a part of that and now you want to Victor because you feel bad you're a loser out of dude if you. If you murder like dad well. Every time he looks at our he knows he's the reason you see his face when she was like. Saying I'll never be a huge huge hit the Ella grace of you who ran over his dog but. You know man up and it's just try to take care of her try to. Try to team up with her and M and ride that quote unquote router to the end you know what I mean. Cause they're real after and that's what about the other guy who is right now over his favorite according to jokers as camp. Now comma. Tendon. He could win. Really. He could mean nobody he's on he's not threatening. He can win the who's the biggest idiot that Saran wraps fierce Dominic to go to sleep. And you try to. No I thought about it could have. Edited. And done about it but I I would need like two roles here here's what I don't. Miles say Kevin could land. I don't picture a scenario. Where. It there's at least four more people on the house. Sullivan gets about three maybe. That's a different game and our. I don't see how I people six people seven people all in unison agree. To get Kevin now. I do just because he did the rogue vogue thing twice. Any kind of got caught up on that one time. But then other explosions happened around my house which took took the spotlight off of him now you're watching the CVS feeder the shell. They. Sunday. And a nice little exchange and Paul it's around for a couple weeks ago here in ramseys and as well exchange. Kevin's. Talents social game. Haven't got a little hook on everybody I think he does he does. The but like I said I think you'll you'll go rogue again and and throw sideways voted Nair. And it'll (%expletive) enough people lost that he'll become a target so who wins. I'm sticking with a Alex or Matt and with Paul as a close third. Yeah and I just can't Intel calls out of that house. Yeah you came down her favorite Annan is in their favorite to own food you lose your top three to win the game yeah. Locate raven radar images saying no because I don't like looking answer and I'm not a fair. But where I mean it's assess where all this is who we are as humans. I don't like Logan had Josh so you know it's not like it's ravens out. Matt just sit just seem seem mad and raven. Huddle. It looks to me like watching a brother and a sister. Try to act like boyfriend and girlfriend in a play. Okay and it looks its growth is Ed something's off. Something's not right. Yeah this goes to. You put him next to each other that it's a weird looking couple did she got I mean he's cuts in in in some bin Laden at there analyzed yet now. Mart could submit. Is this let's do pick unknown big dude dude dude is done he's dumb any with a Elena. If I had my way if I could. I want to suggest a way if if if if if if I think you can read of audience. I I wanna suggest time I think I do I do because the amount that would be almost as bad is that when their kid and a one. You have ended a blown Mosul winnings on pills however is that such a bad years that was a bad year it's awful look heated deserved to win and I forgot who came in second put. That Adam kid did not deserve the title if Christmas can get healthy she can win Paul I think whatever shot Kevin I think can win the Alex can win. Cody. That would they can now they're two Dong they're just too dumb or too down. They I think the goal there has to give the jury. Probably those two to get the jury. And they can daddy's yeah. Now once they get to Jerry. And Jessica leg of Cody drops Jessica will be Reagan again India they've already. One big game. Today based on each other. Look at. I don't know if I think I decided if I want Johnston when. I like a user is yours for K ask. Love the tax I and I love K let's be like him really. I never heard anyone ever call anybody a meatball that freak out angrily I don't know I. Episode of old editor gambit that freak out over the pool game just showed how childish he is he's crying near an end zone against. You know I didn't it's hard for me it's a ticket series. Alex. Like Alex. Jason seemed like one of those guys that. Midway through the season we're gonna find out he did something terrible fifteen years at the nightmare that. Yeah very like Chicken George kill the guy is on them. Yeah leaving the after season one nice it was revealed that he would analyze how bad chicken and I remember what. What it was. All right so yeah hold tomorrow will be the air Thursday Thursday tomorrow there is there an area here this will be the eviction and we'll go from there but it's. Jessica your HOH. I just hope that this week. We actually have a full Thursday's show with. And the age or wage competition. We're Thursday show lands and you actually know who the HO wages without him and read spoilers or wait until. The next step ahead of what David at data that once I know I think one time only this season it's been all the other ones have been endurance and stuff that just starts to late. Well pop band from time to time Najaf or olasky the polish pipe bomb. I'm Bart Michael are the alleged. Was Julie say Africa. It's eased. On the house ski society isn't.