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Thursday, April 20th

04/20/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2 p.m. Hour - "White Gery" joins the guys for the first hour of the BIG SHOW to talk Bucks.


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I. Show on May throw back Thursday on Friday that awful long list game's marquee driver in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler. Got a lot to get to a few between now and 6 o'clock obviously. But they bought stock ahead of game three. Against the raptors 2 nights at 4 o'clock last you do step in the shoes sit in the seat that had coached Jason Kidd. We also we'll check in with our Wisconsin insider John Mack America coming up. At 448 get the latest on the recruiting trail your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up at four. And five and joining us in the studio for the entire 2 o'clock hour. You know ms. Wright Gary is our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary woeful. He's here to talk about scary how are this after I am doing swelled to pumped up it's always good to see I'm very pumped up I got out. The city's pumped up this city is really in downtown before you can tell Edwards start one's going to be ill before and we talked about this a little bit on on the show before the season started Gary. Sparky and I were released sensing a lot of buzz or a lot of hype the right around this first round playoff series. I sensed towards market says more before the bowl series two years ago. And much much more in the fear the deer year. What was that five or seven years ago if they had that the dear your was definitely multi I don't know of the box bolsters a Republican win answers without any chance in that series. There was at least some people have thought they had a chance may be in this much raptor series I guess after they won game one. Gary is right there at the exchange the buzz went up about ten notches. Yeah hey in this is the F first home game tonight so that makes it even more. Interest thing for her breed around your particular cell you know like you're right though Steve amenable series. I mean I thought they're going to swept that's the feel and I had going into that maybe lost in six. They won two games by 111 by a six point sort by to write this series I think they have a shot I'll think of it when it but I think they have a shot. I think they've got a good chance to one it. But. For me it it comes down to what we always talk about it and that is. Defense and intensity. And really letting all out there on the defense aside for for the entire game not having my minute stretches where you forget how to play defense. That Fabrice Lee is key. But the other thing because you don't have Jabari is your other pieces have to be Brockman has to be and need to know right. And can't be off right. You need somebody else to be a score beside an honest and Middleton. Consistently with those two if you can get that also to bock a little bit know that lets see you how the rest of the series then let's dealer plays out the rest of the day as far as who else can step up. The attic they can't expect gas to get 25 to thirty every night you know some some more or we're along in the series there clamped down on I mean we just. Come down to three isn't a day already he was a certain time for 24. Aria from a sure example yeah but I I think Philly to pay more attention to him the other yet Clinton really gonna clamped down now on. Tony snell. He why snowballs and import the last five or six minute well hey Marty what about your right but prior to that he's come up big night he's he's been there. Best three point shooter by far plays not in again and again. Well yeah. I I just I I hear you. I see is that he's so angry about this and then you read gets hot that's about it. It did today music in his arm a well doubled over Roger really play well to gather some has got to be odd guy out whether it's Tony or Malcolm were dealt a double like how is it a question of who got guys out should be. From the time he took to coaching position you'd but the very first and he talked. I a big believer in heaven now riding the hot hand and we have no. Dutiful student how I want. Dust on the bench in the closing minutes basketball game. Abbott you know what yeah if you watch box this year closely. That isn't anything do I can't tell you how many games this season iso Jabari Parker opened up the first quarter with 101214. Points right. Including my daddy's may have fifty or sixty right. Doesn't play the second quarter in also but at this sort of got this is not a character for Jason Kidd. Always like that's different in my opinion that it's totally different because he's gonna have a rotation you're gonna come out you're gonna go in when he wants you come on going. But when you're in the last five minutes of the game. If our head coach I'm not saying god that would be horrible. If if if you know he can't be Downey fool out of gray area. The desktop on the side what is spread and run anyway are not yet but if if it happened opposition. I'm writing the guys that are hot guys offensively their the last 45 minutes of the day that's. Well absolutely. I mean I go back to the days when that Don Nelson coached at seeing. If Ricky pierce came off the bench and get it going Ricky terse statement and rotations or Nat you know right so I mean it it's a different philosophy but. Again if if guys tied. Stick with the Miami and even during the regular season you know you blow your rotations have been if that's Steve Cooper for instance. And quite absence got 1214 points the first quarter. He's not coming out what he's gonna go get fifty and sixty but I. Aren't kid. It tribe if I'm wrong now I believe they have two different philosophies of how they coat to ball absolutely a former players curt doesn't her mind having his guys have had immense during the season. Kid is wholly against it wants a monitor his guys minutes. Thirtieth 35 minutes a night and he's only you don't play Yasser Jabari forty minutes when he really thinks a game is supporting you really wanted in the regular sees true right let. But which is really mind boggling because if you followed Jason kid's career. He played major minutes right you know but all of a sudden these guys can't play major minutes I mean I don't get to that end. He's not alone there's lot of coaches that do that but Kirk you know it's forty. You would think. Is toughest jobs keeping those three superstars happy drew ran to right right and those guys. It's incredible I don't know what they ended up and you into the season but like halfway through the season records Susan. They were within one minute. In plain time. Average per game the Big Three yeah the victory it was like there was no different differential between the real. Got a two year from Vijay says I would have Merz up. Getting run to start the fourth kill this team don't want to start dot allotted by the nine minute mark the fourth quarter in game two. Well I use one of the factors or kill them Marion. He's not the only one that's actually well programme has not shooting well my easily outlast they needed to Delgado and I'll say the guy that we all know whose national Milton. Yep you know I mean and has this isn't there and like a 123 team thing with him it's been probably for what about 34 weeks. And you know he's got to snap out of it somewhat. But see again at least he got sheets won't mean a basket at least yes you are part of that game that was entered the last week or two he won the meaning duel now I mean you're correct way off. So you saw him now starting to come around a maybe hopefully that continues tonight SARS to find his rhythm a little bit. But this collided this thing. I'm telling you. Human adult adult or drop me both Walker's first of all Robby ever have been heard to believe a lot of bad shot. A lot etch it is your stretched four or sold they say hi Brent. We had to had to resign yesterday Ed and he's said to say they're not saying. Right okay so he helps you with spacing right you have to respect him but he's got a hit one or two in order for the other team dull boy we Barry Gallup they're on him is he's had what I. I can't four games this eerie hit probably four more threes in the game maybe. Sort of why you gotta respect him wonder why because he's hitting the man he. Which isn't hitting anything nothing and defensively he's not helping you so again in its just sad you have two options. Option one. Play about what these freak. Which they're not doing and he's he's healthy we don't know what's going he told me that a week goes down the Indiana South Africa had flat out estimates that you agree 100% he goes up slowly. So no idea why he can't on the floor so. Because at least we're here in her go he kept the Fed Sparky maybe not I know we can score more than one way to want to be the three you're out there and went Beasley he can get to. Points a numerous ways that's why option one option to what brought a benediction by a listener and I brought it up to five last night a spark he's bucks weekly. And I like the idea I'd love the idea eat. Instead giving those twelve or thirteen minutes allotted niche Bob play another twelve or thirteen minutes what he beat a stretch four next to Greg Monroe. Because value of a shot blocker out before Whitman role. Can't you saw I got a unit acquired three like five. Yeah you get more experience in the playoffs and that's a home run call if you wanna play Beasley for whatever the reason as you what's. I asked not about that last night and thought said. We did that once. Right around the all star break he goes about what pretty well heels now whether or not will do to get I don't know. But may want to have to adjust. What are you literal about their Toronto did it defense fog and Greg Monroe on the floor the same time she they do personnel package lies and that figure out what you wanna do. At least give it a try you know just see what happens and if it doesn't work go to something I think about having to defend. But I'll tell you what I'd be playing you know we're tied book playing guys major minutes. I'm playing great mineral major minutes and this guy has pumped up to be in the playoffs in two games he's played pretty well. You know aside it as much as I like fond. I'm gonna with a guy like Munro white nose gonna store I know who's gonna rebound. And Gil with the proven thing so. It'll be interest and see what he does with general. Are you surprised how deep he's going on his bench and and the guys who he's going to offer his match because you look at John Henson. And Michael Beasley and got literally no time their vote DNP coaches decision. In game two and then you have a spark is poured out quite. Quite animated they and to let Vick is getting all those minutes off the bench and doesn't seem like he's going with the same patterns. That he was going with in the regular season and Andy seems to be going a little bit deeper than a lot of coaches. Will tend to go come play. Out I fully expect him to bring Rashad points of the game for scores and I did get at a couple dad's sister Laura stud barn. Was absolutely buried. You know it is dog house. Also he comes out to put some of the government's gun for score and play some so I mean who knows what runs through Jason's mind and he tries to put things in you know. He year absence of success sometimes and that means he doesn't. Go America's or. I'm on thing and I know you're getting on to about it but my body that is simple if snow Milton aren't scoring yeah fox. I'm why would it if if you're early on in your starting to fall behind in. Your perimeter shooters aren't hitting shots you Obama because of bought I don't know Charest that at all I don't Beasley in November at that point Bobby outside at the two guard but India is Milton aren't feeling it and in not your options are. Brought Dan Terry. As it. What you what I go to Jerry I mean he's been there he's been in these games you know tiger at eight paragon just run a modern it's the end of the season so what if he plays big minutes in the beginning and there are a series is on the line so when a player. Gary will form Milwaukee basketball and Sadr are in the studio guest the entire 2 o'clock hour of the show your bucks matters you wanna discuss questions he wanna ask. Get him into white Gary at 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan back time in my days off to great start a guy care wall full and studio when had lunch with Sparky today. But it gets we went to we went to Wendy's. Mets right sir when he's with the appearance today opportunities Sparky. Lunch bunch that's right had a couple drive in from cedar Byrd had another dude who does guitar lessons O'Connor moxie came optimal kind of walk all the waited to new Merlin I'm Moreland road dot. Had a great time out there gave out some not freak combo meals that people that showed up today induct. We'll be looking afforded doing that from time to time you gotta keep it tuned in here not to the Wendy's big show and people got to see that Casey was real Ronnie does have a real girl. I want artists are sent. And ivory from what is does it take a different great angle what he really settled there permit this to Algeria by imaginary girlfriend she is a real human I mean sometimes I'm not sure like it's just her and I've most of the time at the house in my can match up and myself all the star. To I'd take her out to events like this and other people actually physically cedar. You can also ask you relatively quiet and LeRoy Butler. It's a bit older guys who relatively quiet that day here the two black guys in the red Argentinian. From carpenters. It wasn't take there's girls in this and it wasn't Pena operations sultan. Allegedly. I can't get pink tank is and clean unlike. Cats at Barrow other. Does wonders for one that was a lot. What and how long and tough today you tell you this mark what is it that's a little while Hampton jail right now. We love that's allegedly to make sure they know with yeah. To make sure take it. John when he's four for four dollars as well they've at a quarter pound double seconds an option before for Ford odds over a quarter wannabe Ford nuggets. Your immune spicy Fries and a drink at the deal so but it shouldn't exist yet it does. A participating locations for a limited time Blase that a gigantic size frosty outside walking around taking pictures of people today in new Merlin as well I thought that was you. Know now who now and I am house black market you know I'm not in I sign a better job and at Wendy's what are they saying have you received junior Richmond at Wendy's. It is no I've tied owner Richard cousins and are but it never know you always liked about one gazillion India around the states who knows he has missed one yeah a better spot in the eyes is an oral they'll. I'm nice in the junior bridge meant junior Richmond is the nicest guy a hundred MB back to nice guy a hot topic. While out on Elena can tell you. Is this the guys here are friendly. The same hundred sick he's not you think he's too nice guys. Better under your breath. May be nice is a man I don't know that I've had a real morale. He's been on top popular right have you ever met he more humble pro athlete the junior Breaux urged. I mean more humble Don Brown I got a medium heat is solid and you have never ever thought he is attacked he has. I know people like you know what else is spectacular all found a track that fresh mozzarella chicken sandwich at Wendy's and all of my main man. Not yet as a dad island to melts all sat it yeah okay it's got three days and well. It's got for read Edward I say fresh every freshest mozzarella cheese it. As good ball sized guys tomatoes fresh spring makes a dreamy days a pesto is grilled chicken play and it toasted garlic embryos bugged man that thing. Was in progress and India and some right into insanity is the best they Air Canada through this is just slight. Slightly behind this Iraqi chicken sandwich for a man is it worth I'm against it I was encouraging. Kids to people's frost season put Fries and Alia happens and I that's the way you or did you get roster you know you're two for. No man known Ross where does shoveling out your chocolate frosting on you never an affront Abbott I mean where did this come so you do yeah I had children you have hit draws and no roll album chart they'll listen here to the ground work it's a racial thing with the right now. Yeah let's just get a shot another rider yeah yeah you offended by sings opera house to get across that. You get French Fries now and you dip the French Fries into the frosty and an eagle in that slogan so it's all good. I'm racing in which you during a lot of Audrey proselytize. I know. I'm reappear here around right now what you're doing this again it was a one off I'll do we do and against state armed ethnic governor's time. Yeah AA AA AA asked her yesterday when you got on a thousand to try to make in his eye you know would be easy Angola Megyn yeah. Pretty amused that the guys get to do is giving you a hard time with you say he probably will not be diluted bell you won the event yeah. Yeah. Fresh mozzarella sandwiches he gave show better. That's why are you are right I owner Ed what he's didn't think Casey was real so that he wanted to take a picture Bertuzzi didn't. That's how the salt they are rumored. You know those are mostly at the top rated jewel of the wideout and deflated. The case you don't know. You real meaning this is a real nice. Thank you. I appreciate. Our bill walked back to. Gerry or both fall in studio thing around your job that's your questions about the Milwaukee Bucks 7991250. And we'll get Uranus Susan Wendy's big show returns in the old Chevrolet studio. Always good act like we're down. Series not just go home games so that game one's over now. And it's. For ourselves in the there is Bucs head coach Jason Kidd this is the Wendy's big show with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf full. In studio the entire 2 o'clock hour any comments thoughts why did you have any questions you might have the right Gary. But a snow at 79912. Victory can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan back on that should have been rush coming out of the break down at their back Thursday presented by masters he's gras spirit up. I'm in my last group of the day. You'll be hearing rush throughout the afternoon here on the Wendy's feature before yet here call Sparky has he came in here all excited said there's not a quitter. It's our Twitter too but so the box I've been saying the last couple days that it sold out even. Well and they are now releasing lower level seats that you can buy starting at 3 o'clock for tonight's game this lower level how do you really long lost seats that sold out I don't know that that's what they're saying see you in a box dot com slash tickets. At 3 o'clock so I would have it all just start hitting refresh when it comes time to do and whenever I'm working at there too bad. You're girls not have heard it 3 o'clock is when they're releasing our lower level seats up for tonight's game and it's squeak is out Islamic read tweets next game is sold out capital letters but. We anticipate releasing a few lower level seats at 3 o'clock here now how expensive are those seats in India I don't know. But I'm if you if you want to get to the game still that I knew about some cash. Then you may wanna get to bust dot com slash tickets and get a shot at 3 o'clock and see what happens is Ginn who was adequate his computer I think is how this is gonna work but interest and we'll see what happens I get some tickets can you know stand anxious sudden you know aren't and now. There you don't have money on me I don't know what I have tonight I just my homeowner here are very dear commander and broke. Minister Peter are both mornings and already reached comedians that haven't been on the national surrogate all local comedians are. Yes there for a we're all broke that yet you just to have for the fun of it which I can appreciate for the love of the game. Rattled yeah. No I was talking to us some of the yet Toronto raiders don't Brent listens morning. Let's say guess what a round trip ticket from Toronto to Milwaukee direct flight is no idea 500. We've been running. I'm assay 600. Anymore guesses as. 1100. Dollars round carry us now know why if you went on over Detroit he can differ vitamin 600 weighing what and they were just going ballistic. Hotel rooms down there I think right now in Milwaukee were going for a 180. Next week. They're over 300 dollars. So I don't know is there something big going on Washington's now it's not that much at the downtown hotels and says why us. Stop. Are you a little air fast meant because I'm good that I use it now really looking forward to inflate somewhere worlds now just putting the it nonstop from Milwaukee to Toronto Toronto to Milwaukee. Or seeding is more the other way up so Roger blocking to Toronto. 630. Dollars or got 723. Is that from Milwaukee to Ronald round trip. Believe so long kicker is that all right overall I'm close to winning all yeah maybe you know 630 round trip yep 825. And he usually cited earlier if you use Air Canada area. Run ya covering you and I yet. Forget but again that's that's been back on May seventeenth itself. And that's may eleventh to may seventeenth so I put in today's dates of may so it's up my old are you know that's what they say it Eric I found it incredibly really really some of the but again. Hotel rooms over 300 block what does it matter they're not paying for their own flight yes. I don't know how many big dollar and who paid for their all flights maybe maybe now act I don't know I would imagine major papers are there's no way I'm flying for a thousand dollars to cover anything out my own dime Zachary does not happen now my chance Carlos gets that calls. Or let's do it 7991215. Any thoughts comments questions you have concerning our Milwaukee Bucks. Get him in the white Gary starting with Mike in Racine here on the Wendy's big show hello Mike. They guys take Gary you know act of people are probably the box played events coddle and in. State base your game and then they're right here yen. You know so all that's you know commit at all analysts but I you know I think they're right there. And. They're actually read their I was talking to an advance scout last night. He couldn't believe how well the box played in trot out trials on the easy place play. Yeah and empower it to that ethnic Armenians. You know. But then I wanna hear us through what you spots on. You know are not kind he wants Parker went down each and everybody from the world. Not at the department got two guys that are trying to be seen sort of speak and speak to art. And really take control and I thought what's she went down. On eight not watch Ernie is but yeah at Whitewater verdict came about all of it out and. Yeah I mean there's definitely pros and counseling Evan Parker. But the chances Syria must gadgets can give you twenty points game and if you if you got a sales and off night you've got another guy that can help promote defensively you know he's probably in the average defender. So her some there are somewhat but. Again I mean if you're asking me what you want to bore you Parker you're starting lineup or not I would definitely autumn and the starting to. We're talking about that on this show. Gary Le Roy myself rob me they win this series. I'm certain of it in Jabari Parker result there because it takes care of searching for points on a night in night out is this is raptors team and it puts him in a very difficult match up defensively as far as who's gonna defend who I think it opens up things for yacht has quite a bit and Jabari and Middleton a bolt on the floor. Absolutely I mean you got out of Parker and you can't lay off Parker and I mean right now they're laying off Tony snell and that's hurdle to a degree. And I talked to want to win juices warrior and he made it clear to me that. They know where snow wants to go particularly in transition best ball you'll you'll run so the three point line right. Went from Middleton or wait for ya to spare a small ball littered and we saw the Steve in the first few games he's getting a ton of open looks and you know. If you Hugh Smith comes raptors could be in trouble. Well that's exactly right it and you know the other thing too about this going into tonight's game. You're part of the problem though momentum meaning arms tonight for this basketball game and win having a younger. Core of players are too relying on to do the damage I think that really helps them I think veterans get some momentum off of it. But I think gay younger players are really. Did go. Let the other do you know putts. You know the bottom line is he U you have to have talent. In and you have to have experience and poise and trot Toronto was in a similar situation last year I don't if you guys remember typically the pacers okay yeah they lost the first game he came back. And there are veteran leadership showed up the rest of the way. In when you have Lowery you have drones and yeah by blocking and even two and a lesser degree. Don't tunis. Most of those are veterans they bend their shirt on that so me even if the Bradley setters in a sleek rockets' night which it will be up those guys have been in the situations so. And by the way. I saw. A dad I've known for Portland Jacob who's been a listener did this station a long time. On the news to mock the post game show remote and all that from back in the day now he's grown up and he's not a kid anymore but. He he's saying that if he was going to gaming Nike wouldn't put assured on endlessly with his size that they should be able to figure out how to add different sizes did you see what he asked which had JJ. I'm thinking yeah what is our insides and it's what he pledged thousands to read exactly and that is the stupidity that exists in our community when you think stuff like that I. For the life of trouble for me I cannot understand so what I want them to do exactly. Ordered 101000 of each sides agreed that free unit Taylor. Out. But Britain 101000 besides this standing on right there so you go through security guy. Before you get to get your ticket used to have to wait to get now to go through all these guys boxes for each person to see what side they Trinidad and stupid. Taking three to get into the arena we get it that way ours is what sides here you don't not yet if it doesn't fit right. Then don't edit an immediate staff Tyree can't get on and Scotland may be Taj obviously you can't get that would put an even ever saw Diallo is rampant but I'm I'll. Painted did you see JJ watt the other night at the rockets into this is something very similar to that they handed out shirts right. He did that putting down an average what is JJ all eyes are still haven't been and the crowd they sort of on the Jumbotron in the Hume some grief at last they've put about by the general try to said put your shared idea any doubt he's dead he did you do that it was tighter than you know we're. From this perspective when you're built like me in JJ watt nine guys here similarities. But if you are you know you were smaller meanest thing an extra large to Vick who are just put out please write procedures three axis are gonna Fitch you have it's an extra large against you can't put it on. You can get this thing not voted on it's not a fashion show tonight we cares deported aren't just put your arms in the middle of it. Pump it out a few times I do every Morgan if it if your Toobin he'll be yet why don't they trick you put like before you put an odd. You put your arms like through the the I'd of people kids he about our yeah oddly I guess I've done that from the bottom. I not from a car that's sake let's sync third aren't sure stretching until you knew you know. Like you would normally start to put a shirt on you know what I mean where you put your arms right through the bottom of the certain into the arm all right stop right there all day as a babysitter for inlets and worst day yet our Ronnie is a terrible job yet known exactly the right guy in due to vote yes. That's a bit is kind of how it feels that's a big guy trick yet now for sure by the way our guys Judge Joe Brown. Former intern at the fan now the hype man at the Bradley Center grades are a bit DO Banco just put out a do's and don'ts video about the shirts and the blackout night not a big a joke it matters to rapidly argues where and one in the video. He got in my car and maybe it's custom made for Judge Joe Brown. He is where and when an episode mango as I would think in Georgia originally has yanked on television. Right the ship and again lower level seats are going on sale at 3 o'clock read 3 o'clock A box dot com slash tickets there's only a few so if you wanna get it I don't knowledge are gonna basically you beat me to the poncho the Iraqi price yeah I don't know it's albeit personalized online stock now plastic it's 3 o'clock. We have our Milwaukee basketball in Sadr Gary willful in studio the entire hour. And he bucks thoughts comments questions you have get him into white Gary knows 7991250. You can tweet. At 1057. FM the fan rush will bring us out of the break on a throwback Thursday when the Wendy's picture returns in the old Chevrolet studious. Love my name Graham PC IA's numbers really I'm eighteen PE. Thursday presented five masters seeing some running Mac lawful always team's marquee fight for the packer hall of Famer low. LeRoy Butler. Got quite Gary Gary local Milwaukee basketball insider in studio the whole hour. Taking any thoughts comments questions you have regarding the Bucs ahead of game three at 7991250. Billion dollars tweet us at 1057. FM the fan and while you're treating us go ahead and. Get your vote in free throw back Thursday presented by mass disease. Let us know which artist you'd like to hear with the hash tag big throw back here enter to win a 25 dollar gift card to master disease that's 1057 FM the fan hash tag be throwback. Maybe Tosh one last week with rush who would you like to hear this week only gets a Pink Floyd Pink Floyd and get down with that. Steve's marquee Pfeiffer past past what group is that. LeRoy. Please don't hurt him I am. How in see him OK. And one of the best more than once on mental it's. Got to stop meant yes he had. One never put on the load. Big game the bears are. Now back on lord he doesn't have once on video outlets out you've got a good evening candlelight. Did if reports are unheard of the current yeah you got that amount it that he was the only ones. It'd just a third spot. For your force I do you miles long villages to do that and I know you're on many. Solves solves. Education. And unfortunately they should be and listen to his whole album. Have a look wonder biggest artists of alt tag for once thought no I don't know he had a he had his old dame about it for years it was hard. Do you know if you I think it's how. I'll I'll manage their idea on steroids and I'm I'm I'm with you up until up until ever tried to be yard attempt to address to be playing the dude it's in the again any candidate. At 2 o'clock. I hey Jose how has sold out of rain let's hope all of you white area dominated denied that he only did it while Lou Rawls who role that's a nice for your own eyes habitable bu the got a young team through are you what I guarantee you don't totally opened the way Al green's I don't work. I. See invisible nobody in those not so idea. The last. This week I had run nomination of DMX sabotaged by the curator of their back Thursday did a good older AS so I'm going back to DMX this week is he was run in a way with that until we got some more information. That he was not throwback that he wasn't one years old that I was told later they had this first record deal when he is in 1992. Which makes him more than qualified would Def jam when it yet what's so gimme DMX an answer about there's a row and he is throwback and he will win so there you nominees pink and white photos every time of the matter is that Hammond. Lou Rawls and DMX and CD and exactly just you know what I degree of a girl when we tell our home when we talk about rats not just a girl just excuse yourself as a dog his age actually let's go to cage in west thousand graduates on some bucks go out there that's as WV no doubt that. Yeah I'd be all you guys are all letters. Also. It's a technical officer a Jerry I love you work or some law that I've. I have a two part question where you used Jerry. What would you speak about playing lawmaker has stretched for. That's the first part of your question. And the second part of the question. I know hindsight is 20/20. What do you could play devil's advocate. Which you have to line up. On the court engaged. In the game it is into and not what lineup that you. We touched upon that a little bit earlier I totally agree with Steve Beasley would do and there are. You don't you're gonna make some changes obviously submit snell and their he's been their best perimeter shooter in the first two games. Yeah no I I definitely due to do agree with that I announcer what Jason kid in mind but you know as we said earlier. He likes to mix up his lineups are renowned themselves. What was the other question again. The for all got shot maker out there are no I think I think they should experiment to have that. But again. This is in the regular season missing the playoffs and here every minute on the court counts. And I was talking to a Nabisco last night and he said yeah you Exxon make everything style makers may have a bright future. But he said he is totally opposed plane. Don in the playoffs lately they gotta go with the role more minutes. In the go with the veterans. Are we are thanks Politico. That's an information about the T shirt thing a one off our last segment about it and apparently in Cleveland. I'm being told Michael he said hey guys my parents ordered their season tickets. In Cleveland they asked you your shirt size when ordering. Here's seasons announced interest that's brilliant. But that's not going to salt everybody else that's faced. Yes because not do it that's not all season tickets now upper deck is not all season tickets than I don't know how last throws off so you're still going to be gassing. That's a brilliant idea for season ticket holders on the other hand knew unless is he can dig dollars get a ticket somebody else and then. You know they they both Wear smalls and and the guys sitting undersea to get tickets to a three axis like on a work but. That's a good idea that's what wages thought to provide decision ticket holders but it still doesn't solve the overall problem Mike was a was being told the meal of I'm not weren't sure they don't in my. I you know like speak a big men remember Wayne Embry no yeah I mean what he played as a lot NBA 275 pounds. Again I saw today this morning at BC and had a nice talk with them but. Anyways and I don't know some across the floor I didn't recognize the when he came over and I said man you she dropped some weight. He lost sixty pounds while sixty YQ because upheld or because he wanted to he said he really wants who's also the first time useless and real conscientious oneself so different. Yeah that's great and we have one more segment with our Milwaukee basketball in Sadr Gary wall full in studio address so any bucks thoughts comments questions that you have. At 7991250. Or tweet us at 1057 FM the fan I got JS as NC hammer was too legit to quit after join him and exist and too legit to quit after his wanted Audrey and saw those guest Jackie I'm Barack and we got a Carl and I. Outs that's when your shot. Aren't bison in and said to religion to quit having seen her pulse Adams golf now it's all good pray. I want to every tweeting that and said does anybody else know and these are outside the first on the all happy cedar was money. He's damn. Slow they're raping you know slow him as a rat but a slow. There's like I need love from other who jays wrap at guzzling old and you're seeing her on thirty some valuable ones the parent won't. Want to have you seen her an old school yeah yeah 9000. Samples so general now he says no and these. Same girl I sought to give him credit he and sampled it. You need to I would. I was off your critical certainly David are you an aside I hammered you whoever your favorite artist does that aren't sample views its goal. Samples yeah yeah yeah yeah. They really hard to send me and they don't just read do they don't just do with a song exactly that was done they re purpose it. They use a beat they use a hook these a baseline explain and they seem to same Wear no no no sorry yeah service yes totally not. Digitally archived on the court is is is the actual chorus from I think it was to our lights are well I don't know immigrant group from the sixties they yeah they are a group that is is that that's the book it's deadly saying that's a good. Fidelity has channel and MC Hammer's rally and an MC hammer wraps in between the chorus in between core is yes I am good. Good lord is not enough words as I really original us dinosaurs are quite rampant Billy gates well because Johns David has been a white is gab all. I'm Ali yeah glory every day but it's just a little. With a guy who referred to as a white scary era curry is not while I agree Judea who leaked it lived right over about what exactly right now we turn this off the tees and an understanding. Yeah. That's unacceptable and is this the best books document murdered I thought that it had kind of bucks and groups and a brilliant bit of learn they. Want to hammer yeah favor wasn't an island lives as we did what we need to either wants. Yeah. Why is the guy you ensemble hit a quiet about it but at least you guys I didn't out at least you know realities are tired. You know what I'm saying we do actually because of Gary well I have a TV show Amish people renew their houses with our congress people are so I know he did he had a I don't. How. It's not very now Mac it'll probably go to you know we've done well I don't get up. Your days you're glad they had to let you know when it's. Cold yeah it's yeah. Go back Thursday presented five masters he's let us know will be like here next week to each artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throw back. Here after 225 dollar gift cards to masters he's. Maybe couch the reigning champion nominated Pink Floyd Sparky would without green in the right wants to hear MC hammer white Gary or Milwaukee basketball insider. He's in studio for the rest of the 3 o'clock hour taking your questions and calls he wants to hear Lou Rawls. I nominated DMX go to one of those are your own creature artist at 1057 FM the fan has tagged big throwback. Oh forget box dot com slash tickets got a 3 minutes at 3 o'clock to releasing some lower level seats on that you can buy box dot com slash. Tickets at 3 o'clock so three Mets get two computer you want a chance to go to tonight's game box releasing lower level seats in like three minutes and box dot com slash tech and don't forget the Wendy's big show will be out and about tomorrow it's deeper buzz. For their boaters tailgate party going on through Sunday it's given buds boating super Saturday of the largest selection of boats. In the midwest and will be out there from two. Until 532 Murray can buy new boat or register to win luxury box seats for the brewers skipper buzz voting senator senator I 94 exit highway AT. On west front end road in. At skipper buds that counts can write to the phones can write to joke who wants to talk to white Gary about some bucks go ahead Joseph. What up guys you. How requests could couple questions for Gary actually to Carter to an open issue and our number one I'll what do you think it's essential we need to be done to bottle up ot Kyle Lowry like we did in the first game and shut in you'd think it would be a lock. If we have a Jabari in the lineup based guys aren't able. The etiquette questions. Stopping and tell a story it is can be extremely difficult I think he's going to be even more motivated tonight. Yet the abysmal for scheme as everybody knows certainty be bounced back but. He's he's on a mission that I talked to him this morning and he seemed very focused very intense and would have mentioned. They're gonna you know try to trap and as much as possible to ball out of his hands he told me one. I kid coached Brooklyn a couple years ago they deployed the exact same kind of defense so he knows what's coming. So he he'll be ready. And if if they had zawahri would would it be a lot Melamine. Throttle was had the six best odds of winning the NBA title the sixth best. By the Vegas oddsmakers in the box of the second worst sell. Did they were they're the Bucs are heavy underdogs and even if the edge of Mario I think would be still you know it's a tough road we get to a sports slash share Gary your prediction of for the Internet. Toronto and is going to be a heck of a game not think it's gonna be as they'll go where you see you a. If you type it in a good angle on this and your idea and tie it into Google you type MC space HK Bennett comes out suggestions in Google. The first suggestion is MC hammer. The second suggestion is MC hammer pants. The third suggestion here is MC hammer songs. So his pants are bigger than his songs Spencer Fujian sort no nobody in the literally and the total cost me legitimate if he's mortal what is happening I mean he legitimate. He was too clear on how well it's yeah way you should quit much sooner right. I don't for most of it is okay yeah is that people who and by the way Vanilla Ice did do a TV show and is still going to now it only want to Vanilla Ice goes on Ashe. Get bring Josh and I'll make you know I was. I still think that can't be in our health got really just just brought news president of distribution watching man that's fun what does he do and really funny he goes every does the house's larger. It's got to be yeah. He read does obviously houses he made it HT TR otherwise basketball wise we're no one's marital Bastia Larry GT one of them is our original program I'm not going to a stereotype here although Amish people are listening to us right now us diagnostic right yeah. I had it and I'd like you think it is no. Electricity and that. Yeah that's what. I would think Amish people are pretty empty eyes both that was people would be more equipped to rehab housed the dead Vanilla Ice where you gonna go to him and Tanya. This. And yeah. It's really goes OK if you say so and then we have big breaking news. Well entity ms. expecting second child with Carmelo. And officially to files for divorce yes yes it's on the kid can keep it together and we don't talk about the Packers schedule. You wonder that after that Sweden since we've got a lead down after a quick break after a sports last yet we know half the packers' schedule a little bit more than allegedly. We'll discuss it nets and other weapons I'd sell it. Seven late studios right Gary thanks for coveted guys and it's a pleasure guys that are inside the Racine journal times racy sports on dot com and on Twitter. And Gary woeful in the Wendy's big shall be right back with half the packers' schedule right after this no holds Chevrolet stealing.