BIG SHOW 2pm: What goes through your head when you hear 1st place Brewers?

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Thursday, May 18th

05/18/17: The BIG SHOW 2PM Hour


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Great show a lot of in the old Chevrolet studios are running back an awful lot of prestige Sparky viper. And a former Packard badger running back Gary Ehlers and LeRoy Butler will leap into these old Chevrolet studios momentarily. Text you sent me said to roll Bobby got lots to get to if you. Between now and six or the end of the brewers game whichever comes first including at about 235 a couple familiar faces that worked out for the bucks who do like to see those relationships. Take the next step in the NBA has a big problem. Where does not sure what it is it's coming up at 3 o'clock right out of the gates though wanna play the word association game. It's a pursing that goes through your head when you hear first place brewers 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan die count nobody thought. But as we sit on May eighteenth Sparky that we'd be saying. First place brewers and that's exactly where they sit at 23 and eighteen happened game ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals two games ahead of the cubs what goes through your head. When I say first place birds he seriously I. I. Heidi. I. Always feel like wearing way to thought oh. Please make fun and Tim Allen and I've done it. A long time on the radio. For scoreboard watching in April having you should apologize to Tim I'm a big show in his post game show remark made fun edited meet today in games and the possible. I've made fun of Tim for scoreboard watching in May as well. You know what's I was doing last time. Scoreboard watch in. As soon as I saw over State's lead and then nine I immediately went to the phone to see what happened in the cardinals or is it blank care today away and in that manner Latin card game not on a first played and a and that's holiday lots and I just literally started laughing. I just started giggling like you've got to be kept me there in first place a and again I understand it's a long long season rhyming. Got months ago four and a half months ago. And this is pretty cool I mean it as much as. I'm on the radio downplaying it saying hey you know stay the course trade away these guys you can get to the form gain on these guys are going to be here well whatever. Still fun watching their team win baseball games. And this team is only winning baseball games. They're winning them in dramatic fashion sometimes. Mean yet they haven't a Mother's Day last night top of the ninth inning. They come back and they win that game was tied but still they can they win that game in the top of the ninth on the road in San Diego regardless of what you think of the Padres are good or bad they are. That's still a big deal if they win today that means they take 304. On the West Coast. Against the team I don't care what team it is tigers Dodgers giants sure is more present you do it against the Dodgers I get it. But it's still tough to do on the West Coast Vegas today that's a huge deal you deal and on top of that the cubs RT an hour at deemed as unbeatable going to win another World Series and I think they probably will. But to be sitting here a couple of games in front of that. Instead of 56 games behind them in the middle of may. On. I think if you ordered to hold people. I heard of the season. That on May eighteenth. The brewers would be in first place by themselves. Said and I additional. People what are called up and written me and laughed at me and said you are drinking in the way too much brewers cooling. You are crazy they thought Tim would have said probably but they never would have thought I would've said Ronnie or Gary we would've got ripped for saying such a thing. I wasn't here but didn't you guys. And Gary and to get it to like heated argument is that with colleague if that's what he seventeen championship season Mantilla stupid okay that doesn't change Paris to their first place itself stupid. I know why does no credit for that I know right because he doesn't every year. Deal why he'd. No no credit for the right he does that's a tribute to youths as itself that's why does and I'm finally what. But. From this perspective sitting your first place man your first place Milwaukee Brewers entering play this afternoon. Mean com. And Tom moral base our series in Chicago gets the cards. If they dig to a three from a club picnics. Or lead on the cards in the division. Who saw. Me give you to June 1 and you're in first place in this division. Since gold began the season when he would make a prediction refused. Was he just wanted people around baseball talk about how surprised they were about the Burris and how good how surprised by how good they were this year that's all he wanted he care about wins or losses he just wants a national recognition for a good this team was when nobody thought they would be. I think that's been accomplished care I think Tim's goal of what he wanted out of this season has officially been accomplished because I don't know how. Anybody can not be talking about the brewers this. Which is straight for a matured our job and what we do absolutely I mean you know we're you know for Ras. It's Cadillac do it period so to speak. In between sport where arming the blocks trying to go literally brought the bus terminals on the Obey got to play out big talk talk about a yard. All of sudden the brewers that your hot right now and they could take hasn't talked finally on a second all NBA teams that propagating. Them should be first that's most. But I have to be at a LeBron if you its first wouldn't go. My day in this month the small forward position and that idea. And a couple of I think that's how they do I just but it bears players OK I'm pretty sure they do they do position yet. But he. While you do here do what you'd investment. Turning it follows my bad and couldn't run on him Jones and I made their dog much or are okay. And now it's just forwarding guard in sun Jupiter classified as a small little run our go to for a dollar and I got captured and Isiah Thomas and based Comerica. To a lot brighter light is rugged and that's what I had been out not. Who just you had to be up Weiler. Now. You realize the only guy did all 101 team votes James Harden. Only one brining all first place there is nori Russell Westbrook. Repaired since factor in the play or 2 ago so this morning. Our I got up and I do my work our decision armies Korean I think I mean that's her old train for people just tuning in. I'm doing really well in such an idiot I've. I told little bit. By. And I think I mean you're trying to play tomorrow life. And where you would normally is trained to workers about loaned. Steve had a run America are so important his life and imposed neo certainly there and in him as stress fracture yeah and I said it would happen here. Another thing you know thread about is I'm working now you're always. You know has some work at all. And I am looking. Over the phone but it. All right I had to put an. My FaceBook pages. And you can light a priest and stereos won't notably Chet Marco random in the want to wanna be your friend not like not cool enough. Our ideas are there are witness to our guys yeah. To get their Florida jobs. The jobs. Don't kid. That and that dynasty. The team that's supposed to win five World Series. The dynasty. You say okay can you look at them meals are glad everything that is OK honestly aren't the sudden behind you maybe just the glaring obvious OK after a former. Cubs colors. Got all the dynasty. With fireworks injuries. Just burn it predicted this before you look up. Student. Your farmer has been dropping big from beaten the drum. On the cover. In these jokers here in the first place unbelievable. Experience. I don't know what to do what. You know like yours and are created New. York. And it. Would have altered what habitable printed right. Yet discourage or. What can you do something that you didn't foresee coming. You can opt in York. Where this I am going to show myself. So self. Gary. Toga two we're. I don't be too low below. I can't. Expect. I'm not expecting anything artist and. The rug Boller entered the studio disgusted with Gary mom whatever happened mumbling like an old man whatever happens happens. Sit back Geary. Enjoy the ride this is something. Bring it straight up in the right Adam winning eighty games and its mark. This is something that I did not see coming. The zoo or get more credit and Tim top of the Roy get it going all right I can't allow. Ron Allen is more great about it is say you could tip the gimme credit for calling it the championship season to these says that every other as a lawyer never had a negative prediction when it comes to the brewers. Okay AZ and UniCredit. Karbala about him. And uncle Roy I don't know that. Got Laura about crowds here they think it was a racist guy and as. I am pretty sure it's the Roy but everybody pigs it's you area but. Next on. T you're enemies. In eagle. So I say in my own self. Just enjoy the ride. This should also press it's every expert in the very early today. Right now we expecting. Playoffs. You definite mean she know you're new beautifully and Israel while through a warm. And I don't wanna get caught. They're going to be like Steve. Now that's not known. Don't act and how to deacons have back you you it's not all that be like Steve's stuff you what they're over a Matlock who dated throughout the buck season this year with there would have a little extra man on the buck season I don't know man they should be the top four -- apple court management at number eight the I. Now it doesn't go down right. True now that I won the day they get used to it and what does he say you play let's take it. And why go black. I know. Every passport littered. And those children I don't man I don't know well. This is Islam should be like Steve Menem and mr. Clare. Is there then I get all my whole song. And I'm all aboard a body and you're gonna make a playoff to graduate of the dolls and they do hit rock match. And they and they don't make the playoffs you know his awful I can't keep your eye can be pissed off about something. I didn't perceive happening in there and as I look at its team he's keep wondering. How that know how to do an average Q wondering. The other shoe and while. But they that this thing is this if you're say this whole Q a offensively. Know what players are to comment on earth that are quite so well over their head and run. Is Ali got in the different lastly they've been hurt after best of missing story they've been heard ten day DL by abroad. Shaw missed a day or two things missed today in all you gotta get all these people you know a lot of people that they've not had the same lineup for a long time. Legal popular pit line into the top a lot of a lot people had their and their core guys. And they probably what moved Butler some reasonable burden missile hi guys. And they don't debt to admit to biggest. You have brought Brahma Brahma deadly mid missing in winning without reminding as the biggest of for the most ortho. They haven't been asked her junior Gary going down you may or may give me out OK you don't let little stuff right I'm missing the allies so junior guerra. It goes out Earl yeah yeah you run pleasure rose. They like oh your pitching I can be very good. Just don't put it doesn't Wednesday while look at Bom Gartner in the giant they mentally it's a so you look at that now getting he's not at that level you want to know about this and number one number one you rotation and a source and then use brawn and again when wrongly dine like boy that's that's your best bat in the line party and replace that and please keep winning and winning and winning without brawn to the fact. Get trailers and other dinners and you need thrive on do we don't need him here I mean he's. We showed we had to figure out of plays by regular mini Gephardt who don't put him vote to remove this guy to work itself. James isn't playing anymore I'm just hagel R&R while waiting you were in outlook. After that night in medical you never ago. Yup and while you look at the number of things if LeBron huge games without broad not sold it. All nasty. Gnome is disaster for certainty and absolutely so my thing is. Not Tweety is Edgar brewers. OK I give it some people waiting for them to hit. You know to come back or when they're. Good luck with. I know some does that it would these baseball gotten into a moment on TV. They say how do you put a team together to try to come our way errors and possible to be correct how to explain to brewers. How to explain a few of the team indicate that he's keep coming back they can't explain it. So just analyze it and keep him where I mean it's not that are to explain in the baseball and on and could not bill's guys. It is should be. My daughter out of their pick to be last all eyes out and they know that no a lot of well I'm always a different things. Okay out there that will lead like they are at the people out loud stadium three and audacity should be asked in the years. Deported season you do them there has to be last battleground I don't understand the soda they can't explore. So much thing is what big jump into the numbers and I'll I cast an amen. There wasn't one guy will say this. Let's put it up a little bit this week is about 2006 and it tingles through thick stuff in them into custody go to bed now. This could be dare now Joseph loves art and two straight. But I understand you know they ship albeit. Are you mean like overall Syria there is typical of the struggle started the season three and not huge is right I think they got Judith hide the fact they want to you know I thought he was saying maybe they thought you say maybe the cubs are in the middle of losing streak to send out what to. Then they should be number one ambassador and a lot of people expect that in May they may win and erode the broad middle knows in general our lives same attitude. Because. They don't have their income or not he's not a healthy team and when it for some reason. I think. That led these national pundits are trying to figure out why. Any discretion here I liked. What. What goes through your head when you hear first place brewers let's play the word association game 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back on this what's the first thing that pops into your head. When I say that phrase first place Burris whatever it is dials up and you next time Wendy's big show and hope Chevrolet studios. It's about winning games different ways tonight the pitching staff delivered in terms. Carried alone tonight and you know what excites me is that we win we win games in different ways because that means that as we go on through this season we got you don't different tools to. To put together winds. That's spurs manager Craig Counsell after another win last night. Then moved your Milwaukee Brewers and took first place. What goes through your head when I say first place birds is the new word association game. 799 pulpit or you can email us live. And 1057 FM the fan back I'm Jeff Ross the other side of the last we haven't you winter and there's there are new intern here tonight we do have a new interns today doing. Risking your body name is Chris his name is Chris desire to get on the Mike cameras and take ago look at can turn on the light and there is having is having get a good look at I. Interest of footnote zagged Davies David Stern. Men over to point it looks to me that's good old white people escalate to you're I just look rilya. Are you guys get a good look at him I don't wanna spend too much time on this Diego look at him can you start coming up start coming up with a name will name the inter later on the show. I got one I'm holding you got one you know deal alum differently aren't the same god just hang onto it and Garrett do you think I want you can't think of one to. Well there will pick the best one thinking young Chris we appreciate it I'm there is kinda has yet for now sure hours ago. I didn't I didn't see it what does it should say is that they're wrap its wis rap based off route. Our is that all of basketball whiz wrapped basketball you know that's a wrap it around are okay inaudible lost. He does yeah how the data gave a thumbs up because they run their program to Gary neighbors Milosevic about her let's go to original field. You're on the Wendy's big show what separates. And Edward acknowledge that promote. That are. Out hit out there I've ordered child to buy. Or at. Odd too early. And the east and kitchen. Desperately. You ought to fire pulpit that's look at the ever every other ear at eight. How. Did you first. The porch light by the light. July picnic are not on an island chain that started pitching for. I brought. One check it let's get it started to someone actually twelve game. Got a base. At some Indian art it is it. All delegate Eleanor it. You want not even Jimmy not to. Play you could argue that far. So how would it do its own it it earned in need without mention your farm system. Or shade it by NATO started. Broker already started pitching for sure that's gonna cost of Steve's picture even just use it. Now let's not they've got some sir did you coming their system on people are asking where Motown was about last how do you I told you keep me on task. I screwed up aren't taking up my QB rating I think just my bed and I'll play going into the break I screw up but I'm never wrong oh yeah those here for a make mistakes but when I tell you something here is going to be true 'cause I'm always write his disorder. While Luke. I don't usually get politically I didn't know. Doug I don't do that nobody else mattered as you read it and go can I make goblet of bad ducked into the death. Then they go they have big. Okay. It's that. Seventies soul collections and those infomercials. Like eight CDs only. It was gone really well me and Logan are watching at ten year old. An airplane out these like Al Green romance on and then Tom Joyner who is a famous morning shall personality them. Says yeah the lady was when I don't know she's yes you as you know romance is big back then he's love songs. Counteract those NORAD and I have signals they got geragos time geragos. You know nobody's called back then. Baby making music. There and Leo okay mayor and a ten year without missing a beat turns to mean Kate. And goes and I'll plane baby making music when he made Jackson's there yeah for about two men like. Yeah honored in what was but yeah I mean yeah so there. On voyage days exploited by desert the birds and the bees are you concealed I don't you worry they're teaching them in fourth right now. We've already had come I don't know what's going on and found out on me and after fourth Corey. Odd duck into debt or debt and forgot the question what goes to your head when your first place brewers. Dog that lets the record is the law at all so many Brazilians are hot and did I yeah I don't block him. And scared about Jackson tweets at the fan first since. Now I can tweak a difference the first not prepare for a meltdown all of us. This team is actually really good it doesn't have the feel of previous teams. So there's two thoughts first thought was that seems doable upon. And then in the second out lyrics about him. Can't live in the moment here despair and here's another one Larijani. Says checked career premiere of the cubs are coming. They lead right nominally. Who cares a mechanical. You know no rumor you concerned now hours. Arraigned yet and then they cause another on an eight year when he not yet but I got a tweet from mark. Mark when you concern. As adequate July. No I don't know I was Arnold I can pinpoint that date when I'll be concerned right now and that talented tigers are right now figuring it isn't easy you know. You know uncomfortable. At all the big winner to down not and company that's enough opponent in her to Chris Bryant's been out muted and suffered their holdings wasn't as Russell sicker something and mean did they come down their own issues so you know uncomfortable at all no not really. Now. So you're eager yet and soul. And there's one thing that I that worries me it's that the starting pitching hasn't been as good as it was last year. The offense they're gonna score runs they've had a lot of injuries then and Chris Bryant out of the lineup for four days because he was under the weather. Got their got this team is gonna hit. Jake Ariana. I don't know maybe I mean he is in his thirties now so maybe he's not gonna get back to the form that we saw that in years. Numbers Vincent's yet accused in Houston. I don't know less than that I am curious I don't like since that story first came out against him outlawed what is numbers Romney should. You should watch. Chicago fire. Chicago me and ultimately. If you like Chicago. It's unbelievable I mean you watch and you see all the buildings. The landmarks all of that Chicago fire yesterday that they had these cute. Dead flip over his car. And in his car he had all the baseball cards Dutch side. From the World Series changes last year right right and they burned out in the car our home man okay. Break my legs I burned my blood count are actually get a broken army wanna go back and get him to Google might get so the guys that saved him. The firemen. They don't feel bad about it because they could go back and guitars are these guys are covering up for it right department. Right so they go back to the fire station and probably meet. This about it executed got it on bowed out as we get cute. Little more fight for. Take him down to Wrigley Wrigley Field outlets also and I mean if it's real it's awesome you right right and he walks in. They arranged for practice increase Bryant came. Well they were actually on the show heroes are nice result they are actually on the show it is if you're Chicago. It is true Chicago fire Chicago mayor of Chicago do it's true Chicago should. I tell you I feel about the cubs and brewers dynamic. That's doesn't matter two with the street from mark well as a lot of people coming at me and they are and where audience do about the first bush brewers mr. code red book club wrong. And mark mark was a little bit nicer and more respectful about it tweeting at Rami is tweeting says. Happy and excited for the summer brewers baseball would imagine. A cubs fan wouldn't be tripping yet. My answer to him was I would be disappointed if the cubs don't turn it around but a very nice I want it to be you there but no not tripping yet so guy's gonna win the NL central. I want it to be the cubs right but if it's not the cubs I'd rather the brewers and cardinals reds or pirates so you have that that's your second and absolutely. I hate the rest of tees I can't stand the rest of the these. Stevie why does second base. Thank gear yes. No but I think you'd do you do because you mean you around it all in. Share a lot of I was ill adult material just got to education to get here and you say that's a pitcher of mentoring line. Loud do. I love. I don't get lucky dally to argue but I don't I got that hey I don't need you'd sit and had to beat it around. Anyone adults in the attack on Hillary I got it as they look I saved us and that to my Sox fans friends select department. Let's go to Richard in Hartford let's average here in the Wendy's make sure that you. In order comes in my mind is cautiously exciting. Because one of the bond street for years to golf. They had a lot of nice winning streak in the beginning of the year with about 3040 games left -- call and my high horse and sent. There's no way they're not making the playoffs and guess what they've crashed and burned but their day are exciting to watch quite some of that. Somebody a game of education and it was really exciting you know with Omar does not see the ball girl game a couple ball so we had a good time what they are on the watch. But like Gary chose not to try not to moles you have. Just heard George and his attitude in the World Series. It all the brewers everybody remembers that now as the collapse and that's what led to the rebuilt. And America and remember the previous year. It was daughter David's in our hundred days there while as a hundred days in first place whatever was Gail and I fall by the second half. And it is an okay it's time to start over and start over they said no we believe I don't believe five and that they were horrible all year. They move Goldman is at the deadline and then we Iran and that was in that I wouldn't put I don't. Don't know and that's why people remember race because that's what people are gonna forget. That it was a memorable moment. What goes through your head when you hear first place bruiser. 79912. Fit that's are those your head. 7991250. You can email us live on these recent at 1057 FM the fan and I now shoot drugs played a word association game with you more on the other side of his quick break you're listening to the Wendy's big jump out of Beverly studious. Nothing new. Minutes. Speaking. It's Wendy's big Joseph it's a throwback Thursday presented by masters he's with Motown this Thursday. Re asking you right now what goes through your head when you hear first place first. 799 full thing here you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back cam before you get to the point you're about to get to you can go we. Around the horn quickly with our nominees for next week's throwback Thursday Gary dollars and journey journey. For GE O Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Notice on this show those. Watching that that seventies soul infomercial I'm kind of deal. So sold never wins on this on this there is never listening to seven I announced in 1960 nominated Al Green before it's number one knows. And not love that green but I'm trying to Marvin Marvin gay Christine Sparky talk about not teaching you try seven measles somebody wins more about the left the studios and we'll hang out there is for Jeff for a Los Q would you like to your next week go with Eric Clapton Eric collapse in Italy and I like aircraft and you know what arm. Some Stevie ray bond in the war zone on a throwback Thursday Laura let the studios say is he just doesn't get a nominee. We are back and there. Just give him run DMC let's go to Raoul in Richfield you're on the Wendy's big show us your head when you hear first place for his role. So did. Good about where it is well. Finally all. Caught up there and enjoy what. Listen future. Don't know how long Lara at you last offseason. But what they're about to receive about that don't give up. They have heart and like. Like management and the future of this reference. It's a good picked on India and got four. Couldn't set an amber feminist though the Packers window for the Super Bowl continues to be open and so I receivers and put them in in the contending position come this fall. The box look like there are starting to turn the corner of being a perennial playoff team. Arm at some point competing for and maybe had NBA finals appearance at some point next couple of years plus there's a new arena coming. New practice facility opens up this summer to all of this office going on there with a box all all positives. Outside to Bard being heard. And and the brewers are in a rebuild and his rebuild. As far as wins and losses go nobody expected them to be as competitive as they were last year and now this year after making a bunch of offseason moves again. They're even better than they were last year to this point. It really is a great time to be was got a sports fan I can't. A long time. Where US a fan in this state could say all three teams are going in the right direction. Can you remember the last some happier. Mean our expert watch I think you're right about you start looking at nationals earlier how he has worked out for us as. You know in probably is what we do mean you'd look at the books in. They came on again run for in the course of respect at a premiere and it didn't take it Agilent the brewers with world football always gold bugs him. For the three sports majors ports and and now the rules of ways can I feel. You've talked editors go badgers football basketball and I want it done and what you've been in and the team has been. Consistent consistent all time for like twenty years yeah Europe budgets for our three major sports the old B. Where the arteries is is is great don't don't you remember at least I do remember when the Bruins make him run. They have to brewers are playoff games on television at ball. On Sunday now's a bronchial yes. I mean. If you had a box Europe in a box. And you're sweet. While the game was go AK CC sabathia. And it was I believe I mean soul. It's not likely stuff all three of these few don't support each other because they do. But I think it's it's a great spot for Wisconsin sports greats proper proved to be here. We didn't see it coming I just think it is cutting short right so it would add curry in the during a wall opposition as well agree wall fission. What that's the question what goes through your head when you hear first place on a brutal state or 1479912. And agency or 1479912. Now is no longer necessary right now is I'd rank it right off the rain are we never do that is that he's tough talk about these days warts. You come along. In Rome Wednesday it was and those news co moved from Florida. Let's say haven't you gotten us. Yeah for five minutes you know what I want to know not a narrow already finished let's go to air into Spanish dominant area near the Wendy's big show was up Polk acting. I aria. I'm Daryn so the first thing that come into my mind further. Part I mockingbird. Jeff Garcia and one day at a time and take it one at a time and enjoy the ride. And a number of groups. Anybody. I don't think you give a better piece of advice to her fans. Then when he used it now one day at a time. Right because if you get into the mindset of looking at big picture like I tend to be there. Then it's going to be harder for you to kind of get along with what's going I had a year or rent for free to charity if you get into the mindset of the franchise Tim Allen. And every day is the biggest game of the year you are gonna enjoy as a whole lot better told you if you live in dotted every pitch every game. So this sport you've had a great time. And get ready for life brought lobbying job bubbly and Dave made 28 that is one of the cooler bottle has never received them motors and on the motorcycle. Yeah that's pretty awesome. But I was it is viewed as a debit and your owners. That's about when are we don't doubters the united I'll make sure you got to negative for each user not enjoying it. Saturday rather watch paint trying to Waldman a baseball game yet and you're telling us that they are doing is still true. I mean the paint your house one branch good designing three rooms and it. Tom tweeted I actor needs a coat and its size is 86 weeks into the season we get say the brewers are in first it's a beautiful thing wait until broad comes back council manager of the year thank you. Eight make sure we take put him on my favorite list if the brewers are in the playoffs even if it's a law party mantra here. I don't think it's debatable even if you went said the gains but if you repeat yeah have a winning record they've got to win more than rise. Would this. Hour there is some kid as a big baseball fans in Portland can name three guys on Tuesday. Sure they can't name that I am bothered promise that. All brawn would be idiotic name and they and and check out and done. Blasted team is bending. Together. I think Eric Davis quickly became a household name I hope as you know why does your life but it must call far away because his performance is because the controversy thank you surrounding him minister apartments in the accusation jail here at go to slot behind best accusations. That people may armed and based the cubs. Yes the cubs my team assailants. Route up they did a bad thing I'm not signal at the the Datsyuk put it right. It was those guys questioning but I am sure they aren't the only thing you get paid back at all but without saying it right James isn't on the map the same. I don't think maybe it might write about it anymore and title story which got up on aims at the building Aaron. It went down next I loved his response to it. I loved hazards by the London there's a lot of guys again combative and defensive end when those when those and there are flying around Lula. I love his approach and. Take your wins. Where he had to bring you have a choice what do you mean. Or workers if you were like a superstar in this league bulls won again discussed enemy. So he used after they were big. And he when you're right he did Hamlin broke and that's where you're where he and earn anything yet to be. You know to have to be a. Call my bra. Wheat who actually wasn't flying. But I don't deny Casillas is actually gonna Margaret calls on this one like I I do I mean it was at the all star righty I'll put that on the back. One more segment taking your calls and asking what's your reaction when you hear first place bird 799 realist cars right after this model Chevrolet studios. 1 evening show it's a throwback Thursday with Motown marina side of the breaks we'd we'd like to hear next week at 1057 FM the fan hash tag big throwback. For your chance Eddie 25 dollar gift certificate to masters these last segment we gave you our nominees Gary went with journey. Sparky went like Marvin Gaye I went with Stevie Ray Vaughn Jeff went with Eric Clapton you want the BJ's LeRoy. All right the right there as head in the rain with the BG is but one of those are around. Preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan. Yeah entered to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to master Aziz who's having their annual ten sailed blow a lot of bad right now clearance prices. I'm all remaining when he sixteen patio furniture pool table and shuffle board floor model sales. Fire pits umbrellas outdoor kitchens grills have expect DOS games you name it. They got it over their masters he's checked him out and masters ease dot com got out I iRows anger. I have not. Does bought it. I'm hay out so I'll address Sumner. Now listen you're pretty. Thursday night in a boat attached I'd be throwback. Yes that's the first thing here if you're gonna quit out it's a test a big drawback if you don't know the hash tag your vote doesn't count Dorgan assert by the Pastor Wright. It that's first and second thing are. Sound guardedly singer's dad Chris Clark got him Monday. That's on clarify yeah that's it you're gonna have him on Monday either way I hear Monday all right so just to clarify that we will play sound are numb and I can't wait that's in fact. Tree that Cuba arm ours are. He co worker here she was gonna go see them on course Billie Jean. So I don't know newsman not a scam as one of my friends and I got a yeah I think in giving that counts it's cancers blackest is exactly that you Cubans are yet. There were rumors and I'd like sound grown up. Alison well auger. Who saw burn young guy yeah and you don't normally do on the songs we play. It was anything you're not. Alone I don't know. I don't sound guarded red you don't online about the big key words that just enjoyed giving yadier that I know I smoke I can learn and LeRoy ignited and look who. The dark Oman is promising. Yeah glorious about China isn't the doors of the bit to fasten. There's definitely. Am I too fast form this and that too Gloria upload yadda of them being pretty quickly got like three solid arrest. It is an add on in the first American made in my game or yeah it's. It. She did it well have been hard. To. No other though Houston Q. All we agility oh yeah. Yes. How do you think she's lost glory stuff on yeah I got a major problem at that you are doing and she looks tired how he says reported Iran. User 142. You surround. Larry stuff on Imus a 49. 59 chi who turns sixty in September and what are giving our current picture ever there. Well. How we look and Mara let's go to. Look at Mike at what it's been a serious. Bite what goes through your head reduce your first Clijsters. What goes through my editors. Let's see who we are called the end of August. I'm ready Gary and now I'm getting hyped idea that I'd been having dreams or nightmare about despair now I'm thirty. Now we're doing this summer right. Are we going out there into our Gary Luck sir you're more welcome to come along and all the all the video camera. Why did you bring fresh little engine. Hundred viewpoint of Missoula Montana Jerry well. They've got they've gotten iron and claw result they're Gary. Missoula Montana they are two or is that who is well. Move Zuma is is out of my Norah mentioned your graphic arts. Are not there a lot of air in that area. Our company's base would greatly Jerry. Amal wanted to man Massaquoi. I'm I'm white. I'm glad. That you puckered up his. I agree you look Gary that nobody I mean lexis and joy I. I got caught bared on talk smack all day. Monday. To say the apartment. But I mean I'm not bucket or you lose your own Gartner. Thank you I appreciate it I know my until they don't do thanks for phone call I've seen to be talking job growth this fine. I got much stuff on FaceBook. As well when we Politico tomorrow via one in Wrigley. AJ I'm a fan base who play page extremely excited and also cautious. It's still early access to a minor league depth and potential make improvements trade etc. best offence I have ever seen. Steve operate burst and yet her I've ever ever. I demons first Steve says stern says I'm to some things were Xeon. Curry says 1982. Beatles too far but that's okay intelligent thing which you want Lauren says that we can live with brawn. Joseph mad dog says this is an episode of the Twilight Zone. Kind of feels that way. Mitt many uses it's easy if you look at that that roster and they're sitting your first place. It is truly is remarkable that they made it this far are back to phones with. Where we thought we are going to Mike in Greenfield before the break I'm Wendy. I. I would I wouldn't trade treat twenty year old U2 thirty year old white well. I'm on you easing yeah yeah are okay get. Get back to what I think it would restraint at this point I am I am pleasantly surprised that you have people on TV cautiously optimistic only because. We haven't seen that you separate yet in the genes you know that second is shortly apple app. As seen. In recent years second atmosphere and whether the injuries are just add whatever cordially trade. No I disagree past years with this brewers teammate started off horrible in April and then normally get going after the all star break. I'll go double checked that maybe I could be wrong. And one of the games towards the end like last year with the cubs really didn't need much garbage. Well he repeatedly have a second half of the field so we got trouble go on I mean it'll take try to write enjoy the wave like you got. Especially our birth Steve Moore Chad were you may remember the most thorough. The collapse of liberals and act out. Came in there. That was a few years ago Korea would run or Reese when they were out in front and Lee who may be critical that seem normally struggles in the month of April and then you're playing catch up the rest of the way. Would you shape team's struggles. Move along Utah. Last year comes to mind right off the bat and I guess we go back and look at April record year by year for the burst yeah well SA and is this whole different people. What has to happen is for any team if you often put herself and a whole C a pirates. And you're Jason 67 games and you're in the middle of may have a very difficult to try and overcome a comeback from years and eight years sitting in the middle of the pack up our top. That's a lot easier to hang out with even legal to bastard menu and a three games out of first. You're six games out and then you go through that stretch and I you're 91011 out seasons old. Mean soul. From from the perspective of having a good April and a good may put you and a great position to be able to hang out even longer throughout the course of the rest of the season I. Which are on as the day I just. I don't seat as brewers offense getting as cold as it used to get under Doug Melton. Offenses while they are hitting a tunnel home runs. It seems to me that got a lot more contact hitters and got a lot more speed honesty never done more and ability to actually manufacture runs. The previous teams did when Doug Melvin was in charge. Hi tell yeah I think is offense and maybe an escort the rate they arc but I don't think they're gonna go let's hold for as long as they used to under melt. No but what is the one thing I do like is that they are not. The time they're guys not to be scared of the strike out. And that's something that's spreading around Major League Baseball now on the back in the past the strike out was like it was death you know what I mean do not strike out strike out their bad. And the war and the way that the game is evolving. People are realizing that. The end of the day and now is not the only time a strikeout really kills you is if it's less than two outs and men aren't scoring position her you wanna put the ball in play other than that. And out is an out so guys go up there with that mentality. And their little bit more free swing and and and put the bat on the ball a little bit more often and and not scaring these guys. From from being a little bit more aggressive and and swing and at the baseball. A little bit more than we've seen from past for his team and I love that I love that that's the approach. Thank Craig Counsell in the coaching staff is taking birth scoreless right now. With the Padres as the top of the second inning Tim Allen Webb the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show as soon as that game is done we'll get back to this with Great Lakes dragway pickle lane. When we reset all the big topics discussed are today's big joke to be the final say on him. At 5 o'clock the other side of this quick break the NBA has a big problem does not sure what what it is we'll be right back right after this try to figure out my whole server listed.