BIG SHOW 3PM: Are You Glad the Brewers Are .500 At This Point?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, April 20th

The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3 p.m. Hour - Ramie, Sparky, and LeRoy discuss whether or not they are happy with the Brewers sitting at .500 so far this season.


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Our of the Wendy's big show live in the old Chevrolet studios with the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the packer hall of Famer Lou right Butler. Maybe tout a decided last brutal Roy Jones who spectacle with intern Avery and in turn Yoko he's got sue. Yeah he's been eating whole time I'll really know I got work to do manner while you watch every computer screens in front again you can't seal advocates. The Packers schedule officially Beirut meets tonight at a wed 6 o'clock spark is at the official time since our 7 o'clock you're listening you heard that's OK I was an update the sink to watch the or splash we have sports clashes yup. Love you baby Tut but. It's it tends to leak out throughout the afternoon to have a day of my release on what you mean why why really why. You mean the reason why I don't I don't know why because because the at a felt gives the schedule to with the tee aims to stop leaks if you wanna stop all this stuff. Don't tell all the teams NFL schedule in the White House athletes who thank NFL is going to you have such a way to some of you at all Hillary Clinton presidency you. It goes into drinkable and if you give averaging NFL schedule eight to nine hours before you want to release it in there there's no way. The people aren't totally did you keep its adult about teams you go watch on TV they're religious schedules like everybody else and odds are you'll be able to keep it and how's the new life banner they want I don't know why you're so upset about this read what they are and maybe I'm wrong. But everything they do normally is made for TV. When you're you're rooting your made for TV event tonight at 7 o'clock -- hope and happy to know what I felt that our will still watch wanted to. People analyze it but they want and I'm not watching anyway I had box but I tell you richest deal. You know we used to have checks ocean here are. So I count who's now who is a long time blogger on the Packers and so forth shadows of Lambeau back mr. fan is wrapped it on heat he's got his hands on the home schedule he says. And this is what it looks like. Week one at home against the Seahawks yeah that's not exactly an easy match winning on both. Dario you give when losses are at Texas could stop. Can't send I just find who brought they've not Asia really good to Richard Sherman you know Doug had asked some price going now wouldn't that. Thank you week three home against Cincinnati this is the homes and Opel. Week four Thursday night and know what they're confident yanks went for all week for Thursday night football against the bears. Well I'll say a win for when varsity game without without seeing the schedule. I'm predicting one of two days is gonna have this there's no schedule. Either AA they're gonna fill a rivalry games or were supposed robbery ends or beat. They're gonna fill with division. Matchups throughout the year that are better they're gonna try and make sure that election night at worst there's a crack so they're gonna try to make it so it's gonna be watchable after all the grief I last year that's my guest. Arthurs Smith always gives forum is just a way to get every team on their one night vs wasting him on Sunday or Monday night at all in his. I had to wait for Thursday night against the bears at. Week seven our home against the saints. Week nine. On Monday Night Football against the lions in Green Bay gives us don't know about this I am right. Thursday night Monday Night Football both at home what an up and liable ball against division teams the bears we for the lines we ninth for Monday Night Football. You read news on week ten right robbing yet week. Ten this is rob demy ski pointed this out from Brad Biggs of the Chicago sun times he he has the bears November schedule. And says that the Packers visit the bears on November 12. And the bears closeout the season against the lions. So that would mean that the Packers will close out the season earn out the bears close up season against the vikings. That would mean that the Packers are gonna close out the season against the lions browns getting that Germany has division game in week seventeen. So we god nine is money an apple bug it's a trite so that means we tennis in Chicago it looks like the week eleven. Home against Baltimore in week twelve we don't know week's thirteen home against Tampa Bay. But then. Terribly important we had about a week fourteen is on the road week fifteen has on the road week sixteen. Is a Saturday game. At Lambeau against the vikings. And in week seventeen as Ronnie pointed out would be act Detroit against the lions and the season or division games that. I love it even winners and losers don't tell you about Thursday night a Monday night and Saturday. All at Lambeau Field this year and it doesn't look like. Bomb any long stretches of road games like lash or they were on the rolled three consecutive weeks in the longest stretch of road games looks like week fourteen in week fifteen and we don't know who that is yet. But that's looks like a lot of pressure gonna have. I bet you they'll build TV per emerge. More than any team on that national TV all the to gave Italy in when they start moving it you know like late December or November. To do detect if the Packers are competitive the numbers are way yeah I'm ready and maybe doubt. I'm gonna gas and I'm just guessing here but the five week. Might be weeks five weeks six that's when I'm guessing but I don't know what you're lag when he. And that could be regain they're not only eight so that not only to. Weeks five weeks six week eight week ten. Week twelve week it would be. At least fourteen we fifteen. You just don't warrant at the three and out there on the road we seventy which we know aren't. And went it's last year at the precinct near vulnerable for three weeks out just gonna say what's what's good of about this and along the stretch of the road you don't have more than two road games were it's everything that we just read is accurate. I don't have more than two road games in a row so. And like you said were when you start getting into 34 straight road games. That's when that's when it gets harder and you're even need to look at teams that they are based on his wrestling that's travel you can look at 34 straight games go and apply lose to a votes. In what I mean at no cost doesn't matter who they're facing doesn't it just because. The grind in the the home field advantage absolutely and so that's that's that's a good thing for the Green Bay Packers now a lot of back to back traveling I don't look back at Taba on the date of this blog we get out of Brooklyn. Boston playoff we got more eyes we got some more but we guess more Pakistan come. That's a little bit later on here at 3 o'clock aren't taught by a little housekeeping. To take care of before we go into the break in and talks of brewers with year. Adam pointed out I forgot all about this Vanilla Ice got in trouble for stealing pool equipment. An excellent idea that Israel it was that I have no negative about either missing I don't life and remember that you know I don't I forgot all about I don't remember I forget that. And the Ziggy can spur use target about we Google would see hammered the first three things that pop out Al-Megrahi who he Google Steve's REE five for now that's good to begin. Okay the first that kind of lady typed in now does that he's effective Steve Pfeiffer. Right Eddie's a spell it right yet he said that's discrete shut the prison I don't see it now the first that comes up is just Steve by Africa the second thing that comes up is Steve Pfeiffer state farm taxes insurance agents might have stressed here to census Rockies dad is more blunt and days are narrow gaps Steve Pfeiffer bell walked. Is now third thing that comes up. Then that a pitcher and good god they are dead Steve sparking parlor at the girl out. And it comes up its teams are in five current girlfriend and Noah. That's that you follow that up. I say I Tillman death I did believe it as a Larry I don't know that people be looking for tabor is how. I love okay is not a good let's go to sleep at all. God I admit I backed lied I do that dude like we're. When I hear it like so and so you know my bill France no are you going to argue clever girl about for you but what I hear like somebody I'm listening to on the radio or an actor comedian you glass world read closer Howell and you're. Obama uncles like what. I was like 'cause closer and so do the rich. His girlfriend looks like oh. I do that is previously yeah. We are gonna do that all the time you have and I bet I'll just all I don't know exactly like they are looking into his eyes at all as a people and interest that it nothing appreciable amount you know we are you doing I got me work fastening Aston. See he just what happens is I go a little bit I have a little bit Moore's son he's a former pro ballplayer into Iran. Yeah a good flag football men and women average retirement speech. Yeah I was here for a week what a whole primary earlier. Get a press can't you don't tell you know I'll oh yeah you do it here I don't know I don't have a big and rightly and they got and its yeah I like I don't know I was better I showed that race that you and Sparky had no idea. In classless and could it. Finally got as he gets diocese of little journalism class like this is how you use a little. And the best part is still funny walks out all tied up in any loses the Catholic religion our core I thought the gave Mandy got to go to everything thinking you can win if you think you can lose your already lost and I busted operative trying to finish as a really I mean at the end of the day who really what are. Clark got that solid saint. I read like two weeks is this strike it takes a tumble at the end of that video because I thought he was close do you realize how much I had a good and I said yeah I mean by that much I did and -- I try to lean forward big I was gonna have a lean forward and then I'd -- Don island whenever I added am I could walk to the finish line muscle up with the series match anytime I want them up with the securities and -- music tour in the yeah you remember Richard's farm we that we played for Robby play some. We've put up around his hands on what are ways that run how I do remember that everything we hear way at a that was the music we are way easier to fire your ram lean mean when ninety look at these guns. All right we're gonna hit a quick break you don't ever see each operation against these noted that title. Gears away from because launch so I never agreed to that. If you wanna make a wager I'll make a wager and agreed to written to meet every match you know take it out. I don't know man normal reasons. I'll take that morning Joe's gonna open lines on Rami it's race. We're coming hood and a baby tested maybe beat me in a race you know played Amanda yeah. Did you know he can beat you always you know you Romney not so I like his arm and you tell polyester yeah he's a big buddies look taller than me. No -- he's got the longest guys for a material are you going to be wise that is why he's running he's can be so upset his hair's blondes don't stop to fix it night I've got a ponytail and got her hand in running our head band in my head back and kept. Now as sugar there were taken to above fade in your race at similar advances that rates it's had tried to average dropped column a yeah bushel at the Dian shoulders. Sure. You're like. The last. Generally yeah Milwaukee went ahead and brought to you and even racism that is sparking. You could have been brought up on that he still lost out the best looking doesn't know who won those games with them and I meant commode rented room. Her name after the elites they're very gap that is came out of my office to the board has. Nadal didn't I brought him the that I did tick from last day isn't. You didn't. It. Right yeah yeah. You break. I dig up pres by retirement press get it plays or doesn't you know will be glad about the other is uninsured rate just what her brewers fans expecting us to Wendy's big show where in the old Chevrolet studios and background after the. You don't want to reduce the yeah. And tomorrow. Yeah. It's. I mean. There and I think it's presented by masters tees I'm running back off. That's run by their wish she could sing like Danny Lee Stevens by fire light skinned guy thing does get all the girls. Let us know you like here next week on each artist at 1057 FM the fan of the hash tag big throwback for your chance. Any 25 dollar gift card to masters tees they'll be out there with us next week at the Q club of Wisconsin in Waukesha. Giving away memorabilia and autographed items you can check them out at masters these dot com are you glad. The brewers are 500 at this point as fast as these guys are great prizes yet they did. Does your guy didn't colleges that are never great great real the president there to tweets coming in on this sun broke like me giggle and I'm just brewers topic. You know are real candidate being at 500 at this point this all star from a tweet yesterday. My god that we follow on a fan armor our listeners not who said. You know beat birdie happened aboard they are considering two thirds and again as being it's a world champions are third in whatever it is it's a world champion cubs at this point plus they play a majority of their games on the road to be sitting at 500 pretty gut. I agree average weighted it and minister got blasted some was like well this is stupid so astute on the show. So that's why we're asking you go okay guessed we'd senses no complaints here know Gareth Davies hasn't gotten started yet nor is Broxton or BR. Captures things a bullpen for most part. Great. That makes you more anchored. More angry why he just four guys that aren't even do anything if they weren't doing send an idea and the feet. Yeah I do know some people there that want to win it again. God ya know on an average fan wants to whenever I know you need to work looming every night Tim Allen right and I agree would tonight and I dogs at a bus pulls himself IVRoots but I'm okay it would like the way around there okay it would hit it low he's okay we're I think. But the problems at the barber shop they literally think like you got they ma'am why it should be three years down the road and this is. And then the people that customers of I know oh. They should be in lease. Tendency more Utah about these guys and leave. More you talk about these guys under barbershop aren't telling the very best in every instance the more convinced I am that I get longer. Roberts which the fan wasn't sure we get 500 at any point this year I understand so I'd have to say. And yes lock the way that the team that plays it too hard and that is part council. The fact they play as hard as they do night in night out just like last year that is part counsel you have to give him credit. If more people. When I'm out in the field. I got talked to two schools tomorrow. More teachers come out to me. This year than any year are more excited by the brewers. Probably because of the start a business like Bieber. These are the people excited to go that they do is gay couples who now when were rated a labor is bouncing back. No one tournament Cardona. Because as you incur yes because you. Expect you tell them dollars and well why are gonna be a little bit longer are threefold that none of the world champ you get excited. You you don't think Mexico always coming although it did what we are on here just who I rooted hard against the guy did you see out of the woods cruised Bryce hit when I just left I'm done. It woke up there was hit and run his face what we have grown daughter had. I was very important job in yeah we have. Rap movement or last evening yeah. Skinny and I'm sure yeah it's a Chicago guy yeah. Yes you all right here our word don't rest going up to the bottom and then all of I think I'm sorry what it does not allow us like it is good but he's going to be fair to be better. Robby who was by far the most professional thankfully yes you or a lot. Still was by far the biggest fan out of control over their talking crap to you during the day and did everything well at it again in the wrong. I. Just. Over and I was very I don't know I think during the summer Los. He'll work on the chuck and Michael Rochelle what does that rate Josh and for this definitely hitting as this is app to get to go out and yeah I got a report I don't know I don't know cub fan in your during the week. Was at Daytona Wednesday Thursday is a lot seeking god what a great job Arlington. Mel nice lot solve a lot of is on laughter and putting with chuck embarked. C a they do have to commit professional broadcaster let's go do coach Q and Dallas Texas here on the Wendy's big Tillotson coach Q was gonna anger and error. Gone now who are happy guy Norton you. Are there so yeah I'm excited about it I understand what sparked you recover somebody in your outdoor a couple of. At Sparky we have example people who took a hundred what did you do. All right so here that think I get drug frustration about words like our daughter Barbara grant. The slow starts there's never been able to be competitive. After the all star break broke your day. We're getting talked about on sports center hours at the ballot over the weekend a backer Wisconsin. They're down they're talking about air bag I mean they were talking about eighty. Buddy nature is still possible feature and MLB network like ten minutes and Eric thing just now. Exactly and actually open should be excited about our up front they're working organization out here and on the plane right now. Even important that marquee word it's like call home every year we start off okay words were built a book. For the future. They're actually at Barden at an author and actually a book. That organization and their brand to go to part he via boat yeah I mean. There's a lot better to be at work well or whatever we were last year at this point so. Right now in my opinion it's something that built around we got young Allan. We got probably one of the best young core group our guys are now what are you ravaged our guys still are. Going to be a good job market next year. It's not built up I think it definitely up. I don't know about. I agree Richard goes cured thanks sort of fall caught the tea read now the biggest split red Stephen Rami. Is. People are number one box number one it seemed post this early. I know we did a survey on Monday the ground they are here for a did Wear hoop. No it was Tuesday excuse me okay the question was I was into what he has talked about in the office around the water cooler today we gave you three options we may have to Twitter pulled the box in the playoffs and Eric names and numbers and Packers in the NFL draft they'll act is an NFL draft Alley 9% of the vote. Know the Bucs got like 60% of the vote in the rest of people are saying birds. Mr. Espinosa about the street is streaks having that same way but normally guys normally. It's. Packers. Draft. Pick number one I don't get the bucks were undefeated. Now is Packers but this year. Is books and a little daylight. It is all not just pains. But it just bucks. And you don't name Vicky don't want and that counts. He's a local guy man we're glad to male pages and liked what he's doing right it did you get some some. Pack atop our ticket but this may be of first year the world won't go to this cycle for the spring. It has gone lead box box box. And then just not go to the Packers in May go to the brewers. And an impact. There's a chance and there's a chance while and next Thursday night the box will be playing. And a whole new and a draft and it got to do at the same time we'll find out yeah that would be interesting trying to have more people watching the bucks I would imagine Kyle tweets the bad. They're don't just like the bucks this team means the lord how to win tight game I agree with that it'll come. And it comes from failure that's from Kyle and I wanna Reese I wanted just a bit like dissent they will not as manageable watching the the draft to beat him three on those days that IBM three years I think you might be right but this year I'm telling him. When I'm out albeit Jackson to the number of packer fans the box canceled Roy's not even little sick is getting closer or eighty yeah book review on that yet. It is starting a cold day gap got me UN Geary. Glider bubbling in Robbie about 34 years ago with him how many hard core. Books say that we guessed about what fifteen plays out like around these. Everywhere. Look at locally at our local guys. I think that is. By far. Doubles in a material what they got a great marketing department that two people would begin take his foot. This year get tickets for the new arena that was brilliant. And we have a start to hang all to be honest and you on national TV. That's the reason why people saw the thirteen to brewers. Playing on a national audience plan against. The cubs. It'll be upset. So I think somebody. You can't be of said the deal was last two games yeah there's a big fish like rob me so I began the year. You about this little bit why shouldn't dolls yeah bigger gradually don't usually the right after you start as bad as you did it on the whole staff start the season yup. Too and factor Golan schoolboy. And I didn't settle down and all I'm saying it's almighty god to ski out of control please elect John control. And then they get on a run on the road put Keller what history. It's Andy do you like gold has fallen out at several guys are in employing close to what you were expected. And you're sitting at 500 because of other guys playing over their head may be right to the three. Four and five has been some of the best in baseball 2345. And that brought to the day off. That's why I got all of the shrapnel Steve. People can be done anything they were up yesterday with out on the right they can you buoyant. It is. Now. Is either accounts he's. A dodger uniform commodities. Go about it. There when mark on this Lewis nor does not nearly Wendy's big show it's a way. Why are so what. I'm really upset that every morning. And gentlemen it's out of work about the Cain should be 120. Well important to actually read from the cart this week in certain. You know fourteen and thought. Common against the brewers last year arms start. 73 and is there gonna ruin it and there. 73 gimme to bring extra wins a month you haven't ninety when king you're right in the thick they're using is that these men. No the eagle on the right well it spacewalking record saint camino your app that our team is exactly like that were asking why are darn computer it's. Not. It's not even close because you who Hosmer on this team who stock is the stock is. Among profiles your employer can't auto or I did that begin at. The average Joseph I know. There is a plate to eBay ball don't look good for years yup and Joseph did not partner or not expect or are ordered no no I still did it change don't know. I. Had an idea of what it came right now whether he wanted to or not we have propped we have ball. Can an incidence polo may use it all of the guys that are on his team right now. Right who's gonna be on this team and next time I go to the plants. That's the prop. We could go to pipe off C. Perhaps we ought to have a match general manager who should illustrate how all. Banks have 25 home run record I don't needed to trade him arbitrary deadline chart which are didn't. And street want and make I don't need to try to look at Garret at sixteen wins we're not gonna get rid of what we're gonna go pretty. Well your ass you click change in Los due to generally we are asking for change in the way. Not in this came. It's darn thing oh what is that so late this year. What we like it hot. And really and replace the ball because it is. Not gonna work and when I get of the day 67 inning and we got no we're expecting that. And if we're expecting that don't know Arnold appealed are expecting. What went. Into the there aren't when you're not gonna win that game because we that we are rag arm. Out of what about Stearns dollars thanks for the compliment us aren't as I saw last year went through I'm being sarcastic here what you like a hundred guys inaudible I'm glad I brought the barrel right just in they've got. That decorate it and who is as he's got a big mobile couple days ago off the scrap heap from Tampa whatever you know or wherever it was from Oakland. I'm like OK so this is gonna consistently. Happen were they're gonna rotate guys in and out until he gets guys he feels public or I should take console. Feels comfortable with. I want to be able to get mad it's Stearns. EP unloads again at the deadline. Just understand you have to buy into what the game plan ias you have to trust him. In his game plan. Now if you say boy. You that G is forgetting things who's got 25 home runs of the all star break or whatever or you heard each year stabbed Travis shop who's got fifteen home runs a in a genius for that. And you have to believe that that same as new. Knows what he's doing any. 3031 or whatever Ned will be fine. I would just hate deceit then be five games over 500 knew he unloads and a fan base turns on I. Just trust and can we please just drop him a dirty but that's a recent. Two missed the and to me. Articulate that to what people can understand it not in baseball terminology. He's don't have that issue especially if five all or is competitive if you close to the top and at the top not five overs. No the package to a lot moreover will be they'll be a Lockhart conversation well you know what art comes it did teams are blog of fatal go pray that you get rid of them at. LeRoy deal it's unbearable to. It's gonna herald having John Salmons hot in the second half of the season. And thinking you're gonna go somewhere after that so you bring him back you bring in drew good at and you think you got something. And you were just lying to yourself you knew darn right well as a wasn't going to work. It would be the same thing for the brewers this year if they were to buy into. I've what would disagree with that let Leo yeah because I think both of our plans when you can win now you win later I think we got figured it would be doable. Can we barely the do bold you're not would love for this team. To be five games are viewed 500 yards WB the first GM to crack Banco do what he's the first point commuted for wanna do that he could be he couldn't handle it got a first thought everything. Yeah what are they doing at Saint Louis are always super competitive. But he didn't feel that they did that they didn't go through a span where they struggled and they build up their farm system there and that during that span and danger and have been able to sustain since many are stars wants and in the process is. I stay. It's getting better yeah it's getting better it's gotten a lot better and it continues to get better ballast new trades since you know now let's go mass straight told now these stories straight right cap that's almost cycle of that the top thirty barb maybe half for more Arthur trick that they got from other teams want systems these aren't necessarily all guys that Barack is right in need for baseball will be an eight yeah. Right that's that's meaningful to have a spot that bass boat I say nineteen he says eighteen are you bought an eighteen just think about does that. You're if you write an unusual and it usually does give us the right in gift. If I am let's say I'm right. These are right you know the 1819 season you go to the new stadium for the box you know. With all three guys helping. With talk of Eastern Conference finals or more going into that season of the new arena you know people go crazy. Then you go into the brewers' season that same energy Gaza nineteen. With prospects like hater and brings and all those guys in the lineup and I have been here. Next year for a year. In other types strangle around the borrowers committee convene for a wildcard that even students can and the package in an area their wings and it's going to be. Off eight speaking of the Packers with the final three teams gonna want to have somebody so now I remember. Madam islands and I can remember us coming may be the eighties when the bucks were Don Nelson the brewers the World Series run so maybe but where the Packers want to exit. So it takes care of that are now in her negatives against him like 200920101010. Mock years and that's an mergers awful. They weren't all they were pretty bad but they weren't competing for playoff spots to the pitching staffs it was a month if you're breaking news can you honestly do the manager now he's got. Gary's you don't Gary's guy Marcus ever saw with another guy. From a WD you know he's not here and breeding base now to Gary and I to some market street this himself. He's sort of put together than the all the leaks that have come out about the scheduled today on students and as forcefully as it is his name is Russia he has now is a complete packers' schedule yeah. It's got some is that the flash let's do not love talking apples schedule here Ellis is sad about that is you are about Harry's razor sparking. Well I'm more sad about Harry's razors to casual release the. Two more weeks. So one. Machete with and along I get my head in what happens in two weeks you are white and goats or some. Now are out to about fifteen more pounds you've saved standard telling you meant you play this fat face thing to Rod Stewart news you Gotti told and to give your grandfather you got try to get rid of from the sun remember you just said the words of Ronnie told me and to me as an update knows that's would you just say yeah he's already started to listen to. Many Smart. Okay but tell me Iraqis getting drunk with elements ship Harry's racer is not projected no I needed it is very cracking with demands on base. Mad. Harry he's dot com you now it is miles this is our guys Jeff and Andy and they're looking you public debt owed me out man he's a great close shave. Nice smooth comfortable glide. All things warning to you being very very happy not. Fearing cutting yourself not fearing having the bombs all your neck like ideology electric razor could stand it. For decades won bay rays are coming as relentlessly increased prices at wreak immense profits. 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Carry it means we'll get back into the box stock at about 415 but. We seem to have the whole packers' schedule will play what that is next on the Wendy's big show on the old Chevrolet studio.