BIG SHOW 4PM: If You Were Kidd, What Would You Do Differently In Game 3?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, April 20th

04/20/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4 p.m. Hour - The guys discuss what changes Jason Kidd should make heading into game 3.


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O'clock hour on the Wendy's big show live in the old Chevrolet studios with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler I'm running Mac lawful get the latest on the recruiting trail with John MacNamara. At 448 and fog may feel here from the Bucs senator. Very excited about being in the playoffs and coming back to Milwaukee for game three you'll hear him at 535. Here on the Wendy's big show where we get back into some bots talked bitumen Jason Kidd Seton just a few minutes but. We need to do Bucs fans service because a lot of your also Packers fans and you're gonna miss that schedule released show tonight. And no need to watch that scheduled release show tonight. Because we have the whole thing for you right here right now on the Wendy's big show and this is courtesy of a friend of the show markets ever saw from WD UZ. In Green Bay and he has the whole schedule I think it does put together all the leaks that we've been getting throughout the afternoon kind of pieced it together. And here's what we have Sparky allegedly. Weak one they will host the Seahawks 325 kickoff. Week two. They will visit the falcons on the Sunday Night Football we wanted to win loss win loss and all these renewed when Gary comes okay hundred units that aren't. Week three they will host the Bengals again A 325 kick off so far all against nationally elements. We fourth Thursday night football when they host the bears. Week five they will visit the cowboys for another 325 kickoff. Week six they are at the vikings noon kickoff for that one week seven noon kickoff against the saints at Lambeau Field. Week eight they get the bio which is the bye week that every NFL team must do that are we that. Week nine the Packers will host the lions on Monday Night Football. Week ten Packers are at the bears noon kick off another noon kick off to a host of ravens on November 19 week eleven. Week 12 November 26 Packers are at the Steelers for Sunday Night Football. Week thirteen Packers will host the Buccaneers noon kickoff. Another noon kick off when they host the lowly browns not surprising who wants to see the brown. They are at the Panthers for a noon kick off week fifteen week sixteen they host the vikings that's a Saturday game. And then week seventeen it's Packers at lions noon kick off to close out the season. Laura you're right about the national TV exposure that they're gonna get let me count this real quick 12345. 67 in. It's at least seven. Nationally televised it is maybe eight hollowed out demand internationally televised wasn't it Thursday night or Monday at 325 game is always that's always the national etiquette in that worst hit about a multiple 3 o'clock and well yeah but I mean it will be outside on the market national might be the wrong term for a but they'll be. Writes I look at NASA games as we Sinai televising are you tonight money now where you're the only right. So they'll give cited I Packers at falcons lead two weeks for Packers adverse bears at home that's a thirteen cents to. International one is Monday night after your bye week which is we gaelic you wanna ruin. Not and that's against the lines of mine I put policy in extra man toppled coming off bye week nice. I'm then the next one it's Sunday Night Football on the 26. Which means no Thanksgiving Day game meaningfully. On the net at the Steelers Sunday Night Football after Thanksgiving. And then that Saturday game I'm assuming. Now the whole slate of to a Saturday probably evaporate. I'm 21 and hurt because that gets them out of having to plan Christmas Eve. And are on the 24 market we have hypocrisy I don't know I'm happy we don't doubt. Today flexed to a 3 in morning coming here because I you don't but there it is seven A game. Abbott is doubt as the only relief somewhere. And those days again could get flex two obvious now yeah theoretical about a number one crew they're inherent tout everybody on line. They wanna see the Packers the Packers rings and Lotta ratings especially if they're winning. They're weighing in their played a team as well liked at Tampa Bay and when it's heading and stayed at Tampa Bay remaking the temple as a team that's on Iraq. The Buccaneers game comes after the sun a night game against the Steelers at week thirteen and it's before you come on to take on the browns in the Pampers and begging to be very important goal on the road take the route to his Buccaneers are in Green Bay December 3 angry base that. I should help Green Bay Tampa comedy remained December and I said the importance of the game Allred would be. Anytime you have ideas or divorcee and Rogers but it. People don't wanna see Dallas. They're gonna wanna see me doing that you just know that I think if you look at the schedule now. Depending on how good you think the vikings are going to be dog you can do when logic told you know I'm not a not a I'm wondering how devastated I told Ron are you were not around. Some days you tell me that. 34 years ago. Who's on list. On this show. All went out a lot think they'll be blood a blood in us and what I know and and I noted that there that sport but. Wouldn't it. Because you don't know who the surprise team is gonna be you know zero want to see not to justify. But he did you say that. You think the vikings. Could be pretty good. Right on you really haven't won possible stretch. Where it might be difficult for a stretch of time again she did say. I and that is right before the Bible beaten the bedding which in the saints are. Where I mean really just the first have a schedule home against the Seahawks. 3.5 start we want. The falcons Sunday Night Football and I'm bottles cans are probably tough form hole against the Bengals have more than enough talent and were awful last year. Then home against the bears Thursday night football on a short week against the bears but it's and my Campbell bowl games are at Lambeau Doris Day they detained him at quarterback and then that's an operative that at Dallas. 325 start after the bears game or you lost in that at the vikings. And at home vs the saints and I Drew Brees can put six via. I think cowboys vikings saints is may be the hardest stretch you're gonna happen muscles that. We have three at home. In a row in a row no two and that's early on pastures three the first four are at home. My plan three straight Monroe budget restraint in moon what do you want three or four at home at the end of the season in December. 1 look at the beginning against teams from the south right when I said your three or four at home in the month of September. Straight from the fans to their night after the release. Yeah you get a fast start to go to you don't win and if you get out. Quick start like 55. And a whole war for no it puts pressure on people and a division. And then not to mention other teams have put on notice how good you really are right. So again the most important thing for this team. Is who's played teams will gore be ready what do quarterback and you Starwood missile boats and import Russell's. You did beat he's got 38. Team and that's alligator Steve I want that must seek now in the bag looks much of the delegate recorded. In which you benefit point that in week four. And we have an assistant to nick did you get it out but honestly not that game examples ruin my relationship last time the Packers and mayors played what do you regulators doing well with food no my girlfriend of Stiles lost and why what happened I was brought so. What is going out of Lambeau in light she was like 20/20. 530 feet I mean opus but. You look at it doesn't let your girlfriend be I didn't land even my girlfriend and you've just got to follow in the back that was person yelling. But it's out of this hole seven the first car in front of your remark. And you will be cared about our every carefully annually to begin within that chick Emily and I go mess that don't between what you just told me and that's net Chet he sent me last week. Your buttons what are at. I don't listen son went their way there stop I'll never saw a good use. You could ever so in my hands that they can come out of sync six and one and you get the vikings. Under an upturn is my golf don't do that you yourself are there results are talking six. One of the first seven you don't know how this all play well you've got to this other person knew her game up until October 18 for a it was at the heart he'd want a new game every week right. No means does a little bit McCarthy that is why they play noon every Sunday I love junior and senior retained instead grabbed him and he loves routine right. 345. Sunday night 32 point five Thursday night 325 then you finally get a couple. Minions military talk if I did on national TV that I would probably. I think is guy is yet I stick to schedules turned out pretty good worst ever last year last year at the schedule last year it is the easiest schedule. Based on more not based on opponents so I don't know how to look at base and how it stacked up and made. Normally when you make it to the champs UK you have a hard hitters kid. But it. Again and you just don't wanna have three on the road. In the chat and idol don't do it. McCarty got mad about that last year and this is like the second time they've had it since McCarthy's been a coach would have had to go on the rolled 33 times. And that action not have wealth mean I don't know how often it happens a real sometimes is having the bears in the last ten years Raikkonen Italian. Went through and put it down and now all that's what that's a big glee three straight road games yes I have no idea. It happened multiple times is McCarthy's been a coach pitch and I mean what's it rotates were every team has to do every so many years. No team should have to do that multiple times over short period time. Look at Ellis again no matter enormous cost of doing to these guys get it to the league it's more aggressive in the rays play calling. Signing and things of that nature could you can't tell me that these GM if you think you're warned to two players away he jewel in class some of these. Pro Bowl veterans I hear to get past it get to the super ball I just don't and I'm including relieved. There's no way. I would think that I can college Josh Schneider and talked to him and figure out a way to you Richard Sherman if you think their pollution is suitable. Just don't make sense. Why are you feeding the student. Right feed this is just why are big enough. Music how is that he doesn't and angry enough about moves they don't make but I'm saying that's of the entire league you know the entire league to me is ahead scratch her. How the most activity of the last two weeks have been. And knowing what. The most activity might win in the fireman I don't why didn't make estimate I would go to work thank you that I want others who bought the same got going and again. Some say they're trying to save some pants. I know what to come Sparky down talked about bowling. That all season nerves. Rod says much about bowling is as Bob soluble. Yeah that's right the only thing about volleyball and outside the center thanks man retired my ball and yeah volleyball yielding a libel. All you need to know is this below bowling you know word of god and tying about a firm but a couple of years now castle lanes in Racine a guy like I at all and it's not an ankle public. I got you individual flat screens and each life. Friday called for those of you right or they only have five dollars even if you don't they buy you a fan of four for twenty dollars a completely intact and for twenty dollars you and your family sent in a bowl as much as you want from noon until 9 PM on Friday is for. 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At a 25 dollar gift certificate to masters these quickly girly outside the glass for a voting update with bill may be Tudjman would have I predict Qaeda engineer. I'm gonna guess because of all MC hammer rationale is doing its MC hammer but say I wish it was. Eyes DMX Terna Nande signs early sizable audience in able to redeem its sizable setting. Are attractive jams by and look at. So that's a girl group that I'm totally out as as WP as WB yeah yeah. But it just in just recuse yourself many conversations about rampant hypnotized in girly songs Jerusalem. But they're not wrapped now. And this other group says. He's a guy he's it's what do DMX is one dude are you know DMX they always echoed your dog huh. As mark Riley we will let out of the mile have been DMX would you name a three letters and like. Job Chandler who are you wanna tell right now all eyes then William named after my father will all Roy LeRoy a good man. Of your name just Gary letters in name. When he's big shall be out its skipper both southern borders why don't get smarting going on through Sunday's show you why tonight we're out there tomorrow come on out there used dogs of all sorts in in thirteen tonight plus new models rusty RA look. Four wins master craft a pair of blaster and start a draft. Doubt you name it they got it in this spring's election of clearance and blob models is fantastic. He attended their. New boat and motor packages starting at just 15995. By new boat and register to win luxury box seats for the brewers stay or go all that's at skipper bud super center ice and ice for us exit I wait key. West rutted road MP walking check amount. Etc. how would that count I shot it has to Graham video worn a big yachts in the back. It was approved by the way in any buzz the next day in customized ground Roy is not going on the I got a I gotta update here case when he does have a real man. Earl no wonder he's not notice it really has DMX his name is or what exactly does he have date nobody knows bill Schmidt about no baby couch. My mom does well Julio or that. She named alleged. Irish you found. I'm not visually over the player Allen makes sense why it was McGee does. The pop up all right oh good. Well and didn't really heard Jason Kidd and gave threes seven I drove it. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the band and I count came up just shortened game two's market if fault. 106 of 100 what would you do differently to make up that six point differential to light of its considered team hotel stay the hell he's got his injuries MI on the management c'mon he's part of the team. Sir I'm so now they allege in a lot of it doesn't play for me I play Beasley for sure. And I think I wanna try Simon rob I wanna see kind of what that looks like wanna give a shot as lassie the winner's welcome on the best in Beasley. He and Beasley. And and finds open stretch for so instead of I'm going to the bench woman broke understand signed dislodge over the fourth of Lakewood that I don't have the same five. Let's always say fact have to say I'm glad to routes into rotation right so to let it doesn't last over thirteen minutes I'll give those between Beasley and length I'll play some of the stretch for me at large chunks of time but make Toronto had to think about what they're gonna do when he's out there you know I've posted Casey's reaction on bonds author and Greg Monroe of now who might get a match a personnel wise these two periods on the stretch for a argues. Mean that he is 7170. Whatever is. As a stretch four that's a legitimate stress for now Becker and you have a back to the basket Dimon role and that any other and you stop shop blocker out there Whitman role. I just that act which are the caller who suggested it it it's a brilliant idea and fonts they try to wants to run the all star break it went really well. So I want to try out he entered hangs in game three of oh playoff series I do I do. You to succeed of course I do. Let's let him do what you can definitely knew about it and you're going to make them react to you. Mickey and dictate his personnel on the floor doing based on what you have on the floor. I like to see how let's see what happens but for many it's slowed out of pocket as he killed due. And rod didn't gonna go get 24 point five and right dead now. He said what point 425 run into for bride and yield tonight in game three you. You're. 2425 a bride's night they went by technical and our. Me militant. Be eighteen in that. Jerked it but it Milton missed warning. Then they'll probably about territory yet muslin is definitely toward. That's how you put them most is he's going to be a double double. Producer I would do I would do southern Nigeria I really respect gears. Since went. On delight. Out of that thing I like trapping. Lowery retirement and trapped and I don't wanna launch any threes. He had to load here actually had to interview with a me. Curiously though. Or recent journal time passed and people know which. How attractive Steve Allan I want them get off to. Our trap them get a body is if DeRozan. He goes off one guy can hurt you but it you know baucus seems to be that guy. That can give you some problems but I do not want marriage has come down jacking threes I've had history of acute he can put up thirty any time. In that the that gives you are probably knows about the history guards. Who could shoe can get the book's problem. So none of the people out there who do not want us ago I would definitely have and and there are some time aggravate people. It almost black box and one will follow loudly everywhere grab him hold and get a file cattle live with. Derelict files I want him in the game aggravated people and I agree was the Beasley will play play a lot. But I happier to have this come on twos and threes are renowned and things. Just after. I have a lot of I'll make them. Did you get heckled though I stock premiums and make it on the night could leave him open to not only snell opened an hourly Brockman why don't like him did he of those threes. Snell is four for sixty or so. Hewitt they did it only sound I'd open when telly is ending gay alien you don't want he has to get a better you're right if he's lodge and he's not making them you can always go to plan B but has brought me in Acadia is like trying new things and now I have because at this point. You know trials since you know they run they know to book front. The first. Eight minutes of that game is can be so loud it out of control you gotta get to a big lead to get him using their timeouts. And then if I'm Jason K I'm cool. And calm and collected animals like skiing guys are as a live Ali's. One thing you do not want to happen as Riley get out an early lead in silence car. To act as one doesn't apply don't wanna have happen and I've got a two days by guys make you free goes to Arafat from. Ulf and I don't know yep no don't you files in a five days in care of Bono took wrestler known issue around when they're out there eight. Not just college I you guys doing got me into an event and don't OK I mean. You know. Must live up you guys Libya but has been a problem my gas I give protected as corporate and I hear Steve my dad and I give protective he's getting to is getting. A technical Faust just by looking that you guys and he's an emotional kid all of you guys called his game doesn't mean anything malicious by it. So being dumped so for the gas and I which will happen if he doesn't mean any of staying when he gets up he's in most. So just let it do if that calls. Don't come our way is Kobe did was mr. Buchanan has freed so Yahoo!'s staff out trouble please and when you go to that. As give him access to make your throw. If you're Jason Kidd what he'd do differently from game shooting game three. To get the winning go up to one in the series apple saw last of something that they big college game 79912. Bit here you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan dot com. They're from you the head coach right after this on the Wendy's big show on the old Chevrolet studio. I. But the sun just stopped apparently its real quiet this is the web these big show it's a throwback Thursday it has a side bets here's how it's. I'm Robbie back up the love with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. And the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler let us though you'd like to hear next week by tweeting your artist at 1057 FM the fan. What the hash tag big throwback in your entered to win a 25 dollar gift certificate. Two masters he's DMX with a sizable lead. At last Jackson Primedia Mets next week but don't let that stop you from voting because every vote Andrea idiotic Ramirez Durand. Yes a 25 dollar gift certificate camp later when I was India who you masters he's no only in Atlanta. I'm not really anything from dead pool on the edits a bit. If you're Jason Kidd what do you do differently in game 37991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. That cap. What they out do differently if I'm Jason did. Play the hot hand man. Despite whoever it is like a great to see who it is an honor and a lot. And obviously your starters are gonna get twenty plus minutes maker got his start bra then middle middle then and and Uma missing. Danny Green are loud and that's a maker ala Tony Snow pockets never get there minutes OK let's that's fine. It's a lot of it comes off the bench and he's hitting three's great he meant there. Snell is the one hitting threes. Then leave him in there if I don't play the same position as I know being you can go again positions are very overrated nowadays Sparky dope guys are here to there to position. So guarded 610 got a 64 guy. Yes Upton new played basketball you are not plan at Arctic rose with the man gamut I'm not purposely putting a bunch six but to organize some thirty doubted the I would like my nurture what I wouldn't mind at. I really really wouldn't do we've seen teams go to our guys to edit word right exactly they got to go argue the other side of where they got to get out to the three point line. And put a hand in your faith strength of this team is their length to take that away from mom and to do something else is stupid. And I'm not even talking about that's. Mean we can disagree on how to play defense that's unrelated talking not necessarily going small I'm saying whatever whatever the hot hand is outside of your four main guys. Whatever the hot hand is stick with that. Our understand why we didn't see Tony Snow for the entire fourth quarter until the last two plays. That doesn't that make any sense to me he was bombing from the three point line what was yet or six more for a single in the three point line all the sudden fourth quarter comes Ryder try to make you come back and neck as sitting on your bench. That makes no sense to me not and on top of that I'd like to see the bench shortened upload I don't need to see Spencer Hawes at all. I really don't need to see Spencer Hawes at all. Love Jason Terry I digress and Jeff don't necessarily do CC Jason Terry on the match if there's if any thing. Wondered why Beasley and Henson aren't in the rotation a little bit more well at least snubbed because neither of them has been played at all in game two. If he's scoring off the bench why not go to Mike Beasley isn't that why you brought him in. One would think but since his comeback from his injuries and Sean so does shorten up the bench a little bit I don't think you need to go more than eight or nine deep during the playoffs. And and go with the hot hand whoever it is leave him in there give ms. minutes the gonna have to hit from three point land to beat this raptors team. What would you do differently 7991250. Where you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan backing up Steve. If you chase. For you to sort of social media. If you changes starting about. What would you do different. If you could change starting guards Armon rover it's on me invited if he or Tommy changes aren't possibly dot com our us. Starter grow and grow its armour shot maker. Miles and from that aspect do you Raja really dramatically changing idea you good sir upon at before yachts of the three played Middleton a dispute to bring south. Opera. But that's really dramatic. I don't think. So you what do you want to US started Delhi over. Proctor. I do you mean in the Google it was unlike want to export c'mon. There's still should bring him about 330 yeah it really between Steve why after that. These are you off which he started telling Oprah brought. Him up in a playoff experience of their. Now I yeah that's just an art gallery got a pregnant they wanted me episode shoots it now. The calls and I. Are good and trotted Kosier other unless there are thousands of intranet. You're. Out got lucky. I guess and I'll say it didn't say it. You know. A lot of Watson elbows are I think we're what we're gonna be great two weeks at. Got a post blogger transition. For what they did to the half hour sit. It's that that would have little parents are under that nobody could I don't know how it would. Wondered what the one that I think you have a more highly that you shot it caught the ball in the hopes that all I have to say I like you can. Yeah same bride imposing upon Lowery. All yeah Odyssey yeah well. I don't know if I'm trusting turn around from him Maine yes he did either NASA square garden when the game I know. Are any seated before. I still bad shots coming around man I can see it being a real part of his arsenal later in yet in the near future now I don't know I don't know file and rely on that now the way I mean you'd think he's he's at that point to rely on that shot now in the playoffs yep he's got trying to. He's gonna get him is gonna get a bigger the one who said it is okay why not try new things as six I dug our stance of and outlook outside a person now I'm not talking about playing dollar's weakness and having them just jacking up there even though we know he struggles. He takes a lot of shots pregame anyway received he need to trash stuff that people don't notice in the and playbook. The people who know surcharges to adjust to these missing the Lou Henson baby hook. Yup it's that he had to do the crossover step up a step back and take that three. He has to add it to his arsenal he can hit that shot any time he gets ready. Is well he's going to the hole about a cut him off he's steps back redundant at three point just letting go and make up is like a half court. He's so long to write so he'll get the space other about complaint like Tony Parker. We'll cut him off and let him have that jumpers if he makes those jumpers. And step back and picked those three man watch out. Got there I think military and I wanna give him water and a doesn't pick and rolls and double screens they get a from all some threes early. Let's get one more call on this it's Georgian Kosier on the Wendy's big ship. Georgia and courage. I got the egg nog is not look at it it did not everybody basketball at that also talked about a very well the first gangs and a lot of looks fine now he played agreement on. Why don't you would date the duck. Know what the book capital which is that's what we got executed that's why we got to get people to be a bit cults. It's yet to it yet now. Use the other wanna play yacht has used the adult lap what we need Monroe moderately lower on the day it will be held up by art and beauty born. You know all the best scores he got put beat you right back at that location. The company won all in all our practice how are you the woman in practice I believe that Alex partly. Do not care how he's performing in practice I don't care to let it just hitting everything in practice when the lights on he ain't hitting crap. So it's employed you have to give up on that little project and more on Beasley and I'm nasty and usually I know can score when the lights are Africans are against anybody. You're can't put it about that OK we get into court but I'm paying you wanna just what we did our game and not go with that lineup. We weak weak yell at lineup procurement dollars. It's up to its immigrant. Or she'll. In that first game and now and then our game we want to partner with a lot of this are one of the lead at a much this tournament and I don't know why change just aren't liable what is what went wrong I don't know. I don't know anonymous to happen and it just total lunatic who's. Are just Wednesday was going to social media that as Steve I've made a forced him if you let him make his which. How would you switch right OK when we started the topic is ours and I would do I was kid I had a lot of which would CA BO is longer play. I don't experiment may be will not play some stretch four next to Greg Monroe in spurts and I can learn that. Lead that neatly put that I am 100% behind you one next athletic or you like 100%. Yup are dead thanks for got a younger that's what's that I did not abdicate for something to know not a lot no question bright but does that compare to him we probably did years. I just wanna hear us out saying that would case Toronto. As we will roll what happened timeout right. That would be nice if they usually come and at first 67 minutes. But as Steve indicated I just don't want cal article on and just Jack up to a three threes and hopefully you know gust also in an about it. But let it go. And then next thing thank you Steve not a lot of audit that was really want comedian Andy did you know he's look at it Twitter I don't oil coming I intuitive to arrange a row. Yeah and I'll said his quiet people taken it like shared sorrow I don't know calmed down. So you gotta get you when your. Put the shirts on police since we're back to this east San Jose area regular marijuana we would get ahead. I watch a game UnitedHealth background as a black shirt on I don't care who won or not I'm gonna look zionist outpost in just is always wanted to just go out there really are doing everything the only fan base in the NBA because I don't apparently shirts. There on your chair wouldn't pay and you. It's a locator and that's why they haven't done in the last few. I'll say this just the visual of as a list a teacher I've seen a million times on traders say a teacher draped over the back of every chair with looks awesome and looks awesome yeah and they elected it like one of those stop motion videos from the Bucs to America on this morning. I'm showing the workers. Putting the teachers on the chair as he slowly see all the seats in the stadium. Turn from blue to black and now it's a really cool visual I don't know what you do thing about them negative job MacNamara Ontario about a recurring colonel but yeah. You're thoughts are and if you're off if you're running on teen. And you're in the playoffs. Would you rather do T shirt giveaways but would you rather do Powell giveaways 'cause the giveaway and Saturday everybody is gonna rally tell. My outline I might of rather gall to another teacher pepper color may be making green big green T shirt greening cream T shirt. On Saturday following the black T shirt on Thursday. How much howls due to I don't make no he's a lot they know how are you see everybody twirling their towel at the same kind of way yet is there just. I do when the guys that there the effort tomorrow and that's true Mulder and not to mention you can get a 100%. Participation would how people doing it was character won't last I'm not only here all right Nadal and we're going to yell at your race shared. Different you know. So definitely doubt little white and they got it noted until me it would just little top of you into it lean back so blended. We'll get back to is a bus stop Chris do you go with Great Lakes drag way act apple may well laid coming up I know. The clock we're going by car makers. Thought maker coming up at 535. Sparky did not active advocate a change in the starting land line up would you advocate that people stay at the Hilton garden and park place. Same opportunity why wouldn't the version bucks use you guys is they're team hotel for road teams and has made all the sense in the world. It's too nice it while I'm in a while and be comfortable and I who aren't sleeping. Yes it's nice and it's rice added that all the Taliban elements to the Jewish dead as old bed bugs and BellSouth. Garden. By setting out our apartment after the obviously we're being right. It's one of those crew grilled cheeseburgers and keep them ourselves on the little about it at the got a Barclays plays or idle for a state issue was there for over a week and removes. I tell everybody to go friends family for coming in to out. Also a great place for a business meeting or is your next at bat there banquet facilities are amongst the best and help the garden park place hotel got indoor pool warm water. Whirlpool fitness center plus hours in the bar restaurant we talked about a drug they're happy are Monday through Friday three dollar domestic bottles or glasses housewife from three or four price goes of the dollar each hour to six. Tonight is third which means dollars for a burger. I would domestic beer Airbus item again that's tonight. At out hours in the park restaurant at the Hilton garden and park place hotel. It's just be one your regular stops just knew what you want these are in restaurants you family whatever and it should to be one of those things I knew it was Rio is go with the kids. Plus they're taking reservations now for their massive Mother's Day Sunday brunch. If you like new players bear northern pines bars of to a third new where's your bar to help darted and park place nets from an omni fault near the Twin Towers and on a mall. Courtroom trial the restaurant bar to. De get the latest from the recruiting trail and badgers spring practice and it was Johnson insider John MacNamara joins the Wendy's big show next in the old Chevrolet studio. So it makes us sick throwback Thursday presented by masters he is let us know he'd like here next week my tweeting your artist at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throwback you're entered to win. 825 dollar gift certificate to master Z is that at 1057 FM the fan. With the hash tag big throwback. I'm for the big showed a check in with Wisconsin insider John Mack. Brought you might create a construction providing quality plaster Stucco services with a unsurpassed workmanship. I've got a break and Johnny Mac is. Ronnie tells. John MacNamara. From manager Michael. Don't screw it. Before we get to us principals hire a new assistant basketball coach did somebody that I've watched. And then I saw that he's 38 now. And yes I do you feel old Dina Powell over the old. Yes and that is. That happened within the hour where you were gone they had to replace care about it they have. And then they came up with the Albers like you mentioned at a great career at Iowa he has midwest ties to the recruiting stuff that was got a lot at the duke. And then also on every Korean party can pitch and he played. Especially for nine years we appreciate it was Scott and will be able to coast guards that so LaMont Paris coach will do about capsule spoke some regards. But certainly had a pretty big task yet out of them Cutler graduate their back court. Abrupt thinking that show law so. I don't have the find replacements for them but all all pretty good hire I think a lot of people thought it might have been Rob Jeter put. In April weird and told interviewed but he was pretty happy you know leader Lucas apparently can't so. The dollars in new assistant coach at Wisconsin. Yet intensity pretty warm in the wintertime in Las Vegas vs Wisconsin I don't blame Jeter and all that went. And I don't know old how old guard looks added I and you go proud giving more an idea. But it just seems to me if I would car how we try if I fill that spot I'm looking for the best recruiter I could fine that's where I would be looking. And doesn't seem that necessarily was the case in this guy's more about developing guard play from a coaching has made me more than recruiting he's been at Illinois State the last few years. Yeah I got you out of tend to agree with you because. You know use markers is probably their big recurrent. He didn't excellent up idol. Also help out but a lot of other kids so I think they'll be looked for it got some midwest right you gonna have. It until credit op taking care menace to order in the North Dakota in those kind of statement when prospects pop up. Howard Moore takes care primarily in the state of Illinois city gonna look at. The Albert probably look at Ohio immediate even a little bit more on the East Coast as well and I'm sure they came up and near you process. You know he's a young guy. They can connect with these kids like it that's euphoria. Play in the big candidate watched them play professionally that thing that you can pitch on retreat front so out of met and agreed targets I recruit your expectations. Or even though he does have. Hi meeker basketball experience I think it'll be able Dugard. And you know again what this tired of Chinese you know pretty good Wisconsin because the live evaluation period against our architecture. For such. Tiger when John Mack Tamara here from bad to blitz dot com. From that perspective now a goal in forming change gears and we look at badger football. Who had master recruiter for the badgers right now that that one guy like he's our best recruiter is not close. Yeah you know I don't know if you can pinpoint. Just one guy. You know they've they've got a lot of guys that have six. There's some guys that you know that have been kind of paid is more you know these guys are better. You know position coaches and there are recruiters I think jobs that'll those are all record or what. Army as of late you know Ted gill weren't done a lot of work you together. He's what Wisconsin's wide receivers coach West Coast you re. You recruit a lot of taxes he's been really active as of late so I integrate and we'll guide you can make you case orbit just recently. You know Ted Gilmore and big. I'm you know just recently quit as CS's father died use you know receiver Wisconsin Badgers so. You'll guilt or what with them back to two Georgia and not a you're just a couple of Georgia coaches that area so high school go to. The guild wars effort to do that he would quit as he does drop that whole process. All who really opened my eyes there and certainly. Looks good for Wisconsin when they go to those are equal to try to recoup those kids so. I'm against Ted Gilmore is. Is the guy right now but I like amnesty whether the handful of guys that. Well what about the spring game badgers have coming up as far as recruits that they need to bring an end for the spring yeah. Yes so it is dark the brigade that was gotten so it's a program so you know you'll have all the kids sign. In 2017. All all the commit for 48 C. An and you don't get a cheap I wanna look at the EI. Comedic. Is Carter Bradley he's coming up from Florida he got a handful of offers including one from Scott and then. That way into the tracking right now for the badgers are big. It looks said he definitely wanna keep two quarterbacks in this class so. They actually got to offers right now chased wolf with a on campus earlier this week Carter revenues. This Mara mystery game. I'm out of medical try to squeeze the commitment from him and like I mentioned there that they're looking to have someone to pair with that right right considered that. So if you're looking out one guy might be Carter Bradley that guide it could. Could lead Wisconsin committed. That is John MacNamara finest work of badger blitzed dot com on Twitter and MacNamara rattles and every Thursday right here. On the Wendy's big show appreciate it. Art or what Aaron John go Bucs have at a north and John met Mary joins us on the great midwest bank hot Latin if your rate getting into. Or back into the housing market look no further. Then great midwest bank for the great mid West Bank dot com to take the next step towards your new. Home what pass in his car rallies and hid from Jacksonville floor. 063194. Quarterback in relation taken when they bring him appeared threes or if they really wanna impress them. Dave and buster's and wallet cosa. It's the it's my favorite place in the whole wide world flat screens as far as the act of out of your college as cassette thought it was a house while next to my house because just like my house or just TV screens everywhere. Just everywhere you look their TVs and it's on the net and then that DMB sports are they have something I don't have in my house three. 160 what did screens where you go. And 875. A discreet and of course another thing I don't have a Rouse is the million dollar midway featuring the latest and greatest arcade games including now. The Walking Dead end zombie snatch your favorite basketball team is in the playoffs to make and there's no better place. To watch all the action. And Dave and busters you can even set up a private viewing party and watch all the basketball playoffs don't miss your favorite baseball team you have C paper view fights NHL playoffs. With the NHL center ice package. Dave and buster's is also an awesome place to have your company's special event for groups of any size. Thank you can even do a Dave and buster's takeover. And own the whole place kid's birthday parties graduation celebrations leave all the planning and details to Dave and buster's so all you have to do is have fun with your guest called band. To set up your party today at 4144540100. To set up your customized special event again that's ban. At 4144540100. And mark your calendars for their annual golf prodding to help raise money for the make A wish foundation June 27. At silver spring country club get your group together and sign up or become a sponsor. Does call for details or go to Dave and busters for details and eat drink plate watch sports at Dave and buster's wallet Sosa highway 100 just south. A north avenue we're gonna reset the big topics discussed on today's big joke give you the final say out of with Great Lakes dragway pick a lane next.