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Thursday, April 20th

04/20/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour - The guys host Pick a Lane.


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It is the Wendy's big charges of 5 o'clock hour that means it's time for a great way straight away pick a lane where we reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and give you the final say album right away. We got the packers' schedule how do you feel about it sooner or later you glad the brewers are 500 at this point and the return lane. With fewer Jason Kidd what would you do differently for game 37991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057. FM the fan back camera here from fond maker this hour coming up at 535 that young man. Very excited to be in the playoffs in his rookie year in the NBA and you'll hear all about it coming up at 535. Incorporated if you know which when it is you want to jump on and go ahead. Dallas up at 79 and 1250 or email us live. At 1057. FM the fan that counts here is the packers' schedule trying to go out there it is slowly is like cancer you and your car their can comprehended. Week one they will host the Seattle Seahawks 325 kickoff week to. They are at the falcons open their new stadium on Sunday Night Football if it's ready Sparky try to report didn't say the stadium made up be ready. For the open of the season week three. They host of bagels 325 kick off week four they host the bears on Thursday night football. Week five Packers are at the cowboys' 325 kick off. They are at the vikings for week six with a new and kick off also a noon kick off for week seven when they host the saints week eight they get the bye the bye week every team in the league wants. Week nine the Packers are hosting the lines on Monday Night Football. We ten Packers are at the bears noon kickoff also a new and kick off when they host of ravens the following week. Week eleven week twelve Packers are at the Steelers for Sunday Night Football. Week thirteen the Packers will host the Buccaneers noon kickoff. Week fourteen also and in kick off when they host the Cleveland Browns they are at the Panthers for a noon kick off in week fifteen. Week sixteen Packers host the vikings for a Saturday game. Day before Christmas Eve and then New Year's Eve Packers close out the season in Detroit for a noon kickoff Sparky your thoughts. I love the fact that we don't have three road games the general very happy the two road games you have or Cleveland and Carolina not in the world so there. I am also thankful of the fact but the bye week is smack dab in the middle of the season Halloween weekend. A big fan of having a bye and Halloween weekend mean all the parents love that having their kids and everything else and I sit there playing your day around watching the packer for volume and following. So that obviously is to get things to dipping from teen breast and everything else better than a week for something goofy earlier in the season. I like that too big considering New Orleans that you haven't how this could've been stacked. This is the best case scenario for the Packers a bigot here the Green Bay Packers outside of maybe 34 at home in September from a fan's standpoint you love it more games and warm weather. But from the team's standpoint I think they other druthers they'd probably rather play three or four in December at home on dent in September. Outside of that I think you have to be ecstatic I think you have if you're an agreement Packers organization by how this whole thing lays out now of course they're to be a surprise team RT you never know. I I think this is a very very favorable schedule for the Packers won another division you don't wanna you wanna do when moss from the Austin and and desire to carried an anonymous. I don't I would never do win loss win loss at this point. We even have a even at the draft he has so what do we haven't had a draft they haven't traded for Richard Sherman yet app we don't know let's just argue reasonable. What with since when are you reasonable I have been for years on this as long run we talk well I mean just in general. Since when are you reasonable and not get and not getting excited over things that you shouldn't necessarily be getting into say Dallas the NFL is too unpredictable man we talk about this before I know NBA where you can pretty much happen out. In the NBA you pretty much know who the genes are going to be begin right like you know going to Ball State you're gonna lose probably right you know go take up to New York. Probably a realist not every obviously that doesn't always play out that way which you know with a dominant teams are going to be. National Football League and that's a New England Dallas. Pittsburgh may be mean Green Bay the Green Bay I mean there's not a lot of teams the duke in first started saying. How good they're going to be it's kind of accord to be see what happens about Arizona's new garden they were last year they were garbage we know recycled from the cardinals. Carolina they're coming or other small rob bagel in the tank last year Donald they're gonna look like this year cell. It just it's very very unpredictable I think on the national football into trying to do is I said the fans could download it and do it's a good job to do I'd rather wait to do. Or he gets the guy market parted in my head but I'll wait for Gary get back that's the right lane though what do you think about the Packers. Upcoming schedule 7991250. You can email us live. And 1057. FM the fan dike I'm moving to the senator laborers come back from may six in three road trip Sparky incidents 500 on the season. That is not good enough for some fans though. Now on I don't understand why I mean I really don't get this in beginning of the season most of you. Thought this team was going to be here and under 500 right now for most viewers some of you thought they were going to be 500. And then you look at the start of the season you want to win five in the first seven included blame the cubs at home. Then your gonna super long road trip where you really don't have attacked at any chance to breed at all was like a lot of days not to separate everything. And here you sit after you join you sure wanna get the W blue even Evan blow almost two games again that series is a gust you're at 500. I know how you can look at this and say well man they should be way better than nest. Did he hasn't yet Broxton hasn't hit Gareth hurt Davis has been horrible. Four guys or four guys you look at said the organ of the reasons why they might win 75 games none of them have contributed to this point. Instead you've got me baby one in you know mini is a big dude. But yet Babe Ruth junior over there and things going on easy trap shot tends to be the guy your as a white he's come around nicely smiley numbers say he should hit well. Then you have will Peralta vigilant it's 2014. Jimmy Nelson looks beat batter Jason Anderson out hall on this deal has but he's pitching good. You've got surprises a lot of disappointments. As a brewer fan this is a fun fun team to watch right. And up and can't just be mad at what ever just dish is no reason I just I know I understand getting mad while it's happening as as they blew what a four run lead two nights ago and end a three run lead yesterday but Ronnie first of all it's April I don't second of all. Did not expect them and no debt out of this if you're if you're saying okay the club's fan or as a Dodgers fan or as an Indians fan. Teams that are supposed to compete for the thing for a World Series this year and are supposed to be a blast and your 500 middle of the month. Five I doubt you be a matter of setter frustrated that you're not better than you are already. Camera now the first month of the season to season takes for ever as it is at six months what type of game after game after game after. I could see sitting there watching the game and getting upset at what's transpiring as it happens and even that lingering for a little bit after the game is over but today. I think you'd you'd need to step back and look at the big picture though the men if if I looked at the skid the first two weeks of the scheduled before the season started. And knowing what you expected from this brewers team this season. I'd be ecstatic with. I don't know the series and we see what happens are you buying them cardinals being bad now I never do. And your favorite no figured on file via. They scare me still. Now but that's the setter laying you don't have a talent compete with are you good with the bird is being 500 are you satisfied with that it does I have to talk you are being you being comes I mean because you haven't lived the life I have has come through in her head on your right about something that's the senator who is seven died I LL be so hard after that huge payroll volleys awesome players yeah localized there are constantly being disappointed by all of that until last year. LO. Good for you the Sylvester setter laid are you okay with a bruised left 507. That bad 1250 lie or you can email us lives. Eduardo five setter I had done he dirt off his bike that tab I'd even do it he should've cellphone and he showed me he realized us do pretty Saturday as they you know Lucia at the state gauze got to say some questions but don't read to the return alleged good way to extensive self control. Moving to other terror led. Sparky the Bucs lose game two by six points Dodgers if you're Jason Kidd. It's adding that head coach's seat what are you changed to make up their six point differential in game 32 night. I think first of all to light of its unemployed street calls on I'm not going to let him it's that's not happening I'm gonna give Beasley shot at this. An and that's not going to and I think I'm gonna try bomb maker SunPower Ford let him play nice and Greg wrote signer a wanna see what that looks like. I'm Paul heading for Saber box tweeted I had us pretty much everything I said on the air but he added one others saying entitled what I said that he would change. And this goes off with brownies. Not thinking of playing much six foot four guys and daddy is. What if they ran out. It points during the game a small ball line up and look yeah honestly senator. Yeah I asked me the five and I hit analyses cannot be in there he's got problems us yet but I a's too big when bouncers isn't in there to what jas been the five angle small. I don't know what ballot look like but they do whatever's on the floor better be able to hit shots I mean if you're running out there. You know withdraw again and dole would dole and snell is your three and melts in your foreign guys as your five and that's what it is. Then Brock didn't delve adult Middleton is now better beating three point shots. If gas is gimme to guide down at the five down post may vendor spread the floor. And they have to hit threes I think for that to work or be able to driving kick and then hit a three. One thing or the other because you're gonna have opportunities like you did last game. In you Rick quite a few threes last and he did fine. Where's stimuli drive and kick opportunities for the raptors and for the bucks. And it may just come not a three point shooting that may be what it comes down to at the end of the night and I have no favorites a lot of it too disappointed that. I say whoever is the hot hand Disco with the in my B I'll I agree with these now should apply glass Imus last game in kids Massa went out and tonight snow could go ice cold and to let habits might be the guy hitting the shot I know I mean so if you're Jason Kidd. Get the feel for that the first half and if it is say Tony snell who's what was he gave in Gaylord sex for six from three point land. Don't keep him on the bench for the entire fourth quarter I until there's ten seconds left. I don't think the the five on the floor again game changes the entire series. Ending extolled the build up Roger melting honest and Monroe or thought that might change those two depending on what's gonna. But I think Brock didn't and Middleton a Braga and Salvador while the backcourt in the last 45 minutes every in this I don't think he's changing his mind. Okay as against another ball handler out. Art I understand that I don't but in addition to that 55 well you also have double dove out their for the pick and roll game. Man he's playing that very well right now are especially with the honest so I understand that you wanna be able to create opportunities for yeah honest. That's a larger reason why you have dove the dove out there's that makes sense to me. But you have in addition to those guys that you just named in the backcourt sparking and in addition the honest and probably Greg Munro. That fifth guy has to be whoever is has the hottest guys over the Obama that's a tough guy. This is playing Brockman is playing Milton is blank. Then it's either potter Monroe and then the other guys you put it. Whether that's Mallard all the don't understand you're saying that's what's gonna happen and that's only what I would do what I would do differently but those are the only two options as far as that last why I'm finding a way to get the hot hand out there somehow some way. I'm finding a way to get the hot hand out there whether it's deli whether it's Kelly whether it's Nellie whoever it might be if maybe it's might be Michael Beasley in this game if he can see the court. Whoever the hot hand do so plane I got to find a way to have him in there when it matters yeah I did but we've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. Right lane. Take a look at the packers' schedule how do you feel about its center lane very glad the birds are 500 at this point and the return when if you were Jason Kidd. What would you do differently in game 379912. Fister email us live at 1057 FM the fan back on is how you can pick away. You go about what's got a great place a catch all your favorite sports action pool table shuffle board tornado foods ball tables like tried darts paint ball and more. Enjoy their what ranked fish right on Wednesdays and Fridays that's tomorrow that is where are more different styles of fish while how old well the old man blatant. Yeah riding out the hour now to studio and how. He goes horribly just as I know like you caught did you adults stop and I know our that was just an off site and has. On the radio. Says just get out to tread I just did an if you run I'll just get out and to let him let him finish the deal I just wanted to join. Don't do it again. And coming up on Saturday night check out the latest up over their cold low blood new Banda on and it's a new member demand clos will be or Ricky club Wisconsin Saturday night. No I needs to today's hits we'll close plays check him out again. And all the other band was in a Q club a W I dot com also injured a planned IB IQ club always got to next Thursday for the big shell followed immediately by our special draft coverage. IQ club outlets got to 2454. North grand view boulevard in Waukesha miles south of I 94 don't forget trash our next Thursday night. Bill Michael's former packer badger running mate Gary dollars and and Paul in check throughout add cube club on W I dot com Q club a W I dot com. Will visit key club of Wisconsin I'm pleased where you're from five. Maker at 530 travel here from you and Great Lakes dragway tickle lane right after this in the halls Chevrolet student. Make sure things are back Thursday presented five masters scenes. Treat you like Deere next week and 1057 FM the fan. But hash tag big throwback for your chance any 25 dollar gift certificate to masters ceased. Their patio furniture on sale right now watching amounted masters tees back down they'll be with us out at the Q club a Wisconsin and walked job. Giving away memorabilia autographed items that's next Thursday. As throughout their for wall to wall draft coverage next Thursday night premiere from the odd maker. In just a few minutes right now re setting the big topics discussed on today's big show giving you the final say brightly we think about the Packers schedule which has already been make this afternoon. Saturn lane are you glad the birds are just 500 at this point and the return mine if you're Jason Kidd what would you do differently in game three. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Real quick baby Tosh ship an update on the voting for at their back Thursday US army said that DMX had a sizable lead hasn't been closed at all I know it has not it is stayed consistent. Okay there with their lead so pride medium next week rest sadly. Remains sadly. I'm on what reporting and girls and TMX is a guy it's one guy I thought Laura so they're bound to girl that's as VW you're suddenly out of all the rap groups that we could went with. DMX justly one of the lowest DMX man now I really don't. Mean DNC is a little different you kids today. He just don't get a run DMC ever got to turn them over to somebody over and Ian C read on supper and Ozzy got out for a game. Realized Sparky bases all his. Now musical choices of other got a race reality shows that guy again you know the idea that's how New Kids On The Block got Dominik yes that's true. Mean you doubting also nice for is Imus show. Please get somebody open a wall birders please care where you open it you can open edit Otellini three all burgers forwarded to Wendy's do a bomb just went there you're right. But it's different than Wendy's they're they're totally different they're wholly different deals if you watched the show a little different deals might they aren't totally different I try to get him to go to the wall burgers in Vegas. He is. A bomb hurled into a mother brought it brought back pressure rob a K this year. Is that it was also what is OC a gag orders dude it's it's just different media view thinking what's so special while Mark Wahlberg everything well there you go. And Donnie Wahlberg yeah. I don't know that guy's. You know they're doing a show in Chicago it's Paula Abdul new kids a voice to that. Yup he decent trying to go what is it trying to go well voice Amanda demand is great low voice and yeah I wanna go at any dime Auburn. Small birds do it like that Wahlberg rather funny. I would sure love to meet the mom alma do she's a Larry and let your Fagan both yes you I solitaire you guys are big almost man. I am very begging him about opening of one by the arena but that's not going anywhere he said he wanted local places. That's. Somebody running through all under plays we've got caught up with about this happened well. Argument. I don't want to question I don't understand things at this up to build Michael's the other day and he show. This isn't the food and all the good place to go on his kids tell me why you can't have an Italian beef place in a mall. About that she before army yes brought it up on the show I think last week tiger yet still bothering me. Just I don't understand you have every other food option there animal. Able. To just Wisconsin mall I'm saying in jam. Marty you spent so much time at the mall that you need huge good exercise I walked there. All my caddie he's an old white man yeah my god why did you actually all Yugo and walked before the mall opens I try to wait the time but I ankle weights and carry light to prod dubs. Nobody does not expect it to Mel McDonald. I'm a very healthy now are there in the morning I he's not. I used to work at a ball. The ball and I'll tell you first but I'll tell you what I would never I would open the first people through those doors sometimes before stores even open because they don't because there is open the right people there before 10 o'clock before the stores all yeah Iraq but I'm telling you I've never seen anybody with a dumb bells walking rock any of these multi Xenia I've summit in Illinois that's the thing is at Wisconsin all around a little weird things I worked at record town in the east Towne mall to Madison ultra wide and go to Manson's mall subject maybe up the matter tell you there are some serious mall walkers out I had to do big match that I etheridge Mayfair. Amber fields where guys are good law those are the three balls I tend to walk him going out stores and voting out walking shoes I and they have their matching sweatsuit. Any other way it's and with some dumb bells yeah walkman on CNN head band know there are serious about their mile walk ideas they and not play you don't see any of that and you threw you out and when you work our army now. Kimono not guide us now when I went from playing if I'm playing a sport. And I'll Wear I Wear a head band just keep the hair out of my eyes Arby's racing and that is. And again he lost. And Ziggy to weed out a still shot of how badly now that was not nasty typical is that the only thing about guys positive and the other thing about their photo that was inducted as he fault that he. Well maybe not I get a sitter debate that I felt a huge and his own of the bag that you got beat the dead immediately got beat and I roused a better looking one and I didn't fall in agreement invalid cracker Redman out legislate that day at the long socks. Adamant. Real cool gym shoes and my head band that's a prime time my finest teaser where that's a high school and your mom when you walked as the army really good today. No doubt that would you know falls confident though. I looked at the mere and I said rob you look really good today that's what happened. Yeah or Hollywood got picked up school now he wouldn't Rami was homecoming king runner up Robby is one of the skills and understand are up. Any idea where you were you big running back then yes. Any idea Hulk ugly that that high school must have been for. If you read in the world. Could possibly have been runner up I mean it's. You it's you beauty pageant real popularity count you guys class clown does very well liked you class caught kind of sort of focusing may be blasphemy yes that was me do that makes sense yeah. And it I told you we used to walk around wasn't a looks than we still walk around at the football games and we would we get those paper crowns from the fast food establishment in and out where those in these big gold sunglasses. And and caves that what was the name of your team the top ten pirates. Pirate. Because I was running for homecoming king dude we years we walk around at big poster all of us to pull that's a row. I like her whole code and oh yeah an idea campaign yes it's like coming to I didn't do it I'll be spotted him on stage you. All day I didn't do it I wore the crowd and the sunglasses and the cave and I boys walked around with a sign behind me that said Robby for Coca leaky. I'm gonna turn my own Michael. I'm so sorry I'm so sorry it's hijack this bullets horrible. We got here from god makers are to tell people about say it's out solutions before we do that 26 do problems 02725262. Problems there. A 2725. 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Cannot idea ancient times of cable and move into the present with DirecTV in eighteen to. Human spark is discussion with bond maker on last night's spark is bucked weekly it's coming up next right here so good on the Wendy's big show. Thursday out. His big show with the rush let us know if you'd like the year next week to reach artist and 1057. FM the fan of the hash tag big throwback. Create chance that it 25 dollar gift certificate to masters these. But here artist and 1057 FM the fan with the hash tag big throw back 25 dollar gift certificate. Two masters he's on the lot of looks like it will be DMX as a winner next week but that can stop you from voting because every vote weathered wins loses or not. And enters you to win that gift certificate to master Aziz weekend forecast calls for partly sunny weather and cool Temps. But with grilling season underway if you're tailgating at Miller Park. 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For more info on money saving coupons for the estimates chuck Roberts specialty meats your home town buchert Sparky had bomb maker. I'm spark his box weekly last night started things up by asking them how is your first playoff experience Sarah. The atmosphere of the city but. A candidate that exist you have a mistake to make the playoffs and every every position very crucial and we saw that last night meant to are moving by you know just a bit sick. And you know course quarter we're down we would block a quarter but three quote quarterly losses by. You know I'm biased on that yet so it did show you how much you know you gotta tell you that. There is but doesn't matter. Are we doing what else. How chill factor would you say the crowd plays. For the home team as far as what it did for Toronto energy wise and what the fan base can do for you guys when you come home. All it is day they've. Because when they cheering when you are on defense and you know you know how to play a game he's making calls and calls and we pirate market. And or you could be latent. And the player but. It definitely. A big party and the momentum slide in terms of runs went deep on run defense the team to cheer you on that. You know definitely gets you look at that he's so order of the day or night game now everybody get. We don't get into an all electric unit. You know the other thing that that goals along with this obviously. Is the physical reality of the series I've heard so much all over the course of time covering the NBA how much more physical the NBA playoffs ten to be named mutt the regular season is do you think that a troop. Yup yup definitely on you don't get away with a few more things in the play out a lot they. County. Don't release that. You know boxing out or. It is being that would do it somebody out there running but. There's there's not a big deal well could they don't want to do. All the game and not stop the game and you know they don't wanna hear about Iran and lay on it. It did that change a different ballgame. Comes after. What's it like playing against balance soonest is not inside. All you know is the big body also. Much bigger than myself. On you know I didn't do my job and he is part of the problem is that normally take sensible. It marked down dark and I had to play tomorrow but and that is ridiculous stormed back. You don't use much speed quickness. You know we talk about. Where you guys around everybody said coming into this series are well the experience the web experience for the Toronto Raptors is gonna be a huge huge huge deal in this series and that's what's gonna work against the boxed. But again as a fan watching this. I don't see where it's really helped Toronto or really hurt you can you point to something where may need a playoff experience may have helped them in a game situation. But I. I don't know. Did gain a bit brutal there. It is well hopefully thinking. Well quote the team you know the great great matchup law and democracy there it they have this team all of they did apparently their communities and got some game while. Thirds e-book. Is there really good team also so porous that we just got to. Treat each game. That record on previous. And saying that about the serious. And immigrants here. Not with Don mega bucks starting setter here a spark he's bucks weekly on the fan. Now we always talk about you know the playoff series in the best of 71 one before. And how crucial coaching can be in this series two and I heard Sam Mitchell. Former and BA head coach talking earlier this morning. Well the fact of just how crazy it is from a scouting perspective and from a game prep standpoint as far as everything you get from game to game. And how really in depth against vs just a regular season game against the same team. Yeah. That that that technique on that right. Or Apple's product is yeah old people around the world on tomorrow at eight. We got so much still. Books. A lot and it just goes into. You know the growth we we did. Practice walk in or rule on separate bill chrome and chrome you've been here minority. Individuals bill he bill. To. And yet. That that that is absolutely crazy okay self. I got two questions here on Twitter for using the hash tag asked not agree to the last time you were on some serious some might think are funny just questions. Now being tweets at the fan. Of course the one player in this busting that is helping you the most in your rookie season. Go all day gate and say. With is being ignited another vehicle and mostly with the go to the scene and also. One he sees because it vehemently. Along those are our teammates. My teammates and is. He's still playing so he's. You know one guy that beat in my ear so you basic economy and do this and do that. At from Mexico somewhere. You know it's always accurate tool on all. You know organize looked to see what they did it add. You know how can incorporate that into my balls. JS's the Astec asks armed group on maker KG has come and it worked out what you. Who is the other former player you'd love to learn from. While all. I really thought all of them but or he did in great that month so you GP and some aren't. United could also. That will work now with them when you're out here. Uses. We did get a lot of knowledge and pat are not in very contained entity. Well some cynical about footwork and shot and just the mindset of the game. It blind guy so who are you know because it anywhere. Owed to somebody else on the ball. Name may be a team blah blah. Now a bigger one yeah I like that would yeah yeah yeah that's a good one I'm all for you Morgan Al Hakeem Olajuwon. Hey what about KG how does how does that relationship work now once the season gets done I mean a US plants and working out him in the summer or not. I also won't leave we'll have anything. Blend out here but I I don't know how how did these people between. And I'm. We ended the year and may see if we can get some golf. That's a great up a great thing I saw other irons quarter they GP senior. One at practice today Cole who see targets you will see their four to check on his care what. He is equally in basically all on it blah. It won't be given an around us all year also he spoke with a few of the guys like Tony myself. Do you go. Michael Beasley and some other guys don't work you don't talk to them after a practice this morning but. He's I'd rather Jerome before and I a year ago and we've spoken in my bed and and cook I wanna marking. I guess who is younger. And I was talking about that but he'd he'd given some devices is somewhat. We don't let me that this morning. That's awesome man goes about defense employers for sure. This is an interesting question and I he's kind of joking but I'm serious I think. I'll go to AS tweets at the fan and he says since god and and TM. Has the TM in his quarter handle can you please ask god to be like to be known as the trademark. Thanks there. Actually I'll play I'll play a bit was created Monterey county that's what I added you added that today and well I don't know what the big name Abdel need to. I would have to at some other people really do would be well. Better than what Jordan suggest since Jordan said what are your thoughts in the nickname fond daddy. Now no thanks Casey it was better than Fonda at the housing and asked that wanted to you brought in a dime throughout their objective for. Odd scene built into the fencing out got a says grown does that inspire you to get to the same place he has. On. If there because he he did it that is a time period. And it's a lot of hard work into it. Are they elect Obama on the right path to budget into the work. Continue to take care my abiding Belmont and you know to keep trusted me and so what they broke me at all all we have at work and are pretty well right now sudden got a cookie in this thing. And you talked yet about playing in the summer leaguer not coming up this offseason. Not I'm not. This is a fun town mound Hussein and his brilliant she's. Even if you just don't hang out some of Allentown but not about pace upper come and not continued success I would love talking Sierra and Steve undo what to do a man. I don't reporting before I let you go wireless for got a question I wanted to ask you to serious question. Are you people have been bringing this up has their Brittany talk about you playing more of that stretch four role next to Greg and in her own game. Bottom I don't know. In the in the immediate future but I was sure this is a game we've tried it and it will not blue flag. Bill was there this season. The here you all of Greeks and we tried it and are in mobile and it went really well. I don't know I don't know who will seek. I like that be nice little change of for the raptors Willits in what they would do that. A comment that is again like SA continued success and will report for tomorrow night. Update you I do look a little bit off then you know we come out more support you know it'll make a lot of difference. And you know we appreciate you are at and no we wouldn't well our our south we. This thought maker with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer on last night's Rockies bucks weekly how do you know like that Kidman I think he's miked or bust player than I've ever really. I think so at birth. Really I think so yeah yeah and try to answer the phone like his mom for having ever anything I think I would like. You'd be great weekly guest I think at some point. That's awesome if you missed any of elegant little humble duty it's funny like the if you missed any evidently missed Gary wolf for the 2 o'clock hour of the show if you missed or Wisconsin insider. John Mack the mirror anything on today's big show check out fanned on demand. At the newly designed 1057 FM the fan dot com that's presented. By John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield next here on the fan it's the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on Beck show with yours truly. Yeah you're ready for what. Who's truly me. Yours truly. Get you ready for game one of four between the birds and the cardinals at the current events mark you'll be back tonight after game three with the Milwaukee Bucks pick in saved post game show for Steve Sparky Pfeiffer LeRoy Butler Murray detached. In turn Avery interned Yoko where your shorts at the stadium I'm running Mac let or short thanks for listening to the when Larry great show and we'll talk to again tomorrow from skipper buds in. Well. I caught our.