Biggest problem in the NBA... Tanking, Resting, or Flopping?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, May 18th

05/18/17: BIG SHOW: Biggest problem in the NBA... Tanking, Resting, or Flopping? Gary, Ramie, and Sparky debate.


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8 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios on Ronnie amass wealth along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers. Coming up a little bit later this hour about 335. The Nigel Hayes break would have the rules of first impressions. Gets a that a little later this hour right now we wanna know what's the bigger problem for the NBA. Tanking resting or flopping. 7991250. You can email us live at 1057. FM the fan back on yesterday Mark Cuban said this on The Dan Patrick Show. We were eliminated from the at the playoffs we did everything possible lose games and so if we get it up front if we knew that this is a re abilities and we just an up front. Then you know you you know you'd kind of know what kind of team you have. So there is an outcry outrage over this feels like I'll get an NBA owner admit that they're trying to his basketball games. In the last round of the playoff Sparky during that spurs rockets series the outcry was matter are you seeing all this flopping that's going out in the wizard Celtics series. Also there that was that was the major complaint. And of course is the regular season round out. Everybody was complaining about LeBron and Tyree and all the guys on the warriors resting and taking days offs there ready go for the playoffs. So what was the biggest problem for the NBA tanking resting our flopping 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. Dak count. You amused and a shirt please and thank you. I'm doing business. An easy question and on and this is tough question I think all three are issues. For the NBA they've they've tried their darted to face a flopping problem this resting issues that come upon us in the last couple of years. And people can blame Popovich for that one in San Antonio for channels garbage. The tanking issues going on forever. And taking issue. Is in large part thanks the lottery that's pretty much where this is all coming because now. Even if you don't have a chance of the worst record you still wanna have a bad record as you can have led increasing chance of getting. Ping pong balls in your favor when they do the lottery so a team like the members had zero chance of becoming the worst team in basketball didn't care about that. They just wanted to better percentage chance of winning the lottery. That that is completely backfired on the Indian missile lottery system or direct completely back for the reason recorded in was to avoid taking and all of Dunn has increased Anke. Now. On those three. What are the what's the biggest issue I think the biggest issue is resting players are. That's Iran and on resting superstars and people are brand are harder money go watching it play basketball and that's a problem. And that's been arresting and thank you kind of thing now important Icrc from explain America as well thank you would be I'm not on play my best time to complete my take is when you're so bad that you trying to lose a nobody get a high draft so interesting is when you're so good to you that your resting guys so that they're ready for the playoffs OK but when you're tanking. Yes meet under players are still play. They still play they try to beasts. They still terrible Dan Patrick asked him right after that I don't have the sound bite you ask them how and how do you how do you tank Yani is Adidas player young players a lot does to other yes yes I haven't. Are still plays in the game one averaged just usually don't let them you're younger role players are more younger guys procedural again as. But so from from this for or or the other way to do it here is yet to hang now oh. You don't hear. Bruce you tell your deputy doesn't have players at the buy into that I'm sure if you suck most of Michael while on vacation Aussie guys next year where out by. I think for me it's it's resting on players. These are big they're already working on trying to fix flop and say he's never gonna get faceless they fix the draft process at some point. The rising thing I think making they can work out this with the CBI at some point. On the next ten years whatever it is. I work out the players association that becomes an issue again because what's happening is these guys are star players are rushing when they're on the road. And when you only get LeBron James or staff Currie or honest. To come near Reno wants the entire NBA season. And then they decide they're not gonna play out one time and you were bringing in you know your son or daughter for about one game and now they're not going to get to see them not because they are hurt. But because they just want to rest. Up for the playoffs at some Indian he has got to try to figure out how to alleviate. The NFL it doesn't really become a problem globally the last week of the season. I'm vent sometimes you see that's not having Nicole were famous for doing that crap on Denver was was doing it too for awhile so. That was an issue in the NFL you don't see it nearly as much anymore is he used to. Years ago. That is more my concern is not only from butts in seats stamp point. But also TV ratings standpoint too because like man I mean at one game. It goes beyond high. High profile match up and ended up being an exhibition in a bunch of bench players plank is both teams rest and a sharp players. And it happened time and time out time and time out there for a couple weeks where I mean TV now where shall hey you're Texas does this is not always paid for. And that becomes another issue these are talking about no new TV deals and so forth this continues to happen to be TV networks and get angry. In you don't wanna lose that TV money can you just had a monster TV deal with last. So for me interesting players that that's that's gonna kill this league they don't face. Garrick. Well. I agree with Steve I think resting their players is the biggest issue in ages. They deserve fear about a year in and you look at rational players are LeBron James. Perfect example. And and I give it would be there resting abroad on the road. Review looking at teams and you we've taught this forum you looking at teams that say he goals and play eighteen there's not very good that vet. That particular team is looking to make some money in America LeBron is coming to their particular arena. And those guys don't shall. Com blog I don't know how you. On the high stuff is you you tell teams they can rest players but they have to be home games. Yeah because it that's what they're seeing their animals right. The minute and so you wanna screw your home fans senior superstar right go ahead give new teams are not resting guys at all they're original deal not sitting Duncan Parker Ginobili and home they were saying I'm on the road that you said it. And say today present and past but I don't know what effect. Yes that your yet because his balls and broken so I'm I think you know electrify. In the books are good thankfully they're good now registered to votes weren't very good two at proxy gain. Mean we know we're at we're not gonna goal if the books and a good about it if LeBron has come and then we'll pay that money Google see from us on the OC. The brought an old Roberts gun issue with there as well but resting I think it's abuse. You wanted to tell you what my issues with that are you article where I mean it's valid to our way to tell what you and I agree with it I just think that if if you're buying tickets to see the other team's players than your beef isn't with the fact that other teams are rats resting their players. You're beef should be the fact that your team is so bad you're not buying tickets to. Watch them. I'm sorry to tell you. And I've you've said this before and united disagreed on it and I don't disagree or what your premises or what the logic is behind your premise. But there is only one LeBron James in my lifetime or my kids' lifetime. And about got one shot to see him he's not there I can't get that opportunity back and I don't have a lot of my I'm not saying there's only entity maybe to see Michael Jordan and if you lived in Philadelphia or wherever it is because he wasn't in your hometown. Your dad brings you for that one game look as. You actually got to guess how over it may be here we go Michael Jordan rest don't plan on I didn't have a but might have to arrest don't play now you blew the one opportunity your son had you had both of you had a senior is ever lit. It's not a big deal when it's just another basketball team without superstars or talk about Kobe Bryant shahak. Those title players when they come in a talent. And you Miley have once LeBron James Seale. LeBron James is the greatest player on the planet and the second best player that's ever played this game and I understand your desire opinion and I understand your desire to see him I understand that. But do you think it's. If you wanna get a ticket in Golden State just to watch LeBron James. You gotta go to secondary ticket services because all those tickets are sold already because the warriors are such a good team that it doesn't matter if LeBron James is in town or not the only team in the league that can say that that's not sure they're now it's not. All the bulls consistently sellout and they have a double team. Now listen when you talk about fan bases that are that rabid that are about that team and the bulls fan base is fine. But then the goals they families like college crowd and you're right you do have to go to secondary whatever orders seem. But not tell me how hard is it to get a box ticket to a game. Pretty easy how hard is it to get a ticket to see Philadelphia or New Orleans or Minnesota all hell anybody in the league outside of Golden State Cleveland. And maybe Chicago even a mix you can get tickets for lakers may have sellout mixed sellout I don't get lakers tickets man lakers tickets are nearly as hard they were before when they were good. At that's completely change it's it's not like that he is not a heartache begins anymore it's not album number ones. And if you're scared. If he sees that and Lamo who he wants this realizing. It's a huge problem in this league and the what I where they can actually feel the seat. Bet you decide you don't want play. Big problem. You know it's not a big problem for Steve Sparky Pfeiffer anymore. Shaving thread got that all figured out the regular. Yeah and Lauren you throw that electric razor or you'd rather build those other garbage raises its you have you go to the best. And it's going to be way better value which are getting right now that's what I did that would you should do too nice comparable glide nice smooth shave. Carrey's razors. For decades one cup series has relentlessly increased prices Eric amend profits at the expense of their customers some guys Jeff and any. 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Way to quick break with the all my bad guys that don't worry it's no way to get started when. Series today two day now I'm bill was the bigger problem. Taking flopping. Or what was the third what. Resting 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan back now we hear what you think what the right things right after this on the Wendy's big show on hold certainly studios. When is great shots they throw back Thursday presented by masters he's let us know you'd like to hear next week preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag big throwback. Nominee Gary with journeys Markey wants Marvin Gaye the right wind Bee Gees I wanna hear Stevie Ray Vaughn. Jeff for a lot he wants Eric clapped and go with one of those are your own creature artist at 1057 FM the fan. Ash tag vague throwback in your entered to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to masters he's right now are asking what's the bigger problem. For the NBA flopping tanking arresting. 79912. Figure you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com the outcry today is Mark Cuban. Saying yesterday and The Dan Patrick Show that they tanked. Be out the outcry last week was that James Harden and Michael Beasley were flop and all over the place. And the outcry as a regular season wound down was at the cavs were his arresting other good players. It was the bigger problem 7991250. Let's go to can on this outside here on the Wendy's picture what's up ten. And thank you. Didn't matter it doesn't matter if what happens when you're king. If you thought you could be intense and look at the first overall pick bullet point list. It should open in the words of another. It was a co chief update you play to win the McCain wrong sport but in principle. Thanks political integration. Out of me having your name. All of these two characters. A noted name what do they say. Currency that spark in that scary what did they say before they might said the most addressing was a problem and whenever these two agree him. It's going to be of their show. That back on track our product and videos concluded that there's some races up. It has to be for me screaming and racism that yeah did you guess I'll have a solid rock command again. For me engadget and that the competitive spirit that the column was just discarded. For me what happened beat Anke I would never want to be associated. With tanking I just would not I just wouldn't. It just some about that degree Ager leak. And at this in what Philadelphia did and it is horrible to mess up your franchise the guy got fired over and golly his new beat boys baseball to be good and it. I just don't think I just don't think they're works in these in any sport or two ago. So to me. Degrading nearly a watered it down to meet if you're associating. With tanking. Some I think should do on that. It's a Mac obviously seeded you're doing it and especially if the warning owners saying. That its goal and all tell my superstar let the paint when he million dollars. Amy and I are gonna play for whatever reason so into the draft pick I don't know the guys will be good in that and I may not even have a job. So for me and me only. Tanking is to me is one of most disgraceful things that I can do for families. It just is is horrible. Argue would you run out that you write on this. With the rest and yes. Are greater Toronto sent naive and you sit perfectly you can is that it no better and a thank. I mean distressed. You like it when we argue RO real disagree yes but futile I answer 'cause you're all wrong your all wrong that's what makes it that I don't be agreeing. To. I just did take it is and which one of these three things is the only thing that doesn't go on another sports. I almost a flop flopping. That's the only thing that does that when we this ball that's guarding the president and I are out of luck he's exactly cause of the sport exactly. So what are you talking about the well there zest. Neither did exactly exactly my soy it's not true well it does happen. Against the brewers this year were when I have to it's got hit by pitch in did it. Always yeah I think I al-Qaeda doesn't that doesn't help actually did it doesn't happen every time guys steps in the batter's box student. James Harden makes basketball hard for me to watch I'm serious flight so that they W isn't without a. A lot of a lot of what he does it's is beautiful and graceful and exciting. But man. A lot of what he does makes the game. Look if please go up with the intent to score you know I mean goal with the intent to escort to get fouled find it filed. But it is quite obvious to me and I think everybody sitting in this room and everybody who puts their eyes. On a basketball game that a lot of times James Harden goes up for three point shot he has no intention of that ball even making it close to the rim he's going up. Only with one thought in mind and that's to get files I originally said it's ridiculous and it. And lay out Reggie did it all done and if you're gonna take a charge ticket charge. Don't go down while the guy is still three feet away from you your wallet not your butt. That makes a game hard for me to watch taking it happens in every sport. Resting happens in every sport. Flopping makes basketball hard for me to watch. Michael Beasley. I had no idea and in Washington Wizards aren't on TV enough for me to know. Until I saw that playoff series how god awful Michael Beasley and his flopping and gotten. It is out of control duke people are our team close to an MP3 for that wait for me every play for the books. Months aren't thinking of look at. I misspoke human brand of the Bradley might yet that's who I'm Alison I certainly angers me that now we don't know what the threat is right Brantley can go. I got robbed me it's a matter of running down yeah they're running is fail is a I Abrams we'll aren't. Like with the rules there. They called donut. And he'll write it down court noted guy's name in nobody was around them is doing the Dow is coming towards an escort he just hang out. I'd take him back there at one others for a whopping happens consistently and that's soccer and that's another soccer yeah I know and understand that's a good Mets like. That's a total mop on the stretch and the comeback kid when they guard Ryan about it. At least at least basketball give me some no watched as go to KJ and let's Della Sera the Wendy's big show its update to look at it. Our topic so it I'm gonna pick a little bit outside the bottom line he's. He's. For me it's a competitive imbalance. In the league right now. And it couldn't be more evident than this year in the playoffs. The play out have been all wrote all. Because you only captain teens. That's you know are connected to the finals. And I don't see anything changing in the foreseeable future as problems abroad continue to play at the level that he plays. And Kevin Durant goes tactical mistake. What goes he goes in Cleveland probably in the finals the next few years so I mean it is that the ratings are so far down probably right now. For watching the playoffs it's ridiculous. Because. On the abuse. Tuned in to the finals and wait for them to get there. Because those are going to be. Answers for all ages may start soon. Buy into the fact. Howell. Is diluted it to go through. Like it's not definite it's just concentrated. And I and that brings in eleven and twelve in the bitch probably can't you make this area. I mean after watching LeBron last I don't care what. Manager of reasons so much better and everybody though I tuned in rushing for a week yes. He's so much better strikes are fresher Eminem bottoms had to play a seven game series they ran by six major. News man. And then you watch Golden State this year collection you know league players together. Like Kevin Love in Calgary real like them. But as does the brawn and show. Review article Wednesday it is these things should be more routine. You know means more routine comes and so they give paso to TVs are looking there of the teams. They don't own enough now. I'm that way it appears both sides can be sweets and don't have enough I think I do think though I mean their future. Him being. What are tweed are years down of a remote for a break ago where you're being seen as something like. We will be just getting grew when LeBron James is old. Will he still be playing. People about how Myers WWW play yet to be an announcement I think you post that on is to Graham and I'll not say that but there's not but where which are great reviews delicate marriage just like team is gonna after. The books are one of those teams. If Jabbar and your rise in Maine and another Milwaukee mile Austin thought maker could be something I mean. You're third or fourth guy right it overall we're Jabari he's right more so title and a shortly you've got some young team over there is. At least about if there is. Not a whole lot of guys there matchup wise I think the budget yeah that are whipped Cleveland came when Georgia got Steve got like young kids. You got guys like ago. Was kept from Washington the guard wall doll that has done even peaked yet. You got guys like that a plan. Know old George I think he's done I mean that these I'll take one to lick of reducing the you'll get a while producing the best approach to I'd like room. You don't get them to run patrol. I think you're probably seeing the best of Toronto I don't know what more big day a little man yeah I think they're done no more they can get I'll lottery leads me to start the only extra routine that are common to me is feeling. And also honored in East Boston did not want. I don't know he also but there is an article written a piece on CBS sports celebs. Suggesting. Oh really now suggesting just flat out say they need to turn as it Tom. Now see here's what the magistrate Isaiah Tom is just shows you when his free agent deal comes up here he's gonna WiMax deal and he's going to be like 323334. The bridges and he's a liability on the defensive side before writing you saw that. The radio what Boston is nobody could get on the prize it Thomas. Yes it bought it bought these. Because then you have. The Alamo draft they don't know whatever we see Germany Japan right so we gusty right now assuming there gonna draft well right now right now the you know can I think they got to duke you're on totals. You're completely manipulated or Iowa or or the Boston and being like neutral. When he won by the guys at nineteen years old newbie to me when Detroit Chauncey Billups rip Hamilton and Wallace they have a transcendent players know group Isaiah. You're way too far back com more forward from that group of what. There are more routine that's robs. Tread ride and play Boston could be like that. That's the only. A quorum that would you guys trade that topic for Paul George or Jimmy Butler. Oh it is also does not well now oh. August actually you don't think Isiah Thomas as we're giving them money to and for agents to the pol he is. And there's no way Q let the Cuban. Would you dissect that and policy without those. No but his faults is faulted transcendent player I know he's. Yes or 29 shooter. You'll score one in what Jimmy Butler Paul Jordan give each one unite their older you got to start over there are going into full rebuild your shortly. The sooners all this is all Georgian boat with Jamaica estates and a actually beating. Yet you add value to at least say they don't care at all down and start to rebuild beat the UN one of those two guys to what they got now Joseph the weekly not a don't think so. I don't know how wouldn't do it but they did I would be upset I don't think Paul George and Isiah Thomas and Al Horford meekly. Uga got analyses on Doherty. Oh without regular season the regular season on the line and currently Thomas and our am series they want to listen as soon Washington gave me and ahead to your target and and now they're spent. And managers that need your rest Hilton guard amp. A you to go. There we go all the time that's where you should go as what your friends or family coming in a towel whether it be for. 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On this bloody bare Mary our season that would all they seasoning garlic saute garlic powder celery salt smoked every eleven tapper freshly ground black pepper if you see that thoughts. Pickle juice out of brain wherever about a flavored Tabasco sauce Chiluba and that is French red hot sauce absolutely coach hello Joseph Louis suspects in the words are good to make an outside of Louisiana hot sauce so rats were size or seismic vessel and a steak sauce barbecue sauce. Now by he has just. All got different Beers for a shooter beer they add bacon coach Randy jerky pepperoni sausage sixth horrible things with stops and she squares like I said. You name it and they've got it. And their bloody Mary bar Saturday and Sundays from 10 AM until 3 PM Hilton garden and park place. Minutes from a nominee fault in the Twin Towers audible book your rumor try out the restaurant bar to an idol they break one of the rules of first impressions will discuss next on the Wendy's big show on the old Chevrolet studios right after the. Eat a. We. Yeah. Use. News. Home. No one. Is you're. It's. And. Blue. As actually related products on there Don it's I'm talking by your singing it's. Like sometimes you'd terrible mental makes it good. That was actually really good gee we give you pronouncements are gonna like seventeen dollars us. I went there and extreme that it's. It's a dream match and today and go from a. And. The throwback Thursday by bad through these. And there'd be some ripe opportunities for Gary dollars and two Gary Nokia you know. This show today loses that Richie who this they are it. Has done wrong Diana Ross the F. Although Laura. But historians like Deere next three treat your artist at 1057 FM the fan with a hash tag big throwback you're entered to win a 25 dollar gift certificate. Two masters sees what's your first impression deal breaker for you. In any situation job interview. Meeting in new girl guy made the autos newborn infant daughter's new boyfriend. What's the first impression deal breaker for you seven bad 91250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan back on this comes up because. A so called Wisconsin and Nigel lay's brand. Wrote a letter to him. Telling him he needed to get a professional haircut. So that he could fit into a professional environments. In the NBA NBA a part of BT a classy part of the team and community and set an example not only by getting your nice college diploma. But a good appearance. Let's start with Nigel Lazard are dreadlocks a deal breaker. Of an eye on a first impression for anybody here at noon. You can't Wear dreadlocks to governor asking uh oh. Odd details go to you're going to try to get DJ. It pops fingers record. This corporate world and. You can't have dreadlocks in the corporate world and viewing and so ZY. Four Abu Allah. Around all it was here the other day would love that probably wouldn't give you going on wall streeters. Think go to your bank your one. He doesn't tie Mac US navy's. Isn't tied back nice and neat sources break. Non cell Wall Street court Michael don't. Know logged in okay. What else is a deal breaker for you Laura isn't you you piped up first on the while I would think. A McGraw it's her 'cause I have four daughters if you do that to Omar they lied to him. I told her molded don't bring a toad don't bring out a guy. Attend to his face goatee. Okay it isn't and slouching down the legacy. You know like second down right. And his mature years ago accurate credit worries Alyssa who wrote those. So widget engine room. I would go to you know based at two. Not able to not a dollar in his pocket and in the doubt endorser. That didn't go away. It. I didn't even with. Now. Right front and guys now you know right in front of you as it was nice medium. Any encased bulls' home. A could you ask them. Implement. This note to. And trolleys and honest. These transitions. Lenses you know day Wednesday. Street street. And as it raises. A slow so in other words in between. From street to street between street. Between the street but it it. Gary accuser who but the deal breaker for you pot of first impression. It is okay this is a guy comes and go right right and looking good night's Erica. Incorrect link. The hearing in a year won't get GO. Acting. An earring yeah. The theory. Really there. And go low being theater 'cause I'm assuming. If you're looking for a job as a professional problem assuming. You come in and your hair's now eyes you know back in Beijing hang in now hello blah with some of the guys coming. Broke poverty. We need to own up to work and go put him but don't currently clear. Okay. Sparky. Lack. To what what went missing okay. Our cities' mayors. And facial hair. You can have Frazier here but totally discredit Leo play better be trimmed up their mind note throat there. If it's all I mean I am draw level managers grew legs. You connect to your chest you know like there. No matter what size me. May actually be presentable I don't abuse this if I don't really care about the rest of it on. What is presentable give us an idea which does admiral venables just come in look at what you want a job don't Coleman were in teachers in shorts and tennis shoes acting like it's just another day in your your angle of bar after this. After you a new on this mean come Amber's level. I get back you go de Soto on habitat to interface you'll pay me a person come in for doubting his morning for job via radio station and part time gavel and a hold on their words. Out of it that's gonna get your attention because your series you want this game yeah you have to understand your Sears and you come and we'll look at like Rodney is today. Out ago when it would but there. If you could mean more to baseball cap. Whatever canister that is North Face germanic from the Gary isn't commission and cargo shorts ms. product Angola for. Now the other stopped Joseph our arm about like hearing out cared dude wearing airing it doesn't matter whatsoever. Tattoos and I guess it all depends what a lot of work is amid an office who cares I mean you're not dealing with the public or anything oust you don't care. If you're you hired a bird man if sure many black and an alarm days in office organic cubicle doting data and streaming you're not talking anybody but people next to a more on all look at we looks like. On now I view are selling cars or selling products we're going door to door talking to people. Then maybe that's different that may be the boss wants assertive way of you go look to represent his company the Mets on that boss to determine. How he wants you to look if he doesn't like tattoos and that may be candidate or the best dance bushel period. Mean that was on TV yeah. Don't write the longest time and I've never paid attention to it but for the long time Chris Rose. Who was the host that show that I'm not MLB network. Always wore long ride and never thought that it. I'm too old they made a point to bring it up on the air and he said it didn't he say it when you were interviewing him you're filling in for Peter Brown that's when he told like one of the first day as I was working here and you're told that yet yeah. He always Wear long sleeves because they didn't want his tattoos to be shown on the era has not so they had always in Los they've ever notice that whatever who cares. And it was him and devil of course you result had an up and and those guys and that was I'm TV they want institutional. And so. I think it depends the line of work. That you're in depending on what you do what I look like. Now they are in a lot of work. If you like things. Yeah always men. But it gazans. He's Agile and just about your voice. About two wins are working here. But first impression of first impression when you get hired its. Never long hours and Iran as in you but I've never seen anybody walking here wearing sweatpants a teacher and had hired I mean. I know why it happened I never seen I was clean cut. There you go until what until I got. Till I got the full time job out clean cut right and don't sub bright but Robinson Applewhite and he's vacant yes a lot of people make it to you make it lobbied the permit dill breaker I mean I was the same dude personality wise in the work I was doing don't try to clean up those funny is true. By the way no longer players excelled are single duties on I just ordered one on five. There in the automotive. For me deal breaker that crossover. The relayed. When infamy deal breakers smoker. As you know. I'm not gonna not higher yes small no no no he's got Dana a olives and it I'm not spoken to the Iger mr. like drinking either. He would. Smoke and on time. For me it's Annette you said faced that here on now based sword that attitude. Burdensome rat that's a wrap right out the bad it's a rap but you this right now a soup doesn't do anything to impress me. On a first impression you can see that those who at all yet I don't know why people are so hung up on. As soon as you see it taxed on it and take him back no I had. I don't necessarily trust you were think you're good person because you Wear a suit. I'm a PI as a member but all the guys on Wall Street who caused our economy to crash handles food there where the nice sense Joseph receipt. Somebody you'll still your life savings problem where the storm okay let's look at it every major financial scandal that we've had in this country those dudes are wearing you know six triggered three piece suit to suit doesn't make you a good person or make you necessarily trust the ball to me I'm dissent. Let's go to Charlie on the east side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up Charlie. I would go to save facial Everett then they are gap is all. I don't trust anyone wearing a quote. I'm and an interview. I. I would Wear vote. You miss now and has been pastor. I'd say I'd be. You are the ones who probably are working on Wall Street there also Wear suspenders. There are regular. So Charlie you'd duo at low tide is remote to a nine iron. I'm done I don't vote. And suspenders. Our suspenders you know if you you getting your thinking too much about what you Wear. He got they give up more important stuff. I'll bought this I'll bodies Charlie Botha suspenders. And apply. And. All the pipe kind of negates anything for the suspenders or both guys so maybe the pipe. The fight shows up on the so. I'll go with the blood. Deep pickers pick. It up profile. Thoughtful lives. While pop I used him apart but it is recognized on. This I don't know pop. Observers complex organism to yeah. I. Can and there can view. You're not always wanna smoke. That the word I can. I'm due to dietary happily under anti American views swear you guy go a whole lot of questions for both of you Gary let me start would view. Why why are you confused by type smoke I was all of us can never make a decision. Others are gonna go Iowa where did you get the drug problem where did you get an rumba. Migrant. The utility read it to older from day one uses as we hear these is because they don't know what they wanna smoke a cigar. Smoked a cigarette. And just like a privately due largely in between there. And make a decision. Don't trust it all right it's argue why you why you always wanted this broke empire what has Hillary ever Biden should. To unload the stiffer Romo since it does have a good smell do I just lot of might get used to smoke by when I was really young men and stop it. I'm really young he's smoke a pipe from time to time not a lot. But from time to time I just love the smell of it and then when I would go get Gary cigars from time time for Christmas whatever you go on the smoke shops and they have a different pipe. Tobacco and stuff and when you just moments ago. I try not to smoke anything because of the non cancer my manly side try to avoid all that stuff as well pleased are small retreat announced on anything. Spoke now and you say you tried not to smoke does that mean you. I'm I've tried smoking cigars. And tried not never had good cigars and Gary as a swisher sweets now just almost got me and from. Was up and in matter fail and it was terrific again. Who was in an action. Tough words would mean look at it is to take place. It's a guy and I felt it around the world on Alia RT that we put on the dire yeah we'll walking guys. It would add to subsidized. I'd put it. Talking win in his out. I people who have a cigar and try to talk. To take it. I have no muscles in them I have no idea to. You mean you're in Times Square I got my god oh god darn without a back alleys and policy you know straight away from Times Square it was a yeah. Okay and there will lack. That's a little. Area he is selling stuff. You're ahead in this ago. Rats were critical of Notre Dame but you know go to the cigar. With that. Let's go to burger ray and norm. Veg growl. Everything astrology and effort last Tuesday. If you haven't had only comes in brown com. Are you normally have mine. Beer this permit it and I pull the lever back I put the beer in my crawler. Put the cap on it put to growl and fridge. When I get home. Well the crawler route gold rep cigar. And away ago. And in line my good friends over at Norton. We're showing you how to. For me your British show you how to make Curome really show the price shores. It is still early guys right now to do it should be due to prepare the brewers. We're not even in July extremely got. And the brewers are skew here and hot with the brewers are hot right now. Richard media hot with the brewers union to be move apart with a that you made with you celebrate you know pictures. And gee who have to make the beer. Obviously you prepare the beer in their show you how to do they have brewing class is going on every senator norm. But bill located at Hollywood hunter in Greenville avenue. Goal winner's check tomorrow make your own beer you can be brew master just like me. Is the offensive line a problem were a strength for the Green Bay Packers will discuss that's their worst ground on the Wendy's big show a sense strength. In the holds just ran studios.